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pulsemedia.org 9-22-2018
Julian Assange Reveals: Holocaust Denier Is a Trusted ‘Friend’

That was the line in March 2011, per a statement from WikiLeaks, released amid what the head of the former transparency organization reportedly claimed was a Jewish-orchestrated campaign to smear him. Israel Shamir has never worked or volunteered for ...

heraldscotland 9-22-2018
Hundreds of peace campaigners stage rally at nuclear submarine base HMNB Clyde

Hundreds of peace campaigners have gathered at the home of the UK’s nuclear deterrent for an international rally. Around 600 demonstrators holding banners and waving CND flags and Saltires walked from the peace camp at Faslane in Argyll and Bute to the ...

Iraqi News 9-22-2018
SDF captures 50 persons in Manbij for working with ISIS and regime

Aleppo (Syria News) The Syrian Democratic Forces militia (SDF), on Saturday, arrested 50 persons, on different charges, including working with the Islamic State group and communicating with the Euphrates Shield factions, in the villages of al-Qubba and al ...

WQOW 9-22-2018
Hundreds walk for heart disease & stroke in Eau Claire

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Carson Park was full of red shirts on Saturday morning as hundreds of people walked to raise money for heart disease and stroke prevention. According to the walk’s website ...

Saudi Gazette 9-22-2018
Role of youth in future of nuclear industry tackled

VIENNA, Austria —The International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Permanent Representation to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) facilitated a discussion on the role of young people in the future of the ...

WAPT Jackson 9-22-2018
ALS Assocaition hosted walk to defeat the disease

The ALS Association hosted an annual walk today to fundraise for care services, advocacy, education, and research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis The walk took place at Trustmark Park from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and was free to attend. Registration began ...

Psych Centra 9-22-2018
The Neuroscience of Marijuana

The neuroscience of cannabis has advanced at a remarkable pace. While it’s a complicated story, the basic effects of marijuana on our brains are pretty well established and fairly easy to grasp.

GoLocalWorcester 9-22-2018
10 New Human Cases of West Nile Virus Hit MA in 2018

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced ten new human cases of West Nile Virus in the state this year. That brings the total number of human cases acquired in Massachusetts to 24. ``We’ve seen four times more West Nile virus human cases ...

Eastcountytoday.net 9-22-2018
West Nile Virus Persists: More Mosquitoes, A Bird, Chickens Test Positive

Since 2005, 63 Contra Costa County residents have been diagnosed with West Nile virus. In 2006, two people died from the disease. For current human case information, please contact Contra Costa ...

The Link 9-22-2018
Canadian Sikh Does His Part To Help People Freed From ISIS Control As Part Of International Sikh Effort With Khalsa Aid

Boota Singh from Victoria decided to travel overseas to help people recover from the hardships they now face. Singh is in the northern part of Iraq for one week in Erbil, with the international humanitarian group Khalsa Aid. VICTORIA – A Canadian Sikh is ...

Boca Beacon 9-22-2018
Is West Nile virus a concern in Boca Grande?

The Florida Department of Health has issued a mosquito-borne illness advisory for residents and visitors. The first U.S. cases were reported in New York City in 1999, and the first reported case in Florida was in 2001. All 48 contiguous states have now had ...

Sharyl Attkisson 9-22-2018
58 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

It wasn’t true. CNN’s Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb reported that Donald Trump Jr. conspired with WikiLeaks in advance of the publication of damaging Democrat party and Clinton campaign emails. Many other publications followed suit. They had the date wrong ...

health-womens.com 9-21-2018
How Soon Will Saudi Arabia Turn to Nuclear Energy?

How Soon Will Saudi Arabia Turn to Nuclear Energy? While a growing number of countries have announced their civilian nuclear energy ambitions over the past twelve months, no other country is likely to have more of a psychological impact on the nuclear ...

KNEB 9-21-2018
Another Roger Stone associate meets with Mueller grand jury

Stone has been under scrutiny from the special counsel in part because of statements he made in August 2016 which political opponents allege showed he knew that WikiLeaks was going to leak damaging information on former secretary of state and Democratic ...

WindAction 9-21-2018
Nuclear, wind companies competing to sell Connecticut 'zero carbon' energy

Bids from companies offering to supply electricity to Connecticut without producing harmful carbon air pollution – including the Millstone nuclear plant and an ocean windfarm – are now under review by state energy officials. Connecticut’s so-called ...

Naples Daily News 9-21-2018
Potential medical marijuana facility in Immokalee at center of fire code exemption question

Potential medical marijuana facility in Immokalee at center of fire code exemption question North Collier Fire wants guidance on whether a proposed medical pot grow facility in Immokalee would be exempt from a section of the state fire code. Check out this ...

WOUB Digital 9-21-2018
Mail Carrier Caught In Sting Stealing Marijuana From Packages

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) – Federal authorities say an Ohio mail carrier has been arrested during a sting operation and charged with mail theft for opening a package containing marijuana. A court ...

philosoraptor.blogspot.com 9-21-2018
Grand Frer Regarde Vous*: Judge Orders Le Pen To Have Psychological Testing For Posting Pics Of ISIS Murders

This is completely f*cking insane. I mean...it takes a lot these days to actually, physically make my jaw drop...but this did the goddamn trick. Per Instapundit: France: partying like it's 1789... *Or something like that. I can stammer out like virtually ...

Winging It In Motown 9-21-2018
Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green has liver-attacking virus, will see infectious disease specialist

It looks like we know what’s going on with Mike Green and his fatigue issues. Jeff Blashill updated his veteran defenseman’s status today. #RedWings Blashill said Mike Green has a virus that is attacking his liver and will see infectious disease ...

Blog for Arizona 9-21-2018
The FOX News presidency is a threat to U.S. national security

[In other words, replicating the Russia interference campaign from 2016.] To Democrats, the situation has eerie similarities to 2016, when WikiLeaks’ slow-drip daily release of internal Clinton campaign emails hobbled Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and ...

Universe Today 9-21-2018
Inside the Crust of Neutron Stars, There’s Nuclear Pasta; the Hardest Known Substance in the Universe

Ever since they were first discovered in the 1930s, scientists have puzzled over the mystery that is neutron stars. These stars, which are the result of a supernova explosion, are the smallest and densest stars in the Universe. While they typically have a ...

KFDA-TV 9-21-2018
Mosquito tests positive for West Nile virus in Potter County

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo Environment Health and Public Health Departments have confirmed a mosquito caught in a trap in Potter County has tested positive for West Nile virus. Health officials say there have been no reports this year of ...

Journal-Courier 9-21-2018
Tick-borne virus reported in state

A Kankakee resident has tested positive for Heartland virus, the first reported case in Illinois. Reported cases of the tick-borne Heartland virus disease are relatively rare. Likely spread by the Lone Star tick, more than 30 cases of Heartland virus ...

WCBU 9-21-2018
Don't Forget About Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy has a significant presence in Illinois, with 11 reactors spread across six plants. Together, they provide about 11.8 gigawatts of power to the entire state. That's enough for millions of homes -- or, as any "Back to the Future" fan knows ...

Paulick Report 9-21-2018
Four Additional Cases Of West Nile Virus In KY Horses

The University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Lab has confirmed an additional four cases of West Nile Virus in Kentucky. One horse was a 15-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse in Boyle County that had not been vaccinated for the disease. The horse was ...

uk.investing.com 9-21-2018
Utility Engie warns on profit impact from Belgian nuclear outages

PARIS (Reuters) - French gas and power group Engie (PA:ENGIE) warned on Friday that the extension of outages at its Belgian nuclear plants will push its 2018 net recurring income to the low end of its 2.45-2.65 billion euros (2.2-2.3 billion pounds ...

The Inquisitr News 9-21-2018
An exclusive report shows that Kremlin had made plans for Assange to escape the UK during Christmas.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was to be secretly whisked away from London’s Ecuadorian embassy all the way to Russia, an explosive report in the Guardian claims. The purported plan, which was to be carried on Christmas Eve of 2017, never materialized ...

SouthFront 9-21-2018
ISIS Claims Its Fighters Killed Hundreds Of Syrian Soldiers In Damascus Desert In Two Months

In the last two months, ISIS fighters killed more than 500 soldiers and officers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during clashes in the Damascus desert, according to an infographic which was released by ISIS newspaper al-Nab’a. Furthermore, the terrorist ...

Trefis 9-21-2018
How Cronos Group Is Growing Its Core Medical Marijuana Business

Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON), a vertically integrated marijuana company, has seen its stock price rise by over 70% over the last six months. While the rally has largely been driven by the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes in Canada ...

In Homeland Security 9-21-2018
Brooklyn Man Charged With Taking Terror Trip To Middle East To Enlist In ISIS

A Brooklyn man was busted on federal charges after his plan to join ISIS forces in Syria fell through last summer, court documents revealed Wednesday. Rasheedul Mowla, 21, was nabbed by the FBI after his return to Kennedy Airport from a June 2017 trip to ...

Institute for Public Accuracy 9-21-2018
Suing Over Israeli Nuclear Coverup That’s Allowed $222 Billion in Funding

Next week, Trump is expected to focus on Iran and North Korea during a session of the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, official Washington refuses to admit that Israel has a nuclear weapons arsenal, see video of Pence and others. Thursday, at the State ...

Orthodox Union 9-21-2018
Threats from Iran Lead Israel to Reinforce Nuclear Sites

Israel is upgrading its nuclear sites in light of “repeated and explicit threats” made by Iran to attack them, a nuclear official said. Zeev Snir, director-general of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission, addressed this issue in a speech to a meeting ...

Safe Snack Guide 9-21-2018
One Resident’s Cannabis Allergy vs Another’s Need for Medical Marijuana

A condominium board in Mississauga, Ontario is grappling with the conflicting needs of its residents, namely how to accommodate the use of medical marijuana while protecting a woman with a life-threatening allergy to cannabis. Adele Schroder, 38 ...

news.obiaks.com 9-21-2018
Uganda prepares for nuclear energy

Uganda has expressed readiness to embark on nuclear energy project to meet the increasing demand of electricity, Mr. Simon Giu D’Ujanga, Uganda’s State minister for energy, unveiled the plan at the International Atomic Energy conference in Vienna, Austria.

Global Biodefense 9-21-2018
Fundamental Research to Counter Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Weapons

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) seeks to identify, adopt, and adapt emerging, existing and revolutionary sciences that may demonstrate high payoff potential to Counter-WMD (C-WMD) threats, including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear ...

KRMG 9-21-2018
Police find cocaine, meth, marijuana, guns near school

VERDIGRIS - A house full of drugs and loaded guns was found on Thursday near a school in Verdigris. Officers at the scene tell us they recovered cocaine, meth, marijuana and Xanax in the home of James Kent Patrick Hill. A neighbor states she's glad Hill is ...

Ukrainian Journal 9-21-2018
Ukraine buys $248.1-mln worth of nuclear fuel in January-July

Ukraine in January-July of this year purchased nuclear fuel for a total of $248.103 million, which is 9.8% less than for the same period in 2017 ($275.114 million). According to the State Statistics Service, during this period Ukrainian nuclear power ...

albertonrecord.co.za 9-21-2018
THC in marijuana removes a toxic protein linked to Alzheimer’s from the brain

WATCH. Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. Scientists have found preliminary evidence that THC and other compounds found in marijuana can promote the cellular removal of amyloid beta, a toxic protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease. 3 hours ago Salk ...

howafrica.com 9-21-2018
South Africa: Here are the Men Marijuana Made Into Millionaires and Billionaires

A surge in the share prices of cannabis companies have made millionaires, and even billionaires, out of investors. The pot-stock boom is expanding across the industry, with the most extreme example, Tilray Inc, seeing its shares catapult about 13-fold in ...

file.scirp.org 9-21-2018
Reshaping Agriculture Using the Nuclear Techniques: The Pakistan Case

Agriculture has been the backbone of the development throughout the human history. It helps us in the production of foods, clothing and the raw materials for the old and modern industry, details in the refs. [1] - [6] . Nuclear agriculture refers to the ...

cleanupcityofstaugustine.blogspot.com 9-21-2018
The Plot to Subvert an Election: Unraveling the Russia Story So Far (The New York Times)

In an election with an extraordinarily close margin, the repeated disruption of the Clinton campaign by emails published on WikiLeaks and the anti-Clinton, pro-Trump messages shared with millions of voters by Russia could have made the difference ...

energypost.eu 9-21-2018
Nuclear activist Shellenberger learns to love the bomb

For decades, the nuclear energy industry denied any connection between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. In recent years, however, writes Jim Green, nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth Australia, the industry has turned around and started openly ...

Daily Inter Lake 9-21-2018
Lawmaker urges Ecuador to strip Assange of citizenship

QUITO, Ecuador — An Ecuadorian lawmaker on Thursday urged authorities to strip WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of his Ecuadorian citizenship, charging that there were “irregularities” when it was granted. Paola Vintimilla of the conservative Social ...

sifutbol.com 9-21-2018
Korean leaders visit sacred volcano amid nuclear talks

"The North has made a decision to permanently abolish the Tongchang-ri engine test site and missile launchers with experts from relevant countries in attendance", South Korean President Moon Jae-in said. Moon said North Korea's agreement to allow global ...

The Taos News 9-21-2018
Enviro brief: Nuclear board to meet in Taos

The Northern New Mexico Citizens' Advisory Board will be meeting in Taos Wednesday (Sept. 26) from 1 to 5:15 p.m. Why does this matter? The board, appointed … You have exceeded your story limit for this 30-day period. For access to an additional 3 ...

hilo.hawaii.edu 9-20-2018
Workshops inform Hawaiʻi teachers about Rat Lungworm Disease

Hawaiʻi teachers will have the opportunity to participate in the collection of data on Rat Lungworm Disease (RLW) as well as gain a better understanding of the potentially deadly disease at a series of workshops this fall, co-sponsored by the University ...

Newsweek 9-20-2018
Marijuana Growth Blocked By Church in Georgia: "What Is the Use of the Economy If We Lose Our Children?’

The former Soviet republic of Georgia wants to legalize the cultivation and export of medical marijuana, but has faced strong opposition from the country’s religious leaders. Georgia’s ruling party introduced legislation in parliament this week ...

WSB Radio 9-20-2018
Alzheimer's Disease Expected to Double by 2060

Alzheimer's disease is projected to double by 2060, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based in Atlanta. Kevin Matthews, Ph.D., health geographer and lead author of the study with the CDC’s Division of Population ...

Tech-FAQ 9-20-2018
How Do Nuclear Power Plants Work?

A nuclear power plant works in the same way that a coal power plant works. Heat is generated which causes water to turn into steam. This steam turns a turbine which causes a generator to spin which generates electricity. However, a nuclear power plant does ...

Architectural Record 9-20-2018
Climate Summit Highlights States’ Commitment to Combating Global Warming

In San Francisco last week, international businesses leaders, governors, and mayors, stepped up their commitments to combat global warming at the Global Climate Action Summit. The event signaled to the world that although the Trump Administration has ...

FOX Illinois 9-20-2018
2 dead from West Nile Virus in Illinois this year

Two people in Illinois have died in 2018 due to the West Nile Virus, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. So far this year, there have been 68 human cases reported in Illinois.

Crime Feed 9-20-2018
Cody Wilson, 3-D Printed Gun Activist, Charged With Sexual Assault Of A Child

The activist has described his idea to reporters as “Wikileaks for guns.” A July settlement allowed Wilson to re-release his plastic gun’s downloadable blueprints, giving anyone with access to a 3-D printer the ability to create their own so-called ...

afghanistan-analysts.org 9-20-2018
‘Isis will be looking for targets’: guns and fear mark Afghan Ashura

AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted here: “In 40 years of war, Afghanistan hadn’t seen mass sectarian violence until the rise of ISKP [the regional Isis affiliate],” said Kate Clark from the Afghanistan Analysts Network thinktank. “It’s struck at the ...

TrinidadAndTobagoNews 9-20-2018
US sanctions 2 Trinis over ISIS terrorism

TWO Trinidadian men were yesterday sanctioned by the US Treasury Department for suspicion of financing ISIS. This now triggers local authorities to initiate civil proceedings that can see the assets of both men seized. Emraan Ali, 51, a Syria-based TT-US ...

gmwatch.org 9-20-2018
Phasing out pesticides is the chance for Europe to heal its environment and economy

Meanwhile, the body of evidence is also growing on the economic impact: a recent study found that the health costs associated with exposure to chemical substances including pesticides in the everyday environment could exceed 10% of the global gross ...

San Clemente Times 9-20-2018
Wavelengths: The Surf Virus and Fig Jam Pizza

Owning a restaurant in a surf community means hiring surfers. In San Clemente, young men who want flexible schedules and a fun work environment comprise the predominantly available employee pool. Most days, the morning surf satisfied my waiters and cooks ...

Kansas State University 9-20-2018
Veterinary researchers and Anivive license antiviral drug for fatal cat disease

College of Veterinary Medicine virologistsYunjeong Kim, front, and Kyeong-Ok "KC" Chang are part of a collaboration working on commercial development of an antiviral compound for the deadly cat disease feline infectious peritonitis. | Download this photo.

guardian.co.tt 9-20-2018
Move to freeze 2 Trini ISIS agents' assets

JavaScript is disabled in your web browser or browser is too old to support JavaScript. Today almost all web pages contain JavaScript, a scripting programming language that runs on visitor's web browser. It makes web pages functional for specific purposes ...

Energy Live News 9-20-2018
Global warming of just 2°C ‘won’t be n-ice for the Antarctic’

Antarctic warming of just 2°C could melt the largest ice sheet in the world. That’s the verdict from scientists at Imperial College London, who suggest the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS), often referred to as the ‘sleeping giant’, has previously ...

sinodaily.com 9-20-2018
'High uncertainty' hurting global growth, OECD says

Global expansion is likely to slow as tensions kickstarted by US President Donald Trump's protectionist policies hit world trade, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said Thursday. "Global GDP growth remained solid in the first half ...

Colgate 9-20-2018
The ABCs of Treating Periodontal Disease

If you've been diagnosed with periodontal disease, the good news is that it often can be treated successfully. The first nonsurgical step usually involves a special cleaning, called "scaling and root planing," to remove plaque and tartar deposits on the ...

San Diego Reader 9-20-2018
Autoimmune Disease Seminar

Autoimmune disease symptoms don’t always announce their arrival loudly. Many people slowly develop autoimmune conditions without even realizing anything is wrong. And the road to a diagnosis can be long and frustrating. Join Dr, Javier Jurado and find ...

assembly.coe.int 9-20-2018
Committee demands greater safety guarantees for nuclear power stations

A PACE committee has spelled out a series of steps governments should take to improve the safety of nuclear power stations in Europe – and minimise the risk of accidents or terror attacks. The Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable ...

bridgewater.wickedlocal.com 9-20-2018
As many as four retail marijuana shops could open in Beverly

The process of preparing for recreational marijuana sales to take place in the City of Beverly has begun, and on Tuesday, the public was invited to learn exactly what that entails. Mayor Michael P. Cahill, Planning Director Aaron Clausen and City Solicitor ...

Star Magazine UK 9-20-2018
Avril Lavigne releases first single after Lyme disease battle

The Canadian singer, 33, has been teasing her music comeback for months, and revealed earlier this month (Sep18) that her long-awaited single, Head Above Water, would be released on 19 September. The Sk8er Boi hitmaker hasn't released any new music since ...

bankunderground.co.uk 9-20-2018
‘The world turned upside down’: How the global economy was hit by the crisis

For the global economy, it was the best of times, and then it was the worst of times. Buoyed by very strong growth in emerging markets, the global economy boomed in the mid-2000s. On average, annualised world GDP growth exceeded 5% for the four years ...

Cadillac Evening News 9-20-2018
Law officials across Michigan oppose marijuana ballot proposal in joint conferences

CADILLAC — Law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys and Michigan residents across the state have joined forces to speak out against the ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana. In six locations across Michigan, including Evergreen Resort in ...

Bruegel 9-20-2018
Backstage: Developing the EU-China relationship amid rising global trade tensions

Following a conference at Bruegel, at a critical moment for the global economic system, Bruegel director Guntram Wolff is joined by Zhang Weiwei, director at The China Institute of Fudan University, together with Bruegel senior fellow Alicia García ...

Tahlequah Daily Press 9-20-2018
Attorneys discuss medical marijuana in workplace

When Oklahomans decided to legalize medicinal marijuana, it created some public confusion regarding its use in the workplace. To address the uncertainty, the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a legislative briefing Tuesday, during which Chris ...

https//btcmanager.com 9-20-2018
Blockchain Has Potential, but Still “Too Young” to Support Global Supply Chain

blockchain is a technology that could the potential to shake up the global supply chain. However, a blockchain solution to all of the problems supply chains face is still a long way ahead. During the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China on September 19 ...

africabusinesscommunities.com 9-20-2018
East Africa economy best performing in the continent, ICAEW report

African Financial & Economic Data has been Gathered by Emerging Market and Global Market Data Expert Exchange Data International. African Financial & Economic Data is a powerful resource that has been collated from multiple sources to provide you with an ...

The Delaware Gazette 9-20-2018
Kidney disease not slowing Karlo down

Senior Taylor Karlo didn’t think she was going to get to play this season for the Olentangy Liberty volleyball team. She was diagnosed with autosomal dominate polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) at the end of the club season in June. ADPKD is a disease ...

bridgetmarys.blogspot.com 9-20-2018
"A Nuclear Bomb Inside the Vatican" By Jennifer Finney Boylan, New York Times

I am not a Catholic, but the Holy City filled me with awe. I wonder what its leader thinks of me, though. “What do you think?” I asked my wife, as I looked in the mirror. We were on our way to the Vatican. “Does this outfit make the right statement?”

KWWL 9-19-2018
West Nile Virus, what to look for

This year is already ranking second in the number of confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in the state of Iowa. So far there have been 73 cases and three of them were fatal. Karmyn Larsen, a certified medical assistant at Waverly Health Center said it can be ...

oyccanarias.com 9-19-2018
North Korea ‘maintaining nuclear weapons programme’ - United Nations envoy

If Johnson causes an upset against Cilic, Coric will play against Davis cup debutant Frances Tiafoe in a deciding rubber. Croatia will now take on defending champions France in November's final, which will be hosted by the French.

China Digital Times 9-19-2018
Xinjiang Human Rights Crisis Draws Global Condemnation

But the western democracies are not without leverage and influence, from the use of economic sanctions to political and moral pressure applied across a range of international platforms.

USGS 9-19-2018
Fish & Wildlife Disease

OverviewSince its discovery in 2007, the fungal disease known as white-nose syndrome (WNS) has killed more than six million bats. Ten of 47 bat species have been affected by WNS across 32 States and 5 Canadian Provinces. The cold-growing fungus ...

Radio Free Asia 9-19-2018
North-South Korean Summit Deal Appears to Revive Nuclear Diplomacy

The leaders of North and South Korea reached a broad agreement Wednesday on denuclearization and missiles, winning plaudits from U.S. President Donald Trump but leaving difficult diplomacy and the question of Pyongyang’s demands on Washington for future ...

UAB 9-19-2018
UAB joins ranks of national Udall Centers of Excellence in Parkinson’s disease

The Alabama Udall Center will be led by David Standaert, M.D., Ph.D., the chair of the Department of Neurology and an international leader in Parkinson’s disease. “UAB has a long history of important research in Parkinson’s disease,” said Standaert ...

environewsnigeria.com 9-19-2018
Global goal to end poverty by 2030 unlikely – World Bank

“The global poverty rate is now lower than it has ever been in ... The world is not giving enough aid – with many countries missing a UN target of spending 0.7 per cent of economic output on aid – or directing it toward those most in need, the ...

Nylon 9-19-2018
Avril Lavigne Returns With New Song About Lyme Disease Battle

Is it 2018 or 2008? It’s hard to tell judging from the current pop culture landscape. Ashlee Simpson is back on the Billboard charts, The Hills is getting a reboot, and Avril Lavigne just ...

Africa.com 9-19-2018
Gates Foundation Report Says Demographic Trends Threaten Global Progress

In the past, large youth populations have helped drive economic growth and poverty reduction ... the report tracks 18 data points from the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals, including child and maternal deaths, stunting, access to ...

Fidelity Investments 9-19-2018
US and global cycles maturing

US economic growth remains healthy. Global expansion continues, but with growing evidence of slowing momentum in developed and emerging economies. China's economy remains in an expansionary phase, but risks of a growth recession continue. Broad-based US ...

