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science.howstuffworks.com 10-16-2017
Marijuana Farmers Hit Hard by California Wildfires

The wildfires that have incinerated hundreds of thousands of acres in the Northern California in October have destroyed thousands of homes, acres of pristine vineyards and something else central to California life and culture — fields of marijuana.

alzheimersnewstoday.com 10-16-2017
9 Ways to Minimize Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

We’re all familiar with Alzheimer’s disease — it’s the disease that robs us of our loved ones and robs the ones we love of their experiences. But do we actually know what can cause it and what the risks are? Is there something we can do to minimize ...

Ok Magazine 10-16-2017
Woman Tears Off Burqa Revealing Chic Bedazzled Tunic After Her Home Is Liberated From ISIS

In a clip released by the People’s Protection Units, a woman is seen ripping off her black burqa in celebration after Raqqa, Syria, her home city, is liberated from ISIS. She is seen hugging soldiers that fought the Islamic terror group in order to ...

bmxunion.com 10-16-2017
Subrosa X Nuclear Blast Collaboration

If you follow Subrosa, they have been hinting at a collaboration with Nuclear Blast for a little while now and today we finally get a look at what they have been cooking up! To celebrate Nuclear Blast’s 30th anniversary, they have a special edition ...

ripple.com 10-16-2017
Ripple & the Gates Foundation Team Up to Level the Economic Playing Field for the Poor

It has the potential to bring millions into the fold of the global digital economy. We are honored to have been a part of this project.” Kosta Peric, deputy director, Financial Services for the Poor, at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, added ...

mirrordaily.com 10-16-2017
Ocean Critters Contribute to Global Warming with High Amounts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A recent study discovered a new element which contributes to climate change, and to the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The culprits are ocean critters, such as worms and clams, which release a high amount ...

Friedl News 10-16-2017
Strabag SE celebrates 10 years on the stock market - ATTACHMENT

Corporate news transmitted by euro adhoc with the aim of a Europewide distribution. The issuer is responsible for the content of this announcement. 2007, the company had placed 28,200,001 no-par shares in free float at a price of EUR 47 per share.

Yahoo Sports 10-16-2017
Kessler comeback delayed by Lyme disease

Mikkel Kessler's boxing comeback has been delayed after the former world super middleweight champion contracted Lyme disease. Kessler had been expected to return to the ring next month but will now be unable to end his absence of over four years until ...

news.lk 10-16-2017
Adapting multi lateral system needed to change global economy

The Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera underscoring the development priorities of the emerging economies emphasized the need of adapting the multilateral system to the changing global economy through active dialogue and cooperation ...

tsi-blog.com 10-16-2017
Gold, the stock market and the yield curve

The yield curve is a remarkably useful leading indicator of major economic and financial-market events. For example, its long-term trend can be relied on to shift from flattening to steepening ahead of economic recessions and equity bear markets.

indiaresists.com 10-16-2017
Rethink Bullet Train and Nuclear Imports!: Former Union Secretary EAS Sarma’s Open Letter After Mega-Scam in Japan

Dear Shri Lohani & Dr Basu, You must have seen the reports on how the Japanese company, Kobe has been found to have falsified quality certification for the steel components supplied by it world over for bullet trains and nuclear reactors. I enclose a few ...

IndoAsianCommodities on MSN.com 10-16-2017
Global economy to expand at fastest pace since 2010: IMF

The global economy is expected to turn in the best growth in six years, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told the G-20 economists and finance professionals, adding that this offered everybody a major opportunity to secure and expand its recovery.

CBS Miami on MSN.com 10-16-2017
Pelosi: Trump ‘Went Rogue’ This Week On Iran, Health Care

Members of President Donald Trump's cabinet took to the airwaves Sunday to discuss the future of the Iran nuclear deal.

mekongtourism.org 10-16-2017
Thailand’s bold economic strategy has events in focus

The EEC will also form part of China’s Belt and Road initiative to improve transnational connectivity, global trade and economic cooperation. These initiatives are expected to raise the attractiveness of each established ‘bleisure’ destination ...

Crikey on MSN.com 10-16-2017
What is the Iran nuclear deal and why is Trump so huffy about it?

“As I have said many times the Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided deals the United States has ever entered into,” said Donald Trump in his speech on Friday announcing that he did not intend to re-certify the Iran nuclear deal. Trump is ...

miningawareness.wordpress.com 10-15-2017
Russian Gov’s Rosatom May Buy Up Belarus Nuclear Power Station Contractor Best Known For Dropping the Reactor Pressure Vessel

Comment: If Belarus can’t think of anything better to do with this region than to hand it over to Russia to destroy with routine nuclear discharges and a possible nuclear disaster, then they should give it back to Lithuania. Astraviets, the location of ...

bookmark.photos 10-15-2017
Parkinsons – Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

I wish my mother could read the book I have written on Parkinson’s Disease but it is too late for her. She died seventeen years ago from a stroke that was triggered by the interactions and side effects of taking too many medications. There had to ...

Yahoo News 10-15-2017
Fmr. Attorney: Trump Has Proven "So Unreliable in Telling the Truth

New reports confirm that special counsel Robert Mueller has interviewed Pres. Trump's former chief of staff Reince Priebus, and suggest that Trump may be open to meeting with Mueller himself. Watch TV shows, movies and more on Yahoo View. About Weekends ...

familyshare.com 10-15-2017
Science can now remove disease from embryos; here's what you need to know on this controversial development

Parents would do anything to protect their child and keep them safe. But how would you feel about altering them before birth to prevent a disease? According the BBC News, Chinese researchers have found a way to perform "chemical surgery" on human embryos ...

themetalden.com 10-15-2017
CHESTER BENNINGTON, Pizzagate & Child Murder Inc.

It’s my belief that late LINKIN PARK vocalist, Chester Bennington, was John Podesta’s ‘sacrifice to an evil Washington DC coven’ because Podesta allowed his emails to get hacked and exposed by Wikileaks last year. Last summer, Wikileaks made the ...

probaway.wordpress.com 10-15-2017
Alcohol and coronary heart disease

About 1996 I began a strange behavior. It was based on the idea that plaque in the arteries was in some kind of balance with the normal bodily processes. If there wasn’t some kind of natural method for clearing plaque off of the arteries then the build ...

Hollywood Life on MSN.com 10-15-2017
‘SNL’: Donald Trump Blasts Obama: We’re Ripping Out Michelle’s Garden & Planting McNuggets

OMG! ‘Saturday Night Live’ just kicked off their latest episode with another amazing jab at recent events! And yes, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump returned! This is definitely a return to more familiar territory following last week’s moving opening act.

thespec.com 10-15-2017
DRESCHEL: Eisenberger an investor in marijuana grow-op

Mayor Fred Eisenberger has disclosed that his “family are investors in a federally licensed medical marijuana company.” - Graeme MacKay,The Hamilton Spectator Don't expect Mayor Fred Eisenberger to wade into the budding issue of controlling the size ...

rawlinstimes.com 10-15-2017
Traffic stops net hundreds of pounds of marijuana

RAWLINS — The Wyoming Highway Patrol recently conducted a massive crackdown on drug trafficking along the Interstate 80 corridor. Drug traffickers routinely move product across the state and into other states along the corridor, according to WHP Lt.

itsgoingdown.org 10-14-2017
Radical Underground: Security Culture & Punching Nazis with Kit O’Connell

What Now? educational collective, based in Austin, Texas. We talked to Kit about security culture, in particular the implications from the “Vault 7” release from Wikileaks, and his recent presentation on Punching Nazis at the Houston Anarchist Bookfair ...

gata.org 10-14-2017
China moves in as U.S. pulls back from global institutions

Filling in is a China eager to assume the place of the United States as the new advocate for economic openness and international co-operation. With GoldCore you can own allocated -- and most importantly -- segregated coins and bars in Switzerland ...

The Milwaukee Courier 10-14-2017
Puff, Puff, Give: Marijuana and Hemp

Many will remember actor Chris Tucker’s character “Smokey” in the iconic pop-culture movie “Friday”. Extolling the benefits of marijuana, Smokey became the poster child for what every parent feared about marijuana. Those fears have made it ...

spineuniverse.com 10-14-2017
Smokers with Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease Have Surgery Earlier and More Often

As the global population ages, cervical disc degeneration and myelopathy in the neck of the spine are growing health concerns. While age is a well-known risk factor for degenerative disc disease, new research identified a potential link between smoking ...

Drug Topics 10-14-2017
DIR Fees, Medical Marijuana Among Hot Topics at NCPA Convention

Tips to minimize the sting of DIR fees as well as the business of medical marijuana are among the hot topics that will be discussed at the NCPA Annual Convention at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, FL, October 14-18. ZDoggMD, who ...

WJAC TV 10-14-2017
Police: Three to face charges in Tyrone marijuana bust

TYRONE – Three Tyrone residents will face charges related to marijuana after a search of a Tyrone residence Friday, Tyrone Borough police said. Police said that while Blair County Probation and Parole officers searched the residence at 511 West 19th ...

domain.com.au 10-14-2017
‘Tide has turned’: Global rating agency says climate economics trump politics

“The tide has turned,” said Michael Wilkins, the head of climate and environmental risks at Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings, adding the transition meant the economic viability of assets such as coal mines and coal-fired power stations would be ...

theasset.com 10-14-2017
Three scenarios for the global economy

IMF World Economic Outlook, October 10 2017, courtesy IMF. FOR the last few years, the global economy has been oscillating between periods of acceleration (when growth is positive and strengthening) and periods of deceleration (when growth is positive but ...

Student Press Law Center SPLC 10-14-2017
Illinois high school confiscates student paper over marijuana story

ILLINOIS — A high school paper was confiscated by administrators who disapproved of two articles exploring why students smoke marijuana. The staff of The Evanstonian, the student newspaper of Evanston Township High School, which serves a northern suburb ...

mmjreporter.com 10-13-2017
Recreational And Medical Marijuana: What Is The Difference?

Marijuana is theoretically illegal across the US at the federal level. The truth of the matter is that the US Federal Government does not discern marijuana as medical or recreational. Conversely, the law is distorted by state per state rules and ...

mentalunrest.com 10-13-2017
On Harvey Weinstein and Why We Allow Women and the Law to Become Objects in His Orbit

I recall sifting through Wikileaks emails during last year’s presidential campaign and running across a particular thread where party officials discussed whether or not McKesson can serve as a surrogate for Democrats. To answer that question, the DNC’s ...

newsmirror.net 10-13-2017
Marijuana is here to stay

I read with disgust, Calimesa and Yucaipa completely banning marijuana activities but, allowing medical purposes deliveries only? And then discussing and attempting to implement some unlawful registration for citizens that grow six or less plants in their ...

Medizin Aspekte 10-13-2017
Usutu virus is back – not only in blackbirds but also in humans

Between 2001 and 2005 the massive black bird mortality in eastern Austria received wide public attention. Usutu virus, the aetiological agent, belongs to the flavivirus family, together with tick-borne encephalitis-, West Nile- and Dengue viruses.

wikicfp.com 10-13-2017
NuMat 2018 : The Nuclear Materials Conference

The NuMat organizing committee wishes to announce the fifth meeting will be held at Motif Seattle, WA, USA from 14 – 18 October 2018. The fifth meeting follows our most successful NuMat, held in Montpellier in 2016, attracting nearly 500 delegates.

Albany Times Union on MSN.com 10-13-2017
IMF chief warns risks to global economy loom

The head of the International Monetary Fund said Thursday that a number of threats could derail the global economic recovery, despite signs that 2017 will be the best year for global growth since 2010. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde warned that ...

CBS Baltimore on MSN.com 10-13-2017
2nd Baltimore Ad Linked To Russia Promoted Protest During Trial Of Freddie Gray Officers

Another social media ad from Russia attempted promote protests in Baltimore last year during a hearing for a police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

Eater SF 10-13-2017
North Bay Marijuana Harvest Ravaged By Fire

It’s not just vines that grow in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties, and marijuana cultivators, like vintners and farmers, are reeling from the still-burning Tubbs and Atlas Peak Fires. According to the marijuana advocacy group the California Growers ...

gazette-tribune.com 10-12-2017
First suspected West Nile Virus case in Okanogan County

OKANOGAN – Okanogan County Public Health is investigating a suspected case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in an Okanogan County resident, the first human case found in the county if confirmed. “This would be the first human case if tests confirm it.

Whitsunday Times 10-12-2017
North Korean earthquake detected near nuclear test site

A 2.9 magnitude earthquake has been recorded near Kim Jong-un's nuclear test site. It comes after a 6.1-magnitude magnitude quake last month, which Pyongyang claims was the result of hydrogen bomb test. Today's quake was 23km north east of Sungjibaegam ...

foodpoisonjournal.com 10-12-2017
Norovirus is a Nasty Virus

Noroviruses are the leading cause of non-bacterial gastroenteritis in the world and are estimated to cause 267 million infections and 20,000 deaths each year. This virus causes severe diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pain. “Current vaccines against ...

Zanesville Times Recorder 10-12-2017
Morgan County confiscates 250 pounds of marijuana from drug bust

Morgan County confiscates 250 pounds of marijuana from drug bust On Tuesday, more than 250 pounds of marijuana from several plots in the Bristol Township area were confiscated by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. Check out this story on ...

perureports.com 10-12-2017
Medicinal marijuana one step away from legalization

Yesterday the Healthcare Commission of the Peruvian Congress approved a bill that would make medicinal marijuana legal in the country. Eight votes in favor and one against led the bill to pass; two members of the commission abstained. In September, the ...

futurism.media 10-12-2017
Facts About Nuclear Fallout

utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=widget&utm_campaign=barnimages.com&utm_term=4&utm_content=7740 In the event of nuclear fallout, here are some facts you may find useful. In the event of a substantial nuclear winter (1), widespread nuclear fallout ...

digital.thechicagocouncil.org 10-12-2017
The Foreign Policy of Global Cities

Traditional ways of thinking about international relations are no longer sufficient. Globalization and the digitization of the global economy have made it easier for substate actors to shape affairs on the world stage—particularly as many major ...

wdet.org 10-12-2017
What’s the Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal?

