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english.republika.mk 11-24-2017
Police find 60kg of marijuana at Ohrid-Struga road

Police found about 60kg of marijuana at the old Ohrid-Struga road late on Thursday. Police officers found 59 packages of marijuana and one other package of unknown powder in five bags, the Ministry of Interior said in a press release. The narcotics have ...

londondrugs.com 11-24-2017
FixMeStick - Virus Removal Device

Store availability. Buy online and pickup in 2 hours or less Learn more Please select a variation to see what is in stock. Enter a postal code or city to check stock in store nearby. The FixMeStick® is a computer virus removal device. It is an external ...

returntonow.net 11-24-2017
Sugar Industry Covered Up Research Linking Sugar to Cancer and Heart Disease for Half a Century

Fifty years ago, the sugar industry secretly funded a famous study blaming fats for coronary heart disease, while downplaying the role of sugar, researchers discovered last year while digging through old records. The study, published in in the New England ...

xonecole.com 11-24-2017
Living With Crohn’s Disease Changed This Style Blogger’s Outlook on Body Image

The last thing you would imagine when looking at style blogger Beverly Beal is that she is battling a debilitating disease. Looks can be pretty deceiving and social media often serves as a filter between what people want you to see, and what they really are.

3D Printing Industry 11-24-2017
Dubai combats ISIS destruction with 3D printed artefact reconstructions at UN HQ

When the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) wreaked havoc across regions of Syria and Iraq, they also destroyed countless Assyrian, Greek and Roman artefacts in museums and on site. In an effort to preserve the cultural heritage and archaeological ...

bankunderground.co.uk 11-24-2017
Is the economy suffering from the crisis of attention?

Might the crisis of attention be affecting the economy? The most obvious place to look would be in productivity growth, which has been persistently weak across advanced economies over the past decade (during which time, as it happens, global shipments of ...

Reading Chronicle 11-24-2017
Hawkedon Primary School in Lower Earley is due to have a deep clean to stop the virus from spreading

MORE than 100 schoolchildren are being kept at home following concerns of norovirus at the same school. It is thought 150 children and five members of staff from Hawkedon Primary School in Lower Earley have been suffering with sickness and diarrhoea.

Sify 11-24-2017
Kadvi Hawa review: A timely warning about global warming

Look at what we've done to Mother Earth. She is no longer Mother, she is Muddle Earth heading towards Murder Earth. In director Nila Madhab Pandya's new work aptly entitled Kadvi Hawa, the bitter truth of ecological plunder, is wrapped in a parable about a ...

kfiz.com 11-24-2017
West Nile Virus Reports up in 2017

(Wisconsin Radio Network) State health officials have reported three times as many cases of the West Nile virus this year than last. Three deaths have been attributed to the mosquito borne virus statewide, as part of 36 confirmed human cases and four ...

ThaiPR.net 11-24-2017
Philippines: Strengthen Behavioral Skills of Workforce to Compete in Global Economy

MANILA, NOVEMBER 23, 2017 – A person's ability to read, learn, think, remember and pay attention – "cognitive skills" – are important for moving ahead in life. But good "socioemotional" or "behavioral skills" like grit, openness, extraversion ...

KT Press 11-23-2017
Small Companies Can Buy Bonds on Rwanda Stock Market

Any other small sized business with cash ready to invest will be able to buy secondary bonds which will be listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange on November 28th. These bonds can be bought from ten official stock brokers for the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE).

pembina.org 11-23-2017
The Paris Agreement takes root in the real economy: insights from Fiji’s COP23

They bring a crucial sense of urgency and ambition to these international negotiations: the difference between 1.5 or 2 degrees of warming (the ambition outlined in the Paris Agreement), and the related impact on sea-level rise, will define the economic ...

Switzer Daily 11-23-2017
Heart disease – is it reversible?

I received a very thoughtful and interesting question recently asking, “If 90% of heart disease is preventable, why are all forms of cardiovascular disease still our most common cause of death and disability?” The commonest cause of heart disease is ...

Mamamia on MSN.com 11-23-2017
'My 15 year old cat was dying. Medicinal marijuana changed that'

Fifteen years ago, I went out to buy a Christmas tree in the Adelaide hills and came home with a rescue kitten instead. My boyfriend at the time was not impressed. It’s sort of a long story. On a sunny Wednesday afternoon last month, that much older cat ...

The Jewish Standard 11-23-2017
Gaucher disease Type I

The story of Gaucher Type 1 is a story of triumph for science and for the biotechnology industry. There are approximately 6,000 patients in the United States who have been diagnosed with Gaucher disease. Over the past three decades, Gaucher has changed ...

allchristiannews.com 11-23-2017
Meet This Former Muslim Woman Who Almost Joined ISIS, But Jesus Saved Her

Rita Chaima is a visibly joyous woman. When you interact with her, you see someone who’s genuinely happy right from the inside. When she speaks, you hear someone who’s contented and appreciative of the gift of life. That’s not what she used to be though.

BreakingNews.ie 11-23-2017
How cooking with oil could help with global warming

Chemicals present in cooking oil could help with global warming, new research suggests. Scientists say they have, for the first time, demonstrated how fatty acid molecules released during cooking can combine with aerosols in the atmosphere to form complex ...

sweetcrudereports.com 11-23-2017
Nigeria is an oil economy, Peter Obi counters Finance Minister, Adeosun

The address was titled, “Changes in Global Oil Price and Pact on Nigerian Economy – Lessons from Recession”. Adeosun, in removing Nigeria from the list of global oil economies earlier this month, had said that unlike Nigeria, oil economies were ...

EastCountyToday 11-23-2017
Sheriff Detectives Seize 600 Marijuana Plants in Discovery Bay

On Wednesday morning Detectives from the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Special Investigation Unit served a search warrant at a home on the 2000 block of Wayfarer Court in Discovery Bay. This follows an investigation into a marijuana growing ...

Pique News Magazine 11-23-2017
Balancing climate and the economy

How can we balance climate goals with the need for a healthy and growing economy? That's the question at the heart ... "It represents about five per cent of global emissions, and roughly 40 per cent is from the long-haul travel from aviation," he said.

expressnewzpk.com 11-23-2017
Dry Eye Disease: What Is It And How To Treat It?

Dry eye syndrome is caused by lack of moisture and lubrication on the surface of eyes. Consequences of the disease range from constant irritation and itchiness to inflammation and scarring of the eyes. The abnormality results in disruption of the ocular ...

India Forums 11-23-2017
'Kadvi Hawa': A timely warning about global warming (FIlm Review)

Look at what we've done to Mother Earth. She is no longer Mother, she is Muddle Earth heading towards Murder Earth. In director Nila Madhab Pandya's new work aptly entitled "Kadwi Hawa", the bitter truth of ecological plunder, is wrapped in a parable about ...

Socheshire 11-23-2017
College students get hands on with global warming

South Cheshire College / West Cheshire College students took part in a government-funded Erasmus programme last month at the combined colleges’ Crewe campus to improve their knowledge of global warming and how to reduce their carbon footprint. Thirty-two ...

Alzforum 11-22-2017
A New Link Between Alzheimer’s and Nasu-Hakola Disease?

Homozygous loss-of-function mutations in the microglial receptor TREM2 cause Nasu-Hakola disease, an early onset form of dementia thought to be unrelated to Aβ amyloidosis. Now, researchers led by Laura Ghezzi and Tiziana Carandini at the University of ...

newlaborforum.cuny.edu 11-22-2017
Informal Workers in the Developing World: Organizing in the Global Economy

Martha Alter Chen is a lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and International Coordinator of the global research-policy-action net- work Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO). She is the author of numer- ous ...

University of Cincinnati News Record 11-22-2017
Medical marijuana: Coming to a dispensary near you

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced Monday that they have received 370 applications to operate 60 medical cannabis dispensaries across the state. Seventeen of the applications were from Hamilton County. Names of some of the county applicants’ businesses ...

desihiphop.com 11-22-2017
Brotha V And Sanjeev T Team Up To Spread Awareness About Congenital Heart Disease

Since he picked up the microphone, Brodha V has been known to deliver some of the most unique pieces of music that has been observed in the Desi Hip Hop soundscape. He is most noticeably known for his primary content, the song and music videos he drops on ...

prospectmagazine.co.uk 11-22-2017
The US dollar dominates global finance—but for how much longer?

The US dollar is the grease that lubricates the wheels of globalisation. In this much, at least, close observers of the world economy agree. Importers and exporters need a universally-accepted means of payment in which to conduct their transactions.

brandnew.hiphop 11-22-2017
Cassidy released from jail after getting arrested for Marijuana

Yesterday rapper Cassidy was arrested for outstanding warrants and Marijuana in Jersey City, but the good news is he was just released this morning! Watch the video below where he celebrates getting released and claims that he’s an innocent man.

Orthopedics This Week 11-22-2017
Monkey Peptide Reverses Joint Disease!

Certain monkeys and their powerful peptides could hold great promise for reversing joint disease. New work from the University of Southern California (USC) has found that in a rat model, a peptide found only in Old World monkeys—θ-defensin 1 (RTD-1 ...

Kaiser Health News 11-22-2017
Almost 50 Years Ago, Industry Put Kibosh On Study Linking Sugar With Heart Disease, Cancer

The newly discovered research shows that the sugar industry knew about the harms associated with it, but covered up those dangers. The sugar industry funded animal research in the 1960s that looked into the effects of sugar consumption on cardiovascular ...

Sit News 11-22-2017
Study: Added Arctic data show warming didn’t pause

(SitNews) - Gaps in Arctic temperature data caused a misperception that global warming slowed from 1998 to 2012, according to a new study in the journal Nature Climate Change. A University of Alaska Fairbanks professor and his colleagues in China built the ...

Monett Times 11-22-2017
515 Barry County deer to be tested for chronic wasting disease

Deer season is a time-honored tradition that both new and seasoned hunters look forward to each year, and this year, new requirements had to be put in motion to help keep that tradition in place. On Nov. 12 and 13, opening weekend of firearms season, the ...

Business Insider Malaysia 11-22-2017
ISIS has been militarily defeated in Iraq and Syria

The leaders of Iraq and Iran both declared the terrorist group ISIS defeated militarily in Iraq and Syria. Iraqis and Syrians, with assistance from the US and other regional militias, took their countries back from the terror group that declared its ...

The American Genius 11-21-2017
Former Budweiser exec says marijuana is the new craft beer

(BUSINESS NEWS) In light of a growing consumer demand and more states decriminalizing and legalizing, “Big Booze” casts sights on burgeoning marijuana market. Imagine all the Instagram photos. Imagine all those new hashtags (no pun intended).

conservationbytes.com 11-21-2017
Microclimates: thermal shields against global warming for small herps

Thermal microhabitats are often uncoupled from above-ground air temperatures. A study focused on small frogs and lizards from the Philippines demonstrates that the structural complexity of tropical forests hosts a diversity of microhabitats that can reduce ...

The Seattle Medium 11-21-2017
Parkinson’s Disease: What It Is And How It Affects African-Americans

Last week, civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., 76, revealed that he has Parkinson’s Disease. Rev. Jackson said that this all came about after family and friends noticed a change in him about three years ago, and he could no longer ignore ...

KVEO-TV 11-21-2017
Local Hospital Continuing To Help Develop Vaccine For Zika Virus

EDINBURG, Texas - Doctors Hospital at Renaissance continues its efforts to help develop a vaccine to combat the Zika virus. The Research Institute at DHR is looking for healthy people between the ages of 15 and 35 to participate in a clinical trial.

TheLiberal.ie 11-21-2017
Another ISIS atrocity has been averted after German police arrest six men plotting imminent ISIS terrorist attacks in the country

Another Islamist atrocity has been averted after German police swooped on a six man ISIS terrorist cell plotting imminent attacks in the country. Raids involving over 500 police in the several German towns including Hannover have been reported and all six ...

The Christian Institute 11-21-2017
Academic: ‘Children cause global warming’

Having children is “morally suspect” because they cause global warming, a US academic has said. Travis Rieder, of Johns Hopkins University, claims that having a child is “one of the worst things you can do for the environment”. His comments are ...

ELLE on MSN.com 11-21-2017
More Holiday Dinner Tips From Ivanka Trump HQ

My Husband And I No Longer Have Sex—But Our Bond Is Stronger Than Ever. Here's Why. Greetings, Earth people! It is almost time to celebrate our favorite human holiday, Thanksg Iving! Perhaps you saw our helpful tweet about how to decorate your holiday ...

Interfax Information Agency 11-21-2017
Capitalization of Russian stock market increases 0,71% on Tuesday

MOSCOW. November 21 (Interfax) - The capitalization of the Russian stock market, based on average-weighted prices on the Moscow Exchange's Main Market, increases 0,71%, or by 260,808 billion from the previous session, to 36,861 trillion rubles ($621,871 ...

FIU News 11-21-2017
FIU student wants to make nuclear energy renewable

The United States has a pretty big problem on its hands – an 80,000-metric-ton radioactive problem. It will take more than 100,000 years to go away. Radiochemistry Ph.D. student Ingrid Lehman-Andino and two of FIU’s nuclear chemistry professors are ...

newobserveronline.com 11-21-2017
ISIS Crushed as Syrian Army Takes Last Stronghold

The Syrian army has crushed the very last ISIS-held town in that country—an event that should be top of world news, but is not—in a dramatic development which sets the stage for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in that country, despite the US ...

Dentistry Today 11-21-2017
Medical Marijuana and the Science of Relief

Since the beginning of modern medicine, doctors have struggled to bridge the gap between treatments that eliminate pain and treatments that that assist the body’s natural healing processes to encourage systemic wellness naturally. This goal of a ...

Advisor 11-21-2017
Global economy to grow at steady pace: report

There’s a 60% likelihood that the global economy will continue to grow at a steady pace with modest inflation, according to a BMO Global Asset Management report. The report highlights three scenarios that could play out over the next five years.

IFLScience 11-21-2017
Should We Flee Nuclear Disasters?

Major nuclear accidents don't happen often, so when they do they loom large in our consciousness. We also lack information on how to respond. Consequently, it's not surprising widespread evacuation is the default response. However, a new analysis questions ...

News 5 Cleveland 11-21-2017
Ohio receives 370 applications to operate 60 dispensaries selling medical marijuana

CLEVELAND - State officials say they've received more than 300 applications to operate 60 dispensaries that will sell medical marijuana. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy said on Monday that it had received 370 applications to operate the dispensaries the state ...

stlawrencelowlands.wordpress.com 11-21-2017
Eutypella Canker Disease of Maples

The sugar maple (Acer saccharum) is a hardwood species native to eastern Canada. It is significant in canadian culture and economy. Its leaf is featured on the national flag and its sap can be processed into maple syrup, a valuable commodity. Canada ...

WLWT Cincinnati 11-21-2017
Ohio gets 370 applications for medical marijuana licenses

State officials say they've received more than 300 applications to operate 60 dispensaries that will sell medical marijuana. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy said on Monday that it had received 370 applications to operate the dispensaries the state expects to ...

kentuckybarkleynews.com 11-21-2017
Men charged in relation to trafficking 61 pounds of marijuana plead guilty, accept offer

The three men alleged to have conspired to traffic 61.4 pounds of marijuana through Estron in Calvert City appeared in Marshall Circuit Court last week before McCracken Circuit Judge Tim Kaltenbach, special judge in the case, and plead guilty contingent ...

hormonesmatter.com 11-21-2017
The Disease – Medication Model of Modern Medicine

As we begin analyzing the data from our studies and I search for ways to quantify the value of our data, I am repeatedly struck by how the business of modern medicine, especially modern pharmaceutically based medicine, has been conceived of, constructed ...

Multiple Sclerosis News Today 11-21-2017
Rare Disease Patient Groups Unite to Preserve Orphan Drug Tax Credit in US

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) says it’s “disappointed and dismayed” after the House of Representatives voted 227-205 last week to repeal the Orphan Drug Tax Credit as part of a U.S. tax reform package. A similar package before ...

Jefferson Public Radio 11-21-2017
Dog Owners Have Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease, Swedish Data Suggest

Dogs shower their owners with affection and demand walks on a regular basis. And according to medical researchers, a corresponding link between dog ownership and heart health — previously called "probable" by experts — is supported by Swedish data.

Yellowhammer News 11-21-2017
Eufaula police officer arrested for possession of marijuana…University of South Alabama loses their head football coach…and more

Authorities continue the search today for an armed and dangerous escaped inmate from the Coosa County Jail. 27-year-old Shane Vernon has so far committed two home invasions following his escape. Vernon is believed to be in a silver Chrysler Pacifica with ...

Belvoir Eagle 11-21-2017
The ISIS-fever reached the Indian Kashmir

For the first time, the Islamic State claims a terrorist attack with numerous victims and casualties. According to the Indian press, ISIS claims its first attack in Indian Kashmir, stating its recruits were the masterminds who plotted the suicide bombing ...

The Intercept 11-21-2017
U.S. Generals Might Stop Trump From an Illegal Nuclear Strike — But Who Will Save Us From a Legal One?

He has become the latest in a long line of generals to be lionized by the anti-Trump #resistance. Speaking over the weekend, Gen. John Hyten, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), which is responsible for nuclear deterrence, revealed what he ...

VnExpress International 11-21-2017
Blue chips drive Vietnamese stock market close to 10-year high

Vietnam's stock market rose by 2.5 percent on Tuesday to a near-decade high. Dairy giant Vinamilk and brewery firm Sabeco jumped 4.7 percent and 6.6 percent respectively to record heights. Singapore stocks alo soared Tuesday on expectations that the ...

londonpopups.com 11-21-2017
The 'Nuclear Winter' Immersive Pop-up with Dining, Bars & more in Tottenham Hale

Nuclear Winter is an immersive pop-up experience at STYX in Tottenham - next to Tottenham Hale station - running from 29th November 2017 to the end of February 2018. Based on the 1960s, and the film Dr Strangelove, it has themed bars, a cabaret, and events ...

www.parashospitals.com 11-21-2017
4 Yr Old with Congenital Heart Disease Treated Successfully by Pediatric Cardiac Surgery – ASD Patch Closure Surgery at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon

Nov 21, 2017 Dr. Vishal Agarwal – Cardiac Surgery, HOD - CTVS, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon The cardiac surgery team at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon successfully saved the life of a 4 yr old child suffering from congenital heart disease by performing a complex ...

earsc.org 11-21-2017
EARSC Position Paper on Earth Observation Services Industry Internationalisation & Economic Diplomacy

A European effort on Economic Diplomacy can help companies overcome these ... now is the time to take advantage of this European flagship programme in the global market, before others have time to react. The free and open data policy gives a great deal ...

Chipiona en red 11-21-2017
Jones facing marijuana charges

Aaron Jones could end up receiving a suspension from the National Football League, but it's unlikely they issue any punishment until after his legal case is taken care of. Packers' running back Aaron Jones was arrested on multiple charges on October 1st ...

TV3.ie 11-21-2017
Dynamo: My battle with Crohn's disease has helped me triumph in magic

Master magician Dynamo talks about his battle with Crohn's disease and how he manages this chronic condition. Master magician Dynamo, aka Steven Frayne, has entertained millions with his awe-inspiring street magic and illusions, from Hollywood A-listers to ...

KTRK-TV 11-21-2017
Churches offer marijuana to members, feature pot-smoking Jesus in ads

Two churches in San Jose that offer its members marijuana are being scrutinized by the city. Authorities say the churches are fronts for illegal dispensaries. Inside Coachella Valley Church you'll find pews, an alter and pictures of Jesus. But you'll also ...

ABP Live 11-21-2017
China, Pak, India won't use arsenals to bring on Second Nuclear Age in Asia

Washington D.C. [United States], Nov.21 (ANI): Workshops conducted in the capitals of China, Pakistan and India recently, have come to the optmistic conclusion that all three countries see themselves as stakeholders in the existing international order, and ...

LemonWire 11-21-2017
Warming to make thunderstorms larger and more frequent

Prein and colleagues used high-resolution computer simulations to see how global warming will likely change the large thunderstorms that are already daily summer events in North America. Previous studies projected more frequent and wetter storms ...

History News Network 11-21-2017
The Doomsday Clock and the "Nuclear Monarchs"

Famous color photograph of the "Trinity" shot, the first nuclear test explosion. Murray Polner is the author of No Victory Parades: The Return of the Vietnam Veteran, Branch Rickey: A Biography, and co-editor of We Who Dared Say No To War. It's 4 am in ...

bellingham.wickedlocal.com 11-21-2017
Bellingham to vote on marijuana

BELLINGHAM - Local voters will be asked to determine if recreational marijuana retailers should be allowed in town. The Board of Selectmen opted unanimously Monday to put a prohibition on such facilities on the ballot. The measure, said Town Administrator ...

Fox 13 Salt Lake City 11-21-2017
Utah leads US with highest rate of Alzheimer’s disease; help is available

BOUNTIFUL, Utah - Utah leads the nation for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Ruth Murphy is one of 30,000 Utahns who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The progressive malady attacks a person’s memory and will eventually lead to death.

debatepost.com 11-21-2017
Liberals confirm 60 ISIS members loose in Canada

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale confirms there are at least 60 former ISIS fighters in Canada under surveillance by the Canadian government. ISIS is being defeated in the Syria therefore most are returning to their county of origin, including Canada.

foodfirst.org 11-20-2017
The Bonn Climate Talks: Farming, Global Warming, and Disaster Capitalism

Eric Holt-Giménez is the author of the new book A Foodie’s Guide to Capitalism: Understanding the Political Economy of What We Eat. Three things stand out at the United Nations Climate talks in Bonn, Germany. First, that the United States is the only ...

InsideSources 11-20-2017
One Man Has the Ability to Launch a Nuclear Strike; Some People Want to Change That

The standoff over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and, to a lesser extent, questions about the future of Iran’s nuclear program both have drawn certain scholars, members of the media and even the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to debate ...

calculatedriskblog.com 11-20-2017
Update: For Fun, Stock Market as Barometer of Policy Success

Note: This is a repeat of a June post with updated statistics and graph. There are a number of observers who think the stock market is the key barometer of policy success. My view is there are many measures of success - and that the economy needs to work ...

PACKERSNEWS 11-20-2017
Packers running back Aaron Jones faces marijuana-related charge

GREEN BAY - Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones was arrested in early October and faces several charges after a traffic stop in which he admitted to smoking marijuana. Jones, 22, has pleaded not guilty to counts of speeding, driving without a valid ...

crfb.org 11-20-2017
Gene Steuerle: A Debt Straightjacket or a Misdiagnosed Disease?

Dr. Eugene (Gene) Steuerle is the Richard B. Fisher chair and Institute Fellow at the Urban Institute and a member of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Between 1984 and 1986, he was the economic coordinator and original organizer of the ...

alsahwa-yemen.net 11-20-2017
Pilot sneaks from "capital of darkness, hunger and disease" to Marib

A pilot who found himself unable to make ends meet any more for himself and his family in the capital Sana'a has best illustrated the story of how hellish life is under the Houthi-Saleh militias. He sneaked to Marib a few days ago narrating his story of ...

Copts United 11-20-2017
Bishop Stephen: ISIS is the greatest preacher for Christianity in the world

During the forty days memorial service of Father Samaan Shehada, Abba Stephen, bishop of Beba and Fashn, said that ISIS is the greatest preacher for Christianity in the world. He added martyrdom has always given power and strength to the Coptic Orthodox ...

hotmomsclub.com 11-20-2017
Baby Reportedly Dies From Marijuana Overdose, Which Is Possibly The First Ever Marijuana-Related Death

Over the last few years, the debate over the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use has been up for debate. There has been a stronger push to allow its use for both reasons, and as more states are starting to legalize or decriminalize, the ...

iHeartRadio 11-20-2017
If Global Warming Were Science, It Wouldn’t Need a PR Campaign

RUSH: Friday night, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. He spoke with environmentalist wacko and author Bill McKibben about his efforts to convince people that climate change is real. You know, if it was real, you wouldn't have to convince people. That's the ...

LittleThings 11-20-2017
Daily Chocolate Consumption Is Actually Linked To A Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food. Chocolate and health aren’t normally two things that we think of going hand in hand. Generally speaking, our favorite brown food belongs in the top of the food ...

www.maths.ox.ac.uk 11-20-2017
West Nile Virus and understanding the spread of infection

West Nile virus (WNV) is responsible for viral encephalitis in humans, a condition that causes inflammation of the brain and can have longer-lasting physical effects. WNV is also related to similar viruses such as Dengue and Zika that are also of ...

blog.buzzbishop.com 11-20-2017
Why Type 2 Diabetes Puts You At Risk For Kidney Disease

He joined Team Diabetes, a group of people who run marathons, half marathons, and go on epic hikes around the world raising money and awareness for the 1 in 3 Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. “This was all part of introducing a healthier ...

University of Bristol 11-20-2017
Homes should not be abandoned after a big nuclear accident

New research suggests that few people, if any, should be asked to leave their homes after a big nuclear accident, which is what happened in March 2011 following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Professor Thomas's team used the Judgement or J-value ...

Black News 11-20-2017
Jesse Jackson Not Giving Up Despite Having Parkinson’s Disease — Says, “I Will Need Your Prayers” and “Keep Hope Alive”

Nationwide — Jesse Jackson, long-time civil rights activist and the founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition, has publicly announced that he is battling Parkinson’s Disease. He is currently 76 years old, and has been fighting for equal rights since the ...

Thompson Citizen 11-20-2017
New Brunswick says it's the first province to 'fully secure' marijuana supply

ATHOLVILLE, N.B. — New Brunswick says it has become the first province to fully secure its supply of recreational marijuana. It announced a memorandum of understanding with Zenabis to provide four million grams of cannabis and derivative products with a ...

Drug Target Review 11-20-2017
Reducing TIA1 improves nerve cell health in Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have described a unique model for the biology of Alzheimer’s disease which may lead to an entirely novel approach for treating the disease… Researchers have described a unique model for the biology of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) which may ...

eesc.europa.eu 11-20-2017
Economic and social stakeholders call for a more active contribution to the EU-Africa Partnership

... for socio-economic stakeholders This is the vision shared by the economic and social stakeholders and their representative institutions from the two continents. The changing global landscape is having an impact on Africa-Europe relations. "Europe and ...

Axios 11-20-2017
The left's nuclear problem

America's liberal leaders are torn between fighting climate change and resisting nuclear power. Why it matters now: The nuclear power industry, which provides the U.S. nearly two-thirds of its carbon-free electricity, is reaching an inflection point.

iom.int 11-20-2017
Forum on Migration, Trade and the Global Economy

These letters do not originate from IOM and they are not in any way associated with IOM activities. Such use of IOM’s name and logo is unauthorized and illegal. IOM takes this matter seriously and takes appropriate actions against such fraudulent practices.

canton.wickedlocal.com 11-20-2017
Canton boy needs surgery after diagnosed with a rare bone disease

Seven-year-old Jacob Apprille was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called Perthes disease the day his father left to work on restoration efforts in Puerto Rico. “It’s been a challenge,” said Michele Slobin Apprille, Jacob’s mother. “But it’s ...

tinkerready.wordpress.com 11-20-2017
Tonight 11/20: Heart disease and inflammation explained to you, not in a lecture hall but in an Irish pub

Half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. For decades, scientists and physicians have postulated that inflammation might be another critical, if not necessary, factor for driving heart disease. Dr. Peter Libby’s research ...

ec.europa.eu 11-20-2017
The case for a virus-resistant plum tree

A virus-resistant plum tree could save growers billions of euros from crop losses, according to EU-funded researchers who are helping the European agricultural industry reinforce defences against disease and the impact of climate change. Plums are one of ...

www.class-central.com 11-20-2017
FutureLearn: Global Prosperity Beyond GDP

Discover how we can build a better world by focusing on prosperity, not wealth. Economic growth is no longer the best indicator of broader success. By 2050, the global population will reach 10 billion and we may face environmental crisis. If we are to ...

QWTJ LIVE One Stop 11-20-2017
Global Nuclear Medicine & Radio Pharmaceuticals Market 2017 Top Players : GE Healthcare, Toshiba, Carestream, Shimadzu

The market study on Global Nuclear Medicine & Radio Pharmaceuticals Market 2017 Research Report studies current as well as future aspects of the Nuclear Medicine & Radio Pharmaceuticals Market primarily based upon factors on which the companies compete in ...

Vulcan Post 11-20-2017
Check Out These 7 Uncomplicated Guidelines in Philippine Stock Market Investing

The Philippine stock market is where you can buy and sell shares of certain companies. This will enable you to become a “shareholder” of prominent companies. Among the most popular companies listed in the Philippine stock market are Jollibee Foods ...

PoliticsHome.com 11-20-2017
New nuclear build programme presents huge opportunities for UK supply chain, but support is needed from Gov't - EY report

EY says the next decade will be 'critical' for the UK's nuclear supply chain. The approaching decade will be critical for the UK’s nuclear supply chain if it is to increase capacity and capability to meet the demands of the new nuclear build programme ...

Kashmir Observer 11-20-2017
No ISIS Imprints in Kashmir: Police

Srinagar—Ruling out hand of so called Islamic State group in the recent Srinagar shootout, top army, police and paramilitary forces Sunday asserted that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has improved after repeated operations launched ...

Peninsula Press 11-20-2017
Uncertainty reigns when it comes to what the legal recreational marijuana market will look like in California

As of Jan. 1, Palo Altans will be able to buy marijuana by delivery but it will be illegal to sell in stores. Five miles away in Mountain View, retail sales will be allowed. Just a short hop over the Santa Cruz Mountains in Half Moon Bay, farmers are ...

Ashland Daily Tidings 11-20-2017
Could Oregon's marijuana business boom turn to bust?

Oregon's marijuana legalization has produced a business boom — a boom that some fear may go bust if the state can't get a handle on its regulatory process. The concern surfaced in the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference held Sunday at the Ashland Hills ...

abnormalreturns.com 11-20-2017
Q&A with Tom Jacobs editor of Fortunes in Special Situations in the Stock Market: The Authorized Edition

Labor’s of love in the world of financial publishing are few and far between. Most books are a conscious effort to generate leads and buzz. However the revival of Fortunes in Special Situations in the Stock Market: The Authorized Edition by Maurece ...

The Clarion Ledger 11-19-2017
No one can prevent Trump from using nuclear weapons, experts say

A system of checks and balances exists to prevent a U.S. president from illegally ordering a nuclear strike, but no one can stop the commander in chief from using nuclear weapons, according to senior military experts and a former vice president.

Salina Post 11-19-2017
Man caught transporting marijuana through Kansas enters plea

RENO COUNTY — A Michigan man jailed on August 16, after being caught with a large quantity of marijuana entered a guilty as charged plea in Reno County District Court Thursday. Douglas Wyatt Kiss, 21, Big Rapids, MI., entered the plea to possession of ...

samidoun.net 11-19-2017
Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Dweikat loses sight after virus, medical neglect in Israeli prison

Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Mazen Amer Dweikat, 30, from Nablus, has been held in Israeli jails since 6 December 2016. He has completely lost his vision after an inflammation in his eyes which damaged his corneas and retinas, and his family says that the ...

Morning Ticker 11-19-2017
Authorities scramble, major deadly disease outbreak in Southwest US

A rabies outbreak in Arizona has authorities warning hikers and campers to be on the lookout for diseased animals. Two new cases of rabies have been confirmed in wild animals in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona near Phoenix, prompting a major alert to ...

saltandlighttv.org 11-19-2017
Deacon-structing Nuclear Disarmament

A quick read through the Old Testament may make you think that God is all for war and destruction. Just read Deuteronomy 20:10-18 and you would conclude that war is perfectly OK with God. A read through Genesis 19 about the destruction of Sodom and ...

stopmakingsense.org 11-19-2017
Can We Still Trust Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?

Donald Trump Jr.’s private Twitter exchanges with WikiLeaks have added a new level of intrigue to the probe of the 2016 presidential election. On Monday, The Atlantic first reported secret correspondences between Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks during the ...

News World 11-19-2017
Any Trump Order On Nukes Would Be Subject to Legality: US Nuclear General

India's Manushi Chillar on Saturday won the coveted Miss World 2017 title at a glittering event here, ending 16 years of drought for India at the international pageant.Priyanka Chopra was the last winner from India in 2000. And we have a successor!

San Diego Jewish World 11-19-2017
Danish citizen who joined ISIS stripped of citizenship

For the first time in Danish history, a citizen born in Denmark has had his citizenship revoked after being convicted of being a member of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, Breitbart reports. Danish-born Muslim Enes Ciftci, 25, who is also a citizen ...

Horseed Media 11-19-2017
Developing Centers of Excellence and Economic Hubs in Somalia – An Alternative Approach to Development

In January 2016 I presented ‘Global Economic Futures’ to the CEO and Leadership of DP World, including a compelling pitch for DP Word to invest in Somalia. DP World is now invested in both Bosaso and Berbera ports and recently announced plans to ...

ETCanada.com 11-18-2017
Jesse Jackson Reveals Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

Rev. Jesse Jackson has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The 76-year-old minister and civil rights activist shared the news on social media on Friday, expressing that it’s been “painful” for him to recognize the effects of his diagnosis.