Voice of America Editorials 9-19-2018
Destroying the Remnants of ISIS

The code has been copied to your clipboard. The URL has been copied to your clipboard Operations to rid Iraq and Syria of ISIS remnants are well underway, said Colonel Sean Ryan, Spokesperson for Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve.

Michigan Athletics 9-19-2018
Scholar Stories: Kleedtke Engineering Future in Nuclear Science, A.I.

Continuing the popular series that began in 2016-17, each Wednesday MGoBlue.com will highlight a Michigan student-athlete and their academic pursuits. These are our Scholar-Athlete Stories, presented by Prairie Farms. It is not uncommon for people to have ...

fee.org 9-19-2018
How Game Theory Can Help Prevent Disease Outbreaks

When multiple passengers on a flight from Dubai to New York recently were taken ill with flu-like symptoms, the plane was understandably quarantined. It’s not too hard to imagine how international travel could quickly help spread a new disease around the ...

Royal Society of Chemistry 9-19-2018
Using cerium to combat global warming

A new catalyst could capture and transform carbon dioxide – creating useful chemicals from a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is perhaps the most notorious of the greenhouse gases – contributing to global warming and indirectly causing extreme weather ...

Akron Beacon Journal 9-19-2018
Stow school district dealing with hand, food and mouth disease

STOW — Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools have confirmed that “several cases of hand, foot and mouth disease” have been found among the students, according to a message sent today to parents. “We would like to reassure you that the health and safety of ...

EWN Sport 9-19-2018
What we can learn from ISIS about using the internet to counter terrorism

In 2014, Areeb Majeed, a young man from Kalyan, Maharashtra, attempted with three others to travel to Syria to join the so-called Islamic State. His pro-ISIS radicalisation happened online, via ...

just3rdway.blogspot.com 9-19-2018
(Another) Global Debt Crisis

According to Dr. Harold Moulton, president of the Brookings Institution from 1928 to 1952, backing the reserve currency of a nation with government debt gives the government much more control over the economy than ... harbinger of a global meltdown waiting ...

Rapid City Journal 9-19-2018
THEIRS: Lawmakers conceal medical marijuana process in N.D.

It’s no secret that when the Legislature tackled the medical marijuana initiative approved by voters they made a lot of changes in the measure. One of the changes was to throw a cloak of secrecy ...

thedomains.com 9-19-2018
L.A. based Marijuana magazine lets domain expire sells for $10,500

The 420 Times allowed it’s domain to expire and it closed at $10,500 on GoDaddy auctions on Tuesday. From the Huffington Post, THE 420 TIMES is a Los Angeles homegrown medical marijuana and natural healing magazine, distributed throughout Southern ...

The Star Democrat 9-19-2018
Son's drug use started with alcohol, marijuana

I am a mom of a son who once struggled with addiction. It all started in middle school with alcohol and marijuana. The drug use escalated in high school. As my son sprained his ankle playing basketball, then again playing football, he was put on Percocet ...

CGIAR 9-19-2018
Economic Growth, Convergence and Agricultural Economics

CGIAR is a global research partnership for a food secure future dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources.

alantonelson.wordpress.com 9-18-2018
(What’s Left of) Our Economy: Now That It’s a Real China Trade War….

As widely observed, at risk from continued China policy failures are the nation’s security and future as global technology leader – which ... My own candidate for such a strategy – economic disengagement from China. The main reasons?

accesswire.com 9-18-2018
CBD Oil From Organic Hemp Wins Top Rating From Leading Marijuana Business Directory

ASBURY PARK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / September 18, 2018 / A pure CBD oil sourced from organic hemp has won a top rating from MarijuanaWerx, a leading marijuana business directory serving the cannabis business community in the United States and Canada, see here ...

The Jackson Sun 9-18-2018
Arrestees mistake hemp for marijuana in theft bust

Axel Javier Rivera was arrested Monday for allegedly stealing hemp, which he thought was marijuana. (Photo: Submitted) Two men were arrested in Weakley County Monday after they attempted to steal what they thought was marijuana from a hemp farm. Axel ...

RAND Corporation 9-18-2018
Can U.S. Pressure Lead to A New Iran Nuclear Deal?

One of President Donald Trump's chief foreign policy objectives is to strike a deal with Iran to end or significantly reduce the regime's ballistic missile and nuclear programs and regional activities. To this end, the administration has pulled the United ...

The Sports Daily 9-18-2018
Matt Barnes admits he smoked marijuana before every NBA game

It’s no secret that former NBA forward Matt Barnes is a cannabis aficionado, as he’s been outspoken about the topic since retiring from the league, and has become an advocate of sorts. Barnes played for nine NBA teams during the course of his 14-year ...

Fr. Z 9-18-2018
Card. Müller: “the real danger to today’s humanity is the greenhouse gases of sin and the global warming of unbelief”

Was was alerted to an item in German. It seems that Gerhard Ludwig Card. Müller gave quite the sermon last Saturday in Rome for the ordination of Michael Sulzenbacher, SJM. But the Church, founded by God and made up of human beings, is, according to its ...

stke.sciencemag.org 9-18-2018
Going nuclear with stress

A mitochondrial-derived peptide regulates nuclear gene expression in response to metabolic stress. Most mitochondrial proteins are encoded by nuclear genes (see Mangalhara and Shadel). Kim et al. characterized a peptide encoded by the mitochondrial genome ...

IPM 9-18-2018
Dogs enlisted to sniff out disease in citrus trees

The Citrus Research Board is arranging to bring specially trained dogs to the UC Lindcove Research and Extension Center to test their ability to sniff out the devastating citrus disease huanglongbing, reported Bob Rodriguez in the Fresno Bee. CRB president ...

pro.creditwritedowns.com 9-18-2018
The US-Chinese trade war and a slowing global economy

In today's daily post, I want to put the US - China trade war front and center and ask whether it matters to growth. The news, of course, is that US President Trump slapped tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese products yesterday. And, unlike in earlier ...

Daily Targum 9-18-2018
Rutgers team develops wristband that analyzes bloodstream for disease indicators

A team at Rutgers has invented a wristband that could potentially revolutionize health care. The wristband contains small wires that can analyze and count the number of red and white blood cells in the bloodstream, according to a paper published in ...

apolitical.co 9-18-2018
Move over GDP: global happiness rankings are the metric of the future

Meanwhile, a global movement for transforming current economic models to one based on well-being is gathering support. “While we know a lot more about happiness, happiness as a whole has not improved” It’s true that we now know a substantial amount ...

U.S. Department of State 9-18-2018
Africa: U.S. is Africa's 'Ideal Partner' for Promoting Democratic Institutions & Economic Growth

As the global economy becomes increasingly intertwined and Africa represents a larger share of global trade, I firmly believe that American companies can and should have deeper ties to the continent, which can also lead to our values and way of doing ...

PolitiFact 9-18-2018
Donald Trump wrong about Puerto Rico death toll from Hurricane Maria

In this Sept. 28, 2017, file photo, debris scatters a destroyed community in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. (AP) As Hurricane Florence battered the Carolinas, President Donald Trump stirred a tweetstorm of his own creation by ...

pattayatoday.net 9-18-2018
Sixty killed by dengue virus nationwide this year: Public Health Ministry

Some 58,000 people in total have fallen ill because of the dengue virus since the beginning of the year, with 60 of them having died as a result. Opas said the infection rate was 0.14 per 100,000 of the population, which was higher than what is deemed to ...

Wyatt Investment Research 9-18-2018
IPO Alert: New Pot Stock for the Marijuana Buyout Boom

On Thursday, a new Canadian “pot stock” will go public. It’s designed to profit from the Marijuana Buyout Boom. The company is called Canopy Rivers. It’s going to be a brand-new company. Click here for my urgent briefing (it’s LIVE). Canopy ...

Pew Research Global 9-18-2018
A Decade After the Financial Crisis, Economic Confidence Rebounds in Many Countries

The nations included in the survey account for roughly two-thirds of the global gross domestic product. Roughly two-thirds of Americans (65%) say the U.S. economy is in good shape. The U.S. public’s assessment of the American economy is up from 17% in 2009.

Ms. 9-18-2018
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is Zooming in on Women’s Global Economic Empowerment

When looking at the towering list of problems the world faces, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation often finds themselves asking: What is the best way to create real and sustainable change? This summer, the data driven NGO, now in its eighteenth year ...

Banking Exchange 9-18-2018
French Bank Posts Positive Forecast for Global Economy

BNP Paribas projected a positive forecast for 2019 despite worries by the experts that the global economy is ready for some rougher days ahead. Five things we can learn from the report. The world’s 8 th largest bank projects that the U.S. GDP growth will ...

92 Q 9-18-2018
Coca-Cola Is Talking About Making A Marijuana Infused Soft Drink

Coca-Cola is talking about possibly making a Marijuana-infused drinks. According to CNN, Coke said in a statement Monday that it is “closely watching” the growth of CBD, a non-psychoactive component in marijuana, as an ingredient in what it called ...

Free Times 9-18-2018
Two Columbia Birds Test Positive for West Nile Virus; Spraying in Rosewood, Northeast Downtown

The City of Columbia announced Monday that two dead birds have tested positive for West Nile Virus, and that the city will spray for mosquitoes in the affected areas beginning Sept. 18. "The first area (Spray Area 1) includes the Neighborhoods of ...

New York Times on MSN.com 9-18-2018
In North Korea, shouts for reunification greet South’s leader

South Korea President Moon Jae-in was greeted by throngs of North Koreans as he arrived in the North on Tuesday for a summit with Kim Jong Un.

KnoxPages.com 9-18-2018
West Nile Virus found in Knox County horse

MOUNT VERNON -- The Knox County Health Department has been notified by the Ohio Department of Health that a local horse has tested positive for West Nile virus. The local health department is also awaiting confirmation of encephalitis in a child and two ...

Daily Republic 9-18-2018
Vacaville mosquito sample tests positive for West Nile Virus

VACAVILLE — A mosquito sample collected in Vacaville has tested positive for the West Nile virus, according a press release from Solano County. The sample was collected mid-August. The California Department of Public Health as of Sept. 13 reports that ...

Erie News Now 9-18-2018
Virus Outbreak Closes Local Cat Shelter

A Millcreek animal shelter is dealing a with a deadly virus outbreak. According to the Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary's Facebook page, they won't be taking in or adopting out cats for a while. They say they're dealing with a fast-moving virus called ...

Talksport 9-18-2018
Bolton defender Stephen Darby announces retirement after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease

Bolton defender Stephen Darby has been forced to retire from professional football after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. The 29-year-old received the diagnosis from a specialist ...

WHBL 9-18-2018
DNR asks hunters to help fight chronic wasting disease

UNDATED (Wisconsin Radio Network) - The Department of Natural Resources wants your help tracking chronic wasting disease by getting samples from your harvested deer. DNR wildlife health section chief Tami Ryan says the large scale sampling that takes place ...

Public Radio Tulsa 9-18-2018
The Broken Arrow City Council To Take Up Marijuana Regulations

The Broken Arrow City Council at Tuesday night’s meeting will consider adopting two ordinances that designate permissible zoning areas and licensing requirements for medical marijuana dispensaries, commercial growers and marijuana processors operating in ...

Round News 9-18-2018
Marijuana-infused drinks could be produced by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has intention to produce cannabis-infused drinks, with cannabidiol, or CBD, the chemical in marijuana believed to relieve pain and anxiety, according to a statement, but no decision was made yet. The extract is already found in alternative ...

The Edge 9-18-2018
Malaysia has no plans for nuclear power plant — Tun M

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 18): The government has no plans to pursue nuclear power to generate electricity in Malaysia, amid the risk associated with it, says Prime Minster Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He said although the cost of energy production through nuclear ...

Erie Times-News 9-18-2018
Erie cat shelter closed temporarily while volunteers battle virus

The Orphan Angels cat shelter and adoption center on West Lake Road is temporarily closed while volunteer staff battle a fast-moving virus. The panleukopenia virus, related to canine distemper, killed six cats recently accepted at the shelter, director ...

NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News 9-18-2018
Breath Test Device May Help Diagnose Early-Stage Parkinson’s Disease

A team of scientists at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has developed a device they say can detect early-stage Parkinson’s disease using a breath test. In a July study published in the scientific journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, the ...

JAMA 9-18-2018
Accuracy of the Pediatric End-stage Liver Disease Score in Estimating Pretransplant Mortality Among Pediatric Liver Transplant Candidates

1 Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2 Department of Biostatistics, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3 Department of Clinical and Translational ...

Africanews 9-18-2018
Private use of marijuana not a criminal offense - South Africa ConCourt

The constitutional court in South Africa on Tuesday delivered a judgment that private use of marijuana, locally referred to as dagga, is not a criminal offence. “The right to privacy is not confined to a home or private dwelling. It will not be a ...

The Ecologist 9-18-2018
Climate action means changing technological systems - and also social and economic systems

The history of plastics illustrates these points well. The availability of cheap fossil fuels in the post-war economic boom produced the first jump in output. Global plastics output was one million tonnes in 1949, six million tonnes in 1960 and 100 ...

Watchers 9-18-2018
"Unusual event" declared at Brunswick Nuclear Plant, North Carolina

An "unusual event" has been declared for Brunswick Nuclear Plant located just outside of Wilmington, North Carolina on September 17, 2018. This is the area where Hurricane "Florence" recently made landfall, causing 'historic and unprecedented' flooding.

Roosevelt Institute 9-18-2018
Seven Strategies to Rebuild Worker Power for the 21st Century Global Economy: A Comparative and Historical Framework for Policy Action

Is globalization good or bad for workers? One view sees it as an inevitable and desirable process of making economies more efficient: It may displace workers in the short run, but it has the potential to make them richer in the long run. Another view sees ...

Global 9-18-2018
IMF: Global Expansion still strong but less even

The Authority For US Companies Doing Business Globally. IMF: Trade tensions and protectionist policies are on track to derail global economic growth. Trade wars could reduce global output by around 0.5 percent—$400 billion—by 2020. IMF report judges ...

The Facts 9-18-2018
OUR VIEWPOINT: Nuclear option for clean power gaining support

With the price of natural gas and oil having dropped significantly in recent years, their use has become more affordable for generating electricity. In the last decade, natural gas has closed in ...

bitcoinwarrior.net 9-18-2018
Harvard’s Rogoff: Next Global Crisis To Originate From China

That’s absolutely a point of honor or ability in the global economy to the point that I remember him for his view this time it’s different. You talk about the Spanish spin who’s your model. You know he’s walking around trying to say medieval Europe ...

Daily Hampshire Gazette 9-18-2018
Anti-nuclear groups urge action against national waste dump

With closure and dismantling of the Yankee Atomic plant in Rowe and now Vermont Yankee and other New England nuclear sites pretty much a fait accompli, watchdog groups like Citizens Awareness Network are focused on the one tremendous remaining issue: the ...

The Daily Tar Heel 9-18-2018
These 3 UNC students are fighting global warming with seaweed and algae

On Sept. 15, three UNC students pitched their startup, Phyta, to a panel of world leaders at the United Nations conference after winning regionals for the Hult Prize startup accelerator program. The business — founded by senior Eliza Harrison, senior ...

Four Winds 10 9-18-2018
Emergency declared at Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina… all personnel blocked from entering the facility as 'hot shutdown' under way

Full details of the event are found at this NRC.gov nuclear power plant alert page, which states: UNUSUAL EVENT DUE TO SITE CONDITIONS PREVENTING PLANT ACCESS “A hazardous event has resulted in on site conditions sufficient to prohibit the plant staff ...

jamiegraymusic.wordpress.com 9-18-2018
‘Nuclear Pasta’ May Be Strongest Known Material – Geek.com

“What the fuck is nuclear pasta?”, you asked? Oh… You didn’t ask? Well now you know anyway. Well, you CAN know if you read this article. Or sort of know. I mean, I’m not sure I fully grok it…at least not yet. But I DO know you wouldn’t serve ...

943wsc.iheart.com 9-18-2018
ROUND 3: North and South Korea to Hold THIRD SUMMIT Over Kim’s Nuclear Program

Leaders and high-ranking officials from North and South Korea launched their third international summit this week with the hopes of kick-starting the recently stalled denuclearization talks. South Korean President Moon Jae-in is poised to cross the de ...

med.stanford.edu 9-18-2018
Inexpensive testing spurs cancer patients’ relatives to assess own disease risk

An online initiative offering low-cost genetic testing to relatives of people with genetic mutations that increase their risk of cancer encourages the “cascade” testing that can help to identify healthy people at risk of the disease, according to a new ...

KFYO News Talk 790 AM 9-17-2018
First Report of West Nile Virus in Hockley County

The Texas Department of State Health Services has confirmed the first human case of West Nile virus in Hockley County. KAMC News reports the virus was found in someone who was a blood donor.

CEB Inc. 9-17-2018
Connecticut Court Approves Medical Marijuana User’s Employment Discrimination Claim

A recent court ruling has added to the small but growing pile of jurisprudence at the intersection of marijuana legalization and labor law. In a decision handed down on September 5, a federal court in Connecticut found that Bride Brook, a federal ...

upliftingtoday.com 9-17-2018
Experts Warn That Rare Monkeypox Virus Is Reappearing

Experts are warning that a rare deadly virus is making a comeback. The monkeypox virus comes from western and central Africa, but two unrelated cases of it reported in the United Kingdom in the past few weeks. As they confirmed the diagnosis, Public ...

American Society on Aging 9-17-2018
How CranioSacral Therapy Helps with Prevention and Reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease

There has been an ongoing debate about the causes and prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease for decades. We know there is currently no known cure for Alzheimer’s, despite billions of dollars being spent to find a solution. In the upcoming Sept. 27 webinar ...

The Washington Post on MSN.com 9-17-2018
Turkey and Russia agree on ‘de-militarized zone’ in Syria

The two nations announced Monday they will establish the zone in Syria’s Idlib province to separate rebels from Syrian government troops.

WJCT News 9-17-2018
Fourth Human Case Of West Nile Virus Confirmed In Duval County

The Duval County Health Department Monday issued a mosquito-borne illness alert for Duval County. Public Health officials have confirmed a fourth human case of the West Nile virus in Jacksonville ...

Daily News Egypt 9-17-2018
Minister of agriculture agrees to strengthen economic cooperation with Polish delegation accompanying ‘Time for Apple from Europe’ campaign

The Minister of Agriculture Ezz El-Din Abu Steit met with the official delegation accompanying the campaign to explore avenues of collaboration and strengthening economic cooperation ... of EU agricultural products and global standards for apple production.

R Street Institute 9-17-2018
The demise of US nuclear power in four charts

William Murray cited in The Conversation: Now that the industry is in dire straits, a range of ideas for revivifying it are being hotly debated across the industry and in Congress. In my view, while some of these ideas happen to rely on modest, well ...

Star-News 9-17-2018
BRUNSWICK COUNTY: Duke Energy nuclear plant mostly inaccessible

Duke Energy's nuclear plant in Brunswick County is now inaccessible due to flooding, which has left workers stranded. Highways 87, 133 and 211 to get to the Southport facility are all mostly impassable, although a few have braved the elements and made it ...

Yakima Herald-Republic 9-17-2018
Two arrested after authorities raid suspected marijuana grow

GRANGER, Wash. – Two men were arrested after officers with a drug-enforcement task force uncovered a suspected marijuana grow operation near Granger. An agent with the Law Enforcement Against Drugs task force using an airplane spotted the grow near the ...

wyomingbusinessreport 9-17-2018
Landmark advanced nuclear legislation passed

WASHINGTON – On Thursday, Sept. 13, the US House passed the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act (NEICA). According to a summary on congress.gov, "This bill amends the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to revise the objectives of the civilian nuclear ...

LunaticOutPost 9-17-2018
Emergency Declared At Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant In North Carolina, "Hot Shutd

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is being tight-lipped about an “unusual event” which occurred at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant last Saturday which forced a “hot shutdown” of both the plant’s Generation IV-type reactors 1 and 2. The NRC classified ...

newsdesk.si.edu 9-17-2018
Eelgrass Wasting Disease Has New Enemies: Drones and Artificial Intelligence

Researchers Launch First Coast-Wide Seagrass Health Study From Alaska to San Diego With $1.3 Million Grant September 17, 2018 Every year, the world loses an estimated 7 percent of its seagrasses. While the reasons are manifold, one culprit has long ...

Kmaland 9-17-2018
West Nile Virus detected in KMAland

(Glenwood) -- While saying it's not a reason to panic, one KMAland health official says the West Nile Virus is spreading in the region. The Iowa Department of Public Health reports 73 cases of the disease so far this year. That ties 2002 as the second ...

The Daily Record (Maryland) 9-17-2018
Centrus has agreement with S. Korean firm for nuclear power cooperation

A Maryland nuclear fuel and services for the nuclear power industry is looking to work more closely with a South Korean engineering, procurement and construction contractor. Complete access to ...

blogs.ei.columbia.edu 9-17-2018
Center on Global Energy Policy Launches Carbon Management Research Initiative

Rapidly advancing technologies hold promise for addressing global warming through removing, storing, and utilizing CO2. Under the right conditions, these technologies could create a new carbon economy larger than that of renewable energy. Unlocking the ...

SentinelOne 9-17-2018
5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Anti-Virus

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that cyber threats are on the increase, and the requirement to have an effective security solution has never been more pressing as advanced hacking techniques continue to proliferate in the wild. With the market awash with ...

New Times Broward-Palm Beach 9-17-2018
Curaleaf Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Deerfield Beach

It’s been a roller coaster couple of years for medical marijuana in the Sunshine State. With some hefty legal battles in the rear-view mirror, things are kicking in to a new gear for a lot of players in the budding (pun totally intended) industry.

The Christian Post 9-17-2018
Evangelical Prison Chaplain Says ISIS Radicals Hijacked His Bible Classes, Tried to Convert Him

A Christian prison chaplain, who last year was forced out of his position, said Islamists took over the Bible classes at the London prison he served at. Evangelical pastor Paul Song, who has recently been reinstated by HMP Brixton in London following an ...

EURACTIV 9-17-2018
European Parliament warns of the dangers of Lyme disease

MEPs have called for the EU to set out guidelines on Lyme disease, a condition transmitted by ticks affecting between 650,000 and 850,000 Europeans every year and whose diagnosis remains unclear. EURACTIV France reports. Whether it is ineffective diagnoses ...

Arkansas Business 9-17-2018
Where Medical Marijuana Collides With Worker Safety

Two conflicting trends are hitting the United States: a continuing shortage of qualified or willing candidates for truck driving jobs, and the increasing state-level legalization of medical or recreational marijuana. The two trends certainly don’t mix.

Trend 9-17-2018
Turkmen delegation to participate in UN regional economic forum

The Turkmen delegation will participate in the economic forum and session of the ... of countries in conditions of rapidly changing global processes, the SPECA said in a message.

press.pwc.com 9-17-2018
Study identifies over 65 ways blockchain technology can fix global environmental challenges

“If history has taught us anything, it is that these transformative changes will not happen automatically,” said Dominic Waughray, Head of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Global Public Goods. “They will require deliberate collaboration ...

Alton Daily News 9-17-2018
Federal Court Ruling On Illinois Nuclear Power

A federal appellate court ruling upheld Illinois’ law directing hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies to nuclear plants and other green energy incentives. The ruling from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals says that Illinois’ Future Energy ...

stockguru.com 9-17-2018
Hospital Lighting System Market to Reach $7,755.4 Million by 2023: P&S Intelligence

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to the market research report published by P&S Intelligence, Global hospital lighting system market has been witnessing considerable growth, mainly due to the factors, such as growing demand for ...

The Irrawaddy 9-17-2018
Myanmar to Sign UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

NAYPYITAW — Military representatives to Myanmar’s Parliament discussed in favor of signing the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) during the parliamentary session on Friday. As lawmakers debated President U Win Myint’s ...

The Standard 9-17-2018
Pollution and disease outbreak

Poor waste management is an issue of concern not only for its impacts on the environment, but also on human health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that about a quarter of the diseases facing mankind today occur due to prolonged exposure to ...

The Coffs Coast Advocate 9-17-2018
Aussie woman guilty of joining ISIS

AN ADELAIDE woman has been found guilty of being a member of the Islamic State terror group. A Supreme Court jury returned the verdict against 23-year-old Zainab Abdirahman-Khalif on Monday after three hours of deliberations. The court previously heard ...

Sci-News 9-17-2018
Higher Dairy Consumption Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

According to investigators from the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study, dairy intake of around three standard servings per day is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality, compared to lower levels of consumption.

