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Institute for Public Accuracy 11-12-2017
Nobel Peace Prize: Threats to Nuclear Ban Treaty

The Guardian reports: “The destruction of humankind is one ‘impulsive tantrum away,’ the Australian-founded winner of the Nobel peace prize, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, warned overnight on Sunday< as the United States and ...

News Deeply 11-12-2017
After the Caliphate, Questions Loom Over Fate of ISIS Captives

Back in August 2013, the so-called Islamic State group kidnapped my 29-year-old cousin Samar Saleh. Since then, I have been waiting for the day that ISIS prisons are liberated. The recent seizure of the group’s last strongholds in the eastern provinces ...

acting-man.com 11-12-2017
The Stock Market and the FOMC

As the final FOMC announcement of the year approaches, we want to briefly return to the topic of how the meeting tends to affect the stock market from a statistical perspective. As long time readers may recall, the typical performance of the stock market ...

Channel 4 News 11-12-2017
Macron centre stage on global warming

It’s exactly two years to the day since the nations of the world signed the Paris climate accord to limit man-made temperature rises to two degrees celsius. It’s an agreement Donald Trump has said the USA would now duck out of. So step forward Emmanuel ...

immuno-oncologynews.com 11-12-2017
In Phase 2 Trial, Orencia Prevented Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Stem Cell Transplant

The rheumatoid arthritis medicine Orencia (abatacept) is a promising approach to prevent graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) in patients receiving hematopoietic stem cell transplants from unrelated donors, a new Phase 2 clinical trial shows. When added to ...

Columbus Monthly 11-12-2017
Weedtown: Is Johnstown poised to capitalize on medical marijuana?

On Aug. 12, 1926, a one-eyed tenant farmer with a dead pig and a shovel put Johnstown on the map. Jim Bailey, “who lost an eye years ago,” according to the Johnstown Independent, was having a bad day, digging a hole in a “quaking bog, which was ...

ABC FOX Montana News 11-12-2017
Sore mouth disease suspected in Yellowstone bighorn sheep

Sore mouth disease (also known as contagious ecthyma) is thought to be responsible for an illness observed among bighorn rams in Yellowstone National Park. Sore mouth disease is a virus caused by the parapoxvirus. It is transmittable to people if direct ...

nationalnewswatch.com 11-12-2017
De-radicalization can work for former ISIS fighters

Canada’s spy agency, CSIS, recently revealed that 60 foreign fighters who joined ISIS and other terror groups in Syria and Iraq are now back and living in Canada. Their fate has sparked fierce debate in Canada’s Parliament between Prime Minister Justin ...

Equitymaster - Get Unbiased Equity Research on Indian Stocks and Share Market Updates 11-12-2017
Financial Sector Takes Centrestage in Stock Market

The changing fortunes of businesses leave imprints on the broad market indices. Over the past decade, the composition of market index Nifty has materially changed. While the weightage (in terms of market capitalisation) of utilities, energy, and telecom ...

Madhyamam 11-12-2017
New York terror suspect pledged allegiance to ISIS: officials

New York: The Bangladeshi-origin suspect, who triggered a blast at a metro station in New York City, has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, officials have said. Akayed Ullah, the 27-year-old suspected bomber, had wires and a pipe bomb strapped to his ...

anderson.ucla.edu 11-12-2017
Global Economics and Management Ph.D.

Welcome to the Global Economics and Management Ph.D. program ... in the fruits of globalization and forcefully highlights the dangers of the recent turn to economic populism in the region. You can read more about the book and UCLA Anderson’s Professor ...

MEConstructionNews.com 11-12-2017
Russia, Egypt sign deal to build $21bn nuclear plant

Rosatom said on Monday a power station it will build in Egypt will cost up to $21 billion and is expected to be finished by 2028-2029, Reuters reported. The Russian state nuclear company said in a statement that its Director General Alexey Likhachev and ...

stlouis-905.comfortkeepers.com 11-12-2017
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Care

You are not alone. We can help care for your loved one at home, giving you the support you need. At Comfort Keepers ®, we understand the struggles families face when caring for a senior with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, and we are here to help.

TripAdvisor 11-11-2017
Vietnam TEFL worry- minor marijuana possesion - Vietnam Forum

around 4 years ago at university I was caught by the police with less than 1g of marijuana in my possession. I was given a cannabis caution and no further action was taken. My issue is that now after finishing my masters I plan to teach in Vietnam for 6-12 ...

Alizila 11-11-2017
eWTP Joins WTO, World Economic Forum in ‘Enabling E-commerce Initiative’

into the larger global economy where currently there are high barriers-to-entry for smaller businesses. But to get there, they said, a program like ‘Enabling E-commerce’ was necessary so that stakeholders could better understand and facilitate the ...

bridgetmarys.blogspot.com 11-11-2017
" (Bishop )Gumbleton on nuclear deterrence: US bishops should reassess peace pastoral" Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter

One of the drafters of a landmark pastoral letter from the U.S. bishops that in 1983 offered a "strictly conditioned moral acceptance" of nuclear deterrence says it's time to reevaluate that document in light of Pope Francis' Nov. 10 statement that the ...

www.bdc.ca 11-11-2017
2018 economic outlook: Global growth brings good news for Canadian entrepreneurs

Happy days are here again for the global economy, and that’s good news for Canadian entrepreneurs. Canada had solid economic growth of 2.9% in 2017, having weathered the oil price shock of the past two years. Our economy is on a solid footing.

News Talk 980 CJME 11-11-2017
Doctors call on Ottawa to exempt medicinal marijuana from sales, excise tax

OTTAWA — More than 50 doctors from across Canada are calling on Ottawa to withdraw its plan to charge tax on medicinal marijuana. The doctors, who describe themselves as physicians who routinely prescribe marijuana to their patients, say applying a sales ...

realfarmacy.com 11-11-2017
Police Demand Medical Marijuana Users Hand over Guns Within 30 Days

The Honolulu Police Department is sending letters to medical marijuana patients warning them that they have thirty days to “voluntarily” hand over their firearms. The authorities’ effort, which has reportedly been underway since January, is in line ...

texaspolicy.com 11-11-2017
Let America lead in nuclear power innovation

This commentary was originally featured in The Hill on December 8, 2017. In today’s politically polarized environment, compromise is a rare commodity, especially in the energy debate. While progressives push for the use of zero-carbon energy ...

sentinelprogress.com 11-11-2017
Duke Energy names new Oconee Nuclear Station Site VP

UPSTATE — Duke Energy has announced Ed Burchfield as Oconee Nuclear Station’s site vice president effective Dec. 1, 2017. He succeeds Tom Ray, who was recently named site vice president of Duke Energy’s McGuire Nuclear Station in Huntersville, N.C ...

ncsl.org 11-11-2017
Disposing of Nuclear Waste an Industry Priority - But Where?

Nuclear plants provide 20 percent of the nation's power carbon-free but the industry faces a significant challenge: what to do with spent nuclear fuel. "Spent fuels is a big challenge," said Brad Sawatzke, chief operating officer and chief nuclear officer ...

Charles Schwab 11-11-2017
2018 Market Outlook: Global Stocks and Economy

Broad growth: Global economic growth is the broadest in a decade. Growth trumps politics: Broad growth tends to leave stocks less vulnerable to risks. Inflated risk: If inflation fails to revive in 2018, movements by central banks may be too aggressive.

en.hdbuzz.net 11-11-2017
Success! ASO drug reduces levels of mutant protein in Huntington's disease patients

In an announcement likely to stand as one of the biggest breakthroughs in Huntington’s disease since the discovery of the HD gene in 1993, Ionis and Roche today announced that the first human trial of a huntingtin-lowering drug, IONIS-HTTRx, demonstrates ...

ijglobal.com 11-11-2017
UK government and Hitachi discuss Wylfa nuclear future

Chancellor Philip Hammond is reported to have met with Hitachi chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi to discuss the £14 billion nuclear project Wylfa Newydd in Anglesey, North Wales. Register for free access to IJGlobal and realise the value of our asset and ...

RealClearEducation 11-11-2017
The Key to North American Dominance in a Global Economy

North America’s global competitive advantage depends in large measure on maintaining a strong base of workforce talent. But North American manufacturing and supply chains are concerned about growing labor market shortfalls, particularly in advanced ...

Warc 11-11-2017
Global IoT spending will top $1 trillion in 2020

BOSTON: Global spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be worth at least $1 trillion in 2020, rising to $1.1 trillion in 2021, according to a new study. In its latest update about the fast-growing market, the International Data Corporation ...

bridgetmarys.blogspot.com 11-11-2017
Pope Francis Calls for Abolition of Nuclear Arms, ICAN Formally Receives Nobel Peace Prize

"Responding to a request from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) which received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, this morning, Pope Francis reiterated his call to people everywhere “to work with determination to build a ...

The County Press 11-10-2017
West Nile Virus found in Michigan ruffed grouse

LANSING — For the first time, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently confirmed the presence of West Nile Virus in the state’s ruffed grouse population. Thank you so much reading The County Press! We hope you enjoyed FREE access to the ...

sleazeroxx.com 11-10-2017
Singer Eric Martin to bow out from Mr. Big when Parkinson’s Disease stricken drummer bows out

Mr. Big frontman Eric Martin was recently interviewed by Michelle Livings of Total Rock and spoke about the contributions of long-time drummer Pat Torpey who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Martin stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “He’s ...

muslimgirl.com 11-10-2017
5 Environmental Documentaries Everyone Should Watch During a Time of Global Warming Denial

In fall 2016, “Before the Flood,” produced and promoted by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens, was released. Prior to the presidential elections, “Before the Flood” was made widely available for free as a way to campaign against Trump ...

www.nobelprize.org 11-10-2017
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) - Nobel Lecture

General permission is granted for the publication in newspapers in any language. Publication in periodicals or books, or in digital or electronic forms, otherwise than in summary, requires the consent of the Foundation. On all publications in full or in ...

Kilkenny People 11-10-2017
Prayer for ‘Cattle Disease’ - with a Foot and Mouth disease outbreak crippling Britain

The Yesteryear's series continued this week with an edition from 50 years ago dated December 15, 1967. The front page printed a prayer for ‘Cattle Disease’ - with a Foot and Mouth disease outbreak crippling Britain. Kilkenny became the home to the ...

www.tibetsun.com 11-10-2017
Iraq declares victory over ISIS

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday declared victory in a three-year war by Iraqi forces to expel the Islamic State jihadist group that at its height endangered Iraq’s very existence. “Our forces are in complete control of the Iraqi-Syrian ...

tipsclear.com 11-10-2017
Fatty Liver Disease: Reason and Preventative Measure

Fatty Liver Disease: Some fat in your liver is normal. But if it constitutes more than 5 percent-10% of the organ’s weight, you might have the fatty liver disease. If you’re a drinker, cease. That’s one of the key reasons for the condition.

Sri Lanka Guardian 11-10-2017
Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority

( December 9, 2017, Washington DC, Sri Lanka Guardian) Michel Chossudovsky, a distinguished professor in Canada, directs the Centre for Research on Globalization and the website Global Research, a font of important information unavailable from the ...

johngaltfla.com 11-10-2017
A Dangerous Encounter: US F-22 Chased Away over Syria by Russian Fighter Jets

A very dangerous and irresponsible air encounter occurred over the Deir Ezzor region in Syria which could have easily tripped the world into a global conflict involving Russia and the United States. Per the Russian news agency TASS, a US F-22 fighter was ...

www.thereadystore.com 11-10-2017
Disease Prevention in an Emergency

When building a shelter for the long-term consider the population size and density within your shelter. Close proximity often leads to illness. You'll want to have a way of dealing with sick people, preferably some kind of isolation if space allows.

3newsnow.com 11-9-2017
128 pounds of marijuana seized in Seward County

SEWARD, Neb. (KMTV) - The Seward County K-9 Unit seized 128 pounds of marijuana at a traffic stop on I-80 Thursday. According to a release, a driver was pulled over for failing to signal a lane change which is when a seargeant smelled an "extremely strong ...

ricochet.media 11-8-2017
Jeremy Corbyn at UN: 'the dominant global economic system is broken'

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered the following speech at the UN's Geneva headquarters today. Corbyn's address to the UN was remarkable for both its content and historical references. In calling for a crackdown on tax evasion by corporations and the ...

Regulatory Focus 11-8-2017
Have PRVs Incentivized New Rare or Neglected Disease Research? Experts Discuss

The priority review voucher (PRV) programs, created by Congress with an eye to incentivizing the development of new rare pediatric and neglected tropical disease drugs, have so far rewarded a wide range of small and large biopharma companies and projects ...

MRCTV 11-8-2017
Hawaii Walks Back Voluntary Gun Surrender Program for Medical Marijuana Patients

Hawaii is temporarily halting its call for medical marijuana cardholders to “voluntarily surrender” their guns after backlash that the policy impacts legal gun owners. In November, the Honolulu Police Department issued letters to gun owners who are ...

Mad In America 11-8-2017
Reexamining Schizophrenia as a Brain Disease

For over one hundred and fifty years, psychiatry has promoted the idea that what is called schizophrenia is a progressive, deteriorative disease of the brain, and that science is on the horizon of finally discovering the biochemical nature of this ...

www.lifeline24.co.uk 11-8-2017
Parkinson’s Disease: A Useful Guide

Parkinson’s disease is a medical condition which causes parts of the brain to become progressively damaged over many years. According to the NHS, around one in 500 people are affected by the condition, which means that there are an estimated 127,00 ...

petoskeynews.com 11-8-2017
Morrow pleads guilty to marijuana delivery

GAYLORD — Chad Morrow pleaded guilty Thursday to two charges of delivery of marijuana, more than a year and a half after a law enforcement raid on his former dispensary, Cloud 45. Morrow, 38, was initially arrested in April 2016 on charges of delivery or ...

ey.com 11-8-2017
Mixed news for the UK economy at the start of Q4 - EY ITEM Club

Howard Archer, chief economic advisor to the EY ITEM Club comments ... helped by the very competitive pound and healthy global growth. "Total exports rose by a decent 1.1% m/m in October itself, and were up by 2.7% in the three months to October ...

dailysun.bowdoin.edu 11-8-2017
Prof. Rebecca Gibbons Discusses Nuclear Proliferation on UK Islamic Radio Station

Despite the enormous reduction in nuclear weapons made since the end of the Cold War, there are reportedly still close to 16,000 such weapons throughout the world today—a source of increasing frustration for many non-nuclear states, according to ...

The Commentator 11-8-2017
British global influence as strong as ever post-Brexit

Global influence is measured in two ways: hard power and soft power. Hard power is the potential ability of a country to use military and economic means to get its way in international relations. Soft-power is different -- it is non-coercive. It is simply ...

APO Source 11-8-2017
Uganda ends Marburg virus disease outbreak

Uganda has successfully controlled an outbreak of Marburg virus disease and prevented its spread only weeks after it was first detected, the World Health Organization said on Friday (December 8). “Uganda has led an exemplary response. Health authorities ...

Mount Desert Islander 11-8-2017
Lyme disease prevention explored

BAR HARBOR — Anyone who spent any time in the woods this past summer or fall knows there were roughly 10 bazillion deer ticks out there. Those are the tiny ticks that carry a variety of illnesses, the most common of which is Lyme disease. According to ...

fis-ski.com 11-8-2017
Andreas Kofler suffers from an autoimmune disease

The Continental Cup in Trondheim mid-September was the last international competition that Andreas Kofler took part in. In an interview, he now spoke about the reasons for the break from competitions. The 33-year-old Austrian suffers from an autoimmune ...

preachingtoday.com 11-8-2017
Former Cold War-Era Nuclear Missile Silo Listed on AirBnb

A rural area of Northern Kansas just outside of Topeka once housed a nuclear warhead. Now, 65 years later, the former missile base has been adapted into living space and is going up for rent on the short-term rental site AirBnb. Named the Subterra Castle, ...

The Federalist on MSN.com 11-8-2017
In The Long Term, Trump’s Recognition Of Jerusalem Makes Peace More Likely

Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft. Later today Donald Trump is expected to make a largely symbolic but important gesture ...

Khaosod English 11-8-2017
Unmasked: Anonymous Historian Who Chronicled ISIS ‘Killing Machine’

The historian carried secrets too heavy for one man to bear. He packed his bag with his most treasured possessions before going to bed: the 1 terabyte hard drive with his evidence against the Islamic State group, an orange notebook half-filled with notes ...

realstreettech.com 11-8-2017
Meltdown | Can The United States Nuclear Power Industry Be Revived?