BABW News 11-18-2017
Shocking truth revealed about 1st ever marijuana overdose death

The death of an 11-month-old recently stunned the nation after it was revealed that this was the first documented overdose death from marijuana. But a new report suggests that this might not actually be the case, and at the very least the story has been ...

Soundi on MSN.com 11-18-2017

WATAIN - Nuclear Alchemy (OFFICIAL VIDEO). This is the official video for "Nuclear Alchemy", the first single from the new WATAIN album · TRIDENT · WOLF · ECLIPSE · to be released on the 5th of January 2018 through His Master's Noise and Century Media.

thecharlotteweekly.com 11-18-2017
We shouldn’t let China exploit our economy

They are intent on establishing themselves as a global superpower, standing toe to toe with the United States. However, their communist economy lacks the innovation and ingenuity to compete with the United States. As a result, their military and ...

IRNA 11-18-2017
ICA President: Iran nuclear deal increases cooperation with other countries

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 17, IRNA – New president of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Arial Guarco said here on Friday that Nuclear Deal increases cooperation chances between Iran and other world countries.

Newstatch 12abc KDRV.com 11-18-2017
Deadline Looming for Medical Marijuana Growers

Ashland, OR. -- Medical marijuana growers in Oregon must register their grow site by December first. Growers have the option of remaining with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, registering as a recreational grow site with Oregon Liquor Control ...

The Libertarian Republic 11-18-2017
To Fight Global Warming, The UN Wants Countries To Literally Suck CO2 Out Of the Air

While United Nations delegates wrap this year’s climate summit, observers and experts have been coming to terms with an extremely inconvenient implication of meeting the goal of the Paris climate accord. To meet the accord’s goal of keeping global ...

thepropertygazette.org 11-18-2017
ISIS car bomb kills 20, injures 30 at site for displaced families in eastern Syria – state media

Twenty people have been killed and 30 others injured by a car bomb planted by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) at a site for displaced families in eastern Syria, according to state media. The blast occurred near the city of Deir ez-Zor, according to ...

Newsy 11-17-2017
Could The India-Pakistan Conflict Go Nuclear? An Expert Explains.

If experts could describe the relationship between India and Pakistan in one word, it'd probably be adversarial. And that adversarial relationship has lasted, well, since the countries were created. Let's rewind to after the end of World War II. The ...

Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2 11-17-2017
Pentagon Says It's Staying In Syria, Even Though ISIS Appears Defeated

Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Islamic State, is taken and in ruins. U.S. troops and civilian aid workers are in the Syrian city, helping local officials restore basic services such as food, water and electricity. But the recapture of ISIS-held ...

mobile.the-scientist.com 11-17-2017
Cheap, Safe Anti-Malaria Drug Reduces Zika Virus in Mice

The scientists showed that when mice infected with Zika virus drank chloroquine-treated water mid-way through their pregnancies, their pups ended up with 20-fold less virus in their brains than pups whose mothers were not treated. Because chloroquine is ...

engineering.purdue.edu 11-17-2017
Global Warming Essay Free

draft of an application letter with FREE Revisions included! The collaboration as a contextual higher level than the development of global warming essay free new york. Employed in schools, this contestation is central to the right language, is ...

Yorkshire Coast Radio 11-17-2017
North Korea cannot abandon nuclear programme, ambassador says

North Korea has said it cannot abandon its nuclear programme, which it says is necessary as a deterrent to a US threat. Han Tae Song, the country's ambassador to the United Nations, ruled out negotiations with America as long as joint US-South Korea ...

Cantech Letter 11-17-2017
This Canadian company is on the forefront of global efforts to stop the next pandemic

“With a quickly growing global population, potential outbreaks of infectious ... to react to infectious diseases that can pose dangerous threats to both the economy and human life.” The process — which currently takes 24 hours, a timeline that ...

microbe.tv 11-17-2017
TWiP 142: Just a virus, go home

The TWiPsids solve the case of the Guatemalan Positive for Rhinovirus, and reveal how to kill all African trypanosomes with a primate apolipoprotein. Woman in 50s, immigrant from rural area with limited resources. Admitted to hospital with iron deficient ...

KRCU 11-17-2017
Myriam Sidibe: Would Fewer Children Die of Disease If They Just Washed Their Hands?

Part 4 of the TED Radio Hour episode Simple Solutions About Myriam Sidibe's TED Talk Washing your hands with soap stops the spread of many lethal diseases. Yet most people don't wash their hands, even after using the bathroom. Dr. Myriam Sidibe wants to ...

Prothom Alo 11-17-2017
Global markets facing mixed end to week

"US stocks are dipping in early action, following yesterday's rebound from a two-day slide as the global markets appeared to shift to a more cautious tone amid festering domestic tax reform uncertainty, disappointing Chinese economic data..." said analysts ...

Sustainable Brands 11-17-2017
Toilet Board Coalition Rallies Global Businesses Around Sanitation Economy

According to the World Health Organization (WTO) 1 in 3 people don’t have access to a clean and safe toilet. The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC), along with LIXIL Group Corporation (LIXIL), a manufacturer of building materials, Firmenich, Kimberly-Clark are ...

Maxim 11-17-2017
Former Model Tells Why She Became a Soldier Against ISIS in New Trailer for 'Fear Us Women' Documentary

"ISIS believes that if they're killed by a woman, they won't go to heaven. They go to hell." "ISIS believes that if they're killed by a woman, they won't go to heaven. They go to hell." A former model left her cozy life in Canada to fight ISIS in Syria ...

Next Avenue 11-17-2017
The Threat of Kidney Disease from Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you have probably been warned about the risk of chronic kidney disease. Our kidneys do the vital work of filtering toxins out of the blood. Chronic kidney disease, in which the kidneys become progressively damaged, is a serious, life ...

theworldin.com 11-17-2017
Good-ish times for the global economy

The world economy will feel almost healthy in 2018. Ten years after the start of the Great Recession—and after the decade of economic malaise that followed—a sense of widespread wellness will begin to take hold. Deflation has been banished, wages are ...

POST Online Media 11-17-2017
China's nuclear reactor design enters phase 2 assessment in UK

British regulators said that a new nuclear reactor design from China has completed the first phase of assessment and are progressing to the next phase. The whole process of assessment will ultimately determine whether the design is fit for use in Britain.

The Indian Panorama 11-17-2017
Perspective : A Chinese View of the New Global Order

With an average annual economic growth of 7.2 per cent, China’s average contribution to the global economic growth exceeds 30 percent annually. More than 60 million people have been lifted out of poverty. People are talking about high-speed train ...

AKIpress 11-17-2017
Baby boy is first marijuana overdose death, doctors claim

AKIPRESS.COM - Two Colorado doctors claim they have documented the first case of a person dying from consuming too much marijuana, media reports say. Drs. Thomas Nappe and Christopher Hoyte shared their findings in the journal, "Clinical Practice and Cases ...

tribe4mian.wordpress.com 11-17-2017
Lionize – Nuclear Soul (The End Records, September 2017)

Lionize is a four piece hard rock band from Maryland that put out their fifth album in September 2017. This is not the only connection to their fellow Maryland natives though. The album opens with the charging Hammond Organ of Chris Brooks on “Darkest ...

OZY 11-17-2017
Marijuana: The Congo's New Cash Crop

Before he started growing weed, Congolese planter Koti spent his days digging holes and tunnels, mining for morsels of gold. He would smoke weed — or bangi as he calls it — to overcome his fear of the darkness that he faced underground. As a teen, he ...

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram 11-17-2017
Heyde Center play takes humorous, deep dive into Alzheimer's disease

CHIPPEWA FALLS — Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be difficult for family members and the general public to talk about, but actor Jeanne Kussrow-Larson said that is all the more reason to find ways to talk about it. But it shouldn’t be.

Pacific Northwest Inlander 11-17-2017
One of the Kettle Falls Five encourages Congress to keep states' protection for medical marijuana

This week Rhonda Firestack-Harvey is back in Washington, D.C., speaking to members of Congress about the budget bill that saved her family. Firestack-Harvey is one member of a family which has become known as the Kettle Falls Five. They gained national ...

ecigarette-research.org 11-17-2017
Heat not burn products similar to smoking for heart disease? Confusing acute nicotine effects with long-term smoking effects

An abstract at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions evaluated the acute effects of exposing mice to a heated tobacco product (IQOS) on endothelial function in comparison with a tobacco cigarette. The study found that IQOS had the same adverse ...

myfigurecollection.net 11-17-2017
Popup removal Tool 1:855:843:8475 FBI Virus Removal

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stopsmoking.news 11-17-2017
New study finds smoking causes inflammation in the bowel, resulting in ailments such as Crohn’s disease

The health care industry has long established that smoking may exacerbate the risk of developing Crohn’s disease, but the mechanism behind the connection has remained unclear within the scientific community. However, a recent animal study in Frontiers ...

myfigurecollection.net 11-17-2017
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CBS Los Angeles 11-17-2017
Pot Of Gold? California Releases Long-Awaited Rules About Marijuana Sales, Distributors

Best Places For Take-Out Thanksgiving Dinner In Los AngelesThere are several Los Angeles restaurants that want to make your Thanksgiving hosting stress-free by offering take-out menus. Best Restaurants Open For Thanksgiving Dinner 2017 In Los AngelesIf you ...

News Energy Times 11-17-2017
Head of U.K. Nuclear Fusion Center Concedes Inaccuracies

Yesterday, Ian Chapman, the chief executive officer of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority, acknowledged the inaccuracy of his statements about the performance of the U.K.’s biggest fusion reactor. Chapman was quoted in the U.K. Sunday Times on Nov. 12, 2017.

mercyforanimals.org 11-16-2017
American Heart Association: Vegan Diet Decreases Heart Disease by Nearly 50 Percent

According to Newsweek, a study from the American Heart Association found that a plant-based diet is the best choice for reducing your risk of heart failure—regardless of whether you have a history of cardiac conditions. Researchers studied five different ...

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines 11-16-2017
Twenty countries (and two U.S. states) join global alliance to phase out coal by 2030

Coal is responsible for more than 40 per cent of global emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide ... which aims to move the world economy off fossil fuels. “We show that even if the United States withdraws (from the Paris Agreement), we stand ...

Investment Executive 11-16-2017
Global growth will be broad-based in 2018: Moody’s

Broad, robust global economic growth will benefit most sectors in 2018, it says. "The improving outlook underscores the strength of the global economy overall," says Elena Duggar, associate managing director at Moody's, in a statement. "Global credit ...

CoinTelegraph 11-16-2017
How Blockchain Revolution is Going to Make Global Economy More Fair: Federico Pistono

The writer, entrepreneur and public speaker Federico Pistono on how Blockchain could really change the current global economic model that is unfair, how close we came to the AI ruling the world, and how could we find our place in the emerging paradigm.

Life in Quebec 11-16-2017
Quebec once again asks Ottawa to delay deadline for marijuana legalization

QUEBEC — The Quebec government asked the federal government again on Wednesday to push back the marijuana legalization deadline by one year, one day before the province tables its own cannabis bill. Ottawa has promised marijuana will be legal across ...

Camp Verde Bugle 11-16-2017
Medical marijuana patients claim state permit price too high

PHOENIX -- Calling the fees illegally high, an attorney for medical marijuana patients is asking the Court of Appeals to force state health officials to slash what they charge people to get the state-issued permit they need to buy the drug. Sean Berberian ...

www.governor.pa.gov 11-16-2017
More Than 6,000 Patients Register for Medical Marijuana Program Since Launch Two Weeks Ago

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced today that more than 6,000 patients and more than 300 caregivers have registered for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program since the Medical Marijuana Patient and Caregiver Registry launched November 1.

WTMJ 11-16-2017
Report from Colorado doctors finds possibility of first death attributed to marijuana

DENVER – An 11-month-old child who died after being exposed to marijuana is believed to be the first person whose death has been attributed to marijuana exposure, according to two Colorado doctors who published a report on the death in August. The report ...

Wyatt Investment Research 11-16-2017
Coming Soon: Brewery to Launch Marijuana Drinks

Legal cannabis is going to be a big business. And one Fortune 500 company is betting nearly $200 million on this growth sector. “Smart money” investors are starting to get into this sector . . . and you can too. Go here to access my LIVE briefing on ...

KWQC-TV6 11-16-2017
Police in Oregon seize 143 pounds of marijuana

SPRINGFIELD, OR (NBC) - Some hide keys in decorative rocks, and some may hide $1-million dollars worth of marijuana in them. Police in Oregon seized 143-pounds of marijuana flower and five pounds of cannabis extract, a combined street value of $1-million ...

Daily 49er 11-16-2017
City of Long Beach just became one step closer to legalizing recreational use of marijuana

Residents may see clouds of a different kind in the near future, as the Long Beach City Council moved to pass a new ordinance allowing the sale and recreational use of marijuana. While medicinal use is legal within the city, commercial sale and use of ...

survivalandprosperity.com 11-16-2017
Major ISIS Terror Attack On France Soon?

As the “War on Terror” drags on, France could be targeted (again) by ISIS. And soon. Consider some developments I’ve come across in my research the past several days. First, Henry Samuel reported on The Telegraph (UK) website on November 6: French ...

Cape Talk 11-16-2017
Strong controlls to be enforced for medical marijuana

The Medicines Control Council says that strong enforcement will be required if cannabis is legalised for medicinal and research purposes in South Africa. The Council briefed Parliament on its framework for medicinal cannabis access in the country.

Basketball Insiders 11-16-2017
Karl-Anthony Towns Advocates for Medical Marijuana in NBA

Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns believes the NBA should allow players to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. The topic recently came up with the young star during a wide-ranging Q&A with ESPN. In it, Towns was asked what one change he ...

WFTV Orlando 11-16-2017
Orange County approves dispensaries, but patients struggle to get medical marijuana ID cards

ORLANDO, Fla. - Ever since Floridians voted overwhelmingly approved to legalize medical marijuana, local municipalities have been struggling with the approval of dispensaries within their borders. While many municipalities have banned them, the Orange ...

LobeLog 11-16-2017
coalition against ISIS

Named after veteran journalist Jim Lobe, LobeLog provides daily expert perspectives on US foreign policy toward the Middle East through investigative reports and analyses from Washington to Tehran and beyond. It became the first weblog to receive the ...

Paso Robles Daily News 11-16-2017
House passes Carbajal legislation on nuclear weapons, climate change

–Representative Salud Carbajal, a member of the House Armed Service Committee, announced that the United States. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan FY18 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Carbajal included provisions instructing the ...

Kern Golden Empire 11-16-2017
Weed Wars: Kern's Marijuana Reality

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - In just a month and a half, California will begin to regulate the growth and sale of commercial marijuana. Last year with 57 percent in favor, California voters approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act-- known as Prop 64--immediately ...

WMKY 11-16-2017
Sec. Grimes to convene task force to propose legislative action to legalize medical marijuana

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is convening a task force of Kentuckians to focus on a legislative proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky, Grimes announced Wednesday. The group will also study and propose potential implementation and ...

Western Advocate 11-16-2017
Kill the carp: Have your say on virus plan to clean the rivers

BATHURST residents are invited to a community information session on plans to introduce a new virus to control carp numbers in the Macquarie River. The National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) and Central Tablelands Local Land Services will host the session at ...

Calgary Herald on MSN.com 11-16-2017
Emerging marijuana road impairment laws to get rough ride: lawyer

Alberta’s marijuana impaired driving enforcement is careening towards major logistical and court challenges, a top Calgary defence lawyer said Wednesday. Uncertainties over cannabis’ effect on individual motorists, the lack of roadside testing devices ...

Euronews on MSN.com 11-15-2017
Which world leaders hold the power to launch a nuclear attack?

Donald Trump can currently order a nuclear missile launch without consulting Congress. As the US president’s Twitter rants over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal escalated, senators debated this during a meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

cleantech.com 11-15-2017
Report Launch @COP23 Global Cleantech Innovation Programme Country Innovation Profiles 2017

The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017 – Global Cleantech ... companies developing sustainable solutions emerge in certain geographies, and which economic, social and environmental conditions cultivate hotbeds for such innovation.

coloradopolitics.com 11-15-2017
Marijuana tax spending spree to hit a bump in 2018-19, JBC warns

The 2017-18 spending spree that lawmakers and the governor went on, courtesy of a $56.5 million boost in marijuana tax revenues, won’t be repeated in 2018-19, according to an analysis of those revenues presented this week to the Joint Budget Committee.

Fox News Insider 11-15-2017
Democrats Float Taking Away Trump's Power to Launch Nuclear Weapons

Democrats floated the idea of taking away President Trump's power to launch a nuclear attack on an enemy, claiming the president is too "unstable" to be trusted with the responsibility. The concerns come as the administration continues to exchange heated ...

Wicked Local Watertown 11-15-2017
Watertown bans recreational marijuana shops--for now

Interested in opening a recreational marijuana store in Watertown? Another wrinkle was added to the process. The Watertown Town Council approved unanimously to place a temporary moratorium on recreational marijuana facilities Tuesday in order for the town ...

daimanuel.com 11-15-2017
The Top 6 Ways Marijuana Can Improve Your Workouts

We all know the importance of exercise, or at least we should. Working out is crucial for optimal health, and science is daily proving that marijuana is too. The words “exercise” and “cannabis” may not seem compatible in any way, but they actually ...

Task & Purpose 11-15-2017
A New Piece Of ISIS Sniper Gear May Signal A Bloody Era In The War on Terror

But new ISIS propaganda video, released following the expulsion of the terror group from their last de facto stronghold in Raqqa, has a clear message for Western forces: Not anymore. The video follows a September sizzle reel documenting the terror group ...

Psychology Today 11-15-2017
Is Nuclear War Coming to a Community Near You?

Marc Pilisuk and Alice LoCicero Encourage Citizen Action to Prevent Nuclear War. The human psyche is quite capable of denying and ignoring likely and imminent dangers. President Trump continues to threaten a nuclear war with North Korea. The ...

InvestorIdeas.com 11-15-2017
New McKinsey Global Institute Study Finds Growth Opportunities For US Manufacturing Sector

was established in 1990 to develop a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy. Our goal is to provide leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors with the facts and insights on which to base management and policy decisions. The ...

KTVN 11-15-2017
Global Automotive Seating Systems Market to 2025 - Growing Deman - KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe Sparks News, Weather, Video

The "Global Automotive Seating Systems Market Analysis & Trends ... Some of the prominent trends that the market is witnessing include growing demand for premium vehicles and economy cars in the emerging nations and favourable government policies.

The Hans India 11-15-2017
Nasa testing space nuclear reactor to 'empower' humans on Mars

WASHINGTON: Nasa is testing a space nuclear reactor that could 'empower' future astronauts on the surface of Mars, by energising habitats and running on-the-spot processing equipment to transform resources on the red planet into oxygen, water and fuel.

CapitalGazette.com 11-15-2017
County clears way for medical marijuana dispensary in Bowie

The Prince George’s County Council on Tuesday passed legislation that could clear the way for a medical marijuana dispensary to set up shop in the office building at 4201 Northview Drive, across Route 197 from the Bowie Town Center. The bill reduced the ...

Task & Purpose 11-15-2017
The US Secretly Let Thousands Of Armed ISIS Fighters Escape Raqqa In Broad Daylight

A deal between U.S.-backed Kurdish and Arab forces in Syria and ISIS sent thousands of fighters and families belonging to the terror group on a convoy out of harm’s war in Raqqa and deeper into the so-called caliphate where the fighters can regroup or ...

New Food 11-15-2017
Disease-resistant apples perform better than old favourites

New, hardier cultivars of apple can be stored for as long or longer than their traditional forefathers. CRUNCH TIME: Wine Crisp apples were among those put to the test by scientists. Photo: David Riecks A study conducted by researchers at the University of ...

Sun Community News 11-15-2017
Marijuana, serious business

Recently, I read a Vermont news article about your former Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell’s reaction receiving a 4/20 license plate. His response, and that of others commenting online, show a disturbing lack of awareness about the very real ...

SHRM 11-15-2017
4 Things Employers Should Know About Evolving Medical Marijuana Laws

Over half the states now have comprehensive medical marijuana laws, and with the proliferation of such laws has come a shift in how courts view workplace drug policies. That means employers may want to update their approach. Here are some key points for ...

Interesting Engineering 11-15-2017
Futuristic Russian Infantry Gear Receives Nuclear-Resistant Upgrade

A state-of-the-art Russian combat suit deemed the “soldier of the future”, recently received an upgrade to the already impressive gear. The upgrade to the “Ratnik” military kit—a complex multi-system set of portable and wearable combat gear ...

Climate Home 11-15-2017
China, India policies improve global warming outlook: analysis

The outlook for curbing global warming has improved since last year as a result of policy moves in China and India, analysts said on Wednesday. In a report released on the sidelines of UN climate talks in Bonn, Climate Action Tracker (CAT) lowered their ...

Scary Mommy 11-15-2017
How One Woman Is Using Her Tattoo To Educate Others About Heart Disease

As I settled into my aisle seat on an early morning flight, a young woman politely gestured to the window seat next to me. “That’s me,” she said. I stood up and she, too, settled into her seat. As we both checked our phones and tightened our seat ...

www.enisa.europa.eu 11-15-2017
I say ransomware, you say crypto virus: the cyber-insurance language problem

The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the factors that influence the harmonization, or lack thereof, of risk assessment language in cyber-insurance, its practical impact on the growth prospects of the cyber-insurance market and forthcoming trends.

bariatriccookery.com 11-15-2017
What’s The Deal With Pot/Marijuana Use After Surgery?

GUEST POST: This coming July 1st (2018) will not only be Canada Day, but it will also mark the legalization of marijuana (aka pot, weed, cannabis) in Canada. While we have the occasional patient ask us if smoking marijuana is okay after bariatric or ...

Autocar Professional 11-15-2017
Global Fuel Economy Initiative increases support to over 65 developing and emerging economies

At COP21 in Paris, the Global Fuel Economy Initiative committed to extending practical support to 100 countries to implement policies to promote cleaner, more efficient vehicles. By COP23, thanks to new funding from the FIA Foundation, European Commission ...

NBCU on MSN.com 11-15-2017
Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks; Trump Meets Duterte: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how President Trump spent his trip to Asia cozying up to authoritarian strongmen and new information about the Trump campaign’s relationship with WikiLeaks.

Hidden Remote 11-15-2017
Did The Walking Dead just drop a clue about the cause of the zombie virus?

On the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Ezekiel’s fight with a horde of walkers took him past a trench filled with containers labeled: dangerous substance. To most, the containers would seem insignificant, but is it possible they hold a grander purpose?

The Courier Times 11-15-2017
Act now to ward off a dangerous virus

Last year’s flu season was the deadliest in North Carolina since the Department of Health and Human Services began reporting those numbers 10 years ago. Now, comes news that the Tar Heel state has already suffered its first two flu-related deaths during ...

Guardian 11-15-2017
FG secures nuclear materials from non-state actors’ abuse

The Federal Government yesterday assured that it would protect nuclear materials and radioactive sources from getting into the hands of non-state actors, who are likely to deploy them in causing havoc and engaging in crimes. Director General of the ...

Gephardt Daily 11-15-2017
For first time in 40 years, Congress debates U.S. president’s nuclear power

A Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile is seen in its launch silo at the Delta-09 launch facility just outside Wall, South Dakota. Tuesday, Senate lawmakers held a hearing to debate unilateral U.S. presidential authority to order a nuclear strike.

PsyPost 11-15-2017
Study: Marijuana users are more creative — but it might not be because of marijuana

A new study suggests that differences in personality traits account for the link between marijuana use and enhanced creativity. “I became interested in this topic upon realization that a number of my favorite musicians and artists were well known for ...

nismagazine.com 11-15-2017
Should President Trump Have the Sole Power to Launch Nuclear Missiles?

"Making the decision to go to war of any sort is a heavy responsibility for our nation's elected leaders", Senator Corker said. That was the message Tuesday from an extraordinary, first-time-in-four-decades hearing convened by Senate Foreign Relations ...

KVRR 11-15-2017
12-Year-Old Joins Lawsuit Against Attorney General Sessions Over Medicinal Marijuana

NATIONAL — A Colorado 12-year-old is taking U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to court over the legalization of medical marijuana on a national scale. “I have intractable epilepsy so I have seizures that traditional medications wouldn’t really ...

The Diamondback 11-15-2017
Smoking marijuana isn’t a problem — but buying it illegally is

Views expressed in opinion columns are the author's own. Legalizing marijuana would save lives. When it comes to the legalization debate, this argument is rarely made. People will instead cite the massive incarceration criminalization creates, the lack of ...

NAZ Today 11-15-2017
Science Matters -- Finding a Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, recently announced he is donating over 50 millions dollars towards the Dementia Discovery Fund. Gates says any type of treatment discovered would be a huge advance and believes there is a solution to the disease. Dementia and ...

IndieWire on MSN.com 11-15-2017
‘Hell on Earth’: Two New Shorts Provide a Harrowing Look Into the War in Syria — Watch

In light of the horrifying and long-lasting war in Syria, Oscar-nominated filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested have directed a documentary called “Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film ...

blog.allpsych.com 11-14-2017
How Many College Students Use Marijuana?

Not all college students use marijuana. But more than half do – at least, if a recent study done at University of Northern Colorado is representative of other schools. Granted, it is a college in Colorado. Still, the results tell us in general terms that ...

SOFREP 11-14-2017
Russia’s ‘irrefutable’ evidence of US support for ISIS is a poorly cropped picture of a video game

Many within the United States have focused their attention on Russia’s social media based misinformation campaigns as of late. However, it’s important to understand that the online effort to persuade and divide the American people throughout and after ...

Fox 32 Chicago 11-14-2017
North Korea says US carrier groups raise nuclear war threat

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - North Korea warned Monday that the unprecedented deployment of three U.S. aircraft carrier groups "taking up a strike posture" around the Korean peninsula is making it impossible to predict when nuclear war will break out. North Korea ...

WBAL-TV 11-14-2017
Dogs at BARCS under quarantine after deadly distemper virus discovered


krcgtv.com 11-14-2017
Camden County Sheriff's Office detects virus on its internet-based computer network

The Camden County Sheriff's Office said a virus was detected over the weekend on its internet-based network. The office's information technology team began working through the virus Saturday morning. "We had a typical ransomware that came in on one of the ...

Starts at 60 11-14-2017
Eating nuts linked to reduced risk of heart disease

Tucking into a small serve of nuts every day could lower your risk of heart attack and stroke, researchers from Harvard University have found. Walnuts, peanuts and almonds in particular were shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, while pistachios and ...

UChicago News 11-14-2017
Undergraduates explore legacy of Nuclear Age in unique College class

Reserved for members of the media. In the fall of 1942, scientists from around the U.S. were rushing to build the world’s first reactor at the University of Chicago. Seventy-five years later, a special College course at the University is examining the ...

Bikeland 11-14-2017

The 2018 season has started in Valencia with the first day of testing, but Team SUZUKI ECSTAR riders Andrea Iannone and Alex Rins could not participate today due to a virus that forced them to stay in bed and recuperate. Both riders suffered from what ...

MyPalmBeachPost 11-14-2017
Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana dispensary opens

Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened Tuesday, and Steve Buchholz of Lake Worth was among the first customers. “Every step I take every day is painful,” Buchholz said as he waited for Knox Medical’s new location in downtown ...

Psychiatry Advisor 11-14-2017
Population-Level Interventions May Reduce Tobacco-Related Death, Disease

HealthDay News — About 1 in 5 US adults currently uses any tobacco product, according to a study published online in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Elyse Phillips, MPH, from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and colleagues used ...

HelloGiggles 11-14-2017
Is Legionnaires' disease airborne? Here's what we know about the illness that affected Disneyland

You’ve probably seen “Legionnaires’ disease” popping up in the news this week, due to a recent rash of the illness at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. If you have a trip planned to The Happiest Place on Earth coming up, you’re probably frantically ...

Loop Trinidad & Tobago 11-14-2017
Global Warming is a matter of life or death for Caribbean - McCaulay

Small island developing states, such as those of the Caribbean, have consistently held that a world warmed beyond 1.5°C could severely impair their survivability, given climate threats such as sea level rise and extreme weather events, the likes of ...

Biz Times 11-14-2017
Milwaukee RiverWalk earns global award of excellence

https://www.biztimes.com/2017/ideas/economic-development/milwaukee-riverwalk-earns-global-award-of-excellence/ Milwaukee’s RiverWalk is one of 13 development projects in North America, Europe and Asia to win a Global Award of Excellence from the Urban ...

The Bahamas Journal 11-14-2017
Men Arraigned For 400 Pounds of Marijuana

Two men were arraigned yesterday for that major drug bust that took place in Exuma last week. Thirty-six year-old Bartholomew Pinder and 29-year-old Billy Robinson appeared before magistrate Derence Rolle- Davis yesterday facing one count of ...

NewsDay on MSN.com 11-14-2017
Factors influencing Africa’s economic growth - NewsDay Zimbabwe

Manufactured products account for 60% of total regional trade and could, therefore, compensate for Africa’s global exposure, especially in commodities. In contrast, Africa’s exports to emerging economies, which are dominated by China and mainly ...

we-make-money-not-art.com 11-14-2017
Pazugoo, the 3D printed evil spirits of nuclear waste storage

Speculative Demonology as Deep Geological Repository Marking Strategy, 2016. 3D-additive design and printing workshop with invited guests, Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden, 8th-10th November 2016 Part of Nuclear Culture, a curatorial project that brings together ...

A Journal of Musical Things 11-14-2017
This Music Was Made with Global Warming. Wait–What?

As San Francisco artist Stephan Crawford was trying to come up with a way of describing the planet’s carbon cycle through a moving sculpture (we’ve all had days like that, right?) he stumbled into the idea of using rhythm. The result is The ...

STL.News 11-14-2017
Global shares mixed, China data disappoints

Asian shares were mostly lower Tuesday as markets watched for tax reform developments in the U.S. and digested economic data from China. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) TOKYO/November 14, 2017 (AP)(STL.News) — Global shares were mixed in languid trading ...

The Sanatoga Post 11-14-2017
Mock Nuclear Emergency Drill Opens Today

LIMERICK PA – It’s arrived: today (Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017) is the day police, fire, and emergency management personnel within a 10-mile radius of the Exelon Corp. Limerick Nuclear Generating Station, at Linfield and Evergreen roads, have been ...

vaperanks.com 11-14-2017
Press Release Claims Vaping Could Cause Cardiovascular Disease

It seems all you need to successfully attack vaping these days is a superficial press release. Never mind scientific evidence, research methodology and all that other boring stuff, just state some negative impacts of using electronic cigarettes and you ...

All About Jazz 11-14-2017
Sun Ra Nuclear War: A Smooth Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

With threats of our impending doom through nuclear hellfire seemingly increasing by the day. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about one of my favorite Sun Ra songs, "Nuclear War." A song so smooth and hilarious it almost makes you ...

News Came 11-14-2017
UN Agencу Repоrt Shоws Iran Meeting Nuclear Cоmmitments

VIENNA (AP) — The United Nations agencу monitоring Iran’s compliance with a landmark nuclear treatу issued a report Mondaу certifуing that thе countrу is keeping its end of thе deal that U.S. President Donald Trump claims Tehran has violated ...

Daily Commercial News 11-14-2017
House Speaker: Change laws after nuclear plant failure

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina House speaker is proposing six laws after the abandonment of two nuclear reactors in the state. House Speaker Jay Lucas of Hartsville said in a news release Nov. 9 the proposals would prevent customers from paying for ...

Cape Cod Times 11-14-2017
Brewster votes down marijuana ban

BREWSTER — Voters turned out in strong support of recreational marijuana, defeating a delay of and a ban on such businesses at town meeting Monday night. The selectmen had put two articles on the warrant, an outright ban and a moratorium to delay any ...

Business.com 11-14-2017
Should You Go Global?

If you are newer to the global game, look for markets that are similar to yours ... communication skills required for a company competing in a globally interconnected economy? The world’s move from an industrial to digital era means it is easier now ...

Hacked 11-14-2017
Canadian Marijuana Stocks Are Getting High Again

Canadian marijuana stocks are blazing again, fueled by speculation that the regional government of Quebec will rollout plans for recreational pot. Investors have quickly seized the opportunity by focusing on local producers primed to meet what’s expected ...

Bit 11-14-2017
Best virus clean-up tools revealed

In-depth tests on 17 antivirus and recovery tools reveal which are the best at cleaning infected systems. Security software is most often judged on how effective it is at keeping malware out. But what about situations where it is asked to deal with ...

Update.PK 11-14-2017
Russia, Philippines to explore on land based, floating nuclear power plants

Russian state corporation Rosatom and the Department of Energy have agreed to cooperate during the bilateral meeting of President Rodrigo Duterte and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on November 13. The Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation was ...