President Trump has said many times he thinks the Iran nuclear deal is bad for the United States. He has threatened to leave the pact, but it appears most people in Washington think the U.S. should honor the deal. What’s the future of this still-young ...

neurologytimes.com 10-12-2017
Case Study: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Confirmed With RT QuIC

A 66-year-old previously healthy woman was admitted with 2 weeks of altered mental status. She had become increasingly confused, forgetful, and had visual hallucinations. Her sister said the patient reported seeing deceased relatives and elephants.

Fiscal Times on MSN.com 10-12-2017
Trump’s Head-Scratching Claim About the Stock Market and the National Debt

President Trump left more than a few economists scratching their heads last night when he told Sean Hannity on Fox News that recent gains in the stock market in some way reduce the national debt:

Arizona Daily Wildcat 10-12-2017
CLIMAS partnership helps combat global warming

The Climate Assessment for the Southwest, a University of Arizona-led climate program, has been awarded $3.7 million by the federal government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which will fund the program’s research for the next five ...

nlp.hivefire.com 10-12-2017
Gupshup only Indian brand to rank among top global firms - The Economic Times

PUNE: The bot services market is projected to reach $1,783.9million globally by 2022 as per a new report by research firm Market and Markets. The bot services market pegged at $356.8million in 2016 and is dominated by global players with the exception of ...

www.federalreserve.gov 10-12-2017
Prospects for Emerging Market Economies in a Normalizing Global Economy

At the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting of the Institute of International Finance, Washington, D.C. Thank you for inviting me to speak here at the Institute of International Finance Annual Membership meeting. I am pleased to note that there have been signs ...

www.theautomaticearth.com 10-12-2017
Only China Can Restore Stability in The Global Economy

For those of you who don’t know Andy Xie, he’s an MIT-educated former IMF economist and was once Morgan Stanley’s chief Asia-Pacific economist. Xie is known for a bearish view of China, and not Beijing’s favorite person. He’s now an ...

wemeanbusinesscoalition.org 10-12-2017
8-fold leap in global companies pricing carbon into business plans

Moving capital toward a low-carbon economy protects their beneficiaries’ returns, and is one of the fastest ways to address global warming. Companies take note when investors take action, and when money moves, the world moves too. Lance Pierce ...

thefarmingforum.co.uk 10-12-2017
October Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert

This month’s webinar focuses on Liver Fluke forecasts, acute fluke disease in sheep, sheep worming, liver fluke in cattle and housing treatments in cattle. As cows begin the housing season and a greater proportion of the diet comes from conserved forages ...

Reuters on MSN.com 10-12-2017
Nuclear story was "fake news by NBC': Trump

President Trump slammed NBC on Wednesday, over a recent story reporting that he wanted a tenfold increase in the country's U.S. nuclear arsenal. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

How We Made it In Africa 10-12-2017
Who’s got the biggest economy in Africa?

The below is a note (slightly edited) by Charles Robertson, global chief economist at Renaissance Capital, that was emailed to the media. Who’s got the biggest economy in Africa? Uuumm… that’s a toughie. But we really should know so we can drop it ...

Yahoo News 10-12-2017
North Korea: “Our Nuclear Weapons Will Never be a Subject Matter of Negotiations"

The war of words continues. North Korea: “Our Nuclear Weapons Will Never be a Subject Matter of Negotiations" The war of words between Pyongyang and Washington continues to ratchet up with no sign of abating. In the latest salvo fired by the Democratic ...

centerforpolitics.org 10-12-2017
Did Bernie Sanders Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency?

The third allegation is more serious than the other two, so it requires a bit of unpacking. In July 2016, WikiLeaks published internal DNC emails disparaging Bernie Sanders and his supporters, asking if there was a way to thwart him in the Kentucky and ...

Malay Mail Online on MSN.com 10-12-2017
How a Malaysian birthed an anti-nuclear arms campaign that won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize

That movement was inspired by the International Campaign to Ban Landmines that eventually led to the 1997 anti-landmine Ottawa treaty. “We can call it an International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, with the acronym ICAN. Let’s startworking on ...

www.sayanythingblog.com 10-12-2017
Podcast: Will North Dakota’s Government Employees Be Able to Use Medical Marijuana?

On my radio show yesterday Aaron Birst from the North Dakota Association of Counties said his group’s membership is grappling with the reality of implementing new medical marijuana policy as created by voters on the 2016 ballot and amended by lawmakers ...

Instyle on MSN.com 10-12-2017
Julianne Hough Reveals How Her Chronic Disease Affects Her Body Image

Julianne Hough has been very open about having endometriosis, a disorder involving uterine tissue that causes pelvic pain, but now, she's revealing more about what it means to really live with it on a day-to-day basis.

National Legal and Policy Center 10-11-2017
Where Are Republicans on House IT Scandal?

The media and Democrats in Congress created a frenzy over vague accusations that Russia interfered with last year’s presidential election. They were always short on specifics, but they did have one, the publication of Wasserman Schultz’ emails by ...

Wonderwall on MSN.com 10-11-2017
Monty Hall suffered from heart disease for 75 years

Monty died from heart failure on Sept. 30 at his home in Beverly Hills. However, his death certificate, which was obtained by The Blast, revealed that he had coronary artery disease for 75 years. If that is true -- and death certificates rarely make ...

publichealth.wustl.edu 10-11-2017
Exploring Marijuana Advertising on Weedmaps, a Popular Online Directory

Dr. Patricia Cavazos-Rehg is co-author of a study examining the content of marijuana advertising on Weedmaps, a popular website that markets marijuana retailers online. The legalization of marijuana has become a trend in various states across the United ...

Boston Indymedia 10-11-2017
IMF Reports Global Growth and Releases New Ways to Predict Economic Crisis

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) releases its biannual report on global economic stability and presents new indicators it says can help predict financial crisis. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) releases its biannual report on global economic ...

CityNews on MSN.com 10-11-2017
Marijuana industry emerging ahead of legalization next year

Next July the province will roll out its first 40 government-run weed shops as part of its marijuana legalization plan. In anticipation of the boom, new companies, jobs and programs are emerging.

OWN on MSN.com 10-11-2017
One Woman Clearly Explains Why a Few Degrees of Global Warming Is a Big Deal

Al Gore appreciates an analogy for climate change offered by an audience member that helps to illustrate the importance that a degree of difference can make.

rssfeeds.webmd.com 10-11-2017
Sickle Cell Disease: Pain Management - Topic Overview

Pain is a long-lasting problem for people who have sickle cell disease. Bouts of severe pain can last for hours to days and are difficult to treat. Pain can be exhausting for caregivers as well as for the person in pain. A pain management plan can help a ...

labmate-online.com 10-11-2017
Has the Zika Virus Become Deadlier?

When it was first discovered in 1947, the notorious Zika virus was more or less harmless. It then morphed into something more menacing, responsible for severe brain abnormalities in thousands of children across the world. So how did Zika manage to go from ...

pundit.co.nz 10-11-2017
Gillard v Rudd: understanding this fight to the death

The best description of how Rudd operated comes from some of the American diplomatic traffic that appeared in the media courtesy of Wikileaks. Rudd was characterised as a “micro-manager, generally incompetent” and “an abrasive, incompetent control ...

dailygrail.com 10-11-2017
"Something Extraordinary" To Be Revealed at UFO Event Masterminded by Blink-182's Tom DeLonge

The event was apparently scheduled for around this time last year, but a Wikileaks release named some of DeLonge's insiders and derailed the project for some time. Long-time Grail readers will know to be plenty skeptical of 'UFO events' (*cough* Roswell ...

westernjournalism.com 10-11-2017
EPA’s Pruitt Pledges To Repeal Obama’s Global Warming Rule

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced he would sign a proposed rule to repeal the centerpiece of former President Barack Obama’s plan to fight global warming. Pruitt announced his intention to withdraw the Clean Power ...

North Salem Daily Voice 10-11-2017
Police: Pounds Of Marijuana Found In Children's Toy Chest In Westchester

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. - Police are investigating a suspicious package that was delivered to a home in Westchester that had several pounds of marijuana concealed by a children’s toy. Police officers were dispatched to a Gatehouse Road residence in ...

Open Minds UFO News und Investigation 10-11-2017
Tom DeLonge’s UFO research team revealed, includes government insiders

Many thought he was full of hot air, but that changed late last year with the release of John Podesta’s emails via WikiLeaks. Among his emails were conversations with DeLonge about his UFO project. In the emails it was revealed that Tom had attended a ...

hinduexistence.org 10-11-2017
‘Sex slavery and women trafficking for Jihadi fund rising are essential for ISIS and Boko Haram’.

Dozens of beautiful Hindu girls who are presently working for Islamic State from India and Bangladesh have high chances to be sexually exploited by their male Jihadi counterparts. Zeenat Aman | HENB | London | Oct 10, 2017:: Allah made Islam so beautiful ...

The Sofia Globe 10-10-2017
IMF October 2017 World Economic Outlook: Global upswing in economic activity ‘strengthening’

The global upswing in economic activity is strengthening, with global growth projected to rise to 3.6 per cent in 2017 and 3.7 per cent in 2018, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in its October 2017 World Economic Outlook. Broad-based upward ...

kottke.org 10-10-2017
A report from the 2017 New Yorker TechFest

I didn’t take too many notes for this talk either…was too busy paying attention. I do remember Coleman saying that a big reason why Wikileaks took off was that they made it easy for both journalists and normal people to easy search through the leaked ...

Missouri Lawyers Weekly 10-10-2017
Appeal based on global warming unlikely in activist case

A lawyer for an environmental activist convicted of targeting an oil pipeline in North Dakota said he doesn’t think a judge’s decision disallowing the threat of global warming as a defense to justify the crime would be grounds for an appeal. Defendant ...

nhonews.com 10-10-2017
Could marijuana businesses boost reservation economies?

PHOENIX — Tribal leaders from California and Washington recently discussed the potential opening of legal marijuana businesses on tribal lands. Several members of the National Indian Gaming Association attended the meeting and touted the financial and ...

renx.ca 10-10-2017
Legalized marijuana big concern for multi-res owners

Even if provincial governments ban tenants from growing marijuana plants in their homes – in the face of proposed federal legislation that will make it legal to do so – marijuana legalization in Canada will create a host of other problems, say ...

Tennis Now 10-10-2017
Kyrgios Walks Off in Shanghai, Blames Virus

Nick Kyrgios says he quit Shanghai because he's been battling a stomach bug. For the second straight year, Kyrgios made a controversial exit from the Shanghai Rolex Masters. After American Steve Johnson took the first set from the 22-year-old Aussie, 7-6 ...

huffingtonpost.com 10-10-2017
Inside Knowledge About Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Could Lead To World-Changing Technology

Early on, Tom allowed me to speak with one of his advisors, which helped me understand more about his effort. Then, in late 2016, Wikileaks published a number of Tom’s emails to John Podesta, which revealed the names of some of these sources. Among his ...

assembly.coe.int 10-10-2017
Ángel Gurría on the global economic outlook: ‘better but not good enough’

“There are some welcome signs that our economies may finally be escaping the low growth trap. The OECD projects global growth to increase to around 3.5 per cent in 2017 and 3.7 per cent in 2018, up from 3 per cent in 2016. But we are not out of the woods ...

Southeast Farm Press 10-10-2017
Warm dirt may be fueling warming globe

What they found, published yesterday in the journal Science, may mean the accelerating catastrophe of global warming has been fueled in part by warm dirt. As the Earth heats up, microbes in the soil accelerate the breakdown of organic materials and move on ...

factswt.com 10-10-2017
CDC Officially Announced That HIV+ People Can NOT Transmit The Virus If Their Viral Load Is Undetectable

Finally CDC announced that if someone is HIV positive, has undetectable viral load and is taking ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) the person is unable to stransmit the virus to a HIV negative one. Basically they said that the change is somewhere between ...

nomoremister.blogspot.com 10-10-2017

The president of the United States is a spoiled child, but you can't discipline him or compel him to behave, so what can you do? According to Politico, what you can do is this: White House aides lean on delays and distraction to manage Trump As White House ...

nsunews.nova.edu 10-10-2017
Faculty Symposium: The Zika Virus- What We Should Know and Do

The Faculty Symposium will be held from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. in the Faculty Shark Club (Rosenthal Building). Thus far this year, 145 Zika cases have been reported in Florida, with 100 of those in South Florida. Zika, known to cause birth defects in babies ...

bilbo.economicoutlook.net 10-9-2017
Prime Minister Corbyn should have no fears from global capital markets

A growing economy with innovative investment in public infrastructure ... Further, given a sovereign nation does not have to borrow anyway, global financial markets cannot influence the capacity of such a state to spend to advance domestic well-being.

Seven News on MSN.com 10-9-2017
Socceroos must-win clash with Syria looms large

It is do-or-die for the Socceroos when they host Syria tomorrow night in the second leg of their World Cup qualifier at ANZ stadium.

ssj3gohan.tweakblogs.net 10-9-2017
Let's look at nuclear power. Part 3: Fission reactors

Today we'll be putting the theoretical knowledge gained in part 1 and part 2 into practice and see how we can convert that nuclear binding energy released from nuclear decay into electricity. Well, we do it by heating up water into steam and running it ...

Minnesota Daily 10-9-2017
U researchers look to harness fish virus in fight against invasive carp

Doctoral student in Fisheries and Aquatic Biology Isaiah Tolo cleans out a carp for dissection in the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab on Tuesday, Oct. 3. Tolo is one of the primary researchers studying the recent koi herpes virus outbreak in Minnesota lakes.

Yahoo! 10-9-2017
EPA Administrator Pruitt says administration will withdraw from Obama-era clean power plan to slow global warming

HAZARD, Ky. (AP) -- EPA Administrator Pruitt says administration will withdraw from Obama-era clean power plan to slow global warming.

ccafs.cgiar.org 10-9-2017
Global carbon tax would increase undernourished by 80-300 million; alternative strategies protect food security

Photo: IRRI Given the need to limit global warming to less than 2 °C, new research analyzes how climate change mitigation in the agriculture sector may impact food production and food security. Research published this week in the journal Environmental ...