Environmental Protection 9-17-2018
NRC Resumes Review of Application to Build Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility in Texas

NRC is accepting additional public comments through Oct. 19 on environmental issues to be considered in its environmental impact statement, and the agency has given stakeholders until Oct. 29 to request a hearing. Sep 17, 2018 The Nuclear Regulatory ...

Peninsula Clarion 9-17-2018
Cannabis industry meeting raises concerns over Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office

Cannabis cultivators, retailers, consumers squeezed into a small Kenai living room Wednesday night to discuss ongoing problems within the marijuana industry and to come up with solutions to address them. Amy Jackman, a cannabis business consultant with AK ...

venganza.org 9-17-2018
Nuclear Pasta in neutron stars

Scientists in Portugal have found spaghetti-like structures in neutron stars, showing more evidence of His Noodly Appendage at work: About a kilometer below the surface of a neutron star, atomic nuclei are squeezed together so close that they merge into ...

eslkevin.wordpress.com 9-17-2018
Central bankers are now aggressively playing the stock market. To say they are buying up the planet may be an exaggeration, but they could

Central bankers are now aggressively playing the stock market. To say they are buying up the planet may be an exaggeration, but they could. They can create money at will, and they have declared their “independence” from government. They have become ...

The Daily Free Press 9-17-2018
Marijuana farmers consider legal action over agreements with host communities

A group representing marijuana farmers in Massachusetts is planning a lawsuit against the Cannabis Control Commission in an effort to urge them to review controversial host community agreements. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/ DFP FILE The Massachusetts Grower ...

Hoosier AG Today 9-17-2018
African Swine Fever Virus Found in Belgium and Spreading in China

Belgian authorities confirmed that the African Swine Fever Virus has been found in their country. That’s adding to increasing worries about the virus moving into western Europe. The trade association website meatingplace.com says the country’s food ...

The Boxing Observer 9-17-2018
Brunswick Nuclear Plant shutting down

The locations of nuclear power plants in North and SC. After the Fukushima disaster, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission forced United States plants to adjust their safety requirements. "The magnitude of the storm is beyond what we have seen in years ...

okcfox.com 9-16-2018
Scientists: World's warming; expect more intense hurricanes

But determining the role of global warming in a specific storm such as Hurricane Florence or Typhoon Mangkhut is not so simple — at least not without detailed statistical and computer analyses.

thoughtscapism.com 9-16-2018
Nuclear is a Crucial Piece of the Carbon-Free Puzzle

The findings of the recent MIT study bear repeating: to achieve a carbon-free grid, exclusion of nuclear would make the effort much, much more expensive. the team’s analysis shows that the exclusion of nuclear from low-carbon scenarios could cause the ...

The Australian 9-16-2018
The era of global trade hits a bump

Global institutions like the International Monetary Fund ... and ideas,” IMF managing director Christine Lagarde said recently. “This economic integration, or globalisation, has delivered tremendous prosperity to the world.” Although the rise ...

India Forums 9-16-2018
Mumbai Police gives a SAVAGE REPLY to Uday Chopra's Marijuana Tweet

Recently, Uday Chopra took to Twitter to express his views on legalizing Marijuana in India. He took to Twitter and addressed Marijuana as a "part of our culture", further adding, "it has a lot of medical benefits." He tweeted, "I feel India should ...

richest 9-16-2018
Why nuclear energy should be part of Africa’s energy mix

Africa has the least nuclear power of any continent in the world, with the exception of Australia where nuclear power is banned. All the largest economies in the world have nuclear power as part of their energy mix. Over the past decade opposition to ...

sis.gov.eg 9-16-2018
Egypt's economic reforms have made investment climate more attractive

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla said that the economic and legislative reforms taken by ... He underlined that Egypt's recent reforms had encouraged global companies to increase their investments in the country.

Armed robbery in Revesby 9-16-2018
Moon Jae-in seeks to break nuclear deadlock at Pyongyang summit

South Korean President Moon Jae-in travels to Pyongyang this week for his third summit with Kim Jong Un, looking to break the deadlock in nuclear talks between North Korea and the United States. Moon — whose own parents fled the North during the 1950-53 ...

KIOW 9-16-2018
Iowa West Nile Virus Activity Highest Since 2003

West Nile virus cases have hit the second highest number since the mosquito-born virus was identified in Iowa in 2002. The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) reports 73 cases of West Nile virus are under investigation. The highest year was 2003, when ...

planitpurple.northwestern.edu 9-16-2018
Bill DeGrado (UCSF): Structure, mechanism and pharmacological inhibition of membrane proteins from influenza A virus M2 proton channel to integrins

The M2 proton channel from influenza A virus is an essential component of the viral envelope, and this protein is required for acidification of the inside of the virus once engulfed by the endosome. M2 is also the target of the anti-influenza drugs ...

The Media Line 9-16-2018
Senior Israeli Minister Threatens Strikes On Iranian Nuclear Facilities

Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz threatened to unleash the military on Iran if the mullahs continue pursuing their nuclear program. The comments came after Iranian atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi announced the completion of a new facility at the ...

resident360.nejm.org 9-16-2018
Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease

How is aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease managed? Aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD) is characterized by mucosal swelling of the sinuses and nasal membranes, formation of polyps, and asthma. But unlike most patients with identical ...

Planet Free Will 9-15-2018
Never Go Nuclear — The EU Goes After Hungary

If there is one thing people with power always do when confronted with intransigence it is they always go nuclear. As a parent we’ve all been there. That moment when your child calls your bluff on a particular thing you’ve been arguing over and you ...

NJTV 9-15-2018
Applicants vie for six new medical marijuana dispensary licenses

Competition from organizations vying for one of the new medical marijuana licenses is intense. One hundred forty-six applicants are hoping to bring a medical marijuana dispensary to a town near you. New Jersey’s Department of Health has a little under ...

Ghanaweb.com 9-15-2018
Ghana’s economic fundamentals stronger; credit ratings upgraded from B- to B - S&P Global

The global and international credit ratings agency, Standards and Poor (S&P) Global has affirmed Ghana’s stronger macroeconomic fundamentals. The rating agency has upgraded Ghana’s credit score from ‘B’ minus to ‘B’ with a stable outlook.

Deadspin 9-15-2018
Disease-Carrying Vermin Still A Little Too On-The-Nose As Coincidental Mets-Adjacent Phenomenon

The Red Sox, healthy, secure, surging toward the best season in franchise history, played with the toy skeleton of a rat in their dugout Friday night, mounting it on the dugout wall and putting ...

Techviral.net 9-15-2018
This $7000 Virus Can Hack Your Bank Accounts!

Tech Viral is an all-rounder in the tech field. We work hard to serve you first and best of all and to satisfy your hunger for Technology. Here you will be updated with latest tech-related tech/hacker news, hacking tutorials related to various security ...

Camp Verde Bugle 9-15-2018
Virus affecting some deer in Yavapai Hills area near Prescott

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department has confirmed a disease event affecting some mule deer in the Yavapai Hills community and surrounding areas near Prescott. After receiving reports in recent weeks from residents who observed deer that ...

The Panda's Thumb 9-15-2018
Paper is rejected twice: Cure is worse than disease

A professor of mathematics, Theodore P. Hill, devised what is sometimes called a toy model to help explain why males of our species display greater variability than females. He submitted the paper to two journals in succession, and both rejected the paper ...

Shift Frequency 9-15-2018
Norway Police Discover Belongings Of Missing WikiLeaks Staffer

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – Norwegian police have found the belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate Arjen Kamphuis at sea in Northern Norway, three weeks after he mysteriously disappeared. Arjen Kamphius, a Dutch citizen who served as WikiLeaks’ cyber ...

pinkvilla 9-15-2018
Mumbai Police gives bang on reply to Uday Chopra on His "Legalize Marijuana" Tweet

Well, the Internet is a nice place to put your thoughts out and Bollywood actor Uday Chopra took the opportunity. Mumbai Police surely knows how to put stern advice and concern with wit in their tweets. Their tweets can scare and entertain you at the same ...

RiverheadLOCAL 9-15-2018
Suffolk health officials report first human case of West Nile Virus and more positive mosquito samples

Fifteen new mosquito samples in Suffolk County have tested positive for West Nile virus, the county health department announced yesterday. The samples were collected between Sept. 3 and 9 from a dozen locations across the county, including Aquebogue ...

The Gulf Today 9-15-2018
UAE launches student competition on nuclear development

VIENNA: The Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna has launched the first National Nuclear Science for Development Student Competition in cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Education, the ...

350.org 9-15-2018
10 Years On – the climate crisis is an economic crisis

It made the root cause of the climate crisis unmistakably clear: fossil fuel companies are planning to burn more than five times more fossil fuels than is possible to stay below 2°C of global warming. And here’s where the connection with the economic ...

The Paducah Sun 9-15-2018
5 arrested in Paducah, charged with marijuana trafficking

Five people were arrested and another was charged Wednesday morning after Paducah Police found approximately 26 pounds of drugs with estimated street value of $65,000. Pierre Moore, 30, and Leonard Bradley, 31, both of the 700 block of South 11th Street ...

Economic Times 9-15-2018
Get ET Markets in your own language

Uninsured vehicles are spreading like an epidemic. Now a new insurance policy might have a solution to check it. A weakening rupee exposes cracks in India Inc's hedging strategy Sep 11, 2018 Blockchain without cryptocurrency is sexy. Ripple is proving that ...

KPCNews 9-15-2018
Dispelling heart disease myths

With heart disease and hypertension prevalent in northeast Indiana, Leshia Howell, community nurse for the Parkview Noble Center for Healthy Living, wanted to debunk some common heart myths. Myth: I’m too young to worry about heart disease. “How you ...

eNCA 9-15-2018
Stringent measures needed to save SA economy: Mabuza

South Africa’s economy is lagging behind compared to the global picture. The government wants state-owned enterprises to lead the charge in socio-economic infrastructure development and for the private sector to drive investment. READ: SA will bounce ...

nrdc.org 9-15-2018
Global Climate Action Summit: More Feast, Less Food Waste

The Milan Pact promoted strategies and actions for mitigating global warming gas emissions and the impacts of climate change on urban food systems; access to reliable, adequate, safe, diversified, fair, and healthy food for all; protection of biodiversity ...

WGEM News 9-15-2018
Bike Ride raises awareness about rare skin disease

A man who's biking across the country to raise awareness for a deadly disease stopped in Quincy Friday night. Robb Freed calls it "The Big Ride." He started in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, made his way to Seattle and is eventually headed to Coney Island ...

english.vov.vn 9-15-2018
Vietnam’s processed coffee looks to create a buzz in global markets

Several businesses have set up strategies to help their processed coffee products win the trust of global consumers, given their belief that Vietnamese coffee has the strength and potential to do so. Illustrative photo Facing consumers’ fear of unsafe ...

National Psoriasis Foundation 9-14-2018
Psoriasis and diet: researchers examine the relationship between food and your disease

NPF's medical board publishes a paper on diet recommendations for people with psoriatic disease. Evidence shows that what you eat can help mitigate symptoms. Adam Kiraly-Liebendorfer Adam Kiraly-Liebendorfer is a freelance journalist and medical student at ...

advancingthescience.mayo.edu 9-14-2018
The rising tide of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Liver disease? Me? I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. Okay, so I don’t exercise that much, and where did all these candy bar wrappers come from? Anyway, I thought liver disease was just for alcoholics? These are question many Americans ask when diagnosed ...

Poker Sites 9-14-2018
Is Titan poker OK or virus?

Titanbet has merged with winner.co.uk that is why it is not working. I tried to play on there the other day and the update kept failing and when I looked into it, that is what I found. Apparently you can't login with your password that you have for titan ...

The Collegian 9-14-2018
More mosquitoes with West Nile Virus found in southern Indiana

West Nile virus can not spread from person to person. The first person to die in 2018 from the West Nile Virus passed away in Greenville County, according to a statement Monday from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. Seventeen cases ...

Rolling Stone 9-14-2018
Canadians Who Work in Marijuana Industry Risk Lifetime Ban From the U.S.

Meanwhile, in the United States, there’s significant momentum behind marijuana legalization, as states have continue to pass laws which override the federal ban. Nine states, including several that share a border with Canada, have legalized recreational ...

Horse Talk 9-14-2018
Horse tests positive for Hendra virus in northern New South Wales

A four-year-old Arab cross horse which tested positive for the dangerous Hendra virus in Australia has been euthanised. The horse, which had not been vaccinated against the virus, was located in New South Wales at Tweed Heads, just south of the Queensland ...

Nashoba Valley Voice 9-14-2018
EDITORIAL: Cover up, prevent West Nile virus

Though this unusually hot and humid summer is on its way out, the mosquito-borne virus that thrives in that sultry weather remains a threat to humans and animals alike. The West Nile Virus is alive and well, and will likely remain so until we have several ...

Roadside America 9-14-2018
Centers for Disease Control Museum

At the Centers for Disease Control museum, each wall is dedicated to a different disease and efforts to contain it. We found the smallpox instruments and the vaccine machine to be very informative. The Wall of Disease Microbes is a great way to enter the ...

Fort Worth 9-14-2018
Local weather could lead to upswing in West Nile virus activity

Fort Worth has been fortunate this year to have seen low activity in the number of positive West Nile virus cases. However, Tarrant County Public Health reported that there have been four confirmed West Nile virus positive mosquito samples collected this week.

Oil Voice 9-14-2018
America’s Oldest Operating Nuclear Power Plant to Retire on Monday

The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, located 50 miles east of Philadelphia in Forked River, New Jersey, is scheduled to retire on Monday, September 17. The plant first came online on December 1, 1969, making it the oldest commercially operated ...

WISN Milwaukee 9-14-2018
First human case of West Nile virus reported in Waukesha County

The first human case of West Nile virus has been confirmed in Waukesha County. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Waukesha County Department of Health & Human Services advise people to protect themselves from mosquitoes. The majority of ...

USNI News 9-14-2018
China Expanding Economic Influence in Americas, Research in the Arctic

China’s drive for influence in the Western Hemisphere has zeroed in on economic gain ... developed by the United States to establish global stability in the wake of World War II, as the only ...

Home 9-14-2018
BIO @ Global Climate Action Summit to Drive Towards Decarbonization

The annual event convenes leaders, policymakers and people from around the world to celebrate, and share, the extraordinary achievements of states, regions, cities, companies, investors and citizens with respect to stopping global warming and taking ...

St. Helens Chronicle 9-14-2018
Virus outbreak at Scappoose schools

There has been a virus outbreak in the Scappoose schools, mainly at Scappoose High School. Washing ones hands diligently and often can stop it in its tracks. The virus, hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HMFD), is, according to the Mayo Clinic, a mild ...

scienceandtechnologyresearchnews.com 9-14-2018
Fighting the Cold Virus and Other Threats, Body Makes Trade-Off, Says Study

Miserable woman sitting on the bed wrapped in blanket, feeling sick with flu, having fever and blowing runny nose with handkerchief (© stock.adobe.com) The research team used epithelial cells from healthy human donors. The cells were derived from either ...

Palo Alto Weekly 9-14-2018
Global Warming Diet

With Hurricane Florence pounding the east coast, and a week of commitments happening at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, it’s time to remind ourselves of all the ways we as citizens can participate in the reduction of greenhouse gases ...

CSR Wire 9-14-2018
Global Conference on Indigenous Solutions for Environmental Challenges Set for November in Canada

The coalition project would be “intimately connected” to the Paris Accords to reverse global warming trends and also will closely consider the consultative process with Indigenous groups as informed by a recent court decision in Canada suspending ...

Kearney Hub 9-14-2018
Nebraska leads the nation in deadly cases of West Nile virus in 2018

Nebraska has had more deaths from West Nile virus than any other state this year as it experiences a surge in the illness. Hardest hit is the greater Omaha area. Four people have died in Nebraska, said Dr. Tom Safranek, state epidemiologist for Nebraska ...

PRLeap 9-14-2018
Wainwright Marks Management - Risk of Trade War Threatens Global Economic Recovery

(PRLEAP.COM) According to an official forecast from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, global economic growth is on track to increase 0.1 percent next year. Wainwright Marks Management analysts say the OECD downwardly revised its ...

RBTH 9-14-2018
8 Hollywood movies about Russian nuclear submarines

During the Cold War, Soviet nuclear submarines haunted the U.S. Navy like underwater ghosts. And American and European directors continue to take inspiration from the ocean battles between Washington and Moscow’s sub-aquatic monsters. Featuring Harrison ...

Brightest Young Things 9-14-2018
Song Premiere: T-Tops’ “Disease”

D.C. isn’t actually going to be hit by the hurricane, but if we were, I can’t imagine a better song to stare down the eye of a storm than T-Tops “Disease.” Right out of the gate, it’s a full throttle head banger, but T-Tops has no interest in ...

Radio Iowa 9-14-2018
Plans to produce first medical marijuana products in Iowa on schedule

Medpharm Iowa spokesman, Lucas Nelson, says the company’s facility in Des Moines will be ready to deliver medical marijuana products in December. He says work has been right on schedule. “They are going just about as wonderfully as we could have hoped ...

Athol Daily News 9-14-2018
L.P. Athol Corp. finalizes property sale to marijuana business

ATHOL — The Vincent “Bill” Purple/Hartwell families recently inked the sale of their L.P. Athol Corp. property (the former Union Twist Drill building at 134 Chestnut Hill Ave.) to MassGrow LLC, which will redevelop the building complex into a ...

lynn-a.blogspot.com 9-14-2018
Lake Worth Bans future Medical Marijuana dispensaries

In spite of three residents speaking FOR more dispensaries within the city, the top arguments against this were from Mayor Pam Triolo and Commissioner Scott Maxwell. The most compelling argument of the night was from Commissioner Scott Maxwell. Go to about ...

Sunrise Senior Living 9-14-2018
Can Engaging in Alzheimer's Disease Help You Avoid Alzheimer's Disease?

Art therapy has become a proven form of self-expression for people of all ages. It is used in hospitals, schools, assisted living communities, hospice programs, and many other settings. The profession of art therapy has been steadily gaining recognition ...

ABC FOX Montana News 9-14-2018
West Nile virus found in 2 horses in Campbell County

GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) - Officials say West Nile virus has been confirmed in two horses in northeast Wyoming. The Gillette News Record reports Dr. Marshall Kohr of Animal Medical Center of Wyoming says the horses in Campbell County tested positive this week ...

EnglishRussia.com 9-14-2018
ISIS Armored Vehicles Captured During Battle for Oil Fields in Syria on Expo in Moscow

During a battle for the control of oil field “Shaer” Russian army has captured number of heavy modified ISIS armored vehicles. Now they brought them to Moscow and have on display in “Patriot” park for anyone to see. The white numbers and letters on ...

PakWheels 9-14-2018
Toyota ISIS Platana 2007

Our CarSure experts inspect the car on over 200 checkpoints so you get complete satisfaction and peace of mind before buying. PakWheels Car Inspection is a comprehensive inspection service where our team of experts inspects a car on a 200+ points checklist ...

Panorama 9-14-2018
Speculation over fate of missing Dutchman linked to WikiLeaks

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has dramatically escalated his efforts to stop an “epidemic” of teenage... Mirzoyan String Quartet of Armenia named after famous Armenian composer Edvard Mirzoyan will perform a concert in Moscow ...

ajlh.oxfordjournals.org 9-14-2018
Improving access to appropriate post-exposure doxycycline for Lyme disease prophylaxis: role for community pharmacies

Diseases spread by ticks, mosquitoes and fleas more than tripled in the U.S. since 2004. Washington Post 1 May 2018. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/05/01/diseases-spread-by-ticks-mosquitoes-and-fleas-more-than-tripled-in-the-u-s ...

wbhm.org 9-14-2018
A Deadly Virus Threatens Millions Of Pigs In China

Farmer Gao Yongfei is paying much closer attention to his more than 5,000 pigs than ever before. That’s because hundreds of pigs at farms nearby are dying from a mysterious virus, and Gao and his staff are now vigilantly checking his herd for symptoms of ...

ELLE 9-14-2018
Why People Need To Stop Jumping To Conclusions About Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy And Zika Virus

In the lead up to Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry in May, the public was quick to speculate about when the newlyweds would be starting a family. The Duke of Sussex was even forced to address the question of parenthood during the couple's ...

cancerres.aacrjournals.org 9-14-2018
Retraction: Potentiation of the Effect of Erlotinib by Genistein in Pancreatic Cancer: The Role of Akt and Nuclear Factor-κB

This article (1) has been retracted at the request of the editors. Following an institutional review by Wayne State University (Detroit, MI), the primary affiliation for several of the authors, it was determined that the article (1) included falsification ...

Chronicle Online 9-14-2018
Oldham ISIS sympathiser caged following Counter Terrorism swoop

An ISIS sympathiser who collected magazines and articles on terrorist tactics has been jailed. Atiq Ahmed, aged 35, of Copster Hill Road, Oldham was sentenced to four years and six months in prison at Manchester Crown Court yesterday (Thursday) after ...

The Scientist 9-14-2018
Cause of Mystery Mouse Disease Discovered

For decades, an unexplained kidney disease has been striking certain middle-aged laboratory mice. Researchers have finally discovered that it is caused by infection with a novel parvovirus. The newly discovered virus, described in Cell today (September 13 ...

Mission Network News 9-14-2018
The battle to take back Syria from ISIS

Syria (MNN) — ISIS has lost 99 percent of its territory. The American-backed coalition is working to push the remains of ISIS from its birthplace Hajin, Syria. Yet, even with the land area the terror group has lost, it is still considered one of the ...

Smart Company 9-14-2018
WannaCry virus still infecting thousands of Australian computers: Experts warn of another devastating cyber attack this year

It’s been over a year since the malicious ‘WannaCry’ virus devastated businesses around the world, but new data shows thousands of local systems are still affected, and experts are warning of a cyber attack of a similar scale before the year is through.

notimex.gob.mx 9-14-2018
Climate Summit: year 2020, deadline to reverse global warming

San Francisco, Sep. 13 (Notimex).- Scientists warned here at the World Summit on Climate Change that global emissions should peak in 2020 if the planet wants to avoid catastrophic warming. That was the warning launched on Thursday, when a large number of ...

Australia S&P/ASX 200 Stock Market Index 1992-2018 | Data | Chart

Australia S&P/ASX 200 Stock Market Index - actual data, historical chart and calendar of releases - was last updated on September of 2018.

BioWorld 9-13-2018
Boehringer triggers Viratherapeutics option in $245M buyout for oncolytic virus firm

DUBLIN – Another big gun has entered the oncolytic virus fray. Prompted by positive progress in its collaboration with Viratherapeutics GmbH, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH has exercised an option to buy the company outright in a deal worth €210 million (US ...

POWER Magazine 9-13-2018
Appeals Court Backs Illinois’ Nuclear Subsidies

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit on September 13 upheld subsidies offered by Illinois to help struggling nuclear power plants. The court rejected arguments from power producers and some Illinois energy consumers that so-called zero ...

CityLab 9-13-2018
Nuclear Power Plants Brace for Hurricane Florence

The Union of Concerned Scientists has questioned whether two plants, in North Carolina and Virginia, are ready for a megastorm. Two nuclear plants in Hurricane Florence’s path are vulnerable to hurricane-force winds and flooding, according to the ...

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi 9-13-2018
Pelosi Remarks at Global Climate Action Summit Conference

And it was another Bay Area leader, David Brower, who established the League of Conservation Voters. For us, combatting global warming is not an issue. It is an ethic. It is a value. And it is imperative that we act upon that value. For this reason ...

blogs.oxfam.org 9-13-2018
Climate change is a symptom of our broken economy

It's the same economic thinking that produces extreme inequality in our societies, where just a handful of very rich, mostly male elites own more wealth than half the global population! It's the same thinking that prioritises GDP growth above all else ...

Boise Weekly 9-13-2018
Art About Forever: 'Holding What Can't Be Held' Grapples With Nuclear Waste at Ming Studios

With a half-life of 24,110 years, plutonium-239 can be dangerous to humans for five times longer than the oldest continuous civilization in the world, China, has been around. It's toxic stuff, but in 2004, someone digging in a disposal trench at the ...

ICIS 9-13-2018
Global PE trade patterns shift with US, China tariffs – LyondellBasell CEO

NEW YORK (ICIS)--Global polyethylene (PE) trade patterns are shifting and ... However, if the trade war between the US and China drags on, this could hit economic growth rates, he noted. “As it continues, tariffs are essentially a tax and that’s ...