WorldNetDaily 11-14-2017
ISIS recruiter in N.C. pleads guilty to fraud, tax charges

(WRAL) — Raleigh, N.C. — A Fayetteville man who the FBI says was a recruiter for Islamic State forces pleaded guilty Monday to federal fraud and tax charges. Houcine Becher Ghoul, 43, pleaded guilty to lying on his application for U.S. citizenship and ...

Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation 11-14-2017
Atlanta's airport belies the city’s relatively low ranking on the global economic scale

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport retained its position as the world’s busiest for passenger traffic in 2016, having become the first airport in the world to serve 100 million passengers in a year in 2015, and looks set to remain in ...

Redheaded Blackbelt 11-14-2017
Spanish Tourists Fabricated Story of Robbery on Park Land to Avoid Being Associated With Marijuana Grow

Press release from the Redwood National and State Parks: Park law enforcement rangers have determined the report from tourists of being robbed at gunpoint near the Lady Bird Johnson (LBJ) trailhead of Redwood National and State Parks on Nov. 3 was not true.

My Champlain Valley FOX44 & ABC22 11-14-2017
Will marijuana become legal in Vermont next year?

MONTPELIER, Vt. - In a matter of weeks, lawmakers will be back to work at the Statehouse in Montpelier and there is already a buzz as to which issue will steal the spotlight, the legalization of marijuana in Vermont. Earlier this year, the Vermont ...

WPTZ 11-14-2017
Marijuana legalization could mean millions in tax revenue for Vermont


New York Mag 11-13-2017
Trump Administration Working to Keep American Medical Care the Most Expensive in the World

Donald Trump ran for president vowing to take on Big Pharma and bring down prescription drug prices. But, like his other populist campaign promises, he has abandoned this pledge for a conventionally right-wing Republican domestic agenda. His appointment of ...

One News Page 11-13-2017
Massachusetts moratoriums may mean long drives for legal marijuana

Although retail sales of recreational marijuana can begin in July, many customers across northern Massachusetts may have to travel significant distances or wait several months to acquire the substance. LOWELL, Mass. (AP) — Although retail sales of ...

ACTION NEWS NOW 11-13-2017
Two cooling centers shut down at Disneyland for Legionnaires disease

Disneyland has shut down two cooling centers following an outbreak of Legionnaires disease. Orange County health officials say nine people who visited the park in September became sick. Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of pneumonia. It is typically ...

AAP News 11-13-2017
Know myths, facts about Lyme disease

When parents hear the word “tick,” another four-letter word often pops into their head: Lyme. If you’ve already typed those eight letters into an internet search bar, beware. Next to child health information, you might see false reports about ...

biotechdaily.com 11-13-2017
Gene Vaccine Protects Mice from Influenza Virus Strains

A team of molecular virologists protected mice from deadly infection caused by a range of influenza viruses by using a deactivated adenovirus vector to vaccinate them with a cocktail of centralized viral genes. In a study conducted by investigators at the ...

WMDT 11-13-2017
Deputies: Marijuana, heroin, cocaine found in vehicle in Princess Anne; man charged

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. - A man is facing multiple charges, after deputies say they found marijuana, heroin, and cocaine in a vehicle, in Somerset County. The Somerset County Sheriff's Office says on Monday, around 9:30 AM, they received a complaint of ...

The Marijuana Times 11-13-2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions Being Sued by Young Girl and Others Over Medical Marijuana

Many of you may know the story of Alexis Bortell, the now 12-year-old girl who has intractable epilepsy. Her family, originally from Texas, has moved to Colorado to have better and legal access to the medicine that has kept Alexis seizure-free for over 2 ...

Information Nigeria 11-13-2017
I used to take marijuana, codeine, hard drugs – Toyin Abraham

Nollywood star, Toyin Abraham, opened up on her past when she abused hard drugs like marijuana and codeine, and was involved in other vices. The actress made the disclosure at the 2017 edition of Success Story Africa, held at the TLC Auditorium, Lagos, on ...

East Bay Times 11-13-2017
Marijuana the focus of special Walnut Creek council session

WALNUT CREEK — A special City Council meeting Tuesday night is set to address issues related to marijuana, including what aspects of its sale and use should be allowed in the city, and which shouldn’t. That session begins at 6 p.m. in the council ...

WPTZ Plattsburgh-Burlington on MSN.com 11-13-2017
NY vets can now use medical marijuana to treat PTSD

NY vets can now use medical marijuana to treat PTSD WPTZ Plattsburgh-Burlington 3:43

DISCOVER 11-13-2017
A Global State of Mind

“Global mental health was totally ignored ... Using lay counselors to provide and deliver therapy was an economic win. (See “When Treatment Works,” page 34.) Effects of Poverty? What criticism there has been comes from a field called psychiatric ...

World Oil 11-13-2017
Russia's economy slowed more than forecast despite oil rally

Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina has warned that, without overhauling the economy, not even oil at $100/bbl would lift medium-term gains in GDP beyond a range of 1.5% to 2%. Global benchmark Brent crude surged 20 percent in the third quarter ...

The State | South Carolina 11-13-2017
Editorials from across South Carolina: nuclear reactors bill, animal cruelty

Relief is in sight for SCE&G and Santee Cooper ratepayers who have forked over well over a billion dollars for two new nuclear reactors that will never be completed. It can’t come fast enough. On Thursday, state lawmakers announced an ambitious package ...

Newshub 11-13-2017
Index shows global warming is accelerating

Human-induced global warming is happening faster than ever and accelerating, according to an international team of researchers. The team, which includes Victoria University's Professor Dave Frame, has developed the real-time Global Warming Index.

KCCI Des Moines 11-13-2017
Trump, Putin shake hands but no formal meeting expected

President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have shaken hands at a summit in Vietnam. The two leaders were spotted on video greeting one another ahead of an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit gala dinner in the coastal city of Danang.

EllwoodCity.org 11-13-2017
Criminal Complaints: Several Pounds of Marijuana Seized During Traffic Stop

According to the criminal complaint, after being stopped for a turn signal violation, Dwight Andre Campbell, 45, of Altoona, Pa., appeared to be extremely nervous – he was sweating excessively and his hands were visibly shaking. The officer detected a ...

tradeready.ca 11-13-2017
Ontario is seizing global opportunities to increase international trade for its businesses

business and cultural relationships is essential to ensuring economic growth and prosperity for Ontario. Ontario’s Global Trade Strategy will help Ontario businesses diversify their exports and make valuable connections to increase their global footprint ...

Neurology Advisor 11-13-2017
Development of Guillain Barré Syndrome Associated With Zika Virus Infection

Growing evidence suggests that there is a causal association between Zika virus infection and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), according to the results of a recent case-control study conducted in Puerto Rico and published in JAMA. Potential case patients ...

MLive.com 11-13-2017
New Portage council will have impact on medical marijuana decision

PORTAGE, MI - One of the first decisions the new Portage City Council will have to make is what do about medical marijuana licensing - or not. The council had scheduled a committee-of-the-whole meeting for Nov. 14 to discuss the issue, but changed that to ...

Virginian-Pilot 11-13-2017
What's the next big thing in craft beer? Budweiser's ex-marketing chief believes it's marijuana

"This bud's for you" has taken on a whole new meaning for Chris Burggraeve. The former chief marketing officer for Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the brewer of Budweiser beer, is moving from barley and hops to cannabis as the alcohol industry casts its sights on ...

The Outer Banks Voice 11-13-2017
Feral hogs bring damage, disease to Currituck’s Outer Banks

The wild horses on Currituck’s northern beaches are the county’s top attraction, a favorite of visitors who trek to Corolla and Carova every summer for a chance to catch sight of them. But another wild creature that forages in the woods and along the ...

ETHealthworld.com 11-13-2017
Older people with bowel disease receive older medicines

Patients over the age of 60 often receive cortisone drugs instead of more modern medicines that target the immune system.ETHealthWorld | Updated: November 13, 2017, 16:56 IST Sweden, Nov 13 : Inflammatory bowel disease is common amongst older people and ...

KRDO 11-13-2017
Opioid commission makes an anti-marijuana argument

(CNN) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, head of the presidential commission on opioids, warned of the dangers of marijuana in a letter to President Donald Trump earlier this month about the panel's findings, saying the current push for marijuana ...

Jewish World Review 11-13-2017
Doc, is goofiness a disease or just a personal choice?

Doc, is goofiness a disease or a personal choice? Because I'm seeing a lot of it lately. So, we're at the pediatrician the other day for the little guy's annual physical. While we wait, pumpkin-colored fish swim in a giant tank, the sort of thing you see ...

1001iraqithoughts.com 11-13-2017
Doing Business in Iraq: on Track to Wider Economic Reform

A few months into his term Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi laid out his vision for reforms in front of global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos. By the summer of 2015 his political reforms had grabbed all the headlines, overshadowing the ...

See It Market 11-13-2017
This Week In Stocks: Market Cycle May Lead To Decline

The US Congress unveiled two dramatically different tax plans, which the market viewed with concern. The stock market moved lower last week, with the S&P 500 (SPX) moving down 5 points to 2582. On Monday, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman initiated a ...

Healthable 11-13-2017
Legionella & Legionnaires’ Disease in the Workplace

Legionella and Legionnaires in the workplace? Yes, it’s something to be wary of but first, what are they? In a nutshell, legionellosis refers to a collection of diseases that result from water-borne bacteria. They are a type of pneumonia commonly ...

TopYaps 11-13-2017
15 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Computer Has Virus And Your Anti-Virus Has Failed You

Using a computer is a constant battle against viruses that are always trying to invade your system, steal your information, hack your computers or even blackmail you to pay hefty ransoms. All computer users are aware how much of a nuisance or threat the ...

The Exponent Telegram 11-13-2017
Nuclear detonation app lets you target your own hometown

CHARLESTON — With current talk of the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, did you ever wonder what would happen if someone dropped a nuclear weapon on your hometown? There’s an app for that. Nukemap, which can be found at nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap ...

ETBrandEquity.com 11-13-2017
Hero MotoCorp rides on large-sized global markets to expand business

Illustrating the point further, he said some of the global markets where Hero is present have slowed over the past few years. "Many of the overseas markets have slowed down due to geo-political reasons or due to their own economic situation, which is why ...

nfltraderumors.co 11-13-2017
Report: Some Owners Have Discussed Nuclear Option To Force Jerry Jones To Sell Cowboys

Mike Florio or Pro Football Talk, citing a league source with knowledge of the situation, reports that multiple NFL owners already have been discussing the possibility of invoking the procedure to Jerry Jones to forfeit the Cowboys. This would be NFL ...

WND.com 11-13-2017
Serious concern about America's nuclear forces

The mobile shortcut will then be added as an icon on your home screen. Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). Then choose the option to add this bookmark to your home screen.

Slator 11-13-2017
Intellectual property leak is a serious disease: we have the antidote!

How to comply with regulatory requirements that call for multilingual product collaterals? How to protect intellectual property and maintain full control over documentation production processes? How to provide an accurate translation tailored to very ...

NBCSports.com 11-13-2017
Owners have their own nuclear option for dealing with Jerry Jones

When it comes to the lingering dispute regarding the Roger Goodell contract extension, much has been written and said about the potential nuclear option possessed by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. But the rest of the owners (or, more accurately, those who ...

JWN Energy oil & gas news 11-13-2017
How would you write Canada's job application for global energy leader?

The “world” is apparently looking for qualified candidates to take a next-generation leadership role; to ensure global petroleum players have ... play an important role in future energy demand and economic sustainability, but will increasingly become ...

Silver Doctors 11-12-2017
This PROVES Why Gold Beats The Stock Market HANDS DOWN (Even This Year)

Here’s the definitive reason why gold wins. Anybody who has an interest in either gold or the stock market needs to understand this fact… So it’s been a very frustrating few months ever since gold topped most recently on September 8th. Here’s a ...

CBS Boston / WBZ 11-12-2017
Job Opening: Massachusetts Looks To Hire A Marijuana Inspector

BOSTON (CBS) – How well do you know marijuana? Massachusetts is looking for a qualified person to fill the job of pot inspector. “Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) is a new crop for Massachusetts,” the job description states. “This Inspector position ...

Dublin Live 11-12-2017
Global warming melts hopes of a white Christmas in Dublin

The prospect of Dublin waking up to a white Christmas is becoming more and more unlikely every year, according to a leading climatologist. Prof John Sweeney said that Ireland can expect increasingly warmer winters due to global warming, resulting in less ...

Cancer Therapy Advisor 11-12-2017
Complete Resection of Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma Associated With Improved Disease-specific Survival

The following article features coverage from the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) in Maui, Hawaii. Click here to read more of Cancer Therapy Advisor's conference coverage. Complete disease resection predicts for improved disease-specific survival ...

Fox 59 11-12-2017
12-year-old girl suing U.S. attorney general to legalize medical marijuana nationwide

LARKSPUR, Colo. -- Alexis Bortell is hardly the first child whose family moved to Colorado for access to medical marijuana. But the 12-year-old is the first Colorado kid to sue U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions over the nation's official marijuana policy.

NewYorkUpstate.com 11-12-2017
Veterans in New York can now get medical marijuana to treat PTSD

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Veterans and other people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder can now obtain medical marijuana as treatment. Gov. Andrew Cuomo Saturday signed a bill allowing people with PTSD to obtain medical marijuana with a doctor's ...

prepperbroadcasting.com 11-12-2017
The effects of nuclear exchanges!

David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “ Audio player provided! On this show Dave continues the talk on the effects of nuclear exchanges and what can be expected in your area of the country. Some of the things discussed in this show include; What ...

Investing.com 11-12-2017
Walt Disney Shares Volatile In After Market Session On Q4 Earnings

On Thursday November 9, 2017, Disney reported their fiscal fourth-quarter earnings after the market closed. Initially, the reaction by investors and traders was negative as the shares dropped pretty fast and furious. Then, at about 5:30 EDT the company had ...

RFI 11-12-2017
Iran tells France nuclear deal 'not negotiable'

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi said Iran's nuclear deal is "not negotiable" in response to remarks by French president Emmanuel Macron. Emmanuel Macron called for vigilance towards Tehran over its ballistic missile programme and ...

Tasnim News Agency 11-12-2017
Sealing Part of Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Temporary: AEOI Spokesman

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi said the sealing of some of the country’s nuclear facilities is temporary and in accordance with the terms of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ...

The City Fix 11-12-2017
Report: Cities and States Pledging Action on Climate Represent More Than Half U.S. Economy

According to new analysis, more than 2,500 non-federal actors representing more than half the U.S. economy – including cities ... Kristin Igusky is an Associate in WRI’s Global Climate Program. Kevin Kennedy is Deputy Director of the U.S. Climate ...

Pulse Nigeria 11-12-2017
In France : Iran says nuclear deal 'not negotiable'

In France Iran says nuclear deal 'not negotiable' Iran's nuclear deal is "not negotiable", Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi said on Saturday in response to remarks by the French president. Iran's nuclear deal is "not negotiable", Iranian ...

Citizen TV 11-12-2017
N. Korea slams Trump for trying to halt its nuclear, missile programs

North Korean soldiers march during a visit by Australian officials to the border village of Panmunjom in Paju, South Korea, Oct. 12, 2017. North Korea denounced U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday for trying to halt the North’s nuclear and missile ...

today.az 11-12-2017
New Atomic and Nuclear Physics laboratory established at Baku branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Rector of the Baku branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University, academician Nargiz Pashayeva has met with scientists of the University's Research Institute of Nuclear Physics. The scientists are visiting Baku to organize work of the Baku branch's newly ...

Hamodia 11-12-2017
Syria: West Turns ‘Blind Eye’ to Israeli Nuclear Program

Syria’s United Nations Ambassador Bashar al-Jafari attacked Israel at a U.N. General Assembly session over the weekend, calling Israel’s alleged nuclear program “dangerous for the Middle East. The West is responsible for supplying nuclear technology ...

KING5.com 11-12-2017
Trump insults 'short and fat' (and nuclear-armed) Kim Jong Un

President Trump took time off from his morning in Vietnam to exchange insults with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me 'old,'/ when I would NEVER call him 'short and fat?'" Trump said during a Sunday morning ...

News Nation 11-12-2017
Kerala love jihad: Hindu woman claims Muslim man was planning to sell her to ISIS as sex slave

A 25-year-old Hindu woman in Kerala has moved to the high court against a man who allegedly forged documents to marry her, forced her to convert to Islam and was planning to sell her as sex slave to Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria (ISIS) terrorists.

i24news 11-12-2017
Iran tells France that nuclear agreement is not for tweaking

Rebuke comes after the French president said world must remain vigilant over Iran's missile program Iran's nuclear deal is "not negotiable", Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bassam Ghassemi said Saturday in response to remarks by the French president.

Wochit News on MSN.com 11-12-2017
Trump Says Relationship With Russia Is "A Good Thing'

President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at those criticizing him for saying that he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin when he said Russia did not interfere in the US presidential election in 2016. "When will all the haters and fools out there ...

Wochit News on MSN.com 11-12-2017
Trump Says Relationship With Russia Is "A Good Thing'

President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at those criticizing him for saying that he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin when he said Russia did not interfere in the US presidential election in 2016. "When will all the haters and fools out there ...

Wochit News on MSN.com 11-12-2017
Trump Says Relationship With Russia Is "A Good Thing'

President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at those criticizing him for saying that he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin when he said Russia did not interfere in the US presidential election in 2016. "When will all the haters and fools out there ...

Curiosity Makes You Smarter 11-12-2017
Why These Five Volunteers Stood Beneath a Nuclear Explosion (and How They Survived)

The year was 1957, and the American public was feeling uneasy about the threat of atomic war. You know, the same old stuff: nuclear winter, one thousand years of darkness, a slow and inevitable death by radiation poisoning. Just your average day in the 1950s.

secretsun.blogspot.com 11-12-2017
The Never-Ending Ritual: Ka of Hathor-Isis on the Mall

"A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun..." Well, this week began with a mass shooting event that just happened to fall on the Occultation of Aldebaran (identified with the Archangel Michael), saw Trump and Melania's weird diplomatic ...



Nairaland 11-24-2017
Maroko Police Officer Arrested For Extorting N40,000 From Man ( Photo )

The Nigerian police force has announced the arrest of one of its officers responsible for illegally extorting N40,000 from a man in Lekki. The police officer is attached to the Maroko police division. Below is a statement from the PCRRU unit of the police ...

Michigan Capitol Confidential 11-24-2017
No Arrest - But Cops Took And Kept His $2,035 Anyway

In Michigan, one out of every 10 citizens whose property is seized and then kept by police through a legal process called civil asset forfeiture is never charged with a crime. More than $15.3 million in cash and property was forfeited last year according ...

Lawyers 11-24-2017
Can I be charged with indecent exposure for being nude genitals covered?

Q: I’m a nudist who wants to be as nude as possible as often as possible. The laws for PA I’ve found online don’t seem to stress anything else outside of genitalia interaction, other than offensive sexual gestures. Could I possibly garden or go to a ...

New Tang Dynasty Television 11-24-2017
Murdered Baltimore Detective Was Due to Testify Against Cops the Next Day

The investigation into the murder of a Baltimore police detective has taken on a new layer of complexity with police reporting that the slain officer was scheduled to testify before a grand jury the next day—against allegedly corrupt cops. Detective Sean ...

fourcolormedmon.blogspot.com 11-23-2017
Manga cartoonist in Japan arrested for storing child porn in his office

It looks like Justiniano and Gerard Jones have been joined in their felonies by a third offender way across the ocean over in Japan, as mangaka Nobuhiro Nishiwaki of Rurouni Kenshin fame is the latest in the illustrated medium to be charged by police with ...

Demerara Waves 11-23-2017
“Best Cop” Eastman, undercover policeman charged with Sagga’s murder

Two police men , including an undercover cop and a detective ... Kitty. Eastman, a former Best Cop, and Williams were charged based on allegation made by the alleged hit-man and ex-convict, Aubrey Bobb, that he was hired and given the gun by Eastman ...

Lexington Herald Leader 11-23-2017
Tentative settlement in brutality lawsuit against ex-cop

A tentative settlement has been reached in a ninth and final brutality lawsuit against a former Enfield police officer. Federal court records ... police dog to attack people who were not resisting arrest. Town officials have refused to release any ...

Bristol Herald Courier 11-23-2017
Teen charged with firing on police officer in North Carolina

Please log in, sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. Thank you for reading 11 free articles on our site. You can come back at the end of your 30-day period for another 11 free articles, or you can purchase a ...

Craven Herald 11-23-2017
Venables ‘a vile, perverted psychopath’, says Bulger mother after new arrest

His arrest follows an incident in 2010 when he was sent back to prison for downloading and distributing child pornography. Now 35, Venables is subject to lifelong licence conditions for his role in the murder of two-year-old James when he and Thompson were ...

Oxford Mail 11-23-2017
Paedophile Jordan McDonagh is jailed

The victim was found a short while later near her home address and McDonagh was arrested and interviewed, providing no comment to any question asked. The victim's underwear was taken for DNA analysis and traces of McDonagh's semen was found. In July the ...

MyCentralOregon.com 11-23-2017
Murdered Baltimore cop shot with own gun, was set to testify in police corruption case

Police believe the original motive is accurate — the officers ... The reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to $215,000.

portland.indymedia.org 11-23-2017
Dallas Police Officer Busted For Shoplifting $800 Worth Of Groceries

DALLAS (CBSDFW) - A Dallas police officer is charged with theft, after walking out of a Walmart with more than $800 worth of groceries. According to a police report, Officer Christopher Hankins, 30, was wearing his Dallas Police Department windbreaker ...

Hong Kong Free Press 11-23-2017
Now TV journalist Lee Siu-lung sues gov’t for compensation over alleged police assault during Occupy

Lee is a broadcast engineer at Now TV. The writ, filled at the High Court on Wednesday, said that the government bore legal responsibility as the police officer’s employer. Lee was arrested for assaulting a police officer with a ladder whilst reporting ...

FOX 4 News 11-23-2017
Dallas PD officer arrested for attempted shoplifting

Filter Videos {uuid=a71d4226-45c7-4853-9095-0a8cee29372c, categoryId=716918, groupId=409650, companyId=10155, userId=10191, userName=Test Test, createDate=Wed Jul 15 08:55:04 GMT 2015, modifiedDate=Thu Jan 28 09:24:34 GMT 2016, parentCategoryId=0 ...

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth 11-23-2017
Dallas Police Officer Arrested for Theft

The Dallas Police Department announced on Wednesday that one of their own officers had been arrested and is now facing theft charges. Officer Christopher Hankins was arrested on Wednesday by Dallas police officers. Hankins is now facing Misdemeanor A Theft ...

Neshoba Democrat 11-23-2017
Man who fled nude arrested on indictment

A Philadelphia man indicted on a 2016 malicious mischief charge after officers said he drove his truck nude through the door of a camp house and took several items before climbing a tree in an attempt to avoid arrest was finally arrested last week.

WOAI 11-22-2017
Texas Game Wardens arrest nude hunter in Gregg County

A man has settled all citations after Texas Game Wardens say he was caught hunting in the nude. The Upshur County man was arrested by a game warden while hunting in the bare along a state highway in Gregg County. Of course, he did not have a hunting ...

NextShark 11-22-2017
‘Rurouni Kenshin’ Manga Creator Arrested For Child Porn DVDs

Japanese manga artist Nobuhiro Watsuki, best known for his samurai-themed manga creation “Rurouni Kenshin” was recently arrested for possession of local child pornography and the violation of child prostitution laws. Local authorities reportedly found ...

Heavy 11-22-2017
Stevens Millancastro: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A California man was arrested after allegedly ejaculating into a female coworker ... Two times between November and December 2016, the defendant is accused of masturbating at their office in La Palma and putting his semen in the victim’s honey jar.

Storypick 11-22-2017
The Internet Is Crushing Over The Pics Of A Beautiful Punjab Cop. Spoiler Alert, It’s FAKE!

The internet has done it again when a ‘female cop’, Harleen Maan’s picture went viral ... over d world , people sending messages & jokes : ready to get arrested etc .. i Am no REAL POLICE 🙄🐶.. 3 days and stil this photo is viral across the ...

Gloucestershire Live 11-22-2017
Theft and dangerous driving of this bus investigated by police officer who is former bus driver

The theft and dangerous driving of a bus is being investigated by a former bus driver, who is now a police officer. A Pulhams Coaches bus was allegedly stolen on Saturday, and police said two men from Tetbury have been arrested. Cotswolds Police said on ...

MyNewsLA.com 11-22-2017
Ejaculating into woman co-worker’s honey jar, water bottle: La Palma arrest

A 27-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on charges of ejaculating into a co-worker’s honey jar and smearing his semen on her computer mouse at a La Palma office. Stevens Millancastro was charged Friday with two misdemeanor counts of battery and three ...

Namibian Sun on MSN.com 11-22-2017
Policeman arrested for poaching

Three occupants, a Namibian police officer and two civilians, sustained various degrees of injury. The police officer was taken to hospital, where he is under police guard, while the civilians were treated at the scene for minor injuries. A witness who ...

MyNewsLA.com 11-22-2017
Man arrested for ejaculating into female co-worker’s honey jar, water bottle in La Palma office

A 27-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on charges of ejaculating into a co-worker’s honey jar and smearing his semen on her computer mouse at a La Palma office. Stevens Millancastro was charged Friday with two misdemeanor counts of battery and three ...

Q13 FOX 11-22-2017
Caregivers who fled Hurricane Irma arrested after elderly man found naked, covered in feces

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. – The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrested two caregivers accused of neglecting the elderly after a man was found naked on the floor lying in his feces after Hurricane Irma, NBC-2 reported. According to arrest reports ...

KABC-TV 11-22-2017
Prosecutors: Man ejaculated into co-worker's water bottles, put semen in honey jar at La Palma office

A 27-year-old man has been charged and arrested for allegedly ejaculating into his female ... "Two times between November and December 2016, the defendant is accused of masturbating at their office in La Palma and putting his semen in the victim's honey ...

XXL 11-22-2017
Cassidy Arrested for Marijuana Possession and Drug Paraphernalia in New Jersey

According to TMZ, the Philadelphia rapper was recently arrested for marijuana ... one of the first things cops spotted. Of course, they also found a weed grinder and a bag of tree upon further inspection. Interestingly, the police also found that Cass ...

Milwaukee Record 11-21-2017
22 years ago today: Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong moons Milwaukee, gets arrested

Yes, on Tuesday, November 21, 1995, the then-23-year-old Armstrong played an hour-long set with his band, apparently got pissed, mooned the crowd of 6,000, was taken downtown and charged with indecent exposure, and coughed up $141.85 in bail. MTV reported ...

Community Newspaper Group 11-21-2017
Arrest Made in Shooting Death of Rookie PA Cop

The man accused of fatally shooting a rookie police officer in western Pennsylvania was taken into custody Tuesday. (Nov. 21) Subscribe for more Breaking News: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Get updates and more Breaking News here: http://smarturl.it ...

TribDem.com 11-21-2017
Suspect arrested in New Kensington police officer shooting

NEW KENSINGTON — Tips from informants helped lead law enforcement to the man accused of fatally shooting a rookie police officer in suburban Pittsburgh during a traffic stop, officials said Tuesday. A SWAT team arrested Rahmael Sal Holt, 29, at a ...

werewolves.com 11-21-2017
Spoiler Cops and the IT Connection

If I find that I simply cannot wait, though, and have to know what happens in the second season, I could always go to East Lansing, Michigan and get myself arrested. There, the police department has threatened to reveal all the details of STRANGER THINGS ...

WPSD Local 6 11-21-2017
Hopkinsville police officer charged with official misconduct

HOPKINSVILLE, KY — A Hopkinsville police officer has been charged with official misconduct. Kentucky State Police say they were asked to investigate Officer Daniel Gray in September. Gray had allegedly engaged in official misconduct with a Hopkinsville ...

MI News 26 11-21-2017
Man That Reportedly Sexually Assaulted Teen in Store Bathroom Arrested

Police have arrested a man they say sexually assaulted a girl ... Malm-Kukulski plead guilty to aggravated indecent exposure back in February of 2016. He was sentenced to six months in jail and 30 months probation. He is currently being held on probation ...

www.west-midlands.police.uk 11-21-2017
Night owl officers arrest vehicle theft suspects – and reunite man with his car

Traffic cop colleagues deployed a stinger device to deflate the car’s tyres as it headed on the A34 into the city; it ground to a halt and the man, of no fixed address, was arrested. He remains in police custody for questioning.

secrant.com 11-21-2017
Cop Body Cam Footage Of Old Bama Blowing Cig Smoke In Cop’s Face

Remember this woman who refused to put out her cigarette at Bryant-Denny Stadium a few weeks ago and got dragged out by a cop ... 23 she was not charged with any crime, but has hired an attorney to seek legal action. Tuscaloosa Police Department has ...

MyDaytonDailyNews 11-21-2017
Trial begins for six charged with rioting during Trump inauguration

During the opening minutes of the trial of six people charged with rioting during President Donald ... And she told them about a police officer whose wrist was broken when protesters pelted him with bricks, hammers and crowbars. Though there is no evidence ...

dondivamag.com 11-21-2017
Philly Cop Arrested For Selling Drugs He Got From Baltimore Police

Philadelphia police officer Eric Troy Snell, 33, was arrested last week on charges of conspiring with Baltimore police to sell heroin and cocaine seized in B-More. He is also accused on threatening one of the Baltimore officers’ children. According to ...

Fox 8 11-21-2017
Man accused of killing NOPD cop scheduled for arraignment - FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social

Those charges are felon in possession of a fire arm, four counts of possession with intent to distribute, obstruction of justice and aggravated assault with a firearm upon a police officer . According to his arrest warrant, Bridges dropped a backpack he ...

Business Mirror 11-21-2017
Cops nab 12 in Batangas, call them NPAs

“On November 20, 9 members of the quick reaction team led by BHRA-Karapatan were illegally arrested by members of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Air Force [PAF] 730th Combat Group in Nasugbu, Batangas. The nine individuals were members of ...

Inquirer Entertainment 11-21-2017
‘Rurouni Kenshin’ creator arrested for possession of child pornography

The Japanese are abuzz over the arrest of “Rurouni Kenshin” creator Nobuhiro Watsuki on the charge of possessing child pornography. According to a report by Yomiuri Shimbun via Kotaku, investigators discovered DVDs featuring nude girls aged below 15 ...

humboldtjournal.ca 11-21-2017
Jury selection to resume in trial of man charged in death of police officer

HALIFAX — Jury selection is set to resume today in the trial of a Nova Scotia man accused of killing an off-duty police officer. Christopher Calvin Garnier is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Truro police Const. Catherine Campbell.

northglennews.co.za 11-21-2017
22 arrested for drunk driving on the M4

Last month, a 21-year-old man was arrested after driving into a roadblock on Umgeni Road injuring a police officer. Senior Superintendent of the Metro Police, Parboo Sewpersad said: “Recently at roadblocks we have seen an increase of public transport ...

atheistrepublic.com 11-21-2017
Christian School Teacher Accused of 140 Various Sexual Abuse Charges

Van Dam was first arrested in October on one count of lascivious conduct ... 34 counts of lascivious conduct with a minor, and five counts of indecent exposure. This is repeated sexual abuse of children over the course of many years and it couldn’t ...

Central Chronicle 11-21-2017
AAP activists lathi-charged during gherao of police station

She took this step as she and her kin were allegedly being harassed by Gandhi Nagar police station cops who were also demanding money from her but she was unable to pay. The cops had also arrested two brothers of Indramal Bai and booked them under Arms Act ...

onmanorama 11-21-2017
Rape accused IAS officer arrested after 4 years

Jaipur: Senior IAS officer B.B. Mohanty accused of raping a 23-year-old woman was arrested here, a police officer said on Tuesday. Mohanty, who was absconding since 2014, "came to the ACP office Sodala late Monday evening and surrendered himself", Deputy ...

The Age on MSN.com 11-21-2017
Former detectives allege police corruption, altered documents in Silk-Miller murder trial

News Corp reported on Tuesday that in that statement, police officer Glenn Pullin said a dying Sen-Constable ... "There are two other police officers who make additional statements after the arrest of Roberts which again indicate there's more than one ...

WRGT TV Fox 45 11-21-2017
Worthington man police say works as a magician facing child porn charges

A Worthington, Ohio man who law enforcement said worked as a magician at child's parties is facing child porn charges. Deputies arrested 56-year-old Jeffrey Leonard this month. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said it started with a tip a couple of ...

Busted Coverage 11-21-2017
Now We Have Body Cam Footage Of Old Bama Bag Blowing Smoke In Cop’s Face

Remember the old Bama bag, Sheree Brush, who blew smoke at the Tuscaloosa cop before being dragged ... Brush told WVUA 23 she was not charged with any crime, but has hired an attorney to seek legal action. Tuscaloosa Police Department has not identified ...

Chicago Reporter 11-20-2017
Prison sentence for cop who shot into car of unarmed black teens will deter misconduct

It started as a typically short, one-witness juvenile court trial, involving a teenager charged with ... removed from the police force, not that he should be imprisoned. Since he no longer poses a threat to the public as a police officer, the rationale ...