Santa Monica Daily Press 10-9-2017
Local law would allow first medical marijuana shops in Santa Monica

Three months before California begins issuing business licenses for recreational pot, the City Council will debate a new ordinance to allow medical dispensaries to open for the first time in Santa Monica. The ordinance will prohibit recreational shops ...

startupticker.ch 10-9-2017
Global innovation award for Timerepublik project

On Friday in Atlanta, USA, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group won the 2017 BAI Global Innovation Award in the Innovation in Human Capital category with TimeRepublik, a sharing economy project created for the Group’s employees. Intesa Sanpaolo is among the top ...

Kiplinger on MSN.com 10-9-2017
Black Monday: What I Learned from the 1987 Stock Market Crash

Five key lessons from a breathtaking one-day plunge in the Dow Jones industrial average. A week before the 1987 stock market crash I had all of my investment money in Twentieth Century Ultra, an aggressive stock fund that has since been renamed American ...

Just-style 10-9-2017
Positive economic outlook for East Asia and the Pacific

"The recovery of the global economy and the expansion of global trade are good news for the East Asia and Pacific region and its continued success in improving living standards," says Victoria Kwakwa, World Bank vice president for the East Asia and Pacific ...

news.medicine.iu.edu 10-9-2017
IU awarded $7.6 million grant to establish groundbreaking study of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease

Indiana University School of Medicine has been awarded a one-year, $7.6 million grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) to establish a network of sites to study early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The new NIA grant will help establish an ...

monocle.com 10-9-2017
The Objects that Power the Global Economy by Quartz

When Quartz was established in 2012, print wasn’t on the agenda. Aspiring to be a digitally native news outlet, the website was designed first and foremost to be consumed on smartphones. But fast forward to 2017 and Quartz has marked its fifth birthday ...

yogainternational.com 10-9-2017
Lotus Pose: Destroyer of Disease, or Destroyer of Knees?

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika boldly states: “Padmasana (lotus pose) is the destroyer of all disease…only the very wise can master it!” 1 As with all ancient spiritual and religious texts, the author did not have to deal with truth-in-advertising laws.

ecb.europa.eu 10-9-2017
Economic Policy and the Need for Humility

29-46. Akerlof, G. and Shiller, R. (2009). Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism. Princeton University Press. [14] There were, of course, also salient exceptions from the rule (e.g. Hartmann ...

中国妇女网 10-9-2017
Elderly Key Roles in Global Development Agenda

wisdom and wealth to stimulate new economic growth. With the right preparation, we can benefit from a golden generation of healthy, wealthy and active senior citizens. In 2002, the United Nations brought countries together in Madrid to agree on a global ...

imsoblesseddaily.com 10-9-2017
60-Year-Old Woman Miraculously Receive Healing from a Severe Disease

Anne was suffering from a lot of abuse when she was a child. She also experienced a severe migraine headache when she was 3-years-old and from that point, it moved into a lot of back pain. Fifteen years ago, she was diagnosed with a severe case of fatigue ...

www.polymerupdate.com 10-9-2017
Modi to Meet Chiefs of Global Oil & Gas Companies to Discuss Gas-based Economy

Polymerupdate News Service gives you everything you need to stay informed and react to changing market conditions, including minute-to-minute updates on news and pricing. From news flashes to long-range analysis, and real-time deal reporting to end-of-day ...

celebritydiagnosis.com 10-9-2017
Mandy Moore Undergoes Endoscopy To Test for Celiac Disease

This is Us star Mandy Moore took to Instagram Saturday as she was recovering from an endoscopy procedure. She had undergone the procedure to test whether she has celiac disease (otherwise known as gluten sensitive enteropathy.) “Grog city. Just had an ...

hiduth.com 10-8-2017
Evidence Emerges That The CIA Conducted 2001 Anthrax Attacks

She was writing specifically about this one document and speculating that it was some kind of honey trap because a document had been leaked a long time ago suggesting to try to setup Wikileaks, I’m just wondering what your opinion was on that theory.

citycollegenews.com 10-8-2017
Politicians and citizens implore Minnesotans to legalize marijuana at 4/20 rally

“So many of our laws and policies are being used to oppress people, especially the poor. Especially people of color,” Nekima Levy-Pounds said. Photo by Benjamin Pecka Local politicians and citizens rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol on April 20 to ...

direct.catholicnewsagency.com 10-8-2017
For global 'peripheries,' poverty can lead to online exploitation

Businesses and industries ought “to be disturbed by economic growth or wealth generation that excludes ... Digital World,” focusing on protecting children in an increasingly global and connected world. The conference is organized by the Pontifical ...

newstoad.net 10-8-2017
Far right march against global warming

Far right groups throughout the western world have been marching against global warming, following concerns that an increase of as little as 2 degrees could mean the entire human race being black. In Britain, leader of far right group Britain First, Paul ...

highbrowmagazine.com 10-8-2017
In New Book, Daniel Ellsberg Warns of Nuclear Dangers

In recent years, Ellsberg has been hailed by many and decried by some as “the world’s most famous whistleblower,” often interviewed for his early support for WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. But his passion — and my own ...

bmjopen.bmj.com 10-8-2017
Prevalence of positive coeliac disease serology and HLA risk genotypes in a multiethnic population of adults in Canada: a cross-sectional study

Objectives Coeliac disease (CD) is a complex autoimmune disorder with known genetic risk factors. Approximately 1% of individuals of European ancestry have CD, but the prevalence among different ethnicities living in Canada remains unknown. The objective ...

dailygood.org 10-8-2017
The Science of Stress and How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout and Disease

How your memories impact your immune system, why moving is one of the most stressful life-events, and what your parents have to do with your predisposition to PTSD. I had lived thirty good years before enduring my first food poisoning — odds quite ...

Muscat Daily 10-8-2017
Internet of Things to Catalyze Middle East’s USD 70 Billion Digital Economy

Global digital transformation enabler, SAP, announced today at GITEX Technology Week 2017 that the Internet of Things will catalyze the Middle East’s USD 70 billion digital contribution to GDP. According to McKinsey, the UAE contribution to that figure ...

Danbury News-Times on MSN.com 10-8-2017
New BI documentary shines light on incurable lung disease

Boehringer Ingelheim wants to draw new attention to an incurable lung disease, and it’s putting some faces into the effort. COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is increasingly common and affects 15 million Americans. It is now the third ...

caminootonal.blogspot.com 10-8-2017
Nobel de la Paz a la ICAN para ahuyentar el riesgo nuclear

It is a great honour to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 in recognition of our role in achieving the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This historic agreement, adopted on 7 July with the backing of 122 nations, offers a powerful ...

hearinghealthmatters.org 10-8-2017
Sound Pharmaceuticals Says Positive Results from Phase 1b Clinical Trial in Meniere’s Disease, Starting Phase 2b

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Sound Pharmaceuticals, a Seattle-based biotech firm, announced this week that it has achieved positive topline results from its recently completed Phase 1b SPI-1005-151 clinical trial involving Meniere’s Disease (MD) patients.

victoriabuzz.com 10-7-2017
Courtenay mayor receives death threats after RCMP raids medical marijuana dispensary

Last Wednesday, October 4th, the Comox Valley RCMP raided Leaf Compassion, a medical marijuana dispensary that was operating illegally and without a business licence. But ever since the store was shut down, Courtenay’s mayor Larry Jangula has been ...

showmeprogress.com 10-7-2017
Campaign Finance: medical marijuana

In the past week at the Missouri Ethics Commission in support of a medical marijuana [pdf] ballot initiative C161165 09/30/2017 NEW APPROACH PAC Manon Herzog 321 Rosedale Avenue St Louis MO 63112 Herzog & Schindler 9/30/2017 $5,001.00 C161165 10/02/2017 ...

Suna Times 10-7-2017
'Bully' character of western diplomats to Kenya not new

Ranneberger attracted similar reaction after WikiLeaks released a January 2010 cable in which he allegedly said that President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga are among the political elite who "benefit from and support impunity.” But it is ...

diaryofdennis.com 10-7-2017
Thinking About Disease And Death

I talked about this a couple of times on my blog, my uncle is terminal ill as he got the Glioblastoma Grade IV brain tumor diagnosis one and a half-year ago. We’re happy that he is still under us and he is doing ok, but it’s definitely already visible ...

musculardevelopment.com 10-7-2017
Marijuana Impairs Exercise Performance

Many people derive pleasure from smoking a joint, but it’s not something that serious athletes should do along with watching their macros, getting enough rest and drinking a gallon of water a day. New research indicates that marijuana decreases ...

albumsleaksdownload.com 10-7-2017
Anti-nuclear weapons group ICAN wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

The effort that resulted in the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was strongly opposed by the countries that possess nuclear weapons and most of their allies. While she said she regrets the tweet now, it was in reference to reports that the U.S ...

en.wikiquote.org 10-7-2017
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

The belief of some governments that nuclear weapons are a legitimate and essential source of security is not only misguided, but also dangerous, for it incites proliferation and undermines disarmament. All nations should reject these weapons completely ...

thescoopng.com 10-7-2017
Monkeypox: All you need to know about the viral disease that has infected 12 in Bayelsa

Three days ago, Fangbe area of Bayelsa state came into prominence due to the outbreak of a very rare disease known as Monkeypox. Like chickenpox, but milder: Monkeypox is of a similar nature with deadly disease, small pox which has been largely eliminated.

healthmeclub.com 10-7-2017
First person tests positive for West Nile virus in Knox County

The A11 Bionic chip is powerful, but Apple , known for its innovation, has not done anything great in the latest flgaship. When it comes to the premium segment in India, Samsung already rules the market with over 60 per cent share in India.

www.technology.org 10-7-2017
Soil holds potential to slow global warming, two studies show

If you want to do something about global warming, look under your feet. Managed well, soil’s ability to trap carbon dioxide is potentially much greater than previously estimated, according to researchers who say the resource could “significantly ...

countynewscenter.com 10-6-2017
First West Nile Virus Case of 2017 Prompts Mosquito Warning

A 49-year-old woman from Spring Valley has been confirmed as the first person in San Diego County in 2017 to test positive for West Nile virus, County Health and Human Services Agency announced Friday. The woman became ill with a headache and rash on the ...

leeabbamonte.com 10-6-2017
2017 ScholarTrips Contest from Allianz Global Assistance

Exposure to the world is critical to students development in a global market and economy. Allianz Global Assistance has awarded more than $150,000 in travel scholarships to students who demonstrate a desire to learn or help others through travel.

lupus.org 10-6-2017
Learn How Our Research on Lupus Kidney Disease Helps Patients Now!

The news that singer Selena Gomez recently received a kidney transplant due to lupus has brought much needed attention to the disease. Gomez confirmed two years ago that she was battling lupus, which can affect any organ in the body. In her case, the ...

ripplemusic.blogspot.com 10-6-2017
Honeymoon Disease announces new album "Part Human, Mostly Beast" to be released 27th of October on The Sign Records

Honeymoon Disease unleashes their new album “Part Human, Mostly Beast” the 27th of October on The Sign Records. The Swedish rock quartet’s second album is filled with high voltage pulse, colorful sounds and lots of groovy soul. Well acclaimed for ...

jllrealviews.com 10-6-2017
The cities snapping at the heels of the global leaders

The world’s leading global cities may be sitting on top of the pile for ... Amsterdam itself is moving into the smart economy and the collaborative economy, and has one of the most robust strategies for a sustainable transition of any city.

The Oswegonian 10-6-2017
Professor researching neurodegenerative disease

Oswego State professor Sungeun Kim recently received a grant award of nearly $119,000 to further his research on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The grant is from the National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine of the ...

Cosmopolitan on MSN.com 10-6-2017
The debilitating disease hurting millions of women

I swapped almond milk with full-fat dairy for a month. Here's what happened. Measles cases are rising. Here are the states where it's becoming more common

CBS News 10-5-2017
Biden fears foreign policy shift under Trump is "closed-off and clannish”

Vice President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks at the Cancer Moonshot Summit at Howard University in Washington, Wed., June 29, 2016. Biden is trying to bolster efforts to cure cancer at this summit focusing on research and innovative trials. Former Vice ...

CBS News 10-5-2017
Biden fears foreign policy shift under Trump is "closed-off and clannish”

Vice President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks at the Cancer Moonshot Summit at Howard University in Washington, Wed., June 29, 2016. Biden is trying to bolster efforts to cure cancer at this summit focusing on research and innovative trials. Former Vice ...

CBS News 10-5-2017
Biden fears foreign policy shift under Trump is "closed-off and clannish”

Vice President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks at the Cancer Moonshot Summit at Howard University in Washington, Wed., June 29, 2016. Biden is trying to bolster efforts to cure cancer at this summit focusing on research and innovative trials. Former Vice ...

CBS News 10-5-2017
Biden fears foreign policy shift under Trump is "closed-off and clannish”

Vice President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks at the Cancer Moonshot Summit at Howard University in Washington, Wed., June 29, 2016. Biden is trying to bolster efforts to cure cancer at this summit focusing on research and innovative trials. Former Vice ...

