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Income Investors 1-22-2018
Earn a 7.8% Yield From This Marijuana Landlord

Today’s chart looks at a big “pick and shovel” winner of the marijuana boom. Regular readers have heard the idea of investing in pick and shovel stocks before. Rather than betting the farm on a single project, these firms sell goods and services to ...

askbobrankin.com 1-22-2018
AVG Anti-Virus Gets A New Look

AVG Technologies merged with rival Avast! Software in mid-2016. Nonetheless, the two popular anti-malware suites maintain separate existences, although they now share some of their best features. AVG is rated very highly by one independent testing lab ...

nannewsnigeria.com 1-22-2018
Disease surveillance: WHO donates 853 motorcycles to Nigeria

The World Health Organisation (WHO), in collaboration with other donor agencies, on Monday, donated 853 motorcycles to the Federal Government to strengthen diseases surveillance across the country. Dr Wondi Alemu, WHO Country Representative in Nigeria ...

anglicannews.org 1-22-2018
Threat of nuclear war “is a sin”, World Council of Churches’ chief tells economic leaders

The general secretary of the World Council of Churches, the Revd Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, will take an anti-nuclear message with him when he travels to Davos, Switzerland, tomorrow, for a meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Writing in advance of the ...

CORDIS news 1-22-2018
Oxidative stress in cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) constitutes a major health burden in developed countries with a predicted increase in prevalence over the next 20 years. Comprehending the causes of CVD pathophysiology is central to the design of effective interventions.

airforce-technology.com 1-22-2018
US Coalition strikes against ISIS surged in 2017, says Airwars report

UK-based watchdog Airwars has reported that the number of civilian deaths caused by US and allied strikes against ISIS reached 6,000 during 2017. Non-combatant deaths from Coalition air and artillery strikes are reported to have increased by a rate of 200% ...

opticxllyaroused.com 1-22-2018
Iraqi court sentences to death German woman who joined ISIS

An Iraqi criminal court has ruled that a German woman of Moroccan descent should incur the death penalty for joining Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), according to the court's spokesman. An Iraqi court found the unnamed woman guilty of "offering logistic ...

spurs-web.com 1-22-2018
Squad virus no excuse for Southampton performance insists Pochettino

According to an article by ESPN the Tottenham squad was struck down with a virus ahead of Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Southampton, however Mauricio Pochettino refused to use it as an excuse for the result. We were missing Captain Hugo Lloris and the influential ...

www.cxoadvisory.com 1-22-2018
P/E10 for Country Stock Market Timing?

“Usefulness of P/E10 as Stock Market Return Predictor” investigates whether P/E10 (or Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings ratio, CAPE) usefully predicts U.S. stock market returns over the long run. That analysis employs Robert Shiller’s data set ...

Buffalo Reflex 1-22-2018
Peripheral artery disease Lunch and Learn is Feb. 2

Citizens Memorial Hospital will host a free Lunch and Learn seminar about peripheral artery disease from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 2, in the CMH Community Rooms, 1500 N. Oakland in Bolivar. The Lunch and Learn will be presented by CMH ...

The Murfreesboro Post 1-22-2018
Jordan expresses support for medical marijuana

Democratic state Senate candidate Gayle Jordan says she’s not worried about being labeled a “liberal” for her support of legalizing medical marijuana in Tennessee. “I am much less concerned by how I’m perceived,” she says. Rather, her driving ...

sportingpost.co.za 1-22-2018
Virus Not Wanted On Met Day

Vaughan Marshall sent a chilling ripple of fear through the Milnerton training centre last Saturday morning when he scratched all his six runners from that day’s Kenilworth card because of a respiratory virus. For obvious reasons it was felt most by his ...

The University of Queensland Australia 1-22-2018
QBI Neuroscience Seminar: “Activity-dependent bulk endocytosis: presynaptic function and dysfunction in Huntington’s Disease”

Abstract: The coordinated recruitment and integration of presynaptic synaptic vesicle (SV) recycling modes is a key factor in maintaining synaptic transmission during elevated neuronal activity. During periods of high neuronal activity, activity-dependent ...

precisionresearchandconsulting.com 1-22-2018
Iraq sentences German woman to death for joining Isis, reports say

She was convicted of "logistical support and assistance to a terrorist organization to commit crimes", Judge Abdel Settar Bayraqdar, a spokeswoman for the court, said in a statement. An Iraqi court has condemned a German woman to death after she was found ...

evolution.berkeley.edu 1-21-2018
Black widow virus results from evolution, not genetic engineering

Bacteriophage (left) and a black widow spider (right). Credit: Wikimedia Two different ways that a new mutation on a plasmid (shown in blue) can be passed on. However, gene versions can also be passed horizontally — that is, DNA can be passed directly ...

Hawaii Tribune-Herald 1-21-2018
Breakthrough treatment brings hope to family of Hilo girl with rare disease

Preschooler Nawai Irie loves art, watching cartoons, princess toys and learning new things. She’s a typical 3-year-old: opinionated, joyous, intrigued when new people enter the room and uncertain until she assesses them. Unlike other girls her age ...

diabeticfootonline.com 1-21-2018
High Dose Statins Reduce Amputation by 33% and Improve Survival by 26% in Peripheral Artery Disease Patients @CircAHA

In a significant study published in Circulation by our long-time SALSAmigos Shipra Arya (Stanford), Luke Brewster (Emory) and Phil Goodney (Dartmouth) data strongly suggest that high-intensity statins may reduce risk for amputation (33% reduction) and ...

davidreneke.com 1-21-2018
First Nuclear Reactor Tests For Mars Base

If humans have any hope of sticking around on Mars for longer than a few days, they will need some form of power to sustain themselves. A successful test in Nevada has demonstrated that that power could be nuclear. NASA and the US Department of Energy ...

disciplinedinvesting.blogspot.com 1-20-2018
Will The Stock Market Ever Decline Again?

For many investors it may seem difficult to believe since it has been so long ago, but the equity markets do go through negative returning periods. The average intra-year decline for the S&P 500 Index since 1980 is 14% and the last double digit decline was ...

Qatar Tribune on MSN.com 1-20-2018
Decoded: How Zika virus impairs foetal development

The Zika virus disrupts oxygen supply to a pregnant woman's placenta, leading to impairment in foetal development and also increases the newborns susceptibility to additional infections, scientists have found. A Zika virus outbreak in Brazil in 2015 had ...

FARS News Agency on MSN.com 1-20-2018
Russia: Collapse of Iran Nuclear Deal to Negatively Influence Korean Peninsula Standoff

"The potential collapse of the nuclear deal with Iran could set a dangerous precedent and will have serious consequences for the tense standoff on the Korean peninsula," Lavrov said. The case with Iran, whose own nuclear program is likewise viewed with ...

wrestlingrumors.net 1-20-2018
Lana on ‘Nuclear Heat,’ Rusev, Her Accent and Women’s Royal Rumble

WWE ‘Smackdown Live‘ Superstar Lana recently spoke with 107.7 The Bone with Baby Huey & Bimbo Jimbo while in San Francisco, California. She talked about Rusev being on Total Divas, if she had ‘nuclear heat’ as many outlets reported and being part ...

Galore 1-20-2018
Marijuana can boost your workout in addition to getting you high

Yeah, you read that right — your favorite chill-out product not only can make you relax and possibly cause you to eat a whole bag of Cheetos by accident, but it can be used for actual good in the world — like boosting your workout and fixing your sore ...

nstperfume.com 1-20-2018
A diagnostic fingerprint for the disease

With funding from Parkinson’s UK and the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Barran’s team has already collected more than 800 samples of sebum, an oily substance secreted by skin, swabbed from the backs of volunteers. In preliminary tests they’ve found ...

ilbioeconomista.com 1-20-2018
World Bio Markets brings together in Amsterdam the bioeconomy global value chain

Yet long development times, lack of investment, and challenges in attaining a secure and sustainable supply chain have made it difficult for the bio-economy to achieve commercial ... a platform for the entire global value chain, from feedstock producers ...

adc.bmj.com 1-20-2018
Effect of childhood coeliac disease on ninth grade school performance: evidence from a population-based study

Background Coeliac disease might affect school performance due to its effect on cognitive performance and related health consequences that might increase school absenteeism. The aim of this study was to investigate whether children with coeliac disease ...

Capital Wired 1-20-2018
Utah Man Shoots Drug Dealer for Selling Him Paprika Instead of Marijuana

Recently, the Utah authorities detained a 17-year-old suspect who allegedly shot and killed his drug dealer for selling him false marijuana. Seth Carreras, the perpetrators, has been booked in the Davis County Jail, and a judged determined that he will be ...

Daily Review 1-20-2018
Two men jailed in Bradford County following 200 pounds of marijuana discovered in aircraft

Two men from the western United States have been placed in the Bradford County Correctional Facility after police found them to be transporting 200 pounds of marijuana via airplane on Wednesday. According to court records, Paul David Riggie, 54, of Folsom ...

Charlestown Patriot-Bridge 1-20-2018
Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens in Sullivan Square, Sees Large Amount of Customers

The first medical marijuana dispensary in the Lower Mystic region has opened its doors in Sullivan Square on Broadway, Somerville, and operators of the clinic, Revolutionary Clinics, said last week they are seeing many new patients and believe they are ...

News 4 Jax 1-20-2018
Democratic House Intel: 'Plenty of evidence" of money laundering by Trump Org

(CNN) - California Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, is making the accusation that past Trump Organization real estate deals show evidence of money laundering. "I think there is plenty of evidence to suggest that ...

Knowledge@Wharton 1-19-2018
What Global Risks Lie Ahead in 2018?

According to the 2018 Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum, the environment, cyber security and geopolitics are the areas drawing the most concern. The World Economic Forum — which holds its annual meeting next week in Davos, ...

crystalequityresearch.blogspot.com 1-19-2018
Answering Saudi Arabia Request for Nuclear Proposals

The most recent post “Saudi Arabia Going Nuclear” started a series on nuclear power plant construction. The Saudi government recently announced plans to prequalify construction companies for a bidding process that will begin before the end of 2018 and ...

Stacker on MSN.com 1-19-2018
MSN polling: America's most (and least) marijuana-friendly states

With the usage of medical marijuana now legal in 29 states plus Washington, D.C., and eight allowing recreational usage, the conflict between state and federal positions on marijuana usage has become an increasingly mainstream and polarizing issue across ...

Daily Sundial 1-19-2018
The 2 sides of smoking marijuana on campus

As of Jan. 1, 2018, recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and over is now legal in California. Under proposition 64 users can now possess and smoke marijuana in their own private homes but trying to smoke marijuana in a public place or college campus ...

AltDaily 1-19-2018
Advocates to Lobby for Marijuana Legalization Monday in Richmond

Advocates for marijuana policy reform will come to Richmond for a conference on Sunday and Monday to push for legislation that would decriminalize simple possession of marijuana by adults as well as expand medical access to the drug. The Virginia 2018 ...

Sri Lanka News 1-19-2018
“Ranil Wickremesinghe asked Japanese diplomat to suspend economic assistance to SL” – WikiLeaks

A WikiLeaks entry from June 12, 2007 shows the then opposition leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe, asking Japanese diplomat Yasushi Akashi to suspend economic assistance to Sri Lanka at the time. In response to a private exhortation by then opposition leader ...

The Bellingham Business Journal 1-19-2018
Liquor and Marijuana licenses, Dec. 18-Jan. 19

Rumors Cabaret, Wayne Joseph Miller, applied to add/change class/in lieu of on a nightclub license at 1119 Railroad Ave., Bellingham. License no.: 080743. Dec. 27. Breeze Trees LLC, applied to change location on a marijuana producer tier 1; marijuana ...

southeastenergynews.com 1-19-2018
Two utilities withdraw from leading nuclear energy trade group

The parent companies of two major Southeast utilities have pulled out of the leading trade group that advocates for grants and tax breaks for nuclear power plants. A spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute confirmed that Entergy and NextEra Energy have ...

americanshootingjournal.com 1-19-2018
U.S. Army Top Enlisted is avid about hand-to-hand combat, including fighting ISIS with shovels

The Pentagon’s top enlisted servicemember has a penchant for hand-to-hand combat, a fact brought to light in recent comments vowing that U.S. troops would defeat its enemies by “shooting them in the face” or in close-quarters combat with shovels.

nhmagazine.com 1-19-2018
The Connection Between Heart Disease and Brain Health

Change is hard. Maybe that’s why so many of us continue to line up for fast food, and spend too much time lounging on the couch rather than going for a walk or engaging in some other form of actual movement. Meanwhile, health professionals continue to ...

enpropiapuerta.com 1-19-2018
What Others Say: States should have final say on marijuana

The Las Vegas Sun reports, "Officials representing the city of Las Vegas and Clark County said Monday that neither entity is immediately proceeding with previously discussed ideas to implement [pot] lounges after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued ...