KOAT Albuquerque 11-20-2017
US Marshals join search for suspect in slaying of Pennsylvania police officer

the man who they say shot and killed Pennsylvania police Officer Brian Shaw. An arrest warrant has been issued for Rahmael Sal Holt, 29, who police said has been identified as the suspect in Shaw's death Friday night. Anyone who sees Holt or has ...

Chicago Press Release Services 11-20-2017
Chicago Cop Gets 5 Years For 2013 Excessive Force Shooting

Proano was charged with two counts of unreasonable use of force, with each count carrying a maximum sentence of 19 years in prison. The trial marked the first time in at least 15 years that a Chicago police officer faced federal criminal charges in ...

Hungry Horse News 11-20-2017
Police shoot dog, arrest owner, after pit bull attacks another dog near the Montana Veterans Home

A Columbia Falls man is facing charges of resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer and owning a vicious dog after an incident Friday in which officers were forced to shoot and kill the animal. According to Columbia Falls Police Chief Clint Peters ...

Collegiate Times 11-20-2017
Pulaski man arrested for filming Tech student in McComas Hall bathroom

According to The Roanoke Times, “Adams, 34, was charged with filming a non-consenting nude person, possessing marijuana ... shortly after the police arrived, Adams was arrested. Additionally, he was carrying what appeared to be marijuana and a substance ...

WKTV 11-20-2017
Man wanted in Ohio facing local charges following police chase in Whitesboro, NY Mills

Gianconna is charged with fleeing a police officer, resisting arrest, endangering the welfare of a child, fugitive of justice and several vehicle and traffic violations. Gianconna was taken to the Oneida County Jail for arraignment, and he’s being held ...

Washington Times Reporter 11-20-2017
Former Pekin cop faces second trial

He served 13 years on the Pekin department after four years as a Creve Coeur police officer and a Tazewell County corrections officer. The 16-year-old youth had been arrested for a fight in July 2016 and was taken to UnityPoint Health-Pekin hospital with ...

Stamford Advocate on MSN.com 11-20-2017
Officer injured during drug arrest Saturday

STAMFORD — Police arrested Ricardo Georges, 27, on Saturday afternoon in the South End and charged him with drug possession and assaulting a police officer, among other charges. The Narcotics and Organized Crime division received a tip that Georges was ...

cannabisdigest.ca 11-20-2017
The War Of The Flowers

Arrested at CC and release the same day on bail are Nick ... and then not bother at all. But no – they keep masturbating in public with taxpayers’ dollars. But at the same time, they have to keep up the public facade of “upholding the law” and ...

Church Militant 11-20-2017
Instructor Arrested for Attacking Conservative Students

He took and damaged one student's cell phone and was charged by the police with property ... the others started saying, "Call the cops!" Someone off-camera called the police. They all started warning Khan, "Cops are coming." He replied, "Tell them you ...

Sportsnaut 11-20-2017
Packers rookie Aaron Jones cops to smoking marijuana prior to October 1 arrest

Green Bay Packers rookie running back Aaron Jones was arrested on Oct. 1 and charged with operating ... out of Jones’ vehicle and noticed he had bloodshot eyes, per the police report. When asked about it, Jones reportedly admitted he smoked before ...

CBS Connecticut 11-20-2017
Police Chief’s Son Settles Lawsuit Over Jail Cell Brutality

(CBS Connecticut and AP) — A former Meriden police officer who pushed a handcuffed suspect who fell ... according to Temich’s lawsuit. Federal authorities charged Cossette with using unreasonable force and obstructing a federal investigation by filing ...

radio7media.com 11-20-2017
Columbia Woman Arrested For Criminal Impersonation Charges


Richland Source 11-20-2017
Bucyrus Police officer becomes hit-skip victim while investigating hit-skip

BUCYRUS -- A Bucyrus Police officer was treated and released from Bucyrus Hospital ... 11:55 a.m. Kain Homan, 19, was arrested in the 300 block of Short St and charged with domestic violence. He was transported to Crawford County Municipal Court for ...

nalert.blogspot.com 11-20-2017
Brooklyn College doesn’t want police using campus bathrooms

Amid a planned petition drive to ban cops ... broken toilet with a hideously stained seat and an “OUT OF ORDER” sign taped to the door of its stall. Why should taxpayers subsidize leftist Brooklyn College ? We are quite sure that New York police ...

Haaretz 11-20-2017
Israeli Police Charge Three Protesters for Their Actions During Evacuation of Illegal West Bank Outpost

The suspects are charged with violating a legal order and obstructing the work of a police officer in the line of duty. One of the suspects is also charged with resisting arrest while another is facing a charge of insulting a public servant. The police ...

WCTI12.com 11-20-2017
Colorado trains K-9 police to save dogs from opioid overdoses

Arvada Police Officer ... for the arrest of one person who lived there. Inside, the Arvada Police officer found a home so disheveled, it was difficult to take a single stride without stepping on the piles of clothes, food, trash and dog feces strewn ...

MMA Mania 11-20-2017
Video: Fabricio Werdum calls Colby Covington a ‘bitch’ for running to the cops after boomerang incident

How is a fighter going to the cops? The guy goes to the police for that. This is crazy ... Volkan Camp Issues Statement On Arrest For ‘Bar Room Altercation’ Volkan Oezdemir’s manager has issued a statement on his behalf after he was arrested ...

QNS.com 11-20-2017
Senior man dies after rear-ending a vehicle at a Forest Hills intersection: cops

a source with knowledge of the investigation said he may have suffered cardiac arrest. Paramedics rushed the 68-year-old man to Northwell Forest Hills Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later. Police withheld his identity, pending family ...

WSHU Public Radio 11-20-2017
Videos Reveal A Close, Gory View Of Police Dog Bites

In fact, in many videos, the release of a dog appears to escalate the violence of an arrest. "You just look at the dog as the source of pain and you do everything you can to address that pain," says Seth Stoughton. He's a former police officer, now an ...

92q.com 11-20-2017
15 Black Men That Were Arrested By Corrupt Cop Cleared Of Convictions

He had two convictions tossed out in court. The 15 men arrested faced sentences that ranged from probation to a decade. The city of Chicago has paid a half billion dollars to settle several police misconduct cases. Some of the men may sue the city and ...

Seymour Tribune 11-20-2017
Driver arrested, manhunt continues in deadly police shooting

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. — Police say they arrested the driver of an SUV that fled a traffic stop, leaving behind a passenger who fatally shot a rookie police officer in suburban Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania State Police are searching for 29-year-old Rahmael Sal ...

WESH Orlando 11-20-2017
Volusia man dropping computer off for repair arrested after technician allegedly finds child porn search inquires

A man who took his computer to a repair shop was arrested after a computer technician allegedly found dozens of search inquires for child pornography. According to an arrest affidavit, Lee Holmes took his computer to be repaired at Net Works in Daytona ...

eminor.tv 11-20-2017
Disturbing body-cam footage appears to show cops brazenly planting drugs on a driver

Police footage has emerged that shows a police officer allegedly planting a bag of cocaine in a suspect’s wallet as his colleagues arrest him. The body cameras used by the Los Angeles Police Department are designed to record 30 seconds worth of footage ...

Sudbury.com 11-19-2017
Abbotsford, B.C., police officer remembered for his kindness, humour

Scott says Davidson was good at what he did and was proud to be a husband, father and police officer. Before the event began ... Alberta resident Oscar Arfmann, 65, has been charged with first-degree murder. The officer is survived by his wife and three ...

Gossip Extra 11-19-2017
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Drunk Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Captain AJ O’Laughlin Pees, Falls On Holding Cell Floor After DUI Arrest!

O’Laughlin, 50, was arrested for ... and was booked. Cops found an open can of Bud light behind the driver’s seat and four pills in the center console. The name and brand of the medication are being withheld by police. Once at police headquarters ...

MMA Fighting 11-19-2017
Fabricio Werdum rips ‘b*tch’ Colby Covington for boomerang fallout: ‘The guy goes to the police for that?’

Werdum threw a boomerang at Covington on Wednesday after claiming that Covington hurled a ethnically-charged insult at him outside ... How is a fighter going to the cops? The guy goes to the police for that? This is crazy. He’s like a — I don’t ...

MYNorthwest 11-19-2017
Authorities seek suspect in fatal shooting of police officer

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (AP) — Authorities are seeking a suspect in the fatal shooting of a rookie police officer. Pennsylvania state police have issued an arrest warrant for 29-year-old Rahmael Sal Holt. He’s accused of killing New Kensington Officer ...

Free Malaysia Today 11-19-2017
Husam: Cops haven’t briefed me on son’s arrest for meth pills

PETALING JAYA: Amanah vice-president Husam Musa said police had not briefed him on the arrest of his son, Ahmad Syafi, for alleged possession of 200 methamphetamine pills (pill kuda). Husam said he only learned that his son had been arrested by the police ...

currentnewsblog.com 11-19-2017
Houston police officer arrested in massive prostitution sting identified

A longtime Houston police officer arrested in an extensive prostitution sting in October has been identified. Robert Teweleit, 54, was arrested Oct. 4 during a 10-day sting at a massage parlor turned brothel that was taken over in early October by Houston ...

Ripley and Heanor News 11-19-2017
Armed man provoked police into shooting him after “attempted death by cop”

Campbell was taken to hospital and arrested two days later. He admitted having an air pistol and causing a police officer to believe that unlawful violence would be used after the incident on August 26. Campbell was given 16-months’ detention suspended ...

Gold Coast Bulletin 11-19-2017
Police arrest a male driver after he led them on a high speed chase

A MAN who led police on a high speed chase throughout Kingscliff on Friday has been arrested. The 27-year-old allegedly drove his car at police before reversing at high speed and narrowly missing the police car. Tweed/Byron police stopped mid-chase due to ...

Gold Coast Bulletin 11-19-2017
Police arrest male driver after he leads them on a high speed chase

A MAN who led police on a high speed chase at Kingscliff has been arrested. The 27-year-old was charged with serious traffic offences after allegedly driving at high speed in reverse and narrowly missing a police vehicle. Tweed/Byron police were patrolling ...

WFIR News Talk Radio 11-18-2017
Man arrested after taking photo in VT restroom

The Roanoke Times reports that Aldron Adams of Pulaski is facing a March 1 court appearance on charges including filming a non-consenting nude person ... out of the restroom and called police, who arrested Adams and found drugs on his person and in ...

OakPark.com 11-18-2017
Three arrested in River Forest carjacking

The River Forest Police Department has arrested three people – a Chicago man and two ... The victim contacted police and the stolen vehicle was spotted by a Forest Park police officer near the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Jackson Boulevard.

flyheight.com 11-18-2017
Philadelphia Man Arrested On Child Pornography Charges After Posting Pics Of Little Girls On Social Media

A police tip has led to the child porn arrest of a Philadelphia man. City police say they received two tips last month stating that a man was posting pictures of little girls on his Instagram. The pictures also allegedly contained sexually explicit ...

creativityinnovationsuccess.wordpress.com 11-18-2017
Spencer Tunick: Exposed In the Naked City

“It is illegal right now to be totally nude outdoors in New York City,” he explains in reference to his recent arrest for photographing a naked male draped over a Christmas decoration in Rockefeller Center. “We were detained by the Center’s ...

WOODTV.com 11-18-2017
Lawsuit will go forward against trooper in wrong arrest

Billy Rowe spent a weekend in the Calhoun County jail in 2011 until police figured out they had the wrong Billy Rowe in a child pornography investigation ... and wrote a report. But no arrest was made until six years later — when the wrong Rowe was ...

taylorpress.net 11-18-2017
Taylor man arrested for solicitation of a minor

A Taylor man is in custody following an investigation into online solicitation of a minor, in an act commonly referred to as “revenge pornography ... Taylor detectives obtained four arrest warrants for Madrano, who has been charged with one count ...

KOIN 6 11-18-2017
Alleged child porn producer nabbed by FBI

(FBI) PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — FBI agents arrested a Portland man Thursday for reportedly producing child pornography after a criminal complaint filed against him alleged that he approached 2 young girls via an app. According to the criminal complaint ...

Fox 12 Oregon 11-17-2017
FBI: Child porn suspect may have had direct contact with children in Portland area

FBI agents arrested Juan Carlos Ramon, 32, on charges of production of child pornography at his home in Portland on Thursday. Investigators said Ramon contacted two young girls in Louisiana via an app called Musical.ly and convinced them to send him ...

IFEX 11-17-2017
Indian cartoonist Bala G arrested for caricature of Tamil Nadu chief

In the controversial cartoon, the Chief Minister, the Police Commissioner and the District Collector of the city of Tirunelveli are shown nude, covering their genitals ... Tonight at 8: cartoonist Bala on bail after his arrest for caricaturing the TN ...

KRISTV.com 11-17-2017
Corpus Christi man arrested for distributing child pornography

According to an announcement made by Acting U.S. Attorney Abe Martinez, authorities arrested Randy Michael Ramirez today. Ramirez is expected to make his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate B. Janice Ellington Monday at 2:00 p.m. The criminal ...

FOX 5 DC 11-17-2017
Alexandria man arrested for indecent exposure for 5th time since 2015, police say

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - An Alexandria man has been arrested for indecent exposure for the fifth time since 2015 after he was caught masturbating on a Metro bus Thursday afternoon, according to authorities. Metro Transit Police said 48-year-old Dwayne Henry ...

FOX31 Denver 11-17-2017
Oklahoma teacher arrested after text messages reveal sexual relationship with student

West said investigators discovered nude photos and explicit text messages ... West said Day cooperated and admitted to the allegations. She was arrested on three charges: Second-degree rape, possession of child pornography and soliciting a minor using ...

Billy Penn 11-17-2017
Why police haven’t arrested the woman scamming Philly restaurants

So if calling the cops doesn’t solve the problem, what’s a restaurant owner to do? Here are six tips. Per Officer Little, it is worth taking the time to notify the police and ask for a report to be filed even if no action can be taken. “I would have ...

PerezHilton.com 11-17-2017
More Than A Dozen Women Come Forward With Sexual Assault Allegations Against Porn Veteran Ron Jeremy — 'He Doesn't Hear No'

All serious allegations have been investigated by police and dismissed by judges, as have most of the accusations of "Groping". I have never been charged nor spent one ... in front of police officer's and security that are always there as well as the ...

WTTV CBS4Indy 11-17-2017
Police arrest Oklahoma high school teacher after texts reveal affair with student

West said investigators discovered nude photos and explicit text messages ... West said Day cooperated and admitted to the allegations. She was arrested on three charges: second-degree rape, possession of child pornography and soliciting a minor using ...

Fox 25 News 11-17-2017
Yukon, Okla. chemistry teacher arrested and accused of raping student

Hunter Day, 22, was arrested Nov. 15 in Canadian County on a complaint of ... On the phone, authorities found text messages and nude photographs. The boy's parents were concerned that Day had already had sex with their son and that she was his chemistry ...

Byron Shire News 11-17-2017
Science teacher, 22, arrested over rape of teen boy student

Hunter Day, 22, a science teacher at Yukon High School, was arrested by the Canadian County Sheriff's Department on complaints of second degree rape, facilitating sexual contact with a minor and possession of child pornography, KWTV said. She is reportedly ...

Charleston Gazette-Mail 11-17-2017
Three men arrested after alleged shooting, pursuit in Kanawha County

Three men allegedly shot at a police cruiser on Wednesday evening, sparking a multi-agency pursuit between Pratt and Montgomery. Brian Cardona, 21; Armando Castillo, 19; and Anthony Francis, 17, are each charged ... A Pratt police officer pulled over ...

FOX5 Las Vegas 11-16-2017
Revenge porn will soon be a crime in New York City

Some advocates for a revenge porn law are unsure the new bill will be as effective ... A Southwest Airlines pilot was arrested Wednesday at St. Louis Lambert Airport. The gunman in a deadly shooting rampage in Northern California was identified as Kevin ...

Glasgow Live 11-16-2017
Woman banned from keeping dogs assaults police officers searching her property for animals

She repeatedly refused requests to move and was arrested for obstructing the officers ... Fraser Gibson, Procurator Fiscal for Hamilton said: “Morag Jackson’s assault of a police officer was entirely unacceptable. No one should be the subject of ...

The Publican's Morning Advertiser 11-16-2017
Weapons recovered by police searching address following 'large scale' pub incident

charged with assaulting a police officer. A 50-year-old man has been released with no further action and another six people have been released under investigation while enquiries continue. "Police also recovered a sword, machete and a taser from an address ...

Timeline 11-16-2017
When the ‘Chester the Molester’ artist got arrested for molesting, why was anyone surprised?

Tinsley was arrested. Art, it appeared ... Perhaps the only victory was for the First Amendment, which affirmed the message that the porn industry had been sending the world for decades: don’t mess with smut in court.

mySA on MSN.com 11-16-2017
Suspect rams into SAPD squad car during West Side chase

Authorities arrested a man early Thursday after he led Bexar County deputies on a chase and rammed into a San Antonio police officer's squad car. The chase began around 12:45 a.m. on Loop 410 when a deputy tried to pull over a driver in a grey SUV.

Kdminer 11-16-2017
Column | Women can choose for themselves; legalize sex work

Women who do that get arrested. So do their customers ... and they talk about women like they’re human toilets or spittoons for men’s semen.” Maybe some men do. But does that mean women should not be allowed to rent their bodies?

Cleveland 19 News 11-16-2017
Charges dropped against man punched by Euclid police officer

A judge has dismissed charges filed against Richard Hubbard III, the unarmed African-American man seen on video being punched by a Euclid police officer during a violent arrest. Hubbard, 25, was pulled over by Euclid police officer Michael Amiott in August ...

SoutholdLOCAL 11-16-2017
Cops: Peeping Tom arrested in Greenport

Lawrence was arrested on a charge of criminal trespass, a misdemeanor. He was transported to police headquarters, where he was processed and held for arraignment. Editor’s note: A criminal charge is an accusation. By law, a person charged with a crime is ...

CricTracker 11-16-2017
Court finds former England U19 skipper guilty in obscene exposure case

Thakor was arrested in July after he was charged with two offences ... Shiv Thakor was found guilty of such an indecent exposure on Wednesday by Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court. Earlier, Thakor had said in a police statement that he was already ...

FOX 29 News Philadelphia 11-16-2017
Police: Man arrested in cyber-tip child porn investigation

Filter Videos {uuid=36919d91-74ac-4ea0-9bd3-9f64423d053a, categoryId=737079, groupId=401096, companyId=10155, userId=10191, userName=Test Test, createDate=Wed Jul 15 09:53:19 GMT 2015, modifiedDate=Fri Aug 21 12:49:25 GMT 2015, parentCategoryId=0 ...

NH1 News 11-15-2017
Great Dane Owner: Stephen King Town Out to Get Her, Photos Show Mud Not Feces

She said she and Julia Smith cleaned every day in the morning, but that day they didn’t have time to clean because the arrest and seizure started in ... Armoral wipes), caesarian sections, and semen collections. One of her dogs, Harazah, Brown pointed ...

capitolbasement.com 11-15-2017
Water woes

City News Service: "Police are seeking the public’s ... make her touch his penis, and "dirty talk" to her. The abuse lasted until she was a teenager, she told the cop. She'd never even told her family about the crimes." Daily News' SUSAN ABRAM: "An ...

Nigerian Mother Of Three Pleads Guilty To Distributing Child Pornography

She pleaded guilty to one count of knowingly distributing child pornography on July 20, 2016. Garda Enda Ledwith told Karl Finnegan BL, prosecuting, that he arrested a man in Dublin Airport in July 2017 in relation to credit card fraud. That man’s phone ...

OregonLive.com 11-15-2017
North Bend man accused of possessing child pornography

A North Bend man has been arrested and accused of distributing child pornography, the FBI announced Tuesday. FBI agents, with the assistance of the North Bend Police Department, arrested Kirk Douglas McAmis on Thursday without incident, the FBI said in a ...

Hollywood Life 11-15-2017
Nicki Minaj Proudly Flaunts Her Naked Breasts In Extremely Racy ‘Paper’ Magazine Cover Pic

Kim Kardashian‘s nude cover caused major headlines as well ... 000 to bail him out of jail when he was first arrested. She hasn’t made any official statement yet on the unfortunate case.

WLKY Louisville 11-15-2017
Trial date set for man charged with killing police officer

A trial date has been set for Aug. 13 for the Louisville man charged with killing a Metro police officer. Wathaniel Woods, 37, faces murder and several other charges. Police said Woods led officers on a high-speed chase on March 28 before crashing into ...

Malay Mail Online 11-15-2017
Three arrested, charged for assaulting police officer in Singapore nightclub

A 23-year-old woman also grabbed the officer and punched him,” said the police. The three were charged in court on Monday for voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from his duty. If found guilty, they could be jailed for up to seven years ...

The Valley Dispatch 11-14-2017
Pepperell man charged with child porn possession

PEPPERELL -- A Pepperell man was arrested and charged with four counts of possession of child pornography Tuesday. At 6 a.m., Pepperell police and members of the Massachusetts State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Team executed a search warrant at ...

PhillyVoice.com 11-14-2017
Philly police officer arrested in alleged drug conspiracy with Baltimore detective

A Philadelphia police officer was arrested at his home Tuesday morning on charges he allegedly conspired with a Baltimore detective to sell cocaine and heroin lifted from crime scenes, federal prosecutors announced. Eric Troy Snell, a 33-year-old officer ...

Arizona Daily Star 11-14-2017
Philadelphia police officer indicted in Baltimore drug plot

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Philadelphia police officer has been charged in an alleged plot to sell drugs seized during police operations in Baltimore, where he had previously been an officer, federal prosecutors said Tuesday. Officer Eric Troy Snell's arrest at ...

Ceres Courier 11-14-2017
Man who picked fight later found nude, arrested

A 20-year-old Ceres man who began fighting a group of strangers after asking for and being denied a ride was apprehended by officers who later found him nude on a Ceres street. The man in the early Saturday incident was identified as Joseph Zuniga.

WDSU New Orleans 11-14-2017
Louisiana attorney arrested again after new details emerge in child pornography case

A Louisiana attorney faces new charges in connection with a child pornography investigation led by the state attorney general's office, officials said. Victor Loraso, of Covington, was arrested against Tuesday on 10 felony counts of possession of sexual ...

Philadelphia Weekly 11-14-2017
Meek Mill vs. the Philly justice system: A timeline

Cops just harassed and violated me last night in Philly just for being famous! Mill sues the Philadelphia Police Department for civil rights violations, false imprisonment, and other offenses related to his 2012 Halloween arrest, according to court records.

kfor.com 11-14-2017
Police arrest man who allegedly stabbed naked man to death in northeast Oklahoma City

“We just have a bunch of blood, and it looks like there was an altercation inside the house,” sait Lt. Ron Northcutt with the Oklahoma City Police Department. Police said a woman delivering newspapers found the naked man lying on the front porch ...

Storm Lake Pilot Tribune 11-14-2017
Woman arrested after walking nude in Spencer traffic

Spencer Police Department responded to the report of a nude woman in the 200 block of Grand Avenue at 5:35 p.m. Wednesday. The woman, Heidi Bern, 36, of Spencer, allegedly exited her vehicle while it was still in motion. The vehicle Bern was operating, a ...

WABC-TV 11-14-2017
Suffolk County police officer charged with menacing in off-duty incident in Patchogue

A Suffolk County police officer has been arrested and charged with menacing for an off-duty incident earlier this month. According to Suffolk County Police, Gregory Hanrahan, 32, became involved in an interaction with three females during which he pointed ...

socialistworker.co.uk 11-14-2017
Police had ‘no malice’ when they hoped a boy was raped

Two cops were dismissed from the Avon and ... Mayo replied, “Yes, and butt raped.” The officers were then heard laughing on the tape. Mark Loker of the Police Federation described the comments as “dark humour” and a “coping mechanism”.

India.com 11-14-2017
Pradyuman Murder: Obvious Clues Missed, CBI Calls Gurugram Cops For ‘Discussion’

The Gurugram police SIT had investigated the murder initially, and had arrested a school conductor ... “There were many clues which a cop won’t normally miss. We’re not alleging anything as yet, but we’re definitely curious about how investigating ...

Music Feeds 11-14-2017
Stevie Nicks Guitarist Waddy Wachtel Allowed Into Australia Despite Child Porn Charges

Concerns have been raised after Robert ‘Waddy’ Wachtel — a guitarist for Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks — was allowed to enter Australia despite historic child pornography charges. Wachtel, who was arrested in 1998 on suspicion of possession of ...

Egyptian Streets 11-14-2017
Behind the Scenes of ‘The Campaign’ Documentary Film

Either the public would have a negative reaction to it, or as we know, many journalists were arrested. It became tougher over time ... I experienced in Cairo versus the one-off public masturbation and physical assault I experienced in London?”

Fenton Tri County Times 11-13-2017
Fenton man charged with child porn

A 46-year-old Fenton man is in custody after being arrested for attempted production and actual production of child pornography on March 9 and possession of child pornography on Nov. 6. The suspect, Ray Matthew Moore II, appeared in U.S. District ...

WPBF West Palm Beach 11-13-2017
Police arrest woman wanted for injuring Vero Beach police officer

Vero Beach Police arrested a suspect Monday morning wanted for injuring an officer during a traffic stop. The incident occurred Saturday afternoon in the 4100 block of 16th street in Vero Beach. The officer was injured while trying to apprehend the suspect ...

WFSB 11-13-2017
Bush 41 facing allegations he groped 16-year-old in 2003

And we all said, 'No, who,' and he said 'David Cop-a-Feel' and at that ... Richard Blumenthal's office. Police are investigating the shooting of a juvenile suspect in connection with a stolen car. A couple was arrested during a traffic stop in which ...

Hartford Courant 11-13-2017
Suspect Tries To Break Officer's Fingers, Gets Arrested, SWPD Says

His girlfriend, who police said tried to help him injure the officer, also was arrested on an assault charge, police said. Besides assault on a police officer, Davin Ware, 20, of Barker Street in Hartford was charged with weapon in a motor vehicle ...

NewsWest9 11-13-2017
Two arrested for racing on highway in Longview

Two men have been arrested and charged with racing on a highway ... The Odessa Police Department is investigating an indecent exposure that happened back on Nov. 3, 2017, at the Ector County Library. The Odessa Police Department is investigating an ...

ZimEye - Zimbabwe News 11-13-2017
Drama As Sex Workers Rob Man, Take Nude Pics And Demand Bank Passwords

The trio was subsequently arrested and appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine ... forcing Banda to remove his clothes and lie next to a woman who had stripped naked. It is further alleged that Nyamande, Maodzwa and Dube took Banda’s cellphone ...

FOX 61 11-13-2017
Two arrested for assaulting South Windsor police officer

SOUTH WINDSOR — Police arrested a man and woman in connection with the assault on a police officer during a traffic stop. Police said the driver, Davin Ware, 20, of Hartford, was charged with assault on an officer, interfering with an officer ...

KSAT 12 11-13-2017
Explicit video, photos lead to man's arrest in sexual assault of 7-year-old girl

The woman opened the window and found naked photos of the little girl and a video of the suspect sexually assaulting the child.

Gulf Digital News 11-13-2017
In the wake of Weinstein, some women say Bollywood failing to address harassment

"We cannot keep moral cops outside every film office to see that no girl ... a popular actor in the Malayalam film industry best known by his stage name Dileep, was arrested by police who accused him and several others of kidnapping and molesting an ...

The Guam Daily Post 11-13-2017
Child porn case unsealed

He was remanded to the custody of U.S. marshals. The trial is scheduled for January 2018. Child porn arrests last month Last month, police arrested two men who allegedly uploaded a 36-second video clip depicting two naked toddlers. Parameswaran ...

WPBF West Palm Beach on MSN.com 11-13-2017
Police have arrested woman wanted for injuring Vero Beach police officer

Iran hunts for survivors as quake kills 300 near Iraq border Vero Beach Police arrested a suspect Monday morning wanted for injuring an officer during a traffic stop. The incident occurred Saturday afternoon in the 4100 block of 16th street in Vero Beach.

Pulse.com.gh 11-13-2017
Land Guards : Police arrest 50 land guards

The suspects were arrested in areas such as Ngleshie Amanfrom ... 10 Controversial Prophet Women sent naked videos seducing...

India Legal 11-13-2017
Cartoonist’s Arrest in Tamil Nadu: A Police State?

Bala was arrested for lampooning the Tamil Nadu government on his ... collector and superintendent of police standing almost naked around the burning body of a child and covering themselves with currency notes. As the cartoon went viral, a police complaint ...

The Denver Channel 11-13-2017
Denver police have forgotten about people in their custody overnight three times this year

Handcuffed to a bench, Victoria Ugalde could not reach the toilet for much of the time and had no ... She said she quit drinking after that arrest. In 2013, a police officer caught her driving with her license still revoked and cited her.

NewsWest9 11-13-2017
Odessa police make 3 arrests in connection with Sunday afternoon shooting

The three men were later arrested by OPD after matching the description from ... The Odessa Police Department is investigating an indecent exposure that happened back on Nov. 3, 2017, at the Ector County Library. The Odessa Police Department is ...

News9.com 11-13-2017
Tulsa Salvage Yard Thieves Caught On Camera

Homeless Men Arrested On Indecent Exposure Complaints Homeless Men Arrested On Indecent Exposure Complaints Police arrested two homeless Tulsa men, accused of exposing themselves in public early Sunday.

The Sacramento Bee 11-12-2017
Naked, barking people rampage through a stunned small town, police say

Two people were arrested, and some of the users were treated at a hospital. The drugs have not yet been tested, but police believe the users mixed methamphetamine with flakka, a manmade drug that has caused strange behavior in other places. Last year ...

Politix 11-12-2017
Mom, son charged in crime so a evila the sheriff asks for prayers for cops who found it

A South Carolina sheriff has asked for prayers for his deputies after they discovered the dismembered body of a man allegedly killed by his common-law wife and her son. "In 28 years, this is probably the worst scene I have observed," Cherokee County ...

AL.com 11-12-2017
Arkansas quarterback Cole Kelley charged with DWI

Arkansas quarterback Cole Kelley has been charged with driving while impaired ... Kelley declined to take a field breath test, but did provide a urine sample at the Washington County Detention Center, the police report said. A redshirt freshman, Kelley ...

KHQ-Q6 11-12-2017
Police: Report of plot against police nets gun, drug arrests

... gang member had told several people that "he was plotting to kill an Asbury Park police officer." Authorities searched an Asbury Park home early Friday and arrested two men and a woman on charges of possessing a defaced firearm, unlawfully possessing ...

RI Future 11-12-2017
Q&A: Steven Pare on Joseph Santos, deadly use of force by police officers

Ms Demers has not been criminally charged. We continue to investigate the circumstances that led up to the use of deadly force. When was the last time a Providence police officer took a life in the line of duty? What procedures are in place for both the ...

Creative Loafing Charlotte 11-12-2017
News of the Weird: The Pooping Menace

What's Old Is Weird Again You may have seen the widely distributed weird news story about the Mad Pooper, a woman who has been seen defecating on lawns in ... A former Memphis police officer, Bates has been involuntarily committed twice this year for ...

EDGE Media Network 11-12-2017
SF Gay Man Found Dead, Boyfriend Arrested

Deputies made the arrest Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. Ali ... Ali, who's acted in at least one porn movie under the name Ali Liam, has a profile on the escort site Rent.Men on which he says that he'd "just moved" to the United States after leaving "his whole ...

Hyperallergic 11-12-2017
Required Reading

In 1937, not very long after the Resort hosted its first guests, Kochar and Mazmanyan were arrested and deported to the Arctic ... of the harm he caused women by taking out his penis and masturbating in front of them. He also tries to reduce his ...

chamblee54.wordpress.com 11-12-2017
Killed By Police November 12

(1013) Man hit by Taser catches fire, dies Tuesday in McClain County “A man died Monday evening after dousing himself and the inside of his van in gasoline and then being struck by a police officer ... In July, he was arrested for evading deputies ...

Nehanda Radio 11-12-2017
Daring sex workers rob man, take nude pics

The trio was subsequently arrested and appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine ... forcing Banda to remove his clothes and lie next to a woman who had stripped naked. It is further alleged that Nyamande, Maodzwa and Dube took Banda’s cellphone ...

buzzkenya.com 11-12-2017
WISPI 2017: Kenyan Police Ranked Third Worst In Africa

Read Also: Gun Theft In Kenya: Police Officer Charged With Stealing Firearms Meanwhile, Botswana police service was ranked the best in Africa, and polling at position 47 globally. Rwanda was ranked second best followed by Algeria, Senegal and Tunisia at ...

mymbuzz.com 11-12-2017
Netflix’s Shot in the Dark: MyM gets a rare chance to ride along with the ‘stringers’ of LA

“We might be able to get the arrest…” he mutters ... indecent exposure. Some guy masturbating in a truck at Pico and Western. Code 419, DB, that’s ‘dead body’, San Gabriel Valley. That’s over where Marc is.” Born and raised near Gillingham ...