HOT ROD 10-5-2017
Beauty. Beyond The Disease: The John Dooley 1965 Pontiac GTO

Excuse my French, but cancer is a real SOB—it takes no quarter, nor does it show favoritism when choosing its victims and how swiftly (or slowly) it takes its toll upon them. But until cures are discovered (or freed from governmental red tape and allowed ...

beepk.com 10-5-2017
ISIS claims responsibility for mass shooting in Las Vegas

The FBI said Monday there is "no connection" between worldwide terrorist groups and the gunman who killed 59 people and injured at least 527 more in Las Vegas Sunday night, pushing back on the Islamic State's claim that it had directed the deadly attack.

dneiwert.blogspot.com 10-5-2017
In Wake of Las Vegas Massacre, Alex Jones Claims 'Democrats Are Going to Be Killing People'

They are making their move for race war in America. It’s cold-blooded. It’s admitted in the Wikileaks. One of the apparent keys to Jones’ theory about Las Vegas is that the Southern Poverty Law Center is somehow central to the nefarious plot.

gardencollage.com 10-5-2017
Solar Power Is Now The Fastest Growing Sector of the Global Energy Economy

According to a new study by the International Energy Agency in Paris, Solar is now the fastest-growing sector of our global fuel economy, USA Today reports. In the report, IEA notes that solar power was the fastest-growing source of power in the world in ...

newscenter.lbl.gov 10-5-2017
International Team Reconstructs Nanoscale Virus Features from Correlations of Scattered X-rays

As part of an international research team, Jeff Donatelli, Peter Zwart and Kanupriya Pande of the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) contributed key algorithms ...

astrobites.org 10-5-2017
Nuclear Pasta in Neutron Stars

Neutron stars are the densest objects in the universe. Naturally, the matter inside of them is exotic and unlike anything on Earth — imagine squashing the mass of our Sun into a star only 10 km across! As one might guess from their name, neutron stars ...

www.surrey.ac.uk 10-5-2017
Healthy people are at risk of developing heart disease

A study from the University of Surrey found that a subject group of otherwise healthy men had increased levels of fat in their blood and fat stored in their livers after they had consumed a high sugar diet. The study, which has been published in Clinical ...

Opalesque Hedge Fund News 10-5-2017
The Big Picture: Global economy is best positioned in years to breach growth ceiling - yet headwinds persist

Global economic growth in recent years has been fairly stable at a level clearly below that of expansion periods before the global financial crisis, when both nominal and real growth were substantially higher on average. Today, growth is better-positioned ...

Nextgen-Auto.com 10-5-2017
F1 - Perez recovered after Malaysia virus

Sergio Perez says he has recovered completely after a stomach virus affected his weekend in Malaysia. Photos emerged of the Force India driver attached to an IV after Saturday and Sunday’s events at Sepang, and the Mexican said in Japan on Thursday: "It ...

churchmilitant.com 10-5-2017
Stay the Course

Those counterfeit groups, like Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and their nefarious actions, were ultimately exposed in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign by Wikileaks dumps, revealing that Hillary's campaign director, John Podesta, had ...

scotscoop.com 10-5-2017
Plans for legalization of marijuana go up in smoke

Some Bay Area residents’ wishes of buying marijuana legally are going up in smoke. In the November 2016 election, California residents voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Medical marijuana had been legal in California since 1996. With the ...

People on MSN.com 10-5-2017
San Juan Mayor Fires Back With Fashion After Trump Called Her a 'Nasty Mayor', Says His Visit was 'Insulting"

In Las Vegas, going back to where they thought they would die Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan, Puerto Rico, called President Donald Trump‘s visit to the island on Tuesday “insulting,” all while wearing a “Nasty” T-shirt. In an interview with ...

imb.org 10-5-2017
Your Nine-to-Five and Global Missions

As the world’s economy becomes more global, many Christians have a renewed awareness of the role Christian migration and merchants have played in supporting the spread of the gospel. Starting with the refugees scattered by persecution in Acts 8:4 ...

hopkinsmedicine.org 10-5-2017
Autoimmune Disease: Why Is My Immune System Attacking Itself?

Autoimmune disease affects 23.5 million Americans, and nearly 80 percent of those are women. If you’re one of the millions of women affected by this group of diseases, which includes lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease, you may be wondering ...

tesfanews.net 10-5-2017
A Timely Call for the Annulment and Repeal of UN Sanctions Against Eritrea

The recently leaked cables by Wikileaks revealing how the Eritrean government attempted on several occasions to reach out for the Obama and Bush Administration to normalize relations between the two countries without success is but a clear case that ...

motor1.com on MSN.com 10-5-2017
Daihatsu Boon Sporza Limited Sounds Like An Airborn Disease

Daihatsu has prepared a number of visual improvements for the latest generation Boon city car, which was completely redesigned and overhauled back in April last year. The Sporza Limited model is all about aesthetics and is based on the Boon Silk top trim ...

www.heraldmailmedia.com 10-4-2017
Hagerstown medical marijuana business gets state licenses

A medical marijuana grower in Hagerstown could start cultivating this month. Kind Therapeutics' announcement came Wednesday, after the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission approved licenses for Kinds' growing and processing facility on Tuesday. "We have ...

journals.lww.com 10-4-2017
Zika Virus: What Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians Need to Know

Zika virus is a mosquito-borne Flavivirus. It has emerged as an important infectious agent in the recent past, mainly because of its teratogenic effects on the fetus. This review highlights the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of this emerging infection.

atomicinsights.com 10-4-2017
Nuclear Generator Movable By Cargo Plane. Not Only Possible, But Proven In Early 1960s

Last week was National Clean Energy Week. On Tuesday, there was a wide ranging symposium with talks about nuclear energy, wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectricity, carbon capture and sequestration and natural gas. Early in the day, Secretary of Energy Rick ...

bedford.wickedlocal.com 10-4-2017
Residents show disdain for potential recreational marijuana facility

The prospects for a recreational marijuana facility coming to Bedford look dim after a crowd in the Town Hall Multi-Purpose Room universally expressed their preference for a prohibition on recreational marijuana facilities in Bedford. "I boast to all of my ...

AiPT! Comics 10-4-2017
‘The Nightly Disease’ melds pure chaos and acerbic wit into a great package

If you have ever worked at a hotel–or worked in any sort of customer service field for an extended period of time–then you know how soul crushing it can be. The author of The Nightly Disease, Max Booth III, took his real-life job as a hotel night ...

discoversociety.org 10-4-2017
VIEWPOINT: Africa’s Colonial Vestige, the CFA Franc

Sankara was assassinated in 1987. Two more recent examples: the Wikileaks Clinton files reveal that France’s support of the attack on Libya in 2011 was largely due to France’s fear of Muammar Gaddafi’s drive for an African Union with a single currency.

Nuevo Dia Nogales 10-4-2017

Climate change is definitely the complete rise, shift, and change in worldwide average climate. There are various causes mentioned to be responsible for this along with the results of this total rise in climate is disastrous weather scenarios. This type of ...

community.scoop.co.nz 10-4-2017
Keeping the Region Fed in a Warming World

“Global warming has taken a toll on farmers globally. Farmers are now experiencing extremely hot and dry temperatures that have decimated crops,” said Associate Professor Matthew Tan, co-chair of the APEC Partnership on Food Security, who specializes ...

sponsored.bostonglobe.com 10-4-2017
Dear Scientist, Parkinson’s Disease stole my mom’s quality of life. Is a cure close?

Sandwiched between Mass. Ave and Kendall Square, in a neighborhood buzzing with MIT students and professors, it’s easy to walk past 1 Portland Street, a modern tan brick building with tall windows, without pausing to wonder what’s actually happening ...



Yahoo Canada Sports 10-16-2017
Ray Donovan Recap: The Brothers Donovan

Now, he can’t get rid of his erection — not by masturbation, frozen veggies ... In the end, Mickey and Daryll are suspicious of each other, Bridget is arrested for pulling a gun on a doctor, Bunchy comes home with his money, and Terry and Ray are ...

Den Of Geek 10-15-2017
Top 10 Lesbian Vampire Movies

We see a dodgy Lugosi lookalike in a coffin and Van Helsing being arrested for his murder ... cinematic equivalent of a sleeping pill - if you can sleep through that many nude women. Some would argue the case that a Top 10 of best lesbian vampire movies ...

zoutnet.co.za 10-13-2017
Police officer killed in cold blood - police arrest one suspect

On Monday residents of Vhembe were left in shock when greeted by the sad news that a well-respected and humble police officer was shot and killed and ... team they established to track the robbers had arrested a suspect. Limpopo police spokesperson ...

Rock Cellar Magazine 10-12-2017
Lovin’ Spoonful Replace Jerry Yester After Arrest on Child Pornography Charges; Band Issues Statement

Jerry Yester has been removed from Lovin’ Spoonful after the guitarist was arrested on charges of child pornography, it was reported earlier this week by the Oklahoman. The rest of the band, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thanks to a career buoyed by ...

Central Kentucky News-Journal 10-12-2017
Local man arrested after being found naked in Jamestown home

If you currently subscribe or have subscribed in the past to the KY News Journal, then simply find your account number on your mailing label and enter it below. Click the question mark below to see where your account ID appears on your mailing label.

swissinfo 10-12-2017
Cambodia deports 74 Chinese arrested for telecom extortion scams

In some cases, they had obtained naked pictures of the victims and used them for blackmail, he said. Cambodia is one of China's closest allies in Southeast Asia. More than 400 Chinese and Taiwanese were arrested in Cambodia in August alone for suspected ...

WSLS 10-12-2017
More than 100 people turn out for Danville Police Department job fair

19 year old Kavell Fitzgerald was one of more than 100 people who came out to the Danville Police Department's job fair Wednesday afternoon. He has wanted to be a police officer since he ... an 18- and 14-year-old were arrested and charged in connection ...

babescapes.gallery 10-11-2017
Utah cop who dragged nurse in viral video has been fired

Payne was sent to University Hospital to collect blood from a man injured in a fatal crash. A Utah police officer has been fired after he forcibly arrested a nurse who refused to let him draw blood from an unconscious patient in July. Payne was also fired ...

wwos.nine.com.au 10-11-2017
Two arrested over Aussie cricket rock toss

Police have drawn up a hit list of Richmond Tigers players whose phones they want to examine as part of their investigation into the nude photo scandal. Ben Stokes has apologised to Katie Price and her disabled son Harvey after a video emerged of the ...

BlogPreston 10-11-2017
Police arrest man in connection with Penwortham flashing

South Ribble Police confirmed they had arrested a man, age unknown, on suspicion of indecent exposure. Police say at this stage they have not confirmed the two incidents are linked.

indialegallive.com 10-11-2017
Killing of police horse Shaktiman: Now state BJP Govt wants case against MLA withdrawn

At that time the Union minister and animal rights activist had also reacted sharply to the incident and had advised arrest of those responsible for “killing a police officer on duty”. The BJP has, of course, passed the buck quickly. Its state president ...

WKNO FM 10-11-2017
Police Say Student Confesses To Fatal Shooting Of Texas Tech Cop

Lubbock County Jail/AP A Texas Tech student has been charged with the murder of a university police officer. Lubbock police say the suspect confessed to the crime, saying "he was the one that shot their friend." A university spokesman tells NPR that campus ...

thereelnetwork.net 10-10-2017
Iron Mike to Michael Jackson: 6 Celebrities Accused of Sex Crimes

Parker was charged with indecent exposure and sent to the mental ward at the state jail. #3 Ceelo Green His “Forget You!”

Seguin Gazette-Enterprise 10-10-2017
Seguin man charged with capital murder

A Seguin man was charged with capital murder following the shooting death of a Texas Tech police officer on Monday. Hollis Alvin James Reid Daniels III, 19, of Seguin, reportedly confessed to investigators after he was arrested for allegedly shooting and ...

Insight News 10-10-2017
Jury finds Minneapolis police officer guilty of assault for kicking suspect in head

A Hennepin County District Court jury has found a Minneapolis police officer guilty of third-degree assault for kicking a suspect who was on his hands and knees. Former Minneapolis officer, Christopher Reiter, 36, was charged in connection with a May 30 ...

collegehumor.com 10-10-2017
12 Cops Who Wrote Tickets To Other Cops Share Their Crazy Stories

This is theft. Police were called and we all watched a police officer get arrested. Crazy shit. My father is a cop, he once pulled over his superior for drunk driving. His boss expected special treatment. My dad arrested him. He ended up leaving the ...

www.panolawatchman.com 10-10-2017
Arrest Report: Oct. 6 to 9

Arrested Friday, Oct. 6, were: Jose Solis – Gallegos, 29, by Carthage Police Officer Aaron Whiddon public intoxication. Arrested Saturday, Oct. 7, were: Juana Robles, 46, by Panola County Sheriff's Office Deputy Joshua Nagle pursuant to local warrant ...

1150 WHBY 10-10-2017
Computer tech at Green Bay School District arrested for porn

An assistant computer hardware technician who worked with the Green Bay School District is on administrative leave after being arrested on a child pornography charge. 58-year-old Matthew Vanboesschoten faces one count of Possession of Child Pornography.

Carlow Nationalist 10-10-2017
Man ‘masturbated on woman in Cork supermarket queue’

Gardaí objected to bail being granted to a man charged in relation to an allegation of masturbating behind a woman in a queue in a supermarket in full view of the public, writes Liam Heylin. Detective Garda Edmond O’Donoghue arrested Abel Etonga ...

The Seattles Times Local News 10-10-2017
Oregon man accused of urinating in lobby of Great Wolf Lodge

Rios was arrested by Chehalis Tribal Police on suspicion of third-degree malicious mischief, resisting arrest, indecent exposure and third-degree assault. About 6:40 p.m. Wednesday, tribal police were dispatched to the lodge after a report of a fight ...

melanoidnation.org 10-9-2017

To hell with being arrested. Some may disagree with this but those miscegenation ... left sexual voice messages of themselves masturbating on his phone. He then warned these weird characters on air if they try to destroy his reputation again ...

trend-chaser.com 10-9-2017
48-Year-Old Cold Case Solved: The Murder of Wendy Jo Halison

But when a colleague found semen on Wendy’s pants and underwear ... McCort tracked Richardson down using a phone bill to a trailer park in Mesa, Arizona. Here, he was arrested for Boughner’s murder and flown back to Ohio. On the flight back to Ohio ...

talkradio1080.iheart.com 10-9-2017
Troll Wanted By Police Taunts Them On Facebook, It Backfires

When most people are wanted by the police, they hide any time they hear a siren, but instead of doing that, a man in Michigan named Michael "Champagne" Torino who has warrants out for his arrest is trolling cops. He responded to a post on the Redford ...

zenparent.in 10-9-2017
Vidya Balan saw a man masturbating and this is what she did!