South Tahoe Now 1-19-2018
Global warming continues: 2017 second warmest year since 1880

Earth’s global surface temperatures in 2017 ranked as the second warmest since 1880, according to an analysis released Thursday by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Earth's long term warming trend continued, with the average ...

Record Gazette 1-19-2018
Marijuana tax will go before Banning voters

Whether or not recreational cannabis can be taxed in Banning will be up to voters, come November. While recreational marijuana is legal statewide, those who wish to cultivate up to six plants within city limits here are required to get a permit. As of last ...

adcreview.com 1-19-2018
Ongoing Phase I Trial of DS-8201 Demonstrates Confirmed Increased Overall Response Rates and Disease Control Rates

Antibody-drug Conjugates or ADCs are targeted cancer medicines that deliver a cytotoxic (chemotherapeutic) payload directly to cancer cells via a linker attached to a monoclonal antibody that binds to a specific target expressed on cancer cells. This ...

www.conference-board.org 1-19-2018
Global Survey of C-Suite: Recession Fears Fade, But Talent Concerns Remain

CEOs are heading into 2018 with more optimism about the global economy, concludes a new report by The Conference Board. The findings in C-Suite Challenge™ 2018 result from a survey of over 1,000 business leaders about the top challenges facing their ...

upton.wickedlocal.com 1-18-2018
Marijuana regulator "misspoke," Cannabis commission has contacted U.S. Attorney Lelling

As it turns out, the Cannabis Control Commission actually has reached out to the federal prosecutor who has the power to turn the state's nascent cannabis industry on its head and connected with his office Thursday morning. CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman ...

fredtopeka.wordpress.com 1-18-2018
No more global warming

2017 was the second warmest year on record according to NASA: Continuing the planet’s long-term warming trend, globally averaged temperatures in 2017 were 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.90 degrees Celsius) warmer than the 1951 to 1980 mean, according to ...

rwanda news agency 1-18-2018
UN Report on World Economic Situation launched in Ethiopia

WESP, which is a UN flagship publication on expected trends in global economy, was presented to a group of Ethiopia-based journalists by Khaled Hussein, Chief of ECA’s Forecasting Section, who said the report bears “some good news and some worrying ...

Top 100 Global Tech Leaders

Today, we're watching the gradual evolution from the Knowledge Economy to the Age of Artificial Intelligence ... The result is the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Tech Leaders.

rawayurveda.com 1-18-2018
7 Alkaline Foods that Fight Cancer, Pain, Gout, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

7 Alkaline Foods that Fight Cancer, Pain, Gout, Diabetes and Heart Disease : The alkaline diet seems a bit too good to be true. Proponents of this diet suggest that replacing acid-forming foods with alkaline foods can improve health. They even claim ...

rodrik.typepad.com 1-18-2018
Has Global Finance Reformed Itself More Than It Appears?

Ilene Grabel has produced a daring and delightful reinterpretation of developments in global finance since the Asian financial ... adjustments not dictated by an overarching scheme of economic organization.” The book’s deeper argument about how regimes ...

MMA News 1-18-2018
UFC’s Cynthia Calvillo Tests Positive for Marijuana

UFC strawweight Cynthia Calvillo has tested positive for a banned substance. Calvillo, who lost a decision to Carla Esparza at UFC 219 last month, has been notified by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that she had Carboxy-Tetrahydrocannabinal in her system.

India Live Today 1-18-2018
ISIS links: NIA files case against five in Kerala

Kannur, Jan 18: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Thursday registered a case against five men from Kannur for allegedly being members of the terrorist organisation Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). A statement from the NIA read, “The case ...

www.ceh.ac.uk 1-18-2018
Narrowing down long-term global warming estimates

Uncertainty surrounding the extent of future climate change could be dramatically reduced by studying year-on-year global temperature fluctuations, new research has shown. A team of scientists from the University of Exeter and the Centre for Ecology and ...

mindsplatterings.wordpress.com 1-18-2018
1st Year of Trump’s Approach to Warfare: ISIS Has Been Decimated

Fox News has been reporting since a few days ago that ISIS has now lost approaximately 98% of the middle eastern territory they held. Their fighters have been nearly wiped out: The caliphate they had built – legitimizing their movement through physical ...

The Players Tribune 1-18-2018
9 Reasons to End the War on Marijuana

I remember the first time my grandma tried cannabis. She was 80 years old. We were sitting in my garage in Denver back in 2011. I just about fell out of my chair when she said she’d try it. She was 100% serious. But the story is even crazier when I tell ...

blog.softwareinsider.org 1-17-2018
Research Report: Constellation’s Futurist Framework (PESTEL) – The Economic Outlook Pre @Davos #WEF18

The global context today has changed dramatically: geostrategic fissures have re-emerged on multiple fronts with wide-ranging political, economic and social consequences. Realpolitik is no longer just a relic of the Cold War. Economic prosperity and social ...

Carbonated.TV 1-17-2018
Eric Trump Claims His Dad Defeated Isis In Bizarre Interview

Eric Trump defended his father, President Donald Trump, in a recent interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, with the most bizarre claim. He thinks Trump has defeated the Islamic State. “My father, first of all, I’ve never seen the man with a cold ...

blog.texasbar.com 1-17-2018
Stories of Recovery: It’s a Disease, Not a Character Flaw (And It Won’t Get Better on Its Own)

Editor’s note: This post is part of the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program’s Stories of Recovery series. TLAP offers confidential assistance for lawyers, law students, and judges with substance abuse or mental health issues. Call TLAP at 1-800-343 ...

blog.dana-farber.org 1-17-2018
Living with Ovarian Cancer as a Chronic Disease, and Celebrating Milestones

Whenever Joan Janssen meets fellow ovarian cancer patients, she shares words of wisdom that she’s gained from seven years of living with the disease. “This is a recurring disease; don’t be stunned if it comes back,” she tells them. “You fought it ...

Front Line 1-17-2018
Reptile sex ratio turns turtle owing to global warming

Rising global temperatures are distorting the sex ratio among some reptiles and may bring the populations of some reptiles, such as sea turtles, to the brink of extinction in the not-so-distant future. Unlike in humans and other mammals, it is not sex ...

finglobal.com 1-17-2018
2018 is the year for global entrepreneurship

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) latest Entrepreneurship at a Glance report, Entrepreneurial activity is in on the increase and the number of new businesses created has been rising in most OECD countries.

South Florida Reporter 1-17-2018
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens At The Villages; Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale Soon

In a news release issued this morning, the Liberty Health Sciences company announced they were opening a medical marijuana center in The Villages. The release also announced plans to open a similar operation in Ft. Myers, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale ...

Daily Egyptian 1-17-2018
Judge orders Illinois to expand medical marijuana qualifying conditions to include pain

A judge has ordered Illinois officials to add intractable pain as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, a ruling that could greatly expand access to the drug. The Illinois Department of Public Health had rejected intractable pain — defined as ...

The Mighty on MSN.com 1-17-2018
When an Article Links Anxiety to a Disease You’re Already Terrified Of

This is exactly what happened to me, scrolling through the news on my morning break. Suddenly, there it was, as if the words had been highlighted and circled in red ink: “Anxiety Could Be an Early Manifestation of Alzheimer’s, Says Study.” I’m ...

Utah Business 1-17-2018
Ogden Hospital First in Utah to Earn Parkinson’s Disease Certification

Ogden—Eighty five-year-old Joanne Higham, of Roy, has long been independent. A mother of six, she was widowed in 1979 and spent the next 21 years providing for herself and family as a supply clerk for IBM until she retired. About eight years ago, Higham ...

Creators Syndicate 1-17-2018
Diversity Visa Lottery Winner Offered to Kill Obama for ISIS

Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev was both lucky and evil. His luck was demonstrated when he won admission to the United States through the diversity visa lottery; his evilness, by his stated willingness to assassinate the president of the United States or ...

www.re-work.co 1-17-2018
AI Community Should Learn from Global Warming

The European Commission states that 'humans are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth’s temperature by burning fossil fuels, cutting down rain forests and farming livestock.' We call this effect on our climate, which was unintended and ...

The Village Green 1-16-2018
Maplewood Mayor: Legalizing Marijuana Will Help Address Unjust Pattern of Possession Arrests

Calling it the disparity in marijuana arrests by race “a matter of racial justice that demands immediate attention,” Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca called for the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey today in an impassioned editorial on NJSpotlight.

teenplicity.com 1-16-2018
Alli Fitz Talks ‘Disease,’ Her Voice, and New Music

The first time you heard of Alli Fitz was probably a few years ago through Vine. In just 6 short seconds, Alli was capable of telling a whole story, making an audience laugh, and/or appealing to the masses through her relatability. From that, she built a ...

Ethiopian News Agency - ENA on MSN.com 1-16-2018
Ethiopia’s Economy to Continue Expanding Featured

Addis Ababa January 16/2018 The economy of Ethiopia is expected to continue growing in the coming two years amid global and internal challenges, according to a report. The World Economic Situation and Prospects 2018 launched today projected that economic ...

Fred Hutch News Service 1-16-2018
MERS remains primarily a camel virus — for now

A new analysis of genetic history confirms the long-held suspicion that Middle East respiratory syndrome virus, which alarmed global health leaders in 2012 when it spilled over from camels to cause an often fatal illness in people, does not spread easily ...

blog.emsisoft.com 1-16-2018
Emsisoft awarded VB100 certification in latest Virus Bulletin test

Unlike other antivirus tests that have tiered awards depending on a product’s performance, there are no silver or bronze medals when it comes to the VB100 – you either get the certification or you don’t. To qualify for VB100 certification, an ...

Face2Face Africa 1-16-2018
Africa projected to have brighter economic growth in 2018

Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic projections for 2018 look brighter with growth levels pegged at 3.2 percent for 2018 up from 2.4 percent recorded for 2017. The World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects report released this month indicates that the modest ...

voxpopulisphere.com 1-16-2018
Kyle Harper: How climate change and disease helped the fall of Rome

At some time or another, every historian of Rome has been asked to say where we are, today, on Rome’s cycle of decline. Historians might squirm at such attempts to use the past but, even if history does not repeat itself, nor come packaged into moral ...

SNIPdaily on MSN.com 1-16-2018
Report: Broncos WR tried eating marijuana before being pulled over

Denver Broncos wide receiver Carlos Henderson was arrested in Louisiana on possession of marijuana Sunday. In Louisiana, the charges include possession of a controlled substance, as that state’s drug laws are about as backwards as Marcus Williams was in ...

Movies With Butter 1-16-2018
The Nuclear Explosion Scene in Terminator 2 Still Haunts Me After More Than 20 Years

dreadcentral.com – Source A beautiful, bright, sunny day on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Children frolic and delight at a picturesque playground. A merry-go-round spins lazily, a see-saw goes up, then down, then up, then down, over and over, a swing set ...

sanskritimagazine.com 1-16-2018
Kerala: Woman forcibly converted to Islam, ‘almost’ sold as sex slave to ISIS in Syria, escaped horror

TRANSLATE AND READ IT IN YOUR LANGUAGE: Kochi: Another case of forced religious conversion of a 24-year-old woman surfaced in Kerala’s north Paravur near Kochi. The woman alleged that there was a plan to sell her as a sex slave to the Islamic States (IS ...

mathbabe.org 1-16-2018
Graves’ Disease is making me very boring & TomTown Ramblers gig this Saturday

Since my last update I’ve been diagnosed with Graves’ Disease. You can look this up on Wikipedia, but the short version is it makes my thyroid hyperactive, which in turn makes me anxious and hyperactive, which in turn makes me exercise a lot ...

Cloverdale Reporter 1-16-2018
Vancouver Island marijuana producer bought by Aphria in $230M deal

Ontario licensed marijuana producer Aphria has reached an agreement to acquire Ladysmith-based Broken Coast Cannabis in a deal worth $230-million. “Broken Coast is committed to providing a premium and affordable product to its patient base while staying ...

resolutereader.blogspot.com 1-15-2018
Kyle Harper - The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease & the End of an Empire

I have to admit that I began by disliking Kyle Harper's Fate of Rome. The initial prejudice was because of Harper's use of Malthusian ideas as the intellectual framework for his discussion of Ancient Rome. Reading a book published in 2017 I was surprised ...

transportist.org 1-15-2018
13 Strategies to Solve Global Warming

Venus from Mariner 10. Source: Wikipedia. So your planet has global warming.[1] Venus says “Welcome to the club!” CO2 pollution [2] not only destroys the environment and adds to remediation costs, the traditional air pollution that comes with it ...

Jacobin magazine 1-15-2018
The Moral Economy of the Iranian Protests

The Iranian demonstrators share the familiar anxieties produced by global capitalism’s rampant inequalities ... s rulers of violating the revolution’s commitment to a moral economy.