St. Lucia News Online 11-12-2017
USVI: Man arrested for allegedly forcing minor to hold his penis. He then masturbated in her presence

CROIX — A 34-year-old man was arrested and charged with unlawful sexual contact ... When she refused, he grabbed her hand and placed it on his penis and began masturbating, according to Mr. Dratte. The minor, 17, said Mr. Ayala repeated the same act ...

lionofviennasuite.sbnation.com 11-12-2017
News: Bolton Wanderers striker Gary Madine arrested after pub brawl

As reported by The Sun (I know), Bolton Wanderers’ top goalscorer Gary Madine was arrested on Friday night after a pub brawl ... Madine was being quizzed by cops yesterday on suspicion of unlawful wounding, which carries up to five years in jail.”

News3LV 11-12-2017
Not dressed for arrest: Naked home invader shocks Florida woman

A Florida man is in jail after running into an 82-year-old woman's New Smyrna Beach home, attempting to try on her clothes and then dashing out again. Sylvia Garmon said she received the shock of her lifetime when she discovered the naked man running ...

1redDrop 11-12-2017
LAPD to Investigate Allegations of Drug-planting by Cop in April Arrest

and innumerable people have alleged police discrimination and brutality in the past. Ronald Shields, 52, was arrested in April and faces multiple charges, including the possession of cocaine, a hit and run collision and illegally carrying a gun in his car.

WFLA 11-12-2017
Palm Harbor man sells $27,000 of marijuana to undercover cop

Police said Raul Alejandro Millan was arrested on Thursday after selling cannabis to an undercover cop. According to an affidavit, Millan had ten pounds of a green leafy substance in his possession when he met with the agent, which was sold in exchange for ...



The Brothers Brick 11-24-2017
Amazon Black Friday LEGO Deals up to 50% savings on Star Wars, Technic, Minecraft, Friends, Superheroes [NEWS]

As Black Friday is now upon readers in the UK, we thought it would be useful to give a quick summary of some of the best deals out there for LEGO fans. While some of the deals will be available in other countries, these particular deals were selected or ...

angelinatravels.boardingarea.com 11-24-2017
Earn 3,000 JetBlue TrueBlue Points With Amazon Prime + Stackable With AmEx Offer

JetBlue just launched a “Points for Prime” promotion to kick off holiday shopping from November 24-27. In addition to earning 3x TrueBlue points on Amazon purchases, new customers can sign up for an annual Amazon Prime membership and earn 3,000 ...

CAJ News Africa 11-24-2017
Microsoft celebrates excelling local partners

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – ASTEL Systems, the billing and revenue management platform provider for telecommunications, cloud and utility services firms, has been the standout winner at the Microsoft 2017 Partner of the Year Awards. Astel won the coveted ...

AutoExpress 11-24-2017
Tesla Semi truck expected to start at £113,000

This is thanks to Tesla’s new ‘megachargers’, which are solar powered rather than taking their supply from the electric grid. This results in guaranteed electric charge rates that don’t fluctuate. Four independent motors power each wheel along with ...

michaelwtravels.boardingarea.com 11-24-2017
Get 3,000 JetBlue Bonus Points For Joining Amazon Prime

Kim and I have had Amazon Prime for 5+ years and we’ve found it to be quite valuable. While the service sounds a bit pricey at $99 per year, you do get a lot for your money. Besides 2-day shipping, we use Amazon Prime for music, videos, books and Prime ...

raconteur.net 11-24-2017
The IoT attacks that could eclipse Mirai

Skynet, HAL, WOPR … World-altering attacks have always been associated in science fiction with a despot super computer. But what if the real threat didn’t come from a central form of intelligence at all but an army of disparate devices? An attack from ...

Semiconductor Today 11-24-2017
Samsung acknowledges Infineon for outstanding quality in supplying LNAs

Samsung Electronics of Seoul, Korea has honored Infineon Technologies AG of Munich, Germany with its Quality Award in the semiconductor supplier category for second-quarter 2017, for delivering low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) of “outstanding quality” for ...

JAXenter 11-24-2017
Trending 2018: What does the future hold for AI & IoT?

The world of Artificial Intelligence & IoT is clearly exciting but there are crucial technical issues that must be addressed, especially by developers. In this article, Chirag Thumar explains what we should expect to happen in these popular domains.

airport-technology.com 11-24-2017
No more near misses: drone detection at airports

A US-based company has partnered with the European aeronautical giant Airbus to produce a new, integrated drone detection and jamming system in a bid to prevent unwanted, and potentially dangerous, intrusions into airport airspace. After a spate of near ...

PlayStation Universe 11-24-2017
PS4 Pro and PSVR Amazon sales rocket due to Black Friday deals

PS4 Pro and PSVR sales have gone through the roof on Amazon UK thanks to a series of wallet-friendly Black Friday savings. At one stage, the PS4 Pro found itself at the top of the PC & Video Game sales chart with a boost of 1,112 percent in sales.

That's Online 11-24-2017
Anti-Drone System Launched at Guangzhou Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is currently in the testing phase of a new ‘drone defence system,’ which is intended to protect arriving and departing flights and discourage the mishandling of drones. According to GRT Radio, the new anti-drone ...

Live Bitcoin News 11-24-2017
Virtual Assets Coming to Business in the near Future

They brought virtual assets to reality and they are on a quest to change our lives for the better. Virtual assets for real business – introducing The NAGA Coin In the world of greedy banks, corporations and a rapidly changing economic situation ...

The New Daily 11-24-2017
Tesla completes construction of world’s most powerful lithium ion battery in SA

Tesla has completed construction of its giant lithium ion battery, described as the world’s most powerful, with testing expected in coming days ahead of a December 1 operation deadline. The array of Tesla Powerpack batteries has been installed alongside ...

TopTenWholesale 11-23-2017
Amazon to Venture into Athleisure with New Private-Label Line

There became a time in the last few years that catapulted active wear into full blown athleisure. Was it when the Lululemon-clad Los Angeleneos decided to do more than just get their green juice in their new cut-out leggings. Or was it when the overworked ...

osxdaily.com 11-23-2017
Shop Amazon Deals for Black Friday!

The holidays are here, which means it’s time for overeating, visits with friends and family, gift giving, and of course, shopping. If you’re one of the brave souls who doesn’t mind battling the lines and crowds over this weekend than I salute you ...

The Stack 11-23-2017
Amazon to use data centre waste heat to warm corporate offices

Amazon recently reached a deal to use waste heat from a neighbouring, non-Amazon data centre, to heat its new corporate office complex. The agreement provides that the Westin Building Exchange, a 34-story data centre with over 60,000 square feet of managed ...

Telekom Electronic Beats 11-23-2017
Learn To Mix Vinyl With This Virtual Reality DJing Game

Don’t find spinning vinyl entertaining enough in real life? Well now you can test your mixing skills in the virtual reality domain with a new game developed by Berlin-based software company EntroPi games. Vinyl Reality is the first DJ mixing ...

Zeibiz 11-23-2017
Amazon Black Friday Deals and Sales 2017 Smart LED TV, Fire HD, Kindle, Echo

Amazon Black Friday 2017 deals, sales and special offers has begun! Online retail giant Amazon has just rolled out its Black Friday Deals and Sales for 2017. Amazon’s Black Friday Deals offers lowest prices and sales on electronics, video games, DVDs ...

Windows Report 11-23-2017
Bitdefender Box 2 aims to be the best IoT antivirus device

Bitdefender recently launched a new Bitdefender BOX version, upgrading the previous release. This new cybersecurity hub for the smart home brings more power, more storage as well as a bevy of new features and options. Bitdefender BOX 2 adds support for ...

threethriftyguys.com 11-23-2017
Amazon Echo Dot Review – A Look at This Voice Controlled Personal Assistant

As a birthday gift, thrifty guy Charlie surprised me with a Amazon Echo Dot (Thanks man!). I was thrilled to get it as it’s been something I’ve wanted to try out and review for some time. So, here’s a quick look at er and my thoughts on it.

9Pickle 11-23-2017
Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality: Hands on with Doom, Skyrim and Bravo Team

Machine gun fire explodes in your ears as a relentless horde of demons clamour to tear you limb from limb. You turn to the left, another wave of beasts surges down the nightmarish corridor eager to take you down. It’s the Doom of your childhood, but this ...

43rumors.com 11-23-2017
Black Friday deals on Amazon EU stores

Save 124 Euro on the Wallimex (Samyang) 7,5mm MFT lens at Amazon Germany. Save 143 Euro on the Yi M1 kit at Amazon Spain. Olympus Cashback action at Amazon Germany. Disclaimer: 43Rumors has no affiliation with any of the equipment manufacturers mentioned ...

Zee Business 11-23-2017
Amazon announces one-hour preview sale of OnePlus 5T after strong demand

Amazon is gearing up for another sale of the OnePlus 5T after its previous round that was well received by Prime members. The starting price of the phone is Rs 32,999 for its 64GB variant and Rs 37,999 for the 128 GB variant. Image Source: OnePlus ...

news.avnet.com 11-23-2017
Avnet’s Connected IoT Ecosystem Helps to Build Tomorrow’s Smart Cities

Avnet Asia Pacific demonstrated how the Internet of Things (IoT) can create smarter cities at the recent ‘Smart City and the IoT Era’ summit in Hong Kong. “The IoT ecosystem is a complex market involving multiple processes and thousands of players ...

hortonworks.com 11-23-2017
IoT and Data Science – A Trucking Demo on DSX Local with Apache NiFi

IBM’s Data Science Experience (DSX) comes in multiple flavors: cloud, desktop, and local. In this post we cover an IoT trucking demo on DSX local, i.e. running on top of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). We train and deploy a model, and then we use that ...

Noiseporn 11-23-2017
You Can Now Mix Vinyl in Virtual Reality

If you’ve mastered the art of mixing vinyl in reality, then look towards the world of virtual reality for your next challenge. Last year, Boiler Room announced that a live VR venue was in the works, and now the worlds of DJing and virtual reality come ...

transmitter.ieee.org 11-23-2017
Professor Vikram Explains the Integration of Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality into Various Technologies

IEEE Senior Member Vikram Kapila, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Director, Mechatronics, Controls, and Robotics Laboratory New York University, Tandon School of Engineering IEEE Transmitter: What is your area of MR/AR/VR ...

thedigitallifestyle.com 11-22-2017
Microsoft release Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build 17046 for PC

Microsoft have released a new Windows 10 Redstone build for Windows Insiders on the fast ring (skip ahead). Build 17046 has improvements to Microsoft Edge and new input options and new shell options. There are new form filling options that roam between ...

happy-mothering.com 11-22-2017
Toys R Us vs. Amazon: Who Has Better Black Friday 2017 Deals?

Often, I find a better price on Amazon than I do through the in-store Black Friday deals. And I almost always check Amazon from my phone when I'm shopping in stores even if it's not Black Friday. That's why I put together an easy way for you to price check ...

technipages.com 11-22-2017
How to Get the Best Deals on Amazon

Have you ever gone to a store to get a look at a phone you want, to later buy it on Amazon? I know I have. Amazon is definitely the place to go when to want to save some cash, but there are some tips help you get an even better deal. The following guide ...

UK Fundraising 11-22-2017
Dogs Trust uses virtual reality in face-to-face fundraising

Dogs Trust has started to use virtual reality in its face-to-face fundraising activities. The charity sees the immersive experience as a way to grab the attention of people inundated with constant messaging and show them in a very clear what what a ...

interquestgroup.com 11-22-2017
The Risks of Using IOT in Your Enterprise

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) can be of huge importance to enterprises, in order to increase productivity and efficiencies across a business. However businesses also need to realise the risk which comes with these devices. It is ...

majorgeeks.com 11-22-2017
Shop Samsung

Shop Samsung lets you discover tailored products, such as the latest Samsung smartphones, Gear, and more including with financing, deals, and more. Encounter the innovative design and advanced technology of Samsung televisions, including QLED TVs featuring ...

Mixmag 11-22-2017
There is now a virtual reality vinyl mixing app

If you’re still mopping away tears from the eye-watering price of the “affordable” Technics turntable that came out this year, you’ll be interested in EntroPi Games’ new application Vinyl Reality. The German virtuality reality company has ...

happinessandthings.com 11-22-2017
Virtual Reality Cocktails at The Lobby Bar, One Aldwych

I was flying like a bird. Dense forest stretched in front of me as far as my eye could see, interrupted by gentle rolling hills and green pastures. An impression of wilderness and pureness, refreshing and cool. Pictures of water emerged, I was following a ...

Superyachts.com 11-22-2017
iBubble Drone: The Ultimate Underwater Gadget

The emergence of drone technology is beginning to change the way we live in increasingly meaningful ways, and one industry sector that is already reaping the benefits is adventure travel. Personal drones are becoming ever more technologically impressive ...

Motor1.com 11-22-2017
1,341-HP Electric Supercar Is Quicker Than The New Tesla Roadster

Powered by 4 independent 350V motors, XING’s prototype supercar has projected performance of 0-100km/h in 1.8 seconds, 0-200km/h in 5.1 seconds and a max speed of over 270km/h. The reveal comes shortly after Tesla announced their second-generation 2020 ...

D'Marge 11-22-2017
Get Ready… Amazon Is About To Change The Australian Retail Forever

This could be the next revolution in Australia’s retail scene. Amazon is gearing up for a retail assault on Australian soil with a test launch of its local site to go ahead this Thursday before going fully live on Friday to coincide with the Black ...

GameFragger.com 11-22-2017
UBISOFT Is Ready To Make An ASSASSIN'S CREED Virtual Reality Experience

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise is well in 10 games in the main series and it seems now that they are trying to take full advantage of Virtual Reality technology. With a game like Assassin's Creed, it seems like it could be a very interesting idea.

KTNV Las Vegas 11-22-2017
Drone degree looking to take Las Vegas students to new heights

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - It seems like every big company you can name is looking to drones as a way to make their business more efficient. The College of Southern Nevada is working to get incoming student ready to capitalize on the growing industry. The ...

NASA 11-21-2017
Drone Race: Human Versus Artificial Intelligence

Drone racing is a high-speed sport demanding instinctive reflexes -- but humans won't be the only competitors for long. Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, put their work to the test recently. Timing laps through a ...

macvoices.com 11-21-2017
MacVoices #17216: The MacJury’s Discussions of Apple As A Financial Services Company

Mark Fuccio is actively involved in high tech startup companies, both as a principle at piqsure.com, or as an marketing advisor through his consulting practice Tactics Sells High Tech, Inc. Mark was a proud investor in Microsoft from the mid-1990’s ...

PCMag India 11-21-2017
Microsoft Surface Book 2

Quad-core processor and GTX 1060 graphics. 4K-class screen. Integrated receiver for Xbox wireless controllers. VR-capable graphics. The 15-inch version of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a 2-in-1 detachable tablet that caters to artists, gamers, and ...

FedScoop 11-21-2017
How virtual reality could change the way NASA does science

Doug Morton is an earth scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and he knows what it’s like to go out into the field (generally a rainforest) and gather information. He has all kinds of tools to collect data — LIDAR sensors, cameras and more.

iMedicalApps 11-21-2017
Can Virtual Reality Replace Anatomy Lab in Med School?

Last year, I reported on the partnership between Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and Microsoft to explore augmented reality medical education. They broke ground on a new “state of the future” Health Education Campus with the goal of ...

canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

Please check carefully before buying. canonpricewatch.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions. © 2017 www.canonpricewatch.com. www.canonpricewatch.com is not affiliated with Canon Inc. or any of its subsidiaries.

canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

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canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

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canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

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canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

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canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

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canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

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canonpricewatch.com 11-21-2017
Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)

Please check carefully before buying. canonpricewatch.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions. © 2017 www.canonpricewatch.com. www.canonpricewatch.com is not affiliated with Canon Inc. or any of its subsidiaries.

Dekh News 11-21-2017
Samsung Galaxy A5, A7 (2018) mid-range smartphones: All you need to know

Samsung Galaxy A5, A7 (2018) mid-range smartphones: All you need to know: -Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018), the mid-range Smartphone is all set to launch in India in the coming year and this gadget is coming from the South Korean electronics manufacturer.

windpowermonthly.com 11-21-2017
Group wins grant to develop drone inspection system

Immediate access to news and intelligence on the global onshore and offshire wind energy markets Free unrestricted access to our subscriber premium content for 7 days Breaking industry news and email bulletins Analysis of the lastest trends to help you ...

gamespew.com 11-21-2017
Here Are Some Early Black Friday Deals from Amazon UK

The term “Black Friday” doesn’t really mean anything anymore when deals start at least a week ahead of the event. Amazon started their Black Friday promotions last weekend, and with the actual day getting closer, more and more deals are starting to ...

ARY NEWS 11-21-2017
Swimming with dolphins in virtual reality to aid disabled

APELDOORN: Swimming with wild dolphins is something most can only dream of, and jumping into pools with captive animals has become increasingly controversial with environmentalists condemning it as cruel. But a Dutch non-profit believes it has found a way ...

stockoptionschannel.com 11-21-2017
First Week of July 2018 Options Trading For Apple (AAPL)

Investors in Apple Inc (AAPL) saw new options begin trading this week, for the July 2018 expiration. One of the key data points that goes into the price an option buyer is willing to pay, is the time value, so with 241 days until expiration the newly ...

The Indian Wire 11-21-2017
Microsoft CyberSecurity Engagement Centre touches 126 organisations in a year

Company rolls out “Intelligent Security” - a nationwide effort to raise awareness around cybersecurity Microsoft India has announced the first anniversary of their India Cybersecurity Engagement Center. Over the period of a year, the center has reached ...

The Memo 11-21-2017
Modigliani VR – an astonishing virtual portrait of an artist

It’s with this openness of spirit, that it’s so fitting to see Modigliani celebrated at Tate Modern, not only in a magnificent collection of gorgeous artwork, but in an extraordinary new virtual reality experience. It’s astonishingly immersive.

pitstopsforkids.com 11-21-2017
Family travel tip: Learning to fly a drone

As drones surge in popularity, they are becoming increasingly more affordable. In our travels, we increasingly see families with drones, for the purpose of getting video and photos as they explore. In addition, the latest drones feature advanced ...

The Insuranc Insider 11-21-2017
AIG draws Hacking from Willis as tax risks manager

AIG has recruited a former Willis Towers Watson broker to its M&A team, The Insurance Insider understands. Simon Hacking has joined AIG as manager of the UK and London market tax risks practice, part of the company's M&A insurance operation. Hacking's ...

decodedmagazine.com 11-21-2017
“Is there any consideration or thought for artist development in the modern digital release domain?” – Lee Softley aka Blue Amazon

I recently came across a topic of discussion on social media that Lee Softley brought up after a visit to ADE. It was about up and coming producers and what support is out there for artists from labels these days and what possible solutions could there be ...

The Merkle 11-21-2017
What Is Body Hacking?

Dariusz is a Digital Anthropologist who has been closely following the world of cryptocurrencies since 2014. He has been somewhat of a crypto-evangelist, trying to educate more people on the exciting realm of cryptocurrency. During his time at University ...

evenews24.com 11-21-2017
Army of New Eden Exits From Drone Regions Federation

ARMY OF NEW EDEN will be resetting all DRF entities as well as will be moved out of all drf sov by the end of the 24 hours. Its not been a fun ride for ARMY in DRF as to many lies and betrayals go uncheck and as well as to many people are allowed to do as ...

WhoWhatWhy / RealNewsProject 11-21-2017
The Drone War under Trump: Killing More People, Hiding More Facts

President Donald Trump seems determined to undo just about everything Barack Obama has done. There is one area, however, in which he is following the lead of his predecessor: drone warfare. Not that the public would know anything about it — or the ...

pharma news 11-21-2017
Amazon more interested in shipping medical devices… for now

Earlier this year, rumours of the retail giant’s imminent entry into the medicines market arose after news broke that it had obtained wholesale pharmacy licences in at least 12 US states. Coupled with its purchase of grocery chain Whole Foods, the ...

spongeuk.com 11-21-2017
Virtual reality outshines other learning methods in pilot study

Our first pilot study into the use of virtual reality (VR) for workplace learning suggests that yes, we should believe the hype. Participants found VR to be significantly more enjoyable, significantly easier to concentrate on and provided greater ...

frugalmomeh.com 11-21-2017
Handmade at Amazon.ca: Discover unique items from local Artisans

The Amazon App is designed to make your holiday shopping fast and easy. In fact, last holiday season, more than 70 per cent of Amazon customers worldwide shopped using a mobile device. Customers can find where their holiday packages are in seconds, use ...

therighthairstyles.com 11-21-2017
Ultimate Black Friday Guide to Amazon’s Best Hair Products

With Black Friday quickly approaching, it’s time to get into shopping mode and hunt for the best sales. Luckily for you, we’ve created a special Black Friday edition and gathered up the best hair products to buy for this year’s biggest sales event.

zapier.com 11-21-2017
Growth Hacking Your Job Search: 5 Steps to Get Hired by the Company You Want

As a data engineer and analyst, I search for the best use of my time and resources by testing techniques and measuring results. That often means applying a technique from one function of a business to another—say, applying the lean product development ...

Harper's BAZAAR 11-21-2017
Jennifer Lawrence on how the nude hacking scandal was "impossible" to process

Jennifer Lawrence has opened up the effect that the nude photo hack had on her, explaining that she is still recovering from it. Back in 2013, the actress was one of dozens of famous faces to have their intimate photos stolen from their iCloud accounts and ...

cochrane.org 11-21-2017
Virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation

Virtual reality and interactive video gaming have emerged as recent treatment approaches in stroke rehabilitation with commercial gaming consoles in particular, being rapidly adopted in clinical settings. This is an update of a Cochrane Review published ...

C21Media 11-21-2017
Amazon, AMC link up for global output

Amazon Prime Video has taken first-window rights to selected new AMC series under an exclusive output agreement signed with AMC Studios in the US. The deal covers 28 territories including Germany, Italy, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand, as well as ...

ibsintelligence.com 11-21-2017
R3 doubles down on Microsoft Azure with enhanced partnership deal

Blockchain consortium R3 has expanded its partnership with Microsoft, resulting in a “deeper integration” of the Corda platform on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The two firms have cooperated since April 2016, but the new expanded agreement will see ...

Bloomberg Quint 11-21-2017
Aping Amazon, Retailers Play Loyalty Card in Holiday Season

RBI Asks Banks To Provision Against Second List Of Stressed Assets By March Payments Banks Struggle To Get Deposits Into Bank Accounts Bitcoin's White-Knuckle Ride Continues as It Hurtles Past $8,000 In Bull Market Journey From Mumbai To Delhi, India’s ...

Automated Trader 11-21-2017
Hazelcast Jet 0.5 - New high-level API increases developer productivity for real-time IoT, big data applications

New functionality in Hazelcast Jet 0.5 includes the Pipeline API for general purpose programming of batch and stream processing, and fault tolerance using snapshotting with the integrated Hazelcast IMDG. Palo Alto, California - Hazelcast, the open source ...

EPR Retail News 11-21-2017
Calvin Klein, Inc. and Amazon Fashion announce the CALVIN KLEIN X Amazon Fashion holiday retail experience

NEW YORK, 2017-Nov-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — Calvin Klein, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PVH Corp. [NYSE: PVH], and Amazon Fashion today (Nov. 16, 2017) announced the CALVIN KLEIN X Amazon Fashion holiday retail experience, available for ...

LinuxGizmos 11-21-2017
Linux gizmo indexes photos and videos for visual recognition search

Pimloc’s “Pholio” runs Linux on an Nvidia Tegra, and provides offline storage and search of images and video using visual and face recognition. Digital imaging has lived up to its promise of making it easier to take more images more quickly, but the ...

geekslife.com 11-21-2017
We lost a drone! The Nikko Drone (don’t buy!)

So, Nikko reached out to use and asked us if we wanted to test one of their new race drones, and of course I said yes because…well, we love drones around here. Well, this is what happened, and why I am putting this on the do not buy list…unfortunately ...

SQL Server Central 11-21-2017
SQL Server on Linux Installation On RHEL Server – PART1

In the previous posts, we learned how to install SQL Server on Ubuntu Server & install SQL Server on CentOS. Today, we’ll walk through how to install SQL Server on RHEL Server. At the end of this blog, you will be familiar with the installation of ...

Trend Micro 11-21-2017
Trend Micro Protects VMware on Amazon Web Services

Organizations are taking advantage of changes in computing technology to position themselves for a more agile future. Technology leaders and architects see value beyond the data center with new public cloud models and are keen on adopting hybrid ...

Crooks and Liars 11-21-2017
White House Sees No Conflict Of Interest With Apple And Mick Mulvaney

TYT has learned that the brother of White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, an architect of the GOP tax plan, is a portfolio manager for the secretive investment arm of Apple Inc., which under the tax plan stands to gain a ...

mass.gov 11-20-2017
GE, Microsoft, Partners Healthcare, edX.org and higher education institutions announce partnerships to advance online degree obtainment

CAMBRIDGE — Governor Charlie Baker announced today he will establish a new Commission on Digital Innovation and Lifelong Learning to develop recommendations that will lead to more online learning opportunities for Massachusetts residents to obtain ...

MS Dynamics World 11-20-2017
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and GDPR: What do customers and partners really think?

In previous articles on MSDynamicsWorld, we talked about the impact of GDPR on Microsoft customers and partners. I even argued that there is a significant opportunity to Microsoft customers and partners with GDPR. I have also recently delivered a number of ...

pwc.pl 11-20-2017
Leveraging drone technologies to secure utilities systems

Drones create new opportunities for power and utility sector. UAVs applications ranging from pre-construction and investment monitoring to asset inventory and maintenance. The power and utilities sector is on the verge of a digital revolution and faces ...

Wareable 11-20-2017
The Samsung Gear S3's new update can extend battery life to 40 days

Despite the release of the new Samsung Gear Sport, the Gear S3 is still the flagship in the Samsung wearable armada. And today, Samsung released Tizen 3.0, dubbed the Value Pack, to upgrade the S3 in a major way, including a new Watch Only Mode that ...

Send2Press 11-20-2017
HaptX, formerly AxonVR, Announces First Haptic Gloves to Deliver Realistic Touch In Virtual Reality

SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 20, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — HaptX Inc., formerly AxonVR Corporation, announced today its first product, HaptX Gloves, the world’s only haptic wearable to bring realistic touch and force feedback to virtual reality. “HaptX ...

splunk.com 11-20-2017
Configuring Microsoft’s Azure SAML Single Sign On (SSO) with Splunk Cloud – Using the 'New' Azure Portal

This blog post is an update to Philip Greer’s excellent blog for the 6.4.x “Configuring Microsoft’s Azure Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign On (SSO) with Splunk Cloud” using the “Azure Classic Portal”. In this post, I'll ...

Vending Times 11-20-2017
CJ 4DPlex Debuts VR Disk Virtual Reality Enhancer At IAAPA Show

SEOUL, Republic of Korea-- CJ 4DPlex has expanded its 4DX system lineup with the VR Disk, which enables users to experience 360° of virtual reality without the need to place their feet on the floor. It's one of several new products introduced by CJ 4DPlex ...

El Paso 11-20-2017
El Paso County moves forward with drone program application

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - Monday morning El Paso County Commissioners held a special meeting to discuss moving forward with an application for a federal drone program. Commissioners voted unanimously to file a letter of intent for the Unmanned Aircraft ...

techcityng.com 11-20-2017
Here’s what happened at Microsoft Connect(); 2017

From November 15 to 17, tech giant held this year’s Microsoft Connect(); which is Microsoft Corp.’s annual online event for professional developers. This year, the company made and demoed several announcements including its new data platform ...

campfire-capital.com 11-20-2017
Why Calvin Klein is selling underwear exclusively on Amazon

The brand announced it will now sell all of its underwear styles exclusively on the marketplace, opting to eschew its retail partners including Macy’s and Urban Outfitters, and build upon the existing sales momentum it maintains on the site.

blog.netspi.com 11-20-2017
Speaking to a City of Amazon Echoes

Amazon recently introduced messaging and calling between Echo devices. This allows Echo device owners to communicate to each other via text messages, audio recordings, and voice calls. It's pretty handy for leaving someone a short note, or for a quick call ...

thevinylfactory.com 11-20-2017
You can now become a DJ in virtual reality

Because nothing replicates the joy of vinyl like a remote control. This new app lets you DJ with records in virtual reality. According to the company, “Vinyl Reality is the first DJ mixing application that accurately recreates a traditional DJ setup in ...

MarTech Advisor 11-20-2017
Why most SMBs aren’t Afraid of Amazon this Holiday Season

Given the choice between fast, free shipping and schlepping to the mall, many people do their holiday shopping from home. And with giant companies offering instant gratification in any color you like, is there room for independent businesses to compete?

Curbed Chicago 11-20-2017
Amazon reps reportedly spotted touring Chicago’s former Finkl Steel site

While things have been relatively quiet on the Amazon front since Chicago submitted its official bid for the ‘HQ2’ second headquarters last month, representatives from the Seattle-based e-commerce giant were recently spotted in the Windy City.

WYFF Greenville 11-20-2017
Apple served with search warrant in Texas church massacre

Texas Rangers investigating the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs have served a search warrant on Silicon Valley giant Apple Inc. and are seeking digital photos, messages, documents and other types of data that might have been stored by gunman Devin ...

thescoreesports.com 11-20-2017
Samsung Galaxy renew contracts with World Championship roster

Samsung Galaxy have renewed contracts with all five starting players from their World Championship-winning roster. Samsung recently won the League of Legends World Championship as something of a dark horse, taking down tournament favorites Longzhu Gaming 3 ...

Big Ten Network 11-20-2017
Illinois biologists hope to reduce hunger by hacking photosynthesis: BTN LiveBIG

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.’ It turns out that it’s not just true for humans, but for plants as well. In this instance we’re talking about sunlight, a necessary component for the growth of all life ...

Bisnow 11-20-2017
Amazon To Occupy All Of WeWork's Herald Square Location

Amazon's rapid office expansion in New York continues with a move into a distressed asset in Herald Square. The e-commerce titan has signed on to occupy all 122K SF of the WeWork in 2 Herald Square, The Real Deal reports. The company is also in ...

TameBay 11-20-2017
Shopping is beige and Amazon are proud of it

Amazon‘s Black Friday advertising is in full swing with their UK sales running for 10 days (50 days in the US). This is nothing unexpected – it was largely Amazon that brought the Black Friday US phenomenon to the UK so you’d expect them to go big on ...

Scroll - Magazine 11-20-2017
Apple served with a search warrant to access Texas church shooter’s iPhone

Authorities in Texas, United States, have served Apple Inc with a search warrant to access the iPhone used by the gunman who shot dead 26 people in a church in Sutherland Springs on November 6, the San Antonio Express News reported. Court records accessed ...

iDownloadBlog 11-20-2017
Juicing up your iPhone 8 & iPhone X using Samsung’s 10W Qi wireless charger

Samsung’s Qi charger is an affordable way to wirelessly charge your new iPhone X or iPhone 8. Believe it or not, Samsung makes some of the better wireless chargers on the market. We recently went hands-on with their fast-charging wireless pad that’s ...

Toy News 11-20-2017
Toying with reality: What new VR and AR experiences means for the industry

However, we are now seeing the mainstream emergence of two technologies that can be experienced on all these devices – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. A single term that covers these both plus the tricky merged space of MR (mixed reality ...

Sequenza21 11-20-2017
Horror in Opera, in Virtual Reality: The Parksville Murders

To open with a broad stroke, opera is generally seen as a medium that embraces tradition. For example, while the repertoire certainly has a myriad more terrifying works to offer, the Royal Opera House offers Don Giovanni and Macbeth as selections from ...

Markets Insider 11-20-2017
Digi International Extends Customer IoT Deployments as New Advanced Tier Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network

Digi delivers AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT implementations as part of its Linux software platform support. With AWS Greengrass technology, connected devices can run AWS Lambda functions locally, keep device data in sync, and communicate with other devices ...

Morningstar on MSN.com 11-20-2017
Understanding Amazon's Shifting Strategy

The e-commerce giant's moves this year point to a focus on engaging Prime members and selling more third-party goods, says R.J. Hottovy.

travelwith2ofus.com 11-20-2017
The Best Black Friday Drone Deals For Travelers

Drone or aerial photography is a very important element in telling, or, as a matter of fact, showing a different perspective of destinations that travelers visit. In a world where there are many, many travel writers, bloggers and travel websites one ...

hoboken411.com 11-20-2017
Amazon Bookstore

Here are my impressions, derived from the Columbus Circle outlet in Manhattan: 1. It is a poorly designed store for me, most of all because it does not emphasize new releases. I feel I am familiar with a lot of older titles, or I went through a more or ...

noshelfrequired.com 11-20-2017
Category Archives: Virtual Reality

From Quantum Storey Company, Inc. New children’s book series combines traditional print with AR and VR to drive engagement An exciting new children’s publishing venture is launching exclusively today at Walmart that will combine the tradition of ...