Loyal readers of this space will remember that earlier this year, in a post about the hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste that are piling up around the world, we provided an update on the continuing global expansion of nuclear power. There ...

Naija247news 11-8-2017
Can cryptocurrencies reduce global poverty?

If behavioral economics can eradicate global poverty, the United Nation’s #1 sustainable ... Since humans are irrational we don’t fit neatly into economic models; we have cognitive limitations, social preferences, or, dare it be said, big problems ...

Nevada Public Radio 11-8-2017
Elko Planning Commission Rejects Marijuana Regulations

The Elko Planning Commission rejected a proposal this week to ban marijuana sales in the city through a zoning amendment. The Elko Daily Free Press reports it was a narrow 4-3 vote, which was passed to the Elko Planning Commission after the initial vote ...

CULTURE Magazine 11-7-2017
Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America

The “War on Drugs” covered many gains and losses for the cannabis community over the years. Historian Emily Dufton highlights the correlation between the state of cannabis today with the state of cannabis 40 years ago, when legalization seemed inevitable.

Central Michigan Life 11-7-2017
Fact not Fiction: Global warming is an issue we must admit in order to repair

If you didn’t believe in climate change before, 2017 was the year to start. It included one of the most active hurricane seasons in recorded history. According to NASA, this October was the second warmest on record in the more than 130 years of weather ...

Rutgers University 11-7-2017
New Lyme Disease Tests Could Offer Quicker, More Accurate Detection

New tests are at hand that offer more accurate, less ambiguous test results that can yield actionable results in a timely fashion. “Improved tests will allow for earlier diagnosis which should improve patient outcomes.” – Steven Schutzer New tests to ...

theestablishment.co 11-7-2017
The Ghosts Of Atomic Past: Nuclear Terror Is Back

Despite talk of how ‘unprecedented’ the Trump era is, what we’re seeing is the Greatest Hits album of right wing Americana turned up to 11. T his week, the United States and South Korea are conducting a joint exercise of their air forces—dubbed ...

freespeech.org 11-7-2017
Daniel Ellsberg Reveals He was a Nuclear War Planner, Warns of Nuclear Winter & Global Starvation

Could tension between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un bring us to the brink of nuclear war? As tensions ramp up, DN! discusses what nuclear war would look like with a former nuclear war planner and one of the world’s most famous ...

madamasr.com 11-7-2017
On Saleh’s death and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen

And Arab media is also very polarized. The Saudis have bought the silence of a lot of media outlets. Wikileaks has documents that show bribes to Lebanese and Egyptian media — the big media in the Middle East. And international media is reluctant to send ...

Nisqually Valley News 11-7-2017
Yelm’s First Marijuana Retailer Now Open

After almost one year of working with the Yelm City Council to reduce the buffer zone from daycares and transportation stations, Tim Cronc’s marijuana retail store is now open at the former Subway and liquor store building. Before King Cronic, the ...

travelskills.com 11-7-2017
Basic Economy fares go global

Now that the Big Three U.S. airlines have rolled out bare-bones Basic Economy fares in their domestic networks, they’re starting to take aim at international markets. Both Delta and American are bringing the controversial lowball pricing option to some ...

The Centurion 11-7-2017
Journalism Faces Threats of Fake News and Ad Duopoly in New Digital Age

However, these moves have fanned the flames of discontent among anti-establishment and fringe news sites, including WikiLeaks, AlterNet, Breitbart and CounterPunch, which have accused the company of censorship- a charge that could potentially increase ...

Atchison Globe 11-7-2017
The elderly and very young are at risk of influenza virus

Flu season is here and even at this early stage, lives have been lost. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several elderly patients and at least one child died from flu-related causes in October. As we'll discuss in a moment, it's ...

The Forecaster 11-7-2017
Topsham voters OK marijuana moratorium, Route 196 signs

TOPSHAM — Voters at a special Town Meeting Wednesday approved two marijuana-related moratoriums, and a zoning change governing business directional signs. The 45-minute gathering, held at the Topsham Public Library, drew just 21 voters – 0.3 percent of ...

News Channel Nebraska 11-7-2017
41 Pounds of Marijuana Products Found During I-80 Traffic Stop

NORTH PLATTE — Three people have been arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop near North Platte on Interstate 80. Troopers with the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) Carrier Enforcement Division and Troop D – North Platte, initiated a traffic stop ...

youthsdigest.com 11-7-2017
Marijuana dealer nabbed with 300 grammes gets 2 years in prison

A Federal High Court in Lagos, on Thursday sentenced a 30- year-old man, Abubakar Nasir, to two years imprisonment for drug trafficking. The unemployed convict who was arraigned by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on a count charge of ...

usa.visa.com 11-7-2017
Track Business and Economic Insights | Visa

Visa Business and Economic Insights, part of Visa Performance Solutions, offers actionable intelligence about the evolving global economy. By applying advanced research and analysis in many areas affecting your bottom line, we can help you:

radiyoyacuvoa.com 11-7-2017
Abongereza Bifatanije na ISIS Basabirwa Kwicwa

Abanyagihugu bafise ubwenegihugu bw’Ubwongereza barwana ku ruhande rw’umuhari w’iterabwoba wa reta ya kiyisilamu bakwiye kumenyekana aho bari bakicwa aho kwemererwa gusubira mu gihugu. Ivyo vyashikirijwe kur’uyu wa kane n’umushikiranganji w ...

alhubeco.com 11-7-2017
Whistleblower alleges Flynn texted about Russian Federation nuclear deal during inauguration, congressman says

In a letter from Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Cummings claims the whistleblower said Flynn messaged a former business colleague, whom he worked with on a project with Russian ...

Q News 11-7-2017
Research Shows HIV Home-Testing Kits Can Reduce Spread Of Virus

HIV researchers and advocacy groups want Australia to fast-track the approval of home-testing kits as part of the effort to reduce the spread of the virus. The kits have been available online for several years but have yet to be approved by the Therapeutic ...

Nerd Reactor 11-6-2017
The Virus has spread, it’s time to get the F out (escape room review)

What happens when you get a group of wildly imaginative people whose only intention is to lock you in a room for 60 minutes? You get ‘The Virus’ escape room presented by “Get The F Out,” an enclave of game masters and engineers who want to take us ...

Youth Health Magzine 11-6-2017
Study: Marijuana use may not aid patients in opioid addiction treatment

But new research led by Marian Wilson, Ph.D., of the Washington State University College of Nursing found that frequent marijuana use seems to strengthen the relationship between pain and depression and anxiety, not ease it. "For people who are using ...

London Madison Press 11-6-2017
Troopers seize 92 pounds of marijuana in Madison County

DEERCREEK TOWNSHIP — Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers have filed felony drug charges against a Minnesota man after a traffic stop Tuesday morning in Madison County. During the traffic stop, troopers seized 92 pounds of marijuana, which is valued at ...

tech.cornell.edu 11-6-2017
Tencent’s Founder Ma Huateng Shares Technology’s Impact on the Global Economy

Technology is rapidly changing the global economy. As Ma Huateng, the chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings, explained at a recent intimate discussion with Cornell Tech students, we are currently experiencing what he calls the "Digital Revolution" in which ...

hupy.com 11-6-2017
What’s the Point of Medical Marijuana Legalization if People Can’t Get It?

Whenever medical marijuana is approved in a new state, it generates headlines. Most people probably assume that if medical marijuana is legal, it’s easy enough for those in need to get it. Unless it isn’t. Florida State Governor Rick Scott’s ...

UGA Today 11-6-2017
US medical profession unprepared for nuclear attack, says study

Cham E. Dallas is a professor of health policy and management and director of the Institute for Disaster Management at UGA's College of Public Health. Athens, Ga. - Escalating tensions between Washington and Pyongyang over North Korea's nuclear program ...

accesswinnipeg.com 11-6-2017
New Marijuana Legislation Sets Rules and Age Limits

New legislation tabled by the Manitoba Government will shed more light on how the province will handle the sale of marijuana. The minimum age to purchase marijuana will be 19 years old. The federal government allows provinces to set the age as low as 18.

frontera.net 11-6-2017
Bangladesh Stock Market Capitalization Has Grown By 50% Over The Past 4 Years

The Dhaka Stock Exchange has come a long way from its 2011 abyss. Market capitalization stood at $31.8 billion in FY13. It has already grown to about $49 billion currently. “The biggest changes have been in terms of regulation and market transparency ...

Gas World 11-6-2017
First Chinese helium equipment supplied abroad to assist nuclear fusion study

Beijing Sinoscience Fullcryo (also known as Fuhaicryo), a subsidiary of China Academy of Sciences, has recently signed an agreement with Korean company Vitzrotech to supply a 4.5K large-scale helium refrigerator to Korean National Nuclear Fusion Reaction ...

maxweberstiftung.de 11-6-2017
Call for Papers: The Global Knowledge of Economic Inequality. The Measurement of Income and Wealth Distribution since 1945

Economic inequality has become one of the most contentious political topics of our time, and statistics on income and wealth disparities have come to play an increasingly important role in modern political culture, influencing public debates about ...

Fin24 on MSN.com 11-6-2017
Zuma could lift the lid on possible 'nuclear deal'

The Department of Energy hastily arranged an energy indaba at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand during the past two weeks, under the theme “Energy Sector Stimulating Economic Growth, Development and Job Creation”. The indaba, taking place on ...

badmintonhq.net 11-6-2017
The government has issued a warning over Russian anti-virus software

Government departments have been warned against using antivirus software made by tech firms with links to Russian Federation amid growing concerns over national security. The warning comes after Russian Federation was accused of interfering in the 2016 USA ...

Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly 11-5-2017
Medical marijuana’s uses continue to grow

In 2014, New York became the 23rd state to legalize marijuana use for a handful of specific medical conditions. But New York State’s medical marijuana program is the most restrictive program in the country. The product is only available in Cannabis oil ...

news.power102fm.com 11-5-2017
Millions In Marijuana and Cocaine Seized. Couva Man Appears in Court Charged with Possession.

The Police Service says another dent has been made in the illegal drug trade, with the arrest of a 52-year-old Couva man, whose vehicle was intercepte The Police Service says another dent has been made in the illegal drug trade, with the arrest of a 52 ...

vol1brooklyn.com 11-5-2017
Familial Clashes and Nuclear Anxiety: Amy P. Knight on “Lost, Almost”

In Amy P. Knight‘s debut novel Lost, Almost, Knight blends a high-concept exploration of history with a chronicle of an unique familial dynamic. At the center of the book is Adam Brooks, whose research into all things nuclear has earned him a grand ...

newsroom.bankofamerica.com 11-5-2017
BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research Issues Its 2018 Market Outlook

Global economic growth accelerates; U.S. GDP capped by productivity and wages BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research today issued a bullish macro outlook for 2018, calling for robust global economic growth, steady U.S. expansion and solid stock returns that ...

SweetwaterNOW 11-5-2017
Sheriff’s Office Seizes Nearly 200 Pounds Of Marijuana

SWEETWATER COUNTY — A San Diego man is behind bars after deputies found just under 200 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle on Saturday, Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell said Monday afternoon. When a Sweetwater County deputy and his specially-trained ...

ox.ac.uk 11-5-2017
Building international partnerships to tackle disease

The fast pace of disease outbreaks and the regular emergence of new drug-resistant strains makes the development of vaccines increasingly important. Helen McShane, Professor of Vaccinology at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, explains the role of ...

Florida Politics 11-5-2017
The coming nuclear war in the Florida Senate

If you want to blame someone, blame Charlie Justice. Or, for that matter, you can blame the late C.W. “Bill” Young. Because when the Florida Senate is reduced to proverbial ashes in early 2018, those still standing will be left to wonder where ...

BestVPN.com 11-5-2017
Young Hackers Sow Discord in ISIS Caliphate

Not all hackers are evil. Nor is all hacking criminal. Indeed many hackers go about their work for righteous reasons. One example is the small group of Iraqi hackers who thought they could do better fighting ISIS online than most governments – and it ...

whitelines.com 11-5-2017
The Ultimate Secret Spot – Snowboarding in a Russian Nuclear Test Zone

This is the swift – and somewhat curt – reply from our enigmatic guide, Mathias Andrä, to a group of Italian ski tourers who ask our destination. We are in the train station of Saint Petersburg, ready to begin a “twenty-something-hour” train ...

WKHM 11-5-2017
West Nile Virus found in 5 ruffed grouse birds in Michigan

Five ruffed grouse birds have tested positive for the West Nile Virus, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. It’s the first time the disease has been confirmed in Michigan’s ruffed grouse population. There have been 39 human cases ...

MarketWatch 11-5-2017
Stock market has tax cuts ‘around 50%’ priced in, J.P. Morgan says

This article was originally published on Dec. 4. After months of laying dormant, tax-cut expectations are fueling a violent rotation across stock-market sectors and investing styles, but are still far from fully priced in, according to analysts at J.P. Morgan.

rhystranter.com 11-5-2017
Sam Shepard’s Final Novel Addresses the Author’s Struggle With Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Sam Shepard‘s final work, Spy of the First Person, has been published this week by Knopf. In an early review for USA Today, Jocelyn McClurg describes it as “an autobiographical work of fiction” with a “fragmentary, disjointed narrative”.

NonDoc 11-5-2017
Medical marijuana forum to include audience questions

(Editor’s note: This post was authored by Oklahoma Watch and appears here in accordance with the non-profit journalism organization’s republishing terms.) Oklahoma Watch will host a public forum previewing what could be one of the most controversial ...

umass.edu 11-5-2017
Talk: 'Eliminate Nuclear Weapons Before They Eliminate Us'

Activist Timmon Wallis speaks on “Eliminate Nuclear Weapons Before They Eliminate Us. Taking Local Action to Support a Global Treaty.” The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) just won the Nobel Peace Prize for getting 122 countries ...

Morehead News 11-4-2017
Benefit hosted for officer’s son with rare disease

The Morehead Police Department will be hosting a benefit next week to help raise money for a fellow officer’s son who is battling a rare disease. Two-year-old Cooper Howard, son of Sgt. Derek Howard, was diagnosed shortly after he was born with autosomal ...

thesivertimes.com 11-4-2017
Russian Federation lambasts both North Korea's nuclear gambling and US' provocative conduct - Lavrov

Soon after the launch, North Korea's state TV described Hwasong-15 the greatest ICBM ever made on the Earth and added that it can carry super-large heavy nuclear warheads. The Trump administration threatened new sanctions on North Korea after the reclusive ...

SHTFplan.com 11-4-2017
The U.S. Government Creates and Exacerbates the Nuclear Threat

The whole situation is a “Catch 22” scenario: damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. The problem: we’re American citizens and this is our country. The concurrent problem? It is our country that caused this predicament to occur with North Korea ...

henshinjustice.com 11-4-2017
SSSS.GRIDMAN Anime Teaser - Back To Bust More Mega-Virus Skulls

The monster menagerie at Tsuburaya Productions is on a roll this season, delivering one surprising announcement after another to the enraptured heart-eyed fans of their action/adventure titles. We got a tease for the new Ultraman anime coming in 2019 ...

dagorret.net 11-4-2017
Dreams, friends and the Internet: how an Iraqi teenager did to survive ISIS

Ferah led a normal life in Mosul when the city was taken by extremists. This is the story of 3 years of martyrdom. This is a story that AP published by journalists Bram Janssen and Lee Keath. Here is a summary of the story. The three women tensed when ...

bikeforums.net 11-4-2017
Fake virus warning when accessing this site

I get a warning message popup when I access this site from my android tablet and from my windows PC. Of course it is fake. They post a link to try to get your personal in formation. I've done the obvious: clear cache, cookies and history. But the message ...

Ventures Africa 11-4-2017
Weekly Economic Index: Naira remains stable as foreign reserve increases further

When the global oil price crashed in 2014, Nigeria was one of the hardest-hit economies due to its over-dependence on oil as a revenue source. Nigeria’s economy was also affected by China’s economic slowdown, as well as the United States’ rate hike.

Immortal News 11-4-2017
Gum Disease May Be Linked To Higher Risk For Esophageal Cancer

Brushing and flossing teeth regularly are very important habits to keep up personal hygiene. Now, there’s one more reason to maintain them. Researchers have found that gum disease bacteria give people a higher risk of developing esophageal cancer.

Proshare Nigeria Limited 11-4-2017
Nigeria PMI - Economic Expansion Strengthens In November

This divergence between hard and soft data is not unique to Nigeria and follows a recent global trend. In the United Kingdom, post-Brexit confidence indicators slumped and have remained relatively low despite the economy proving comparatively resilient in ...

randolph.wickedlocal.com 11-4-2017
MAP: More communities take a stand on marijuana facilities

Community-by-community, residents of Massachusetts are deciding if they want to be able to drive to the corner store to buy marijuana. For the most part, residents are choosing “let’s wait and see” as communities agree to moratoriums on recreational ...