Khanna opened up about the experience in 2015 and said that a man was masturbating at an American woman and was also arrested for it later. The actress also recalls the incident happened during her school trip to the Hanging gardens when she was all of 12 ...

saharareporterssport.com 10-8-2017
Nigerian Forward Success Arrested In England Over An Alleged Sex Scandal

But Success, who has scored just once in 19 Watford appearances, was later arrested in the hotel after police were ... He had paid four of us £500 each to party with him and we all got naked as soon as the money came through on our phone bank accounts.

hallels.com 10-8-2017
Former Christian Singer & 'Glee' Actor Mark Salling Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges

In December 2015, the Los Angeles Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children task force arrested Salling for possessing child pornography. Authorities were tipped about Salling's alleged possession of child porn from an ex-girlfriend.

Iowa State Daily 10-8-2017
Suspect arrested in Friley Residence Hall for posession of a firearm

Morris told police that he brought his weapon to the bars for self-defense and admitted that it was a bad decision. Morris was charged with public intoxication, illegal possession of a weapon and impersonating a police officer.

scribblesng.wordpress.com 10-8-2017
Nigerian footballer Issac Success fights four prostitutes, gets arrested

As his Super Eagles teammates qualified Nigeria for the Russia 2018 World Cup yesterday, Issac Success was arrested after he demanded the £ ... of us £500 each to party with him and we all got naked as soon as the money came through on our phone bank ...

channels.isp.netscape.com 10-8-2017
NSFW! Ana Braga in a See-Thru Swimsuit

Let's put it this way: The white mesh one-piece swimsuit covers just enough of Playboy Playmate Ana Braga to ensure she is not arrested for indecent exposure. The see-through suit is sexy enough from the front, but the side view is so revealing that these ...

Caught Offside 10-8-2017
Premier League star arrested after row with £2000 hookers in hotel orgy gone wrong

According to The Sun, the 21-year-old Watford hit-man failed to get anywhere with any of the four escorts, and angrily demanded his money back before getting arrested over the incident ... party with him and we all got naked as soon as the money came ...

Brisbane Times on MSN.com 10-8-2017
Queensland police behind world's largest child porn forum

"Then you can move wherever you want in the world. That's how the internet works." Task Force Argos took over the Childs Play website following the arrest of the website's two previous administrators in the United States. Thanks to the work of the ...

40/29 TV Ft Smith-Fayetteville on MSN.com 10-8-2017
Man arrested for fleeing, public sexual indecency

According to an arrest report, officers say they responded to the Woodstone Craft Pizza in Fayetteville, where 43-year-old Michael Sweat was seen watching pornography on his phone and touching himself near the entrance of the restaurant. Officers say they ...

Bulawayo 24 10-7-2017
Man rapes 4-year-old minor

She observed semen and blood stains on the complainant's backside and the matter was reported to the police, leading to Kaitano's arrest.

everydaygyaan.com 10-6-2017
Nostalgia Almost Cost Me My Marriage #writebravely #FridayReflections

Malnutrition, inflammation of the brain, feverishness, seeing ghosts, hearing voices and cardiac arrest were also symptoms slapped ... Other causes were thought to be poor education, masturbation, love and being a mountain-dweller. In the 19th century ...

The Johns Hopkins Newsletter 10-5-2017
Coming to terms with my ex-roommate’s arrest for child porn

As my time at Hopkins nears its end, I’ve begun reflecting heavily on the past few years. I have found myself confronting unresolved feelings lingering from some of my more challenging moments at Hopkins. While I do not shy away from talking about my ...

Journal Inquirer 10-5-2017
Former Enfield man serving murder sentence is accused of possessing child porn

The man, Darryl Crenshaw, 34, formerly of Enfield, was arrested on a warrant obtained by state police from the Troop H barracks in Hartford and charged with third-degree illegal possession of child pornography, a felony. Crenshaw was later arraigned in ...

Newzjunky 10-5-2017
Police Blotter Report:

Rule Allah Yahya Smith, 24, of 120 Casals Pt., Apt. 19J, Bronx, NY, was charged by Watertown police at 12:12 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 5, at Samaritan Medical Center with resisting arrest, public lewdness and criminal nuisance. Police said Mr. Smith "exposed his ...

Evil Beet Gossip 10-5-2017
“Glee” Actor Mark Salling Pleads Guilty to child porn charges

Glee actor Mark Salling has agreed to serve between four and seven years in jail after pleading guilty to child pornography charges related to his 2015 arrest, avoiding what could have been 20 years behind bars. As a result of his plea deal signed on ...

manasataramgini.wordpress.com 10-5-2017
A note on tales of fratricide, warfare, cannibalism and incest

The toxins from the sting paralyze the host and arrest its development to go no further than the ... aggression for getting access to virgins because of a strong first male-sperm preference among females. Here too big males are favored in combat but ...

maoritelevision.com 10-5-2017
Three men charged in train assault

They were on their way to the Auckland Darts Masters event. Two men will appear in court next week, while the other, charged with indecent exposure will appear in the Auckland District Court today.

mcrecordonline.com 10-4-2017
Huntsville man faces child porn charges

A Huntsville man is facing 100 counts of computer child pornography after investigators say they found thousands of images and videos on his cell phone. Charles Norman Roach, 48, was arrested last Wednesday and is being held at the Washington County ...

cricket.co.uk 10-4-2017
Derbyshire cricketer Shiv Thakor denies indecent exposure charges

The 23-year-old was arrested in July after two alleged incidents near Radbourne Lane in Mackworth, Derby, on June 12 and June 19. Thakor denied two charges of indecent exposure, at a 30-minute hearing at South Derbyshire Magistrates' Court. He was ...

Amandala 10-4-2017
Cop who refused to pay for food charged with aggravated assault with a firearm

However, only one person, Christine Gentle, gave a statement to the police. As a result, Parham was charged with aggravated assault on Gentle. It is alleged by police that after Parham left the restaurant, he discharged his firearm on Youth for the Future ...



smartphones.reviewed.com 10-16-2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone Review

Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives. This time last ...

dbakevlar.com 10-16-2017
Linux for the SQL Server DBA- Part I

For the Oracle DBA, Linux is life. When I was at Oracle, Linux projects were the easy part of my job, unlike the ones on Windows, AIX, HP-UX and at times, even Solaris. You knew the Linux ones received the most love from development, had the most time ...

sfconservancy.org 10-16-2017
Conservancy Applauds Linux Community's Promotion of Principled Copyleft Enforcement

Software Freedom Conservancy congratulates the Linux community for taking steps today to promote principled, community-minded copyleft enforcement by publishing the Linux Kernel Enforcement Statement. The Statement includes an additional permission under ...

kroah.com 10-16-2017
Linux Kernel Community Enforcement Statement

The Linux kernel ecosystem of developers, companies and users has been wildly successful by any measure over the last couple decades. Even today, 26 years after the initial creation of the Linux kernel, the kernel developer community continues to grow ...

Springfield Business Journal 10-16-2017
Tesla fires hundreds of workers

Kevin Dunaway, a partner at Neale & Newman LLP, and one of Springfield Business Journal’s Trusted Advisers for 2017, says if you’re business, you need a team. Find a lawyer, CPA and an insurance … Fences Make for Good Family “While I grew up in ...

moneyexpert.com 10-16-2017
15 Million Hit by Equifax Hacking – How Can You Stay Secure Online?

After suffering a major data breach earlier this year, credit rating company Equifax now believes that the number of UK customers had their information stolen has doubled from their initial estimate, and that millions more could have had their details ...

kroah.com 10-16-2017
Linux Kernel Community Enforcement Statement FAQ

Based on the recent Linux Kernel Community Enforcement Statement and the article describing the background and what it means, here are some Questions/Answers to help clear things up. These are based on questions that came up when the statement was ...

malaysianwireless.com 10-16-2017
Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition, made from Galaxy Note7, coming to Malaysia

Samsung Malaysia Electronics has unveiled the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, “made especially for the dedicated Note community”, a new device that has been engineered with unused components from the Galaxy Note7. The Galaxy Note Fan Edition is essentially ...

dsogaming.com 10-16-2017
Ray-tracing in games requires 100X more powerful GPUs, photorealistic virtual reality requires 40X

As we’ve said numerous times, we believe that ray-tracing is the future of lighting in video-games. While there have been some attempts in various tech demos to implement a fully ray-tracing rendering system, we haven’t seen any triple-A game featuring it.

The American Surveyor 10-16-2017
Wingtra Partners with Kentucky-based Precision Capture to Offer VTOL Drone

Lousville, KY - September 20, 2017 — Precision Capture have been successfully delivering innovative solutions in 2D and 3D data capture, measurement and imagery for 25 years. With their new distribution partnership with Wingtra, Precision Capture is ...

Latrobe Valley Express 10-16-2017
Drone opportunities abound

A new drone hub based in Gippsland has attracted international attention after opening earlier this year. The Centre of Drone Excellence, based at Lardner Park, Warragul will serve as a training and development facility and is the first centre of its kind ...

bob1german.com 10-15-2017
Office 365 Developer Review from Microsoft Ignite

This article could be useful to any Office 365 developer who wants a quick reference to the recorded sessions from Microsoft Ignite, but it’s also intended as a companion to my opening talk at the Office 365 Developer Bootcamp on October 27, 2017, in ...

mywindowshub.com 10-15-2017
Microsoft shows more about Fluent Design ahead of the Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 Fall creators update is not very far. The release is imminent and the Redmond based tech giant has released a video to demonstrate the beauty of the Fluent Design accompanying the forthcoming Fall Creators Update. The Fluent Design System comes ...

wola.org 10-15-2017
“Hacking” the Peace Process: Challenges and Opportunities in Post-Accord Colombia

Nearly a year ago, Colombia’s government and the FARC guerrilla group signed a historic peace accord ending 52 years of fighting. The FARC has since disarmed, a ceasefire has largely held, and talks have begun with the smaller ELN guerrillas ...

process-worldwide.com 10-15-2017
Wireless Technologies as a Basis for Industrial IoT Adoption

Emerson predicts the next 10 years will see exponential growth in the adoption of wireless and pervasive sensing applications that help companies maximise safety and reliability, optimise production and enable Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) strategies.

Big Rigs 10-15-2017
Virtual Reality reaches the rigs

HIGH-TECH screen driven technologies could be a way to get millenials into the truck driving seat. In a venture between truck crane builder Hiab and Scania trucks, truck drivers working in the logging industry are now staying in the comfort of the truck ...

tvlistings.zap2it.com 10-15-2017
Voting Machine Hacking

Summary: Panelists discuss the findings of the Voting Machine Hacking Village hosted at the 2017 DEF CON hacking conference, which encouraged hackers to explore vulnerabilities in voting machines and systems used in U.S. elections.

Smithsonian 10-14-2017
Agoraphobic Photographer Captures the World With Some Help From Google Street View

A line of men in green in the United Arab Emirates (Concept and curation by Jacqui Kenny. Imagery@2017 Google.) An apartment building in Mongolia (Concept and curation by Jacqui Kenny. Imagery@2017 Google.) A mobile home in Kyrgyzstan (Concept and curation ...

ynuk.tv 10-14-2017
Drone footage fire damage Santa Rosa – LA Times – total destruction as neighbourhoods are razed to the ground

Over 160,000 acres have been destroyed in northern California fires. Thousands of people have been left homeless by the 22 huge blazes. Fires spreading fast and unpredictably. Nearly 300 people missing. But police believe may be due to the chaotic nature ...

ucalibraryblog.wordpress.com 10-14-2017
CC LAB. Virtual Reality

Artists: Christian Lemmerz, Paul McCarthy, Tony Oursler, Erik Parker, Makropol & Ali Abbasi, Rikke Benborg, Johan Knattrup Jensen, Julian Juhlin and Therese Willstedt In recent years Virtual Reality (VR) has become one of the most exciting trends emerging ...

heinzmarketing.com 10-14-2017
B2B Reads: Growth Hacking, SaaS, and Accountability

Growth hacks may work for big companies, but may not be the best thing for your business. Thanks for your insights, Neil Patel. Why Sales Results Aren’t Improving If you want to know why sales results aren’t improving, you have to look to leadership ...

animationxpress.com 10-14-2017
Pixar’s first virtual reality experience – ‘Coco VR’

Pixar Animation Studios announced its first-ever VR experience at Oculus Connect, the fourth annual developer conference in San Jose, California. Directed by Ross Haldane Stevenson and produced by Academy Award winner Marc Sondheimer (Piper), Coco VR is ...

www.cleverism.com 10-13-2017
Why the IoT Fails: Avoiding Communication, Planning, and Budgeting Pitfalls When Implementing IoT Projects

The Internet of Things (IoT) appears to be an industry ripe with promise. Gartner predicts the number of IoT devices will increase by 31%from 2016 to 2017, reaching a total number of 8.4 billion. By 2020, the number is expected to grow again: Gartner’s ...

truckcampermagazine.com 10-13-2017
Northwood Launches 3D and Virtual Reality Tours

Had someone said to you fifteen years ago that people would be sitting across from one another at restaurants and walking down the street while staring at hand-held computers, you would have thought they were nuts. And yet there you are, reading this ...

blogs.gnome.org 10-13-2017
Policy hacking

Last week I attended the first ever GNOME Foundation hackfest in Berlin, Germany. The hackfest was part of an effort to redefine how the GNOME Foundation operates and is perceived. There are a number of aspects to this process: Giving the Board of ...