Mile High Report 1-15-2018
Broncos wide receiver Carlos Henderson arrested for possession of marijuana

On Sunday afternoon, Denver Broncos second-year wide receiver Carlos Henderson was arrested for possession of a controlled substance following a traffic stop in West Monroe, Louisiana. Henderson was a passenger in the vehicle when WMPD smelled marijuana ...

uup.org 1-15-2018
Swann concerned by reports of Schmallenberg virus

Ulster Unionist Party Leader Robin Swann has expressed his alarm at reports from the Republic of Ireland that the Schmallenberg virus has been found in a number of its early lambing flocks. Robin Swann said: “It was back at the end of 2011 when the ...

Mennonite World Review 1-15-2018
Pushing nuclear buttons

On New Year’s Day, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claimed “a nuclear button is always on the desk in my office.” In this respect he is no different from any other commander of a nuclear power — though the “button” is actually a metaphor ...

gineersnow.com 1-15-2018
From a Nuclear Disaster Site to One of the World’s Largest Solar Power Plants

In April 26, 1986, one of the most catastrophic nuclear accidents in history happened at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in a town in northern Ukraine. Known as the Chernobyl accident, it was caused by a flawed reactor design plus inadequately trained ...

bsndenver.com 1-15-2018
Broncos receiver arrested on marijuana possession charges

West Monroe, Louisiana police arrested Broncos wide receiver Carlos Henderson and charged him with possession of a controlled substance, early Sunday afternoon. It is a misdemeanor charge and Henderson's first offense. The arrest occurred about 30 miles ...

Tikkun 1-15-2018
It’s a Sin to Build a Nuclear Weapon

I pulled out this old “historic” poster and put it up on our refrigerator today, after the false alarm went out to Hawaiians that an incoming (presumably nuclear) missile was on its way. My grown children will recognize the poster, because it was on ...

tc.columbia.edu 1-14-2018
Living with Huntington’s Disease: Exercise and Physical Activity May Help

Lori Quinn, Associate Professor of Movement Science & Kinesiology Preliminary evidence suggests that exercise and physical activity can help people with Huntington’s disease (HD) with motor function, gait speed, and balance, according to a recent review ...

Sun Sentinel on MSN.com 1-14-2018
Trump's visits increase terrorism risk, Florida county says

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - President Donald Trump's frequent visits to South Florida make the area a high-risk target for terrorism, one that justifies more money from the federal government, Palm Beach County's top law enforcement agency says. The Palm Beach ...

Duke Basketball Report 1-13-2018
Duke, Limited By Virus And Injuries, Still Overcomes Wake Forest

DURHAM, NC - JANUARY 13: Wendell Carter Jr #34 of the Duke Blue Devils blocks a shot by Doral Moore #4 of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons during their game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 13, 2018 in Durham, North Carolina. Photo by Grant Halverson ...

WRAL Sports 1-13-2018
Virus sidelines Krzyzewski as Duke welcomes Wake; Capel to serve as head coach

Durham, N.C. — No. 7 Duke will be without head coach Mike Krzyzewski Saturday for its game against Wake Forest. The school announced at about 11:20 a.m. that Krzyzewski is out to due to a virus. Associated head coach Jeff Capel will serve as head coach ...

WRVO Public Media 1-13-2018
Illinois Judge Allows 11-Year-Old Girl To Use Medical Marijuana At School

In a decision that may have sweeping effects, a judge has allowed an 11-year-old Illinois girl to use medical marijuana at school. Medical marijuana is legal in Illinois, and it is against current law for students to use it in school or have school nurses ...

physicianspractice.com 1-13-2018
Medical Staff Oversight with Marijuana Legalization

On Jan. 1, 2018, California became the seventh state to legalize recreational marijuana (along with Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Washington DC, Washington State) and Massachusetts is set to legalize recreational use in July of this year. Many other ...

hoopdirt.com 1-13-2018
Krzyzewski to miss Duke’s game today vs. Wake Forest due to virus

Duke announced less than an hour before tip-off of today’s game against Wake Forest at Cameron Indoor Stadium that head coach Mike Krzyzewski will miss the game due to a virus. Associate head coach Jeff Capel will assume Krzyzewski’s coaching duties.

WUWF 1-13-2018
Syria Violence Sends Thousands of Civilians Fleeing 'De-Escalation Zone'

Omar Haj Kadour / AFP/Getty Images After almost seven years, some half a million people killed and a recent string of victories by the Syrian military, there's a sense the Syrian war may be coming to a close. Russia, which backs Syrian President Bashar ...

Bama Hammer 1-13-2018
Alabama Football: Former Tide LB Reuben Foster arrested for marijuana

Alabama football isn’t all roses after the national championship, as former linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested for marijuana. Can’t fate allow Crimson Tide fans to enjoy the moment without something else happening to dampen the clouds over Tuscaloosa?

cliscep.com 1-13-2018
World Weather Attribution: Trump Was Right – America Could Have Done With Some Good Old Global Warming.

The first responder team at World Weather Attribution have declared that the exceptionally cold winter thus far in the eastern US and and Canada is . . . . . “exceptional in the current climate”. Like, wow. Before we get into the in-depth analysis ...

Niners Nation 1-13-2018
Reuben Foster marijuana arrest could result in voiding full guarantees

The San Francisco 49ers offseason got off to a bad start with word that linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession. The charge is a misdemeanor and he’ll likely get off with a fine in court, but he faces some uncertainty in ...

Niners Nation 1-13-2018
49ers’ Reuben Foster arrested for marijuana possession in Alabama

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested in Tuscaloosa on Friday and charged with second degree possession of marijuana, according to the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Office arrest database, via AL.com. It is considered a Class A misdemeanor in ...

Niners Wire 1-13-2018
Reuben Foster charged with marijuana possession in Alabama

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested in Tuscaloosa, Ala. on Friday and charged with possession of marijuana, according to the Sheriff of Tuscaloosa County’s website. Bond was set at $2,500. Foster remained in jail as of 10 p.m. local time ...

shmoop.com 1-13-2018
Isis and Osiris

The myth of Persephone, Demeter, and Hades definitely has some parallels in other cultures. Some have compared it to the myths surrounding the Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris. Osiris, like Hades, was said to be the ruler of the underworld, and his wife was ...

en.chessbase.com 1-12-2018
Wikileaks founder's mysterious chess tweet

White has an advantage but of course the game is far from over. This isn't even a particularly critical position. Black's attack has stalled but White's king is exposed and he has a lot of work to do to extracate his queenside pieces and consolidate the ...

KVNF News Community Radio 1-12-2018
The High Cost Of Medical Marijuana Causes Pain In Vermont

Recent scientific reviews have found substantial evidence that marijuana can be useful in easing at least some types of chronic pain. Yet even for the majority of Americans who live in states that have legalized medical marijuana, choosing opioids can be ...

conservativeintel.com 1-12-2018
Top Pentagon Official Threatens To Beat ISIS To Death With Shovels

A top Pentagon official is in the spotlight after he warned ISIS terrorists to surrender, or face death, including being beat with a shovel. According to Gateway Pundit: “Army Command Sergeant Major John Wayne Troxell is the Senior Enlisted Advisor to ...

Watertown Public Opinion 1-12-2018
Spring is time to scout for wheat streak mosaic virus

BROOKINGS – Due to wheat streak mosaic disease showing up in wheat fields across South Dakota in 2017, many wheat growers wonder if they need to worry about the disease spreading this winter and wheat streak mosaic virus showing up in their fields spring ...

dankoboldt.com 1-12-2018
Nuclear Radiation for Writers

Thank you for welcoming me back, Dan! I’m an analytical chemist who tests for nuclear radiation, herbicides, pesticides, and PCBs in liquid, soil, vegetation and tissue samples. Last time I was here I talked about Proper Lab Technique, which is something ...

Mansion Global 1-12-2018
Dublin and Other Top Global Cities For Investment Potential

In the “who’s buying where” section of its 2018 outlook, Berlin is noted as a place “high on most global buyer wish lists” due to its young demographic, strong economy and growing rental demand. More: Emerging Markets With Upside for Real Estate ...

alternative-doctor.com 1-12-2018
Is This The Las Vegas Disease?

You all know I live in Las Vegas, right? And in case you don’t know, I NEVER gamble (except when in traffic, we are all gambling with our lives, right?). Even so, Vivien and I show up at the Bellagio for coffee about once a month and we are always ...

Alabama News Network 1-12-2018
Gov. Ivey Declares State Public Health Emergency as Flu Virus Spreads

Governor Kay Ivey declared Thursday a State Public Health Emergency as the flu virus spreads across the state. As the flu virus spreads across the country, it can be especially serious for children. Of the more than 100 people who have died from the flu ...

AL DIA News 1-11-2018
Marijuana legalization on the way in New Jersey?

New Jersey lawmakers don't seem deterred by a top federal official's mission to reverse the tide of marijuana legalization nationwide. Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions kicked off the new year by rescinding Obama-era policies that discouraged ...

Foxtrot Alpha 1-11-2018
This Is What A Nuclear 'Fizzle' Looks Like

Nuclear bombs—with a few exceptions—are designed to create huge explosions. In some cases, they’re supposed to have extra bits and pieces in the service of making even HUGER (it’s a word now) explosions. Occasionally all of that fails, and what you ...

thevoiceofnation.com 1-11-2018
Are Nuclear Weapons Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

Nuclear weapons surfaced on the globe at a very crucial time of world history, 1930s to counter the Nazi regime in World War II. Two fission bombs which were dropped on Japan, though is the only use of Nuclear Weapons till now. The development of Nuclear ...

thelocal.at 1-11-2018
Austria refuses to treat suspected Isis fighter in a coma

Austria's new interior ministry on Wednesday refused to allow a suspected Islamic State group fighter to travel from Georgia to Vienna for emergency surgery, saying it would pose a "major" security risk. Temirlan M, 19, is in a coma after being shot in the ...

Wicked Local Wellesley 1-11-2018
Dover-based Open Fields presents 'Global Warming'

Open Fields Community Theater, based in Dover, will present “Global Warming … The Good Kind,” a musical revue featuring songs from Broadway, pop, and rock-and-roll. The show will take place Saturday, Jan. 13, at 4 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 14, at 1 p.m ...

insiderzim.com 1-11-2018
World Bank says Zimbabwe economy will only grow by 1 percent not 4.5 percent

Zimbabwe’s economy is expected to grow by 0.9 percent this year before slowing to 0.2 percent in 2019 and the year after, the World Bank has said in its latest Global Economic Prospects report, much lower than the government estimate of 4.5 percent.

bangladeshinfo.com 1-11-2018
Global growth back at pre-crisis levels, says WB

The World Bank says global economic growth is likely to speed up this year, after a stronger than expected 2017. The bank's new forecast is that the world economy will expand by 3.1% this year before slowing slightly. It will be the first time since the ...

Verdict Justia 1-10-2018
Two (But Only Two) Jeers for Enforcing the Federal Marijuana Law in Legalized States

Last week, Attorney General Sessions rescinded an Obama administration policy under which the Department of Justice did not target law enforcement efforts against marijuana cultivation, distribution, or use that is permissible in the states in which it ...

Lakefield Standard 1-10-2018
Standard Editorial: You try explaining cold in the context of global warming

Whether you believe global warming is real or a bunch of hot air (ha, ha), it’s been entertaining over the past few years to watch scientists and meteorologists who swear by the reality of climate change attempt to explain away the cold. A few years ago ...

Jackson County Pilot 1-10-2018
Pilot Editorial: You try explaining cold in the context of global warming

Whether you believe global warming is real or a bunch of hot air (ha, ha), it’s been entertaining over the past few years to watch scientists and meteorologists who swear by the reality of climate change attempt to explain away the cold. A few years ago ...

protectpatientsblog.com 1-10-2018
Over-screening skews disease research and puts harsh burdens on seniors

Medical over-screening and over-testing not only adds hundreds of billions of dollars in unnecessary costs to U.S. health care, it also may be skewing researchers’ understanding of what causes disease and imposing harsh burdens on older Americans.

The Aviationist 1-10-2018
Two Incidents Claimed by Russian Media Form Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About U.S. Support For ISIS in Syria

Russia suggesting attack on airbase in Syria is linked to U.S. Navy maritime patrol aircraft presence. Syrian and Russian media outlets including the state-run Sputnik News have reported that a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft flew in close ...

Fibromyalgia News Today 1-10-2018
The Cancellation Disease Strikes Again!

Once again, fibromyalgia — or more specifically, the symptom known as myofascial pain syndrome — defeated me in a hard-fought battle. Acutely painful muscle spasms (think emergency room visit-worthy pain) in my upper back have been part of my life ...

hougansydney.com 1-10-2018
WIKILEAKS: Joseph Lambert, President of Haitian Senate, elected last night, was listed by US in 2006 for Drug trafficking

Senator Joseph Lambert was elected last night, Tuesday, January 9, 2018 as President of the Haitian Senate and the National Assembly. Senator Joseph Lambert who received the strong support of outgoing Senate's President Youri Latortue and that of Senators ...

dianuke.org 1-10-2018
Global Nuclear Power in 2017 : Bankruptcies, Shutdowns, Abandoned Constructions Show A Deepening Crisis

The Year 2017 for Global Nuclear Power in a nutshell: 4 reactor startups (12 less than scheduled), 3 shutdowns, 4 construction starts, 2 abandoned constructions, bankruptcy of Westinghouse, bailout and breakup of AREVA, significant financial and ...