Politics 11-4-2017
Isis is on the ropes in Iraq. Now the UK needs to push for justice

The Islamic State is on the back foot in Iraq. While the implosion of Isis is clearly welcome news for Iraqis who suffered so much under its murderous rule, it's less clear what should be done with those Isis members who haven't already fled or been killed ...

cpac.ca 11-4-2017
Today in Politics: ISIS Motion, Supreme Court, and the Podcast

The Conservatives use their opposition day motion on the recent debate surrounding Canadian ISIS members and their return from the Middle East. This follow last week’s debate on the government’s national security bill, plus a Conservative bill on ...

AP College Football 11-4-2017
Georgia LB Patrick facing another marijuana charge

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia linebacker Natrez Patrick was arrested on misdemeanor marijuana charge, his second of the season and third of his career, hours after starting in the Bulldogs' Southeastern Conference championship game win over Auburn. Barrow ...

globalwarminginthealps.wordpress.com 11-4-2017
Global warming takes a toll on Austrian alms

Feeding time on the Alm. @bberwyn photo. In a three-part series we documented how Austrian mountain farmers are pursuing sustainability in the face of global warming. Read the story at Pacific Standard.

jcnnewswire.com 11-4-2017
Fujitsu Wins 2017 Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity for PRIMERGY CX600 M1

TOKYO, Dec, 04 2017 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced that Japan's Ministry of the Environment has honored the company's multi-node Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY CX600 M1 with the Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity in ...

guyana-times.com 11-4-2017
Economic slowdown in Guyana since 2015 with no signs of recovery

With global oil prices having risen appreciably, factories will produce less. Prices will increase, making exports costlier and reducing local consumer demand as well. The economic challenges are many, and the Government can’t solve them by themselves.

Daily Norseman 11-4-2017
Stock Market Report: Falcons

Throughout their history, the Minnesota Vikings have been nothing if consistently inconsistent. One week they look like invincible world beaters. Other weeks, they struggle to beat some of the worst teams on their schedule. You never knew what kind of ...

concealednation.org 11-4-2017
Medical Marijuana User In Honolulu? Give Us Your Guns, No Permit For You.

“The Honolulu Police Department is reviewing a policy requiring medical marijuana users to turn over their firearms,” usnews.com reports. “The department sent letters to at least 30 gun owners last month, saying they had 30 days to surrender or ...

daughternumberthree.blogspot.com 11-4-2017
Virus vs. Beast

Almost a month ago, I took a photo of a paragraph within a Star Tribune story. It's one of those things I would have clipped for my filing system in the past: In one 2015 study, people who saw crime as a “virus” afflicting society tended to be in favor ...

newtelegraphonline.com 11-4-2017
Stock market closes last week of Nov bullish

Trading activities on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) ended the last trading week of November on the positive territory, as the NSE All-Share Index and market capitalisation appreciated by 1.55 per cent and 1.58 per cent to close the week at ...

DawgNation 11-3-2017
Jayson Stanley arrested on DUI, marijuana charges

A second Georgia player has been arrested following Georgia’s win over Auburn in the SEC Championship. Wide receiver Jayson Stanley has been arrested on a DUI charge as well as misdemeanor possession of marijuana and speeding charges. Georgia’s Natrez ...

Enhanced Health Fact 11-3-2017
Preventions For Heart Disease: How To Keep Your Heart healthy and Strong

When you are mentioning various health issues in the world today, heart disease will not be left out. It is one of the most common health hazards that people face today, and also a leading cause of death. But with all these facts, it does not mean you ...

Lindy’s Sports 11-3-2017
Two Georgia players arrested on marijuana charges

Just hours after Georgia defeated Auburn to win its first SEC Championship since 2005, thus sealing its place in the College Football Playoff final four, the Bulldogs were dealt a blow in the form of two arrests. Georgia linebacker Natrez Patrick and wide ...

Sunday Post 11-3-2017
When nest eggs go bad: Council pension funds urged to take £2bn out of firms accused over human rights, the arms trade and global warming

THE pension funds of Scotland’s public service workers have invested almost £2bn into firms accused over the arms trade, human rights abuses and polluting the planet, we can reveal. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been invested in arms firms while ...

Catholic Sentinel 11-3-2017
Pope says world has reached moral limit on nuclear deterrence

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM BANGLADESH — The Cold War policy of nuclear deterrence appears morally unacceptable today, Pope Francis said. St. John Paul II, in a 1982 message to the U.N. General Assembly, said deterrence "may still be judged morally ...

SDE Entertainment News 11-3-2017
HIV is taking away my eyesight: My 11 year journey with the virus

When Jacqueline Wambui, 45, developed an eye infection, she thought it would go away as other infections do. This time though, she was wrong. I tested HIV-positive in 2004. I was infected with HIV by the father of my two elder children. There is a ...

cleverdude.com 11-3-2017
Should You Be Investing More In The Stock Market?

Is now the time to throw conventional investment wisdom out the window? Financial advisers will tell young people to put their retirement investments into funds that have a higher risk. The theory is, the potential for higher gains outweigh the risk ...

theshillongtimes.com 11-2-2017
How to fight global warming

Climate change is the greatest environmental threat humanity has ever faced. It is caused by the built-up of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels and destruction of areas that store massive amounts of carbon like the world’s rainforests. In recent ...

The Mighty 11-2-2017
How Marijuana Edibles Helped Manage My Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

A couple weeks ago, my mental health was the worst it had been in a long time. I live with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Instead of getting a little moody and craving ice cream during my period, I become a completely different person for the two ...

Poker News Daily 11-2-2017
Vegas Casinos and Government Officials Meet Over Marijuana Guidelines

After initially stating that there would be a ban on any marijuana usage in casinos and on casino grounds in Las Vegas, a meeting between government officials and Las Vegas casino honchos under the auspices of a resurrected committee on Wednesday examined ...

De Redactie 11-2-2017
West Flemings file complaint against French nuclear plant

Sat 02/12/2017 - 13:43 MB A group of residents of West-Flanders have lodged a complaint with the French police against the nuclear power station at Gravelines, 30 kilometres over the border. Residents of Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland have lodged ...

www.prageru.com 11-2-2017
How American Students React to the U.S. Flag Versus the ISIS Flag

The American flag is welcomed as a symbol of freedom and hope across the globe, while the flag of ISIS symbolizes tyranny and hate. But how are they received when both flags are flown at UC Berkeley? Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz went on location to ...

yarnutopia.com 11-2-2017
Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Awareness Week December 1-7

December 1-7 is one week out of the year that is designated to Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness. So, as a voice for building awareness and being an advocate for myself and patients battling this debilitating disease, I wanted to share with you a few facts ...

cleanmalaysia.com 11-2-2017
Global CO2 Emissions are on the Rise … Again

“The 2017 emissions data make it crystal clear that urgent and very serious emissions reductions are needed to stop global warming below 2° C,” Stefan Rahmstorf, a climate scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in ...

comiclist.com 11-2-2017
NUCLEAR WINTER is a lighthearted look at a young woman trying to survive

Media Release-- BOOM! Studios is excited to announce the first volume of NUCLEAR WINTER, a humorous, slice-of-life original graphic novel (OGN) coming May 2018 from cartoonist Cab about a young woman just trying to survive her twenties in Montreal—albeit ...

ABC 12 News 11-1-2017
Sanilac County homeowner shot by marijuana thieves recounts deadly encounter

SANILAC COUNTY (WJRT) (12/1/2017) - Paul Dybilas was having his morning cup of coffee when four men barged into his rural Sanilac County house trying to rob him of cash and marijuana on Nov. 19. Only three of the intruders left alive -- and another was ...

NEWS96.5 11-1-2017
First case of West Nile virus reported in Volusia County since 2015

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A case of West Nile virus infection has been confirmed in Volusia County, according to the Florida Department of Health. None of the county’s sentinel chickens have tested positive for antibodies to the virus; however, the case ...

thechive.com 11-1-2017
Daring Special Forces rescue of troop hit by ISIS sniper (Video)

Footage taken from battle in the Philippines city of Marawi. Three of our Allies Army Special Forces had to rescue two combat engineers after they were hit by ISIS snipers. This is their helmet cam video of the brave actions under fire.

itbloodpressure.com 11-1-2017
Supported Anti-Virus Offload for Nutanix Native File Services(AFS)

As the list grows with releases I will try to keep this updated. When running the Database Update task with the network folder as an update source, you might encounter an error after entering credentials.

Middle East Forum 11-1-2017
Black Banners of ISIS: The Roots of the New Caliphate

Wasserstein, a medieval historian, explains key components of the Islamic State's (ISIS) ideology and many of the group's practices, mostly through the lens of early Islamic history, an approach that produces interesting insights. For instance, he offers a ...

Spray Foam 11-1-2017
Japan Triples Its Adoption Of Honeywell Low-Global-Warming Building Material To Achieve Key Environmental Goals

TOKYO, JAPAN – December 1, 2017 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced that more than 300 Japanese buildings are now insulated with closed-cell spray polyurethane foam formulated with its Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent (LBA). The number of adoption cases ...

IBD News Today 11-1-2017
Crohn’s Disease and Insomnia Symptoms

In a single-themed column, outside of my usual pattern of writing a series, I wanted to focus on a problem symptom I have suffered for a long time: Insomnia. Crohn’s disease can be debilitating and it can leave patients exhausted, and there lies a major ...

fsi.stanford.edu 11-1-2017
Global Digital Policy Incubator

promote economic development, and reinforce respect for human rights in or our global trans-border digital ecosystem. We aim to reinforce existing frameworks of international human rights law and international humanitarian law but lead in articulation of ...

Netdoctor 11-1-2017
Daily portions of cheese could help reduce heart disease risk, study shows

Cheese lovers, rejoice! Research shows that eating a daily portion of the much-loved smelly stuff could reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke. This comes just months after a previous study found that cheese could hold the keys to a longer life ...

East Boston Times-Free Press 11-1-2017
AMAC: Aging is a Disease and Science is Determined to Find a ‘Cure’ for It

Is old age a disease? Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], says a significant amount of scientific research indicates that aging is, indeed, a disease. “More important there are many who believe it is a disease ...

BMC Blogs Network 11-1-2017
Where does West Nile virus go in winter?

The common house mosquito, Culex pipiens, has a widespread distribution, which includes Europe, the Middle East, North and parts of South America. Two subspecies, Cx. pipiens f. pipiens and Cx. pipiens f. molestus were thought to form a complex but ...

KIMT 11-1-2017
Medical marijuana facility proposed for Des Moines

KIMT News 3- On Thursday a letter of intent was given to Kemin Industries, a Des Moines based company, from the Department of Public Health to build a medical marijuana growing facility in Des Moines. Cassie Helland of Mason City says this is something she ...

palgrave.com 11-1-2017
Nuclear Or Not?

With the nuclear issue back on the agenda worldwide, this highly topical collection steers a path through the controversies, presenting the views of proponents of nuclear expansion, examining the challenges that face them and exploring the arguments of ...

Minnesota Public Radio News 11-30-2017
Coalition strikes killed more than 800 civilians in fight against ISIS, U.S. says

The U.S.-led Operation Inherent Resolve coalition says it currently has nearly 700 open cases of strikes that were reported to have killed civilians. A coalition airstrike is seen here in Mosul this past July. AFP/Getty Images The U.S.-led military ...

www.leahy.senate.gov 11-30-2017
Senators to Trump Administration: Reject Calls for New Nuclear Weapons

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) joined Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and 12 other Senators today to urge the Trump administration to reject calls for new nuclear weapons and to reevaluate the affordability of the current nuclear ...

Wicked Local Braintree 11-30-2017
Marijuana commission confident funding will flow from Beacon Hill

The Cannabis Control Commission will run out of money in early 2018 unless the Legislature appropriates more funding for the state's newest regulatory agency, but its chairman is confident the money will be forthcoming. On Nov. 2, the CCC submitted a ...

personalhealthnews.ca 11-30-2017
Finding Support When You Have a Disease That Isn’t Easy to Talk About

Education and Advocacy Its symptoms make IBD a difficult disease to talk about. Help combat those who feel isolated with the disease by speaking up. When Cherylann and Bayley talk to one another, they don’t need to explain anything. The young ...

news.drweb.com 11-30-2017
Doctor Web’s November 2017 virus activity review

In November, Doctor Web specialists analyzed a new representative of the Trojan.Gozi banking Trojan family. Unlike its predecessors, the new Trojan completely consists of a set of modules and no longer possesses the mechanism needed to generate control ...

Eos 11-30-2017
IPCC Chair Discusses Limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C

Several forthcoming reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change examine what needs to be done to take control of our climate future. Plumes of smoke rise from chimneys at an industrial area in Greece. IPCC is working on a series of reports ...

ejpress.org 11-30-2017
British Prime Minister May warns: ISIS may try to establish itself in another country after its defeat in Iraq

LONDON---British Prime Minister Theresa May warned that ISIS may try to establish itself in another country after its defeat in Iraq and Syria during her visit to Iraq as part of her Middle East trip. Speaking to UK military personnel at a base near ...

National Review 11-30-2017
The Winners in the Modern Economy Won’t Be Protection Seekers

Over the last few decades, the world economy has undergone a rapid transformation. Trade liberalization and the advent of the global trading system have not only improved living standards but also fostered sophisticated supply chains and multinational ...

Front Line Genomics 11-30-2017
Struggling The Medicines Company Deals its Infectious Disease Business to Melinta

The Medicines Company is selling its infectious disease business unit to Melinta Therapeutics for $270 million. Melinta will be paying The Medicines Company $165 million cash up front, and $55 million worth of Melinta common stock. Another $50 million ...

Daily North Shore 11-30-2017
Opinion: Oppose Legalizing Marijuana

While Big Marijuana pours millions into Illinois to legalize marijuana, Leftist lawmakers, giddy about a tiny new revenue source to aide their insatiable spending, ignore the unmistakable damage legalization is causing in Colorado. Those nasty facts are ...

NHL 11-30-2017
Nicholle Anderson blog: Battle against disease never ends

Editors' note: Nicholle Anderson, the wife of Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson, will write a blog each Wednesday in November for NHL.com to help mark Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness Month. Anderson was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a rare ...

Culture Map Dallas 11-30-2017
Dallas joins no-jail cite and release policy on small marijuana busts

Dallas' approach to marijuana changes on December 1, when a new "cite and release" program goes into effect. The Dallas City Council approved the creation and implementation of a cite and release program in April 2017. The program allows officers to ...

mwi.usma.edu 11-30-2017
Sebastian Junger Talks about Syria, ISIS, Leadership and Identity Issues with Cadets

On November 16, the award-winning author and director Sebastian Junger spoke to several hundred cadets in Robinson Auditorium about his new documentary, Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS, which chronicles the humanitarian disaster ...

Laboratory Network.com 11-30-2017
Herpes Virus Entry Mediator Product Range

AMSBIO has introduced a new range of Herpes Virus Entry Mediator (HVEM) products for use in immuno-oncology research. These new products will be of great interest to researchers studying TNFR family members such as CD137 (4-1BB), GITR, OX40, CD27, and ...

Vancouver Sun on MSN.com 11-30-2017
Sample of B.C. farmed-salmon ‘blood water’ tests positive for virus: critic

Video of “blood water” being pumped into the ocean near Campbell River is prompting the province to take a look at the farmed-fish processing plant it came from. The video, recorded by photographer Tavish Campbell, shows red effluent going into the ...

The Post 11-30-2017
Officials worry marijuana ordinance will increase citations

Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle said his department averages five to 10 marijuana citations a year, but he expects that number to increase after the recent passage of the marijuana depenalization ordinance. The Athens Cannabis Ordinance, or TACO, set the ...

The Baltic Times 11-30-2017
Forgetfulness is an incurable and dangerous disease

Grigory Kanovich is one of Lithuania’s most prominent novelists. He has been the winner of a whole array of awards, including the National Prize for Culture and Arts and, for his final novel, the Liudas Dovydenas Prize, awarded by the Lithuanian Writers ...



FOX 46 Charlotte 11-12-2017
Antioch police arrest 63-YO man in 1980 cold case rape and murder of girl

(KTVU) - Antioch police arrested a man on Monday for the city's oldest cold case ... Five days later, Suzanne's nude body was pulled from the San Joaquin River, about a quarter mile from the Antioch Bridge. She had been sexually assaulted and was stabbed ...