Times Record News 9-13-2018
Mosquitoes in Wichita Falls test positive for West Nile Virus

Mosquitoes in Wichita Falls test positive for West Nile Virus The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District confirmed that a sample of mosquitoes from Wichita Falls tested positive for West Nile Virus. Check out this story on timesrecordnews.com ...

University of Hawaii 9-13-2018
Ebola virus research in Liberia part of Kapiʻolani CC professor’s mission

John Berestecky, a Kapiʻolani Community College microbiology professor, is on a mission in Liberia, and his spirit is unstoppable. This past summer, Berestecky accompanied three Kapiʻolani CC and University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa students to help with ...

Lamar Ledger 9-13-2018
Marijuana seizures on public land in Colorado nearly doubled in 2017

Colorado's forests and mountains aren't just crowded with hikers and their selfie sticks. Last year, the long arm of the law pulled a record number of marijuana plants from public lands in the state. In all, officers uprooted nearly 81,000 plants in 2017 ...

PubMed 9-13-2018
NIH launches initiative to accelerate genetic therapies to cure sickle cell disease

The National Institutes of Health announced the launch of a new initiative to help speed the development of cures for sickle cell disease, a group of inherited blood disorders affecting at least 100,000 people in the United States and 20 million worldwide.

Queens Tribune 9-13-2018
The Legalization Of Marijuana In New York

In early 2018, Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed the state’s Department of Health (DOH) to review the impacts of regulating recreational marijuana on health, the criminal justice system and the economy. In July, the DOH released a report that included its ...

The Design Inspiration 9-13-2018
Fbi virus removal

All images copyright their respective owners. To make every designer's life easier, we decided to feature the best logos, illustrations, websites, photos and patterns from the most talented designers from all around the world. And we would like to make ...

BioSpace 9-13-2018
Boehringer Ingelheim Expands Oncolytic Virus Program and Buys ViraTherapeutics for $245 Million

Heidelberg, Germany-based Boehringer Ingelheim has exercised its option to buy an EMBL Ventures portfolio company, ViraTherapeutics. This follows a collaboration and option deal inked between the two companies in August 2016. Boehringer Ingelheim is paying ...

InvestmentNews 9-13-2018
9 lessons from the global financial crisis

That has largely been the case in the decade since the financial crisis almost tipped the global economy into a prolonged depression that would have devastated livelihoods for at least a generation. But there are also consequential lessons that haven't ...

American Metal Market 9-13-2018
Global Zn, Pb: Chinese zinc premiums fall 17%

Access to AMM.com editorial content is granted to paid subscribers and trialists only. If you wish to have instant access to article content please either subscribe or take a free trial. Find out today why AMM, the original metals price reporting agency ...

Arlington Catholic Herald 9-13-2018
The opioid crisis is 'a family disease'

It was a Saturday night, and Billy was eating pizza and watching the Gators game in the basement bedroom of a sober living home. He called his mom, Judy, to chat and confirm that they would attend Mass together the next day. As he hung up the phone, he ...

HR Dive 9-13-2018
Connecticut law protects medical marijuana users from discrimination, court says

Refusing to hire a job applicant who tested positive on a pre-employment drug test because she is a medical marijuana user violates the state’s medical marijuana law, a Connecticut federal district court has ruled (Noffsinger v. SSC Niantic Operating ...

Worcester Mag 9-13-2018
West Nile Virus an unpleasant surprise

West Nile Virus, according to State Epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Brown, is hard to predict in advance. In her words, it is “almost impossible to predict in advance of a season how bad it’s going to be.” This year, as it turned out, the cases of WNV ...

7th Space 9-13-2018
Mainland credit rating company leverages Hong Kong's global financial hub status

Hong Kong (HKSAR) - Lianhe Ratings Global Limited (Lianhe Global), which is wholly-owned by Lianhe Credit Information Service Co Ltd (LHCIS), announced today (September 13) that it has now started full operation in Hong Kong to tap into the city's vibrant ...

Legal News Line 9-13-2018
Billionaire mega-donor Steyer picks favorite AG hopefuls; More global warming cases possible

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – Democrat challengers aspiring to become the top lawyers in their states have received financial boosts from Tom Steyer, a billionaire investor and environmental ...

blogs.egu.eu 9-13-2018
GeoPolicy: Bridging the gap between science and decision makers – a new tool for nuclear emergencies affecting food and agriculture

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has developed an online system to assist in improving the response capabilities of authorities in the event of an emergency caused by natural hazards. The Decision Support System for Nuclear Emergencies ...

Ozy 9-13-2018
Solving the Hidden Disease That’s as Bad as 15 Cigarettes a Day

It looks like you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. We are sorry but This Video does not work with Internet Explorer 8. Former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has seen growing numbers of people who suffer from chronic loneliness, and here’s his ...

CapeTalk 9-13-2018
SPCA warns of distemper virus spreading that could lead to many dogs' deaths

The SPCA has issued a warning to dog owners to be vigilant of their pets’ behaviour as they could have contracted distemper virus. There have been a few cases reported in the City of Cape Town already. Spokesperson for Cape Of Good Hope SPCA, Belinda ...

the Top 10 9-13-2018
Boehringer Ingelheim Acquires Oncolytic Virus Biotech Company

Boehringer Ingelheim is paying €210M to acquire all the remaining shares of ViraTherapeutics, an Austrian biotech company developing oncolytic viral therapies for cancer. ViraTherapeutics develops cancer therapies based on viruses that selectively kill ...

Worcester Mag 9-13-2018
West Nile Virus risk spikes in summer of heat, rain

Concern over the potential risk of the Zika virus led Worcester to join the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project earlier this year, but it is West Nile Virus that has . The risk level in Worcester for WNV, a viral infection carried by birds and ...

iKream 9-13-2018
How to fix a hacked or virus infected iPhone 8 (malware removal and prevention)

With iPhones being so popular, it’s no wonder that the platform is constantly the target of hacks and malware. In today’s episode, we touch on this common scenario and provide solutions for it. If you think your iPhone has been infected by malware ...

talkvietnam.com 9-13-2018
World Economic Forum on ASEAN opens in Hanoi

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (fifth from right), Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (fourth from right) and heads of delegations at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum ... speaks at his dialogue with Global CEOs on September 12 ...

emedicinehealth.com 9-13-2018
How Do You Test for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)?

I’ve been having intestinal pain and diarrhea for the last week, but I don’t have any other symptoms of gastroenteritis or stomach flu. I’m worried I might have inflammatory bowel disease. How is IBD diagnosed? How do you test for IBD? A health care ...

GreenMedInfo 9-13-2018
As 1.5 Million Flee Hurricane Florence, Worries Grow Over Half Dozen Nuclear Power Plants in Storm's Path

At least half a dozen nuclear power plants are in the direct path of Hurricane Florence in South and North Carolina. (Photo: Scribble Maps/Google Maps) Flooding-prone Brunswick Nuclear Plant among rickety old Fukushima-style reactors in likely path of ...

markey.senate.gov 9-13-2018
Senator Markey Votes Against Funding for New, So-Called “Low-Yield” Nuclear Weapon

Senator previously filed amendment to block funding for development of new nuclear bomb and redirect funds to help denuclearize North Korea Washington (September 12, 2018) – Today, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) voted against funding to develop a new ...

smallbusiness.chron.com 9-13-2018
Free Stock Market Investment Tips

The stock market can be an intimidating place to invest if you do not understand what you are doing. To increase your chances of success in the stock market, you should follow some basic free stock market investment tips. By finding good and free advice ...

latinamerica.undp.org 9-12-2018
Hundreds of top global and regional leaders discuss how to curb inequalities to boost sustainable growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

Panama City, September 12, 2018 - More than 200 global and regional experts in sustainable development ... discuss new ways to reduce inequalities and boost gains in the social, economic and environmental fronts. At the Forum "Partnerships for the ...

WXXI News 9-12-2018
West Nile virus claims first N.Y. victim of the year

A Monroe County resident has died from West Nile virus. It’s the only death from the disease in New York state so far this year, according to the most recent data from the state health department. Monroe County health officials are urging residents to ...

Techlicious 9-12-2018
How to Remove Any Virus from an Android Phone in 4 Steps

Spotting an app you don’t remember downloading can be a red flag. And other apps, especially free apps from small developers, may contain adware. So if you see apps you don't need, uninstall them, just to be safe. To uninstall apps, head into Settings ...

Berkeley University of California 9-12-2018
Improving soil quality can slow global warming

Low-tech ways of improving soil quality on farms and rangelands worldwide could pull significant amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere and slow the pace of climate change, according to a new UC Berkeley study. The researchers found that well ...

The Dana Foundation 9-12-2018
A Novel Therapy for Huntington’s Disease

Editor’s Note: In 1979, while at the National Institutes of Health, now Columbia University professor Nancy Wexler and colleagues traveled to Venezuela to study the world's largest family with Huntington's disease. That led to identifying the disease ...

Beatrice Daily Sun 9-12-2018
Mosquito pool in Gage County tests positive for West Nile virus

A mosquito pool collected in Gage County tested positive for West Nile virus, according to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday. This is the season's first report of a ...

politicsweb.co.za 9-12-2018
Only the DA can grow the economy for all - Mmusi Maimane

That is the DA. I know our country is ready to become part of a dynamic global economy. Just this morning I visited a business incubation and training centre in Delft, and what I saw there was inspiring. We certainly don’t lack motivated people with ideas.

Pitchfork 9-12-2018
Laurie Anderson Creates VR Art Installation to Explore “Nuclear Waste Dump” Moon

Laurie Anderson has crafted a new art installation for the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. Created for the museum’s new exhibition, “The Moon: From Inner Worlds to Outer Space,” the piece is a virtual reality experience that aims to allow ...

Asia Society 9-12-2018
Global Trade Is Broken. Here Are Five Ways to Rebuild It.

This is an excerpt from an op-ed that was originally published by the World Economic Forum. Tension, angst and mistrust pervade today’s global trade landscape. The multilateral trading system that has governed the international flow of commerce over the ...

Engineering News-Record 9-12-2018
Nuclear Plants, Utilities Prepare for Florence

Carolina and Virginia electric utilities are warning customers to be prepared for widespread and lengthy outages in the wake of Hurricane Florence. At the same time, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is ramping up inspections and reviewing storm operations ...

Harlandaily.com 9-12-2018
Chronic kidney disease – a serious local health issue

Dr. Jayaramakrishna Depa, a nephrologist at Harlan ARH Hospital, held an informational luncheon session for the public recently on the subject of chronic kidney disease. A nephrologist is a medical doctor specializing in kidney function, he said as an ...

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript 9-12-2018
A presentation on Lyme Disease and a collection of unflinching short stories coming to the Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough Saturday and Sunday

Katina Makris’s personal experience of near death and catastrophic loss due to long term misdiagnosed Lyme disease, coupled with her professional experience as a Certified Classical Homeopath and Certified Spiritual Healer, gives her enormous depth and ...

RealClearMarkets 9-12-2018
Who Really Creates Value in an Economy?

Ten years after the global economic crisis, profits have recovered, but investment remains weak. Ultimately, the reason is that economic policy continues to be informed by neoliberal ideology and its academic cousin, public choice theory, rather than by ...

KXLH 9-12-2018
US backed forces begin Syria battle for ISIS’ last redoubt

The US backed Syrian Democratic Forces launched a ground offensive Monday to clear ISIS from its last remaining territory in Syria, the US-led coalition announced Tuesday. “We’ll see how tough the fight is,” Secretary of Defense James Mattis said of ...

Finance & Commerce 9-12-2018
Report: Chinese projects narrow economic gaps

But by helping to spread economic activity more evenly ... and thus make it easier for Western powers to tackle other global threats and crises.” The report stressed it focused on only ...

King World News 9-12-2018
Celente – This Is About To Unleash Global Economic Turmoil Plus A Note On Silver

September 12 (King World News) – Gerald Celente: Despite waves of positive economic news in the U.S. – strong Gross Domestic Product, rising wages and low unemployment— should the Federal Reserve aggressively raise interest rates as anticipated, it ...

Knowledge@Wharton 9-12-2018
A Decade After the Great Recession, Is the Global Financial System Safer?

Today, the economic environment could not be more optimistic ... Banking profits have roared back. Has the global financial system truly recovered? “We have seen numerous regulatory reforms ...

Roy Spencer 9-12-2018
My new Kindle book: Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People

I sometimes get asked for a concise and accessible summary of my skeptical views on global warming. After a year or more of thinking and writing, my new Kindle book Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People is meant to fill that need. As a bonus, I ...

The Sandpaper 9-12-2018
NJ State Utilities Board Undertakes Nuclear Zero-Emission Program

In an effort to improve and expand the state’s clean energy programs, the N.J. Board of Public Utilities has been charged with creating a zero-emission credit program for eligible nuclear power ...

SweetCrude Reports 9-12-2018
Belgium’s electricity dependence will shift from nuclear to non-hydro renewables

12 September 2018, Sweetcrude, Lagos — Around 50% of Belgium’s annual power generation is expected to come from non-hydro renewables in 2030, the same share that came from nuclear power in 2017, according to GlobalData, a leading data, and analytics ...

Glassdoor 9-12-2018
9 Hot Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Industry

One of the fastest-growing industries in America is the marijuana or cannabis industry. Medical marijuana is legal in 30 states, while 9 states have legalized recreational marijuana as of June 2018. According to Arcview Market Research, spending on legal ...

Arab News 9-12-2018
‘ISIS, Tomorrow’ has a question for us today

A still from ‘ISIS, Tomorrow, The Lost Souls of Mosul.’ (Image supplied) VENICE: In less than 80 minutes, “ISIS, Tomorrow, The Lost Souls of Mosul” tells us how more than 500,000 children were trained by the militant group to become terrorists of ...

globalenergyworld.com 9-12-2018
Had They Bet On Nuclear, Not Renewables, Germany & California Would Already Have 100% Clean Power

Had California and Germany invested $680 billion into new nuclear power plants instead of renewables like solar and wind farms, the two would already be generating 100% or more of their electricity from clean (low-emissions) energy sources, according to a ...

Gary North 9-12-2018
$72 Billion of Tax Money Spent on Global Non-Warming

Years: 2008-2012. The total is higher today, but no one knows how much higher. The government cannot figure it out. Remember when global warming was called global warming? You know: back in 2001, before a decade elapsed in which there was no measurable ...

Climate & Capitalism 9-12-2018
Thinking about nuclear: Hard choices that may cost the planet

Some environmentalists want both nuclear power and renewables. Richard Seymour says that’s an evasion. We must choose, and the choice isn’t easy. Republished with permission from the author, Richard Seymour. It was first published on his Patreon blog ...

Cape Times 9-12-2018
Deadly canine disease spreading through Cape's streets

Cape Town - Cape Town has been identified as a hot spot for the deadly canine distemper virus, which was first picked up in Knysna and led to 271 dogs being euthanised. The outbreak happened in one street in Hornlee with 10 cases of infection reported ...

Scientific Research Publishing 9-12-2018
OPCAB (Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass) for Kawasaki Disease

1 Cardiovascular and Thoracic Centre, MEITRA Hospital, Kozhikode, India. 2 Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, MEITRA Hospital, Kozhikode, India. We hereby report a case of Kawasaki disease in a 32 year old male, with giant aneurysm of both ...

theuglytruth.wordpress.com 9-12-2018
WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton email: Israeli intelligence says collapse of Syria will spark a Sunni-Shiite war that will benefit Israel

SOURCE: Sources with access to the highest levels of the Governments and institutions discussed below. This includes political parties and regional intelligence and security services. 1. According to an individual with access to the highest levels of major ...

Black Enterprise 9-12-2018
Earn A Degree in Marijuana and $70,000 After Graduating From This College

Marijuana and recreational drugs oftentimes comprise a large part of college life for many students. But now, cannabis enthusiasts can spend four years studying marijuana to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and potentially land a $70,000 job right after ...

DailyFX 9-12-2018
US Trade Wars Put Global Economic Growth, Market Stability at Risk

Political economy, economic and market themes. But don't just read our analysis - put it to the rest. Your forecast comes with a free demo account from our provider, IG, so you can try out trading with zero risk. Your demo is preloaded with £10,000 ...

News Chief 9-12-2018
Frostproof council OKs tiny homes, medical marijuana dispensaries

FROSTPROOF — Tiny homes will be the next big idea in Frostproof. The City Council on Monday gave unanimous final approval to an ordinance permitting and setting standards for construction of tiny homes in the city. Tiny homes are generally defined as ...

oecdobserver.org 9-12-2018
Water and the economic crisis

The economic crisis provides an important opportunity to promote ... This is where governments, business and global organisations such as the OECD come in. National strategies must be devised to ensure that water infrastructure and services get the ...

Los Alamos Daily Post 9-12-2018
Udall, Heinrich Secure Provision Prohibiting Nuclear Safety Board Staff Cuts And Reorganization

Copyright © 2012-2018 Los Alamos Daily Post - the Official Newspaper of Record in Los Alamos County. This Site and all information contained here including, but not limited to, news stories, photographs, video, charts, graphs and graphics is the property ...

NATAP 9-11-2018
Global Burden of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in People Living With HIV - Time to Recognize HIV Infection as a...

This analysis evaluates the association between HIV and cardiovascular disease, and estimates the global burden of HIV-associated cardiovascular disease. We report that the risk of cardiovascular disease was 2-fold higher in people living with HIV.

Global Atlanta 9-11-2018
Human and Economic Ties Highlight Georgia-Japan Workforce Development

Michael Phillips, senior director, global talent acquisition ... talent to get ahead of the curve and keep bringing in more business here. Keep that robust economic growth.”

Dogster.com 9-11-2018
Liver Disease in Dogs: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

A multi-purpose organ, the liver plays an important behind-the-scenes role in our bodies … and the same is true for our dogs. The liver detoxifies blood, metabolizes energy sources, produces acids necessary for digestion, stores vitamins and glycogen ...

Daily Express 9-11-2018
BBC Breakfast weather: Carol Kirkwood REFUSES to speak about global warming - this is why

BBC BREAKFAST viewers regularly see Carol Kirkwood share her weather predictions on the small screen, however, the TV star has now revealed she won’t share her thoughts about global warming and climate change - as well as opening up about the surprising ...

The Michael J. Fox Foundation 9-11-2018
Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease

When cognitive problems are more than what is expected with normal aging but not enough to significantly interfere with daily activities, they may be due to mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This non-motor symptom occurs in about 30 percent of people with ...

4029tv 9-11-2018
3 cases of West Nile Virus confirmed in Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Health confirmed three reported cases of West Nile Virus in Arkansas so far this year. There were 18 cases of West Nile in the state in 2017. The worst year on record is 2012, when there were 64 cases in Arkansas. West Nile Virus ...

The Counter Jihad Report 9-11-2018
Battered in MidEast, ISIS Spreads Its Tentacles Worldwide

Clarion Project, by Joan Swart, September 11, 2018: Following spectacular ambitions and lofty successes of controlling between 20,000 and 35,000 fighters, a taxable population of seven to eight million, a land area the size of Britain in Iraq and Syria ...

pennmedicine.org 9-11-2018
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in Adults

You pick your child up from daycare, and you notice she is developing a fever. A few days later, you see her scratching her palms. Once you notice the small sores that have formed around her mouth, it clicks. Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) has taken ...

Cleveland Scene 9-11-2018
Medical Examiners Confirm Second Case of West Nile Virus in Cuyahoga County

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health announced today that a resident of Shaker Heights has contracted West Nile virus. This case marks the second documented contraction in the county and the 17th case in Ohio this year. Fortunately, roughly 80 percent of ...

American Hunter 9-11-2018
Lyme Disease Now in All 50 States

According to a new report by Quest Diagnostics, a company that utilizes its vast nationwide database of clinical lab results to provide diagnostic insight into identifying and treating disease, data from an eight-year survey (2010-2018) show there are now ...

gonzaloraffoinfonews.blogspot.com 9-11-2018

LONDON – Much will be said about the tenth anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis, so I will focus on the global economy, which has not been nearly as weak as many seem to think. According to the International Monetary Fund, the rate of real (inflation ...

Sharecare 9-11-2018
Fatigue? Bloating? Aching Joints? You May Have This Autoimmune Disease

Gluten-free diets have recently gained popularity, but for people with celiac disease, avoiding it is a necessity, not a fad. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes intestinal damage when triggered by foods that contain gluten, a protein ...

PlayStation LifeStyle 9-11-2018
Nuclear Physicist Says Fallout 76 Bunkers Would Do More Harm Than Good

While Fallout 76 will take the series in a new direction, courtesy of its always-online nature, there are several irreplaceable hallmarks. Chief among them is the setting. Fallout 76 takes place twenty-five years after a nuclear explosion. Humans are ...

GoodNewsNetwork 9-11-2018
Cheese Actually Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Provides a Lot of Health Benefits

We at GNN are all big cheese fans — the founder’s ancestors were Swiss, she grew up in Wisconsin, and one of our writers (that would be me) is a cheesemonger – so naturally, we were thrilled when this new study found that cardiovascular health was ...

Mississippi Business Journal 9-11-2018
Mississippi reaches 31 West Nile virus cases so far in 2018

A central Mississippi county is reporting its first case of West Nile virus, bringing the state’s total to 31 cases so far this year. The Mississippi State Department of Health says Monday that ...

UNIAN 9-11-2018
SBU on Russian FSB's statement on Ukrainian intel's ties with ISIS: Fabrication

A spokesperson for the SBU Security Service of Ukraine says a statement by Russia's FSB Federal Security Service on links between the Ukrainian intelligence services and Islamic State (ISIS) is a complete fabrication. "We will not comment on the ...

smartcitiesdive.com 9-11-2018
Report: AI will add $13T to global economy by 2030

A new report from McKinsey and Company predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will boost the global economy by $13 trillion by 2030, adding roughly 1.2% to global GDP a year. Impact will likely build at an accelerating pace, the report states, as ...

NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) 9-11-2018
NORD Announces Ten New Rare Disease Registries, Thanks to Multi-Year Grant from Shire

Washington, D.C., September 11, 2018—The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), the leading independent nonprofit organization representing the 30 million Americans with rare diseases, has announced the addition of ten new rare disease ...

KBIA 9-11-2018
Paul Pepper: Center for Missouri Studies Fall Lecture & MU Health Care, "Parkinson's Disease"

"The stories that prompted her to tell those stories, and the family background that went into them, is what this lady addresses and it's fascinating. The story behind the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder is at least as interesting as it is in her books.

packagingeurope.com 9-11-2018
Dow Awards Take the Pulse of Global Innovation

Judges representing converters, machinery, brands, retail and the industry as a whole (deftly guided by lead judge David Luttenberger, global packaging director for Mintel Group) flew in from all over the world to spend forty eight intense hours rigorously ...

Capital & Main 9-11-2018
The Economic Impact of Climate Change Rattles the Oil Industry

Research shows that global warming will hit the American economy hard, particularly in the South. Researchers homed in on the economic effects of heat, documenting a correlation between higher temperatures, lower factory production rates, lower worker ...

Washington Square News 9-11-2018
9/11 First-Responders Contribute to NYU Lung Disease Research

New NYU research may bring science closer to detecting and treating lung disease in firefighters exposed to toxic chemicals on 9/11. Anna Nolan, an NYU associate professor in the departments of Medicine and Environmental Medicine, led a study that found a ...

The Red & Black 9-11-2018
OPINION: Legalizing marijuana in Georgia would benefit the state as a whole

The Red & Black publishes opinions from a number of contributors and staff columnists. Their opinions do not reflect the opinions of the editorial staff. The editorial staff is in no way involved with the opinion pieces published with the exception of ...

Daily American 9-11-2018
Imara Announces CEO Rahul Ballal, Ph.D., Will Present at the 7th Annual Sickle Cell Disease Therapeutic Conference

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 11, 2018--Imara Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Rahul Ballal, Ph.D., will present at the 7th Annual Sickle Cell Disease Therapeutic Conference on Sept.

Waterkeeper Alliance 9-11-2018
Local Leaders Key to Solving Global Climate/Water Crisis

Climate change means more than heat waves and long summers—it means drought, flooding, food insecurity, geopolitical conflict, warming oceans ... to solving this climate-water crisis. At the Global Climate Action Summit this week, Waterkeeper Alliance ...

SouthFlorida.com 9-11-2018
Medical Marijuana Concert returns to Miami

A scene from the Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert, a daylong gathering of pro-marijuana musicians, politicians and performance artists. Pictured in this file photo is Flash, the event's organizer. A scene from the Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert, a ...

insider.si.edu 9-11-2018
What causes disease outbreaks and how can we stop them?