Local News 1-10-2018
Audio: Missouri high court to hear regulation case as state reports increase in deadly deer disease

The Missouri Department of Conservation has reported numerous new cases of a deadly disease in deer just as its attempted regulations are being litigated. The state agency says 15 free-ranging Missouri deer have tested positive for chronic wasting disease ...

ALS News Today 1-10-2018
Canada’s NeuroSGC Partnership Seeks Potential Treatments for ALS, Parkinson’s Disease

NeuroSGC, a new scientific partnership formed by the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) aims to discover new treatments for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson’s disease ...

diplopundit.net 1-10-2018
The Daily Démarche: Diplocat Worries That Nuclear War Is Just One Tantrum Away

We’ve decided that we’re going to be a t-shirt designer when we grow up … well, unless we get blown up intentionally or accidentally before then. So for today and every Wednesday until you know … a new design obsession for the Daily Démarche.

San Diego Free Press 1-10-2018
Does Trump Really Have a Nuclear Button On His Desk? | Video Worth Watching

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) More Of course not. That’s just another Trump absurdist tweetism. But does he have the ability to launch ...

Narcity 1-10-2018
Everything You Need To Know About The Deadly Canine Virus Spreading Through Canada Right Now

Dog owners across Canada beware, the past few days have seen more and more cases of canine virus pop up within areas of Canada. The most threatening is known as canine parvovirus, and has seen numerous cases reported in both British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

panarabiaenquirer.com 1-10-2018
ISIS Launches Terror Fantasy Camp in Bid to Boost Flagging Fortunes

Facing up to the challenge of diminishing influence, mass desertions, a downturn in new recruits and the ongoing loss of territory to infidel Western forces, ISIS yesterday unveiled Camp Caliphate, a new initiative aimed at boosting tourism in the war-torn ...



Peace FM Online 1-22-2018
Remain Calm – Police Urges The Public after Kwabenya District Police incident

The Ghana Police Service has called on the public to remain calm after a Police officer was gunned down when a gang stormed ... we can to bring the perpetrators to book, to get them arrested. So for now, we have to assure the public that we are doing ...

guncarrier.com 1-22-2018
What TV and Movie Cops Teach Us About Gun Use

In police parlance, “the Sabrina” became known as an unsafe way for cops to hold their guns ... At best, shooting at a car when it’s going away from you is a good way to get arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm. At worst, you could be ...

Newsmonkey on MSN.com 1-21-2018
Middlesbrough fan arrested after he urinates in QPR goalkeeper's water bottle

FootBall Sports News Middlesbrough fan arrested after video 'shows man urinating in QPR goalkeeper's water bottle ... on Twitter said the fan was ejected by stewards. The Metropolitan Police's Football Unit confirmed to Mirror Football that a man had ...

SPORTbible 1-21-2018
Middlesbrough Fan Steals Goalkeeper's Water Bottle, Urinates Into It, Then Throws It Back

showing a man throwing the battle back after reportedly urinating in the bottle. Fans on Twitter suggested that the fan was later thrown out of the stadium and the The Metropolitan Police's Football Unit confirmed that he was arrested for his actions ...

Boston 25 News 1-21-2018
Man's faith in police shaken following false arrest

"It was pure terror at that point - I had no idea what to do or what to say," Roberts said when recalling the arrest. "I spent the night in the cell with six, seven other men ... I don't remember sleeping much." But the Hillsboro city police officer ...

Morristown Green 1-20-2018
East Orange man charged with sex assault, kidnapping, burglaries in Morristown

From the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office: MAN ARRESTED FOR ... Bureau of Police at 973-538-2200, the Sex Crimes/Child Endangerment Unit of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office at 973-285-6200 or Crimestoppers at 973- COP-CALL (973-267-2255).

phillyvoice.com 1-20-2018
Witness: Police chase ends in quiet South Philly neighborhood

Philadelphia police officers helped pursue and apprehend Bush, who will be charged with eluding, resisting arrest, aggravated assault on a police officer and robbery, the spokesman said.

NewsTalk95.5 1-19-2018
Naked Man on MT Highway

A Minnesota man was arrested in Gallatin County after allegedly crashing his vehicle, stripping naked, and running along a Montana highway for several minutes. 33-year-old Shawn Hiatt appeared in Gallatin County Justice Court on Tuesday. He reportedly rear ...

rpg.net 1-19-2018
Review of Stark naked Neo Savage and Sanguine City States #3: Wide, Open, and Awful - A Desert Green and Deadly

6 sample and obscure reasons for being arrested in the city (including "Displaying unkind ... 4.19 and average substance of 3.76 The reviewer's previous review was of Stark Naked Neo Savages and Sanguine CIty States #2: Into the Forest Brightly.

News Dispatch 1-19-2018
Ask a Cop: Can I get arrested for attempting to steal?

If another adult is interfering with the custody of your child, that in and of itself can be a crime, so please contact the police and make a report. If your daughter refused to come home or you do not know where she is, you can report her as a runaway.

POLLSTAR 1-18-2018
Off-Duty Cop Arrested Over Concert Kerfuffle

An off-duty police officer was arrested after allegedly getting out of control at a concert at a Ja Rule & Ashanti concert at the E.M. Loews Palladium Theater in Worcester, Mass., Jan. 13. Portland, Maine, officer Zahra Munye Abu was placed on ...

norwoodnews.org 1-18-2018
Bedford Park Man Charged in Times Square Cop Assault

A Bedford Park man has been charged with attempted murder after ... assault and reckless endangerment charges after police say he intentionally rammed his 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-63 onto a police officer who spotted the car he was in driving in a reckless ...

myfloridalegal.com 1-18-2018
Former Police Officer Arrested on Charges Related to Operating a Chop Shop

Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office of Statewide Prosecution, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office today announced the arrests of a former police officer and ... Hobby is charged with insurance fraud, a ...

Mount Pleasant 1-18-2018
Man Driving Wrong Way On I-87 Ramp Was Drunk, Police Say

A man was busted driving with a blood-alcohol content nearly triple the legal limit after being spotted by a police officer going the wrong way on ... 1:30 a.m. on Thursday morning arrested Nanuet resident Michael Gordon, 61, after he was spotted driving ...

wbex.iheart.com 1-18-2018
U.S. Marshal Killed, Police Officer Injured In Pennsylvania Shooting

A U.S. Marshal was shot and killed while serving an arrest warrant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Thursday (January 18) morning. According to Penn Live, a York police officer was also shot but his injuries are not life threatening. While returning fire he ...

southwarknews.co.uk 1-18-2018
Pensioner stung out of £24,000 in ‘police scam’

The 71-year-old victim was first contacted by a man on December 6 who told her he was a police officer and he needed her help with ... the victim and I have no doubt that unless they are arrested they will continue to prey on the elderly and vulnerable.

News & Review 1-18-2018
The tent collectors: Despite assurances, doubt rages over whether cops are still taking homeless people’s stuff

Steinberg was unavailable for comment Tuesday, but a police spokesman told SN&R that deal is being kept to. Sgt. Vance Chandler said officers only take homeless people’s property if they’re being arrested ... to see if cops are still hauling away ...

94.3 Jack FM 1-18-2018
Weyauwega Man Arrested For Child Pornography and Drug Manufacturing

WEYAUWEGA, WI (WTAQ) - A Weyauwega was arrested on suspicion of child pornography, but may also be facing charges of making psychedelic mushrooms. Police say they discovered the evidence while searching his home on High Street. The Weyauwega Police ...

immigrationreform.com 1-17-2018
Illegal Alien Cop Killer Vows to Kill Again, Angel Mom Reacts

In a stunning profanity-laced admission, 37-year-old Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes said “I wish I had killed more of the mother—–s,” as he sat grinning through a trial where he’s charged with ... whose son Mesa Police Sgt.

chesterfieldobserver.com 1-17-2018

The police chief of the Defense Logistics Agency installation in the county has been charged with two counts of indecent exposure. Chad Donovan Tearne, 41, of Mechanicsville, was served with two indictments last week after an alleged incident that took ...

The River Cities Daily Tribune 1-17-2018
Llano County Jail bookings for the period of Jan. 9-15

No bond or release information was available. Charles David Rogers, 32, was arrested Jan. 10 for failure to appear-indecent exposure. No bond or release information was available. David Asher Seal, 47, was arrested Jan. 9 on a charge of driving while ...

milton.wickedlocal.com 1-17-2018
Cops: Pair jump from window after they're caught trying to steal safe

Two Boston men were arrested after jumping from a second-floor window and injuring themselves at a Brush Hill Road home where they were caught trying to steal a safe, police said. Deputy Police Chief James A. O’Neil credited the capture of the two men to ...

Bleeding Green Nation 1-17-2018
Eagles fan arrested for punching horse in the face

One Eagles fan got arrested for ... Like the one where police say he got ejected from the game, then repeatedly punched a police horse in the face, before striking a Philadelphia police officer. Police say it all started when the 22-year-old Whitehall ...

Middletown Press and Journal 1-17-2018
Woman charged after allegedly trying to stab Middletown police officer

A Middletown woman faces charges of aggravated assault for allegedly trying to stab a police officer with a knife during a domestic incident in the 300 block of Market Street shortly after 9:30 p.m. … This item is available in full to subscribers.

Wicked Local Easton 1-16-2018
Brockton man lied to Easton cops, had loaded handgun, police say

and was arrested in May 2012 on assault-and-battery charges and unlawful possession of a firearm. In 2011, Brockton Police said they discovered a baggie of crack cocaine in Amado’s buttocks after a traffic stop, but those charges were vacated in 2016 ...

newsargus.com 1-16-2018
Police say a man exposed himself to a woman at a bus stop on Ash Street

Donnell Grady, 53, Streets of Goldsboro, is charged with indecent exposure. The victim reported to Goldsboro police that she was waiting at the bus stop at 412 E. Ash St. when Grady allegedly flashed his genitalia at her at about 10:34 a.m. Police arrested ...

Alabaster Reporter 1-16-2018
Former cop accused of child sex abuse gets new court date

Herbinger had been a Birmingham police officer for about nine years before he was terminated from the position on Oct. 24, 2014. The Alabaster Police Department arrested Herbinger on Oct. 20, 2014, and charged him with the first-degree rape charge after an ...

deadgoodbooks.co.uk 1-16-2018
Gillian McAllister: what it’s like in police custody

We were firstly shown the front desk where Joanna, in Reveal, stands when she is first brought in after confessing at the scene and being arrested. It was all blue ... up at the ceiling – my friendly police officer contact showed me – there is ...

toptenz.net 1-16-2018
10 Must-Know Mad Scientists Who Went Too Far

When these attempts did not pan out, he then attempted to organize experiments to do the reverse, impregnating human women with Chimpanzee semen. However, before he could arrange participants and plan the project, the obsessed researcher was arrested and ...

GuelphToday 1-15-2018
Undercover child pornography investigation ends in charges

Members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, the OPP Digital Forensics Unit, and County of Wellington Ontario OPP Detachment have arrested and charged a local man in a child pornography investigation. A pro-active online ...

redcityofficial.co.uk 1-15-2018
DNA Report Could Lead To Lebanese Rape Suspect Rabih Haddad’s Release

Hadad allegedly raped his 19 year old househelp in his house and was arrested and placed on trial ... 2017 according to DAILY GUIDE sources, had indicated that sperm was found on the lady. Subsequently, further swabs were taken for forensic laboratory ...

Mercury 24 1-15-2018
Man charged with sexual assaults in North Somerset

Dale Ratcliffe, of no fixed abode, is facing four counts of sexual assault and two of indecent exposure. The offences are alleged ... on September 14. Police charged him yesterday (Sunday). Ratcliffe is due at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges ...

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-15-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-13-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-13-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-13-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-13-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

NECN 1-13-2018
"I'm Not a Victim': Man Writes Memoir After High-Profile Porn Arrest

Publicly, Josh Shea was a city councilor, magazine publisher, and founder of a popular film festival in Auburn, Maine. But privately, he was struggling with alcohol and pornography addiction. In 2014, that addiction led to his high-profile arrest.

Wicked Local Marshfield 1-12-2018
POLICE BEAT: Busy Monday for Marshfield Police

Phillip Sharkey, 23, of 14 Seth Sprague Dr. and Nathan Metcalf, 18, of 106 Moraine St. were arrested by Marshfield police on Ocean ... vehicle to impose an imminent assault and battery on a police officer. After crashing into a rock wall, Costa fled ...

Wicked Local Beverly 1-12-2018
Beverly Police investigating 'grandparent scam'

The caller told the victims that he had been arrested in another state after an Uber he was ... After reporting this to police, Officer Dana Nicholson, and Detective Joshua Pickett began to investigate and due to their quick actions, were able to recover ...