Extra.ie on MSN.com 11-12-2017
Irish American-cop named as officer who arrested New York attacker

An Irish-American police officer has been named as one of the men who took down the suspected New York attacker Akayad Ullah on Monday. Jack Collins, a plain clothes officer with the Port Authority Police Department, is part of a team who monitor the ...

WXXV 25 11-12-2017
NFL Network suspends Marshall Faulk, two others over alleged harassment

The communications from Taylor allegedly included video of him masturbating, while the alleged communications ... The complaint alleges that Sapp, who was fired from the network after he was arrested on charges of assault and soliciting a prostitute ...

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 11-12-2017
Parolee possibly tried suicide by cop

A 34-year-old parolee arrested Monday in Fruita after allegedly fighting with police officers was ordered held on a high-cash bond Tuesday after a judge heard concerns from a Mesa County prosecutor that the man might have been attempting suicide by cop.

Mercury News 11-12-2017
Los Gatos Police arrest Santa Clara man in child pornography case

Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police have arrested a 26-year-old Santa Clara man on charges of possession of child pornography and arranging to meet a minor for sex acts. Shahriyar Mohammed Reza was also charged with unlawfully communicating with a minor and ...

afropunk.com 11-11-2017
Comedian Hannibal Buress arrested in Miami

Comedian Hannibal Buress was arrested in Miami over the weekend on a count of “disorderly intoxication” during an unclear interaction Buress had with police officers while in town for Art Basel (as captured on video below). Initially asking the cop for ...

Valley Advocate 11-11-2017
Bearing the Burden of Controlling Birth

Later in 1967, a Boston University professor named William Baird was arrested for handing out condoms and contraceptive ... prevent fertilization of the egg by the sperm, or prevent the egg from attaching to the uterus. Several years ago, Durant was ...

Milford Mirror 11-11-2017
Man charged with assaulting firefighter and police officer

Peckham was transported to the hospital due to his condition. Police said Peckham punched a fireman in the face and then kicked a police officer while at the hospital. He was charged with assault on emergency personnel. Bond was set at $2,000.

E! Online 11-11-2017
Hannibal Buress Arrested for Disorderly Intoxication in Miami

The stand-up comic was arrested in Miami for disorderly intoxication ... According to video footage online, the star was captured questioning the police officers while standing up against a cop car, asking why he was being detained. According to TMZ ...

empr.media 11-9-2017
Mikheil Saakashvili has been detained and imprisoned in Kyiv

Meanwhile, MP and former volunteer battalion Donbas Semen Semenchenko writes on his Facebook page ... From the legal point of view, Mikheil Saakashvili’s arrest is questionable. The lawyer Ruslan Chernolutsky noted that during the detention of ...

The Quint 11-9-2017
QCrime: 87-Yr-Old Allegedly Rapes 8-Yr-Old; Cop Beats Man to Death

Patel's family members alleged that after admitting him to the hospital, police told them that he was injured in a road accident, and they came to know about the assault only later. A 25-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday, 6 December, for allegedly ...

www.turkishminute.com 11-9-2017
Turkish police officer who saved Erdoğan on night of coup arrested over Gülen links

A police officer who was one of three crewmembers of a helicopter that carried Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his family from a hotel to the airport during a coup attempt on July 15, 2016 was arrested over alleged links to the Gülen movement ...

7 WTRF-TV 11-9-2017
Two charged with creating child pornography of toddler

The probation officer found pornography of a minor female on one of the phones and Fletcher was subsequently arrested, according to the US Attorney’s office. The US Attorney’s office said a search of the phone revealed, among a collection of child ...

Axios 11-8-2017
Judge orders Argentina's former president arrested for "treason”

A judge has ordered that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina's former president, be arrested for "treason against the fatherland ... who says she was regularly subjected to hardcore pornography and quit after Isaly asked her to open a briefcase ...

News Track English 11-8-2017
Woman Beaten in Delhi, Displayed Nude After She Helped to arrest Liquor Mafia

A Women who assist the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) and police to smash an unlawful liquor fraudulent in outer Delhi's Narela, was allegedly battered and her clothes ripped by other women of the neighbourhood who seemingly were involved in selling the ...

Axios 11-8-2017
Judge orders Argentina's former president arrested for "treason”

A judge has ordered that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina's former president, be arrested for "treason against the fatherland ... who says she was regularly subjected to hardcore pornography and quit after Isaly asked her to open a briefcase ...

talesfromthekryptonian.blogspot.com 11-8-2017
World´s Greatest Comics : Savage Dragon

And I really thought all my fanboy dreams would come true when Malcolm and Angel went into Dimension X to arrest Mr. Glum ... short while The Issue Where Malcolm Almost Drowns Maxine In Sperm is kind of long. Speaking of NSFW comic stuff, I read online ...

WBRZ-TV 11-7-2017
Gonzales man facing 150 child pornography charges

BATON ROUGE - The Attorney General's Office has announced the arrest of a 34-year-old man accused of possessing more than 150 images depicting child pornography. On Thursday, a search warrant led to the discovery of the images in Joey Opperman's ...

Stuff.co.nz 11-7-2017
USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 60 years for child porn crimes

Michigan State fired Nassar last September. Michigan authorities arrested him last November, and in December, federal authorities added child pornography charges. While the criminal penalties for Nassar will be decided over the next few weeks, the fallout ...

rolereboot.org 11-7-2017
Dangerous Men, Like The Air We Breathe

If he ever came back he could be arrested for trespassing ... During my senior year, women regularly woke up to find a man in their bedrooms masturbating as they slept. As soon as they’d spot him and scream he’d scurry through the window and escape.

perthgazette.co.uk 11-6-2017
Man charged after drugs worth £74,000 recovered in Perth

Police Scotland have arrested a 41-year-old-man after a warrant was executed from an address in Perth. Officers from Perth Community Investigation Unit recovered cannabis with an estimated street value of £74,000 at an address in North Muirton yesterday ...

GwdToday 11-6-2017
Man arrested after sending nude picture to teen

Ware Shoals Police have arrested a man after he started communicating with a teenager on an app called Whisper and after he sent a nude picture of himself to teen. Karl William Becker, 46 of 1667 Table Rock Road, Pickens SC was arrested and charged with ...

Bothell Reporter 11-6-2017
Suspect attempts to pry open high-end liquor cabinet at Kenmore Safeway | Kenmore police blotter Nov. 14 – 26

Indecent Exposure: An unknown male suspect reportedly exposed himself ... The suspects damaged the lock guard but were unable to get in. Larceny: A suspect was arrested after stealing $260 worth of alcohol from the Kenmore Safeway. Auto Theft: An unknown ...

gossiprx.com 11-5-2017
Video of Randy Travis’s Drunken Arrest in the Buff Released

This would make a great country song. Country Music Hall of Fame Randy Travis was arrested for drunk driving back in 2012. He was found naked in the town of Sanger, Texas, ranting inside a parked car. Among the highlights, he said “I pray to God that he ...

Gay Times Magazine 11-5-2017
Two men arrested and tortured in Uzbekistan for having gay sex

Police have arrested two men and put them through ‘anal probe torture ... They also check for traces of sperm. From this they claim to be able to determine if that person has had anal sex or not. The practice is forbidden under international law ...

ABC6OnYourSide.com 11-5-2017
Caught on Camera: Man admits to masturbating on Ohio State campus

According to an affidavit, 30-year-old Lionel Belcher admitted to and was observed on camera masturbating under his coat inside the Ohio Union near an Ohio State student. Belcher was arrested and taken to the Franklin County Jail. He will make his first ...

Hoodline 11-5-2017
OMI Crime Recap: Funeral-Fueled Road Rage, Indecent Exposure, More

Man threatens store employee with pocket knife On Friday, November 17th at 12:40pm, a man was arrested for threatening a store employee with a pocket knife at the shopping center between Lakewood Drive and Manor Drive. The victim called the police.

Journalism in the Americas 11-4-2017
Mexican authorities arrest former police officer suspected of abducting journalist in Baja California

Fabricio “N” (Photo: Procuraduría General de la República) According to La Jornada, the arrested suspect is Fabricio Valenzuela Ruiz, who acted as the operational director-general of the State Police of Baja California. He is accused of being ...

www.kenyonreview.org 11-4-2017
Palmyra in Winter

Groping hands, a teenager masturbating across from me on the subway ... the screwdriver she used to break it open thrown down beside it. In junior high, she was arrested five hundred miles away in Los Angeles, wandering drunk in a parking lot after ...

TheCable 11-3-2017
‘They’re doing fantastically well’ — police kick against #EndSARS campaign

Moshood urged Nigerians with complaints against any police officer – “whether SARS or any other personnel ... You know that so many police officers have been dismissed and even charged to court.” “So, Nigerians should not give in to insinuations ...

wgxa.tv 11-3-2017
Central High teacher arrested, charged with sexual exploitation of children

federal and local authorities notified the school early Friday morning district that 43-year-old Robert Smith was being investigated for being in possession of child pornography materials. The Bibb County Jail website says he was arrested and charged with ...

metsmerizedonline.com 11-3-2017
Amazin’ Memories: Cleon Jones, the Agony and the Ecstasy

He stayed behind when the team went north. On the morning of May 4 in St. Petersburg, FL, Cleon Jones was arrested at 5:00 am. The charge? Indecent exposure. Police found the 33-year-old sleeping inside a van next to a 21-year-old female who was in ...

StepFeed on MSN.com 11-2-2017
Emirati jailed for raping his girlfriend and throwing her out naked

According to Khaleej Times, "a hallway surveillance recording showed the complainant being forced out naked of the flat and then walking ... hiding in a room shared by bachelors. He was then arrested and referred to interrogation where he confessed ...

Ossining Daily Voice 11-2-2017
Mohegan Lake Teen Charged After Leaving Crash Scene, Police Say

A Yorktown Police officer observed the crash on Nov. 16 that caused injuries and spotted a vehicle leaving the scene, according to police. The driver was located, arrested and transported to police headquarters for processing. The teen was released on $200 ...

Aaj Tv 11-2-2017
Murder threatens already-fragile confidence in Baltimore police

The killing of a police officer “leaves a stain on our city,” said Baltimore ... said University of Baltimore criminologist Jeffrey Ian Ross. With no arrest, it “only increases the suspicion among the public and other observers that there may be ...

abc.soapsindepth.com 11-1-2017
Everything You Need to Know About Dr. Britt Westbourne on GENERAL HOSPITAL!

During this scheme, Britt began to fall for Nikolas Cassadine, and finally confessed that her baby wasn’t Patrick’s — Brad had donated sperm to impregnate her ... but he threatened to have her arrested! Looking to escape, Britt met with her parents ...

IMDb 11-1-2017
Randy Travis’ Naked Dwi Arrest Video Can Be Released, Judge Orders

Finally, the world might find out — just where did Randy Travis keep his car keys during his naked DWI arrest? Country singer Travis has lost another bid to block the release of video from his arrest, with a judge ordering that the footage can be ...

NewCanaanite.com 11-1-2017
Man Charged with Animal Cruelty Following New Canaan Dog’s Death Seeks a Form of Parole

according to an arrest warrant application from Darien Police Officer Richard Flood. Though Burns told the staff at Norwalk’s VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center that the dog, Betsy, had “collapsed suddenly after playing outdoors,” that ...

SF.StreetsBlog 11-1-2017
Thoughts on Oakland Police Bike Patrols

I ended up walking into the store at the same time as an Oakland police officer. So I mentioned the truck outside ... And if the officer makes an arrest, they can transport the person back to the station rather than having to call another officer to ...

961srs.iheart.com 11-30-2017
Infant Removed From NH Apartment Filled With Trash, Feces

Piles of trash, feces and other debris were scattered ... Becker initially refused to comply and pushed a police officer. Her two pets were taken to an animal shelter. Becker was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and obstructing government ...

Cherry Hill Courier Post 11-30-2017
Cherry Hill man arrested on child-porn charge

CHERRY HILL – A 32-year-old man was arrested on charges that he had child pornography at his Cherry Hill home. Scott Perlman, of the 1700 block of Hillside Drive, was released after township police processed his arrest Thursday morning. The Camden County ...

WTVA 11-30-2017
Grenada man arrested on child pornography charge

GRENADA, Miss. (WTVA) – A Grenada man was arrested Wednesday on a child pornography charge. According to the Attorney General’s Office, the man is identified as Jeramy Mooney, 43, of Grenada. He is officially charged with one count of child exploitation.

authorjenniferchase.com 11-30-2017
DNA Justice in 2017: 3 Cold Case Murders Solved by Forensics

And released. No one was arrested for Halison’s murder. The case went cold. Then, after nearly 48 years, a break in the case finally emerged. After the LAPD revisited the file, detectives discovered semen on Halison’s clothing. They ran a DNA test.

HelloBeautiful 11-30-2017
Alleged Tampa Serial Killer Arrested

The person responsible for the murders of four people throughout the last few months in Tampa, Florida has been arrested ... the cops, but he didn’t give us anything. He didn’t tell us why he was doing it, or anything like that,” [Tampa Police ...

KAKE.com 11-30-2017
Sedgwick County man pleads guilty to producing child porn

A Sedgwick County man could face up to 30 years in prison for producing child pornography. Ian Nathaniel Smith ... Ohio for the purpose of performing sexual activity. When Smith was arrested, investigators found pornographic images of the victim his ...

heraldgoa.in 11-30-2017
Scribe shot dead in UP; CM directs top cop to ensure speedy probe

PTI, KANPUR: A young journalist working for a Hindi daily was shot dead today by unidentified assailants near the Nagar Palika market in Billhaur, 60 km from here, police said. Navin Gupta was sprayed with bullets when he came out of a public toilet ...

Grenada Star 11-30-2017
Grenadian arrested in child pornography case

A Grenada man was arrested by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office Wednesday in connection with an ongoing investigation of child pornography. According to Margaret Morgan, communications director with the AG, a man she identified as Jeramy Mooney ...

Miami.com 11-30-2017
Justin Bieber’s bodyguard arrested in Miami-Dade crash that injured 2 cops

according to the arrest report. He also had crumpled drink receipts in his jean pockets showing that he closed his tab a little after midnight, police said. He also told officers that he was a reserve police officer in California. Arana has had two ...

Natchitoches Times 11-30-2017
Pineville police officer arrested for abuse of office

arrested Terry Bradshaw, w/m, 36, of Deville,a police officer with the Pineville Police Department. He was charged with abuse of office. Terry Bradshaw, Pineville Police Dept. In September 2017, LSP received a complaint involving Bradshaw. With the ...

Shelby Township Source Newspapers 11-30-2017
Ferndale police investigate why Roseville cop suspected of drunken driving given ride home

Ferndale police are investigating why an off-duty Roseville police officer stopped for suspected drunken driving on Woodward Avenue was given a ride home rather than charged. The incident happened about 12:30 a.m. Nov. 9, said Ferndale Police Chief Timothy ...

Daily Republic 11-30-2017
Police arrest Fairfield man after child porn investigation

FAIRFIELD — A Fairfield resident was arrested Tuesday morning after an investigation by the Fairfield Police Department’s Electronic Crimes Unit into suspected child pornography, according to a press release. Jeremy Marney was taken into custody as ...

Chiang Rai Times 11-30-2017
Thai Authorities Seek Japanese Man in 10 Year-Old Rape, Murder Case of Tomoko Kawashita

Although the DSI had checked the DNA of 300 people living near Sukhothai Historical Park, no one matched a DNA sample extracted from semen found on the body of ... The father added that he hoped the DSI would arrest his daughter’s murderer soon.

WFSU 11-30-2017
Tampa Police Make Arrest In Connection With String Of Murders

Police in Tampa, Fla., say they have arrested the man they believe is responsible for a string of killings in the Seminole Heights area, thanks to a tip received by a police officer doing paperwork at a local McDonald's. A customer apparently tipped off ...

Sounds Like Nashville 11-30-2017
Randy Travis’ Wife Pleads For Fans to Sign Petition to Seal Dash Cam Footage From His 2012 Arrest

The footage is from August 0f 2012 when Travis was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in a small town about 60 miles north of Dallas. Sheriff’s troopers that responded to the incident claim that Travis was naked and lying in the roadway.



baremetrics.com 11-12-2017
Growth Hacking is Manipulation

I haven’t been writing much lately. Frankly, I’m a bit burned out on the marketing side of things, and traditionally “content marketing” is the only type of marketing we’ve done. I’ve had a hard time putting my finger on what exactly has made ...

AOPA 11-12-2017
The art of disaster response by drone

Few people in the world have more firsthand experience flying drones in disaster areas than Justin Adams, the man behind the wheel as we worked our way along the Mount Baker Highway, winding through thick forest, approaching an active volcano that the U.S ...