A hunter touches an infected animal’s blood, a farmer breathes the moist air exhaled by sick cows, contaminated meat is served at an outdoor market—these are a few of the ways pathogens spill over into the human population from infected animals or ...

Daily American 9-11-2018
$3.1 Bn Sickle Cell Disease Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast 2017-2025 - ResearchAndMarkets.com

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 11, 2018--The "Sickle Cell Disease - Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast - 2025" drug pipelines has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering. The therapeutic market of Sickle Cell Disease in 6MM is expected ...

ABC Kcrg 9 9-11-2018
Biosecurity promoted as hog disease hits China

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG) - A deadly hog disease is spreading across China, causing serious concern among world hog producers. There are more than 13 cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in China reported in the last month. The Iowa Department of Agriculture ...

worldarchitecture.org 9-11-2018
Harvard's Symposium Will Seek New Policies and Tools to Benefit Global Slums This Fall

but are reappearing in old and new manifestations in the Global North. Their persistence can be linked to a number of political and economic failures to effectively address poverty and inequality, distorted land markets, and systemic social exclusion.

WSJM 9-11-2018
Proposals For Marijuana Operators

Benton Harbor is now taking applications for medical marijuana businesses seeking to operate in the city. In a notice put out this week, the city says those proposals could be for any medical marijuana business currently legal under Michigan law.

Pro Football Focus 9-11-2018
Fantasy stock market: Week 1's risers and fallers

Aug 19, 2017; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Denver Broncos during the second half at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports The opening ...

articles.bplans.com 9-11-2018
Resources for Global Entrepreneurs

It attempts to influence economic policy, provides educational and networking ... fair advertising and marketing practices and addressing consumer complaints. The Global Entrepreneurship Network operates a platform of resources in over 170 countries ...

洗護用品和肥皂 9-11-2018
2018 Beijing Summit: China and Africa committed to improve their collaboration to challenge economic and social needs in the continent

At the opening ceremony of the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, China's President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech "Work Together for Common Development and a Shared Future."...President Xi proposed that over the next ...

Scientific American 9-11-2018
We Need New Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, and the only one that can’t be prevented or slowed. Unlike cancer and heart disease, we currently lack both the ...

Rushville Republican 9-11-2018
New Illinois law allows medical marijuana for pain management

People working in the medical cannabis industry think they can help thousands more people in Illinois with a new law signed by Gov. Bruce Rauner in late August. Senate Bill 336 was made into a law that will allow those who might otherwise seek opioids for ...

The Employer Handbook Blog 9-11-2018
A federal court concluded that a federal contractor couldn’t fire a medical marijuana user 🤨💥🤯

I’ll wait patiently while you grab your pearls for clutching. Last Summer, I blogged here about how a Connecticut federal court concluded that the state’s compassionate use law, the Connecticut Palliative Use of Marijuana Act (PUMA), allows medical ...

ehsdailyadvisor.blr.com 9-11-2018
Will Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law Affect Your Safety Program?

Ohio’s new medical marijuana law took effect on Saturday, September 8, and it should spur affected employers to evaluate their workplace policies. Read on for more information on the law, some best practices for businesses, and how the situation pertains ...

syrianobserver.com 9-11-2018
ISIS Kills Senior Air Intelligence Officer in Southern Syria

The Syrian Observer is a daily online news service covering Syrian political and civil society news. It is dedicated primarily to translating into English news contents produced by Syria's official press,opposition groups,activists and civil society.

charitytoday.co.uk 9-11-2018
Dr Charles CHEN Yidan speaks at the Eastern Economic Forum about education going global

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), titled The Russian Far East: Expanding the Range of Possibilities, was held in the port city of Vladivostok with the heads of state from China, Russia and other world leaders in attendance. This year’s EEF’s main ...

illegallyhealed.com 9-11-2018
Ask Dr. Dave: Does marijuana in my blood make me an impaired driver?

My husband was in a car accident that occurred at 5 p.m. He hadn’t smoked since the night before, at around 9pm. The police charged him with driving under the influence of marijuana, although he hadn’t smoked since 20 hours prior. Will he still test ...

Master Resource 9-11-2018
“Gore’s Greenness Fades” (remembering a 2000 WP article in light of this week’s Global Climate Summit)

Gore usually gives the environment a passing mention during stump speeches, but the campaign has not devoted a major policy address to global warming, the subject of his book. Only last week, with the environment at last emerging as an important subject on ...

Yale Daily News 9-11-2018
Yale researchers find more evidence for global warming

A new joint study of the Arctic Ocean administered by Yale and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute provides more evidence for global warming and its ominous consequences. For three decades, researchers in Yale’s Department of Geology and Geophysics ...

nytco.com 9-11-2018
The Times and GW Program on Extremism Announce ‘ISIS Files’ Research Partnership

The Program on Extremism at the George Washington University and The New York Times announced a research partnership that will enable GW to create the virtual public archive of the newspaper’s “ISIS Files,” roughly 15,000 pages of internal Islamic ...

Cults 9-11-2018

The thickness of this model is 3mm , you may change this thickness based on your requirement by the slicer ( z axis ) The size of the model is X:168.36 mm, Y:190.30 mm, Z:3.00 mm you may also able to change the size of the whole model as per your ...

io9.gizmodo.com 9-10-2018
Stranded Astronauts Orbit Earth as Nuclear War Rages in This Stunning Short

With a stark black-and-white palette that resembles manga art come to life, Tomasz Popakul’s Black tells a Twilight Zone-ish tale of two astronauts who can never return home. High above the ...

andysowards.com 9-10-2018
Think Bigger Than Big: Steps to Help You Build a Global Business

One excellent resource for information on global business markets is the U.S. Department of ... and since it is the cabinet enacted to promote economic growth in the United States, you can bet it’s interested in helping you expand your operation.

Courier-Post 9-10-2018
Camden County counts first case of West Nile virus in 2018

GLOUCESTER TWP. - A 68-year-old woman is Camden County's first confirmed case of West Nile virus for this year, according to county officials. The patient was released from the hospital to her home. The county health department investigated the case and is ...

Syracuse University News 9-10-2018
Syracuse Researchers Shine Light on Ancient Global Warming

The impact of global warming on shallow marine life approximately 56 million years ago is the subject of a significant, new paper by researchers at Syracuse University. Linda Ivany, professor of Earth sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), is ...

Baptist Press 9-10-2018
Marijuana advance stalls in Okla.

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP) -- Since adopting what may be America's most permissive medical marijuana law, Oklahoma has seen pushback by medical experts and other citizens against potential misuse of the drug. State Question 788 was adopted by Oklahoma voters June ...

ucsdnews.ucsd.edu 9-10-2018
Zika Virus Strips Immune Cells of their Identity

Neighboring infected and uninfected human macrophages during a Zika virus infection in a lab dish. Zika virus is labeled red; Macrophage nuclei are labeled blue. Photo credit: UC San Diego Health Macrophages are immune cells that are supposed to protect ...

News24 9-10-2018
Global warming is our responsibility. We need to bring about change

Yuval Harari argues in his book A brief History of Humankind that humans over the centuries have incited change and ordered society through conversing and socially constructing imagined realities.

GlobeSt.com 9-10-2018
CBRE Global, Madison Partner on $1B Deal for Housing in Spain

MADRID—CBRE Global Investment Partners and New York City-based Madison International Realty have purchased a residential portfolio mostly located in and around Madrid for 870 million euros or more than $1 billion.

Caribbean360 9-10-2018
Barbados Reaches Agreement with IMF as Fund Gives Homegrown Economic Plan Thumbs Up

“I am pleased to announce that, in support of the Barbadian authorities’ economic reform program, the IMF team and the government of Barbados have reached staff-level agreement on a 48-months Extended Fund Facility (EFF), with access of SDR 208 million ...

Poughkeepsie Journal 9-10-2018
Governor should slow down on legalizing marijuana: Column

Governor should slow down on legalizing marijuana: Column We believe that the lives of our youth depend upon on a more thorough analysis. Check out this story on poughkeepsiejournal.com: https://pojonews.co/2x1D22d

Acsh.org 9-10-2018
We're in GQ, There's No Population Bomb, Russians Say We Caused Global Warming, And More Media Last Week

I became the second President of the American Council on Science and Health in June of 2015. Prior to that I was the person behind the 2006 Science 2.0 movement, and before that I was an executive at three software companies. In 1987, I was commissioned as ...

annenberg.usc.edu 9-10-2018
Trojan, thriving despite rare muscle disease, inspires scientists’ research

Once a shy kid held back by physical disability, Hawken Miller has flourished since becoming an active student at USC. Growing up with a rare muscle disease, Hawken Miller often felt isolated. He couldn’t run around at recess, play sports or join friends ...

EHR Intelligence 9-10-2018
EHR Data, Machine Learning Predict Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

September 10, 2018 - A team of researchers from Stanford University created a personal health management tool that combines EHR data with machine learning to accurately diagnose patients with ...

Broomfield Enterprise 9-10-2018
Doctors to field questions on liver disease

When: 9 to 11:25 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 6 Where: Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, 1700 West 10th Ave. 9 — 9:15am: Hepatitis C Update in Adults and Kids with Dr. Gerond Lake-Baakar from Porter Hospital 9:15 — 9:30am: Drug Abuse and the Liver - The Opioid ...

Knoxville News Sentinel 9-10-2018
Study co-authored by UT researcher can help identify Huntington's disease in children

Study co-authored by UT researcher can help identify Huntington's disease in children Alexander Osmand co-authored a study finding effects of a mutated gene that causes Huntington's disease begin in childhood and a drug used for cancer could help treat the ...

The Wall Street Transcript 9-10-2018
Exelon Corporation: FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Refueling Outage Underway

OSWEGO, NY-Operators removed Exelon Generation's James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant from service early Monday morning, beginning a planned refueling and maintenance outage that brings more than 1,500 additional workers to the region. The refueling ...

The City Fix 9-10-2018
The New Climate Economy Will Be Powered by Compact Cities: Report

Bold action on climate change could deliver $26 trillion in cumulative economic benefits by 2030 ... as soon as 2020 and reach net zero emissions by mid-century to avoid a global temperature increase of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Tax Foundation 9-10-2018
Missouri Voters Face Complicated Choices on Medical Marijuana Taxes

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 31 states. By next year, their ranks are expected to grow—and Missouri is likely to be counted among them. Prior polling shows that a solid majority of Missourians support legalizing marijuana for medical use ...

webtv.un.org 9-10-2018
How radiopharmaceuticals help diagnose cancer and cardiovascular disease

10 Sep 2018 - Technetium-99m is the most widely used radioisotope in diagnostic nuclear medicine. Over 10,000 hospitals worldwide use it to detect cancer, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, so that they can be treated.

Project Syndicate 9-10-2018
The Global Economy Ten Years After

In the decade since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the start of the global financial crisis, the world economy has registered stronger growth than many realize, owing in large part to China. But in the years ahead, global economic imbalances and ...

WBAL-TV 9-10-2018
Pet Questions: Specialty pet diets linked to disease?


Outsourcing-pharma 9-10-2018
Evotec and CHDI extend collaboration for Huntington’s disease drug development

Evotec and CHDI began a collaboration in 2006 to work on drug discovery for Huntington’s disease (HD) and since the collaboration has grown with the use of Evotec’s neuroscience platform. Per this collaboration extension, CHDI will fund more full ...

reports.weforum.org 9-10-2018
Towards the circular economy:

joined forces to reconcile the concept of scaling a circular economy within the reality of a global economy and complex multi-tier supply chains. The key objective is to propose a very specific joint plan of action for industry leaders.

Ventures Africa 9-10-2018
African countries need to develop a policy response to the digital economy

Leveraging the Promise and Addressing New Challenges convened by Global Economic Governance (GEG) Africa and the African Trade Policy Centre (ATPC) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) on Monday 10 September 2018. Dr Zalk highlighted ...

mostlyeconomics.wordpress.com 9-10-2018
Lehman’s 10th anniversary: How global financial crisis altered the course of economic thinking?

My new piece in moneycontrol. Unike the Great Depression, the 2008 recession might not have led to a new economic thinking; but the resurrection of older ideas, especially that of inequality, is quite a movement by itself.

The Kathmandu Post 9-10-2018
Unknown disease claims 3 in Saptari, over 400 taken ill

Three boys died and more than 400 people have been taken ill due to an unidentified disease in Kanchanrup Municipality of Saptari district within the last 15 days. Chief of health section at ...

Jamestown Sun 9-10-2018
Firm seeks permit to build medical marijuana growing facility near Fargo

FARGO - Grassroots Cannabis, a firm with ties to Chicago, has submitted plans to build a medical marijuana manufacturing facility in an industrial park south of Fargo, according to information filed with the city's inspections department. The facility ...

Press TV 9-10-2018
Iran implementing commitments under nuclear deal: Amano

Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano says Iran is living up to all its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal. "Iran is implementing its nuclear-related commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ...

consumer.healthday.com 9-10-2018
Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

(HealthDay News) -- Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. About one in four women is predicted to die from heart disease, the agency laments. As women age, their ...

thisweeklondon.com 9-10-2018
Three To See on 16 Sep: Mount Vernon, Trump The Musical, Bismillah – An Isis Tragicomedy

“Two strangers meet at an airport and start to talk. She’s been to Mount Vernon, he’s heard of it. But are they strangers? And why won’t he tell her his name? “ This well reviewed play by Rena Brennan, directed by Rikki Beadle Blair, offers “a ...

lobotero.com 9-10-2018
What Happened To ISIS?

If you watch your local news or some form of national news you might think that the terrorist group known as ISIS have been beaten or that they went into hiding….well that is not accurate in any shape. While it is accurate to say that it has been sorely ...

WALB 9-10-2018
Georgia Power customers to get credits for nuclear project

Georgia Power says its customers will get a $25 credit on their September bills in connection with financing of the Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant expansion. (Source: WALB) AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — Georgia Power customers will get a $25 credit on their ...

tallbloke.wordpress.com 9-10-2018
Who killed the Small Modular Nuclear programme?

It looks as if the UK government has got cold feet about the small modular reactor concept, possibly under pressure from the ‘green’ lobby. Meanwhile subsidies for unreliable weather-dependent power generation continue, more or less unabated.

The News Letter 9-10-2018
Government looks at abandoning bid to halt rampant tree disease

Officials tasked with stopping a disease that could wipe out a significant proportion of Northern Ireland’s trees are looking at giving up efforts at eradication. Instead, the Department of Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Affairs is considering ...

stockbiz.vn 9-10-2018
Stock market pins hopes on foreign investors in September

Vietnam’s stock market will have to pin its hopes on foreign investors to continue recovering in September, said Bernard Lapointe – head of the research division at Rong Viet Securities Corporation. In August, net selling by foreign investors exceeded ...

Photonics Online 9-10-2018
Towards A Global Model Of The Nuclear Structure

Physicists at the TU Darmstadt and their collaboration partners have performed laser spectroscopy on cadmium isotopes to confirm an improved model of the atomic nucleus. It has been developed to describe the exceptional behaviour of the radii of calcium ...

Center for American Progress 9-10-2018
Warming Seas, Falling Fortunes

and the Gulf’s sea surface temperature is warming 99 percent faster than the rest of the global ocean. Warm water hinders the ability of some fish to spawn 63 and has also been linked to smaller body size. 64 Nelson has been in the lobster fishery for ...

m.nasdaq.com 9-10-2018
Tech Shares May Continue To Weigh On Taiwan Stock Market

(RTTNews.com) - The losing streak has reached three sessions now for the Taiwan Stock Market, which has given up almost 180 points or 1.6 percent along the way. The Taiwan Stock Exchange now rests just above the 10,845-point plateau and it's likely to take ...

eventbrite.com.au 9-10-2018
From a War on Waste to Creating Wealth in the $Trillion Circular Economy

Circular economy businesses can increasingly gain a competitive advantage for greater value from resources (and savings, including from higher resource prices and landfill). Supply chains are key to accelerating the growth of the global circular economy.

MMA Weekly 9-10-2018
Jim Miller on His Battle With Lyme Disease (UFC 228 Video)

Jim Miller finally got the monkey off his back, defeating Alex White at UFC 228 on Saturday night in Dallas. The victory ended a four-fight skid for the 30-bout UFC veteran. TRENDING > Jim Miller Ends Four-Fight Skid with First-Round Finish (UFC 228 ...

www.ctc.usma.edu 9-10-2018
The Finnish Foreign Fighter Contingent in Syria

The historic mobilization of foreign fighters[1] joining the civil war in Syria has affected many countries with little to no previous history of Muslim foreign fighting, including Finland. In March 2014, the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (FSIS ...



wiod.iheart.com 9-22-2018
DNA Testing Kit Solves 19-Year-Old Florida Rape, Murder

Sarasota County Sheriff's officials announced the arrest Wednesday of 39-year-old Luke Fleming. In March of 1999, deputies found 47-year-old Deborah Dalzell raped, beate,n and strangled in her Sarasota home following a call from concerned coworkers. Semen ...

The Street Journal 9-22-2018
Edo Volunteer Worker Arrested over Death of Middle-aged Woman

“My sister’s body was covered with sperm when she ran out of the room. Before we took her to a hospital, she vomited. We were told that he (suspect) was arrested. Let the police show us ...

TheDerrick.com 9-22-2018
2 men arrested for indecent exposure

Two men are facing charges in an indecent exposure incident that allegedly occurred around 6:50 p.m. Monday at Oil Creek State Park. A criminal complaint filed through district judge Andrew Fish's office said a park officer located Adam Neely, 40, of Oil ...

The News Courier 9-22-2018
Boy found naked, chained in Autauga Co. home; 3 charged

Deputies found the child naked with chains padlocked around his ankles. The chains were attached to a door, preventing the boy's normal movement. Records show the boy's mother, stepfather and grandmother have all been arrested. Investigators believe the ...

Recoil 9-21-2018
Police Arrest Cody Wilson In Taiwan and Plan To Deport Him

On September 19th a warrant for Wilson’s arrest was filed in Travis County, Texas for the alleged sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl. Wilson is accused of meeting the girl on a website called SugarDaddyMeet.com then exchanging nude photos with her.

MEAWW 9-21-2018
Man who molested, impregnated 10-year-old girl claims her mother used his sperm to impregnate her

and claiming that she had used his sperm to impregnate her daughter. The 10-year-old's mother was, in fact, arrested in May 2017 following the revelation that her daughter had been repeatedly molested. She faces charges of neglect, aiding in child ...

mySA 9-21-2018
Report: 3D printed gun advocate accused of paying minor for sex is arrested in Taiwan

According to his arrest warrant, Wilson met the 16-year-old victim on SugarDaddyMeet.com, exchanged nude photos with her and, on Aug. 15, took her to an Austin hotel, had sex with her and then paid her $500 before dropping her off at a Whataburger.

garveys-ghost.blogspot.com 9-21-2018
Tell It To Allen Brooks, Emmett Till and Bennett Barbour

The next day, Barbour was arrested. He weighed only 115 pounds at the time of ... Hair taken from the scene did not match Barbour’s, and tests performed on the semen revealed only the presence of Type A blood. The victim had Type A blood, while Barbour ...

News Mirror 9-21-2018
Yucaipa resident burglarizes occupied home while naked, is arrested

On Sunday, Sept. 16, at approximately 10:25 p.m., Yucaipa Police Department deputies responded to the area of California Street and Yucaipa Boulevard after receiving a report of a naked white male adult who walked up to a vehicle and grabbed the door handle.

WBFO 88.7 9-21-2018
Shutdown Of New Mexico Observatory Was Part Of Investigation Into Child Pornography

People have the right to know!!" one person wrote. Authorities have not arrested or charged the suspect they were investigating, and no arrest warrant has been issued.

News and Star 9-21-2018
Man charged with robbery and assaulting police officer following incident in Cockermouth

Michael Ferguson, 28, of Weetslade Road, Cramlington, has been charged with four offences. It follows on from an incident in Station Street on Wednesday. Cumbria Police has not given anymore details about what happened during incident. However, the force ...

Community News 9-21-2018
Perth: Former police officer charged with historical child sex offences

A 61-YEAR-OLD former police officer has been charged with historical child sex offences. The man, who was a police officer until he resigned in July 2017 also held a senior position in a model enthusiasts’ club. He has been charged with eight counts of ...

secretsun.blogspot.com 9-21-2018
Twilight of the Mortal

And yet he's neither identified nor arrested? OK. Got it. Thanks for the update ... Artificial wombs also means artificial sperm and artificial eggs and the rest of it. Meaning the breeding program prophesied by Huxley might beta-testing as we speak.

News 96.5 - WDBO 9-21-2018
Substitute teacher charged with sending nude photos to teen boys

"We are saddened to learn about the arrest of a former substitute teacher," Harris said in a statement. "This individual is no longer employed as a substitute teacher with Dade County Schools. We are cooperating with law enforcement officers as they ...

KOAT Albuquerque 9-21-2018
Mysterious observatory closure was triggered by child porn investigation


Red Bluff Daily News 9-21-2018
Rape charges filed in child porn case

RED BLUFF — Additional charges were filed Wednesday against a Red Bluff man already charged with possession of child pornography. Wesley Scott Duggins, 31, of Red Bluff, was arrested Aug. 21 at the 1600 block of Alvord Place and charged with possession ...

Brainerd Dispatch 9-21-2018
Police Blotter - Sept. 14

ARREST—A 51-year-old man was arrested Sept. 3 for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct following a report of a suspicious male on the 32000 block of Paul Bunyan Trail Drive, Jenkins.

WOKV 9-20-2018
Report: Callahan Middle School volunteer traded pics, vids with 14-year-old

Ligia Roth, 39, was arrested Sept. 19 for possession of child pornography ... coordinator that he and Roth sent nude photos to each other and videos of one another masturbating. The report says on Aug. 17 the Nassau County Sheriff's Office reached out ...

WBFF 9-20-2018
Man shoots 2 Prince George's cops sent to wrong home to serve warrant, won't be charged

The man who fired the gun will not be charged. That's because he was not the suspect they were after. The police department said in a Thursday afternoon press conference that the officers were ...

CBS DC 9-20-2018
Report: Mom Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Daughter’s Cell Phone

Francisco Blanco-Cerna Arrested For Sexual Assault Of 12-Year ... Report: Nearly 100 Federal Employees Caught Watching Porn at WorkDozens of federal government employees admitted to watching ...

Santa Maria Sun 9-20-2018
Founder of Flutes Across the World indicted on child sex charges

John Zeretzke, a former Ventura-based music teacher who founded Flutes Across the World, an educational program he led for years at Circle V Ranch Camp, was arrested Sept ... program had been contaminated with semen. It is unclear if that investigation ...

The Mercury 9-20-2018
Abington man sentenced for possessing child porn on cellphone

NORRISTOWN — An Abington man faces time under house arrest and intensive probation after he admitted to possessing child pornography on his cellphone. James Wheelock, 50, of the 200 block of Keswick Avenue, in the Glenside section of Abington ...

realestate.com.au 9-20-2018
Man faces arrest over disturbing naked gardening habit

NEIGHBOURS are complaining about a Florida man who’s apparently getting a little too comfortable in the area. They claim the man, who lives in Stuart in the United States, frequently does his outdoor chores completely nude. And witnesses of the nudity ...

12up 9-19-2018
Former LSU WR Already Arrested for Battery Now Faces Child Pornography Charge

It's a story told all too often in college football: a tremendously talented player that can't escape personal demons. Subsequently, he succumbs to more and more inappropriate and irredeemable behavior that puts his life, not just his football ...

WTTV 9-19-2018
Former Monroe County employee arrested for allegedly possessing child porn

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A Bloomington man is in federal custody after allegedly possessing child pornography. James Hans Huffman, 47, was arrested Wednesday morning after being indicted for ...

Brooklyn Eagle 9-19-2018
Brooklyn high school teacher indicted for producing child porn

Goldstein High School for the Sciences in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn was arrested and charged in federal court on ... He convinced four of them to send him nude photos and videos of them masturbating, according to prosecutors. The alleged victims ranged ...

World of Wonder 9-19-2018
John Lennon & Same-Sex Affairs: Myth or Mystery?

And instead of just getting roaring drunk and partying, I don’t even know if we were staying over or anything, we were all just in these chairs, and the lights were out, and somebody started masturbating ... In 1956, he was arrested for propositioning ...