NERD TREK 1-12-2018
Stark Naked Neo Savages and Sanguine City States #3: Wide, Open, and Awful – A Desert, Green and Deadly (system neutral)

We move from the forest of dead electric, to the waxy green swaths of rocks, with no plant-life, just sparse rain, naked stone and terrible crystals ... 6 sample and obscure reasons for being arrested in the city (including “Displaying unkind eyes ...

Kgab 1-12-2018
Rock Springs Man Arrested After Standoff With Deputies

Wilkening was then taken to jail, originally charged with the bench warrant and Interference with a Police Officer. He now faces additional charges of Domestic Battery, False Imprisonment, and stalking in another case. At last report, he was being held on ...

NewsX 1-12-2018
Noida: Cop rapes 7-year-old girl in front of her brother after luring her with Rs 10

The local people caught hold of the accused and thrashed him badly. A police team reached the spot after getting information and arrested the accused,” SHO Surajpur police station was quoted as saying by ToI. The station head officer further added that a ...

The Zimbabwe Daily 1-11-2018
Witch hunter in search of goblins shuts school

Female teachers at Gohole II Primary School and female villagers in Gohole area, Ward 3, are living under stress as they are allegedly being sexually abused by goblins resulting in them waking up with semen on ... that the man be arrested and immediately ...

benarnews.org 1-11-2018
Thailand: Task Force Promotes Efforts to Arrest Child-Sex Predators

Child pornography online is a growing concern ... Suffering from depression, his grades fell, leading his parents to file a police complaint. Police arrested a predator who took advantage of at least 300 victims. He was convicted and sentenced to 16 ...

news-Bulletin 1-11-2018
Belen man arrested, charged with criminal sexual assault

BELEN —A man who police say had been sexually assaulting his daughter for years will have to come up with a half a million dollars to get out of jail. Adam Benavidez, 38, of Belen, was arrested ... Belen police officer Craig Meo was called to UNM ...

Avon and Somerset Constabulary 1-11-2018
Arrest made in connection with sexual assaults in Yatton

We’ve arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with sexual assaults in Yatton. The man was arrested by officers in the early hours of this morning on suspicion of sexual assault and indecent exposure. He remains in custody at this time.

wildabouttravel.boardingarea.com 1-11-2018
Naked Man in Phuket Airport Hurls Poo

According to the Phuket news, a 27 year old American of Korean descent from New York, was taken into custody at 1130pm on 4th January, 2017 for causing a public disturbance as he walked naked through ... the officers had to arrest the man.”

gaycitynews.nyc 1-10-2018
DNA Vindicates Lesbian Rape Victim Smeared by Daily News

Using DNA recovered from semen found on the woman following the April 1994 rape ... and said that she was going to be arrested. She sued and was represented by Martin Garbus, a noted First Amendment attorney who previously only represented publishers ...

Times of Zambia 1-10-2018
CCPU Kitwe cops nabbed

POLICE in Kitwe on the Copperbelt Province have arrested three Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU) officers for allegedly causing the death of a 34-Year-Old man. Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga who confirmed the incident said it ...

USA TODAY High School Sports 1-10-2018
Kansas City man after arrest at JV girls basketball game: 'I regret punching the ref in the face'

No, really. Marshall Jr. was arrested on charges of assault and disorderly conduct by an off duty police officer —Raytown Police Det. Larry Jackson — who was working security at the game. It didn’t take long for Marshall Jr. to both own up to what ...

Suburban Chicagoland Online News 1-10-2018
Cicero Police charge suspect with impersonating a police officer

... in DUI related deaths Oct. 9 23-year-old Berwyn man charged in DUI related deaths Oct. 9 Charges were filed against Jordan ... Cicero Police charge suspect with impersonating a police officer Suspect stopped vehicle and ... Suspect charged in ...

PerryvilleNews.com 1-10-2018
Metro East Catholic priest charged in child porn case after cyber tip to police

Several electronic devices were seized and Hechenberger was arrested. He was found in possession of several child porn images and videos that depict children younger than 13, police said. Hechenberger also had less than five grams of meth. On Tuesday ...



exhibitionnews.uk 1-22-2018
Drone and Technology Show Live to debut in 2018

Malo Events has announced a JV with the UK Drone Show and Activate Comms to launch The Drone and Technology Show live for 2018, incorporating the popular UK Drone Show first hosted at the NEC in 2015. The event will celebrate all things UAV and will ...

FileHippo News 1-22-2018
Drone Saves Australian Swimmers in ‘World First’ Rescue

Two teenage boys were dramatically rescued by a brand new lifesaving drone in Australia this week… while lifeguards were still training to use the device. The “The Little Ripper” drone, part of a experimental government backed project, was able to ...

Successful Meetings 1-22-2018
How to Use Augmented Reality at Meetings

You've heard of virtual reality. But this is the year of "augmented reality," or AR, according to Joe Schwinger, CEO and co-founder of meetings technology company MeetingPlay. "I think it will become commonplace in 2018," says Schwinger, who describes AR ...

radiotvtalk.blog.myajc.com 1-21-2018
SNL tweaks Atlanta’s Amazon H2 bid with jokes on traffic, Waffle House, Paula Deen

In a relatively under-baked skit that aired after Weekend Update last night, “Saturday Night Live” spoofed four of the 20 cities up for the running for Amazon’s HQ2 headquarters, including Atlanta. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, played by Kyle Mooney ...

thatoregonlife.com 1-21-2018
This Drone Footage of a Fire Lookout in Oregon is Absolutely Stunning

Matt Vidal from Mckenzie River Drone Footage has done it again. Showcasing the most beautiful parts of Oregon, Vidal has been shooting mindblowing drone footage for about 3 years now. This particular shot, captured in the Willamette National Forest near ...

flitetest.com 1-21-2018
DIY Autonomous Delivery Drone

I will now tell you about my diy delivery drone. It is a quadcopter that I built a few years ago and recently I decided to upgrade the FC to give it autonomous flight capabilities. The FC is a pixhawk which adds tons of functionality. I know this drone is ...

thetechbulletin.com 1-21-2018
Samsung to launch Galaxy J8 (2018) at MWC 2018, listed on Geekbench and GFXBench

Samsung is preparing for the launch of its new range of smartphones for this current year. All the smartphone giants are working on their new smartphones to showcase them in the upcoming Mobile World Congress in the next month. Mobile World Congress is ...

HBCU Buzz 1-21-2018
This Morehouse Grad Is Creating The Google Chrome For Virtual Reality

AR/VR is relatively still new to the market but it seems that we are starting to see some early adoption and use cases. Black Enterprise caught up with Russell Ladson, co-founder of Drop, the search engine for VR, to discuss why he started the company ...

www.htbridge.com 1-20-2018
First IoT ARC Botnet "Okiru" Discovered

A concerning world first in the discovery of a binary designed to compromise ARC processors leads to heightened botnet warnings for IT security pros Big botnets aren’t really news - there are plenty of them around, and they’re occasionally refitted ...

brendangregg.com 1-19-2018
How To Measure the Working Set Size on Linux

The Working Set Size (WSS) is how much memory an application needs to keep working. Your app may have populated 100 Gbytes of main memory, but only uses 50 Mbytes each second to do its job. That's the working set size. It is used for capacity planning and ...

crossingzebras.com 1-19-2018
New Hacking Implant Tied to Secret Treasure Hunt in New Eden

Being a lore nerd in EVE has its ups and downs. Some days you spend all day listening to distorted audio for no real results, but some times paying attention to what is going on behind the surface pays off. While most game companies like to keep some ...

Dot Esports 1-19-2018
Thirteen arrested in South Korean Overwatch hacking investigation

Thirteen Overwatch hackers and match-fixers have been arrested by the South Korean government. "Blizzard had requested a through investigation to the Seoul National Police Agency Cyber Security Department regarding the domestic illegal program developers ...

Attractions Magazine 1-19-2018
Las Vegas New York New York hotel debuts Big Apple Coaster Virtual Reality Experience on Feb 7.

The Big Apple Coaster at New York New York in Las Vegas gets a virtual reality upgrade starting Feb. 7. The wildest roller coaster ride on The Strip is getting a high tech upgrade, as the New York New York hotel and casino in Las Vegas has announced that ...

University of Arkansas at Little Rock 1-19-2018
Virtual reality innovator Cruz-Neira demonstrates how VR is changing the world at Consumer Electronics Show

Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, director of the Emerging Analytics Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, demonstrated how innovative virtual reality technology is changing the world for the better at Dell’s Jan. 10 VR for Good event at the 2018 ...

engerati.com 1-19-2018
Future-proofing grid connectivity - NB-IoT vs 870MHz Radio Mesh

In recent years, the utilities market has seen a shift in the volume of data gathered through the use of smart metering, and is reaching a critical point where suppliers must consider how to connect more systems and devices in the future to continue the ...

Artikel Presse News 1-19-2018
10 concerns regarding IoT security should be considered before developing apps.

10 concerns regarding IoT security should be considered before developing apps. The boom in the Internet of Things (IoT) has led us to security issues that were not anticipated. With 24 billion devices online in 2020 alone in the public domain, this is not ...

soldiersystems.net 1-18-2018
Horus Vision Reticle Technologies Announces Virtual Reality Experience and Todd Hodnett Appearances at 2018 SHOT Show

LEWISTON, ID – Horus Vision Reticle Technologies (HVRT), the industry-leading innovator of intelligent reticle technology, today announced the Horus Virtual Reality Experience, and appearances by Todd Hodnett at booth #1051 during the upcoming 2018 SHOT ...

Texas Tech Pulse 1-18-2018
C3 IoT Raises $100M More

C3 IoT, the developer of artificial intelligence and AI software which is backed by Fort Worth-based TPG Growth, has raised $100M more in funding, TPG said late Wednesday. C3 IoTsaid that the new funding round comes from TPG Growth, Breyer Capital, Sutter ...

americanmanufacturing.org 1-18-2018
Apple Announces New Investments to Create Jobs, Boost U.S. Manufacturing

“stand for up to 10 hours a day in hot workshops slicing and blasting iPhone casings for Apple Inc., handling noxious chemicals sometimes without proper gloves or masks.” As one worker told Bloomberg: “My hands turned bloodless white after a day of work.

hfndigital.com 1-18-2018
Amazon Adds “Under $10” Section with Free Shipping

SEATTLE—Amazon launched a new section on its IOS mobile app that offers a variety of items, including home décor and household items, for under $10.While Amazon previously carried an abundance of items under $10, this section is devoted to a curated ...

Beet TV 1-18-2018
Amazon’s Cloud Fuels More Efficient Ad Delivery: SpotX’s Straight

LAS VEGAS — All the chatter is about Amazon building an advertising business that could rival the biggest platforms in ad sales. But Amazon could be an advertising partner, too. Earlier this month, SpotX, the digital video ad tech vendor, announced a ...

www.businessworld.ie 1-18-2018
Apple plans to pay €31bn in foreign cash taxes

Apple Inc will open a new campus as part of a five-year, $30 billion U.S. investment plan and will make about $38 billion (€31 billion) in one-time tax payments on its overseas cash, one of the largest corporate spending plans announced since the passage ...

cultbox.co.uk 1-18-2018
Amazon has just cancelled three of its shows

With rumours now linking it to an acquisition of Lionsgate, Amazon has opted not to carry on with a trio of its original comedy series. This is reportedly as part of a drive by Amazon to move away from more niche shows, and presumably head towards the ...

fourkitchens.com 1-18-2018
Four Kitchens Recognized as Top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Developer

We make content go! Our team builds websites and APIs to engage people on virtually any device, creating the tools you need to reach your audience and helping you stay on the cutting edge. We are committed to every new project that we have the privilege to ...

www.phonetransfer.org 1-18-2018
iPhone X Hacker for Remote Hacking of iPhone

As far as it is concerned about hacking an iPhone X device, there are multiple hacking applications that perform the function of hacking an iPhone device. It allows a person to maintain a track record of the user as well as the target device. In order to ...

dornob.com 1-17-2018
Tesla’s New “Roadster” Set to be the World’s Fastest Production Supercar

The new Roadster boasts three motors: one in the front to power the front wheels and ... handily smashing the 40-200 mile range achieved by the electric cars currently on the market. Tesla’s original Roadster, which sold about 2,500 units between 2008 ...