StateScoop 11-12-2017
LA firefighters deploy first-ever drone flight to survey Skirball fire destruction

Jason Shueh is a tech editor at StateScoop with a specialty for civic tech and smart city news. His articles and writing have covered numerous subj... Against a rash of wildfires that burned across Southern California this week, the Los Angeles Fire ...

www.blackmoreops.com 11-12-2017
Hacking remote desktop protocol using rdpy

RDPY is a Microsoft RDP Security Tool developed in pure Python with RDP Man in the Middle proxy support. This allows a user to record sessions and develop honeypot functionality. It supports both Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol client and ...

Banking Technology 11-12-2017
Atos bids €4.3bn for Gemalto to create IoT giant

European IT services company Atos has made a €4.3 billion ($5.1 billion) bid for Gemalto, the world’s biggest maker of SIM cards, in an attempt to create an industry powerhouse in markets for cybersecurity and digital products, reports Light Reading ...

nordicapis.com 11-12-2017
Securing Medical IoT Devices

The IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming part of our everyday life. We’re developing audio equipment that can use voice commands to process complex operations, light switches that schedule operations based on observed functionality over time, and even ...

aurora.dawn.com 11-12-2017
The Amazon model

On June 16, 2017, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer by sales volume and market capitalisation announced the buyout of Whole Foods, the iconic fresh food supermarket chain and the 30th largest retailer in the United States. The deal entails a $ ...

Hydro International 11-12-2017
Delivering a Subsea Lidar Virtual Reality Data Platform

3D at Depth, a global provider of advanced subsea Lidar systems and solutions, has partnered with iQ3Connect to deliver a new data visualisation tool to help clients build, maintain, map and monitor subsea assets, environments and resources. The ...

litmus.com 11-12-2017
Samsung Now Available in Litmus Email Previews

We’re excited to announce the most recent addition to Litmus Email Previews: Samsung Mail. Samsung is the most popular Android device manufacturer. As of December 2017, Samsung devices held 47% of the Android market share. Huawei comes in a distant ...

kh13.com 11-12-2017
Assets for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- have been uncovered through hacking; including Luxu, the black box, and more

Assets from the game files of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- have been uncovered by Twitter users @Keytotruth, 13th Vessel, and @Xeeynamo through hacking. Some of the untextured assets that have been found so far includes Luxu ...

virtualr.net 11-12-2017
These Mixed Reality Videos Blur The Line Between Real & Virtual

Sim racing video wizard Marcel Pfister is back with stunning new mixed reality videos that blend real and vr footage for a stunning effect. What is Mixed Reality? It´s a way to record and show game play to serve a better understanding of how it feels to ...

Hardcore Gamer 11-12-2017
Virtual Reality Adventure Project LUX Coming to PSVR

Project LUX is intriguing for a few reasons. One of them is the developer, Spicy Tales, is well known for their visual novel series – World End Economica. Their foray into virtual reality is certainly something to keep an eye on. Earlier this year ...

uws.edu.au 11-12-2017
The sky’s the limit for drone research at Western

The DJI Inspire 1 drone will be at the heart of the DRTU. It will be equipped with a HD camera for video and still images and an infrared camera for thermal imaging. Image copyright: IMC (2017) Western Sydney University is going sky high in the pursuit of ...

Crescent Vale 11-12-2017
Tour Through History with The New York Times Virtual Reality View on the Seven Wonders of the World

The New York Times recently recorded and captured seven wonders of the world with virtual reality. Spectators can view the wonders via their desktop, smartphone, or with a VR headset. Millions of travelers seek out and interact with these monuments in ...

FTNnews.com 11-11-2017
Free, Open-to-Public Online Drone Operation Course

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Worldwide Campus will once again offer a free, two-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on drone operation called Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Key Concepts for New Users. Scheduled to run from Jan. 22 to Feb ...

foreverymom.com 11-11-2017
Why My Kids Won’t Be Using Facebook’s Messenger Kids App

Last Monday, Facebook launched their Messenger Kids app, the-kid friendly, parent-moderated version of their popular Facebook messenger feature. Messenger Kids is a stand alone app aimed at kids ages six through thirteen that parents with a Facebook ...

Printing News 11-11-2017
FASTSIGNS International, Inc. Secures up to $20 Million in Franchisee Financing through ApplePie Capital to Continue Rapid Growth Nationwide

FASTSIGNS International, Inc. announced it has partnered with ApplePie Capital to offer new and existing franchisees access to up to $20-million in debt capital to drive expansion across the U.S. To date, FASTSIGNS has opened 35 centers across the U.S. and ...

canbirsay.com 11-11-2017
Amazon may be getting ready to go on a digital media buying spree

* Amazon is looking to hire a Corporate Development Senior Manager to oversee potential digital acquisitions. * The job would seem to signal that Amazon is making a new push into digital media and advertising with deals. * It’s a high-level gig that ...

Domain Name Wire 11-11-2017
Amazon registers more domains suggesting YouTube competitor

Recent domain name registrations add fuel to idea that Amazon will create a competitor to YouTube. Amazon.com has expanded its domain name registration activity for domain names including ‘AmazonTube’ and ‘OpenTube’, suggesting that that the ...

The American Bazaar 11-11-2017
Apple Inc. pushing for more favorable import-tax policies in India to expand its manufacturing in the country

Apparently, India might not agree to the request by Apple to defer its decision on tax policies for mobile-phone parts. The mobile phone giant Apple Inc. has been trying to convince the Indian government for better incentives – taxes and others – to ...

Intelligent Aerospace 11-11-2017
Drone came within 15 metres of 'colliding' with plane at Glasgow Airport

It said there was a high risk of collision between the Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, which are used commercially, and the drone as it took off on September 8. The Airprox board report said the plane and the drone were 100 feet (30 metres) apart vertically ...

Emirates Woman 11-11-2017
Our shopping list from Souq's new Amazon store

Local all-purpose e-tailer Souq.com launched its Amazon store today, and predicatably, we’ve already filled a shopping cart. The deal means more than a million products from Amazon are now available to shoppers in the UAE. They’ve concentrated on ...

gunnarpeipman.com 11-11-2017
Running ASP.NET Core 2 applications on Windows 10 IoT Core

It has been problematic to run ASP.NET Core applications on Windows 10 IoT Core as it is not officially supported scenario yet and many components we are used with are not built with Windows 10 ARM in mind. Still it easy to run web applications on Windows ...

Nigerian Bulletin 11-11-2017
Business MainOne, Tizeti, Facebook partner to improve internet connectivity in Lagos – Premium Times...

via Premium Times Nigeria – http://ift.tt/2C26PcH MainOne and Tizeti on Monday announced the completion of a joint development project with Facebook to enable the expansion of internet services in Lagos. This partnership will leverage MainOne’s fibre ...

connectedsocialmedia.com 11-11-2017
Every Company is a Media Company: Facebook is a Media Company

Facebook has claimed to not be a media company in the past but this past year it seems its position has softened. That’s especially true as it’s discovered it needs media solutions, not engineering ones, to media problems such as fake news. In this ...

superhypeblog.com 11-11-2017
Three Predictions for Virtual Reality in 2018

In the United States, only 9.6 million people use virtual reality (VR) at least once a month, and by 2019, VR will penetrate 5.2 percent of the population, according to eMarketer. And yet, the VR industry has already become a complex ecosystem. As the VR ...

misspandachinese.com 11-11-2017
Using the Amazon Echo Listens to Chinese Songs and Chinese Radio

I want to share using the Amazon Echo listens to Chinese songs and Chinese radio. I have introduced Tune-In app that you can use to listen to international radio stations on a smart phone. You can search various radio channels by location or by language.

theusbport.com 11-11-2017
U.K. report reveals working conditions for Amazon drivers

British drivers delivering Amazon packages are working in extreme labor conditions, according to a new report that could spark an investigation. Image: Compfight The Mirror reported this Sunday that delivery drivers hired by Amazon to bring packages to ...

Branding in Asia Magazine 11-11-2017
Samsung Appoints Comzone as its Digital Agency in Cambodia

Samsung has appointed Comzone as its creative digital agency partner in Cambodia following a competitive pitch between five digital agencies there. “We are pleased to have received a variation of creative and strategic proposals which showed a keen ...

ifitshipitshere.com 11-11-2017
Amazon Deals on Star Wars Toys & Games (in time for Hanukkah!)

Did you know that Hasbro has created Star Wars editions of Operation, Trouble, Clue, Battleship, Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, Bop it and more? And Star Wars Electronic and Tech for kids and adults, alike.

switchdoc.com 11-10-2017
Tutorial: Building an IOT Lightning Detector with your Raspberry Pi – Part 1

Put simply, the IOT is about connecting Internet Enabled devices the relay information back to us, to cloud based applications and dashboards and to each other. These smart devices can be anything from computers, to thermostats, to refrigerators, mobile ...

techshopstore.com 11-10-2017
Voice Prompt True In-Ear Earbuds True Wireless Earphones CSR 4.2 Sport Stereo Bluetooth Earphone X1T for iphone 7 samsung

Today’s Deals Deals End in: 01 Days 23 : 59 : US$ 15.86 US$ 13.62 US$ 17.50 US$ 27.86 US$ 22.05 US$ 15.80 US$ 26.73 US$ 39.00 US$ 31.80 Our store ships to more than 200 countries and you can enjoy free shipping on all items sold on techshopstore.com ...

Mothership.sg 11-10-2017
Facebook post accusing police of excessive force removed following K Shanmugam rebuttals

A Facebook post put up on Friday, Dec. 8, accusing the Singapore police of using excessive force while raiding unlicensed brothels at Rowell Road, has been removed. This was following two consecutive rebuttals issued on Dec. 9 and 10, by Law and Home ...

www.nlclassifieds.com 11-10-2017
46" Samsung LED HD 1080p 60 Hz TV. Rogers Remote, MINT/HDMI.

**LIKE NEW/Only a Couple of years Old/Light Usage. Great Picture** A 46" Samsung 60 Hz HD 1080p LED TV, MINT/Hardly Used! It has 2-HDMI, RCA/Component, Optical Digital Audio & Headphone Jack Outputs, & Ex-Link Jack, USB, & RF Inputs. 1920 X 1080 HD ...

www.nlclassifieds.com 11-10-2017
46" Samsung LED HD 1080p 60 Hz TV. Rogers Remote, MINT/HDMI.

**LIKE NEW/Only a Couple of years Old/Light Usage. Great Picture** A 46" Samsung 60 Hz HD 1080p LED TV, MINT/Hardly Used! It has 2-HDMI, RCA/Component, Optical Digital Audio & Headphone Jack Outputs, & Ex-Link Jack, USB, & RF Inputs. 1920 X 1080 HD ...

marketoonist.com 11-10-2017
retail in the age of amazon

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) NYU ...

TechCentral 11-10-2017
Amazon says it may build SA data centres

Amazon Web Services, the cloud division of Amazon.com, may build data centres in South Africa, according to a report published on Sunday. The company plans to switch on an “AWS Direct Connect” service in Johannesburg and Cape Town this week, a prelude ...

TechTarget 11-10-2017
Q&A: Microsoft bigwig sketches plans for Kubernetes on Azure

AUSTIN, Texas -- Kubernetes on Azure featured prominently amid a flood of container news this week, as Microsoft hatches plans for multi-cloud workload portability and management. By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its ...

shopandroid.com 11-10-2017
Seidio DILEX Case with Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S8

We’re taking the DILEX Case for your Samsung Galaxy S8 to new heights and offering drop protection that matches the rugged look. Seidio’s DILEX phone case offers a dual-layer design with high-impact, enhanced corners and Hexguard technology for all ...

Itvoir 11-10-2017
Amazon’s wholesale unit reported an incredible raise in turnover of nearly 2,700 times for fiscal year 2016-17

Amazon’s wholesale unit in India reported an incredible raise in turnover of nearly 2,700 times for fiscal year 2016-17, budding as a major contributor to the global retail giant’s overall operations in the country as it adjusted to regulatory ...

thechrisvossshow.com 11-10-2017
Explore the Future of Digital Marketing & Social Media with Microsoft, Hasbro, Verizon, Jet.com and more at #DMWF in New York, 7-8 November!

The Digital Marketing World Forum Conference & Expo (#DMWF) is set to arrive in New York in less than three weeks – 7-8 November in Javits Center, for two days of inspirational content from the world’s leading brands, alongside 40+ exhibitors and a ...

Newsbytes Philippines 11-10-2017
Schneider Electric showcases IoT platform for smarter power distribution

The local office of French power management firm Schneider Electric showcased its IoT-enabled architecture, dubbed “EcoStruxure Power”, during the Philippines Innovation Summit to illustrate how it provides real-time monitoring of energy consumption ...

www.asustor.com 11-10-2017
ASUSTOR Creates Exclusive Version of AiVideos for Apple TV

AiVideos for Apple TV features vivid high definition video playback for the ultimate in digital home entertainment. Taipei, Taiwan, October 17 th, 2017 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced the ...

chrisguillebeau.com 11-10-2017
5 First Steps for Travel Hacking

If you’re new to this blog, one of the things I write about is travel hacking—the art of having incredible experiences that would otherwise be unobtainable for most people. It’s a bit different from budget travel, which tends to focus on staying on ...

abhijitjana.net 11-9-2017
Virtual Reality (VR) – Augmented Reality (AR) – Mixed Reality (MR) – A Quick Understanding

Continuing my series of posts on Holographic App Development Using Microsoft HoloLens, here is one more addition to the series. This should have been the very first post of the series, given the fact it talks about a little background on where holographic ...

enewsgh.com 11-9-2017
Samsung Employees & Partners Volunteer Towards “Operation Smile”

Employees and partners of technology giant Samsung Electronics Ghana have engaged in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative through their partnership with international medical group Operation Smile to fund free cleft surgeries in Ghana The ...

The Sports Daily 11-9-2017
Cubs used virtual reality experience in pitch to Shohei Ohtani

The Cubs came up short in the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes, but it clearly wasn’t due to lack of effort. Ohtani agreed to sign with the Angels on Friday, much to the dismay of a number of teams — including the Cubs. Chicago did use a unique method in ...

TheStreet.com 11-9-2017
Apple's Reported 2018 iPhones and iPads Should Let It Cash in on 2017's Advances

After launching a phone this fall that's promised to "set the path" for smartphone technology for the next decade, it's not realistic to expect Apple Inc. (AAPL) to follow up with something equally headline-grabbing in 2018. And based on what's been ...

dcebrief.com 11-8-2017
Coinbase Takes No. 1 Spot on Apple’s App Store

As Bloomberg reports: “The software application for Coinbase Inc., operator of one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, climbed to the top of Apple’s download ranking for free apps in the U.S. on Thursday.” For context, it’s worth ...

blogs.air-watch.com 11-8-2017
A Breakdown of VMware AirWatch Support for Android Enterprise with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Increasing numbers of corporate-owned devices and reliance on business apps for enhanced productivity has created a few challenges in the workplace. Organizations want to take advantage of the latest technology and keep their users happy without creating ...

SoloGossip.it 11-8-2017
Why you should choose Microsoft over Linux

And when we woke up, we had these bodies. They’re like, except I’m having them! Oh, I think we should just stay friends. You’ll have all the Slurm you can drink when you’re partying with Slurms McKenzie Hey, tell me something. You’ve got all this ...

space.ca 11-8-2017
Watch A Legendary Disney Artist Animate The Little Mermaid In 3D Using Virtual Reality

Glen Keane has animated some of the most iconic Disney characters in the studio’s history—from Beast in Beauty and the Beast to Rapunzel in Tangled—but for Keane, there’s one character whose wide-eyed optimism and passion for collecting ...

8asians.com 11-8-2017
Asian American Commercial Watch: Samsung Galaxy Note8’s “I Love You”

I haven’t seen this television commercial yet, but a friend sent me this link after he saw this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 commercial while watching an NFL football game on a Sunday evening on NBC: “There’s a new way to share how you feel with Live ...

sfcitizen.com 11-8-2017
Flighty Driver Runs a Red in a Model X with Factory Plates – This Isn’t a Good Look for Tesla Motors

You can generally go right on red to get onto Polk, but you need to stop first – there’s the rub. Or maybe slow down enough to qualify for a California Stop. But When you treat a red as if it were a green or a yellow, well, that’s running a red, six ...

architectureadmirers.com 11-8-2017
Revolutionized Virtual and Augmented Reality for Architects

Revolutionized software programs as the virtual and the augmented reality applications can really improve your experience as an architect. As you already know, the virtual reality applications give you the possibility to experience what you have created ...

libregraphicsworld.org 11-8-2017
DIGImend Project Revived To Improve Non-Wacom Tablets Support on Linux

Nikolai Kondrashov rebooted the DIGImend project that brings support for Genius, Huion, Yiynova, and other non-Wacom graphic tablets to Linux users. After 9 years of working on DIGImend for free and 1 year of hiatus, Nikolai is now relying on both ...

nwsportsmanmag.com 11-8-2017
Drone To Be Tested Next Week In Ongoing NE WA Moose Study

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is working with University of Montana wildlife researchers to test the use of a drone this month to document the presence of moose calves in northeast Washington. A contractor for the university will ...