Saturday Down South 9-19-2018
Report: Former LSU WR Drake Davis now facing juvenile porn charges along with domestic violence

“This video consists of an African-American juvenile, possibly under the age of 10 years old, masturbating in a bathtub,” read the arrest report. “Mr. Davis never deleted this video from his text message history.” Another text, containing a six ...

phl17 9-19-2018
Cop Among 24 Men Arrested For Attempted Luring

Conte thought he was chatting with a 15 year-old girl and wanted to meet with her to quote "get naked". Authorities said he had condoms in his pocket when he was arrested. Officials charged him with Second Degree Luring. Conte has been suspended from his ...

Dubois County Herald 9-19-2018
Ex-police officer gets prison for patient’s rough arrest

INDIANAPOLIS — A former Veterans Affairs police officer who authorities say repeatedly struck ... refused to comply with orders and acted aggressively toward him during the arrest.

citizentv.co.ke 9-19-2018
Nairobi police officer arrested over claims of stealing Ksh.800,000

Moses Njogu Njagi was arrested and found with the complainant's passport. A Nairobi police officer has been arrested after Flying Squad detectives linked him to theft of Ksh.800,000 from a Mali ...

KTTV 9-19-2018
Pa. man sentenced to 100 years in state's largest case of child porn

Lawrence Jamieson was sentenced Monday in federal court after pleading guilty in September 2017 to sex crimes and child pornography charges ... collected over 15 years was discovered when he was arrested on charges he and an accomplice tried to manipulate ...

Wicked Local Saugus 9-18-2018
Whitman man detained before federal child porn trial

BOSTON – A Whitman man was ordered detained as he awaits trial on federal child pornography charges. Matthew Kulikowski, 37, was arrested and charged with one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography Monday ...

WTAE-TV 9-18-2018
Man sentenced in Pennsylvania's largest case of child porn

Lawrence Jamieson was sentenced Monday in federal court after pleading guilty in September 2017 to sex crimes and child pornography charges ... collected over 15 years was discovered when he was arrested on charges he and an accomplice tried to manipulate ...

Capital Journal 9-18-2018
Pierre man spits on police officer during arrest

Stay with this story by gaining full access to The Capital Journal’s award-winning journalism as a contributing online member. Learn about your neighbors, what’s going on with local governments, high school athletes, local retailer promotions and ...

KCBD 9-18-2018
Police: Man accused of rubbing produce on buttocks at grocery store

The grocery store had to destroy several pallets of produce as a result. Johnson was arrested and charged with destruction of property and indecent exposure.

Opelika-Auburn News 9-18-2018
Valley man charged with sex crimes involving child, indecent exposure

Please purchase a subscription to continue reading. A subscription is required to continue reading. Thank you for reading 12 free articles on oanow.com. You can come back at the end of your 30-day period for another 12 free articles, or you can purchase a ...

The Nassau Guardian 9-18-2018
Accused cop killer charged

The man accused of the murder and armed robbery of a police inspector outside of his son’s school claimed yesterday he fears for his safety. Security was tight at the South Street Magistrate’s Court Complex as Timothy Cole, 48, was charged with the ...

WTVM 9-18-2018
Valley man arrested on multiple sex crimes involving a minor

30-year-old Joshua Shaun Kent was taken into custody and charged with indecent exposure, two counts of enticing a child and two counts of traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act. In early September, a 10-year-old female reported to a school ...

4 KTIV Siouxland's News channel 9-18-2018
Police: Man rubbed produce on bare behind _ then put it back

News outlets report 27-year-old Michael Dwayne Johnson, of Manassas, is charged with indecent exposure and destruction of property. A Manassas police release says an employee on Saturday noticed ...

Journal Review Online 9-18-2018
Waynetown man arrested for child porn

A Waynetown man was arrested Friday on nine felony counts of possession of child pornography. The charges stem from his allegedly posting pictures of nude girls to an online blogging website. Matthew T. Walls, 37, is free on bail after he was booked into ...

Circa 9-18-2018
Police arrest man they say rubbed butt on produce, forcing supermarket to throw away food

(SBG) - A man accused of rubbing his buttocks on produce at a grocery store in northern Virginia has been arrested, according to multiple local reports published Monday. The Manassas City Police Department reportedly said the suspect would, upon arrival at ...

mySteinback 9-17-2018
Mitchell man arrested by Steinbach RCMP for indecent exposure

Tylor Alexander Jansen-Vandoorn from Mitchell has been arrested by Steinbach RCMP in relation to an indecent exposure incident that recently occurred in Mitchell, Manitoba. On September 13, 2018, at approximately 4:40pm, Steinbach RCMP responded to a ...

daddyhood.net 9-17-2018
Man, 30, who abducted girl, 12, via Snapchat, and raped her is jailed

When he was arrested he claimed he thought the girl was 17 ... He claimed that he didn't have sex with her, but this was found out to be a lie because semen was found in her vagina and this was proven to be his. After the incident, the victim tried ...

Sebastian Daily 9-17-2018
Sebastian Man Walks Around Naked at KOA Campground

Sebastian, Florida – Deputies say a Sebastian man was walking around naked Saturday night at the KOA Campground, reports show. Patrick Brennan Noble, 32, was arrested for Loitering by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. The caller said Noble ...

Somerset Live 9-17-2018
Man seen 'walking naked' in Bridgwater arrested by police

A man seen walking naked through Bridgwater has been arrested, police have confirmed. An onlooker, Claire Chinnock, claimed she saw the man undress and throw his clothes in the river before wandering off toward Cranleigh Gardens on Sunday afternoon ...

WATD-FM 9-17-2018
Norwell: Man Arrested On Child Porn Charges

A Norwell man is facing molestation and child porn charges. Norwell Police say that 48-year-old Derek Sheehan was arrested in Wednesday following an investigation conducted along with ...

San Mateo Daily Journal 9-17-2018
San Mateo County police repors

Shoplifting. Someone was arrested for shoplifting on Veterans Boulevard, it was reported at 4:38 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24. Indecent exposure. Someone exposed himself in public on King Street, it was reported at 4:11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24. Annoying/obscene phone ...

SteinbachOnline 9-17-2018
Male Arrested For Indecent Exposure In Mitchell

A male was arrested following a report of indecent exposure in Mitchell around 4:40 P.M. September 13th. Steinbach RCMP say it was reported that a male had exposed himself to a group of children in Mitchell late Thursday afternoon. Police officers ...

Wonderwall 9-16-2018
Larry King agrees with Julie Chen standing by her man

44 siblings came from 1 donor's sperm. She wants to meet them all ... appearance canceled after controversial #MeToo comments Former Disney star David Henrie arrested for possessing loaded gun at airport "Morning Joe" host Mika Brzezinski called out ...

Bayshore Broadcasting 9-16-2018
Arrest in Hanover "naked man" incidents

Suspect picked up after nude man spotted on trails. Hanover Police have made an arrest, after reports of a naked man was roaming the trail system in the community. Following an intensive search Saturday, police have charged a 37 year old Hanover man with ...

Deepika Global 9-16-2018
4,388 CCTV cameras installed across Delhi to ensure security of women, city police tells high court

did not find any trace of semen on the complainant women's clothes. It said that it had arrested one person in March this year in connection with the second incident, but he was released on bail, adding that a charge sheet will be filed in the matter.

occupythevatican.com 9-15-2018
Priest found nude in car with 10-year-old girl in Italy.

A priest was caught naked in a car with a 10-year-old girl in a village near Florence, Italian media report. The 70-year-old cleric was arrested by the police. He is now under house arrest and has been suspended from exercising his priestly duties by the ...

Nairobi News 9-15-2018
Man in shock after wife gives birth to five babies – VIDEO

Police in Nairobi on Friday arrested 71 immigrants who were being trafficked through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Oman with fake... The battle for control of the ever swelling ...

core.ac.uk 9-15-2018
Maturation arrest of human oocytes at germinal vesicle stage

Maturation arrest of human oocytes may occur at various stages of the ... stage during in vitro fertilization/Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF/ICSI). The patient underwent controlled ovarian stimulation followed by oocyte retrieval and IVF/ICSI.

moc.media 9-14-2018
Artist arrested in France for naked performance beneath Virgin Mary statue

Artist Deborah de Robertis was arrested during her performance beneath the statue of the Virgin May at Lourdes, a Catholic shrine. She was standing naked with a blue veil on her head Deborah de Robertis, The Origin of Life, 2018. Source: courtesy of the ...

Ravalli Republic 9-14-2018
Stevensville man charged with felony sexual assault with a minor

A Stevensville man has been charged with sexually assaulting a ... Justice Jennifer Ray on felony charges of sex assault, indecent exposure to a minor and one other sex charge.

KCEN TV 9-14-2018
McLennan County jailer accused of exposing himself to inmate

"I'm very disappointed with his actions," said McNamara. "I will never tolerate this kind of behavior." Cunningham turned himself in Friday morning and was charged with improper sexual activity with an inmate and indecent exposure.

core.ac.uk 9-14-2018
How eggs arrest at metaphase II: MPF stabilisation plus APC/C inhibition equals Cytostatic Factor

Physiologically, Cytostatic Factor – induced metaphase arrest is only broken by a Ca<sup>2+ </sup>rise initiated by the fertilizing sperm and results in degradation of cyclin B, the regulatory subunit of MPF through the Anaphase-Promoting Complex ...

Cornwall Freenews 9-14-2018
14 Yr Old Charged w Assault of Police Officer in Cornwall #CCPS 091418

Cornwall, ON – A 14-year-old Cornwall youth was arrested on September 13th, 2018 and charged with assault, assault police officer, and breach of probation for failing to keep the peace. It is alleged while police were investigating an unrelated matter on ...

Republican Herald 9-14-2018
Police issue warrants for man accused of posting nude photos

MINERSVILLE — Minersville police have obtained arrest warrants for a Schuylkill Haven man, one on theft charges and the other for unlawfully posting nude photos of a woman on the internet. Patrolman Jeffrey Bowers said the first warrant against Frederick F.

CWB Chicago 9-14-2018
Court report: Probation for taxi driver who molested passenger downtown; Prison for CTA tunnel robbery; More

Police arrested him later the same day in a parking lot at O ... A woman on a nearby street said a man was masturbating outside of her house—and her description of the man closely matched the burglary offender. Officers said they rolled up to the ...

KENS 9-13-2018
Uvalde police officer arrested, facing child sex assault charges

UVALDE — The Uvalde Police Department announced Thursday that one of their officers had been arrested on charges of Sexual Assault ... over the case when it became apparent that a Uvalde police officer was involved. Officer Martinez was being booked ...

Almanac 9-13-2018
Menlo Park man who allegedly sexually assaulted teen at city park on trial

Sperm samples collected from her shirt were uploaded into the ... Another entry into the system means he was arrested or convicted for something else, though information on the nature of that alleged crime was not immediately available, Wagstaffe said.

The Undefeated 9-13-2018
Milwaukee police officer involved in Sterling Brown arrest fired

5:22 PMA Milwaukee police officer who was involved in the controversial arrest of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown was fired from the department, according to remarks made by Milwaukee police ...

The Post-Star 9-13-2018
Police: Queensbury man arrested naked along road

QUEENSBURY — State Police arrested a Queensbury man on Thursday afternoon after seeing him running along a busy road naked except for a winter hat, officials said. Cody Ladd, 31, of Montcalm ...

U.S. Marshals 9-13-2018
U.S. Marshals Arrests Fugitive in Child Pornography Case

Burlington, VT – The U.S. Marshals Service arrested a fugitive wanted by the State of Vermont for failure to appear on an underlying child pornography case. Jose Paul Agorrea Chammas, 29, of Burlington, Vermont was arrested on September 12, 2018 in South ...

CP24 9-13-2018
Woman charged after allegedly biting police officer in Kingston

woman is facing charges after allegedly biting a city police officer. Police say a local resident became ... to an unspecified disturbance at a local motel. When police tried to arrest her, they allege she bit an officer on the arm. She is now facing ...

Falls Church News-Press 9-13-2018
F.C. Police Officer Arrested By FBI for Crimes Against Children

A City of Falls Church Police officer was arrested Wednesday by the FBI for internet crimes against children, City police reported today in a press release. Robert MacSeain, 29, a seven-year employee with the F.C. police department, was arrested on Sept.

William M. Briggs 9-13-2018
Insanity & Doom Update LIV — Big Tech Midweek Special Doom Edition

There are no documents awarded for illegal border crossings, except for arrest warrants and the like ... Bonus item Paul McCartney Details Group Masturbation Sessions He Had with John Lennon “[I]nstead of just getting roaring drunk and partying ...

Rocky Mount Telegram 9-13-2018
Man charged with assaulting cop

The Rocky Mount police arrested a man Tuesday for causing problems at a local hotel and assaulting an officer. Brandon Paul Dunn, 33, was charged with aggravated assault of an officer, simple physical assault, communicating threats, damage to property and ...

The Smoking Gun 9-12-2018
Quick, Someone Get This Anxiety-Ridden Guy A Fidget Spinner Or Some Xanax Bars

A man arrested early yesterday for masturbating in public told police that engaging in such illicit pleasure sessions “helps with his anxiety,” according to an arrest report. Cops allege that ...

haligonia.ca 9-12-2018
Man jumps overboard, Arrested Naked. the News #16

CBC reports on a man who released a life raft, jumped overboard, and swam for shore from a B.C ferry. 2.ZIM still hanging on in an era of aliances, zim is still going it alone, and still loosing a ton of money. The Loadstar reveals ZIM‘s future prospects ...

PTI 9-12-2018
Cop dies after arrested man attacks him in MP

Bhind (MP), Sep 12 (PTI) A 50-year-old head constable died Wednesday after he was allegedly attacked by an arrested person in an escape bid at a police station here in Madhya Pradesh, an official said. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced a ...

The Press and Journal 9-12-2018
Man battered on windows and doors of north-east pub before attempting to head butt a police officer

A man who shouted, swore and battered on the windows and doors of a north-east pub before attempting to head butt a police officer could face being confined ... “The accused was arrested and taken to Fraserburgh police station. “He repeatedly attempted ...

stomp.straitstimes.com 9-12-2018
Naked man arrested for drug-related offences after found sleeping in dustbin by cardboard collector

A woman in her 70s was startled to see a naked man asleep in a dustbin along an alley in Chinatown on Sep 10 while she was collecting cardboard. In response to a Stomp query, the police said that they received a call for assistance along 211 New Bridge ...

MyNewsLA 9-12-2018
Convicted Sex Offender Charged with Flashing

A 36-year-old convicted sex offender was charged Tuesday with indecent exposure in Huntington Beach. Dillon Eugene Johnstone was charged with a felony count of indecent exposure. The alleged ...

The Daily World 9-12-2018
Pantsless man arrested for meth — and lack of pants

and noticed he was naked from the waist down. The officer also observed drug paraphernalia next to the suspect and asked him about it. The man admitted to using methamphetamine earlier. The suspect was then arrested for indecent exposure. During the arrest ...

The New Paper 9-12-2018
Naked man found sleeping in rubbish bin in Chinatown

A naked man was found sleeping in a rubbish bin in a back alley ... he was taken conscious by ambulance to the Singapore General Hospital and subsequently arrested for drug-related offences. TNP understands he is Singaporean. According to Shin Min Daily ...

The Newcastle Herald 9-11-2018
PlayStation porn: Hamilton man charged over child abuse materials

A HAMILTON man has been arrested and charged after police allegedly found child porn on a gaming console. On Tuesday police were conducting a home inspection of a registered offender, under section 16C of the Child Protection Act. On entering the home at ...

Wicked Local Watertown 9-11-2018
Man arrested for lewd behavior

At the scene officers spoke with two adult women who said they saw a man masturbating alone in his vehicle on the ... Newton. They obtained an arrest warrant for Bekker from Waltham District Court. On Friday, Sept. 7, officers arrested and charged Bekker ...

Bell Media 9-11-2018
London man facing child pornography charges

Police seized a computer last Friday and they say it revealed multiple images containing suspected child pornography. A 61-year-old man was arrested and charged with: • Unlawfully possess child ...

Just Jared Jr. 9-11-2018
Ariel Winter Has Some Words For David Henrie About His Arrest

Ariel Winter is calling out David Henrie for the circumstances around his arrest this week – TooFab The Riverdale ... Teen.com Sarah Hyland actually exercises in front of a mirror naked for motivation – EOnline LaurDIY is answering all the questions ...

WFAE 9-11-2018
Former CMS Teacher Sentenced In Child Pornography Case

A former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system teacher was sentenced to more than ten years in prison yesterday on charges of viewing and possessing child pornography after pleading guilty in February. Benjamin McMiller was arrested in November 2016 after ...

News World India 9-11-2018
Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif's Wife Kulsoom Nawaz Passes Away In London

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana has been famous for taking up unconventional films, since his acting debut with Vicky Donor where he played the role of a sperm donor ... of Pakistan had suffered a cardiac arrest and placed on a ventilator in June ...

withinnigeria.com 9-11-2018
Police arrest 10 Human-penis trader arrested in Kogi State

A 10-man gang that specializes in selling penises has reportedly been arrested by the police in Kogi State. In a chat with AIT, the gang revealed how they killed four local vigilante men and a Police Officer in Ofu LGA during one of their operations.

Captial 9-11-2018
Man Charged After Police Officer Run Over In Walsall

A man's been charged after a police officer was seriously injured in a hit and run in Walsall. The 50-year-old female officer, a constable with West Midlands Police, was trying to diffuse a domestic incident in Hatherton Road on Thursday, when she was hit ...

Crisis Magazine 9-11-2018
About those “Gay” Priests Arrested in Miami

Miami police arrested two priests for “lewd and lascivious behavior.” One of them was also charged with “indecent exposure.” The two priests were in a parked car in a public place, performing a “sex act.” As the policeman noted, “there were ...

ThaiVisa News 9-11-2018
Fellow bar girl pinched my undies, says Sri Racha woman after being cleaned out

Man caught masturbating in front of Chonburi school ... The two... Bogus Thai guide arrested at Buddha Mountain video screenshot A patrol of the Pattaya tourist police arrested a Yala man ...

ThaiVisa News 9-11-2018
Man caught masturbating in front of Chonburi school girl

Sanook reported that a man was caught masturbating on his pink bike in ... Bogus Thai guide arrested at Buddha Mountain video screenshot A patrol of the Pattaya tourist police arrested a Yala ...

680 News 9-11-2018
Trial begins for man accused in death of Calgary woman Dawns Baptiste in 2015

She said Healy told police after his arrest that he used the rock to “finish her off.” An expert will testify that blood on Healy’s shoe matches Baptiste’s DNA and that semen found on Baptiste matches Healy’s, MacPhail told court Monday.

KSBY 6 9-10-2018
Atascadero teacher facing child porn charges

An Atascadero Unified School District teacher was arrested Monday on suspicion of producing child pornography. Atascadero police say Chris Lynn Berdoll, 48, recorded video of female students' undergarments. Berdoll, a sixth-grade and visual arts teacher at ...

Post Register 9-10-2018
Idaho Falls medical transport driver arrested for sexually abusing two girls, including one patient

An Idaho Falls man who worked for a medical transportation company was arrested Sept. 5 for reportedly sexually ... He also admitted to looking up child pornography online. Teresa Browning, the transportation company's owner, said she fired Carter after ...

CTV Edmonton News 9-10-2018
Summer camp volunteer charged with child porn offences

Police conducted a search warrant at a Sherwood Park home and arrested 19-year-old Tyler Porteous on September 6. Porteous was charged with distribution and possession of child pornography.

Hutchinson News 9-10-2018
Hutchinson man arrested for sharing nude photo of girlfriend

A 30-year-old Hutchison man was arrested on suspicion of “breach of privacy” after his girlfriend told police the man shared a partially nude photo of her from his phone. Derek Stevens, during an initial appearance Monday morning, claimed transmission ...

Upper 9-10-2018
Escanaba man headed to jury trial for numerous counts involving child pornography

DELTA COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - An Escanaba man arrested in February on fourteen counts involving child pornography is headed to jury trial. On Monday, John Schiska ended up not entering a plea during his hearing in Delta County Circuit Court. A four day jury ...

All Over Albany 9-10-2018
It's primary week, new Albany police chief sworn in, Troy police officer charged, big month for Schenectady casino

+ In a Siena poll out Monday morning Andrew Cuomo continued to have big lead on Cynthia Nixon for the Democratic primary this week. [SRI] + Also over the weekend: Cuomo tried to distance himself from a mailer sent out by state Democratic Party that ...

Cyprus Mail 9-10-2018
Man remanded over child pornography (Updated)

A 26-year-old man accused of possessing child pornography was remanded for five ... on Sunday after a warrant was secured for his arrest as Europol had initially collected evidence against him ...

KUOW 9-10-2018
Dallas Police Officer Arrested For Killing Black Man In His Apartment

Stay connected with everything KUOW by signing up for our free newsletter. KUOW is the Puget Sound region’s #1 radio station for news. Our independent, nonprofit newsroom produces award-winning ...

Vulture 9-10-2018
What Was the First Modern Nude Scene?

When the Playboy issues hit newsstands, Hugh Hefner was arrested and hauled into Chicago court for “publishing and distributing an obscene magazine.” The city based its complaint on two “particularly obscene” images showing Mansfield lying naked on ...



gaadiwaadi.com 9-22-2018
Tesla Rivalling Audi e-tron India Launch Next Year With 400 KM Range

It competes against the likes of Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes-Benz EQC ... Audi’s innovative brake energy recuperation system enables the electric motors to recover energy when the driver lifts off the accelerator and when the brake pedal ...

rankred.com 9-22-2018
Xbash: A New Malware Targeting Windows And Linux

Xbash targets Microsoft Windows and Linux servers. It has crypto-mining and ransomware capabilities. Initially written in Python, the malware is still under development. Within a year, detection of crypto-mining malware has increased 459%, reported by ...

rswebsols.com 9-22-2018
Applications of Virtual Reality That Revolutionize the World

At that period, this illusion eagers many of them to feel the reality of presenting somewhere we are not present actually. In fact, this arises with the anticipation to execute their impossible dream in to live. Starting from the panoramic paintings and ...

Rutland Herald 9-22-2018
Sabataso on film: Exploring virtual reality

I’m standing in a bedroom. It’s brightly lit and tidy. A teddy bear rests on a neatly made single bed. An acoustic guitar leans against it. On the opposite wall, several Polaroid photos and a laptop are scattered across a small desk. “I think it ...

WXIA-TV Atlanta 9-22-2018
Duluth man convicted of hacking into world's largest military base

DULUTH, Ga. -- A Duluth man is heading to federal prison after being convicted of hacking into Fort Bragg, the world's largest military base. Mittesh Das, 48, is believed to have been upset with the Army after his employment contract was up, according to ...

edscoop.com 9-21-2018
'Hacking For Defense' course to be taught in 20 universities this year

Twenty of the top universities in the U.S. will offer a graduate-level class called “Hacking for Defense” this academic year, aimed at preparing students to contribute to the U.S. military and intelligence communities immediately after graduation.

dagorret.net 9-21-2018
The 5 best eBook creation tools for GNU/Linux

E-books are fast becoming the most popular publication medium for books. More people than ever are buying their books in digital form, and electronic books open an invaluable opportunity for self-published publishers and authors alike. Ebooks are even a ...

DataBreachToday 9-21-2018
Enterprise IoT Security: Addressing the Challenge in 2019

The primary focus of IoT-driven innovations - as with all technology innovations - is functionality. These devices are proliferating at an exponential rate - set to cross a trillion in the next few years. And the cybersecurity risks they pose should no ...

othersiderainbow.blogspot.com 9-21-2018
Linux is NOT Windows

"In the following article, I refer to the GNU/Linux OS and various Free & Open-Source Software (FOSS) projects under the catch-all name of "Linux". It scans better." If you've been pointed at this page, then the chances are you're a relatively new Linux ...

yro.slashdot.org 9-21-2018
Romanian Ransomware Suspect Pleads Guilty To Hacking CCTVs in Washington DC

gosand writes: The Register reports that "a Romanian woman has admitted running a ransomware operation from infected Washington DC's CCTV systems just days before President Trump was sworn into office in the US capital." The US DOJ stated that "this case ...

Unmanned Systems Technology 9-21-2018
Autonomous Zero Carbon Hydrogen Drone Program to be Launched in France

HES Energy Systems, a developer of high-performance hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems, has announced its expansion to France to begin work on the first decentralized hydrogen infrastructure for autonomous fuel cell powered drones. The move is part of ...