AV Magazine 1-17-2018
Samsung outlines its vision and strategy for IoT at CES

In spring 2018, Samsung will unite its IoT applications into the SmartThings app so that users can control any SmartThings-enabled device directly from their phone, TV, or car. Samsung Electronics has outlined its vision and strategy for intelligent ...

watchuseek.com 1-17-2018
Readers’ Picks: Best Watch Accessories and Tools on Amazon, According to You

Here we take a look back at what watch-related gear you were putting in your Amazon shopping carts last year. First up: the best watch accessories, according to you. Through our affiliate partnership with Amazon, we were able to access lists of the most ...

soundcloud.com 1-17-2018
Yahoo News: Sen. Chris Van Hollen Refutes CIA Chief's Claim That Russian Hacking Has Been Happening by SiriusXM News & Issues

Sen Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) discusses the DETER Act, a bill he's promoting with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to uphold election integrity. DETER stands for Defending Elections from Threats by Establishing Redlines. Olivier Knox hosts Yahoo News on POTUS every ...

serialkeypro.com 1-17-2018
Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key Free Download

Microsoft Office 2016 professional plus Overview: Here am supplying your Microsoft office 2016 product key. You may enjoy business and the other version like a professional. So, Office 2016 is the advanced and new edition for Microsoft. All area in ...

geektown.co.uk 1-17-2018
Amazon Renews ‘The Tick’ For Season 2

Fear not, fair citizens! Amazon Studios has announced ‘The Tick‘ will be returning to Amazon Prime for a 2nd Season! The creator of the series, Ben Edlund (‘Firefly’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Gotham’), will return for the 2nd season which will ...

embedded-vision.com 1-17-2018
ASR License CEVA DSP and Connectivity Technologies for Smartphones and IoT Devices

ASR harnesses CEVA vision, voice, baseband DSPs and Bluetooth / Wi-Fi platforms for upcoming product lines for smartphones and cellular IoT SoCs MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., – Jan 17, 2018 – CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of signal ...

Superhero Hype 1-17-2018
The Tick Season 2 Greenlit by Amazon

Hello, Citizens! Amazon Studios today announced it has greenlit a second season of the half-hour superhero series, The Tick. The creator of the series Ben Edlund (Firefly, Supernatural, Gotham) will return along with leads Peter Serafinowicz ...

Architosh 1-17-2018
Vectorworks, Inc. Brings Apple’s ARKit to CAD/BIM Designers—Lastest Nomad App

Nomad’s ARKit update adds power to design services delivery for architects and related professionals on the Vectorworks platform. Now clients and designers alike can see full-scale 3D models in actual environments. Nomad was already a 3D modeling viewing ...

m.nextgov.com 1-17-2018
Microsoft Develops Virtual Reality For Disaster Response

Scaling virtual reality up from smaller scenarios is a major goal for video game developers. According to Engadget, Microsoft is also looking to expand virtual reality beyond the size of a living room for a different reason entirely: disaster response.

barbtaub.com 1-17-2018
You’re scaring me, Amazon. #humor #travel #shopping

I was ordering a little overnight bag online when Amazon popped up a window: Huh? (My bad bad self keeps coming up with reasons you would need to order a leather overnight bag and Elmer’s Washable School Glue together…) Then my friend Jaya reminded me ...

gadgtecs.com 1-16-2018
How To Repair Samsung Phones

Samsung is one of the best phone brands in the market. They have great devices with awesome features. However, as the phone gets old you are bound to get some problems. These can really dampen your spirits if you do not know how to solve them. Check out ...

SNJ Today 1-16-2018
Meet AC Launches Virtual Reality Tool to Help Sell Meeting Space in City

The New Year means new strategies. Meet AC recently launched a new marketing tool in hopes to attract planners, brands, and prospective visitors to Atlantic City by offering them a trip to the resort town without having to leave home. “Our sales team ...

mysticseaport.org 1-16-2018
For Mixed Reality Artist, The Virtual World Is His Canvas

For about a week now, Reilly Donovan has been walking around the Collins Gallery at Mystic Seaport, with a modernistic-looking contraption on his head, carefully stepping over various steel beams, hydraulic pistons, and discarded bubble wrap strewn across ...

TechWyse Internet Marketing 1-16-2018
This Week: Facebook Feed Changes, 2018 Design Trends You Have to Use, and Keeping Your Momentum from the Holiday

This week in internet marketing, we’re covering Facebook’s news feed announcement, Google changes in the pipeline for 2018, and bold design trends you need to be aware of this year. We also look at ways to bounce back from a content fail and how to ...

spinsucks.com 1-16-2018
Ch Ch Ch Changes: Don’t Stress About the Facebook News

I am here to tell you: do not panic! There are many other things that are deserving of your panic—an incoming missile notice via text, for instance—but this is not one of them. You can read Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of it on his Facebook wall.

Personnel Today 1-16-2018
Amazon drivers’ false self-employment dispute settled

A courier company that delivers parcels for Amazon has settled a dispute with drivers that the GMB union claimed were falsely self-employed. UK Express Delivery (UKXD) offered a 100% settlement to the drivers in order to prevent further false self ...

premiumbeat.com 1-16-2018
5 Brands That Raised the Bar for Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t letting up anytime soon. In what has become one of the hottest markets in advertising and content creation, VR is making big strides with some major brands. Let’s look at how these five big names are using VR in new and ...

Cowboys Wire on MSN.com 1-16-2018
Former Cowboys LB coach Matt Eberflus to join Colts, per Facebook

Social media reports can hardly be taken as gospel, however this particular source is going to be hard to refute. First reported a month ago by 105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher, Matt Eberflus has been in line to be named defensive coordinator whenever and ...

androidpimp.com 1-16-2018
Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker | A Cheap Amazon Echo Alternative

The GGMM E2 is a small, yet powerful multifunctional Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker type of products that can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to stream music directly to it and also connect wirelessly to a local WiFi network. Similar to Alexa products on the ...

millionmilesecrets.com 1-16-2018
Best Cards to Use at Amazon in 2018

Disclosure: We get a commission for links on the blog. You don’t have to use our links, but we’re very grateful when you do. American Express, Capital One, Chase, and US Bank are Million Mile Secrets advertising partners. Opinions expressed here are ...

globalrailwayreview.com 1-16-2018
Data and IoT: is it just the beginning?

With data threatening to drown us, how do we see beneath the tip of the iceberg? Carlos Palminha, Nomad Digital’s Head of Development (Porto), takes a closer look at the world of data and the Internet of Things (IoT) and explores how the rail industry ...

smist08.wordpress.com 1-16-2018
Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi

Raspbian is the main operating system for the Raspberry Pi, but there are quite a few alternatives. Raspbian is based on Debian Linux and there has been a good uptake on the Raspberry Pi which means that most Linux applications have ARM compiled packages ...

The Border Watch 1-16-2018
Virtual reality first look

COLLISIONS: Lynette Wallworth’s virtual reality work titled Collisions tells the story of indigenous elder Nyarri Morgan’s introduction to the Western world. The show will be at the Main Corner and Riddoch Art Gallery until February 9. AN exclusive ...

Sports Video Group 1-15-2018
Amazon: The 11 NFL Games It Streamed This Season Reached 18.4 Million Viewers

According to numbers made available by Amazon Sports late last week, Amazon Prime Video’s live streams of 11 NFL games this season reached 18.4 million total viewers in 224 countries and territories. Data also showed that the average-minute audience ...

diversity.net.nz 1-15-2018
Understory – A really great IoT case study, and an example of insurance disruption in action

IoT is a difficult thing to pin down. Everyone seems to be talking about how this internet of connected everything’s will change the world – from enterprise, software CEOs talking about their favorite connected toothbrush, to industrial organizations ...

The Loadstar 1-15-2018
Amazon buys more land at Cincinnati airport in $1.5bn air freight hub development

Amazon has added 210 acres of land to its development at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), its US air freight hub. Senior VP of operations Dave Clark tweeted: “Amazon Air getting ready for take-off in KY!” In response, CVG ...

ReleaseWire 1-15-2018
Willence Launches Fun PreciShock Bug Zapper on Amazon to Create Non-Toxic Insect-Free Zones

With a 17% discount, the PreciShock Bug Zapper relaunches on Amazon with an electric swatter technology that gets rid of little and big bugs in a flash. New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2018 --With technology designed to sidestep the toxicity of bug ...

www.jotform.com 1-15-2018
Hiding the “unsubscribe” button? Drop that growth hacking guide.

I didn’t care about any other statistics — and I definitely didn’t watch vanity metrics like weekly growth rates and website visits. Obviously, new signups are a good thing. Attracting more subscribers means we’re on the right track with our product.

WhatTheyThink 1-15-2018
Amazon and On-Demand Clothing Manufacturing

This story on Recode caught my attention. Amazon stories are always interesting – the company plays a large role in many of our lives, especially mine, since I live on an island and need to ship lots of stuff in. Well, “need” is probably an ...

ultimatepocket.com 1-15-2018
IoT Tech Expo: Leading IoT Event Announces Its 2018 World Series!

The World’s Leading IoT Event Series will bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of top level content and discussion. Exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering the impact it has on many industries ...

www.idc.com 1-15-2018
New Zealand Organisations deploying IOT doubled over 2017

AUCKLAND, January 15 th, 2018 – IDC New Zealand has released its annual Internet of Things Decision Maker Report. The report illustrates that the number of New Zealand organisations that have implemented an IoT solution has practically doubled; from 13.7 ...

crossingbroad.com 1-14-2018
The Dog Mask Is Available on Amazon with Prime Shipping

I’m not saying everybody in the stadium should be wearing a dog mask next Sunday… but everybody in the stadium should be wearing a dog mask next Sunday. It’s only $10.99 and eligible for Prime shipping. You can get one right here. And yes, there is a ...

realtor.com 1-14-2018
Tired of Big-City Squeeze? Score a Bargain in America's 10 Cheapest Housing Markets

10 Surprising U.S. Cities Where Home Values Are Skyrocketing So where do you go for homes that will cost you well below the $79,500 starting price of a Tesla Model X ... including General Motors. In 2016, the car company announced that it would invest ...

rajah.com 1-14-2018
More Details on WWE Testing Virtual Reality Technology in 2018

-- WWE will be testing out NextVR (Virtual Reality) at some shows in 2018. The virtual reality experiences will be ten minutes in length and be available for free to fans on a new WWE channel within the NextVR app after each event. -- Fans will be able to ...

win-vector.com 1-13-2018
Setting up RStudio Server quickly on Amazon EC2

I have recently been working on projects using Amazon EC2 (elastic compute cloud), and RStudio Server. I thought I would share some of my working notes. Amazon EC2 supplies near instant access to on-demand disposable computing in a variety of sizes (billed ...

nuzzel.com 1-13-2018
Source: Verizon to sharpen content strategy with OTT video service, IoT platform

At CES, the big consumer electronics show underway this week in Las Vegas (when the lights are working), TechCrunch has learned that Verizon is working away on a couple of new services that will see the carrier once again trying to grow its…

openness.microsoft.com 1-13-2018
Microsoft + Open Source

We’re back from a holiday hiatus and there’s lots to catch up on, including this week’s release of PowerShell Core 6.0, which is cross platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux), open source, and built for heterogeneous environments and the hybrid cloud.

daniel.haxx.se 1-13-2018
Microsoft curls too

Ever since we started shipping curl, it has been possible to build curl for Windows and run it on Windows. It has been working fine on all Windows versions since at least Windows 95. Running curl on Windows is not new to us. Users with a little bit of ...

OutdoorHub 1-13-2018
Wildlife Officials Use Submersible Drone to Recover Missing Angler’s Body from Lake

The body of a missing fisherman has been recovered after TWRA investigators used an underwater remote operated vehicle, (ROV) much like a drone, to search Center Hill Lake on Thursday. Rhea Review reports Scott Northrup, 66, was reported missing on ...

www.luxurytraveldiary.com 1-13-2018
What Happens If A Drone Collides With Your Plane!

On November 30th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) conducted the first ever test of a collision between a drone and a passenger plane. This test was designed to determine the effects of a quad-copter drone hitting the front windscreen of a ...

cincinnatirefined.com 1-13-2018
This Drone Photographer Will Change The Way You See Cincinnati

Here at Cincinnati Refined, we consider it our duty to show off the Queen City. And thankfully, that’s not a hard job. This city is amazing. But sometimes we run out of ways to highlight the Tri-state in unique and different ways. I mean, there’s only ...

mobilegeeks.com 1-13-2018
CES 2018 and the Internet of Things – Top IoT News

Every CES I give an interview and I say “We’re one year closer to the Internet of Things, becoming a Thing”. This year we saw clear signs that IoT was in fact well on its way to becoming mainstream. SmartThings has replaced ADT’s proprietary back ...