Circuits Assembly 11-8-2017
IDC Ups IoT Outlook

FRAMINGHAM, MA – Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is forecast to reach $772.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 14.6% over 2017. International Data Corp. forecasts worldwide IoT spending to sustain a compound annual growth rate of 14.4% ...

blog.linuxmint.com 11-8-2017
Linux Mint Installation Guide

The Linux Mint Installation Guide is ready. To read it on your computer click https://linuxmint-installation-guide.readthedocs.io/en/latest. On your phone or tablet, scan this QR code: This guide is currently available in English and in French and it is ...

blogbaladi.com 11-8-2017
Hacking a Bank in #Lebanon

NatGeo Abu Dhabi shared a 12-minute episode on how two white hackers were able to infiltrate three branches of a Lebanese prominent bank and compromise their security. Not only were the hackers capable of convincing bank employees that they were from the ...

App Informers 11-8-2017
What a Samsung DeX-Compatible App Needs to Know

Smartphones are powerful computers small enough to carry around in our pockets – this is something many users tend to forget about them today. They are a source of endless fun and games, ranging from free-to-play online pokies to complex racing games ...

www.groupon.co.uk 11-8-2017
Arcade Horizon Virtual Reality Headset with Controller

Dive into the world of virtual reality with this VR headset available with a Bluetooth controller; great gift idea for any gadget enthusiast Christmas Delivery: Order now for immediate dispatch. Delivery: £1.99 (not included). Allow 7 working days.

australianbusinessnetwork.wordpress.com 11-8-2017
Why Most Surveyors Opt For Drone Services?

In the surveying industry, drone has a special value, as data is becoming a crucial aspect these days. Surveying personnels are focusing more on accurate and detailed results. UAV surveying helps clients with unprecedented level of business value ...

pulptastic.com 11-8-2017
24 Tech Gift Ideas On Amazon You Can Get Under $15

Struggling with gift ideas for the holidays? If you’re on Amazon right now scouring through pages and pages of items that don’t seem to be gift-worthy, don’t sweat! We’ve rounded up a couple of things that are practical and budget friendly that ...

us.community.samsung.com 11-8-2017
MFP, Samsung Gear Wearables, Gear App, and Samsung Health app...the ULTIMATE Guide

I am always looking for the best "Eco-System" and with my Samsung Note8 Phone, Gear S3 Frontier/Gear Fit2Pro, and MFP....here is what I have gathered and learned by tweaking. I hope this helps others. It is long, but full of helpful information. What I ...

tekaholics.com 11-7-2017
Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy line has been my go-to choice for smartphones since I started using the S5. Once I was able to upgrade, I switched to the Note 5. The Note 5 was a fantastic phone in many ways, which is why I was so excited for the newest edition to the ...

ThisisReno 11-7-2017
Contractors Association Creates Virtual Reality Training Facility

A $200,000 grant from the the Governor’s Office of Science will go toward a new learning tool for those in the construction trades: a virtual reality training facility. Two new simulators are expected to provide reality-based training for heavy equipment ...

Kickstarter 11-7-2017
Umbra (PC and Linux)

First, I would like to make an IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR OUR KICKSTARTER BACKERS. It came to our attention that some of you didn't receive their mail with their Steam key. If you didn't receive your Steam key, please contact us so we can send it back to you.

Green Industry Pros 11-7-2017
Smart Irrigation Market Expands with New IoT Water Management System

Water management system company H2O Flow Pro announced that it chose an Internet of Things (IoT) platform from Minneapolis-based software company Exosite to develop new water conservation technology. H2O Flow Pro says this will be the first IoT water ...

South Florida 11-7-2017
Art Basel 2017: These virtual-reality exhibits will show you 'crazy things' | Video

For Mike Winkelmann, the future of Las Vegas is bright and lined with fake, neon palm trees. Blinking “Welcome to Las Vegas” signs shoot up from the ground. High-rises on the Strip seem to come alive, bending and corkscrewing like rectangular Rubik’s ...

Billboard on MSN.com 11-7-2017
Chance the Rapper's Nonprofit Receives $1M Grant From Google.org for Chicago Schools

The fifth-graders at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Paideia Academy in Chicago got a surprise treat Wednesday (Dec. 6) when Chance the Rapper showed up in their halls. The occasion? SocialWorks, a nonprofit co-founded by the Grammy-winning artist, received a $1 ...

ADOTAS 11-7-2017
Tapad Partners with Freckle IoT to Enable Cross-Device Offline Attribution for Brands

Tapad, the leader in cross-device marketing technology and Freckle IoT, the global leader in multi-touch, offline attribution, today announced they are partnering to provide brands with a holistic and insightful view of their customers, in predefined ...

cigniti.com 11-7-2017
Software Testing in the World of Big Data, AI, Smart Machines, IoT, & Robotics

Emerging Technologies are no more a foresight, they are a reality even in terms of our routine activities. Businesses are busy leveraging these technologies to enable digital transformation for achieving the desired consumer experience. Every sector, in ...

thedistrictpost.co.uk 11-7-2017
HDC use of virtual reality technology to combat stress and pain levels for local people

Horsham District Council is the first council in the UK to introduce a new form of virtual reality therapy for those with long term medical conditions. The council’s Community Link team is championing a virtual reality experience for the benefit of ...

berfrois.com 11-7-2017
Literary realism cowers in the shadow of virtual reality…

VR offers experiences not readily available through physical reality, including the simulated experience of suffering. But its positive advocacy of new experiences makes it more adventure travel than understanding the lived reality of another person.

watchesbysjx.com 11-7-2017
A. Lange & Söhne Introduces the 1815 ‘Homage to Walter Lange’ with Hacking Dead Seconds

Having passed away at the grand old age of 93 just earlier this year, Walter Lange was the last living link to the pre-war, family-owned firm of A. Lange & Söhne. Though he was not the driving force behind the modern day firm, Mr Lange was nevertheless ...

TV Wise 11-7-2017
Amazon Prime Video UK Sets Premiere Date For ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’

Jean-Claude Van Johnson will premiere on Amazon Prime Video UK on Friday December 15th, it has been announced. Created by Dave Callaham, Jean-Claude Van Johnson stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as a fictionalised version of himself, who is operating under the ...

aaatalks.carolinas.aaa.com 11-7-2017
Drone Rules & Regulations

Over the past few years, drones have become one of the hottest Christmas gifts, and this year is no exception. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have recently become more popular and more affordable, resulting in a rise in recreational drone use. Before you ...

avproductreviews.com 11-7-2017
Amazon and Google Lock Horns

The feud between Amazon and Google is heating up and unfortunately it’s the consumer that will suffer the most. Google has decided to pull YouTube from Amazon’s FireTV and Echo Show devices citing that “the use of its video service on Amazon’s ...

CyclingTips 11-7-2017
Opinion: Amazon Australia and what it means for the cycling industry

For those in Australia, the biggest news hitting the country is that Amazon has just launched. Where Australians have long been regular customers of Amazon, Tuesday was the first day of Amazon offering localised products, warehousing, and fulfilment.

dnr.wi.gov 11-6-2017
WDNR Wardens, State Patrol & University of Wisconsin train together to assess drone's role in investigations

When can an investigation be helped by eyes in the sky? That's what a team of DNR conservation wardens, Wisconsin State Patrol officers and a crew of University of Wisconsin-Madison students and their professor set out to learn in a daylong training at the ...

thecameronteam.net 11-6-2017
Amazon Plants Store Launches: Delivers Live Plants to Your Doorstep

Plants have been available from independent sellers on Amazon for some time now, but the process of finding and purchasing plants is now more streamlined with Amazon Plants Store. You can order the plants online and have them shipped to you. We believe in ...

4k 11-6-2017
Google And Amazon’s Fight Over Content Platforms Hurts 4K TV Owners

In what is only the most recent move in an ongoing dispute between two internet services behemoths, Google has, as of Tuesday, pulled its YouTube app from Amazon’s streaming video service, meaning that users of Amazon’s services such as the Amazon Echo ...

Bloody Disgusting 11-6-2017
Official ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Virtual Reality Experience Coming in 2018!

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the late George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, one of the most influential and iconic films ever made. Not only is the seminal zombie classic arriving in the Criterion Collection early next year (a release ...

Yahoo Finance 11-6-2017
General Motors" November Sales Dip, Despite Strong Crossover Performance

Chevy Bolt was the month"s best-selling electric vehicle, leaving behind Tesla Motors (TSLA). Source: www.goodcarbadcar.net Currently, Chevy Bolt is a big hit in the U.S. market. However, it won"t be too long until rivals Tesla and Nissan (NSANY ...

ihelplounge.com 11-6-2017
Amazon Prime Video App For Apple TV Available To Download

Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Apple announced the arrival of Amazon Prime Video on media players Apple TV six months ago. Starting today, owners of the Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K+HDR can download the app and then use the ...

Fountain Hills Times 11-6-2017
FHHS pushes into virtual reality

Not a lot of high school students have the opportunity to visit the Louvre Museum or see what a red blood cell looks like up close and personal. Few designers have the ability to create something and then see it realized in 3D within moments. Thanks to a ...

ateam-oracle.com 11-5-2017
Part 3 of 4 – SSSD Linux Authentication: Implementation Step-by-Step Guideline

Most of everything are examples you will need to extrapulate to fit your own deployment. Your Linux server may or may not have SSSD already installed. The following show steps in determining if SSSD is already installed and if not how to install the package.

Microsoft Office 11-5-2017
Microsoft Whiteboard Preview—the freeform canvas for creative collaboration

Today, we are gradually rolling out the Microsoft Whiteboard Preview app—a freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content can come together for creative collaboration—available for download on Windows 10 devices.* Microsoft Whiteboard Preview ...

App Developer Magazine 11-5-2017
IoT security gets tighter thanks to SDC Edge

StreamSets Inc. has debuted StreamSets Data Collector Edge (SDC Edge), an end-to-end data ingestion solution for resource and connectivity constrained systems such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the network infrastructure and personal devices that ...

research.googleblog.com 11-5-2017
Introducing a New Foveation Pipeline for Virtual/Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) offer a novel way to immerse people into new and compelling experiences, from gaming to professional training. However, current VR/MR technologies present a fundamental challenge: to present images at the ...

HubSpot Blog 11-5-2017
FAQ This! Why Should I Care About Amazon AI?

The past three months, it seems, have been a nonstop parade of major tech events and the new product announcements that come with them. One of the latest was last week's AWS re:Invent, where Amazon announced a new suite of AI-enabled technology designed ...

WatchMojo on MSN.com 11-5-2017
Top 10 Things We Want to See in Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series

One show to bind them? Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things We Want to See in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series. For this list, we’re taking a look at potential ideas and recommendations for Amazon ...

Nibletz 11-5-2017
This Amazing Entrepreneur Is Using Virtual Reality For Sexual Harassment And Sexual Assault Education

Morgan Mercer, A Two Time Victim Of Sexual Violence, Says Enough Is Enough and Launches Vantage Point, A VR Startup Teaching Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Education. Sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual violence have been going on far too long.

Cycling Weekly 11-5-2017
Virtual reality headsets could make people 40 per cent more likely to take up cycling

Virtual reality headsets showing footage of people enjoying cycling could have a major impact on getting people into cycling, according to a new report by British Cycling and HSBC UK. The Bike Shed Studies report looked at the effect of “small ...

blogbydonna.com 11-5-2017
Living in The IoT Cloud – How I Depend On It Every Day

I received compensation for this post, but all opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement. First, there was the internet.

plasticsnewseurope.com 11-5-2017
Virtual reality hits packaging market

The Netherlands Packaging Centre, NVC, has marked new trends within the industry which include augmented reality, virtual reality and interactivity. During an official event titled 'NVC night at the Planetarium', in Amsterdam 30 Nov, The NVC said the ...

michaelsampson.net 11-5-2017
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn

At Ignite 2017, Michele Ballinger and Brandon Potter, both of Microsoft, gave an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, including the Attract and Onboard modules. Attract is for the recruiting portion of finding and hiring a new employee ...

brickingaround.com 11-5-2017
Amazon Australia Officially Launches

The media said that Amazon Australia would launch by Black Friday but that came and went without any word from Amazon. Instead they have opted for the momentous occasion of Tuesday December 5th to launch the Australian site. So now that it has launched ...

globalbydesign.com 11-5-2017
Day One for Amazon in Australia

Today marks the official day one for Amazon in Australia. While Amazon.com.au has been around for a number of years largely selling eBooks via the Kindle, today the company goes all-in, selling products across more than 20 categories, with Prime coming ...

DATAQUEST 11-5-2017
Adoption of IoT Platforms Will Be the Top IT Trend in 2018

Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, has released its key business and technology trends for Asia Pacific in 2018. These trends are jointly predicted by Hubert Yoshida, chief technology officer, and Russell Skingsley, chief technology ...

terragalleria.com 11-5-2017
Drone Photography with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

I’ll start with a bit of background that will help make clear what is remarkable with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and also give prospective users a hard learned tip. Drone videos have captured the attention of audiences, but although video is the most natural ...

trn.trains.com 11-4-2017
Trains editors record first commercial drone video in 4K

WAUKESHA, Wis. — Trains editors used to conservative video recordings from solid ground are now abuzz over their ability to fly drones in pursuit of better optics. On Nov. 30, Trains associate editors David Lassen and Steve Sweeney took to the skies ...

Gazette Review 11-4-2017
Amazon Customer Complains After Delivery Driver Hides Package With Doormat

An Amazon customer was furious after the delivery driver left her package in a place where it could have been easily stolen. Catherine O’Reilly found the package on her doorstep and was shocked to see that a doormat had been placed next to it. Catherine ...

smarthome.reviewed.com 11-4-2017
10 fun things you didn't know the Amazon Echo Show could do

Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives. The Echo Show ...

onlygizmos.com 11-4-2017
Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone Poised to Launch Next Year

Recent reports have revealed that Samsung is working on a foldable phone smartphone called Galaxy X. Since it has recently appeared on Samsung’s support site, it is speculated that it will be launching soon. Fresh information shared by a South Korean ...

American Banker Online 11-4-2017
A regional bank CEO’s take on tax cuts, hacking and fintech partnerships

Bruce Van Saun, the CEO of Citizens Financial, has helped lead a remarkable turnaround at the bank since it was spun off from RBS in 2013. Earnings and its stock price are up, return on tangible equity hit a key goal in the third quarter, partnerships with ...

Association for Talent Development 11-4-2017
Virtual Reality’s Usefulness as a Training Tool Is Growing

As virtual reality (VR) matures, its use as an employee training tool is becoming more widespread. Simulations are becoming more realistic and immersive, and more industries are embracing the technology. And while it’s not yet widespread due to ...

disruptivewireless.blogspot.com 11-4-2017
5G & IoT? We need to talk about latency

Much of the discussion around the rationale for 5G – and especially the so-called “ultra-reliable” high QoS versions – centres on minimising network latency. The worthy goal of 1 millisecond roundtrip time is often mentioned, usually in the context ...

sportsradiopd.com 11-4-2017
Microsoft Quietly Renews NFL Deal

In 2013 Microsoft agreed to a deal that would pay the NFL $400 million over five seasons in part to have the Microsoft Surface tablet on each team’s sidelines. The current partnership was set to expire in 2018, but last week the two sides announced the ...

Open Culture 11-4-2017
Hear a Complete Reading of the Newly-Discovered Kurt Vonnegut Story, “The Drone King”

Twenty some years before a young engineer named Ray Tomlinson invented email, writer Kurt Vonnegut invented bee-mail in “The Drone King,” a story that didn’t see the light of day until his friend and fellow author Dan Wakefield unearthed it while ...

Mouser Electronics 11-4-2017
Why The Edge Is Central To IoT Success

In the Internet of Things (IoT), edge devices seem almost an afterthought, assigned to a minor position at the boundary between IoT devices in the periphery and the sophisticated IoT software applications in the cloud. Yet, as IoT developers tackle ...