Dunk Wire on MSN.com 10-13-2017
Here’s when you can watch Lonzo Ball and the Lakers in virtual reality

Want to see Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers up close this season, but can't afford the insane ticket prices at Staples Center? Never fear: The NBA and NextVR have got you covered-assuming you have League Pass and a VR headset. On Thursday, NBA ...

gtopcars.com 10-13-2017
2018 Tesla Model S

It is the only 5-door hatchback Tesla Motors in the range of models. The Tesla S 2018 Model is the only five-door car in the game that is an electric car and is the only electric sedan in the game. 2018 Tesla S Model is a low-end class D car with an ...

mapr.com 10-12-2017
The IoT-Connected Car of Today— Cases From Hertz, Nokia, NTT, Mojio & Concur Technologies

Imagine a world where your car not only drives itself, but also says intelligent things like these: A hotel is just around the corner and you have been driving for eight hours. Would you like to reserve a room and take rest for a couple of hours?

dancounsell.com 10-12-2017
Hacking the SNES Mini

The SNES is probably my all-time favourite console, as a kid, I spent countless hours playing Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter II, Mario Kart, and numerous other classics. Last year, while I was suffering a severe case of “gaming nostalgia” and decided to ...

Alirón! 10-11-2017
Apple remaking Spielberg's 'Amazing Stories' at $5 million per episode

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has bagged none other than Steven Spielberg for ... 0.09 EPS Expected for Fitbit Inc (FIT) The 52-week low of the stock stands at $19.26 while the current level stands at 52.43% of the 52-week High-Low range.

blog.malwarebytes.com 10-11-2017
A new kind of Apple phishing scam

The malicious copy of Handbrake ended up requesting the login password in such a way that even experts fell for it, such as a developer for the well-respected Panic, Inc. We have become ... there is no one thing that Apple could do to solve this problem.

freerangekids.com 10-11-2017
School Warns of Talking Drone Flying Over Playground, Luring Children

When the telegraph was first invented, it was so strange and new, people worried it would disrupt the world’s weather patterns. And as I learned at a dinner last night with (name drop!) Nadine Strossen, former head of the ACLU, when the internet was in ...

drinkmemag.com 10-11-2017
Barullo: A Virtual Vineyard Experience

Captivating visual displays and virtual reality will completely transport you as if you’re standing slap bang in the middle of the vineyards. Top that off with a selection of over 140 wines to taste from the famed regions of Patagonia and Buenos Aires ...

ohsobeautifulpaper.com 10-11-2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 – and Samsung Galaxy Studio DC!

Okay, so first things first. I’m not a techie person who can rattle off megapixels and display resolution facts at the drop of a hat. But I know how things look in a camera, and I know image quality. And you guys, the camera on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is ...

KZOK 1025 10-11-2017
The Beatles Have A Hit, Apple Vs. Apple, Nirvana Debut Dave: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

Apple Computer Inc. settled out of court with Apple Corps. Ltd. today in 1981 over use of the name of a fruit. The Beatles record company had filed against the Silicon Valley high tech company in 1978, and the defendants avoided litigation by paying an ...

Ruptly on MSN.com 10-11-2017
Dubai Police Unveil Flying Motorbike-Drone Hybrid

The Dubai police force teamed up with tech company HoverSurf to produce a new police drone-motorcycle hybrid designed for rapid deployment in emergency situations. Four propellers and can lift a driver up to 16 feet off the ground and travel nearly 4 miles ...

banklesstimes.com 10-11-2017
Streamr joins Trusted IoT Alliance

Decentralized P2P sharing protocol Streamr announced it has joined the Trusted IoT Alliance, an open source software consortium aiming to create a secure, scalable, interoperable and trusted IoT ecosystem. The organization was founded by companies ...

shawnetuma.com 10-11-2017
Hacking Into A Company You Sold Can Get You Jail Time

A federal judge sentenced David Kent to a year and a day in prison and ordered him to pay $3.3 million in restitution and pay a $20,000 fine for accessing the computer network of Rigzone.com, an industry-specific networking website. Kent founded Rigzone ...

modernlife.network 10-11-2017
Samsung Tackles the University of Texas Locker Room

Phillip Chan, is a Sr Business Development manager who partners with clients, system integrators and software developers to create new digital signage experiences. After spending almost 15 years designing, marketing and selling technical products ...

The Almanac Online 10-10-2017
Police calls: Person cited for flying drone with camera over Atherton home

Drone violation: Police contacted and stopped a person from operating a drone equipped with a camera that had been flying above a house on Adam Way. The city's code-enforcement officer will likely be citing the drone operator, police said. Oct. 5.

electronics.howstuffworks.com 10-10-2017
Virtual Reality Helps Distract Kids from Painful Medical Procedures

Tell a child they need to undergo another painful medical procedure, and you'll probably have a kid who's racked with fear and anxiety. Tell that same child they'll have a chance to zap flying cheeseburgers in outer space while their doctor works on them ...

commoncause.org 10-10-2017
DEFCON Election Hacking Report Hammers Home Need to Safeguard Our Elections

Americans expect and deserve free and fair elections, but the release of a report on the Voting Machine Hacking Village at DEFCON last summer lays bare the vulnerabilities of our nation’s election equipment, databases and infrastructure. The Atlantic ...

blog.checkpoint.com 10-10-2017
Check Point IoT Blog Series: Smart Cities Need Smart Security

The smart city is sparking the imagination of planners, developers, governments, businesses and citizens all over the world. Smart cities combine pervasive web connectivity, smart IoT devices, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They collect and ...

blog.fortinet.com 10-10-2017
Understanding the Explosion of IoT and Its Impact

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, with the digital transformation of business largely consisting of automation, AI, and rapid technological innovation. Industrial processes and machines are becoming smarter and more modular. A critical enabler ...

techworm.net 10-10-2017
Google Dorking: How to use Google for hacking websites, Iot devices, cameras etc

Last year we had discussed how Google can be used to almost anything on the Internet using a method called Google Dorking. If you have not read that article, it is available here. As you know Google is a vast repository of data, some of which is available ...

industryanalysts.com 10-10-2017
Is iOT the answer for everything?

We are all on board with automating what can be automated when it makes sense, don’t we? RMM tools in IT, informing us when a servers’ performance is not what it should be, so we don’t find out when it’s too late DCA’s (Data collection Agents) to ...

Hockey Buzz 10-9-2017
Hacking the new slashing standard

The Detroit Red Wings admit that they are somewhat confused. The players say they still don’t quite get the NHL’s new crackdown on slashing, and the evidence is there for all to see. The Wings were shorthanded seven times during Saturday’s 2-1 ...

americaspace.com 10-9-2017
SpaceX Launches Third Batch of Iridium NEXT Satellites from Vandenberg, Returns First Stage to Drone Ship

After a year of records and “personal bests”, SpaceX aims to launch a pair of Upgraded Falcon 9 boosters within two days of each other this week, delivering a ten-strong batch of Iridium NEXT communications satellites to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) on Monday ...

thechipped.com 10-9-2017
iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: face-to-face mobile candidates of the year

The iPhone X is as official as it is special. Special for the simple fact of being a phone designed to exist in a single generation, unless the future gives us some surprise. A phone that must exist this year and not anymore, because this year Apple ...

artshacker.com 10-9-2017
STOP Opening Attachments From Strangers! (And Other Hacking Prevention Tips)

The Ohio Arts Council recently presented a webinar titled “Don’t Get Hacked,” aimed at providing tips, practices, and tools that will reduce vulnerability to data theft. The presenter Ted Hattemer started out with common advice about upgrading from ...

thecozycook.com 10-9-2017
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin {with Apple Cranberry Stuffing!}

Prepare the stuffing according to package instructions, then add the remaining ingredients (chicken broth, cranberries, apple, celery, and onion.) Turn off the heat, cover the pot and set aside. *For visual instructions on how to butterfly and pound the ...

ridethelightning.senseient.com 10-9-2017
Russia Reportedly Hacking Phones of NATO Troops

I guess the title of this post should come as no surprise. As Endgadget reported, the Wall Street Journal has learned that Russian hackers are targeting the phones of individual NATO soldiers, particularly those deployed in Poland and the Baltic states.

www.internetsociety.org 10-9-2017
First Practical Workshop on IoT to Increase Awareness and Interest in Ethiopian Universities

The Department of Computer Science College of Natural Sciences of the Addis Ababa University (AAU), in collaboration with the Internet Society and International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) successfully concluded the 1 st practical workshop in ...

er.educause.edu 10-9-2017
3D Visualization and Virtual Reality in Animal Science

Educators in animal science departments and institutions across the United States face difficulty in obtaining meat carcasses for their anatomical meat science classes, impeding students' engagement in real-world immersive learning environments. Distance ...

spaceflight101.com 10-9-2017
Falcon 9 Delivers 3rd Iridium-NEXT Satellite Batch, 1st Stage Masters Nighttime Drone Ship Landing

Continuing to move at a brisk pace through launch manifests on both coasts of the United States, SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket on Monday, thundering off from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base before sunrise to dispatch the third ...

blogs.unity3d.com 10-9-2017
Looking to the future of mixed reality (Part III)

Facebook’s purchase of Oculus back in 2014 kicked off the latest wave of consumer virtual reality devices and applications, and because of it, mixed reality has been predicted to become the next computing platform. Goldman Sachs stated in early 2016 ...

Car Keys 10-9-2017
Ford uses Virtual Reality to warn young drivers of dangers

Ford has unveiled a virtual reality experience for young drivers that displays what can happen on the road when they aren’t concentrating whilst driving. Called ‘Ford Reality Check’ the carmaker has partnered with technology giant Google and virtual ...

MWeb 10-9-2017
Don't expect Virtual Reality on Xbox One X anytime soon

The first in-game footage for the anticipated Jurassic ... No Man's Sky has a new update that introduces some much... The Next Generation of God Eater Is Ready to Strike According to a recent interview, we shouldn't expect VR... The 20 best videogame deals ...

historypsychiatry.com 10-9-2017
Magazine article – ‘After, I feel ecstatic and emotional’: could virtual reality replace therapy?

The Guardian published an article titled ” ‘After, I feel ecstatic and emotional’: could virtual reality replace therapy?” that could be of some interest to H-Madness readers. It discusses the future of psychiatric treatment with the help of ...

Yahoo News Singapore 10-9-2017
British bases in Cyprus get drone to fight bird trappers

Police on a British military base in Cyprus on Thursday launched their latest weapon in the fight against illegal bird trappers –- a high-tech drone. A recent study by Britain's Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), said Cypriot trappers ...

brainvire.com 10-9-2017
Brainvire Effectively Develops The Unconventional Drone Management System

Exemplifying the advanced way of digital transformation with advanced solutions, Brainvire’s proven strategy to stay ahead of the rest is represented by the development of web-based Drone Management System. Utah, USA 25th September 2017 Drone is ...

tdwi.org 10-9-2017
Protect Your Network: Use Caution with IoT Data Sources

Over the past decade our potential data sources have grown exponentially. They will continue to grow as we augment them with Internet of Things (IoT) data sources. Many organizations realize that sensor data, even data originally intended to monitor ...

thecubiclechick.com 10-9-2017
Samsung Health Ask an Expert is a Must Use Working Parent Hack

Sponsored by Samsung via MomTrends. Many of you may have heard the term, life comes at you fast. When you are a working parent, it comes at you like a mack truck. With so many things pulling at you, it is a wonder that we get anything done! Add to that our ...

Ad News 10-9-2017
The Guardian pledges to shape virtual reality journalism

A year into its pledge to own visual journalism The Guardian is looking to explore branded virtual reality (VR) experiences. Speaking to AdNews, Guardian executive editor of VR Francesca Panetta, says the next stage of the Guardian's VR journey will see ...

finfeed.com 10-9-2017
IOT takes stake in AirSelfie including share of IP

IOT Group (ASX:IOT) announced on Monday it had signed an Equity Swap agreement with AirSelfie Holdings Ltd, allowing the group to become a shareholder. In terms of this agreement, IOT will also own part of the global company and the AirSelfie intellectual ...

www.bentley.com 10-9-2017
Bentley Advances the Power, Accessibility, and Pervasiveness of Visualization and Virtual Reality for Infrastructure Projects

Bentley Systems announces the availability of new capabilities for MicroStation CONNECT Edition that significantly advance the visualization and enhanced reality workflows for anyone involved in infrastructure modeling workflows. Key among the new ...

searchcrm.techtarget.com 10-9-2017
AI among new Dynamics 365 features, Microsoft Teams top news from Ignite

New Dynamics 365 features include an influx of AI, with chatbot agents and virtual assistants, according to Microsoft, which announced the changes in Orlando late last month at its newly combined Envision and Ignite user conferences. In addition, Microsoft ...

thefastmode.com 10-9-2017
Telenor Group to Open LPWA IoT ProtoLab to Startups and Developers in 2018

Telenor Group and Wireless Trondheim are joining forces to open a new IoT powerhouse to boost innovation, build competencies and promote Norwegian competitiveness. The IoT ProtoLab will be open to startups, developers and students looking to rapidly ...

foucaultnews.com 10-9-2017
A genealogy of hacking (2017)

Hacking is now a widely discussed and known phenomenon, but remains difficult to define and empirically identify because it has come to refer to many different, sometimes incompatible, material practices. This article proposes genealogy as a framework for ...

thefastmode.com 10-9-2017
Orange Accelerates LTE-M Strategy to Support Enterprise IoT

Orange Business Services announced that it has accelerated its LTE-M strategy to support the development of internet of things (IoT) solutions for the enterprise market. This follows the announcement by Orange in February 2017 that the Group would be ...