F1i.com 1-13-2018
New Amazon series chronicles McLaren's road to perdition with Honda

Amazon has announced that a new docuseries entitled 'Grand Prix Driver' will premiere on February 9, exclusively on its Prime Video streaming platform. Narrated by Oscar-winning actor and F1 fan Michael Douglas, the documentary chronicles McLaren's ...

www.defcon.org 1-13-2018
DEF CON Hacking Conference

The time has come! There's no denying it, it's 2018 and DEF CON 26 will be here before we know it, so let's get this party started. All of the insanely awesome DEF CON events don't materialize out of thin air, so that's where YOU come in. We're looking for ...

trendsandissues.com 1-12-2018
Episode 104 Trends for January 1-12: Hardware & Software, Security, Digital Citizenship, and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

The next episode will air on January 26, 2018. Brown, A. & Green, T. (Producers). (2018, January 12). Trends and issues in instructional design, educational technology, and learning sciences [Audio Podcast]. Retrieved from http://trendsandissues.com/

contractormag.com 1-12-2018
Creating the voice of IoT

My last column spoke of carving the Face of Digital Transformation. This column is about creating a voice for that face with a new breed of Voice Services aimed at evolving devices. The speed at which the voice of IoT is being created is amazing; the smart ...

makerbot.com 1-12-2018
MakerBot Design Series: The Drone

This story is part two of MakerBot's series of design studies, exploring iterative design and the relationship between designers and their tools. You’ve probably taken something apart just to see how it works. Maybe you fixed it, maybe you marveled at ...

askatechteacher.com 1-12-2018
Virtual Reality in the Classroom: It’s Easy to Get Started

Every teacher I know has virtual reality on their radar. It’s one of those short-listed disruptive technologies that kids want to be involved in and will change teaching for the better. I was thrilled when Amanda Ronan over at Teach.com suggested that ...

dappered.com 1-12-2018
Best posts of 2017 – Jomers suits, Amazon OCBD’s, and one crazy polo

Last week we recognized the Best Affordable Style of 2017, focusing on the top products pumped out by the retail establishment. This week we’re taking a look back at the best (at least what WE consider the best) of what Dappered had to offer in 2017.

www.woodbangersentertainment.com 1-12-2018
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amazon News

Rachel Brosnahan won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for her role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 11, 2018– (NASDAQ: AMZN)—Amazon today announced that in celebration of its two Golden ...

TECHPHLIE 1-12-2018
Airtel and Amazon join hands to offer one year of Amazon Prime membership with Airtel Infinity Postpaid Plans

New Delhi, January 12, 2018: Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s largest telecommunications services provider, and Amazon India (“Amazon”) have come together to ring in an entertaining and exciting new year for customers. Under a first of its kind ...

Fortune India 1-12-2018
India unlikely to see Apple stores anytime soon

It has been nearly two years now since Apple Inc’s chief executive officer, Tim Cook, visited India. Since then, loyal fans of the brand have been waiting eagerly for the day when Apple opens its flagship store in India. Many in the industry believed the ...

energytrend.com 1-12-2018
Panasonic to Make Tesla EV Battery in China

but then Tesla cut the goal, down to 2,500 cars per week. According to etnews and Inside EVs, the Bolt of General Motors (GM) topped the EV sales in the North America market in October 2017, reaching 2,781 cars. As for 2018, so far Bolt is the second best ...

thegreenhead.com 1-12-2018
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

If you're planning on getting in shape this year, but know that you'll just end up sitting on the sofa all year playing video games, then I think I found the perfect compromise with this cool new VirZOOM. This innovative exercise bike combines virtual ...

blog.tanelpoder.com 1-11-2018
Secret Hacking Session: Oracle Background Process Communication, Exotic Wait Events and Some Tracing too

In this session we will look into some internals of Oracle background process communication and also some special types of wait events that most people aren’t aware of. We will use some exotic tracing for internals research and fun and some of this stuff ...

Business Insider Singapore 1-11-2018
Amazon could detonate a gentrification ‘prosperity bomb’ in the city it chooses for its second headquarters

More than 200 cities, states, and regions submitted proposals to host a new $5 billion Amazon campus, dubbed HQ2. Amazon claims its second headquarters would create 50,000 jobs in the to-be-determined city. But some residents worry that the new ...

Autoblog on MSN.com 1-11-2018
Model 3 owners accuse Tesla of bait-and-switch on premium interior materials

Threads on both the Tesla Motors Club forum and Tesla Reddit page are filled with complaints from owners who say they've taken deliveries of the Model 3 sedan and paid $5,000 for premium upgrade packages but gotten interiors with cloth headliners ...

khinsider.com 1-11-2018
Two Kingdom Hearts clocks releasing May 31st via Amazon Japan

Track time with this beautiful stain glass inspired Kingdom Hearts wall clock, available for preorder from Amazon Japan. The first clock is priced at ¥21,384 (roughly $191.60 USD) and the second clock is priced at ¥10,584 ($94.83 USD). Both will be ...

www.en.advertisercommunity.com 1-11-2018
Merchant Account Suspend Due to Policy Violation - Hacking (Products That Enable Dishonest Behavior)

We received the email below from Google and would like your assistance to take a look at our site and see what maybe going on. Not exactly sure how we are violating this policy and what we need to fix it. Thanks! Dear Google Shopping Merchant, We've ...

ubuntu.com 1-11-2018
An IoT app store for all your devices

The option of a private or public store enables you to select which software and apps are available to your customers. And device access ensures only authenticated users can access your store. Procedures and standards for your store are defined by you, or ...

Loudoun Now 1-11-2018
Experts to Discuss Anti-Hacking Strategies

A staggering number of data breaches were revealed during 2017 and experts predict that there will be many more hacks to come this year. No one is immune from the threat—from an individual to small business owner to corporate entity. The Dulles Regional ...

intelligentcio.com 1-11-2018
How this Italy-based agritech startup is using IoT to help farmers

The demand for food around the world is rising. By 2050, calorific demand will increase by 70% and the demand for crops for human consumption and animal feed will increase by at least 100%. Food and agribusiness, a $5-trillion global industry, will only ...

animemaru.com 1-11-2018
Amazon Discontinues Anime Strike, Focuses on Global Domination Instead

Amazon announced this week the discontinuation of their Anime Strike video service, the company’s $5 monthly subscription service that allowed users to stream great anime series such as Himouto! Umaru-chan R and My Girlfriend is Shobitch. The service ...

labourlist.org 1-11-2018
Tom Watson: PM has abandoned all promises made to phone hacking victims

This is the full statement published by Tom Watson, deputy leader and shadow culture secretary, after Theresa May vowed to over-turn last night’s House of Lords vote in support of part two of the Leveson inquiry. Last night’s vote was a milestone for ...

psychologicalscience.org 1-10-2018
iPhones and Children Are a Toxic Pair, Say Two Big Apple Investors

The iPhone has made Apple Inc. AAPL -0.30% and Wall Street hundreds of billions of dollars. Now some big shareholders are asking at what cost, in an unusual campaign to make the company more socially responsible. A leading activist investor and a pension ...

ekekeee.com 1-10-2018
Amazon Founder, WashPo Owner Jeff Bezos the Richest Man in History

Shares in Amazon hit an all-time high on Monday, which lifted Bezos' net worth to a record $105.1billion, according to Bloomberg. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO's, is now the richest person of all time, eclipsing the record previously held by Microsoft founder ...

2Paragraphs 1-10-2018
Jeff Bezos’s Wife Novelist MacKenzie Bezos Omits Him on Amazon Profile

MacKenzie Bezos — she of the familiar surname — is an accomplished author. Bezos attended Princeton University where she worked as a research associate for Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison. (That’s the writerly equivalent of clerking for a Supreme Court ...

lsolum.typepad.com 1-10-2018
Brill & Smolanoff on Hacking Back against Cyberterrorists

Alan E. Brill (Texas A&M University School of Law; Kroll Cyber Security & Investigations) & Jason Smolanoff (Kroll Cybersecurity & Investigations) have posted Hacking Back Against Cyberterrorists: Could You? Should You? (Defense Against Terrorism Review ...



Allmedia Scotland 1-22-2018
Media release: Edinburgh foodie team in BBC Food & Farming Awards

the traditional Chinese foods range, prepared by a skilled team with fresh ingredients and completely shunning artificial additives. Chop Chop is all about traditional Chinese foods, served in traditional style. From jiao zi (boiling dumplings) and guo tie ...

www.culinarylocal.com 1-22-2018
12 Fun-filled Food & Drink Events

While our popsicles and Poptails are made with real fruit, some ingredients, like the ginger and strawberries, have the added bonus of being from our Georgia farm – King of Crops. And with all this fresh produce, it’s basically healthy, right?

seonkyounglongest.com 1-22-2018
Classic & Spicy Jokbal Recipe & Video

It takes a long time to cook and as a home cook, it’s very hard to nail as the Jokbal restaurant chefs do. Only down fall of the Jokbal recipe is… it takes a long time to make the master piece and there is not short cut. So get ready, make one of the ...

wellnessrounds.org 1-21-2018
Hate cooking but want to eat better? (By the end of this post I bet you buy this app!)

but it takes time. As I’ve written before, here are the basic steps that you need to follow to eat well if you are “too busy to cook”. Use a calendar to organize which days you need to have dinner ready Find the recipes you want to cook Fill in the ...

Love Exploring on MSN.com 1-21-2018
This round-the-world food tour will make your mouth water

Because sometimes a one-day food tour just isn't enough ... But each region has its own preferred ingredients, methods and flavor combinations. As you journey across the country, you’ll visit markets and bazaars, and unlock the secrets to creating ...

thehomesteadsurvival.com 1-21-2018
Make Your Own Old Bay Style Seasoning Plus a Recipe for Seafood Stew

Seasonings are a very important part of cooking and everyone who cooks their own food has ... can be used as a subtle flavor or add more for an intense flavor. This recipe was designed to introduce the reader to a homemade version of a popular seasoning ...

adogslove.com 1-21-2018
JustFoodForDogs Dog Food Recalled Due To Contamination From Listeria

Three frozen food flavors from the brand JustFoodForDogs are being recalled due to the presence of Listeria monocytogenes. If that is not scary enough, the ingredient found to be contaminated in the samples were the “human-grade” green beans.

starstyle.ph 1-21-2018
10 Healthy Foods to Eat for Clearer Complexion

While creams and serums are necessary to improve the look of your skin, natural ingredients are just as important because ... Start with these skin-clearing foods to nourish your skin from the inside out. Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which ...

discoversd.com 1-20-2018
Ghee will be the superfood ingredient of 2018, and we are here for it

It may appear that ghee is currently having a moment in food bloggers' newsfeeds and Brooklyn eateries alike, but the truth is that ghee has been around for thousands of years and is not just another foodie trend. Ghee, the Hindi word for "fat," has been a ...

The Gisborne Herald 1-20-2018
REAL food for Babies and Toddlers

REAL food for Babies and Toddlers by Vanessa Clarkson offers a ... eggs and maple syrup until smooth, then pour into the dry ingredients. Mix until all the ingredients are incorporated and no flour is visible, then fold in the bananas and raspberries.

blog.ice.edu 1-20-2018
Little to Big: Little Lessons for Big Results for New Food Entrepreneurs

New food products hit the market at a rate of about 100,000 per ... a cost-plunging value, a super ingredient combo — an Ah ha! To name a few examples: A guy’s quick-serve taco store became Chipotle; a grad student’s taste for Icelandic yogurt ...

theflexifoodie.wordpress.com 1-19-2018
BFree Foods Brand Ambassador

As well as providing allergen free choices, BFree Foods strive to create healthy options. Their ambition with doing so is to make it easier for you to get the nutrients you need whilst also avoiding the ingredients you don’t want! If you head to the ...

perfectlittlebites.com 1-19-2018
Pork Pozole- Recipe

You can modify this recipe hundreds of ways. I great use for that pressure ... Add the pork in small batches, cooking until brown on all sides. Add the pork to the pressure cooker, reserving some fat in the pan. Sautee the onions in the rendered pork ...

coronadotimes.com 1-19-2018
Recipe: Mary’s Chicken Flautas

(if your chicken broth cooks down too far just add a little water as it stews ... My goal is to share with you my passion for food and travel by introducing you to recipes from around the world. Visit my website for more recipes.

Inside Japan 1-19-2018
Food in Japan: 8 dishes you need to try!

I love Shabu Shabu because it’s a fun casual experience that highlights local simple ingredients. My list of top food in Japan is a little bit different from the usual fare. Remember it’s hard to get a bad meal in Japan, so try everything you can!

fdalawblog.net 1-19-2018
HP&M Contributes to Fight Against Food Fraud

The USP Food Ingredient Expert Committee (FIEC) convened an Expert Panel to undertake the task. A member of the FIEC, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.’s Diane McColl served on the Expert Panel and participated in the development of a scheme to classify ...

extrapetite.com 1-19-2018
Extra (Ap)petite // Flavorful Thai basil eggplant recipe

The way my mom taught me to cook it uses minimal oil, but you do lose the pretty color. I’m all about customizable recipes, so here’s some potential adjustments to suit your liking. We use ground turkey, but you can also try ground or sliced chicken ...

smartmeetings.com 1-19-2018
Leftovers from MGM Buffets will be Transformed into Ingredients for 800,000 Meals

Carlos Guia, executive chef of banquets and conventions for ARIA Resort & Casino puts finishing touches on a buffet lunch served at Three Square Food Bank. MGM Resorts International’s hotels are already a go-to destination for planners and attendees of ...

golubkakitchen.com 1-18-2018
Simply Vibrant: Free Pre-Order Bonus Recipe Bundle

The style of the recipes is very similar to that of the recipes in the actual book – everyday vegetarian and vegan meals to make your home cooking more delicious, healthful and vibrant. They are all on heavy rotation in my kitchen. There’s Broccoli ...

www.mrporter.com 1-18-2018
Instagram’s Seven Easiest Vegan Recipes

Ms Jeanine Donoforio, 34, posts both vegetarian and vegan recipes on her blog, Love And Lemons. “If I’m the one doing the cooking, I just don’t tell anyone that what I’m making is vegan”, she says. “Usually they never know until I tell them at ...