LinuxGizmos 11-20-2017
Linux/Android hacker SBC with hexa-core Rockchip SoC debuts at $75

The Vamrs “RK3399 Sapphire” SBC is on sale for $75, or $349 for a full kit. Vamrs is also prepping an RK3399-based “Rock960” 96Boards SBC. Now we have a new contender: Shenzhen based Vamrs, which built the limited edition Rockchip RK3399 Sapphire ...

Telecompaper 11-20-2017
Antenna Hungária continues expansion of IoT network

Antenna Hungária said it continues to expand its IoT network, which now has more than 100 base stations nationwide. In the framework of the investment, the capital, county seats and several large metropolitan cities will be fully covered by the end of 2017.

edsocme.com 11-20-2017
Amazon's Hidden Platform Labor Startups

For the past couple of years, Amazon has trialed last-mile delivery with individuals, in a program called Amazon Flex, and with small-courier companies using “white vans.” Both of these initiatives are designed to rival UPS and FedEx. As Amazon ...

Tourism-Review 11-20-2017

At a time when tourism is becoming increasingly "experiential", interactive immersion is becoming a driving factor in the purchasing experience of tourism clients. Virtual reality in tourism plays an important role. Virtual reality has a place in the ...

Hoax-Slayer 11-20-2017
PHISHING SCAM – Amazon ‘Integrity Check’ Email

Email purporting to be from Amazon claims that the company performs regular integrity checks on user accounts and the recipient must click a one-time validation link to avoid account suspension. The email is not from Amazon. It is a phishing scam ...

TechDroider 11-20-2017
This is what Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 may look like

In 2017 we saw some incredible decisions taken by some of the reputed companies over the globe. One such decision that stands out from every other is that Samsung releasing gorgeous Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus with infinity display. And, they succeeded in ...

Scot Scoop News 11-20-2017
Library plugs teens into virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are looked upon as the future of the gaming world, but this technology can be used for more than entertainment. Clark said, “The one issue with any new technology is the technology gap, where you have the people that can ...

NSEAVoice 11-20-2017
Microsoft Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Storage Speed Comparison!

So, Black Friday is upon us and if you are keen on getting a brand new Microsoft Xbox One but unsure of which one (pun intended) to get, we are here to help you out. Before we get started, you should know that the original and standard Xbox One has been ...

AutoIndustriya.com 11-20-2017
All-electric Tesla Semi rolls out with 800 km range

Driving the Semi are Model 3-derived electric motors that Tesla claimed are capable of lasting more than 1.5 million km. Meanwhile, the batteries are sourced from Tesla's energy products and are designed to withstand repeated charging cycles for more than ...

susanheimonwriting.com 11-19-2017
An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody Book Tour and Giveaway for an Audiobook and $10 Amazon Gift Card

Rockford Peadlebody dies in a train wreck while traveling with his family, (a rather dysfunctional lot of half-blood vampires) after a flood in Mississippi washes their home away. Once his brother Gerald, his wife Ginger, and son Raymond reach grandpa's ...

glittermagrocks.com 11-19-2017
Amazon + Calvin Klein Come Together for an Exclusive Holiday Shop

Fans are in for an exclusive surprise. Pop-up shops are trendy, and if used right they can create a significant promotion for online retailers. Amazon and Calvin Klein have teamed up to open new pop-up shops during the holiday season. There will be shops ...

laurenmcbrideblog.com 11-19-2017
Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Review

Thank you to Samsung for providing us with this amazing fridge! All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post has been long awaited!!! If you remember from waaaaaaay back, you know of our fridge debacle. We moved into this house that was previously owned ...

mymoneyblog.com 11-19-2017
Amazon Prime: Create Pet Profile, Get 20% Off Pet Food Order

Amazon Prime members can get 20% off their next pet food and treats order (up to $20) after they create their first pet profile. It’s free to create a profile and they include cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, turtles, and more. You can also sign up for ...

dundalkdemocrat.ie 11-19-2017
Warning over drone users in Dundalk breaking the law

A DUNDALK drone company has said that an increasing number of recreational drone users in Co Louth are breaking the law. Niall Carroll from The Drone Guys told The Dundalk Democrat that the company is backing a safety campaign launched by the Irish ...

erickimphotography.com 11-19-2017
Buy Learn from the Masters of Photography on Amazon

LEARN FROM THE MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Distilled key lessons from the masters of street photography to take your photography to the next level. Made in a limited edition, featuring original artwork by Eric Kim MASTERS is your essential photography primer ...

selfpublishingnews.com 11-19-2017
Amazon Featured Book of the Week

Jane Scoggins Bauld’s “The Seasons of Treaty Oak” is the life story of the beautiful and historic Treaty Oak of Austin, Texas. It is believed that under this Treaty Oak tree, Stephen F. Austin, the leader of the Austin colony, negotiated a boundary ...

larealitevirtuelle.com 11-19-2017
Texas A&M Engineering students get their hands on virtual reality technology – KBTX

Texas A&M Engineering students get their hands on virtual reality technology KBTX From gaming experiences to training programs for astronauts, there is a wide range of industries that currently benefit from augmented and virtual reality. “This technology ...

Chrome Unboxed 11-19-2017
Exclusive: Samsung Is Making A Detachable Chromebook

It’s hard to believe but it has been a little over a year since the Samsung Chromebook Pro/Plus was leaked online. In that time, we have spent many a late hour digging through the Chromium repositories trying to connect devices to manufacturers in the ...

johnchow.com 11-19-2017
Paying for My New Tesla Roadster

On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I check out the SMMOC meetup in Irvine, have Dot Com Lunch at Pho Ba Co, go to the UPS store, go make up shopping, and wire Tesla Motors for the balance owning on the $200K Tesla Roadster that I ordered yesterday.

TechFrag 11-19-2017
Microsoft Hopes Advanced Neural Fuzzing Can Help Squash Bugs

Software bugs are the bane of programming. Squash one and 10 more pop up to take its place, but engineers at Microsoft are hoping a new form of testing will make it easier to find unexpected bugs and exploits. The automated testing, known as fuzzing ...

The Future of Capitalism 11-19-2017
Amazon and Fake News

When Congress recently grilled executives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter about their role in spreading "fake news," maybe they should have invited someone from Amazon, too. The Worcester Business Journal reports on a researcher at the Worcester ...

NationalYemen 11-18-2017
Drone Strike Kills 3 AlQaeda Suspects in Yemen

A suspected US drone strike targeting a car killed three alleged Al-Qaeda members, including a leader in the southern Yemen province of Abyan, local officials said Friday. They said the strike was carried out late Thursday in the Sumaa area of the province ...

Tablet PC Reviews 11-18-2017
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) Review: Inexpensive But Good Full-Size Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is this company’s biggest and most powerful tablet, but it’s still less than $150. That budget price gets a 10.1-inch, high-resolution display, much better performance than its predecessors, and twice as much memory. But what sets ...

ps4france.com 11-18-2017
Apple delays HomePod release until next early 2018

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has pushed the launch of its HomePod smart speaker to early next year from December, the company said on Friday, missing the holiday shopping season as the market for such devices becomes increasingly competitive. This really isn't too ...

blog.gisuser.com 11-18-2017
Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Sneak Peek

Will you be shopping this year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Eletronics are always the hot ticket and this year is no different. Sure it’s a great time to fill up your home with awesome gadgets, however, for you business this is also a great time ...

writersonthemove.com 11-18-2017
Amazon KDP Allows Author Copies

A while back, I was excited to learn that Amazon KDP (their e-book publishing program for independent authors) was streamlining the process so you could publish paperbacks through the same platform you publish e-books. Previously, you had to use ...

Good E-Reader 11-18-2017
New Amazon Fire Tablet OS Update Stops You From Sideloading Apps

Amazon recently pushed out a firmware update for their FireOS operating system and the build number is OS 5.6.0. It is primarily applicable to the new HD 10, Fire 7 and a myriad of other tablets released in the past two years. I don’t know if it was ...

firmwarebasket.com 11-18-2017
Samsung SM-G950F Firmware Download

Download the latest firmware update SM-G950F for Samsung Galaxy smart phones. Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F Firmware officially published 3 November 2017. Here we provide ROM Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F Firmware Official. If you think that your mobile device ...

news.djcity.com 11-18-2017
DJ in Virtual Reality With ‘Vinyl Reality’ Application

German software maker EntroPi Games has shared a trailer for Vinyl Reality, “the first DJ mixing application that accurately recreates a traditional DJ setup in virtual reality.” Vinyl Reality enables computer users to load their music collection and ...

Kolly Talk 11-18-2017
Samsung Pay update brings Bharat QR-based UPI payments support

Samsung started rolling out Unified Payments Interface (UPI) integration to its Samsung Pay mobile wallets earlier this year. The latest Samsung Pay app update now lets it scan Bharat QR codes to make easy UPI payments at merchants. With the new feature ...

CBS Tampa 11-18-2017
Amazon Cutting Prices At Whole Foods Again For Thanksgiving

Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season. NFL Power Rankings: Week 16It's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your power rankings heading into Week 16.

donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.com 11-18-2017
Jared Lanier: Dawn of the New Everything: A Journey Through Virtual Reality

As a fan of VR I was looking forward to this book. Lanier is often touted as the inventor, father or, more realistically, the guy who name up with the phrase ‘Virtual Reality’. I’m not sure that any of this is true, and to be fair, he says as much ...

searchaws.techtarget.com 11-18-2017
Amazon Aurora expands reach, but maybe not far enough

Amazon has taken another big step in its quest to lure companies to swap out Oracle databases for AWS, but it can't remove every roadblock that might prevent IT departments that look to switch. In recent weeks, AWS fulfilled a pledge from a year ago when ...

KXXV News Channel 25 11-18-2017
Drone attempted to deliver drugs to prison

BUCKEYE, AZ (KPHO/KTVK/CNN) - Officials found a homemade drone crashed outside a prison in September. It was carrying drugs and cell phones in an apparent attempt to get them to inmates. This is the first time officers have encountered a drone at an ...

Entertainment Focus 11-18-2017
Amazon’s The Boys: everything we know so far

It seems you can’t turn on the TV these days without finding yet another superhero series to watch. Well another one is about to be added to that list – The Boys! Garth Ennis’ comic book is being brought to life on the small screen and it’ll be ...

Southernminn.com 11-18-2017
Tesla announces world's fastest production car and an electric semi-truck

“Even if you have only two of the motors active, it’ll still beat a diesel truck,” he said. On one charge, Tesla’s truck can travel 500 miles at 60 mph, carrying the maximum allowed weight in the U.S., Musk said, adding that 80 percent of trucking ...

Motorward 11-18-2017
New Tesla Roadster – Is It Game Over for Traditional Sports Cars?

Tesla Roadster is so ahead of everything else out there ... They haven’t mentioned any horsepower figure yet, but electric motors in the Roadster generate 10,000 Nm of wheel torque. That, and the fact that all four wheels are driven, makes it possible ...

Geo News Pakistan 11-18-2017
New $200,000 Tesla Roadster speeds in front of electric big-rig truck

assuming they can be produced and sold as part of a sustainable business plan. So far that final element has eluded Tesla Motors, which makes it difficult to see these vehicles as more than ‘what if’ concept cars,” he added. Tesla also has to ...

Automoblog.net 11-18-2017
Tesla Roadster Revealed (And It’s Powerful)

Photos & Source: Tesla Motors. Tony Borroz grew up in a sportscar oriented family, but sadly, it was British cars. His knuckles still show the marks of slipped Whitworth sockets, strains to reach upper rear shock bushings on Triumphs, and slight burn marks ...

compsmag.com 11-18-2017
Hacking Books 2018

Hacking Books 2018 → Hacking is considered to be a two-way tool place in a computer system is penetrated both to make it more secure or to create a mischief. Ethical hacking is defined as making use of programming abilities, to penetrate a computer ...

Flyer News 11-18-2017
Women’s Basketball: Flyers Survive Hacking Morgan State, Win Big

It’s no secret that the reigning Atlantic 10 champions run a fast offense. It was also apparent Friday night what Morgan State’s game plan to counteract the Flyers’ attack was–fouling. The Bears committed 32 fouls in the game, including six in the ...

ScienceAlert 11-18-2017
Hacking The Rhythm of DNA Replication Could Kill Off Cancer Cells

Throughout our lifetimes, our cells divide to create new cells to keep the body running, ensuring a steady supply of biological building blocks. This process not only protects against illness, it could also help fight cancer cells, according to new research.

LRM Online 11-18-2017
Paramount To Debut A Virtual Reality Movie Theater

2017 hasn’t been a good year for the movie theater industry. Box office revenues are down and audiences aren’t showing up, not like they used to, anyway. Theater owners and chains haven’t exactly thrown in the towel, however. There have been many ...

formtrends.com 11-18-2017
Tesla’s Latest Roadster is the Brand’s New Halo Product

Tesla’s gone a step further with the Roadster. Three electric motors — one powering the front two wheels and two further torque vectoring units spinning each wheel at the rear — source power from a 200kWh battery pack in the floorpan, enabling the ...

OzarksFirst.com 11-18-2017
Security Research Firm Raises Questions About Amazon's New Key System

NEW YORK -- The new Amazon key system lets the company's drivers open your front door with the security of a camera watching them. But the findings of one security research firm raises questions about whether that camera is capturing what's really going on.

Collect Space 11-17-2017
Amazon developing 'Mercury 13' as series about women tested for spaceflight

A member of the First Lady Astronaut Trainees (FLATs), or as later dubbed "Mercury 13," aviator Jerrie Cobb poses next to a Mercury spacecraft. Cobb and her fellow FLATs are the focus of a series in development for Amazon. (NASA) November 17, 2017 – The ...

Car and Driver 11-17-2017
Elon Shows Us His Semi: Tesla’s Next Big Thing Is Big Indeed

the truck can still run even if one or two of the motors fails, in which condition “it will still beat the diesel truck,” Musk said. Range, of course, is perhaps the greatest consideration for customers of electric vehicles large or small. Tesla said ...

cringely.com 11-17-2017
Amazon is Becoming the New Microsoft

Sorry for again having taken too long to return to work. Or in this case the better term might be to recover. Eye surgery on November 2nd did not go well so I am still blind. In fact blinder than ever. We’ll try again on November 27th after I’m fully ...

Car and Driver 11-17-2017
New Tesla Roadster First Look: Zero to 60 in 1.9 Seconds, 250-MPH Top Speed, 620-Mile Range

With that, Tesla resurrected the Roadster ... Musk didn’t provide any details about the three electric motors the car will use, except that they will provide 7376 lb-ft of torque at the wheels, thanks to torque-multiplying effects of a transmission ...

GitHub 11-17-2017
Hacking the IKEA TRÅDFRI

The tiny module is used in many of their products, and is actually a small piece board with some GPIO exposed. This board uses the energy-efficient Silicon Labs EFR32MG1P132F256GM32 microcontroller, which is a ARM Cortex M4 with 256 Kb of flash. You can ...

initialcharge.net 11-17-2017
Hacking Mint to Recognize Modern Operating Systems

Despite Shaun Inman’s announcement late last year that he was suspending sales and support for Mint, I’ve continued to use the software to track visitor statistics on Initial Charge. In the eight years since I first installed Mint on my server, I haven ...

The Weather Network 11-17-2017
Tesla unveils electric big-rig, speedy Roadster: Photos here

assuming they can be produced and sold as part of a sustainable business plan. So far that final element has eluded Tesla Motors, which makes it difficult to see these vehicles as more than 'what if' concept cars,” he added. Tesla also has to convince ...

Sunday Times Driving 11-17-2017
Elon Musk claims 250mph, 620 miles per charge for new Tesla Roadster

ELON Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has delighted electric car fans and shocked the auto-industry – again – by announcing that he’s building what is claimed to be the fastest-accelerating production car ever made: an extreme follow-up to the original ...

The Times-Delphic 11-17-2017
Information Technology Services hosts phishing quiz to prevent hacking

On Oct. 30, Drake University Information Technology Services (ITS) began hosting the second annual phishing quiz for students, faculty and staff at Drake. The quiz will be available to take until midnight on Nov. 17, and its goal is to bring awareness to ...

itsforhome.com 11-17-2017
UNCW students Hacking the internet of things for marine science biotechnology

“Technological advances coming out of UNCW's 2017 Hackathon will help protect lives and property, secure energy independence, sustain ocean productivity and fisheries, maintain national security, and grow the workforce and ocean economy,” according to ...

DIGITALLOOK 11-17-2017
Tesla unveils new electric truck alongside surprise sports car debut

Innovative US carmaker Tesla Motors has unveiled its first ever electric truck, as it attempts to offer an alternative to gas-guzzling diesel lorries. The much-anticipated launch took place at an airport hangar near Los Angeles on Thursday, even as CEO ...

formtek.com 11-17-2017
Security Breaches: Third-Parties Often to Blame in Increasing Number of Hacking Incidents

Recently, data breaches and hacks are being announced on a regular, if not daily basis. There was the Equifax hack. The SEC. Yahoo’s disclosure that their hack was even bigger than originally announced. Forrester Research announced that their industry ...

Wide Open Country 11-17-2017
10 Tiny Homes You Can Buy on Amazon

The rise in tiny home ownership may not be a fad after all. More and more people are choosing to live small, and now these pint-sized abodes are even popping up in Amazon’s inventory. Recently, we reported on the modular shipping container home from ...

BW Businessworld 11-17-2017
Troubleshooting for IOT in 2020

A warm morning glow floods the sky as the clock ticks over to 6am. You wake up as the window shades silently drift apart, the smell of freshly brewing coffee is wafting in from the kitchen, the sprinklers switch on in the backyard, the sound of your ...

9News.com.au on MSN.com 11-17-2017
Labor won't back Pyne hacking inquiry

Senator Bernardi, a long time factional rival of Mr Pyne’s, proposed the examination of how the Cabinet Minister’s twitter account was hacked in the early hours of Thursday morning. The account ‘liked’ an explicit pornographic tweet at 2am Thursday.

CarBuzz 11-17-2017
Tesla Shatters Minds With Surprise Reveal Of Stupidly Fast Roadster

Combined, the Roadster's three electric motors (one up front and two at the rear) churn out a total of 10,000 nm of torque, which translates to 7,375 lb-ft of torque. Take a second to process that. To Tesla, the point of those insane figures is to complete ...

EJ Insight 11-17-2017
Elon Musk unveils Tesla’s electric semi truck and a new roadster

including individual Model 3 motors for each wheel, Model 3’s touchscreen panels and even Model 3 inset door handles. As TechCrunch noted, one of the biggest differences between the Tesla semi and other Class 8, i.e. the largest heavy-duty freight trucks ...

Truck Trend on MSN.com 11-17-2017
First Look: Tesla Semi

Tesla’s semi has neither. With the motors coupled directly to the wheels there are fewer moving parts to wear out, helping to minimize service costs over the life of the vehicle. This also takes one less task off of the driver’s plate, allowing him or ...

CCJ Commercial Carrier Journal 11-17-2017
Tesla debuts electric semi with up to 500 mile range, production set for 2019

the home Tesla Motors’ design center and company founder Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket factory. Promising a range of up to 500 miles at maximum weight and highway speed, the company says the Tesla Semi consumes less than two kilowatt-hours of energy per ...

BethesdaMagazine.com 11-17-2017
Federal Realty ‘Thrilled’ To Bring Amazon Books to Bethesda Row

The landlord of Bethesda Row said the company is excited to introduce Amazon Books to the area, so readers will continue to have shopping options after the exit of Barnes & Noble. “We are thrilled to be in a position to continue to provide our customers ...

Democratic Voice Of Burma 11-17-2017
Witness no-shows, no breakthrough as trial continues in Naypyidaw drone case

NAYPYIDAW —Three journalists, two of them foreign, and their driver remain imprisoned in Naypyidaw after their second hearing on Thursday in a case that some are billing as the latest test for press freedom in Burma. The Turkish news agency TRT World’s ...

LEDinside 11-17-2017
IoT Pioneer Gooee Launches in Europe

Gooee, the ‘data brain’ for building activity, officially launched its ‘full stack’ ecosystem amongst its lighting and technology partners today at one of Europe’s largest lighting events. Using sensing hardware and cloud-based software, which is ...

FOX 10 News Phoenix 11-17-2017
PRISON DRONE DELIVERY: Local company looking at ways to prevent similar incidents

Filter Videos {uuid=73047787-af96-4a70-9457-6be34c555ef4, categoryId=604190, groupId=408200, companyId=10155, userId=10191, userName=Test Test, createDate=Tue Jul 14 16:47:04 GMT 2015, modifiedDate=Mon Mar 21 02:54:20 GMT 2016, parentCategoryId=0 ...

www.australianmining.com.au 11-16-2017
GQC makes Surat Basin drone deal with Boeing co. Insitu

GoldQuest Mining Corporation (GQC) has made a deal with unmanned systems provider Insitu Pacific to supply remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) for the former’s Queensland operations. (GoldQuest Mining is a subsidiary of Shell and Insitu is a ...

News From Israel 11-16-2017
Hamas again claims Mossad killed drone mastermind

Hamas is again blaming Israel for the assassination of an aviation engineer responsible for the terror group’s drone program. An aviation engineer working for the Hamas terror organization who was assassinated in Tunisia last December was killed by ...

Chip and Co 11-16-2017
First Look At LEGOLAND Florida Resort Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Experience

The LEGOLAND Florida Resort is giving everyone a sneak preview of their upcoming virtual reality (VR) roller coaster adventure! A new innovative mobile app is letting fans experience the 360-degree theme park action with or without a VR headset.

Travelweek 11-16-2017
Virtual Reality makes great holiday gift, now 15% off

TORONTO — Time to start thinking about Christmas shopping and virtual reality is the perfect gift to boost your agency sales. Get an Xplr VR headset for your colleagues and agency, now on sale for 15% off. A virtual reality headset allows potential ...

The Daily Galaxy 11-16-2017
"Hacking Einstein" --Viewing the Universe as the Output of a 13.7-Billion Year Computation (WATCH Video)

Can a close look at the universe give us solutions to problems too difficult for a computer - even if we built a computer larger than a planet? Physicist Stephen Jordan reflects on this question in a new video by the National Institute of Standards and ...

bikerumor.com 11-16-2017
TLD A1 Drone helmet returns just in time for the holidays

Along with advanced helmet design, TLD has always been about the look. Originally, the A1 Drone was launched as sort of the antithesis of the original A1. Where the first version of the A1 was clad in gold and literally quite flashy, the Drone edition came ...

Delish 11-16-2017
Amazon Is Offering Major Whole Foods Discounts For Thanksgiving

Amazon announced in June it was buying Whole Foods, and since then, the company has lowered prices on some groceries (though some of those discounts have since gone away). It's giving customers hope that the store's Whole Paycheck reputation may be no more ...

eggmarketingpr.com 11-16-2017
Why Companies Should Care About Virtual Reality in Marketing

Technological innovations continue to impact digital marketing, and perhaps one of the most intriguing tools to enter the landscape in the past few years is virtual reality (VR). Virtual reality refers to an artificial, computer-generated environment that ...

Gadgets & Wearables 11-16-2017
Wynd announces availability of its flagship product on Amazon and JD

Wynd Technologies has announced today the launch of its air purifier, Wynd, on Amazon in the US and JD in China. Its flagship product was also selected by Amazon for its LaunchPad program, a showcase for innovative products from around the world.

www.studentnewsdaily.com 11-16-2017
Amazon’s Cashierless Store Is Almost Ready for Prime Time

(by Olivia Zaleski, Bloomberg News) – For the past year, Amazon employees have been test driving Amazon Go, an experimental convenience store in downtown Seattle. The idea is to let consumers walk in, pick up items and then pay for them without ever ...

cleveland.com 11-16-2017
MetroHealth virtual reality machines help residents learn brain surgery

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The task is to drain fluid from the brain, which means marking the skull, drilling a hole in it and then carefully threading a tube through. Do it right, and it's a routine procedure. Do it wrong and you threaten a life. Neurological ...

Breaking Israel News 11-16-2017
‘Israel Not Prepared for Drone Threat’

The IDF has yet to develop a suitable response to the threat of cross border drone attacks, State Comptroller Joseph Shapira said in a special report issued Wednesday that also looked at regulation of domestic drone use. “In view of the IDF’s ...

Blue MauMau 11-16-2017
Marriott Introduces IoT Hotel Room of the Future

Marriott International, now the largest hotel company in the world since its acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts last year, is working with Samsung and Legrand to create the hospitality industry’s Internet of Things (IoT) hotel room of the future.

Nocamels.com 11-16-2017
Samsung Launches Auto Cybersecurity Center In Israel

November 16, 2017 | South Korean giant Samsung opened a cybersecurity center for cars in Israel, in cooperation with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, CYMOTIVE Technologies, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories and Jerusalem Venture Partners ...

n3rdabl3 11-16-2017
Drone Racing League Launches DRL Simulator on Steam

The Drone Racing League (DRL) have today announced and launched the DRL Simulator, on Steam which can be used to enter the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts, which was also announced today. If you’ve always wanted to become a drone racing champion but don’t have ...

newlaunches.com 11-16-2017
Samsung DeX: The Future of Home Computing?

Microsoft was very ambitious about its Windows 10 Mobile. The Redmond Giant wanted to create smartphones that can function both as a phone and as a computer. They named this project Continuum, and it was something that kept the world excited for a while in ...

The Market Mogul 11-16-2017
Breakfast Briefing: Mugabe Detained, Australian Gay Marriage and More Russian Hacking

The Zimbabwean army took control of the country yesterday and claimed it was holding Robert Mugabe in a safe place. Editor’s Remarks: The army has so far said that President Mugabe is being detained in a “secure” location while it removes ...

ThaiVisa News 11-16-2017
Six drone flyers to face legal prosecution

The Royal Thai Air Force says six drone flyers will be prosecuted for violating official ban on drone flying in restricted areas during the Royal Cremation ceremonies from October 25-29. Spokesman the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Air Vice Marshal Pongsak ...

Techstory 11-16-2017
Amazon India doubles its war chest to ₹31,000 CR to challenge Flipkart

To make its mark in Indian market, Amazon India has nearly doubled its authorised capital to Rs 31,000 crore ($4.74 billion), matching its earlier commitment of $5 billion made in June last year. According to regulatory filings with the Registrar of ...

thissongslaps.com 11-16-2017
Is Porter Robinson Bringing Virtual Self To Virtual Reality?

Porter Robinson’s newest project, Virtual Self, is gaining a lot of deserved attention and sending shockwaves through a rather stale electronic music community. With just 2 releases and 1 show booked in NYC, Virtual Self is on the rise to be the next big ...

newkenyanjobs.com 11-16-2017
Cisco Information Security and Ethical Hacking Trainer Job in Kenya

Our client, an institution of technology in Nairobi is looking for a person to fill the position of Cisco, Information Security and Ethical Hacking Trainer. 1 year experience Diploma in Information Security or related field CCNA certified Understand common ...

Kent Reporter 11-15-2017
Amazon to hire 500 at Kent fulfillment center

Amazon is hiring for more than 500 positions for its local fulfillment center in Kent. Applicants can apply by attending one of hiring events Nov. 16-21 where on-the-spot job offers will be provided. Shift schedules vary as do responsibilities. Candidates ...

Parsons Sun 11-15-2017
PHS class uses drone for Katy Hospital

Parsons High School computer-aided drafting students stood outside the old Katy Hospital, watching as the drone rose into the air, capturing photos and videos of the contours of the historical building constructed in the 1920s. Last year, the Katy Hospital ...

SYS-CON Media 11-15-2017
Accelerating IoT Deployments to Achieve Business Goals Faster | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #API

The "Internet of Things" is an exciting area of tech, one in which industry experts estimate there will be more than 30 billion connected IoT devices by 2020. IoT is the inter-networking and instrumentation of physical devices - everything from streets ...

exp-melb.blogspot.com 11-15-2017
Melbourne Drone Orchestra- Yidaki

Co-presented with the Melbourne Drone Orchestra in conjunction with Songlines, MPavilion and Melbourne Music Week. Melbourne’s loudest collective return for a unique collaboration with one of the world’s earliest instruments. Modern experimentation ...

SFBay 11-15-2017
Tesla labels lawsuit alleging workplace racism as ‘extortion’

Tesla Motors responded Tuesday to allegations that racial slurs were used against black workers at their factory in Fremont, saying they terminated the employment of several workers after investigating those reports. Tesla’s communication team also cast ...

eriknaso.com 11-15-2017
The DJI Spark is my first drone

I’ve been wanting to buy a drone for a couple years now. Seems everyone has been playing with them and I was the last of the droneless DP’s in America. I decided to stick with DJI since they really know how to design and build these flying shooting ...

News 13 Bright House 11-15-2017
IAAPA Expo: Legoland Florida shows off new virtual reality coaster

The Great Lego Race will include headsets that transport riders into a virtual world. The Winter Haven theme park showed off the headsets for the ride at the IAAPA Attractions Expo on Wednesday. Once riders put on the headsets, they are transported into a ...

Yale News 11-15-2017
New Yale lab will use virtual reality games to reduce risks in teens

Yale’s Center for Health & Learning Games will establish a new lab, play4REAL, with a gift from Oculus, a Facebook-owned technology company specializing in Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and software products. The goal of this innovative lab is to develop ...

Okayplayer 11-15-2017
Nardwuar Leaves Daniel Caesar Speechless in a Life-Hacking Interview

Nardwuar‘s impossibly well-researched interviews have garnered a range of reactions from its subjects. In the case of 22-year-old Toronto breakout, Daniel Caesar, the spectrum of facial expressions hovered between dizzying disarray and suspicious ...

Microsoft Azure 11-15-2017
Azure IoT Edge open for developers to build for the intelligent edge

As businesses learn to harness the transformational power of IoT, IoT devices are becoming a mission-critical business asset. Today, IoT solutions use IoT devices to sense things in the real world with processing and decision making happening in the cloud ...

community.plm.automation.siemens.com 11-15-2017
Running VR (Virtual Reality) with NX

Siemens 2018 Converge Conference was held in Las Vegas, NV on the first week of November. The NX product development team show cased NX Virtual Reality (VR) functionality for design review as an add-on license option. Working with the VR development, an ...

Slashdot 11-15-2017
Boeing 757 Testing Shows Airplanes Vulnerable To Hacking, DHS Says

schwit1 shares a report from Aviation Today: A team of government, industry and academic officials successfully demonstrated that a commercial aircraft could be remotely hacked in a non-laboratory setting last year, a DHS official said Wednesday at the ...

Mondaq 11-15-2017
Entering A New Age Of Virtual Reality

The line between the digital world and the physical world is becoming increasingly blurred as we enter an era of virtual reality (VR). VR can be defined as a "computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets...to generate realistic images, sounds and ...

hackage.haskell.org 11-15-2017
The amazonka-iot-dataplane package

The types from this library are intended to be used with amazonka, which provides mechanisms for specifying AuthN/AuthZ information, sending requests, and receiving responses. Lenses are used for constructing and manipulating types, due to the depth of ...

DARKDaily 11-15-2017
Johns Hopkins’ Test Drone Travels 161 Miles to Set Record for Delivery Distance of Clinical Laboratory Specimens

Clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups could soon be receiving blood samples and tissue specimens through the air by medical drone. The technology has been tested successfully in Europe, which Dark Daily reported in July. Now, Johns Hopkins ...

Jewish News 11-15-2017
Police investigate Israeli drone maker accused of bombing Armenia

Israeli police launched a criminal investigation of an Israeli drone manufacturer that allegedly tried to bomb the Armenian military on behalf of Azerbaijan during a product demonstration. Hebrew media reported the existence of the probe of Aeronautics ...

Business Traveler 11-15-2017
Marriott teams with Samsung and Legrand to launch Internet of Things (IoT) hotel room

Marriott rolls out its newest innovation – The Internet of Things (IoT) hotel room designed to create the ultimate hotel experience. “We know that our guests expect to personalize almost everything in their lives, and their hotel experience should be ...

AndroidOS 11-15-2017
Amazon to launch a free & ad-supported video streaming service: Report

Ad Age is reporting that Amazon is planning to launch an ad-supported version of its popular Prime Video service. This service will be free to use and will show advertisements to the users for monetisation. It is similar to how Hulu used to operate in the ...

Hotelmarketing.com 11-15-2017
Marriott unveil IoT hotel room of the future

As technology continues to evolve and play an increasingly active role in our daily lives, Marriott has teamed with Samsung and Legrand to launch the hospitality industry’s Internet of Things (IoT) hotel room to inspire the ultimate hotel experience of ...

The News Lens International 11-15-2017
Daring to Drone in Myanmar

There are many reasons to worry about the rights of journalists in Myanmar, but last week’s drone arrests are not among them. Last week, a group of journalists were sentenced to two months in prison for flying drones in Myanmar, posing questions over the ...

MobiGyaan 11-15-2017
OnePlus 5T first flash sale in India on November 21 will be exclusive for Amazon Prime Members

We are less than 48 hours away from the unveiling of the OnePlus 5T that will take place at an event tomorrow in New York. Thanks to all the leaks that we have come across until now, we know almost everything about this upcoming OnePlus flagship.

indiesunlimited.com 11-15-2017
I’ll Show You the Money: Monetizing with Amazon

If I offered you a raise of between 5% and 6% for spending a trivial amount of extra time (we’re talking only seconds) you wouldn’t turn it down, would you? I didn’t think so. Yet that’s exactly what an author who isn’t setup as an Amazon ...