TMR Zoo 10-8-2017
Settlers of Catan is Coming to Virtual Reality This Year

This week is a week late due to various issues, but Hurricane Irma was not one of them, as Scott recorded his part of the podcast from Georgia, while Jonah and T.J. live far away from hurricane zones. In the meantime, T.J. goes from being disappointed with ...

filemaker.com 10-8-2017
FileMaker, Inc. Legal

FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The links here describe our company policies on privacy, anti-piracy, use of content and software found on our site, as well as sample licenses for our retail products and volume licensing program, information ...

total-croatia-news.com 10-8-2017
South Central Ventures Invests in Sentinel for Development of IoT for Ships

South Central Ventures invested a million euro in the Croatian company Sentinel for the development of IoT for ships. On a global scale, there are more than 30 million recreational boats registered today, and their owners and boat rental companies still ...

searchdatamanagement.techtarget.com 10-8-2017
Machine learning, IoT bring big changes to data management systems

On a recent commute to TechTarget's Newton, Mass., office, I passed by an Apple Maps vehicle -- a white SUV topped with cameras and spinning light detection and ranging equipment that collects vast amounts of data about streets all over the world.

vintageisthenewold.com 10-8-2017
Debbie Reynolds’ Apple II for Auction

First generation Apple II A2S1-0082, one of the first 100 case-designed computers built by the newly formed Apple Computer, Inc. and the model widely credited with launching the home computer market, with millions sold well into the 1980s (not to be ...

riftherald.com 10-7-2017
RNG vs Samsung was the best game of Group Stage day 3

Day 3 of the World Championship Group Stage brought with it a variety of unexpected results and more than a few fantastic games, but none of them come close to the excited of the match between Royal Never Give Up and Samsung Galaxy. The second seed from ...

robbreport.com 10-7-2017
Climb Aboard This Drone for a Remote-Controlled Commute

The new Passenger Drone claims to be the world’s most advanced autonomous manned aerial vehicle. Slightly larger than a small car, passengers select their destination on the touchscreen dash and the drone takes over. Equipped with 16 electric engines, it ...

Worth Playing 10-7-2017
'Drone Swarm' Gets Graphic Novel And TV Show Adaptation

Drone Swarm is a new sci-fi strategy game where the player assumes the role of the commander of a gigantic space ship and is exploring the universe in a desperate hunt for a new habitat for mankind. To save humanity, the player has to control and guide an ...

ptc.com 10-7-2017
IoT Insights from Analysts and Experts

Products have evolved from purely mechanical and electrical components to complex systems that are increasingly connected to the Internet and each other. The emergence of these smart connected products in the Internet of Things—and the rapidly expanding ...

stackabuse.com 10-7-2017
Symbolic Links in Unix/Linux

Different file systems in the UNIX/Linux universe allow a variety of entries such as regular files, directories, sockets, named pipes, and links. In this article I will explain to you what links are, which types of links exist, how to create a symbolic ...

airlinegeeks.com 10-7-2017
KLM Offers Virtual Reality Experience for Budget Travelers

In a unique plan to attract more customers, KLM announced that its new app “Flight Upgrader” has been made available, offering passengers the opportunity to upgrade virtually via a special headset. Utilizing either Google Cardboard or a virtual reality ...

socialmediatoday.com 10-7-2017
15 Best Growth Hacking Techniques and Ideas [Infographic]

To some, “growth hacking” might seem like the latest buzzword in marketing, but the practice is much more than a buzzword, and requires absolute focus on one thing: Growing as fast as possible. This clever phrase was coined by Sean Ellis and has been ...

filmibeat.com 10-7-2017
Hrithik Roshan's Spokesperson Answers Kangana's Email Hacking Allegations & 'Photoshopped' Picture!

The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut controversy that broke out in March 2016 witnessed a new chapter recently when the actor took to his social media handle and offered his narrative. His post had Kangana's camp reacting with questions. Her lawyer Rizwan ...

allaboutcircuits.com 10-6-2017
ON Semiconductor IoT Development Kit Giveaway

ON Semiconductor is giving away 3 of their IoT development kits. The IoT Development Kit from ON Semiconductor is a rapid prototyping platform that allows you to get your next design off the bench and into production faster. This IoT development kit ...

seattlerefined.com 10-6-2017
AMLI Arc brings virtual reality, with an edge, to high-fashion living in South Lake Union

Some new apartment buildings in South Lake Union feel, to be blunt, staid and dull. That’s why AMLI Arc (Arc) is bringing an edge to luxury living in this neighborhood at the center of Seattle’s new energy, creating an experience that can only be fully ...

www.collabora.com 10-6-2017
Performance analysis in Linux (continued)

This blog post is based on the talk I gave at the Open Source Summit North America 2017 in Los Angeles. Let me start by thanking my employer Collabora, for sponsoring my trip to LA. Last time I wrote about Performance Assessment, I discussed how an ...

Travel + Leisure on MSN.com 10-6-2017
What To Know About Google's New Pixel 2 Smartphone

Google on Wednesday announced the Google Pixel 2, which comes in either 5-inch or 6-inch screen size options. The smaller Pixel 2 will start at $649, while the Pixel XL begins at $849.

crunchify.com 10-6-2017
My Favorite Linux Commands – List of Basic Linux Commands and Cheat Sheet

I’ve been working on Linux environment since very long time and recently explored a lot more commands. In this tutorial we will go over some most commonly used Linux Commands for your handy reference. Let’s get started.

styleweekly.com 10-6-2017
Preview: Art180 Opens Virtual Reality Exhibit Featuring Incarcerated Teens

When Virginia legislators meet in January, Art180’s latest innovative program will be waiting for them. The non-profit will have a storefront a block away from the General Assembly to house its current art exhibit, “My Reality,” a mobile project and ...

xbiz.com 10-6-2017
Falcon's Head Play' Explores a Virtual Reality Gaming World

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios has announced the release of its latest feature, “Head Play,” a futuristic film set in the present that explores the blurred lines between reality and fantasy in the world of virtual reality gaming. Directed by Tony ...

bamsmackpow.com 10-6-2017
Jem and the Holograms Infinite #3 review: Hacking Synergy with a duet

Stories about parallel worlds are a common trope in comic books. One of the many advantages is that allows for character exploration without shattering a status quo. In theory it is a mechanic which can push characters into confronting themselves or their ...

biggeekdad.com 10-6-2017
A Drone Above Botswana

A short look at the wildlife and geography of Botswana, Africa filmed using a drone by Rhino Africa, a leading safari company. The video features scenes from the Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert, and Makgadikgadi Pans. If a trip to Africa is on your bucket ...

corporateknights.com 10-6-2017
Hacking the watershed

So, how do you think it went?” he asks. “Amazing,” replies another man standing in a line of young people wearing blazers, hoodies and loud sneakers. “The T-shirts you guys made?” continues the first: “Can’t be beat.” The two men then ...

applegazette.com 10-6-2017
Install Linux Software on a Mac with MacPorts

If you’re familiar with apt-get from Linux, then you know what a package manager does. It handles downloading, installing, updating and managing certain applications and their dependencies within the operating system. MacPorts is a command-line package ...

fandom.wikia.com 10-6-2017
Square Enix is Bringing Interactive Manga to Virtual Reality

When you hear the name “Square Enix,” chances are the first thing that comes to mind is Final Fantasy. The Japanese company is best known for rich role-playing game experiences, but did you know they’re also in the manga business? Gangan is Square ...

ai.icymi.email 10-5-2017
Behavioural Biometrics, IoT and AI

Biometrics is defined as the science of establishing the identity of an individual based on physical, chemical or behavioural attributes of the person. To discuss these issues, please join a new meetup group in London Behavioural Biometrics IoT and AI ...

scylladb.com 10-5-2017
Different I/O Access Methods for Linux, What We Chose for Scylla, and Why

In general, there are four choices for accessing files on a Linux server: read/write, mmap, Direct I/O (DIO) read/write, and asynchronous direct I/O (AIO/DIO). An alternative and more modern method is to memory-map the file into the application address ...

financialgazette.co.zw 10-5-2017
German carmakers relying on volume to confront Tesla

There are two ways to make battery-driven vehicles: use a clean-sheet design like Tesla, or a traditional vehicle platform that can use all types of motor: combustion, electric or a hybrid of the two. Electric motors are smaller than petrol or diesel ...

Baltic Review 10-5-2017
US envoy to NATO: Russian hacking claims ‘a big concern’

Kay Bailey Hutchison says allies will ‘try to determine how it’s happening and cut it off.’ Reports of Russian attempts to gain access to U.S. soldiers’ smartphones are a “big concern,” the U.S. ambassador to NATO said Thursday. In her first ...

yourindustrynews.com 10-5-2017
ASPIDER-NGI IoT eConnect: “Getting your devices connected globally with Simplicity, Reliability and Control”

ASPIDER-NGI, provider of independent mobile solutions for managing IoT connectivity, announced availability of IoT eConnect: an integrated IoT solution that provides instant global access to connectivity without the contractual and technical lock-ins.

company.nokia.com 10-5-2017
Nokia and Zain Saudi Arabia successfully trial country-first NB-IoT technology in live network for smart cities

Trial underlines Nokia's leadership in enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) and creating a programmable world, and represents another step by Zain toward realization of smart cities Zain aims to deploy NB-IoT in major cities and rural areas by end of 2017 ...

bangshift.com 10-5-2017
This Drone Footage Of The Shadow Crash From No Mercy 7 Is Stunning – No Mercy 8 Is This Week!

Starting today, you’ll be able to watch all of the live streaming action from No Mercy 8 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Duck X Productions will once again be throwing the last massive radial tire party of the year and it is a rich one with the $ ...

Money Talks News on MSN.com 10-4-2017
Amazon's next move? These cities are top contenders for its new HQ — and 50,000 jobs

Some companies are forever associated with a certain city — General Motors with Detroit, Coca-Cola with Atlanta, Kodak with Rochester, New York. Online sales behemoth Amazon has long been linked with its hometown of Seattle, but now the company has ...

Popular Mechanics on MSN.com 10-4-2017
Can Someone Design a Drone to Fly All the Way Across the Pacific?

Compared to, say, the Google Lunar X Prize, with its splashy films and $30 million payday, the Pacific Drone Challenge is currently a shoestring affair, more a rallying cry than a formal race. With some sponsorship from competitive teams like the Japanese ...

ipvm.com 10-4-2017
Dahua Trying, Struggling To Respond To Hacking Attacks

Now, 2 weeks since large-scale hacking attacks commenced against Dahua vulnerable devices, we analyze Dahua's response. On the positive side, Dahua is clearly trying to respond, providing information and help to those impacted. However, Dahua is still ...

red-gate.com 10-4-2017
An introduction to Azure Web Apps on Linux

Azure App Service has now got more versatile because it can now run Linux. Not only can you now run Web App for Containers, and publish Docker containers to Azure, but there is built-in support for ASP.NET Core, Node.js, PHP and Ruby on Linux. This allows ...

hypixel.net 10-4-2017
All 200+ms players look like hacking ?

I have a bad connection(200+ms). Sometime I have weird hit on others (3.5-4 block)(Not 4blocking others constantly)(Not hacking),but i really feel bad about this.Many people call hack on me today , and i m worried about getting banned because a guy just ...

The Kittanning Paper 10-4-2017
East Franklin Deals With Insurance Regs & Drone Acquisition

New insurance regulations require East Franklin Township supervisors and their fire department to get together on planned activities. The township’s insurance company wants supervisors to approve in advance all non-fire-related events such as parades or ...

mycarquest.com 10-4-2017
Should We Worry About Hacking Of Autonomous Cars?

Self-driving, autonomous cars are the wave of the future — the perfect example of science fiction becoming science fact. Technology giants like Google and Tesla have been leading the way, producing either completely autonomous cars or vehicles with ...

Lifehacker on MSN.com 10-4-2017
All the Google Pixel 2 Rumors You Need to Know About

The general consensus is that there will be two Pixel 2 phones, a smaller version made by HTC and a larger XL version made by LG (likely similar in design to the LG V30).The Pixel 2 XL is expected to have a 6-inch QHD+ display with Gorilla Glass 5, optical ...



myhdiet.com 10-16-2017
Our Favorite Breakfast Recipes

Cook the pancakes' opposite sides for a few more minutes ... Enjoy a fresh glass or pour it into your favorite organic cereal or granola. This recipe lasts one week in the refrigerator. This breakfast treat by Rhonda Malkmus makes eating the most important ...

thesimpledollar.com 10-16-2017
Questions About Whole Foods, Dumpster Diving, Spices, Health Insurance, and More!

At Whole Foods specifically, their store brand food items – labeled ... I have been to their shop in the past and bought unusual ingredients from them online before and always liked the quality. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of what ...

barbarabakes.com 10-16-2017
Favorite Corn Recipes and Iowa Corn Quest

Here’s a roundup of my favorite corn recipes that I think will become your new favorites ... We ended the trip with a Chopped style cooking competition at the Des Moines Social Club. The competition was followed by a food styling presentation, and ...

featherpixels.com 10-16-2017
Colorful and Easy Sheet Pan Pork Chops Recipe

The sheet pan dinner recipe is extremely versatile. If you cannot find the potatoes listed, use quarter red potatoes instead. If you don't like broccoli, try fresh cut green beans or asparagus. Kari from Craft Create Cook submitted this recipe for us.

jaimelovesstuff.com 10-16-2017
Greek-Style Flatbread Tacos - Recipe

This recipe for Greek-Style Flatbread Tacos is a winner ... When hot, add minced garlic and ground meat. Cook for two minutes and add salt, pepper, and oregano. Cook until no longer pink and cooked thoroughly. Spread flatbread with hummus (if so desired).

sg.theasianparent.com 10-16-2017
My tips and easy recipes for weaning and feeding a fussy infant

Here are three quick and easy recipes that would get their nod of approval ... Add the full cream milk and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Combine the salmon into this mixture. Assemble and bake: Fill a small tin pan or baking dish with the filling, then ...

coastalliving.com 10-16-2017
This World-Class Hawaiian Chef Is Inspiring a Sustainable Food Movement

CL: Your menus are centered around local ingredients, especially seafood—do you import ... the country that have committed to only serving sustainable or traceable food according to their food watch program. But I feel like we’ve got to take it even ...