The Knox Student 1-18-2018
Inaccurate food labels are threatening Knox students

Although in this case the ingredient is in the name of the food, it is better to be over-cautious than to assume. When peanuts are a leading allergen they most definitely should be within the labeled ingredients. I remember that during Fall Term a friend ...

shelovesbiscotti.com 1-17-2018
Easy Pasta and Lentils Recipe

Of course we cannot have a hearty pasta recipe without pasta. We will be using ditalini today. You will notice that as the pasta cooks, the sauce of this pasta and lentils recipe thickens. This is due to the fact that the starch from the pasta is being ...

madeleineshaw.com 1-17-2018
7 Ingredients I Always Keep In My Fridge

seasonal food. But I’ve been so on the back foot recently that sometimes I only realise I need to do my grocery shopping when I look in the fridge to see what’s for dinner – face palm! So, now I make sure I have my favourite ingredients in the fridge ...

food-management.com 1-17-2018
1 ingredient 3 ways: Grains

Wheat berries have an appealing, hearty texture, perfect to support the bright, bold flavors of this bowl, one of the grain bowl specials at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital’s Maple View Café, where the focus is on fresh food, local cheese and healthy options.

foodology.ca 1-17-2018
Making Zoodles with Cuisinart Food Spiralizer

I got this hand-powered machine – Cuisinart Food Spiralizer to make dinners more exciting and easy to prep my ingredients. With this machine, there is a Safe Blade Lock Design and Sealed storage compartment which makes it easy for kids to get involved ...

nahbnow.com 1-17-2018
Recipes Needed for Next Edition of ‘Building an Appetite’

Production has started on “Building More Appetites,” and we need recipes from you to make this second edition a much-needed resource in any kitchen. Please go ahead and cook up your favorite dish, take some pictures of it, and submit your recipe ...

naturallycurly.com 1-17-2018
12 More Weeknight Recipes for Quick & Healthy Meals #NCNoSugarChallenge

All recipes can have meat added in, meat taken out, fruits substituted, or wrapped in lettuce to make them gluten-free. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Heat olive oil in a medium saute pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook for 5 minutes, or until the ...

thevaultfiles.com 1-17-2018
Food File: Tame Your Sweet Tooth With These Healthy & No-Bake Chocolate Protein Bites

almond butter (PS: look for almond butters that only list almonds as their ingredient!, currently buying this one ... Combine dates, cocoa powder, and protein powder in a food processor. . Transfer to a bowl and mix in the almond butter, oats, an ...

happyherbivore.com 1-17-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-17-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-17-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-17-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

theawesomegreen.com 1-16-2018
3 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate

Flavanols in particular are found to be most abundant in cocoa out of any other food. They have been linked to improving circulation, while polyphenols protect against harmful UV rays and reduce inflammation in the body. Both of these compounds are ...

mandycharltonphotographyblog.com 1-16-2018
Quick and Easy Pressure King Pro Beef and Butternut Squash Casserole Recipe

salt, pepper and Worcester sauce, season to taste Put all of the ingredients in the pot, switch on to the casserole setting for 40 mins and essentially that's it, this is the easiest recipe you'll ever cook, I love to serve mine with Yorkshire puddings but ...

theroastedroot.net 1-16-2018
My Easy Go-To Stir Fry Vegetables Recipe

Recipes like this are what I consume nearly daily ... (slash all-out meal if you’re like me and volume eat your veggies). My go-to technique is to cook the vegetables in ghee in my cast iron skillet, but as always, there’s plenty of wriggle room ...

userealbutter.com 1-16-2018
Recipe: sous vide poached eggs

Poached eggs always seem like a lot of extra work. I usually go the lazy route and crack an egg into my noodles and let it cook in the simmering broth until the whites have just set. But a couple of years ago we were eating at a Japanese restaurant in ...

happyherbivore.com 1-16-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-16-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-16-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-16-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-16-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

barbecuebible.com 1-15-2018
Our 5 Most Popular Recipes of 2017

Reflection for our team often leads us to discuss our favorite pastime: food. We ask ourselves, What was your best cook this year? Or Which new recipes were your favorite? And of course What new grilling techniques did you learn? Have you looked back ...

beautybrite.com 1-15-2018
Cooking Made Easy With An Air Fryer

I plan on making many more foods, I just need to take the time to check out more recipes. I was able to save time with an air fryer. All it took was 15 minutes to pre-heat the air fryer and then 9 minutes to cook the salmon. Honestly, I could haven’t ...

happykitchen.rocks 1-15-2018
How to Make Cauliflower Rice +16 Cauliflower Rice Recipes

You’ll find 16 recipes below to choose from! Quick dinner side, stand-alone flavorful meal or a base for creative appetizers and salads. The best thing: it’s easy to make and it takes less time to cook than normal rice. I’m not saying that you should ...

happyherbivore.com 1-15-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-15-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-15-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-15-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

happyherbivore.com 1-15-2018
your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid)

SO many times I planned to make recipe... Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe… Had *every intention* to cook when I got home… Being able to “reheat” whatever time I finally got home was the only “insurance” I had ...

turntablekitchen.com 1-15-2018
The Only Minestrone Soup Recipe You Need

And yes, I did make this recipe before we took our tree out ... Stir in the onion and garlic. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the onion is softened, about 5 minutes. Next, add the carrots, celery, smoked paprika, dried fennel, marjoram, and tomato ...

getthegloss.com 1-15-2018
Recipe: Gordon Ramsay's Tray-Baked Chicken With Butter Beans, Leeks and Spinach

This delicious, fuss-free tray bake recipe from Gordon Ramsay is sure to please the whole family "Cooking everything together in one pan has some great advantages – all the prep work is done up front, so you can get on with other things once it’s in ...

analoguehumanist.wordpress.com 1-14-2018
Vegetarian Spice Bag Recipe

Grate in the ginger and garlic cloves, then add the green beans, mangetout and onions and cook for 10–12 minutes or until the veg is tender. Stir well while cooking. Throw in the chips and halloumi and mix until everything’s hot then serve.

bellaonline.com 1-14-2018
Instant Pot Mexican Shredded Beef Module Recipe

Pressure cooker recipes are dominating book stores and the web, and cooks everywhere are getting comfortable with modern pressure cooking. For busy cooks, pressure cooking is ideal. Mexican food is popular in most households, so it’s only appropriate to ...

bakingmischief.com 1-13-2018
How to Cook Chicken Breasts for Recipes

This is a quick tutorial on how to cook chicken breasts when you get a recipe that calls for “cooked chicken.” It’s simple, easy, and mostly hands-off, so you can do the rest of your recipe prep while the chicken cooks. You end up with juicy, tender ...

syrupandbiscuits.com 1-13-2018
Readers’ Favorite 2017 Southern Cooking Recipes

I look forward to this round-up every year. It’s a chance for me to learn something new about you and reinforce what I though I knew about you. As always, some of your favorites this year weren’t a surprise and some were. This is what your choices told ...

www.sousvidetools.com 1-13-2018
How to Cook Polenta Sous Vide

However, cooking polenta in the traditional way using a saucepan can be problematic: the polenta can stick to the base of the pan and, unless it is stirred very frequently, it can form an unpleasant skin. You can avoid these common problems by cooking ...

thecountrycook.net 1-13-2018
Slow Cooker Ham Bean Soup ~ Weekend Potluck #307

Our other featured recipes include: Healthier Chocolate Cake from Together as Family, Low Carb Egg Roll Stir Fry from South Your Mouth and Soy Brown Sugar Glazed Chicken Thighs from Mary at Sweet Little Bluebird.

parent.com 1-12-2018
Kid Made Recipe: Sweet Potato Fried Rice

In 2018 we’re aiming to get our teenager cooking family dinner once a week – solo! This awesome fried rice is a great recipe for big kids to try out. Not only is it healthy and delicious, it offers lots of chopping, stir frying, sauce making practice ...

gogogogourmet.com 1-12-2018
17 Easy Ground Beef Recipes

This Instant Pot Chili recipe is fantastic! Chock full of ground beef, beans and BIG flavors – just throw everything in your Instant Pot, and in thirty minutes you’ll have a delicious chili that tastes like it’s been slow cooking all day! Here’s ...

tucsonfoodie.com 1-12-2018
We asked chefs: What ingredient do you love but don’t have on your menu?

and transform those ingredients into unique and unexpected creations that are eye-opening and palate-pleasing. If I can make these crops and cuts the star of the plate and tell our guests how truly important it is to do our part to minimize food waste ...

meghantelpner.com 1-12-2018
5 ‘Health’ Foods That Aren’t Actually Good for You

And other questionable ingredients include: Even the brands that many consumers ... or granola so you can control the amount of sugar you add to it. These are whole foods and they are very different from the highly processed soy 'junk foods' (burgers ...

thehealthymaven.com 1-12-2018
How to Cook the Perfect Stove-Top Chicken Breast

and I became determined to figure out how to cook meat perfectly on the stove-top. 12 months later, I finally succeeded! I vowed that in 2018 I would start posting those random how-tos and recipes that are way less sexy but infinitely more useful so when C ...

selfproclaimedfoodie.com 1-11-2018
Two Ingredient Cauliflower Mash

I don’t have too many two-ingredient recipes on my blog ... I use it for everything from steaming veggies to cooking pasta and soups. Food Processor – I have a big one. Sure it’s heavy and can sometimes be a pain to clean depending on the ...

SportsBook Review 1-11-2018
Clippers, Kings Cooking With High-Scoring Recipe in NBA Thursday

Don’t look now, but the Clippers 8-3 SU and 7-3-1 ATS in their last 11 games, and now they are on the road for their second game in as many nights. While the caliber of opponent is not the same tonight as it was Wednesday against Golden State, we could ...

rvtravel.com 1-11-2018
App helps you find fresh food while on the road

You can eat what you like, when you like — if you can find the ingredients you like. When you’re away from home, that can be the hardest part. Your smartphone can help. Check out the Fresh Food Finder App explained in this video.

tasteofthesouthmagazine.com 1-11-2018
12 Recipes to Add to Your Winter Baking Bucket List

Each issue of Taste of the South is filled with more than 60 wonderful recipes and delightful information on the ... the topics found in this cooking magazine make it an indispensable tool for cooks everywhere.

cruisetotravel.com 1-11-2018
Food Faces, a culinary masterpiece by Holland America Line’s Rudi Sodamin

Rudi began designing and photographing his stylized Food Faces several years ago as a labor of creative love, drawing his artistic inspiration from culinary ingredients and human expression, creating each plate personality from food items including ...

Golden State Newspapers 1-11-2018
Musson joins Traina Foods

The Traina Foods family announces the appointment of David Musson to the team as Director of Industrial Ingredient Sales. Musson brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Traina Foods is the largest purveyor of sun dried fruit in ...

timeslifestyle.net 1-11-2018
These Everyday Food Might Be Harmful For Your Kidney – Diet Plan For Healthy Kidney

You can only know it by reading the packaging labels. When a food contains more than a few ingredients or fresh food comes with more than one ingredients, you should definitely be alarmed before eating it. Studies have found that organic foods may or may ...

Daily Coffee News 1-11-2018
Food Safety Experts Shine Some Light on the Glitter Coffee Trend

This is putting something in your body not designed as food. I can’t recommend it.” The distinction with glitter, as cake decorators well know, is “non-toxic” versus “edible.” The latter, sold by baking suppliers and made with ingredients like ...

Food World News 1-10-2018
Mold contamination in sea salts could potentially spoil food

Among those molds were important food spoilage molds like Aspergillus and Penicillium, and even some notorious producers of mycotoxins. "This new finding contradicts the conventional wisdom that salts are sterile ingredients," said Biango-Daniels.

bypeople.com 1-10-2018
40 Spices & Ingredients Icons (EPS, PNG)

Icons pack with 40 food, spices, and ingredients vector icons by Behance user Fikri Maulana, available in EPS as well as PNG formats. They are designed in Line style and are completely free for both personal and commercial projects, no credit required by ...

Cruise Radio 1-10-2018
Holland America Chef Releases ‘Food Faces’ Book

Sponsored Link With several cookbooks already under his belt, Sodamin put another aspect of his artistic talent to use this time, creating a unique portrayal of ingredients that have inspired him throughout his culinary career. “‘Food Faces’ has a ...