Denverite 11-15-2017
Records reveal more about Denver’s secretive Amazon HQ2 bid, including some specific incentives

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Denverite ...

technode.com 11-15-2017
New cyber security law prompts Amazon to sell part of its China cloud services

Beijing Sinnet Technology (光环新网) announced that will offer not more than 2 billion yuan to buy specific operating assets of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in China, TechNode’s Chinese sister site has reported. The assets will include but are not ...

Law360 11-15-2017
Feds Extend Immunity To Retrophin Exec Over Hacking Claim

Law360, New York (November 14, 2017, 8:57 PM EST) -- A former executive at Martin Shkreli’s drug company Retrophin Inc. struck a nonprosecution agreement with Brooklyn federal prosecutors on Tuesday and continued testifying after lawyers for accused ...

Fox 10 11-14-2017
Amazon releases list of Black Friday deals

(Meredith/Business Wire) – Amazon has released their list of Black Friday deals. Full products and links to deals are listed below. Information for this article was provided by Amazon's corporate office. Click here to view the list on Amazon's website.

Products Review Net 11-14-2017
Amazon UK Black Friday Deals 2017 listed early

If you want to beat the rush and get yourself some early Black Friday deals, Amazon UK has you covered as the company has already announced some early deals which will save you lots of money. Even better, is that the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot will be ...

fbtb.net 11-14-2017
Amazon Is Making A Lord Of The Rings TV Series

Amazon signed a deal with Warner Bros. and the Tolkien estate for a multi-season Lord of the Rings television show. Variety is also reporting that “The Amazon deal does not cover “The Silmarillion,” the third major work taking place in Tolkein’s ...

tradepub.com 11-14-2017
"Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0"

Free Product Overview: "Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0" Learn how the right technology can provide Real-Time Security, Tracking and Recovery of your computer in the event of loss or theft.

tradepub.com 11-14-2017
"Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0"

Free Product Overview: "Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0" Learn how the right technology can provide Real-Time Security, Tracking and Recovery of your computer in the event of loss or theft.

tradepub.com 11-14-2017
"Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0"

Free Product Overview: "Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0" Learn how the right technology can provide Real-Time Security, Tracking and Recovery of your computer in the event of loss or theft.

The Comeback 11-14-2017
Honduras coach says Australia spied on their World Cup qualifier practice with a drone

There have been plenty of accusations of espionage ahead of crucial soccer matches over the years, but those are now taking a higher-tech spin. Honduras coach Jorge Luis Pinto has accused Australia of spying on his team’s practice with a drone before the ...

CTV News Barrie 11-14-2017
Barrie council approves Tesla charging stations plan

Barrie council has given initial approval to Tesla Motors Canada to install electric vehicle charging stations across the city. The plan will see 16 charging stations installed between Centennial Park and Collier Street Parkade – at no cost to the city.

tradepub.com 11-14-2017
"Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0"

Free Product Overview: "Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0" Learn how the right technology can provide Real-Time Security, Tracking and Recovery of your computer in the event of loss or theft.

stretchingabuckblog.com 11-14-2017
Mini RC Quadcopter Drone for $19.99

On Amazon right now you can get this fun T36 Mini RC Quadcopter Drone 2.4G 4 Channel 6 Axis With 3D Flip Headless Mode, One Key Return, Nano Copters RTF Mode 2 With Bonus Battery (Red) for just $19.99 – a 50% savings! This will ship free with Amazon ...

www.cpsc.gov 11-14-2017
Drone Nerds Recalls Self-Balancing Scooters/Hoverboards Due to Fire and Explosion Hazards

Drone Nerds store in Aventura, Florida and online at www.dronenerds.com from November 2015 through March 2016 for about $300. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death ...

Bristol24-7 11-14-2017
Robots, virtual reality and the future: Bristol’s Vision 2017

Can robots save the human race? This is just one of the questions up for debate at Vision 2017 and it’s not yet 10am on Tuesday morning. Billed as a chance to open your mind and explore new ways of thinking, the annual event once again attracted a world ...

bobbybones.iheart.com 11-14-2017
I See You: Police Locate Missing Elderly Woman Using Drone

The Randolph County Sheriff police responded to a call of a missing elderly woman, who was suffering from dementia, wandered away from her home. Immediately, police deployed K-9 units to assist in the search as well as an aerial drone. Less than a half ...

Machine Design 11-14-2017
IoT Empowers Control in Fluid Applications

It seems nothing can escape the Internet of Things (IoT). We already see that sensors and data collection are becoming a natural part of our work and consumer environment. In the world of fluid power, IoT is impacting both the hydraulic and pneumatic ...

Engadget Germany on MSN.com 11-14-2017
Real Flying Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer Drone) | Sufficiently Advanced

Thor Ragnarok is out and I decided to revisit Mjolnir, since I already made an unliftable version, here's a flying drone Thor's Hammer! Visit https://www.hackster.io/Advanced for the full tutorial! Music: See You Soon, That Slapper, Lagos 2030 AD all by ...

The Next Platform 11-14-2017
Samsung Invests in Cray Supercomputer for Deep Learning Initiatives

One of the reasons this year’s Supercomputing Conference (SC) is nearing attendance records has far less to do with traditional scientific HPC and much more to do with growing interest in deep learning and machine learning. Since the supercomputing set ...

Teslarati 11-14-2017
Tesla Model S P100D vs. 100D: Is it worth the extra $36k to upgrade?

If you’re on a market for a Tesla Model S and debating between the purchase of a Ludicrous P100D and a 100D, a new video by Drag Times might just help you make that decision. Both vehicles are all-wheel drive powered by dual electric motors. They’re ...

www.alienvault.com 11-14-2017
“Prime”-ing for Amazon and Other IoT Devices

There seems to be all sorts of advice on the Internet on how to secure IoT devices. When not advertising products that could “protect all your Internet-connected home devices from hackers”, much of the user-targeted advice found online seems to be ...

TechnoWize 11-14-2017
What's the Apple 3D sensor

The Apple 3D sensor is supposed to be featured on the rear side of the 2019 iPhones. It seems that Apple Inc. is leading the handset towards a leading augmented-reality device. The iPhone X makes use of the TrueDepth sensor system placed on the front of ...

Sportstar 11-14-2017
Honduras accuses Aussies of drone ‘espionage’

Honduras head coach Jorge Luis Pinto at a press conference in Sydney on Tuesday. - AP Honduras accused Australia of using a drone for "espionage" on Tuesday, giving an extra edge to their winner-takes-all playoff to reach next year's World Cup. Coach Jorge ...

Techlomedia 11-14-2017
Xiaomi joins Samsung at top slot of India’s smartphone market in Q3: IDC

The year 2017 is going extraordinarily for Xiaomi India. After achieving several milestones, now Xiaomi India has touched the top spot of the Indian market for the first time. In Q3, Xiaomi and Samsung were declared at top smartphone makers with IDC.

Amigobulls 11-14-2017
Why Apple Inc Stock Could Still Find A Place In Your Portfolio

We have remained bullish on Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock for a while now. Apple stock has been part of our top stocks to buy portfolio (which has outperformed the Nasdaq Composite by over 160%) for several quarters. Apple continues to deliver strong ...

prototypr.io 11-14-2017
UX 101 for Virtual and Mixed Reality — Part 1: Physicality

UX Planet — Medium | Jacob Payne As practical applications of virtual reality begin to replace flat screens, designers need to consider how to adapt the principles of UX to a 3D world. In the same way that the shift from print to digital prompted ...

GQ India 11-14-2017
Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series could take at least ₹655 crore to produce

It was just a few months ago that we learned Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was desperate for Amazon Studios to develop its own Game of Thrones. That mandate appears to have been taken literally, because Amazon just announced its biggest television deal ever: a ...

Sports Interactive Network Philippines 11-14-2017
Honduras accuses Australia of spying with a drone ahead of World Cup playoff

SYDNEY — Honduras coach Jorge Luis Pinto has accused Australia of an "embarrassing" espionage attempt after a drone hovered over his team's training session ahead of the return leg of their World Cup intercontinental playoff. The first leg last week ...

TeleAnalysis- Telecom News 11-14-2017
Huawei Partners Gemalto To Develop Mass Market NB IoT Solution

Digital security firm Gemalto and telecom gear maker Huawei, both of whom have significant presence in IoT, have joined hands to develop a mass market solution based on NarrowBand IoT (NB IoT) to help device manufacturers meet a growing demand for long ...

geeksnipper.com 11-14-2017
Samsung Galaxy S9 Appeared On Geekbench – Shows 4GB RAM Yet Again !

We have caught a new Samsung device called the SM-965F that is without a doubt, the Galaxy S9 (or maybe the S9+). Samsung has probably started the testing of their upcoming flagship & as they ran a Geekbench test, we have came around it. Now, as this is ...

IGN India 11-14-2017
Lord of the Rings TV Series Gets Multi-Season Commitment From Amazon

A TV series based on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings novels is officially moving forward at Amazon. According to Variety, Amazon has given the series a multi-season commitment in a deal with Warner Bros. TV and the Tolkien estate, after reports ...

Townhall 11-14-2017
Amazon or Walmart? Some retailers are choosing alliances

NEW YORK (AP) — Store chains feeling the upheaval in retail are making strategic alliances — and that can mean picking sides. Kohl's shoppers can find Amazon devices at some stores, and return items they bought from the online retailer. Nike has made ...

Techniblogic 11-14-2017
Honor 7X to be sold by Amazon in India; registrations open

Honor 6X which is the most sold device in Indian Market because of its price and great camera. Honor is again going to come up with another device in the market which is Honor 7X. The device is going to be exclusive on amazon.in and registrations for that ...

mxdwn Games 11-14-2017
Action Packed Virtual Reality Game Shooty Fruity Available This December

nDreams, the studio behind Perfect, The Assembly, Gunner, and Danger Goat have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Shooty Fruity. Shooty Fruity is a first-person shooter and job simulation virtual reality title packed with mischievous ...

hongkong.coconuts.co 11-14-2017
ASEAN 2017 protests: Watch drone shot of police firing water canon at demonstrators, burning of Trump effigy

While President Rodrigo Duterte welcomed the presence of United States President Donald Trump, not everyone was thrilled about his presence. According to Rappler, at least 2,000 protesters showed up on Taft Avenue and Padre Faura st. yesterday to protest ...

GameZone 11-14-2017
Amazon Studios working on Lord of the Rings TV series; Gets Multiple-Season Commitment

If you thought the Lord of the Rings film series was more than enough to satisfy your J.R.R. Tolkien needs or that anything beyond those Peter Jackson films was unnecessary, you might want to sit down for this. Amazon Studios is going to make a Lord of the ...

Wide World of Sports 11-14-2017
Honduras accuse Socceroos of spying after drone filmed during training session at ANZ Stadium

Honduras has accused the Socceroos of spying on them, after a drone was spotted in the sky during their training session at ANZ Stadium on Monday night. Four-time champions Italy have failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 60 years as ...

PC PowerPlay 11-14-2017
Samsung Portable SSD T5

CPUs, graphics cards and RAM are faster than ever. But are you still using a slow piece of spinning metal to game and create content? Get with the times and unleash a new experience in external storage with the Samsung Portable SSD T5. It's the same high ...

Physical Therapy Products 11-13-2017
Arm Rehab for Stroke Patients a Possibility Via Virtual Reality

Idaho State University (ISU) mechanical engineering and physical therapy faculty have created a virtual reality system designed to help stroke patients rehabilitate their arms. The project is a collaboration between ISU and Texas A&M and California State ...

ComingSoon.net 11-13-2017
Confirmed: Amazon to Adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings

Amazon today confirmed the rumors that it has acquired the global television rights to The Lord of the Rings, based on the celebrated fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, with a multi-season commitment. The upcoming Amazon Prime Original will be produced by ...

Which-50 11-13-2017
Nvidia Profile: Powering Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AtlasTrend continually monitors our investment universe for new opportunities for our Trends. These are our companies to watch and in the next article of our ongoing series, we introduce Nvidia Corp (NVDA US) to our members and discuss how it is providing ...

www.diygenius.com 11-13-2017
The VR Classroom: Virtual Reality Apps For Learning On iOS and Android

Virtual Reality has had its ups and downs, but with technology constantly improving and imaginations running wild, it’s difficult not to see VR becoming a disruptive technology in many realms in the coming years. One area that stands to become a hotbed ...

Comic Book Movie 11-13-2017
LORD OF THE RINGS TV Series Officially A Go At Amazon; Will Adapt Previously Unexplored Tolkien Stories

We recently brought you news of a potential Lord of The Rings TV show, and it's now been confirmed that the series has landed a multi-season commitment at Amazon. The show will be produced by Amazon Studios in cooperation with the Tolkien Estate and Trust ...

Heroic Hollywood 11-13-2017
‘Lord Of The Rings’ TV Series Officially Coming To Amazon

Following reports of Warner Bros. and Amazon Studios looking to bring a Lord of the Rings television series to the small screen, Amazon has confirmed that the series is indeed coming to their streaming service, with a commitment to produce multiple ...

media.bookbub.com 11-13-2017
Amazon to Adapt New ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series

In announcing the news, Sharon Tal Yguado, Head of Scripted Series for Amazon Studios, said: “The Lord of the Rings is a cultural phenomenon that has captured the imagination of generations of fans through literature and the big screen. We are honored ...

Oil & Gas 360 11-13-2017
Last Mile Package Delivery’s Latest Incarnation: Electric Truck-and-Drone Combo

Workhorse Group Inc. said it is moving forward on agreements to test and operate its new N-Gen electric van in several cities across the U.S. The electric N-Gen van features a lightweight composite body and an anticipated range of 100 miles on a single ...

TechJuice 11-13-2017
Samsung Galaxy S9 could feature Face ID, leak suggests

Although, we are far away from the launch of Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S9, yet rumors are already circling regarding its various features. Now, we’ve got a new leak from two engineers on LinkedIn who suggests that Galaxy S9 will come with a ...

Thurrott.com 11-13-2017
Microsoft Drops Xbox One S to its Lowest Price Ever, Brings Invoke Down to $99

Microsoft today unveiled its Black Friday deals, available from the Microsoft Store starting November 23. The company is offering a couple of really sweet deals for its own hardware, and a couple of third-party products. Xbox One X only launched earlier ...

Channel 4 Factcheck 11-13-2017
‘Virtual reality has beautiful potential, and evil potential,’ says Jaron Lanier

When you talk of the digital revolution and the brave new world of virtual reality Jaron Lanier wouldn’t necessarily be the first name you’d think of. But the scientist is helping shape the technology which could change our lives for good or bad.

The Rio Times 11-13-2017
Drone Shuts Down São Paulo’s Congonhas Airport for Two Hours

More than 40 flights were diverted or cancelled as police officers looked for those responsible for flying the remote-operated equipment near one of Congonhas' runways. SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL- An unidentified drone circling above São Paulo’s domestic ...

Electrek 11-13-2017
Tesla Semi Unveiling: here are our ‘mind blowing’ expectations for the electric truck

Tesla is set to unveil its electric semi truck this week and ... Musk has been talking about pushing its electric motors to 1 million miles and if there was a time to make an announcement in that direction, the truck unveiling might be the time.

Cultured Vultures 11-13-2017
Microsoft’s Xbox One X Sells 80K Units In The UK In Its First Week

The Xbox One X has been available to consumers for a little under a week now, with its amazing 4K visuals and all round performance enhancements to plenty of Xbox’s finest back catalogue. According to GamesIndustry.biz, the little console that could has ...

Petri.com 11-13-2017
Amazon Adds Improvements to CloudWatch in the AWS GovCloud Region

Amazon recently announced several improvements to CloudWatch, its real-time AWS resource monitoring service. While some of these updates have been available in public AWS regions for some time now, it has only recently been released to the more secure AWS ...

compleatgolfer.com 11-13-2017
Big issue: Virtual reality in South African golf

This month’s Big Issue we weigh up the pros and cons of traditional and virtual golf memberships, writes WADE PRETORIUS in Compleat Golfer. You either love them or hate them. At 19th holes around the country, you will struggle to find a four-ball on the ...

DroneLife 11-13-2017
Drone Racing League Releases Drone Flight & Racing Simulator

Want to race drone without damaging anything? You can. And if you are good enough you might qualify to compete in the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship. The Drone Racing League (DRL) today launched the DRL Simulator, the world’s most realistic drone ...

AirlineGeeks.com 11-13-2017
Air Canada Uses Virtual Reality to Demonstrate Dreamliner Experience

Air Canada's new livery and uniforms as seen in front of a 787 Dreamliner (Photo: Air Canada) Air Canada has become the first Canadian airline to use virtual reality to simulate a passenger’s experience flying on board the airline’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Silver Pinyon Journal 11-13-2017
Global Mobile Phone and Smart Phone Market 2017-Apple Inc,Acer Inc,Asustek Computer Inc,Google Inc,Benq Corporation,Hewlett-Packard Company

Latest Mobile Phone and Smart Phone Market Research Report 2017 Contains Historic Data That Spans 2013 to 2017, and Then Continues To Forecast To 2022. That Makes This Report So Invaluable, Resources For The Leaders As Well As The New Entrants In The Industry.

archilovers.com 11-13-2017
Must-Have Interactive Interior virtual reality App developer by Yantram virtual reality studio Melbourne

Demonstrate your property whether it is inside or outside however our intuitive arrangement by means of markup/pointers to explore the property around. VR Realstate advertising focused site that is very much outlined with "invitations to take action" can ...

IoT Business News 11-13-2017
How Is 2018 Shaping Up for IoT?

An article by Marc, Editor at IoT Business News. If there’s one thing we have learned about IoT in the past, it’s that the predictions of its size are not to be trusted. From the early predictions of a trillion devices by 2015, to the more recent ...

ICV2 11-13-2017

Rolling for Initiative is a weekly column by Scott Thorne, PhD, owner of Castle Perilous Games & Books in Carbondale, Illinois and instructor in marketing at Southeast Missouri State University. This week, Thorne Brick and mortar retailing still has a long ...

ProPakistani.pk 11-13-2017
Samsung Shows Off Its Latest Flagship Exynos 9810 Processor

Samsung had quite the strong showing at CES 2018 Innovation awards. The South-Korean company won 36 different awards for its devices including one for Exynos 9810 chipset. Samsung is known for making its own chips to power their smartphones. Most of its ...

dx.com 11-13-2017
JJRC H49-10 SOL Spare Parts USB Charging Cable for RC Quadcopter Drone - Black

All packages from DX.com are sent without DX logo or any information indicating DX.com. Due to package variations from suppliers, the product packaging customers receive may be different from the images displayed.

SamMobile 11-13-2017
Samsung lists the Galaxy A5 (2018) on its website

Samsung is expected to unveil its new Galaxy A (2018) series in the near future. There have been a lot of reports recently about the Galaxy A5 (2018) and the Galaxy A7 (2018). A listing for the former has now been spotted on Samsung’s South Korean website.

ibc.org 11-13-2017
From AI to mixed reality: Inside Microsoft’s Future Decoded event

Welcome to www.ibc.org. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. The themes of mixed reality, artificial intelligence and quantum computing took centre stage at a Microsoft-hosted tech event in London. Micrsoft Future Decoded conference in London Future ...

9Finance 11-13-2017
HMO launches connected car IoT prototype

Social media platform developer HearMeOut Limited (ASX: HMO) is targeting the in-car entertainment market with the launch of a new prototype. HMO is developing a device which enables drivers to easily control their feed and entire HearMeOut platform ...

gizmochina 11-13-2017
Samsung Could Lose Top Spot To Apple In Q4 2017: TrendForce

According to TrendForce analysis, Samsung currently holds the top spot worldwide in terms of market share with around 21.1 percent market. However, the report suggests that Apple will dethrone Samsung from the top spot in the last quarter of this year (Q4 ...

www.engineersaustralia.org.au 11-13-2017
The 'Smart Enough' Factory. A digital journey and IoT Case study on Sutton Tools

There are shared global challenges to the adoption of Industry 4.0 that affect businesses on all steps of the digital journey. These are cost of implementation, a shortage of skilled employees, and a concern about security. Although these problems are ...

satPRnews 11-13-2017
IoT Analytics Market Research Report by Regional Analysis : Forecast up to 2025

Internet of things (IoT) analytics assists users in combining operative information with data and generation intelligent analytics. Adoption of IoT-based technologies is witnessing a surge owing to its benefits including better efficiency, reduced ...

KVIA 11-13-2017
Report: US carried out drone strikes in Somalia

The U.S. military said Sunday that it carried out three drone strikes against Islamic extremists in Somalia within 24 hours, The Associated Press reported. The attacks by unmanned drones ramp up the military's campaign against al-Shabab and the Islamic ...

Futurism 11-13-2017
Microsoft’s President Says Cyber Warfare Prevention Falls Largely on Tech Companies

The biggest tech companies should lead the charge in protecting the world from cyberattacks, according to Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith. However, he asserts that governments also have a role to play in ensuring our safety in the ...

The Fast Mode 11-13-2017
IoT Platform Startup Ayla Networks Secures $60 million

Ayla Networks, the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) platform-as-a-service (PaaS), has recently raised $60 million in Series D financing led by Run Liang Tai Fund and Sunsea Telecommunications. Founded in 2010, Ayla provides enterprise software ...

Roadshow on MSN.com 11-13-2017
How to watch Elon Musk unveil Tesla's electric semi truck

Tesla Motors is struggling to fulfill orders for its Model 3, but that isn't stopping Elon Musk from sending a new type of electric vehicle up the on-ramp. Tesla sent out invitations for the formal unveiling of its first semi truck this Thursday ...

businessinsights.bitdefender.com 11-12-2017
Amazon moves to stop S3 buckets leaking business data

A long line of very public data breaches have made clear that businesses don’t need to be targeted by sophisticated hackers to have private and sensitive data splashed across the newspaper headlines. Your company doesn’t need to be hit by a zero-day ...

EV World 11-12-2017
China's NIU Partners with Vodaphone on IoT Smart Scooters

Future Niu electric scooters now will come with pre-installed Vodaphone IoT sim cards that will enable 'over-the-air' software updates, just like Tesla. Chinese electric scooter maker NIU has signed an agreement with Vodaphone to install the now-British ...

uxpamagazine.org 11-12-2017
Understanding User Motivation: Creating Compelling IoT Experiences

It’s New Year’s Eve and friends are at my apartment celebrating the ball drop on television. Streamers are flying, and people are getting ready to clink champagne glasses. Suddenly, all the lights dim, leaving the apartment 50% darker than it was ...

Hot Hardware 11-12-2017
Microsoft CEO Nadella Mocks iPad Users Telling Them To ‘Get A Real Computer’

What it is that constitutes a personal computer has changed over the years, and especially in recent history with mobile form factors taking a strong hold in the marketplace. And for a blip in time, it seemed as though tablets were poised to replace ...

User-generated content 11-12-2017
Amazon employees donate 500 backpacks full of necessities to Emergency Shelter of Northern KY

The Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky (ESNKY) received a generous donation today of 500 backpacks full of toiletries, hats, gloves, and other basic necessities from employees of the Amazon fulfillment center in Hebron, Ky. Amazon has a long history of ...

TWCN Tech News 11-12-2017
Microsoft integrates Word with LinkedIn Resume Assistant to help you build better profiles

Microsoft has introduced a new LinkedIn-powered feature called as “Resume Assistant” that is aimed at helping professionals build better resumes while applying for jobs. While making your resume on Microsoft Word, as soon as you select your preferred ...

junkmail.co.za 11-12-2017
Samsung J7 Prime(Brand New)

Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) 5.5 inch fhd Screen(401ppi) 4g lte Octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 cpu Mali-T830 MP1 gpu 13 MP, f/1.9 back camera(1080p30fps) 8 MP, f/1.9 front camera 16GB storage(microSD, up to 256 GB) 3GB RAM Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct ...

MakTechBlog 11-12-2017
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max gets price cut in India, available at Rs. 16,900

Samsung has slashed the price of its J7 series of smartphone, Samsung Galaxy J7 Max in India. The device has received a price cut of Rs. 1000 in the country, it is now available with a price of Rs. 16,900. The mobile phone was announced in June this year ...

The Drive 11-12-2017
Previously-Waived Drone Registration Law Likely to Be Restored

The controversial drone policy introduced by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2015, requiring recreational drone users to registers their UAVs, was constitutionally overturned in May of this year, but it may end up being enforced again next year by ...

Windows Latest 11-12-2017
Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard for Android and iPhone updated with new feature

Microsoft recently acquired SwiftKey, a popular third-party keyboard for Android and iPhone, and since then the company is updating the application with improvements. Microsoft is now updating SwiftKey for Android and iPhone with new feature and some ...

oscarliang.com 11-12-2017
Review: Boldclash BWhoop B06 Brushless Micro Drone

The BWhoop B06 micro quad is made by BoldClash. Similar to the famous Tiny Whoop, all the propellers are protected by ducts on the BWhoop so you don’t need to worry about crashing, but it’s bigger and more powerful. The BWhoop B06 Micro Quad is ...

dailycommercials.com 11-12-2017
Samsung: Growing Up – Song by Chyvonne Scott

Samsung unveiled one of the best trolls of the year. It is about how to walk away from an old obsession. Like Apple obsession… The film tries to be genius marketing and criticize Apple moves over the years. The advert was created by the advertising ...

eTeknix 11-12-2017
Microsoft CEO To iPad Owners ‘Get a Real Computer!’

You remember those adverts that Apple did about 10 years ago? The ‘I’m a PC and I’m a MAC’ ones? They acted as a spark to the whole powderkeg argument of Microsoft vs Apple. Apple claimed it was impervious to viruses while Microsoft was able to ...

How-To Geek 11-12-2017
The Amazon Echo Plus Is a Horrible Smarthome Hub

Amazon’s new Echo ($100) is smaller, contains new microphone technology, and boasts better sound. The old Echo form factor has been remade into the Echo Plus ($150), which comes with a built-in smarthome hub. It’s not very good. For starters, it’s ...

time4ee.com 11-12-2017
Bolt IoT - first example and settings

The picture tutorial how to set and run Bolt IoT platform. This tutorial shows how to set the Bolt IoT and Bolt IoT cloud. Next, how to turn on and turn off the LED by website from whole world. At first, you have to sign up on the https://cloud.boltiot.com ...

NewsOK 11-12-2017
Oklahoma Inc.: Looking back at past winners, news of the day

Apple's Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone ... Educational Development Corp. boosted revenues and earnings to capture the top spot in the 2002 edition of Oklahoma Inc. • Best investment: Lowrance Electronics Inc., makers of fish-finders and other electronic ...

Notebookcheck.net 11-12-2017
Details of the Samsung Galaxy S9 revealed

The Galaxy S8 was released way back in April, which means that this is about prime time for speculation on its successor, S9. Samsung, in a press release a few days ago, showcased its latest technologies that will be honored with awards for Outstanding ...

events.berkeley.edu 11-12-2017
Hayoun Kwon’s Virtual Reality Projects

Hayooun Kwon presents her recent virtual reality projects (related to her acclaimed video pieces), including 489 Years, set in the DMZ between North and South Korea, and The Bird Lady, on a woman who transformed her apartment into an aviary

Mynewsdesk 11-12-2017
Innovations will Boost IoT Fleet Management Market Growth in the Foreseeable Future

A recent study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) on the global IoT fleet management market suggests that the number of participants is growing, with International players maintaining leading positions via financial might as well as technological ...

DZone News 11-12-2017
5 Things to Know About IoT Security

Build an open IoT platform with Red Hat—keep it flexible with open source software. We are currently witnessing a growing number of IoT deployments and solutions around the world. IoT security is emerging as a key component of these deployments and ...

Komando 11-12-2017
Microsoft warns two banking Trojans that can steal from your accounts on the rise

With scammers lurking around every digital corner, it's extremely important that you're careful with sensitive data. The last thing that you need is to have that information fall into the wrong hands. That's exactly what's happening to victims right now ...

Twinfinite 11-12-2017
Amazon Has Launched a New Storefront Called Retro Zone

All the retro games and accessories gathered in one place. Ah, nostalgia. It has brought us many remakes and remasters, as well as mini versions of our favorite old consoles. But today it brings us Retro Zone, a new storefront from Amazon. Retro Zone is a ...

Cincinnati.com 11-12-2017
Amazon employees donate 500 backpacks

The Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky received a generous donation Nov. 10 of 500 backpacks full of toiletries and other basic necessities from employees of the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Hebron. Associates at the fulfillment center wanted to ...



cowhampshireblog.com 11-24-2017
100 Years Ago: Food Conservation–Meatless and Wheatless Recipes

WHEATLESS RECIPES [Bread-stuffs]— Tested in the experimental kitchen ... Soak over night, then drain, cover with fresh water, heat slowly (keeping water below the boiling point) and cook until skins will burst. (Test by taking out a few beans and blowing ...

metropolisjapan.com 11-24-2017
Festive Food and Fun

Everything at Guzman y Gomez is prepared with fresh ingredients and spices from Mexico. The pico de gallo, guacamole and chips are all made in-house. After becoming an icon in the Harajuku Mexican food scene, they’re finally expanding to the streets of ...

lifehack.org 11-23-2017
6 Fast & Furious Recipe Books to Read If You Claim You Have No Time to Cook

Today’s busy professionals spend more time working than ever before. They barely have time for anything else but sleep and work. When it comes to eating, taking away and ordering in take precedence over eating healthy, home-cooked meals. But we all know ...

naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com 11-23-2017
7 Foods That Take Delicate Care Of Your Liver

Liver Detox Food #1: Garlic Many people can’t stand the strong smell ... detoxification and prevent alcohol and toxic matter from being converted into harmful ingredients to the liver. What is more, turmeric can increase bile flow, thus cleansing the ...

USgamer 11-23-2017
Breath of the Wild Recipes - Cooking Guide

As a general rule it’s best to cook an item before eating it. This increases the benefit of the item. So, for example, raw meat can be eaten as is to replenish some hearts but cook it to replenish even more. Food items are found growing on things (apples ...

Hays Daily News 11-23-2017
How to cook a turkey: Recipes from elementary students

Bake at 6 degrees for 7 hours. Serve with fruit, chicken and cookies. Finley Lowry First, take the feathers off. Next, cook it. Then, eat it. Bake at 12 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve with ham, tomatoes and donuts. Eli Bernasconi First, cook it. Next, bake it.

Lifehacker Australia 11-23-2017
How to Cook in Someone Else's Kitchen

If you’re cooking in someone else’s kitchen this year ... which must be just so divine if her great-grandmother’s recipe isn’t good enough for you anymore. Don’t panic! Thank your past self for deciding to offhandedly mention a dish that can ...

picsinpics.com 11-23-2017
Recipes Organized into Component Parts in Food Styling Photos by Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj (6 pics)

In a shoot for Nordic cookware brand Eva, Copenhagen-based photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj lets the ingredients speak for themselves ... itself is an essential element in classic Scandinavian food and drink. You can see the full series on Behance

foodieunderground.com 11-22-2017
Using Food to Change the Thanksgiving Narrative

“Food media at large still won’t touch the imperialist implications ... I suggest supporting local tribes in your area and purchase indigenous ingredients.” Whatever you are serving this Thanksgiving, take some time to remember the truth behind ...

Wicked Local North of Boston 11-22-2017
Gloucester resident a "Home Town Cook'n Recipe" winner

Ellen Verdugo has a key philosophy when it comes to cooking up recipes in the kitchen. “I usually stay in my comfort zone with the recipes I enter -- fresh foods, local ingredients and fairly wholesome treatments,” says the Gloucester resident.

College Candy 11-22-2017
These Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes Are Perfect For Amateurs

Between the surprise of the timing and your lack of cooking expertise, the idea of bringing a dish is probably intimidating. There are a few different, delicious recipes for all procrastinators and amateur chefs. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to ...

Philadelphia Sunday Sun 11-22-2017
Helpful Holiday Recipes for the Home Chef

However, simple recipes that please the masses can help make life easier ... Remove turkey from brine, draining excess, and pat dry. Discard excess brine. Cook turkey 15-20 minutes per pound, or until internal temperature reaches 165 F on instant-read ...