Pet Peoples Place 10-15-2017
The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Minimalist Limited Ingredient Dog Food For Sale - New and Used

ABOUT BRAVE DEHYDRATED DOG FOOD: A minimalist dog food designed for dogs with touchy tummies and sensitivities to multiple different ingredients. Each box of Brave touts only six grain-free, nutritious ingredients—including Marine Stewardship Council ...

michigansavingandmore.com 10-15-2017
The Edgy Veg Cookbook 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes @SMGurusNetwork

No food is off-limits and everything in the book has received their signature carnivore stamp of approval. With 138 recipes that take vegan cooking to the next level, tips and tricks for eating like an Edgy Veg, and more dad jokes than you can count ...

zeldainformer.com 10-14-2017
Cook Up Your Own Energizing Honeyed Apple with this Recipe

For the foodies out there who also love Zelda and apples, the folks over at Lvl.1 Chef have uploaded a recipe for the Energizing Honeyed Apple dish from Breath of the Wild. The recipe calls for brown, butter, heavy cream, honey, lemon juice, and salt ...

unicornsinthekitchen.com 10-13-2017
The Best Vegetable Strata Recipe

I used chicken sausage for this recipe, you can easily substitute it with vegetarian sausage or simply leave it out completely. Sourdough is great for strata especially if it’s a day old. You can also use sliced bread instead of sourdough. The cooking ...

dashingdish.com 10-13-2017
Converting a Crockpot Recipe to an Instapot or Pressure Cooker Recipe

Save Some Ingredients to Add Add the End. If the recipe has dairy (ie: cheese, milk, yogurt) and /or thickeners (ie: cornstarch, arrowroot), wait until the end of cooking to add these. I typically always do this anyways in all of my recipes, so most of the ...

mlovesm.com 10-13-2017
A 3 Ingredient Fall Treat

These are a 3 ingredient fall treat that I’m sure you’ll love, especially if you’ve given up sugar! Put 1/2 cup pecans into a food processor and pulse a few times. This is going to be the topping so you don't want it too fine or too chunky.

wfu.uloop.com 10-13-2017
Affordable and Fun Recipes for College

And, of course, the spices will last you for a while. This recipe is also a bit more difficult to explain since I don’t measure anything because, thanks to my experience in cooking and working in different restaurants, I know how much of each ingredient ...

fethiyetimes.com 10-13-2017
Recipe Box – Fish and Seafood – Ton Balığı Yahnisi (Tuna Fish Stew)

Pat dry and rub with the salt. Cut into large cubes and set aside. Heat the oil in a large saucepan, add onion and cook while stirring, until soft. Add garlic slices, carrots and peppers and cook for 3 minutes, stirring continuously. Add the tomato puree ...

eastewart.com 10-12-2017
10 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes You’ll fall In Love With This FALL!

No need to roast for 40 minutes-these beets and turnips take less than 10 minutes to tenderize. Nestle the eggs in the pan with the veggies to cook, and you have a nourishing breakfast or dinner. Photo & recipe from Danielle at The Every Kitchen.

thedecoratedcookie.com 10-12-2017
four-ingredient blueberry lemon scones

Or, simply eat them as is, no butter needed, with a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you like this post, you might also like this homemade Starbucks panini. This post for four-ingredient blueberry and lemon scones also appears on Food Fanatic.

lettyskitchen.com 10-12-2017
How To Cook Black Beans in a Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot)

Actual cooking time depends on whether you presoak the beans, and if you let the pressure come down naturally or quick release the pressure. This recipe makes about 4 ½ cups cooked beans and 3 cups delicious broth. Rinse and pick over the beans ...

houseandgarden.co.uk 10-12-2017
The Best Egg Recipes

So keen are we on the humble egg, our food editor Blanche Vaughan has written a cook book called 'Egg: The Very Best Recipes Inspired by the Simple Egg' and we've included some of the book's recipes below.

halaal.recipes 10-12-2017
Ginger Chicken And Corn Soup / My Recipe

now add in the water and allow this to boil for 15 minutes , then add the knorr soup paste and allow to cook until nice and thick add the sweetcorn and dhania (coriander) and cook for another 5 minutes . What did you think of the recipe?

Woman's Day on MSN.com 10-12-2017
15 Easy Crockpot Recipes That Kids Will Actually Eat

Get the recipe. Tools you'll need: $25, Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Portable Slow Cooker, amazon.com Shells loaded with veggies and cheese cook perfectly in a crockpot for an easy, fuss-free dinner. Get the recipe. Tools you'll need: $25, Hamilton Beach 6-Quart ...

Austin Monthly 10-12-2017
7 Recipes from Austin Food Bloggers to Put you into the Fall Spirit

They’ll be gone so fast you’ll have to keep cooking them all season. Who said pecan pie was only for Thanksgiving? Start baking the nostalgic treat now with this rich recipe from Camille Styles, which features a flakey all-butter crust and a sweet ...

flatlandkc.org 10-12-2017
Recipe | Lasagna-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

This dish takes 10 minutes to prep and cooks for 55 minutes. Each serving is 1/4 of the recipe. Here’s the nutritional information per serving: 215 calories, 6g total fat (3g sat fat), 538mg sodium, 17.5g carbs, 3.5g fiber, 7.5g sugars ...

Good Housekeeping on MSN.com 10-11-2017
25 Rice Bowl Recipes That Make Cooking Dinner Almost Too Easy

These rice bowl recipes are hearty, flavorful and can be whipped up in under an hour. Korean red pepper paste kicks up the heat on this time-saving slow cooker recipe. Bonus: It's also under 500 calories! Get the recipe for Spicy Sesame Rice Bowls » Get ...

bigelowteablog.com 10-11-2017
Sweet! Bigelow Tea-Infused Recipes

Tea-infused recipes are all the rage in the culinary world and now even home cooks are trying their hand at incorporating tea flavor sensations into their own recipes. Natalie developed a recipe for London Fog cupcakes, an ode to her London Fog Latte ...

South Hill Enterprise 10-11-2017
5 easy seafood recipes sure to impress your guests

These six recipes from StarKist Selects in extra virgin olive oil ... This dish doesn’t require much effort to create a lot of “wow” — just 10 minutes of prep time and 20 to cook. Lox on a bagel is an iconic New York treat, and you can borrow ...

journal.ky 10-11-2017
Health forum addresses processed foods, cancer, chronic diseases

Level 3 starts to describe processed foods that have two, three and four ingredients, usually from the first two categories, but processed to be more convenient and more packaged, food ready to fry, Bodden says. “You might eat a salad, for example ...

thedatingdivas.com 10-10-2017
101 Best Instant Pot Recipes & Ideas

19. Pot Roast (Fav Family Recipes) – A staple for any crockpot, this “Sunday” version is perfect to have in your cooking arsenal. 20. Faux-tisserie Chicken (Cooking with Curls) – Cook a whole chicken and put all those parts to good use… you ...

Food Epedia 10-10-2017
Crock Pot Recipes To Warm Up With

Ideal for entertaining or for supper after work, all of these recipes can be made within a slow cooker, like the Crock Pot, which means you can create nutritious family meals which can be left cooking while you are out, ready to be enjoyed when you step ...

learningnews.com 10-10-2017
Totara cooks up a recipe for LMS success at Learning Technologies Asia

Totara Learning will be exhibiting at the first ever Learning Technologies Asia exhibition and conference in Singapore from 7th-8th November 2017, where they will be helping attendees get the right ingredients in place for their learning management system.

soufflebombay.com 10-10-2017
The Ultimate List of Recipes to Make with Pulled Pork

Fall is here and Winter is coming (GOT anyone??) and that means lots of time spent in the kitchen cooking up soups, comfort foods and game day eats! Today I am sharing The Ultimate List of Recipes to Make with Pulled Pork. This post is sponsored by ...

chinasichuanfood.com 10-10-2017
Chinese Herbal Soup Ingredients

This is a post introducing the ingredients for Chinese herbal soups ... salad or soups. Chinese yam is a famous food remedy in Chinese cuisine, has multiple efforts on spleen, lung and kidney. It can boost energy and alleviate bodily weakness.

swansonvitamins.com 10-9-2017
Food Labels: Taking the Fright Out of Scary-Sounding Ingredients

Besides the teeny size and hard-to-find location, food ingredient labels can be filled with scary-sounding, Halloween fright-worthy names. There is no need to shudder or wonder about mysteriously sounding food label ingredients. A little food label name ...

www.acedarspoon.com 10-9-2017
20 Recipes to Make With a Bag of Lentils

They can be used in so many different ways when it comes to cooking from soups, to side dishes, to a taco filling, to salads. The list goes on and on. One of my all-time favorite recipes that I have shared on my site is my Moroccan Carrot Red Lentil Soup ...

theaccidentalpm.com 10-9-2017
The Secret To Marketing Packaged Foods

More specifically, they look at the list of ingredients that goes into what they are buying. If it’s too long, then they won’t buy it. What this means for packaged food product managers is that they now have to find ways to change their product ...

Flicks and Bits 10-9-2017
Specialty Food Ingredients Market Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast 2017 – 2025

Specialty Food Ingredients Market, By Ingredient Type, Application and Region – Growth, Future Prospects, and Competitive Analysis, 2017 – 2025, the specialty food ingredients market was valued at US$ 71.6 Bn in 2017, and is expected to reach US$ 169 ...

blackandmarriedwithkids.com 10-9-2017
Quick & Easy Penne Pasta Recipe and 2 Tips to a Happy Wife

I must hand it to my wife. She does all the grocery shopping and she keeps our house stocked with all the staples that I need to make the kids a healthy meal that does not take me long to cook — no complex recipes for me. For instance, she makes sure ...

Overlawyered 10-9-2017
FDA: “‘Love’ is not a common or usual name of an ingredient.”

The Food and Drug Administration gets all dour and bureaucratic about a granola maker’s listing of “love” among its list of ingredients: “Your Nashoba Granola label lists ingredient ‘Love,’…‘Love’ is not a common or usual name of an ...

sketchysloth.com 10-9-2017
Campfire Pizza Nachos – Recipe

This Campfire Pizza Nachos recipe is a crowd pleaser every time we go camping ... Place over the open fire and cover. Cook until the cheese is nice and bubbly and the veggies are warm, about 5-8 minutes.

Style Caster 10-7-2017
19 Easy Stir Fry Recipes to Make All Fall

Oh, you know, just the fact that it took minimal ingredients to prepare, hardly any time at all, and requires almost no cooking experience ... Click through the slideshow for all the stir fry recipe inspo and ideas you’ll need to motivate you to make ...

santabanta.com 10-6-2017
Review: Chef dishes out a perfect recipe for dainty relationships

Roshan, who hails from a middle class Chandni Chowk family, is attracted towards cooking from the age of ten and aspires to learn cooking from the 'chole bhature wala chacha' in his neighbourhood and become a chef much to the chagrin of his father who ...

thecreativityexchange.com 10-6-2017
Creative Sheet Pan Recipes

via My Latina Table In this Sheet Pan Beef and Broccoli recipe, tender beef and roasted broccoli cook in a delicious sauce. via Eazy Peazy Mealz A sweet, spicy, and savory sauce coats tender flank steak and crisp green beans in this flavorful Sheet Pan ...

buildingourstory.com 10-6-2017
12 Must Try Apple Recipes For Fall

All of these look simply amazing right? It is hard to pick a favorite which means I will be trying them all! Time to find an apple orchard and get picking!! Which of these Fresh Apple Recipes will you be trying this fall?

Wesleyan Argus 10-6-2017
Cooking With Cormac: Must-Bake Pavlova

To be honest, a child could make a Pav. I know, because I did it (with my mum). Even so, the following recipe, based on Nigella Lawson’s “Nigella Christmas,” should be enough to convince you that a Pavlova is a must-bake. Heat the oven to 360°F.

angusrobertson.com.au 10-6-2017
Maggie's Recipe for Life

I have two great passions – sharing my love of cooking delicious simple food and improving the ... lifestyle diseases it is what we eat today that matters. These are my recipes for every day, for everybody, full of deep flavours and beautiful ingredients ...

foodnetwork.co.uk 10-5-2017
81 Chilli Con Carne Recipes

Some like it hot; others have it with fries. Whichever way you choose to make yours, try injecting some fresh inspiration into your cooking with one of these recipes: Dragon's Breath Chilli con Carne cranks it up a notch for those who consider themselves ...

jewishbookcouncil.org 10-5-2017
The Modern Jewish Table: 100 Kosher Recipes from around the Globe

Is it the combination of red chili and grated nutmeg, perhaps? In the same vein, the book would have benefited from the addition of recipe-specific cooking techniques, and tips for recipe modifications. While an entire introductory section is dedicated to ...

brooklynbased.com 10-5-2017
Take a cooking class at One More Bite

The first is a kids cooking class with Tiny Turnips Kitchen ... You’ll sample Chef Elana’s dishes and get recipes to take home. Tickets for this demo class, which includes admission to One More Bite for the entire family, are also $40.

thecreativebite.com 10-5-2017
25+ Healthy Weeknight Crock Pot Recipes

Whether you are trying to wrangle the kids to get their homework done or you just want to hit the couch and relax, cooking often ends up at the bottom of the priority list. With these Healthy Weeknight Crock Pot Recipes, we have got you covered with lots ...

Alibi 10-4-2017
Food News

And even if each ingredient in their kits comes from an organic ... they’ll be back in the fall with tasty new dishes for you to prepare. Robert Hoberg, the Food and Nutrition Coordinator at Rail Yards Market, hopes that this new program will be an ...

www.ucpress.edu 10-4-2017
A History of Cookbooks: Recipes in Verse

Typical for the recipes in this book is that they can be sung, as they were written to well-known tunes from light and popular music genres. Referring to himself as a cook, the alleged author made excuses for the bad rhymes in his verses, which he said ...

yellowtrace.com.au 10-4-2017
Design Food: Raw Ingredients.

We’re back with our second instalment of mini content series in association with Smeg, which sees us exploring the intersection of food and design. (You can visit our previous article on Culinary Architecture here.) As an Italian company committed to ...

alexandracooks.com 10-4-2017
How to Cook Chickpeas and Beans from Scratch: Brining Method

I’ve never looked back. I wrote about it in this post for Marcella Hazan’s Stewy White Beans, but I thought the bean brining-and-cooking method could use its own post for simplicity. Recipe is below, but here’s a visual step-by-step guide ...

aturtleslifeforme.com 10-4-2017
Easy Potato Recipes for Fall

Inexpensive and it does the job quickly! Stoneware– When I’m baking my potatoes (like the parmesan wedge recipe above), I always cook my potatoes in stoneware. It gives it a nice crispy edge, and just tastes better. Cast Iron Skillet– For frying ...