The Highlander 11-4-2017
Hacking at a dream: Third-year Gustavo Correa is bridging two disciplines into one

Third-year computer engineering student Gustavo Correa did what many applicants in California could not do. He qualified for the extremely prestigious Red Bull “Hack the Hits” hackathon in San Francisco that only accepted 15 college students nationwide ...

No Jitter 11-4-2017
Marrying IoT and IT Service Management

See first-hand how IoT can be integrated into an incident management system. "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." IT managers are clearly aware of this and have invested a great deal of time and money into ...

Connected To India 11-4-2017
DIFF makes date with Virtual Reality; luxurious lineup of VR films for audiences

Dubai International Film Festival will make a date with Virtual Reality (VR) as it is going to showcase various films which will take the audience on a journey of 360-degree 3D audio-visual cinema. DIFF will present 10 immersive films during the entire ...

fxcompared.com 11-4-2017
Amazon promises both clicks and bricks in Australia in 2018

The arrival of Amazon is much anticipated by consumers. Retailers are waiting with baited breath as this threatens to put pricing pressures on an already stretched retail market; good news if you are a consumer. However, the arrival of Amazon, will offer ...

techmymoney.com 11-4-2017
Samsung Galaxy Phones To Read Palms For Security

With mobile security interests being the popular trend since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8 devices and the popular iPhone X, it’s safe to say that mobile biometrics are here to stay. Sure biometrics have been in PCs since the support of ...

ITWeb Africa 11-4-2017
The disruptive force that is IoT

The world is changing at warp speed - we live in an age of intelligent machines that are in constant communication with the world around us. We're in the midst of a digital revolution. The decade-long journey of building the internet of people is now ...

privacyblog.com 11-3-2017
Why Do You Have Two Telephone Numbers? Use an Amazon Echo Instead.

For several months, I have been using the new Alexa calling and messaging feature that is now available on Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices. It works as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone. The Amazon Echo devices work on any broadband Internet ...

Ultra GamerZ 11-3-2017

Google Earth VR made by Google, Inc, You probably know what Google earth is but may not heard of google earth VR. Google Earth VR brings Google’s 3D Earth dataset from all over the world and maps and building in real world streets to VR headsets that ...

techgenyz.com 11-3-2017
Microsoft Photos for Windows 10 Updated with Remix 3D feature

Yesterday, a new major update for Microsoft Photo in Windows 10 desktop was available for download for a while on the Insider Fast Channel. Within the short time, it was noticed that some novelties were publicly introduced by Microsoft, but now these are ...

miamichronicles.org 11-3-2017
Miami Art Basel Highlights: Virtual Reality, Sensory Overload, Contemporary Masters, Artistic Yoga, and Live Vegan Food.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens presents Overload, the latest exhibition from their Contemporary Arts Program (CAP) exhibition on view December 6, 2017 through April 2, 2018. Check out the extravagant multi-sensory exhibit, the final one curated by Gina Wouters.

right-side-of-lowell.blogspot.com 11-3-2017
Apple Kowtows to China?

From Bloomberg, with assistance by Mr David Ramli, 3 December 2017. Here is the lede plus two: Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook made his first appearance at China’s World Internet Conference, using the surprise keynote to call for future ...

The TechNews 11-3-2017
Future smartphones will fully charge in minutes with Samsung’s new battery technology

Future smartphones will take less time than ever before to get fully charged. On Tuesday, Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) announced that it has built a new battery technology which will help smartphones to get charged much faster.

The Root on MSN.com 11-3-2017
15-Year-Old Girl Stabbed 80 Times, Set on Fire By Man She Met on Facebook, Police Say

The brutalized body of a 15-year-old girl was discovered late Tuesday morning in Philadelphia. Police say that the young girl, identified as 15-year-old Sabriya McLean of New Castle, Del., had been stabbed approximately 80 times before being set on fire by ...

catholicstand.com 11-2-2017
Does Amazon’s Alexa Say Jesus Christ ‘Is A Fictional Character’?

If you’ve been thinking of buying an Amazon Alexa device for your home or for someone you love for Christmas, you might want to rethink that idea. According to a video posted on Nov. 24, Alexa said that Jesus Christ is “a fictional character.”

insideHPC 11-2-2017
Video: Introducing the Nitro Hypervisor – the Evolution of Amazon EC2 Virtualization

In this video from AWS Reinvent, Anthony Liguori from Amazon presents: Nitro Hypervisor – the Evolution of Amazon EC2 Virtualization. “Over the last 11 years, the Amazon EC2 virtualization platform has quietly evolved to take advantage of unique ...

Only Single Player 11-2-2017
Drone Builder Nimbatus Could be the Next Minecraft

Nimbatus is the latest in a long line of projects to put the tools of creation into the hands of users. In this case, those tools range from weapons and thrusters to sensors and hinges, with the end goal being to build drones. Players then take those ...

epfilms.tv 11-2-2017
Just in time for the Holidays: 5 Gift Ideas for that Drone Enthusiast You Know

Let’s face it: drones from the big names tend to be pricey. Of course, they are made of higher quality material and are carefully crafted to ensure the best experience. However, you might be hesitant to purchase such an expensive machine for someone with ...

stattimes 11-2-2017
Finnair Cargo deploy IoT sensors to track air freight in real time

December 2, 2017: In a bid to bolster real time monitoring of its ever increasing air cargo volumes, Finnish air freight carrier Finnair Cargo has recently rolled out its Next-Gen ‘Cargo Eye’ monitoring tool in Europe. According to sources, the airline ...

Blasting News 11-2-2017
Amazon continues to offer great deals with Cyber Monday Deals Week

The days following Thanksgiving Day have given consumers additional reasons to spend their money in the most inexpensive ways. There’s the long-standing tradition of #Black Friday where deals have gone through the roof – some businesses even offer as ...

blog.ernieball.com 11-2-2017
The White Buffalo releases Christmas single on Amazon Music

Ernie Ball artist The White Buffalo just released a new Christmas single, entitled “Christmas Eve”, for Amazon Music’s original playlist called Acoustic Christmas. Get into the holiday spirit with the White Buffalo! You can stream it exclusively now.

Rayarena 11-2-2017
Samsung W2018 clamshell phone with f/1.5 camera lens launched

Finally, Samsung has unveiled their high-end clamshell smartphone W2018. This is the first smartphone to come with f/1.5 aperture. It has 4.2-inch Super AMOLED dual displays so you will be able to use the phone when it is closed. Let’s check out the ...

Tidbits 11-2-2017
Amazon Still Promising Prime Video App for Apple TV in 2017

The Apple TV often feels like a forgotten middle child. Apple’s most exciting announcement for it this year wasn’t a new feature, but an app: Amazon Prime Video, which would let customers view movies and shows purchased from Amazon and stream titles ...

picturecorrect.com 11-2-2017
11 Drone Photography Tips & Ideas

It’s no secret that drones are all the rage among professional and amateur photographers alike. However, those who have operated an aerial camera know that capturing a stunning shot is not nearly as easy at it looks. Even after mastering basic controls ...

Samsung Business Insights 11-1-2017
Samsung and Women Who Code Host First-Ever B2B Galaxy Note8 Hackathon

Last month, Samsung Electronics America, in partnership with Women Who Code, hosted its first-ever B2B hackathon, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Hackathon. Held at the Samsung Research Center in Mountain View, California, on November 4 and 5, the 24-hour ...

air.mozilla.org 11-1-2017
The Power of Virtual Reality and Storytelling with Nonny de la Peña

From the comforts of our couches, we hear about natural disasters, wars and genocides. This discordance between actual events and our own personal experience leads to an empathy gap. But advances in technology - specifically, immersive technology like ...

mindtribe.com 11-1-2017
The Coming Boom of Healthcare IoT

IoT growth continues to skyrocket with an annual growth rate of 23%, and IoT devices are on track to surpass the number of smartphones to become the largest category of connected devices by 2018. The low cost and wide availability of sensors and radios ...

blogs.enterprisemanagement.com 11-1-2017
AWS Re:Invent 2017 – Serverless Containers, Managed Kubernetes, Bare Metal, Machine Learning, and IoT

This year’s AWS Reinvent delivered major announcements in DevOps, machine learning and IoT. All of the announced capability aim to eliminate infrastructure as the bottleneck for enterprises to become ‘digital attackers’. Observing the nearly 50.000 ...

pivotce.com 11-1-2017
Qualcomm’s Palm Patents used in lawsuit against Apple over iPhone X

Qualcomm’s at it again. Renowned for being a world-class patent troll, it’s once again suing Apple over…get this…using Palm Inc. patents it bought in 2014 in the iPhone X. Their big hangup is that the iPhone X borrowed Palm’s user interface or ...

geographicalimaginations.com 11-1-2017
Drone Imaginaries and Society

News from Kathrin Maurer of a conference on Drone Imaginaries and Society, 5-6 June 2018, at the University of Southern Denmark (Odense). I’ll be giving a keynote, and look forward to the whole event very much (and not only because, while I’ve ...

Baltimore Sun on MSN.com 11-1-2017
Walmart adds virtual reality programs to training for assistant managers

Walmart has added a virtual reality component to their standard training process for new assistant managers to help prepare them for scenarios they might face in real life. (Kenneth K. Lam / Baltimore Sun video)

downtownbellevue.com 11-1-2017
Bellevue Downtown Association to Host Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Topic at Breakfast Meeting

Bellevue Downtown Association is hosting a December Breakfast to discuss the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industry and how the technology is changing the workplace for professionals of all backgrounds. There will be two speakers at the December ...

Database Trends and Applications 11-1-2017
IDG Research: IoT Analytics - Striking the Right Balance Between Edge and Hub

IoT projects are far beyond the pilot stage and have spurred IT leaders to implement hybrid strategies, processing some IoT data at the edge of the enterprise, while sending much of it to a central hub for deep analytics, according to a recent IDG Quick ...

Glamour on MSN.com 11-1-2017
Chris Pratt Says There's a "Potential Predator" Pretending to Be Him on Facebook

If Chris Pratt has been sliding into your DMs and asking for your number, unfortunately it's just too good to be true. On Thursday night, the real Chris Pratt posted a warning on his Facebook and Instagram accounts warning female fans of a "potential ...

Alcatel Lucent 11-1-2017
ParkerVision GmbH Invited to Present Clarifications in German Infringement Case Against Apple

Dec. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ParkerVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRKR), a developer, manufacturer and marketer of semiconductor technology solutions for wireless applications, announced today that the Munich court rejected the request by Apple, Inc. and ...

doughenschen.com 11-1-2017
Amazon Web Services Adds Yet More Data and ML Services, But When is Enough Enough?

AWS uses re:Invent to launch Aurora upgrades, Neptune graph DB service, the SageMaker ML environment and much more. Here’s my advice for re:Invent 2018. Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy invoked the Lauren Hill song “Everything is Everything” at ...

SpaceRef 11-1-2017
Earth from Space: The Amazon River

The Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over northern Brazil on 22 August 2017, where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The sediment-laden water appears brown as it flows from the lower left to the open ocean in the upper right. 'Popcorn ...

Decider 11-1-2017
What’s New On Amazon Prime Video December 2017: ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’, ‘Crown Heights’, ‘Silence,’ And More

Wondering what your favorite streaming services are adding to their offerings each month? Decider’s got you covered. Stay tuned for our reports on everything coming to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Showtime, STARZ, Sundance Now, Shudder, Acorn TV ...

medicaldevicedaily.com 11-1-2017
Alivecor EKG band wins first FDA nod for Apple Watch-based medical device

After a review of about a year and a half, the FDA has cleared the wrist-worn Kardia Band from Alivecor Inc. for the Apple Watch that can take a medical-grade electrocardiogram (EKG) in 30 seconds as the user touches it with a thumb. "We finally got FDA ...

frugallivingnw.com 11-1-2017
Amazon: Highly-rated SE Emergency Sleeping Bag just $5 (great donation item!)

Shared on November 30, 2017 This post may contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. See the disclosure policy for more information. Amazon has the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag with ...

News Journal 11-1-2017
Getting to know the best stock in today’s market – Apple Inc. (AAPL)

With the amassed value of the company based on its existing stock price alongside the total amount of outstanding stocks, today’s market cap for Apple Inc. is valued at 870.11B. The value of the Market cap relatively ensures a stable and secure position ...

EdTech Times 11-1-2017
From Video Games to Immersive Learning: HTC VIVE Is Now Creating Virtual Experiences for Education

While it got its start in the gaming industry, virtual reality is now spreading into other industries, such as education and healthcare, as the technology becomes more advanced. HTC VIVE, known for their premium virtual reality hardware, is now using the ...

GeoMarketing 11-30-2017
Microsoft IoT Platform Azure Adds Location Services From Tom Tom

Microsoft’s Internet of Things software program, Azure, is getting a location intelligence boost from Dutch navigation software company TomTom. The deal, which has its roots in an earlier Microsoft alliance struck last December, has Tom Tom being ...

Telecompetitor 11-30-2017
Agricultural IoT: Connected Dairy Cows Lead the Way for Now

The installed base of wireless IoT devices in agriculture grew to 17 million in 2016 and will reach 27.4 million by 2021, according to an agricultural IoT forecast from analyst firm Berg Insight. In its report, Berg Insight said that the most deployed ...

salads4lunch.com 11-30-2017
Meal Prep Apple Pie Overnight Oats » Salads for Lunch

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; solopine_about_widget has a deprecated constructor in /home1/lazymama/public_html/salads4lunch/wp-content/themes/sprout-spoon/inc/widgets/about ...

toastnuances.blogspot.com 11-30-2017
Download Amazon.com App Store

Free download evernote for android, free download evernote for windows 7, free download evernote for mac, free download evernote for pc, fre... Download free android games, download free android games from 9apps, download free android games apk, download ...

Blogging Windows on MSN.com 11-30-2017
Microsoft Edge now available for iOS and Android

In October, we introduced Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android in preview, in response to your request to make Microsoft Edge work well with your phones. A special THANK YOU goes out to each of you—hundreds of thousands of you—who downloaded, test-drove ...

smartcitiesworld.net 11-30-2017
Slew of new IoT services from AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced six services and capabilities for connected devices at the edge. The company’s aim is to make getting started with Internet of Things (IoT) as easy as one click, enabling customers to onboard and easily manage ...

CCM 11-30-2017
Amazon Readies Alexa for Business

Amazon wants to put its Alexa intelligent assistant to work in business environments. (CCM) — Amazon is preparing to send its Alexa intelligent assistant into the workplace, according to a CNBC report. The company is about to announce its Alexa for ...

gc-solutions.net 11-30-2017
Virtual Reality: It’s The Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level

From touchscreen mobile devices to real-world experiences, virtual reality has paved a new way of working and collaborating across the enterprise. Innovation is constant in the e-learning domain, continuously evolving the way services are delivered across ...

VC Circle 11-30-2017
Amazon India marketplace revenue grows 105% in FY17

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Amazon.com Inc.’s revenue from its India marketplace more ...

fiusm.com 11-30-2017
Virtual reality revealing truth of sea level rise

Eyesontherise.org, which focuses on creating student journalism about environmental impacts related to sea level rise, emerged as an initiative among four journalism faculty members at Florida International University to raise public awareness of sea ...