Marion Today 11-22-2017
Energy is among least expensive ingredients for the holiday meal

When compared to all the other ingredients for the big holiday meal ... Cook as much of your meal at one time as possible. Foods with different cooking temperatures can be cooked together, if the temperature difference is less than 25 degrees.

gregladen.com 11-22-2017
Cooking Laid Back Turkey

“What’s her name.” Well, that was an interesting conversation….. Anyway, I want to suggest that you use a recipe invented by Julia Child for cooking your Thanksgiving Turkey this year. It is called “Laid Back Turkey.” It is, in my ...

dearcrissy.com 11-22-2017
Holiday Yam Bake Recipe

Be sure to pin this tasty holiday side dish to your favorite boards on Pinterest, and you can grab a printable link to the recipe below. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly spray a 1 ½ quart-casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray. Drain the yams and ...

amandascookin.com 11-22-2017
35 Delectable Crisp and Cobbler Recipes

You’ve heard of zucchini bread – why not a zucchini crisp like this delicious recipe from Live Eat Learn? It might sound a bit out there, but trust me – this Peach Blueberry Basil Cobbler from Lana’s Cooking will have you wanting to add basil to ...

pogo.org 11-22-2017
Food Fight: Fighting for Food Safety Without a Champion

and aren’t inaccurately reporting weight and ingredient information on the packaging. Unfortunately, the position that oversees FSIS, the Under Secretary for Food Safety, has been vacant since December 2013. Successive administrations have failed to ...

naturalremedysite.blogspot.com 11-22-2017
High-Fat Foods and Their Effect on Blood Sugar

You can do this by reading food labels carefully because the different types of fats are listed as ingredients on most food labels. Excessive fat consumption will also cause you to gain weight and that is another way blood glucose levels can spiral out of ...

Tasting Table 11-22-2017
5 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes for Cocktail Parties

From savory finger foods to a drink that can be easily scaled up for a crowd, we've rounded up our favorite cocktail party recipes that are as impressive as they are easy to create. After all, the best host is the one who actually gets to enjoy the party.

Crow River Media 11-21-2017
Too much turkey? Leader readers share favorite recipes for leftovers

If you’re looking for ideas on how to use that leftover turkey, Leader readers volunteered the following recipes. Arrange turkey in a casserole ... “It’s a tad messy, but so tasty,” she said. Cook and stir drained mushrooms and onions in butter ...

MovieWeb 11-21-2017
How to Cook a Porg for Your Holiday Dinner

With both Thanksgiving and Life Day approaching quickly, and to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we thought we would share a Jedi recipe passed down for centuries amongst the Old Republic, on how to properly cook a Porg and serve it ...

emilyreviews.com 11-21-2017
Christmas Gifts That Wow: Ninja Cooking System with Auto-iQ & Ninja Intelli-Sense™ System with Auto-Spiralizer {+ Recipe!}

I received product from Ninja to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. When I get stumped for a gift idea, I tend to invest in something practical and useful. I love knowing that someone will enjoy my gift but I like it even more when I know ...

ehow.com 11-21-2017
Turkey Stuffing Featuring Sausage Recipe

Add the browned sausage to the sautéed vegetables and cook for another minute ... (Image: Leigh Ann Chatagnier) Feel free to tweak this recipe to make it a version of your favorite flavors. I love the idea of adding roasted butternut squash in this ...

lovingitvegan.com 11-21-2017
Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Pumpkin Fudge

a digital program created so that you always know the answer to: 'What's For Dinner?' I believe in simple, delicious, accessible and unpretentious vegan food, without unnecessary or hard to find ingredients.

collegemagazine.com 11-21-2017
15 Thanksgiving Crockpot Recipes Even You Can Make

Knock your dinner out of the park, even if you can’t cook for shit. Take a simple three-ingredient turkey recipe and play mix and match with your favorite flavors to win the holiday. Whether you’ve got 20 people over for dinner or just two, you’ll ...

awfullibrarybooks.net 11-21-2017
Minimal Effort Cooking

This cookbook is about cooking with the least amount of effort. This book is the author’s collection of recipes gathered from the wild: newspaper clippings, labels off jars, etc. Essentially, it is a 1960’s version of a Pinterest board. Most of the ...

thewooleryguy.wordpress.com 11-21-2017
Woolery Favorites – Thanksgiving Recipes

And for even more sentimental value, this recipe is from Natalie’s own aunt who she misses dearly and the dish brings her memory back each time Natalie makes it! Cook potatoes and mash them. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend well. Pour into ...

inspiredbycharm.com 11-21-2017
Slow Cooker Cranberry Orange Monkey Bread Recipe

It’s truly that simple. One of the big pluses of using a Crock-Pot Slow Cooker for a dessert such as this monkey bread recipe is that it saves valuable oven space. While the monkey bread is cooking, you can bake a couple other desserts. You can serve ...

styleyoursenses.com 11-21-2017
Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipe with JET.com

To make this recipe even easier, I ordered some staples from jet.com to have on hand in my pantry so that I can make it at a moment’s notice. First of all, do your kids play the…I’M STARVING game while you’re cooking dinner? It’s Landry’s ...

scrappygeek.com 11-21-2017
Best Kitchen Gifts For Cooks

Today we’re talking about the best kitchen gifts and gadgets for home cooks. With the holiday season knocking at the door, we know it’s time to start our gift search. While we’re in the kitchen fishing through grandma’s cookie recipes, we’re ...

Longevity LIVE 11-21-2017
Supercharged Food Delight: Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

bring compote ingredients to the boil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to low. Simmer gently for 10 minutes, stirring often. Keep warm while making pancakes. To make cashew nut cream, whiz nuts, water, stevia and vanilla in a food processor ...

thriftymommastips.com 11-21-2017
10 Craveable Delicious Cheese Ball Recipes

It’s time to cook, clean. entertain, trade ... And I am always looking for new cheese ball recipes. So here are TEN of my favourite cheeseball recipes.

Weku 88.9 11-21-2017
A Blue Apron Thanksgiving: 3 Recipes To Try At Home

Below are the recipes for meals Martin and Sorensen made ... Small dice two slices thick-cut bacon. In a large pan, cook the bacon for four to five minutes on medium, until browned and crispy. Transfer to a paper towel–lined plate, leaving any fat ...

anewtraveller.com 11-21-2017
How to Pair Wine with Indian Food

But let’s start by getting the Indian food right. Amid a sea of luke-warm ... Here’s how to find the right wine for your dish: For lighter dishes that feature ingredients like shrimp, vegetables, yogurt-based sauces, aromatic herbs, and especially ...

hummusapien.com 11-21-2017
13 Healthy Recipes for a Totally Humbelievable Thanksgiving

I loooove cooking for people and entertaining and having a house to ... If I were to have all my lovely friends and family over for the feast, these luscious recipes below would make up my Thanksgiving menu. Ya ya they’re healthy shmealthy and whatnot ...

The Statesman 11-21-2017
Transformation of Indian food amid globalization

“We do not think Indian food loses identity, it merely changes sometimes for the better, incorporating new and more diverse ingredients and processes. Due to globalization, various street foods and chaats from India have been recognized as Indian foo

activekids.com 11-21-2017
Healthy Comfort Food Recipes Your Family Will Love

Really! It's all about the recipes. Featuring lightened-up classics, new twists and smart ingredient swaps, you'll want to warm up with one of these healthy comfort food recipes around the dinner table tonight.

KTVH.com 11-21-2017
Montana food for the Holidays: from farm to table

“Knowing where your food is coming from when it’s going on the table is ... Local farmers and ranchers provide both markets with delicious ingredients, perfect for your holiday meal. “We do have a handful of Hutterite turkeys that we get a small ...

PMQ Pizza Magazine 11-20-2017
10 Food Trends to Watch in 2018

2. Upcycled products. As consumers become more aware of how much food is wasted in the U.S., upcycled products made of ingredients and scraps that would have otherwise been discarded, will hold bigger appeal. We're already seeing pressed juice made from ...

Aspen Public Radio 11-20-2017
It's Not Just Politics. Food Can Stir Holiday Conflict, Too

A Nielsen survey from 2016 found about two-thirds of those surveyed said they follow a diet that limits or prohibits consumption of some foods or ingredients. In an era when what we eat can be considered a political or ethical statement, and when ...

Dispatch Tribunal 11-20-2017
Blue Apron Holdings (APRN) versus AdvancePierre Foods Holdings (APFH) Financial Contrast

The Company provides original recipes with the pre-portioned ingredients to complement tastes and lifestyles of college graduates, young couples, families, singles, and empty nesters. AdvancePierre Foods Holdings, Inc. is a producer and distributor of ...

countrylifecitywife.com 11-20-2017
Recipe: Partridge in a Baked Pear Christmas Tree

I know cooking has helped me as a stepmom; it is something K and I can do and enjoy together-and she loves it! Today I am honored to partner with today’s sponsor, Shriners Hospital for Children so we can pass on a favorite holiday baked pear recipe while ...

Food & Wine 11-20-2017
Why Aquaponic Farming May Be the Future of Food

“[The ingredients] are often so good they stand up for themselves. We often pair them with locally caught fish, or Kurobuta pork from the Big Island. Pairing local with local. True and honest food needs no pretension. The same principles apply to food as ...

lipulse.com 11-20-2017
The Shed Stores Comfort Food in Huntington

Described as a “combination of belly warming and healthy American comfort food,” it’s a collaboration between Tunney and head chef Robert Baez. They aim to use local organic ingredients whenever possible while meats are locally grinded daily.

asbestos.com 11-20-2017
Thanksgiving Super Foods to Fight Cancer: Feast for the Fight

Add remaining ingredients. Reduce heat to low ... Incorporate this immune-boosting food into your diet at least once a week, if possible, and keep the skin on for an extra boost of nutrition. This simple recipe uses cinnamon — a wonderful spice that ...

petmd.com 11-20-2017
Grains in Dog Food: What You Need to Know

These include barley, oats and rye. Other brands are dropping grains entirely and manufacturing grain-free dog food—opting instead for ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas and beans. Each grain has its own unique nutritional profile, says Adolphe ...

InStyle UK 11-20-2017
These 5 Foods Are the Best For Glowing Skin

As a young girl with skin allergies and eczema, she started making her own products using natural ingredients, and found that beautiful ... The Beauty Chef: Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing, offers background on her research ...

awesomecuisine.com 11-20-2017
Beetroot Pineapple Halwa Recipe

1. Wash, peel and grate the pineapples and beetroots. 2. Steam cook them both and keep aside. 3. Heat ghee in a pan over medium flame. 4. Add the beetroots and pineapples. 5. Stir well. 6. Add jaggery and mix well. 7. When the mixture starts to thicken ...

WIAT 11-20-2017
Alex Finnie’s Thanksgiving recipe: Dirty Rice

This is my “Dirty Rice” recipe. A family friend passed it on to Mama Finnie ... How to Make: First, you want to cook the pork in a skillet pan. After that is done, boil the rice. Throw the meat and rice into a big bowl. Melt half a stick of butter ...

insidefmcg.com.au 11-20-2017
Businesses unprepared for new food labelling laws

From July 2018, food made, grown or produced in Australia will feature the image of a kangaroo in a triangle and a bar chart that shows the proportion of Australian ingredients. Food packed in Australia will show the proportion of Australian ingredients ...

dutchreview.com 11-20-2017
Feeling adventurous? 3 Daring Dutch recipes to test your inner chef (and your patience)-Part 1

Enjoy cooking Dutch food? Then you are in for a real adventure with the first part of our daring Dutch recipes to try at home! Stamppot, hotspot and erwtensoep… Might all be very delicious to eat but cooking the same dishes everyday can get boring.

Today's Parent on MSN.com 11-20-2017
12 easy slow cooker recipes

The cooking liquid can even be defatted, frozen and reused to braise pork another day – it only gets richer with use. Get the recipe: Red-Cooked Pork Sandwiches Make your main dish and two side dishes in one fell swoop. Get the recipe: Herb and Spice ...

kitchen.nine.com.au 11-20-2017
9Honey podcast: Curtis Stone reveals the Aussie ingredients that make Christmas

Today's episode sees Aussie culinary great Curtis Stone get a little sentimental as he talks about his own family Christmas traditions – food is obviously a huge ... there're a few oh-so-Australian ingredients that absolutely must star in the festive ...

Wowhead 11-20-2017
Warcraft Cooking IRL: Suramar Surf and Turf, Azshari Salad, Cookbook Giveaway

It's time for the latest installment of our Cooking Series! Every month or so Lulaboo will cook a different Warcraft Cookbook recipe for Wowhead and add her own chef's tips! We've been cooking from the Official Warcraft Cookbook for a while, but now we're ...

The Livingston County News 11-20-2017
Got a Minute?: Exploring diabetes food myths

... labeled for diabetics have adjusted the carbohydrate content of the foods, but check the label. In making this adjustment, the manufacturer may have increased other ingredients such as fats or sodium content to compensate for other ingredient changes.

Nation's Restaurant News 11-20-2017
5 food safety best practices

Fraud also entails the use of unidentified food additives, such as flavoring solutions that add weight to meat, false ingredient or nutritional claims on labels, the sale of edibles that were unsafely handled in transit or any number of moves that ...

Femina 11-20-2017
Recipe: easy-peasy cauliflower and mascarpone soup

Cook until the mixture is soft enough to purée. Blend until smooth and creamy. Add some more stock if required to bring the soup to a finishing consistency. Stir in the butter and mascarpone. Garnish with chopped and fried cauliflower or chopped chives.

Eater DC 11-20-2017
Capital Food Fight Auctions Off José Andrés’ Worn Sneakers

Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen's Capital Food Fight The victor: In the finals, Rosenfelt and Pradachith went head to head over a secret ingredient of Salty Hog oysters from Whole Foods Market. Rosenfelt emerged the victor thanks ...

mrsd-daily.com 11-20-2017
Crispy Chicken with Creamy Mushrooms and Braised Leeks Recipe

Serves 4 - 5 mins to prepare and 1 hr 5 mins to cook - 533 calories / serving - Freezable Preheat the oven to gas 6, 200°C, fan 180°C. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat and add the onions. Cook for 15-20 mins until softened and ...

Brit + Co 11-19-2017
11 Homemade Baby Food Recipes That Are Actually Super Easy

(via Baby FoodE) Item 3/12 Chicken Carrot Purée: We love any recipe that's nearly hands-off ... This pretty pink applesauce contains no sugar and smells delicious while it's cooking. It's yummy solo or mixed with plain oatmeal or yogurt.

chezmoiblog.com 11-19-2017
Fancy food | Blackcurrant-Cured Salmon with Herbed Cream Cheese

Classy doesn’t come easy, mind you, so it’s only fitting that the recipe should contain an obscure ingredient that you will need to ... of that – but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a food snob (I am) or I won’t be wowed by a new idea (happens ...

Clarksville Now 11-19-2017
Cooking with Sarah: Thanksgiving appetizer and turkey-tinis

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (CLARKSVILLENOW) – Make these fun and festive recipes for yourself at home by following Sarah’s instructions. Plus, check back for even more fun recipes. You can see more Cooking with Sarah videos on our YouTube playlist.

GreatResponder.com 11-19-2017
Thanksgiving Hack: Cook Your Turkey Sous Vide

Unlike cooking by oven or grill, the bath method distributes heat ... All you have to do is bag the food, fill the pot with water, place the wand inside, and select the correct recipe in the app on your phone. The sous vide method gives you a juicier ...

evalleytimes.com 11-19-2017
Recipes for your Thanksgiving meal

Remove the turkey from the refrigerator 2 to 3 hours (depending on the size of the bird) before cooking to allow it to come closer to room temperature. The turkey will cook more quickly and more evenly that way. Remove Giblets and Rinse Turkey When you are ...

Esquire (UK) on MSN.com 11-19-2017
The Secret Trick To Cooking The Perfect Roast Chicken

Perfect soft-boiled eggs, every time. Which brings me, in a chicken-and-egg sort of way, to this recipe: roast chicken. When the weather turns cold, we want warming comfort food, and this dish always fits the bill. It was only recently, however ...

Vogue on MSN.com 11-18-2017
Feed a Crowd for Friendsgiving with 5 Recipes from Female Chefs

Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about how to cook for a group. "This recipe is perfect for a gathering of friends since it's affordable, can be made ahead, and is easy to make for a large crowd," Turshen says. "It’s also nice for a gathering ...

Clarksville Leaf Chronicle 11-18-2017
Four recipes to try this holiday season

Here are the top recipes from our dedicated Home Cooking for the Holidays cooks. Give them a try to see if you might have a new addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas table. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 9x13 pan. Mix all ingredients but zucchini ...

stylecraze.com 11-18-2017
15 Best Chicken Pakora (Pakoda) Recipe You Must Try

However, I get bored of making the same recipe again and again. So, I try different cooking methods and experiment with different ingredients, dips, and batter to create a different chicken pakora each time. Some recipes have failed, but a few turned out ...

Wicked Local Belmont 11-18-2017
Foodie's Recipe of the week from Chef Laura Brennan: French Green Beans (Haricot Vert) with Herbs and Grilled Baguette Crumbs

This recipe can be prepped ahead the day before and quickly heated through and finished for serving. The dish’s simple and clean flavors offers a counterpoint to other heavier dishes on the table. Prep: 20 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Served ...

San Diego Entertainer Magazine 11-18-2017
Easy and Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

Many of these recipes are adapted from Food Network chefs or Cooking Light (two great resources). Adaptations to recipes have been made to make them original, slightly different, and real crowd pleasers. Follow the links below to the recipes. You won’t ...

Latin Times 11-17-2017
How To Cook A Turkey For Thanksgiving: Go The Latino Way With This Unique Stuffing Recipe

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many of us are getting ready for this fabulous celebration. Although Latin America doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, chances are most Latinos living in the United States will. It may not be a part of our heritage ...

Food52 11-17-2017
The Sioux Chef's Quest to Revive Indigenous Cooking

Scroll to the end: You'll find a recipe for a roast goose from Sherman's cookbook that ... Sean Sherman: The book comes from quite a few years of slowly developing not only our cooking style, but also the philosophy around our work. We feel like it ...

dinneratthezoo.com 11-17-2017
40 Satisfying Leftover Ham Recipes

I buy a ham just for this recipe! This creamy ham and corn chowder is loaded with veggies, potatoes and bacon and is the perfect way to repurpose leftover ham. Heat the butter in a large pot over medium high heat. Add the onions and carrot and cook for 4-5 ...

www.homemadebyyou.co.uk 11-17-2017
5 surprising prosecco-based recipes for your dinner party

Just like white wine, prosecco adds depth to your cooking along with a touch of luxury You've added ... but it’s just like adding a little white wine. This prep-ahead recipe can be frozen for up to two weeks, ready for your guests to descend on ...

INSIDER 11-16-2017
11 foods and ingredients that aren't as bad for you as you think

All across the internet, alarmist bloggers and quack doctors like to stir up panic about "bad" foods. They insist that MSG, artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy, and more are the secret culprits behind cancer, obesity, or hosts of other health problems.

Naples Illustrated 11-16-2017
5 Local Spots for Fresh Ingredients

Bernard also relies on Oakes Farm’s seasonal crops, including zucchini and tomatoes, which are also sold at its retail outlets, Oakes Farms Market and Food & Thought in Naples. For citrus, Lisa Boet at Chez Boet favors South Naples Citrus Grove.

Modern Farmer 11-16-2017
Recipe: Deboned Whole Chicken Stuffed with Braised Kale and Collards over Grilled Turnips and Carrots [with video]

This recipe is part of the Just Picked series ... To make stock, coat chicken bones in oil then transfer them to the hot pot. Cook and stir bones for about 15 minutes to get some color on them. Add onions, carrots, garlic, parsley, and oregano and sauté ...

www.boxrox.com 11-16-2017
3 Delicious & Healthy Pumpkin Recipes to Keep You Fit in Autumn

at Starbucks there is a recipe for home made healthy pumpkin latte. It contains all-natural ingredients, no added sugar and a low amount of calories. 1. In a cup or saucepan, mix together almond milk and pumpkin. Cook on medium heat on the stovetop or ...

skilledsurvival.com 11-16-2017
Food Dehydrator – How To Find The Best One For You

Food dehydration was practiced by people who survived in the ... It’s a straightforward process that begins with selecting good produce. The best ingredients will make the best-dried produce. Fruits should be cut into thin slices. And veggies (which ...

whereismyspoon.co 11-16-2017
Hungarian Pork and Paprika Stew – Pörkölt Recipe

Have a look at some of these recipes, they could all be some kind of Romanian tocana ... Add the meat and continue cooking for about 5 minutes, stirring often and making sure you sear the meat on all sides. Add about 250 ml/ 1 cup hot water, the meat ...

nogarlicnoonions.com 11-16-2017
Dinner at Liza Beirut: Good Food in a Beautiful Setup

it’s about rich flavors of real food! Every ingredient can be felt, every single item plays a role in perfecting your culinary experience... I’ve had one of the best zesty hummus, a one of a kind pomegranate, small and crunchy Lebanese bites ...

www.winerist.com 11-16-2017
Become a Chilean Master Chef with this Delicious and Quick Video Recipe

The Chilean gastronomic culture is the result of a tasty mixture between the indigenous traditions and the Spanish contribution of colonial times, mixing ingredients, recipes, customs and habits when it comes to cooking. Chilean creole cuisine is also ...

Grub Street 11-16-2017
A to V: The Encyclopedia of Vegan Food

The company transforms ingredients like pea protein and konjac ... And San Francisco start-up New Wave Foods molds shrimp from plants and algae and distributes them through food-service channels, with national retail sales slated for late next year.

Sheffield Telegraph 11-16-2017
Baking: A close family Christmas recipe

This is a Christmas cake recipe that has been in my family for three generations. I look forward to baking it every year. Making your cake ahead of time, ideally one month, feeding it regularly with rum builds the delicious flavour and keeps it moist.

jacquelynclark.com 11-16-2017
Grab this Recipe for The Easiest Holiday Appetizer

Cooking a dish that sounds fancy doesn’t mean confining yourself to the kitchen for the entire day. When a particular ingredient needs to play a starring role, I don’t like to mess with it too much. This recipe for Crostini with Garlic Sautéed ...

Lasentinel 11-16-2017
Smart Cooking is the Recipe to a Safer Thanksgiving

Unattended stovetop cooking and turkey fryers loom as the greatest hazards, but worn appliance cords and overloaded outlets present fire and shock hazards to avoid as well. There were eight home-cooking fires in Orange County last Thanksgiving.

highya.com 11-16-2017
Yumi Baby Food Reviews

Using ingredients sourced from the best farms, Yumi Baby Food is a weekly subscription service that delivers more than 50 different organic, fresh, superfood-based meal plans directly to your door. Not only can this keep mealtime yummy and exciting ...

jolynneshane.com 11-15-2017
Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe with Keller’s Creamery

Of course I had to call my mom and ask her for all the family recipes so I can make it taste like home. My favorite part of her Thanksgiving meal is her stuffing, so when Keller’s Creamery reached out and asked me to cook one of my traditional family ...

almostpractical.com 11-15-2017
The Food Allergy Freedom Super Bundle from Ultimate Bundles is Here!

Whether you’re in the mood for Of course, I don’t have to tell you food allergy mamas that every recipe is NOT right for every person. You still have to review the ingredients and make sure that you or your food allergy person is not allergic to the ...

imperialbeachnewsca.com 11-15-2017
Cook Like a Top Chef this Holiday Season

(Family Features) This holiday season, you can impress your guests with these tips and recipes from award-winning chefs Seamus Mullen and John Tesar: Start with fresh, high-quality ingredients that are versatile and easy to cook, like fresh pork.

outnumbered3-1.com 11-15-2017
Easy Cooking with a Pressure Cooker by Bestek

user manual and even a collection of recipes. There is enough room inside to cook for a family of 5 or 6 and allows you to cook up to 10 cups of rice. The the control panel makes the 6.3 Quart Pressure Cooker by BESTEK, Electric 11-in-1 Programmable Multi ...

ketodietapp.com 11-15-2017
6-Ingredient Keto Pork Belly Kale

Season with salt to taste. Eat warm as a side dish or store in the fridge for up to 3 days. Lauren is the food photographer, recipe developer, and author behind the healthy living website Wicked Spatula. With a focus on mindful and sustainable living she ...

Kane County Chronicle 11-15-2017
Tom’s Cookbook Library: ‘Autentico’ goes to the heart of Italian cooking

“Autentico” (St. Martin’s Griffin) by Rolando Beramendi, is aptly subtitled: "Cooking Italian the Authentic Way." In a nutshell, Beramendi’s well-researched book is the real deal. Its 120 recipes provide instruction on how to make classic dishes ...

homemadeinterest.com 11-15-2017
No-Bake Christmas Dinner Recipes

Cook Christmas dinner without using your oven with these traditional No-Bake Christmas Dinner Recipes for the whole family. These no-bake Christmas recipes are made in your Instant Pot, sous vide, slow cooker, grill, rice cooker, air fryer and other ...

healthylifevision.com 11-15-2017
Lose Weight Fast 10Kg in 10 Days (4 Simple Ingredients)

The diet is based on 3 simple ingredients – apples, oatmeal and green tea ... Here’s how much calories these foods contain: A cup of green tea (max. one hour before going to bed). Besides following this meal plant for the next 10 days, you should ...

MyAJC 11-15-2017
Atlanta chefs share tasty recipes using leftover Thanksgiving turkey

In Puerto Rico empanadas are often a weekend thing, stuffed and then fried.” Since many home cooks aren’t into frying, he created a baked empanada recipe that combines his favorite leftovers. Scott Serpas’ Turkey Gumbo This big pot of gumbo will ...

spabettie.com 11-15-2017
Vegan Plant Based Holiday Recipe Collection

We cook, we eat, we talk and laugh and play cards and watch movies and eat and drink. I can safely say the food plays a pretty big part of our holiday events. I love to plan the menus, try new recipes to serve alongside the classics I cannot do without.

runsforcookies.com 11-15-2017
RECIPE: One Pot Italian Sausage Lentils and Rice

(I was going to link to that recipe, and I realized that I never posted it! So I will post that another time.) I had some Italian turkey sausage to use up, so I made this and it was delicious! It's very hearty and filling, super easy to cook, and it doesn ...

ourbodybook.com 11-15-2017
Food Heaven Made Easy: Plant-Based Recipes for Your Holiday Table

These recipes will come in handy for your Thanksgiving dinner ... and garlic powder Sauté for another 2-3 minutes and set aside Once squash is finished cooking, remove from oven and mash the insides with a fork Add the stuffing to each half, and top ...

diyncrafts.com 11-14-2017
20 Freezer Casserole Recipes That Will Help You Beat The Cold This Winter

Unfortunately for many of us, cooking is cut down to a minimum ... even on your busiest evenings. I hope you find these recipes as helpful as I have and I hope that you will make a few of these ahead to have on hand this winter. They will definitely ...

3Bl MEDIA 11-14-2017
How to Cook with Fair Trade Ingredients This Holiday Season (Plus 6 Fair Trade Holiday Recipes!)

3BL Media is the leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability news distribution and content marketing company. Our focus is on issues including sustainability, CSR, energy, education, philanthropy, community, reporting, and other social ...

Classic Rock 11-14-2017
What Recipes Are You Looking For To Cook on Thanksgiving?

After reminding everyone about our free turkey dinner next week at CBS Scene in Foxboro from 7-10 p.m. and you can donate non-perishable foods to donate for the Foxboro Food Pantry, Pete brought up how he doesn’t have turkey on thanksgiving. Kevin said ...

muminbrum.com 11-14-2017
Three comfort recipes for winter evenings

I always remember the smell of cooking that would envelope me as I walked up the side ... So here are three of my go-to winter recipes that are perfect for the cold evenings and are full to the brim with flavour. Fry the sausages until they’re nicely ...

artfoodhome.com 11-14-2017
Pork Medallions with Fennel Apple & Sweet Potato Slaw – recipe by Cooking Light!

Pork Medallions with Fennel, Apple & Sweet Potato Slaw is a fabulous (and dare I say beautiful) recipe from Cooking Light Magazine. It’s the perfect recipe for fall. I thought the Fennel, Apple & Sweet Potato Slaw (pictured above) was just beautiful ...

foodhuntersguide.com 11-14-2017
Essential Ingredients for the Italian Pantry

This Northern Italian staple is made from ground corn meal. Polenta has a long shelf life making it an ideal pantry staple. Serve it as a hearty side-dish with your favorite cut of meat or add it to cakes for an interesting texture. An ancient rustic grain ...

MyStatesman.com 11-14-2017
Test Kitchen recipe: Here’s how to make 30-minute salmon

And this recipe looked so good and so pretty. At first I almost passed the recipe up because of the low, 250-degrees, baking temperature. So many people grapple with cooking temperatures and times, and this seemed like a red-flag. Really, I thought it was ...

musthavemom.com 11-14-2017
14 Best Recipes With Egg Noodles + FIVE $100 Gift Cards Giveaway!

No Yolks are high quality noodles that always cook up smooth, firm and fluffy and stay that way in your favorite recipes. Here are the best recipes with egg noodles to add to your recipe box! Just be sure to use No Yolks as a healthy egg noodle ...

Mental Floss 11-13-2017
The Origin Stories of 25 of Your Favorite Fast Food Chains

Bell, himself, liked Mexican food, and had noticed the success of a neighboring ... Stars put a premium on fresh ingredients and came equipped with an open, immaculate kitchen. Ells borrowed these details to launch his own Mission-style burrito joint ...

Thrillist 11-13-2017
At Chicago's Kitsune, Japanese Food Meets Midwestern Ingredients

W e are not to be over-thought, yet our goal is to make you think," reads the about section of Kitsune’s website like a set of instructions rather than a brief summary of the restaurant. It’s hard to do the former, but chef Iliana Regan manages the ...

GRIT 11-13-2017
More Winning Chicken Recipes

We ran out of space, however, so here are the other winning recipes. Nine regional finalists, who qualified at cook-offs across the country, prepared their dishes in the test kitchens of the Culinary Institute of America’s San Antonio Branch. The 2009 ...

POPSUGAR United Kingdom 11-13-2017
Easy Autumn Slow-Cooker Recipes

An especially busy time of year, now is the time to lean on easy, cosy recipes that practically cook themselves. Here, we've rounded up more than 60 recipes ranging from party favorites (barbecue ribs) to Italian pastas (bolognese sauce) to pack-and-go ...

flavormosaic.com 11-13-2017
Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Don’t forget, in addition, to being crispy and spicy, these sweet potato chips are healthy and fit into a Paleo, Vegan or Gluten Free diet as a healthy snack recipe. 2 large sweet potatoes Olive oil cooking spray 1-1/2 Tablespoons taco seasoning ...

Caribbean Journal 11-12-2017
Nigel Spence: Two New Recipes for Thanksgiving

Shake well then strain into a rocks glass with lots of ice P.S. Since the holidays are on our heels and braising of the Thanksgiving turkey leg seems to be the hottest recipe topic this ... ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking so you can find it in most ...

nikkirk7.wordpress.com 11-12-2017
6 Ingredient Whole30 Beef and Broccoli

Just 6 ingredients to one of the most delicious Whole30 meals I ... Place the cut up cauliflower in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped to resemble rice. You can also mince into ‘rice’ with a knife if you don’t have a food processor.

disneyfoodblog.com 11-12-2017
FIELD TRIP! The Roots of Food and Wine Festival Ingredients in Epcot’s Living with the Land

Anyway, if you do happen to find some time between bites to ride Living with the Land, you’ll find that the ingredients that make up some of your favorite Festival items are pointed out with signs throughout The Land’s Living Laboratory. For instance ...

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Cooking Using Local Ingredients When Vacationing in Ontario

locally grown ingredients to truly enjoy the culinary scene in Ontario. Experiencing a few restaurants is common when on vacation, but you can save your budget by trying the Ontario-based food items that many rave about. Both the central and western areas ...

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KZN baker Simmi loves to try new recipes

ADMITTEDLY a better cook than she is a baker, Simmi Ramnarian is still one ... “I’m always trying out new recipes, always tweaking, and if I didn’t enter a competition, my dad, a devout newspaper reader, always called to ensure I did.”

Manila Standard Today 11-12-2017
Macaroni recipes with CDO Karne Norte

With this upgrade, now every creative mama can cook affordable and creative eats for her family. Featured recipes are Warm Macaroni Salad and Mac and Cheese. 1. In a bowl, toss together macaroni, onions, carrots, and celery while still warm. 2. Add CDO ...

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Leaky Gut: Food, Pain, and Digestion

When people begin to notice that a lot of these symptoms are triggered by specific foods or ingredients, that's when they start to suspect that the pain is related to digestion. The good thing is, there are a growing number of specialists who can help you ...

Healthy Eats 11-12-2017
A Guide for Buying and Cooking Lobster

Frozen lobster is the tails of clawless varieties, like spiny or rock lobsters, and can often be used in recipes that call for live lobster. Other crustaceans, like shrimp or crayfish, can also be substituted.

All India Roundup 11-12-2017
Shocking Facts About Indian Foods That Are Not Indian at All

White spongy ball of sweetness that takes you to the food heaven. Bengalis hold your emotions as we ... their method of making ‘cheena’ out of milk to India. Thus, the main ingredient of this sweet is indeed a gift from the other part of the world.

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Ho Jia Bo? Fishball Minced Meat Noodle @ Circuit Road Food Centre

Fishball Minced Meat Noodle at Circuit Road Food Centre is its interesting name ... Fishball Minced Meat Noodle Dry 3.8/5 I really appreciate the stall for separating the ingredients from the noodle. The Fishball Minced Meat Noodle Dry ($3) comes with ...