Nextgov 9-21-2018
Romanian Woman Pleads Guilty to Hacking DC Cameras Ahead of Trump Inauguration

A Romanian national has pleaded guilty for her role in hacking more than 125 surveillance cameras in the D.C. metro area ahead of the 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump. Eveline Cismaru, 28, was charged with hacking into 126 computers connected to ...

Urban Milwaukee 9-21-2018
Illinois Cyber Hacking Worries Wisconsin

Wisconsin officials say they have taken multiple steps in recent months to guard against the type of attack that Russian hackers unleashed on neighboring Illinois when they allegedly stole data ...

events.technologyreview.com 9-21-2018
Hacking Democracy

J. Alex Halderman is a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan and director of Michigan’s Center for Computer Security and Society. His research spans security and privacy, applied cryptography, internet measurement ...

searchstorage.techtarget.com 9-21-2018
7 key questions IoT storage designers must answer

The connected devices that make up the internet of things are expected over the next several years to generate increasingly vast amounts of data. IT teams must determine where to process and store this data, relying on edge systems, central data centers ...

ITworld 9-21-2018
Samsung's Note 9 takes DeX to a new level

Samsung's Note 9 flagship enterprise smartphone has arrived with a bunch of hardware upgrades that make it one of the most advanced smartphones ever, but enterprise users might be more interested in a clever upgrade for DeX, the innovative Samsung ...

blackmoreops.com 9-21-2018
Find exact installation date of Linux

Ran into an interesting question today while trying to debug a problem with a monitoring tool, what was the exact installation date of Linux system on this server? I mean this is something you don’t try to find everyday and for a second I was like ...

Upwork 9-21-2018
2018 Beginner’s Guide to IoT Platforms

Take any item—cars, appliances, buildings, you name it—add a microcontroller, and hook it up to a network: It is now part of the Internet of Things (IoT). With so many possibilities, the IoT platform ecosystem is very diverse, with technologies ...

CelebrityNetWorth 9-21-2018
Take A Rare Drone Video Tour Of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch – Which Just Got A $33 Million Price Reduction

As you probably know, Michael Jackson lived much of his adult life at a sprawling estate that he dubbed Neverland Ranch. Located in Los Olivos, California, in Santa Babara County, Neverland has been on the market since 2015. Unfortunately, it has struggled ...

Netsparker 9-21-2018
Ethical Hacking With A Security Scanner

Use the Netsparker web application security scanner and its ethical hacking software and tools to perform automated security scans on your web applications and identify security issues before malicious hackers find and exploit them. In popular culture ...

us.norton.com 9-21-2018
Hacking group Magecart claims another victim in data breach

You may have heard a lot about credit card payment information being stolen from some major online retailers in the past few weeks. It turns out, there’s a single culprit behind these attacks. The threat group dubbed “Magecart” has been targeting the ...

Lost At E Minor: For creative people 9-21-2018
Farmer tries to lasso drone after seeing one for the first time

Dang kids these days and their computers! In Turkey, a 70-year-old cattle farmer tried to lasso a drone after his first encounter with one. In the following video, the man can be seen sitting down near his cows when the machine approaches him. Having few ...

Skills Matter 9-21-2018
Building Cross-platform apps that run in iOS, Android... even Linux

If you want to develop mobile applications, you have a couple of choices. You can use Swift to write iOS apps and Java for Android apps and end up building your apps twice, of you can use a cross-platform tool and share code between platforms. There are ...

lyncinsider.com 9-20-2018
How to Access Skype for Business and Teams Services on Linux Computers

Want to access Skype for Business or Teams on Linux? You’re not alone. I wrote a post back in 2014 titled, “Lync on Linux: How to Access Lync Services on Linux Computers.” It remains one of the most-read posts on this blog today, almost 4 years later.

Cornell Chronicle 9-20-2018
Eating with your eyes: virtual reality can alter taste

Humans not only relish the sweet, savory and saltiness of foods, but they are influenced by the environment in which they eat. Cornell food scientists used virtual reality to show how people’s perception of real food can be altered by their surroundings ...

partners.wsj.com 9-20-2018
How IoT Is Driving a Data Revolution From Your Workplace to Your Home

Thirty billion. That’s how many devices IHS Markit estimates will connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2018. It includes an ever-growing list of “smart” products that are changing the way we live—speakers, televisions and climate control ...

AndroidGuys 9-20-2018
TomTop is selling the SIMTOO XT175 selfie drone with a 37% discount (Promoted)

Flying toys used to be reserved for geeky enthusiasts with a taste for expensive hobbies. But with the explosion of smartphone-powered drones, airborne gadgets have become accessible to everyone. Case in point, online retailer TomTop has a cute tiny drone ...

applications.nam.lighting.philips.com 9-20-2018
How a new lighting industry open-platform will lead us to IoT

Since the adoption of LED in outdoor lighting, we have seen more advanced lighting control systems connecting luminaires and other assets to operators using cloud-based systems, sometimes referred to as, software as a service, that maximizes energy savings ...

PokerNews 9-20-2018
PokerStars VR Creates Live Poker Feel in Virtual Reality

As market leader, PokerStars has been at the forefront of poker innovation to make the game more compelling, accessible and interesting for new and existing audiences alike. Whether it's running out multiple boards with Split Hold'em, revealing all folded ...

blog.cloudsecurityalliance.org 9-20-2018
Recommendations for IoT Firmware Update Processes: Addressing complexities in a vast ecosystem of connected devices

Traditionally, updating software for IT assets involves three stages: analysis, staging, and distribution of the update—a process that usually occurs during off-hours for the business. Typically, these updates apply cryptographic controls (digital ...

TechPoint 9-20-2018
Comcast, Indiana IoT Lab bring celebrity talent to talk food tech

Indiana’s tech ecosystem is known for focusing on solutions for business needs. But what happens when we merge business technology with everyday consumer interactions? One example of this is in the food industry, where the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is ...

Free Poker Software 9-20-2018
PokerStars to launch Virtual Reality poker game

PokerStars have announced another major step towards the marriage between poker and video games, with the launch of a Virtual Reality poker game to be released in the future. PokerStars VR is a freeplay immersive social game which can be accessed using ...

MobyGames 9-20-2018
The Gardens Between (Linux)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics. The Gardens Between is a single-player adventure-puzzle game about time, memory and friendship. Best friends Arina and Frendt fall into a series of vibrant, dreamlike island gardens peppered with ...

IT Pro Portal 9-20-2018
Criminal bot hacking attempts see major rise

Malicious logins are on the rise. This is according to a new report by Akamai, which says there have been 3.2 billion malicious login attempts every month in the first four months of 2018. In May and June, however, the number jumps to more than 8.3 billion ...

Hyperallergic 9-20-2018
These Virtual Reality Films Are Blazing a New Trail in Storytelling and Art

Strap on a headset and find yourself on a flooding island halfway around the world or in the body of a Homeland Security interrogator. Virtual reality offers intriguing possibilities for ...

BayStreet 9-20-2018
Ex GM Boss: Tesla ‘Headed For The Graveyard’

General Motors’s former vice chairman Bob Lutz told CNBC on Tuesday. Lutz continues to believe that Tesla Model 3 will never make money because overhead costs are widely exceeding the profits from making fewer than 150,000 cars a year. In addition ...

avantmusicnews.com 9-20-2018
Drone Activity Chicago, November 9

Drone Activity Chicago is a three-stage night featuring the most progressive artists working in noise, drone and experimental music. Taking place at Saffron Rails — a massive industrial space — this concert is for those who want to feel the music ...

SourceSecurity 9-20-2018
PureTech Systems works with Skyfront to provide automated drone deployment at an alarm location

PureTech Systems announces its latest capability, which provides for automated dispatch of a security drone to an alarm location. The alarm can originate from sensor sources capable of providing a location including PureActiv geospatial video analytics ...

Pop-Up City 9-20-2018
This Drone-Built Canopy Imagines Architecture To Become Flexible

Graduate students from the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) developed a canopy that can be reconfigured in real-time by drones. Their prototype opens up a range of new possibilities for construction in public space. The project ...

The Times of Israel 9-20-2018
Cybersecurity firm warns of more Iranian hacking as US sanctions loom

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — An Iranian government-aligned group of hackers launched a major campaign targeting Mideast energy firms and others ahead of US sanctions on Iran, a cybersecurity firm said Tuesday, warning further attacks remain ...

Salesforce.com 9-20-2018
What's New with Salesforce IoT

Every company is on a journey to digital transformation: a journey that will transform their business from selling and delivering a physical product or asset, to delivering customer experiences tied to connected products. How far your company is on this ...

National Journal 9-20-2018
Controversial Counter-Drone Provision Flies Under the Radar

As Congress moves to wrap up a long-running debate to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline, civil-liberties groups are sounding the alarm over what they see as a stealthy attempt to shoehorn a contentious drone ...

Sip Trunking Report 9-19-2018
Armis Wins 2018 IoT Evolution's Product of the Year Award

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Armis, the enterprise IoT security company, today announced it received a 2018 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution Magazine and IoT Evolution World. This win comes on the heels of ...

Corona 9-19-2018
Linux builds for Corona

Corona Labs is pleased to announce early beta testing for Linux builds. With this feature you can use the Corona Simulator either on Windows or macOS to produce a Corona build that should run on Debian and generic x86-64 Linux platforms. This feature is ...

Construction Dive 9-19-2018
Real results from virtual reality: safer jobsites

Virtual reality is making an impact in the construction industry, but not in ways that many would expect. The technology promises to provide solutions to everything from BIM to real estate site walkthroughs, but often gets lost in a seemingly never-ending ...

Marine Corps Times 9-19-2018
The Corps just slapped a counter-drone system on an MRZR all-terrain vehicle

Marine 1st Lt. Ariel Cecil, officer in charge of the Low Altitude Air Defense detachment of Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 166 Reinforced, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, poses for a photo in front of the Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System during ...

law.stanford.edu 9-19-2018
Government Hacking Raises New Security Concerns

News of governments such as Russia and North Korea deploying their tech teams to hack into companies for political reasons has made headlines (think Sony after release of the movie The Interview). But what about when the U.S. government “hacks” to get ...

CNET 9-19-2018
Refurb Samsung 65" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV for $1,089 + pickup at Walmart

Your destination for all things hosting and more! Find the best providers, plans and deals, learn what you need to know to build your web presence and optimize your site. Use our comparison tools and speed test, get support in our forums and much more.

CNET 9-19-2018
Refurb Samsung 65" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV for $1,089 + pickup at Walmart

Your destination for all things hosting and more! Find the best providers, plans and deals, learn what you need to know to build your web presence and optimize your site. Use our comparison tools and speed test, get support in our forums and much more.

CNET 9-19-2018
Refurb Samsung 65" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV for $1,089 + pickup at Walmart

Your destination for all things hosting and more! Find the best providers, plans and deals, learn what you need to know to build your web presence and optimize your site. Use our comparison tools and speed test, get support in our forums and much more.

CNET 9-19-2018
Refurb Samsung 65" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV for $1,089 + pickup at Walmart

Your destination for all things hosting and more! Find the best providers, plans and deals, learn what you need to know to build your web presence and optimize your site. Use our comparison tools and speed test, get support in our forums and much more.

CNET 9-19-2018
Refurb Samsung 65" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV for $1,089 + pickup at Walmart

Your destination for all things hosting and more! Find the best providers, plans and deals, learn what you need to know to build your web presence and optimize your site. Use our comparison tools and speed test, get support in our forums and much more.

Against The Grain 9-19-2018
ATG “I Wonder” Wednesday: Does your library house and loan virtual reality equipment?

ATG The Podcast: The official podcast of Against the Grain, offering another way to access news, interviews, and content of importance to the information industry in addition to our print journal and the ATG NewsChannel website.

rAVe Publications 9-19-2018
IoT Is a Potential Hacker-Fest

Everyone, everywhere is talking about the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). And, every tech company is trying to find a way to claim their products are part of IoT, too. And, most of it is hype. Pure hype. But, some of the companies that do have IoT ...

Intellectual Property Watch 9-19-2018
Hackers To The Rescue: Defining Good Hacking

IP-Watch is a non-profit independent news service and depends on subscriptions. To access all of our content, please subscribe here. You may also offer additional support with your subscription, or donate. Noci, the fictional city attacked by malevolent ...

blog.marketo.com 9-19-2018
Growth Hacking Promotes Rapid Development—But Can You Sustain It?

Growth hacking strategies can provide rapid results, but if your company can’t carry that momentum, all your efforts will be for naught. You can’t employ growth hacking techniques if you don’t know how they’ll work in the long run. The entire point ...

FoneArena 9-19-2018
Chrome OS 69 with support for Linux apps, refreshed UI for files app, night light and more rolling out

Google today announced that Chrome OS 69 stable is rolling out and this update brings the much-awaited Linux support for supported Chromebooks. It also includes other features such as a refreshed UI for browsing the files app, expanded dictation support ...

GIM International 9-19-2018
First South Korea Government Drone Mapping Project with SimActive

SimActive, one of the leading developers of photogrammetry software, has annouced it enabled the first government UAV mapping project in South Korea. Asia Aero Survey (AAS), a SimActive regional partner, used Correlator3D for the public survey delivered to ...

CNET 9-19-2018
Refurb Samsung 55" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV for $653 + pickup at Walmart

Your destination for all things hosting and more! Find the best providers, plans and deals, learn what you need to know to build your web presence and optimize your site. Use our comparison tools and speed test, get support in our forums and much more.

CNET 9-19-2018
Refurb Samsung 55" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV for $653 + pickup at Walmart

Your destination for all things hosting and more! Find the best providers, plans and deals, learn what you need to know to build your web presence and optimize your site. Use our comparison tools and speed test, get support in our forums and much more.

HiConsumption 9-18-2018
Audi Patrone Police Drone Concept

While companies like Amazon and UPS are clamoring to get the rights to use flying drones for package delivery, there’s another application that seems a bit more practical and inevitable: law enforcement. Or at least that’s what designer Jin-jung Young ...

Senior Housing News 9-18-2018
Upcoming Webinar – Cybersecurity and Senior Living: Hacking, Phishing and More

Senior living providers are expanding the use of information technology and digital tools to optimize the delivery of care and the experience for their staff and residents. The increasing role of ...

The Daily Signal 9-18-2018
Counter Drone Authority Needed to Keep US Secure

David Inserra specializes in cyber and homeland security policy, including protection of critical infrastructure, as policy analyst in The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies. Read his research. Reps. Michael McCaul, R-Texas ...

BNamericas 9-18-2018
Qualcomm opens IoT center in Brazil, announces plant roadmap

BNamericas develops thousands of news articles, analyses and features every month, always concentrating on how to make or save money in Latin American business. This news article is one of hundreds published daily by Business News Americas about the ...

foxnomad.com 9-18-2018
What’s The Best Mavic Drone To Buy Right Now?

A few weeks ago I answered the question on whether the original DJI Mavic Pro drone was still worth buying in 2018. At the time, there was no new Mavic Pro to compare it to and the 2016 original was still the ideal drone for travelers. Earlier this month ...

CIO Dive 9-18-2018
The Information: Google to take on Microsoft with cloud capabilities for on-prem servers

Google is responding to enterprise computing needs by making custom-designed computers to run in organizations' own data centers, reports The Information. The computers include server, storage and networking functions specifically for "a handful of large ...

The Salina Journal 9-18-2018
DV8 Tech makes award-winning drone for first responders

One thing Toby Tracy, a remote systems specialist, really likes about working with DV8 Tech, is the start-up life. It has ups and down, but he gets to come in every day and solve problems. One of the problems he helped solve can save lives and ...

Scuttlebutt Sailing News 9-18-2018
Best drone footage of Volvo Ocean Race

Launched in 1997, Scuttlebutt provides sailing news with a North American focus. Look for the latest information to be posted on the website, with the highlights distributed Monday through Friday in the e-Newsletter. We hope you love our new site!

SUSE Linux 9-18-2018
3 Reasons to Choose SUSE Linux for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

If you’re following the SAP roadmap then you’re probably focusing on transforming your operations and processes to become a digital business now or, hopefully, in the not too distant future. Even though ultimately the SAP S/4HANA infrastructure is ...

pocketnow.com 9-18-2018
Samsung will launch its first triple camera smartphone this year

Samsung has started a new revolution. Some of the changes that are expected will introduce flagship smartphone features into mid-range smartphones, and we are starting to see them. Leaked images ...

Protandim 9-18-2018
Travel for Free by Hacking Your Taxes?

Many personal finance bloggers love to write about travel hacking with credit cards. As you can tell by that link, I’m one of those bloggers who have written about it in the past. Last year, we had a lot of expenses in renovating some investment condos.

Streaming Media Magazine 9-18-2018
Global Virtual Reality market will be worth US$ 55 Billion by 2024

Technological novelty will impact digital marketing, and one of the most interesting tools to enter the background in the past few years is Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual reality (VR) creates a 3D computer generated multi-sensory immersive surroundings, in ...

it.toolbox.com 9-18-2018
Internet of Things (IoT) – Amazon Dash Buttons and Dash Wands

Internet of Things is a concept of bringing everything under internet and control them using artificial intelligence of internet. How can be it possible? Internet of Things is possible by embedding software or sensor on non-internet things. Driver-less car ...

Phoenix New Times 9-18-2018
A Jolt for Electric-Car Rivalry: Lucid Motors Gets $1B to Build Arizona Plant

Lucid Motors has signed a $1 billion deal with Saudi Arabia, the company announced Monday, allowing it to take on rival Tesla with a massive, new electric-car plant in Casa Grande. Governor Doug Ducey revealed two years ago that the Silicon Valley company ...

urenio.org 9-18-2018
How Augmented Reality can feature in Smart Cities

Augmented Reality (AR) technology and the market for it has matured ... With the use of AR, users will be able to walk into a virtual representation of a planned building or extension, superimposed over the existing space. AR can also be used to enhance ...

Interaction Design Foundation 9-18-2018
How to Use Voice Interaction in Augmented Reality

In virtual and augmented reality, gestures are also a very natural way to interact with digital artifacts and menus, but we don’t have as clear conventions for how to des... Whenever you design something new – be it an interface, service or a product ...

DigiCert 9-18-2018
DigiCert Partners with Data I/O To Provide Hardware-Embedded Security for IoT Devices

The need for OEMs to design security into their products has never been greater. The market for secure microcontrollers in IoT applications will grow to 4 billion units over the next 5 years. DigiCert PKI services for IoT work in conjunction with Data I/O ...

culture.pl 9-18-2018
Cricoterie: Kantor In Virtual Reality – Video

Cricoterie is a project created by the Tale of Tales collective (Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn), inspired by their artistic residency at his house in Hucisko in 2017. They took distinctive features of Tadeusz Kantor’s work, such as the use of manekins ...

clixmarketing.com 9-18-2018
Leveraging LinkedIn Data on the Microsoft Audience Network [Beta]

Earlier this year, Bing announced the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN), a new Display network powered by the Microsoft Graph (the API for Microsoft 365) and artificial intelligence (AI). This network was previously called Native Ads and is now enhanced by ...

Securelist 9-18-2018
New trends in the world of IoT threats

Cybercriminals’ interest in IoT devices continues to grow: in H1 2018 we picked up three times as many malware samples attacking smart devices as in the whole of 2017. And in 2017 there were ten times more than in 2016. That doesn’t bode well for the ...

Event Marketer 9-18-2018
Augmented Reality: The Do’s and Don’ts of Using AR in Events

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality tends to be enjoyed socially rather than solo, making events the perfect launch pad for new AR-based mobile apps. It’s the approach Rémy Martin took for the reveal of its ARt by Rémy Martin app, which allows ...

blog.gemalto.com 9-18-2018
The IoT in 2030 | Part 1: The impact on our lives

Following the insights drawn from our Connected Living I and II global consumer surveys about the mobile consumer experience in 2025 and our guide about “turning things on”, we now present you Connected Living III, which explores end-users ...

Connected Social Media 9-18-2018
IT Best Practices: Reduce IoT Cost with Wireless Sensor Networks

This paper discusses a deployment project in which, based on simulations and lab analysis, we placed scores of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) sensors with Intel IoT Gateways in a live manufacturing environment. We encountered some significant environmental ...

RoseHosting 9-18-2018
How to Run Commands Simultaneously in Linux

Let’s say you’re editing a configuration file in the Linux “vi” editor, and suddenly need to look up some data in another file? On a regular GUI system, this wouldn’t be a problem. You just open the second file, check when you need, and then ...

en.delfi.lt 9-18-2018
Lithuanian police wrap up probe into hacking of beauty clinic

Formal suspicions have been brought against three individuals, who may also have to pay over 230,000 euros in damages to victims who filed civil actions. Most of them demand compensation for non-material damage, the prosecutor's office told BNS. All three ...

virtualrealityreporter.com 9-18-2018
Virtual Reality Is Changing How We Learn and Play Baseball

Baseball is a classic American sport. Fans all over America flock to stadiums for hot dogs, Cracker Jacks and a fun-filled game. Ball games are an awesome place to socialize, spend time with friends and conduct business. However, the game is evolving.

The Android Soul 9-18-2018
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus, A8 2016, and C7 receive September security updates

Samsung recently rolled out September 2018 security patches that also brought features like AR Emoji and super slow-motion video recording to the high-end Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. And attention has now turned to the midrange Galaxy A8 ...

Infineon Technologies 9-18-2018
Infineon Expands U.S.-based IoT Security Research and Development Programs

Munich, Germany, and Milpitas, USA – 17 September 2018 – With a global need to reinforce the security of connected devices that are designed to work without regular human interaction as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), semiconductor-based security ...

rtinsights.com 9-18-2018
China’s Wuxi Innovation Zone Picks SAS For IoT Analytics

The Wuxi High-Tech Zone recently chose U.S.-based SAS Institute to be its strategic analytics partner for all things Internet of Things (IoT). The Wuxi High-Tech Zone recently chose U.S.-based SAS Institute to be its strategic analytics partner for all ...

ieeexplore.ieee.org 9-18-2018
On a Novel Deep-Learning-Based Intelligent Partially Overlapping Channel Assignment in SDN-IoT

Abstract: Recently, SDN has emerged as a promising technology to cost-effectively provide the scale and flexibility necessary for IoT services. In this article, we consider the wireless SDN for IoT, referred to as SDN-IoT, which is anticipated to smartly ...

ieeexplore.ieee.org 9-18-2018
Edge Computing in IoT-Based Manufacturing

Abstract: Edge computing extends the capabilities of computation, network connection, and storage from the cloud to the edge of the network. It enables the application of business logic between the downstream data of the cloud service and the upstream data ...

WAOW 9-17-2018
Combating election hacking in central Wisconsin

CENTRAL WISCONSIN (WAOW)– With just two months until voters head to the polls, Wisconsin’s Election Commission is working to make sure votes across the state this November are secure.

csrc.nist.gov 9-17-2018
Internet of Things (IoT) Trust Concerns

Draft NISTIR 8222 identifies seventeen technical trust-related issues that may negatively impact the adoption of IoT products and services. It offers recommendations for mitigating or reducing the effects of these concerns while also suggesting additional ...

DIY Drones 9-17-2018
FPV Wolf pack - ground drone tandem drive

After previous FPV activities my buddy decided ditch the 1:16 scale WPL C14 Hilux and go pickup a 1:10 scale TAMIYA CR-01 Land Cruiser and transfer his FPV equipment as shown in this video. He decided to join me for FPV test drive his setup by following me ...

Business Facilities 9-17-2018
Microsoft Creating 200 New Jobs In Dublin, Ireland

Microsoft will increase its presence in Ireland through the creation of 200 new highly skilled jobs across the company’s business units at its campus at One Microsoft Place, Dublin. Half of the ...

National Defense Magazine 9-17-2018
Insitu Unveils New Extended-Range Drone

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Insitu, a subsidiary of the Boeing Co., unveiled its latest unmanned aerial system Sept. 17 at a gathering of Air Force and industry leaders. The Integrator Extended Range is a new drone that is “acoustically and visually ...

dsportstalk.com 9-17-2018
Marriott Plays With Sensory-Rich Virtual Reality Getaways

And when we woke up, we had these bodies. They’re like, except I’m having them! Oh, I think we should just stay friends. You’ll have all the Slurm you can drink when you’re partying with Slurms McKenzie Hey, tell me something. You’ve got all this ...

techrockies 9-17-2018
Lucid Motors Gets $1 Billion For Arizona EV Factory

Lucid's progress in that factory build had been stymied in recent months over lack of financing for the project. The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia is also an investor in Tesla Motors.