IU Newsroom 11-30-2017
IU-based startup launches high-tech system for virtual, augmented reality developers

View print quality image The cy.PIPES system could help virtual reality/augmented reality developers synchronize tools that create environmental conditions like heat or wind. CyUtil LLC, a startup launched by Chauncey Frend of IU's Advanced Visualization ...

therobinreport.com 11-30-2017
The Amazon “Flywheel” Powers into the Holidays and Beyond

I hate to lead any article about Amazon with “the numbers,” because they suck all of the oxygen out of the room, to use a popular phrase. And whatever the current numbers are, they disappear in a nanosecond anyway, replaced by new jaw-dropping numbers.



worldpressonline.com 11-12-2017
DKSH promotes personal care ingredients portfolio and key clients at Cosmetagora 2018

The Business Unit sources, develops, markets and distributes a wide range of specialty chemicals and ingredients for pharmaceutical, personal care, food & beverage as well as various industrial applications. In addition, it creates innovative and cutting ...

worldpressonline.com 11-12-2017
New Natural Cosmetics Masterclass Focuses on Food Ingredients

London – Taking place in San Francisco on 1st February, this new Natural Cosmetics Masterclass (http://www.ecoviaint.com/masterclass17) will discuss the growing use of food ingredients in cosmetic & personal care products. With many product developers ...

shareabuzz.com 11-12-2017

And slow-cookers make it easy to cram home cooking into even the busiest of schedules. Together, they’re a match made in heaven! Here’s a quick recipe for balsamic roast beef, and if you’re not feeling the beef today, here’s one just as simple for ...

browngirlmagazine.com 11-12-2017
Warm up With a Cup of Chai and This Besan ke Ladoo Recipe

Seasonal cooking was something that our grandmothers did out of need, but even in this day and age when everything is available year round, some of those seasonal recipes still make sense.

tufts.uloop.com 11-12-2017
3 Three-Ingredient Recipes To Try

This is why I prefer cooking at home — I heard somewhere long ago that you shouldn’t eat something if you can’t even pronounce every ingredient in what you are eating. Three-ingredient recipes solve that problem, as well as give you a sense of ...

luxeadventuretraveler.com 11-11-2017
4-Day Rome Itinerary for the Food Lover #MonogramsInsider

All the food will definitely sustain you for the afternoon ahead ... This, a dish of such simple ingredients delivering a complex flavor profile, is exactly what Italian cuisine is all about. Just around the corner from Casa Bleve is one of the best ...

blog.marinedepot.com 11-11-2017
We Speak With Rod Buehler About The Fresh Human-Grade Ingredients in Rod’s Food

Rod’s Food is well known for it’s high quality ingredients and feeding response in the tank. They won the Marine Depot Best Food Award in 2013 and 2014. We got a chance to catch up with Rod Rod Buehler in between all the reef shows he does and his ...

pinkcakeplate.com 11-11-2017
Pizza and a COCA-COLA plus 2 Dipping Sauce Recipes

So if you don’t have time to cook a Coca-Cola Slow Cooker Pot Roast then this dinner ... So addition to pizza and a COCA-COLA® ZERO SUGAR I have 2 delicious dipping sauce recipes for you. I actually shopped at one of my favorite grocery stores WinCo ...

plasteranddisaster.com 11-11-2017
Super Simple DIY Recipe Book

For a long while now, the best one has been cooking and baking. It’s relaxing to put on a good audiobook and try out a new recipe, make an old favorite, or just make something up. And if it doesn’t turn out – fine! It’s not like I am relying ...

abscbnpr.com 11-11-2017
Tthe Sexy Chef reveals recipes for a superbod in “21 Days to A Sexier You

Each recipe also indicates how many calories are in for intake. The book launch was held on Saturday in National Book Store Glorietta with a cooking demo and recipe tasting of some of the featured menu in the manual. Take the first step in being the better ...

beautystat.com 11-10-2017
Review, Photos, Ingredients, Hairstyle, Haircare Trend 2017, 2018, 2019: Clairol Hair Food Sulfate Free Dry Shampoo Infused with Kiwi Fragrance

I have been obsessed with dry shampoo since it came out. It’s interesting that when it was first introduced there were only a few options. Now that it has been around for years, it seems like every brand has an option and dry shampoo has been perfected ...

JSTOR Daily 11-10-2017
5 Great Recipes from JSTOR

Pauline Barjavel de Carpentras’s mysterious 1795 recipe for Tomato Conserve doesn’t just sound delicious; it also reveals something about the evolution of French cooking. 2. Susan J. Leonardi’s Summer Pasta Salad “My summer pasta…is lovely ...

judyschickens.org 11-8-2017
Stocking Stuffers: Tools for the Cooking Life

My list of specialized cooking tools includes: Instant Read Digital Thermometer ... I often weigh them rather than go by the number of eggs called for in a recipe. A large commercial egg weighs about two ounces. My chickens lay eggs that are less ...

italytravelandlife.com 11-8-2017
Appassionata: Rolling out Recipes from Le Marche – Spaghetti alle vongole

Small clams are usually used for this recipe. The spaghetti remains in bianco (without a ... Turn up the heat to high, put a lid on, and cook for 5 minutes or until the clam shells have opened. Remove from the heat and discard any clams that have remained ...

Coach 11-8-2017
4 Healthy Protein-Packed Sandwich Recipes

Preheat the oven to 200°C/gas 6. Place the bacon on a baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes until crisp. (To reduce cooking time, cook it in the microwave on a plate with paper towels under it and on top, six to eight minutes.) Meanwhile, in a medium ...

Sporteluxe 11-8-2017
9 Delicious Low Carb Recipes You Can Make In The Slow Cooker

There’s just one thing about slow cooking we’re not quite so keen on ... that makes the slow cooker so awesome for people on a keto diet. Most crock pot recipes are focused on protein, veggies and fat (the good kind) and since carbs are off the ...

M2woman 11-7-2017
Recipe: Butter Infused With All Natural Ingredients

When it comes to summer food we all love a good barbecue. Perfectly cooked steak, fresh prawns and locally caught fish with summer salads and perla potatoes. It’s a summer tradition, really! Award-winning chef Owen Sinclair has created a must-have for ...

puppyleaks.com 11-7-2017
15 Homemade Holiday Dog Treat Recipes

And do you know who stares at me the whole time while I’m cooking? My dog. Since most of the goodies I ... this holiday season by making one of these great holiday dog treat recipes. If you’re looking for even more dog treat recipes be sure to check ...

mennonitegirlscancook.ca 11-7-2017
Yet another Fleisch Perishky Recipe (Meat / Sauerkraut Buns)

I have tried every recipe of meat buns on our blog and all of them delicious ... and bacon removed to paper towel to drain. In a bit of the bacon fat cook the onion until soft. Add the drained and rinsed sauerkraut to the softened onion.

elizabethskitchendiary.co.uk 11-7-2017
96 Tasty Recipes to Use Up Leftover Roast Turkey

It’s worth cooking turkey for all on its own ... add a pop of sweet-tart flavour to the turkey filling in this simple yet elegant tea sandwich recipe. Perfect party food! 65. Turkey Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame – a glorious turkey variation ...

spectrummagazine.org 11-6-2017
Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bark and More: Chef Cory Gheen Talks about His Online Cooking Show

What reactions did you get to the online cooking show? Did you get lots of feedback from viewers about the recipes? We haven’t gotten as much feedback as we expected. I can’t say why that is, except that we don’t have a very good mechanism to receive ...

Extra Crispy on MSN.com 11-6-2017
Unsalted Butter vs Salted Butter: Is One Better for Cooking?

This is a guess, because I’m not looking at the same recipe you are, but odds are you’ll find unsalted butter on the ingredients list. If you’ve ever wanted to bake or cook something with butter, but changed your mind because you only had salted ...

wonderfuldiy.com 11-6-2017
15 Mouth Watering Chicken Wing Recipes

just in case you feel like you need a stepping stone recipe to start with before you get too creative. Check it out on Divas Can Cook. Not every chicken wing recipe you’ll come across is oven baked! We know that a lot of people prefer to avoid deep ...

Chicago Parent 11-5-2017
3 hearty winter soup recipes to warm your bones

Plus, since it’s a slow cooker recipe, you can literally just throw all of the ingredients in and go about your day without having to worry about constantly checking in. At the end of the cook time, simply add the flour and cheese and you’re good to go.

amateurgourmet.com 11-5-2017
There Is No Such Thing As The Best Recipe

They seemed like very nice recipes. One featured a vanilla bean. The other involved roasting the apples in the oven first. If I were a less experienced cook, I might read those recipe titles and figure, “Well that’s that, then. If this is the best ...

William Reed Business Media 11-5-2017
Microbiota ingredient launch: Codif taps into blossoming trend

One of the industry’s major ingredients players has taken a decisive step in responding ... that live in or on human cells. The food industry has long been marketing products - yoghurts, drinks - with claims that they can balance or promote healthy ...

moralfibres.co.uk 11-4-2017
Organic Sweet Potato Chili and Coconut Soup Recipe

Cook what makes you and your family happy ... in order to raise awareness of the joy of organic food. I adapted this recipe from one I found on Bearded Baker. It was a little spicier than my family’s palate allows for, so I’ve toned down the ...

bakingqueen74.co.uk 11-4-2017
5 Winter Slow Cooker Recipes & December Slow Cooked Challenge

Cooking with Kids’ recipe for slow cooker beef goulash is a meal the whole family will devour, and perfect for returning to after a long day.

Ibiza Spotlight 11-4-2017
New Ibiza pincho food tour draws on its past

Ingredients and inspiration for the pinchos have been informed by historical research into eating habits of these periods. Archaeologist Helena Inglada and the food writer Andoni Sarriegi have provided participating restaurants with support to ensure extra ...

optimisingnutrition.com 11-4-2017
Optimal meals and foods for fat loss and muscle gain

Whole foods are also more likely to contain all the other beneficial ... You could take more time to fry these ingredients up and plate them up nicely, but most of the time breakfast only needs to be time efficient and doesn’t need to look good.

ganga108.wordpress.com 11-4-2017
Ingredients: How to Use Broad Beans | Fava beans

They are also often called Fava Beans. Look for them in green grocers who cater for the Italian, Greek or Middle Eastern food requirements, as soon as Spring arrives. An acceptable alternative is frozen Broad Beans, and they can be found in the Supermarket ...

Naples Herald 11-3-2017
Life with Moxie: Christmas recipes from around the world

Recipe can have items easily substituted to be made vegan if ... While the poblanos are steaming, in a large skillet on medium, heat the oil and then add the ground pork (or turkey). Cook until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Add the onions; cook until ...

www.businessforhome.org 11-3-2017
Total Life Changes Acquires Whole Food Plant-Based Giant, Vios Nutrition Inc.

We have researched and tested the efficacy of the products. These are definitely organic whole food ingredients. I have been consuming both products and I can tell you firsthand, they taste remarkably good considering it’s a powerful plant-based beverage.”

youdidwhatwithyourweiner.com 11-3-2017
Why I Feed My Dogs Raw Food and Choose Darwin’s Natural

processed dog food contains added preservatives that enhance product shelf life and the finished food looks nothing like the ingredients it’s made of. Feeding your dog a raw food diet has become a popular trend in the last few years. Companies that make ...

kitchenfrau.com 11-3-2017
Cooking with Kids: 3 Ingredient, No Bake Cereal Bars for Peanut Butter and Honey Lovers

Young ones will need help with the stovetop part of the recipe. For these easy bars you just cook up some peanut butter and honey, stir it together with a heap of cereal (kinda like our Rickety Uncles treats) and pop it into a pan. Or you can have fun and ...

aglugofoil.com 11-3-2017
Kenwood Chef Elite KVC5100S - Banana Bread Recipe

Okay there's not too much in the way of mixing for this particular recipe but what about bread making - done manually ... the mixture in and lay the slices of banana on top, cut side up. Cook for about 50 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.

Prima (UK) on MSN.com 11-3-2017
Chef reveals how to cook Christmas lunch for just £1 per person

Enter Instagram-famous cook Miguel Barclay of @onepoundmeals ... extra effort into transforming a humble chicken leg into something way more impressive. ....recipe from book 1 (One Pound Meals: Delicious Food For Less ...

harpersbazaar.my 11-2-2017
Dan Barber Reinvents The Future of Food

We’ve seen restaurants emerge as places to share new ideas and ingredients. What if they could become laboratories to explore the relationship between a plate of food and the landscape that produced it? EY: Could you give us an example of turning a ...

standuppaddlemag.co.uk 11-2-2017
Performance SUP food boosters – the nutritional edge

Using an innovative new recipe, which relies on white fish, rather than flour or eggs, as its main ingredient, oomi have created a noodle ... found in other low carbohydrate noodles, and offer a ‘food with purpose’ for anyone living an active and ...

Inquirer.net 11-2-2017
Backyard Grill at the Park Is the Answer to Your Food Fatigue

I love pop up food parks because it’s the best way you can spend an ... The beauty world’s favorite ingredient, activated charcoal, has long been praised for its cleansing abilities. Now think of what it can do when you mix it in your drink.

thekitchenmagpie.com 11-2-2017
Christmas Magic Bars Recipe & a De’Longhi Livenza Convection Oven Giveaway

This Christmas Magic Bars recipe is a based on a recipe my mom used to make ... so I am really crunched for cooking and baking space now. This year De’Longhi sent me an awesome convection oven to try out that can easily handle the job when my main ...

Orlando Sentinel on MSN.com 11-2-2017
Local and organic food claims face new crackdown — Orlando News Now

State health regulators have been cracking down on restaurants mislabeling foods on menus, claiming dishes have local or natural ingredients when they don't, or using the wrong kind of fish or meats.

thelittlekitchen.net 11-1-2017
The best slow cooker is not the most expensive + 15 Awesome Crockpot Recipes

Here are some recipes I love making with my trusty manual slow cooker: Whole chicken in a slow cooker – yes you can cook a whole chicken in a slow cooker. It’s easy to prep and you can broil the skin in the broiler and it looks like it just came out ...

japanesecooking101.com 11-1-2017
Harumaki (Egg Roll) Recipe

Harumaki (or spring roll actually in Japanese) are deep-fried egg rolls which are known well in Chinese cuisine in the US. Many people who are not familiar with much Japanese food may even have had Harumaki at some point of life. Harumaki is also a ...

theceliathlete.com 11-1-2017
Recipe: Pomegranate Breakfast Quinoa

This is a super easy recipe, the most time consuming part is the 15 minutes it takes to prep and cook the quinoa. The rest…easy-peasy! Cook quinoa: place 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa in a pot with 1 cup water. Bring to a boil, turn heat to low ...

shelterforce.org 11-1-2017
Why Food-Oriented Development Is Easier to Implement

Food halls that are mainly occupied by high-end vendors and celebrity chefs might emphasize regionally sourced ingredients and a diverse range of cuisines, but tend to cater to higher-income residents and tourists. AEDA and Art of Food partners will ...

Insider Louisville 11-1-2017
The Closing Bell: Marriott concept The Porch sets open date; Churchill Downs shares spike; convention center GM is named; and more

Jefferson St., will be a full-service restaurant that serves dishes made with regionally sourced ingredients and taps into what is ... on packaged goods like protein bars and a subscription food service that will offer customers prepared foods that cater ...

Orange Coast 11-30-2017
Four Food Spots to Try in Anaheim

Chef Shachi Mehra offers contemporary interpretations of Indian street foods, tandoori specialties, and rich curries using fresh, sustainable ingredients, prepared simply. The menu offers the expected samosas and chicken tikka, along with lesser-known ...

livestrong.com 11-30-2017
This One Holiday Ingredient Will Actually Help You Lose Weight

According to a companion article published in Michigan News, those adipocyte fat cells commonly store energy in lipid form, a long-term fat-storage method that worked great for our ancestors when high-fat food wasn’t readily available — but it’s not ...

www.happycow.net 11-30-2017
Where The Wild Foods Are: Wild Food Café

Wild Food Café’s cheery exterior. This plant-based and organic restaurant has established itself as a leader in innovative taste and environmental sustainability. The menu is free of sugar, gluten, and excessively processed ingredients, but is instead ...

thecardswedrew.com 11-30-2017
Slow Cooker Pepperoni Pizza Mac and Cheese with the Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™

... and TODAY I’m SOOO excited to share with you TWO things to celebrate…a great new dinner recipe that I got from my new Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ cookbook and of course, my new Ninja Cooking System with Auto-iQ. You know that you’re ...

howtobbqright.com 11-30-2017
Pulled Pork Recipe – Competition Style Slow-Smoked Pork Butt Method

If you want to produce delicious pulled pork recipe, you MUST start with a good quality raw product. Knowing how to select the perfect butt is crucial. I cook fresh not frozen 8-10 lb. Boston Butts. Either way, I always get the product fresh from my local ...

Civil Eats 11-30-2017
Food, Culture, & Race are Part of the Exhibit at this Museum

They brainstormed ingredients and dishes, building “kitchen altars ... and of the more recent commodification of ‘scrap foods’ that were deeply important for enslaved Africans and Afro-descendant people in the Caribbean,” she said.

reefbuilders.com 11-30-2017
New Reef Pulse Coral Food From Ocean Nutrition

Amusingly, Ocean Nutrition describes the ingredients as a ‘Luxury Blend’ of zooplankton ... Reef Pulse is more than 50% protein which is the ideal the kind of food we should be feeding our aquarium corals. The samples we saw at CIPS in China were ...

GulfNews 11-30-2017
Parents should expose children to allergenic foods early

The most common allergenic foods and food ingredients are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish or crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soya. A study by the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain found earlier that the most common foods causing allergies in ...

ELLE (UK) on MSN.com 11-30-2017
These Are The Foods You'll Be Obsessed With In 2018

Whole Foods has put together a list of the ingredients they reckon will grow in popularity exponentially in 2018. We have pulled out the top five to allow you to prep your recipes for the coming year, and get ahead of the trend before everyone else.Here ...