Tata Communications 9-17-2018
How AI and the IoT will interact

With more than four billion internet users worldwide today and 31 billion connected devices forecast by 2020, the future of the digital world lies in how people and ‘things’ will interact with each other. The key to this will be the convergence and ...

BikePortland.org 9-17-2018
Drone video spotlights Sellwood’s new bike traffic circle

Our story about the City of Portland’s new traffic circle on SE Milwaukie and Mitchell spurred a robust conversation about its strengths and weaknesses. New drone footage (below) sheds more light on how it works. Many readers feel the circle is over ...

MassDevice 9-17-2018
Reno hosts first complete AED deliveries via drone

The Biggest Little City in the World last week claimed another title when a single operator flew multiple drones delivering automated external defibrillators as part of a Federal Aviation Administration pilot program. The first flights were successfully ...

Orange County Business Journal 9-17-2018
Hacking into the 3D Printing Boom

52 weekly issues Subscriber-only digital content every business day, plus full access to OCBJ.com archives Book of Lists — the most comprehensive business resource in Orange County NEW: Orange County 500 — influential business leaders you need to know

searchfinancialapplications.techtarget.com 9-17-2018
At HR Technology Conference, Walmart says virtual reality works

LAS VEGAS -- Learning technology appears to be heading for a major upgrade. Walmart is using virtual reality, or VR, to train its employees, and many other companies may soon do the same. VR adoption is part of a larger tech shift in employee learning.

Samsung 9-17-2018
Samsung Selected To Supply 5G NR Solution by SK Telecom

Seoul, Korea - September 17, 2018 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today that it has been selected by SK Telecom to supply the company with 5G solutions, including core and RAN, compliant to 5G New Radio (NR) standard based on 3GPP Release 15.

eetindia.co.in 9-17-2018
IoT Boosting MCU Market

IC Insights projects this year's market value at $18.6 billion SAN FRANCISCO — The market for microcontrollers is forecast to rise steadily over the next five years, due mostly to the the increasing prevalence of sensors and the rise of the Internet of ...

FourFourTwo 9-17-2018
Pseudonews: Crowd of defenders still following Wilfried Zaha around and hacking at him

Roy Hodgson has called for more protection for Wilfried Zaha after video footage emerged of the Crystal Palace star being followed around his local supermarket by defenders attempting to batter him with their shopping trolleys. Zaha is amongst the most ...

The Queensland Times 9-17-2018
Virtual reality brings newest housing development to life

Hayden is a young and versatile member of our team. He covers council, court and police. He also fills in on sport occasionally. He enjoys telling people’s stories and loves chasing the tough ones. He is always up for a story lead or just a chat about a ...

Arabian Business 9-17-2018
Saudi Arabia's PIF invests $1bn in Tesla rival Lucid Motors

The funding will be used to pave the way for the commercial launch of Lucid's first electric vehicle, the Lucid Air, in 2020, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has announced that it has executed a $1 billion investment agreement with Tesla ...

create.arduino.cc 9-17-2018
Portable Drone Claw

Welcome! this is my project for the automation and robotics contest. In this opportunity a want to show and guide you in this project. To operate this device, first power the board using 9v battery. blinking light on the bluetooth module indicates it hasn ...

Defense Daily Network 9-17-2018
Launches out of stealth mode to reveal industrial-grade drone with flight time 4 times greater than industry average

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Impossible Aerospace, a company poised to upend the status quo of aviation with long-range electric aircraft, today announced its takeoff from stealth mode to viable product. On the heels of a $9.4 ...

Evertiq Global 9-17-2018
Fire at Tesla’s Gigafactory was quickly contained

Tesla’s Gigafactory produces the battery packs and electric motors for the company’s Model 3 vehicle. According to Tesla there were no injuries related to the fire, a Reuters report reads. The county’s fire department responded to the fire on ...

telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com 9-17-2018
Ayla Networks joins Tata Elxsi to deliver IoT solutions for CSPs

California-based Internet of Things (IoT) company Ayla Networks on Monday announced a strategic partnership with global technology and design services provider Tata Elxsi to help communications ...

TechRadar 9-17-2018
Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, is taking a break to work on his "unprofessional” behaviour

In a surprising move, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux who still plays a huge part in the community, has announced that he is taking a break from his work as a maintainer to work on what he calls his “unprofessional” behaviour. The shock ...

Computing 9-17-2018
Linus Torvalds apologises for 'unprofessional' rants over Linux

Linux Torvalds, the creator of Linux, has apologised for his ‘unprofessional' emails and promised to get help. Torvalds will take a break from leading the development of Linux in the meantime. The admission was made in a message to the Linux mailing list ...

PCGamesN 9-17-2018
Overwatch players got permanent bans last week – for using Linux

Overwatch players using the Linux operating system to play Blizzard’s hero-shooter found themselves banned from the game over the weekend. Those bans have since been overturned, but some players were finding that their choice of OS was landing them with ...

www.enisa.europa.eu 9-17-2018
Towards secure convergence of Cloud and IoT

In the last few years, we have witnessed a burst of Internet of Things (IoT) products and Cloud has evolved to accommodate the needs of IoT applications, providing many new features specific to aggregating, storing and processing data generated by IoT.

Sakshi Education 9-17-2018
Two arrested for hacking Indian Air Force online exam

Two people were arrested for allegedly hacking into the Indian Air Force’s online exam to recruit non-commissioned officers in Rohtak, police said on 15th September, 2018. The accused persons managed to get remote access to computers used in the ...

Israel21c 9-17-2018
Hungry golfers to get drone deliveries of food

Golfers at King’s Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks, North Dakota can now get food and beverages from the clubhouse restaurant delivered straight to the green by a drone, thanks to Israeli drone logistics company Flytrex, working in partnership with King ...

virtualrealityreporter.com 9-17-2018
Four Ways Virtual Reality can Improve Brain Function

We all know that brain function has a major impact on our quality of life and ability to relate to others. How well our brain functions depends on the types of activities we choose to engage in. Virtual reality (VR), which immerses us into a new reality ...

Santa Banta 9-17-2018
'Super 30' becomes the first Indian film to break ground with Facebook's Target AR Filter

Reliance Entertainment, Phantom Films and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment's 'Super 30' for the first time in Bollywood's history brought about a digital innovation to unveil the first look of a film Anil D. Ambani owned Reliance Entertainment, Phantom ...

Microsoft Press 9-17-2018
Celebrate Microsoft Ignite 2018

Are you fired up to learn something new this fall? In celebration of Microsoft Ignite 2018, save up to 50% on new and top-selling books, eBooks, and video from Microsoft Press*. Use code IGNITE during checkout to apply discount. Offer ends October 7, 2018.

Saverocity 9-17-2018
Free Business Idea: Virtual Reality Saloons

The other day I went down to the mall and happened to arrive during a shift change at the customer service desk. I wandered over to a row of couches and sat down to watch a Microsoft Store employee playing a game using the store’s virtual reality set-up.

Acronis True Image 9-17-2018
Acronis Solutions for Microsoft Environments

Data protection is a critical requirement for any business or institution that runs on Microsoft products and services. Acronis offers the most comprehensive Microsoft backup and recovery solutions for every operating environment, platform and application.

careerguideto.com 9-17-2018
Gadget Ogling: Amazon on Fire, Virtual Reality, True Nature and Energy Relief

And when we woke up, we had these bodies. They’re like, except I’m having them! Oh, I think we should just stay friends. You’ll have all the Slurm you can drink when you’re partying with Slurms McKenzie Hey, tell me something. You’ve got all this ...

Urbana Daily Citizen 9-17-2018
Using virtual reality to promote farm safety

LONDON – Agricultural safety professionals with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University (CFAES) will use virtual reality to educate and prepare farmers to be safe on the farm, during a demonstration and ...

Nintendo Everything 9-17-2018
Amazon: Save $40 on Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Creating a Champion: Hero’s Edition pre-order

Amazon has significantly reduced the price of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Creating a Champion: Hero’s Edition pre-orders. Normally priced at $99.99, it’s down to $59.99 currently. It’s unclear how long this price will be live. Zelda: Breath of the ...

EVannex 9-17-2018
Walmart Canada orders 30 Tesla Semi trucks and commits to electrify 20% of its fleet by 2022

EVANNEX® is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesla Motors. It is neither inferred nor implied that products sold by EVANNEX® are authorized by or in any way connected to Tesla Motors. All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions used in our ...

The Fader 9-17-2018
Cardi B addresses transphobic meme that was posted on her Facebook page

Cardi B came under fire today after the rapper's Facebook page shared a meme using a transphobic slur. The rapper took to Twitter to address the issue, saying a former employee was responsible for the post. It's come to my attention that there have been ...

123HelpMe 9-17-2018
Strategic Management of Apple, Inc

Apple, Inc is a well known name in the computer technology world; Apple, Inc leads the computer industry in innovation thanks to the award winning desktop and notebook computer known as OS X operating system (Yoffie & Slind, 2008). This paper will focus on ...

Photo Rumors 9-16-2018
If you believe the Internet, Samsung is now also making sensors for Fujifilm/Pentax/Ricoh

In addition to making full frame sensors for Panasonic (?) and coming back with their own new mirrorless camera (?), Samsung is apparently now also making APS-C sensors for... Fujifilm and also Ricoh/Pentax... The source? A random comment made by somebody ...

dev 9-16-2018
Using Windows Subsystem for Linux and Ruby with Jekyll

This blog has been around for a little bit now. I’m bound to have some dead links or images. I figured I’d check those out and clean up the place. Luckily, this blog also runs on Jekyll and Ruby, and the ruby ecosystem has a great gem called html ...

MetaFilter 9-16-2018
Linux Kernel adopts code of conduct

"This week people in our community confronted me about my lifetime of not understanding emotions. My flippant attacks in emails have been both unprofessional and uncalled for. Especially at times when I made it personal. In my quest for a better patch ...

Trailer Addict 9-16-2018
Johnny English Strikes Again TV Spot - Virtual Reality (2018)

Ghost Rider 2 Director Opens Up On R-Rated Horror Screenplay Concept Charlie’s Angels Reboot From Elizabeth Banks Excites Kristen Stewart Highlander Reboot Earmarks 2019 Release, Contains Sequel Potential Netflix Superhero Movie Past Midnight Earmarks ...

Southside Daily 9-16-2018
Local engineers develop virtual reality tool to help treat chest wall deformities in children

NORFOLK — For people with sunken or protruding breastbones, surgery is not always an option. In most cases, the use of a brace or a suction cup for up to several hours a day is the preferred treatment. However, because both conditions are most common in ...

Vanderbilt University News 9-16-2018
VUIT offers tips on using Microsoft’s EOP to quarantine spam

To protect Vanderbilt’s email systems, all incoming emails are processed through Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) engine. This service includes a quarantine that captures emails ...

The State Press 9-16-2018
Video: ASU looks into the future with new virtual reality labs

The School of Life Sciences has partnered with Google and Lenovo to create full labs where students are able to examine materials, analyze changes and perform procedures all from a virtual reality headset. Michael Angilletta, director of undergraduate ...

EOSHD 9-16-2018
Fuji X-T3 may feature Samsung sensor, as South Korean giant gears up to supply 8K FULL FRAME sensors to Japanese

Check out the behind the scenes on Black Swan’s Matthew Libatique ASC Fuji X-T3 shoot here at FDTimes. Great read! Back in June I reported on the joint sensor development between Fuji and Samsung. You can read all about that ISO Cell project here.

WDAY 9-16-2018
Food on the fly: Grand Forks golf course offers commercial drone food deliveries

GRAND FORKS -- A drone at Kings Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks dropped off its first commercial deliveries Saturday, Sept. 15. Earlier this month, drone company Flytrex, drone service EASE Drones and the golf course announced they had launched the drone ...

Coffee Grind Chart 9-15-2018
Hacking Decaf – The Swiss Water Story

If you are like most people, you probably take a negative view towards Decaf. It does after all carry with it an extensive stigma. Upon reading the first sentence, did you scoff, raise an eyebrow in disbelief or astonishment, or think/mutter anything such ...

EV Obsession 9-15-2018
2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Passes the Sister-in-Law Test!

This will be an owners Tesla Model 3 reviews. Picked up my Model 3 Long Range in March 2018, vin number was in the 7000 range so it isn’t one of the very early ones, doesn’t have dual motors nor performance mode. That said, it does now have well over ...

Techgage 9-15-2018
Multi-threaded Linux Performance: AMD’s Threadripper 2990WX vs. Intel’s Core i9-7980XE

To deliver a full-featured article for launch, my look at AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX and 2950X combined Windows and Linux performance in the same article. As it turns out, that was a mistake, since few people noticed we even had Linux benchmarks ...

Wyoming Tribune Eagle 9-15-2018
FBI partners with Wyoming, Cheyenne officials to prevent election hacking

CHEYENNE – Election officials and candidates from across the state came to Cheyenne on Friday to get an intensive course in cybersecurity from the FBI. The event was a chance for the FBI to partner with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office to help ...

Rapid TV 9-15-2018
IBC 2018: ARRIS embraces Linux Foundation for video networking

Furthering both the company’s and association’s bid to increase harmonisation across platforms, communities, and ecosystems, broadcast technology and services firm ARRIS is now a member of the Linux Foundation Networking Fund (LFN). LFN features key ...

WDAZ 9-15-2018
Gem of the Week: Drone to deliver food, drinks at King's Walk Golf Course

GRAND FORKS — Golfers at King's Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks are teeing off about the latest news. Beginning Saturday, a drone will deliver food and drinks to golfers. Flytrex Aviation, a drone-logistics company, said the links-style golf course was ...

Jane's Information Group 9-15-2018
Update: Pentagon delays F-35 IOT&E owing to software issues

The Pentagon is delaying F-35 IOT&E owing to software issues This will further delay full-rate production The Pentagon is delaying initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) because ...

China Daily Europe 9-15-2018
China expected to see rapid IoT market growth

People in East China's Jiangxi province enjoy a smart life. [Photo/Xinhua] The internet of things market in China reached more than 1 trillion yuan ($146 billion) last year, and is expected to maintain rapid growth in the next few years, a report has found.

91mobiles 9-15-2018
Samsung Galaxy A5 2018

2. Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone & consumer electronic brands in world. While it utilises multiple operating systems, this South Korean firm is known mainly for its Android-powered Galaxy series. 3. With service 2800+ service centres all ...

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews 9-14-2018
Virtual Reality Tour Brings Ancient Jerusalem to Life

Do you wonder what it looked like on the streets of Jerusalem during the time of King Herod or during the life of Jesus? Experts have put together a new virtual reality tour of ancient Jerusalem so you can see the ancient city up close. The Times of Israel ...

Ghana News Agency 9-14-2018
Ghanaians trained on ethical hacking

Accra, Sept 14, GNA - Young Ghanaian information technology security experts have been enlightened on the use of ethical hacking for national development at a week-long workshop in Accra. An ethical hacker, also referred to as a white hat hacker, is an ...

Built In Chicago 9-14-2018
Listen to your heart: Endotronix gets $45M funding for IoT heart monitor

Endotronix, a Lisle, IL-based company that uses IoT technology to help monitor and fight cardiovascular issues, announced the raise of a Series D funding totaling $45 million. “This funding will take us through to commercialization of our Cordella ...

onlyhdwallpapers.com 9-14-2018
apple inc logos

Spasmodically, good apple inc logos wallpaper picture can help out for us to go through your bad mood day. The unique, brightly pimped apple inc logos wallpaper picture can change your atmopshere and generates sence for you to be grateful. There are a lot ...

science.howstuffworks.com 9-14-2018
Got a Drone? Learn the Laws Before You Take Flight

You've watched drones race through obstacle courses. You've seen aerial drone photography that blows your mind. You've got a digital camera and a dream, and all you need is a drone to make it come true. Aerial freedom is yours. And your drone's. Not so fast.

Sprint Newsroom 9-14-2018
Sprint and SoftBank Family Team to Create Curiosity IoT

Sprint (NYSE: S) has unveiled the Curiosity™ IoT platform, a new standard in how IoT is managed and secured. Enterprises will now be able to manage IoT devices and connectivity over the air across multiple SIM profiles. Intelligence from device data will ...

Uticaod 9-14-2018
NUAIR, Griffiss team up with AirMap for drone research

The NUAIR Alliance and Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York, have selected AirMap to provide unmanned aerial systems traffic management services to support drone work being done at the UAS Test Site in Rome. According to a news release about ...

blog.rackspace.com 9-14-2018
Linux on Azure? How Microsoft Learned to Love Open Source

Like a lot of people familiar with Linux, that’s what I used to think. Who wouldn’t? Even to the most uninitiated enduser, open source computing would seem to serve no other purpose than to undercut the economic viability of a commercial software giant.

TECH 9-14-2018
Minnesota’s Largest IoT Hackathon Is Turning 5 This Year

Five years — that’s how long Minnesota’s largest Internet-of-all-the-things hackathon has been up and running now. IoT Hack Day, as it’s aptly called, is happening this October 27th from 8am to 8pm. Every year, around a hundred makers from across ...

Flightglobal 9-14-2018
OPINION: Can aviation overcome drone collision risk?

As of January this year, there had been just seven reported collisions between drones and manned aircraft globally, none of which were in the UK. However, that figure is bound to rise given the rapidly increasing number of hobbyist drones - broadly those ...

iapp.org 9-14-2018
Waterloo police to use drone in investigations

Meet locally with privacy pros, dive deep into specialized topics or connect over common interests. Find your Community in KnowledgeNet Chapters, Sections and Affinity Groups. Join the Privacy List Have ideas? Need advice? Subscribe to the Privacy List. It ...

My Own Advisor 9-14-2018
Weekend Reading – Travel hacking, top dividend ETFs, FIRE, #CanFinSummit and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition – where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was across the personal finance and investing blogosphere. I finished my series about low-cost, income generating, long-term growth dividend ...

sitepen.com 9-14-2018
Episode 19: tao.js / Civic Hacking / RxJS (Live at JSConf US)

On this episode from the JSConfUS TalkScript podcast series, the team talks with Jeff Hoffer, Carrie Maxwell, and Hannah Howard about tao.js, civic hacking, and RxJS. Put those earbuds in now and take a listen!

Tech Digest 9-14-2018
Drone Technology and You: 5 Steps to Harnessing Drone Marketing Potential

Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird! Is it a plane! No it’s a….tiny, flying robot? With the end of 2018 looming, it’s hard to imagine that anyone hasn’t heard of drone technology – even just in passing. From Super Bowl half-time shows to delivering ...

DesiDime.com 9-14-2018
Amazon Coupons, Promo Code & Discount Code

Experience a powerful smartphone that resonates with affordability and performance with the Redmi 6A smartphone. Shop online at Amazon India for the new Redmi 6A and experience great features like 5.45-inch full screen HD+ resolution display, AI face ...

Know Your Mobile 9-14-2018
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Camera Sounds INSANE – Up To 5 Sensors!

The iPhone XS Max is now officially, we’ve all seen, heard Apple’s take on it, and started to get our first idea about what these new iPhones are like. Samsung’s next big move is the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+; two handsets that will launch inside Q1 ...

Greenoptimistic.com 9-14-2018
Tesla limits available car colors to streamline production

This is the next step for Tesla to become as popular as the Detroit-based automobile manufactures including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Fiat Chrysler.

Machine Design 9-13-2018
Free Report Details IoT Data Standards for Smart Buildings

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) recently released a research report titled Foundational Research in Integrated Building - Internet of Things (IoT) Data Standards.

Navy Times 9-13-2018
Navy drone damaged in California mishap

The first MQ-4C Triton unmanned aerial vehicle, assigned to Unmanned Patrol Squadron (VUP) 19, Detachment Point Mugu, arrives at Naval Base Ventura County, Calif., on Nov. 9, 2017. (Public Affairs Specialist Theresa Miller/Navy) A drone landed on its belly ...

bulletproofexec.com 9-13-2018
Andrew Hessel: Hacking Cancer Viruses & Rewriting Your Genome #526

Imagine building something like a cell phone, a car, or a house and then imagine that thing went on to reproduce itself. Well, that is what Andrew Hessel, the guest on this episode of Bulletproof Radio, and the people at the human Genome Project-Write ...

pentestpartners.com 9-13-2018
Hacking an assault tank… A Nerf one

A complex, challenging reverse and hijack of a toy tank Nerf gun camera, but the result was we got to shoot the 44Con conference organiser with it! A remote-controlled Nerf gun with video feed and aiming crosshairs. Who wouldn’t want to reverse the RF ...

uxplanet.org 9-13-2018
A computer’s understanding of space for Augmented Reality

A virtual space is nothing but a computer’s understanding of the real world as provided by humans. Humans are spatial beings. We interact with and understand a large portion of our realities in three dimensions. As Augmented reality tries to simulate ...

philanthropy.blogspot.com 9-13-2018
Hacking civil society

I've been saying - explicitly since at least 2013 - that the digital policy environment and the digital ecosystem are civil society's domains. This article on why the Russians might hack the boy scouts spells out the same point fairly clearly. Civil ...

intellyx.com 9-13-2018
Renacen: Bringing 3D Visualization Expertise to Airlines and the IoT

Intellyx has been keeping its eyes open for bona fide enterprise applications of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. When we came across SeatMapVR from Renacen, we thought we had found such an example. However, in spite of its ...

OTT 9-13-2018
Curiosity IoT, from Sprint and SoftBank, Aims to Manage Devices and Connectivity

Sprint has introduced the Curiosity IoT, a platform for Internet of Things management and security. The platform, which was developed with Sprint owner SoftBank, manages devices and connectivity wirelessly across multiple SIM profiles. Device data ...

Three Percenter Nation 9-13-2018
Maine Senator Compares Russian Hacking to 9/11

Maine Independent Sen. Angus King compared hacking by Russian actors to the September 11 terror attacks on Tuesday morning. King was speaking at an event in Lewistown, Maine, when he equated “attacks” with keyboards to the 9/11 hijackers flying their ...

Weddingbee 9-13-2018
Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Drone for Your Wedding

Are you looking for a unique way to capture your wedding ceremony and reception? It may be worth your time to investigate the use of drones. Many photography companies are using drones to take amazing aerial photos and footage at weddings, which may be ...

pipelinepub.com 9-13-2018

Vodafone will double the number of European cell sites in its 5G Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network footprint by the end of 2019. The major prioritization of NB-IoT within Vodafone’s existing capital expenditure plans reflects the demand it ...

MDM 9-13-2018
Drone Deliveries are Happening Today and That’s Just the Beginning

In December 2013, Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced on “60 Minutes” that Amazon was working on delivering packages to customers via drones. Bezos showed off a prototype drone that could carry up to five pounds, deliver within 10 miles of a ...

avma.org 9-13-2018
Augmented, virtual reality can help veterinarians see more

Scott Birch thinks augmented reality can help veterinarians see more within their patients. Birch is the CEO of Pixelbeaker, through which he creates 3D models and reconstructions for medical use. In a series of lectures at AVMA Convention 2018, July 13-17 ...

Voxy 9-13-2018
10,000 drone pilots register to fly in New Zealand airspace

More than 10,000 drone pilots are now registered with Airshare to fly in New Zealand airspace. The online hub for drone pilots operated by Airways announced today that its database of registered pilots has topped the milestone mark. Drone pilots have ...

Covering Election Hacking

Election hacking has remained in the headlines after a federal grand jury indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers on charges of hacking Democrats’ emails and computer networks using spear-phishing attacks and keyloggers in July. And in late August ...

Now 9-13-2018
FIVARS: Toronto International Virtual Reality Festival

FIVARS showcases a new wave of filmmakers, content producers, technologists and experience designers who push the boundaries of immersive arts and entertainment powered by Virtual and Augmented ...

Universal Hub 9-13-2018
MS-13 member gets more than 27 years for shooting teen as other members were hacking him to death with knives, machetes

A federal judge today sentenced an MS-13 member to 27 1/2 years in prison for his role in murdering 16-year-old Cristofer Perez de la Cruz on Falcon Street in East Boston in January, 2016. Rigoberto "Ninja" Mejia, 32, will face deportation to his native El ...

Oh My Disney 9-12-2018
Break the Virtual Reality World With Ralph and Vanellope In a New Hyper Reality Immersive Experience

This fall, we can all jump into the Internet and online gaming world of Ralph and Vanellope with a hyper-reality experience based on Ralph Breaks the Internet! It’s called Ralph Breaks VR, and it will be a super fun multi-sensory adventure created by The ...

benzinga.com 9-12-2018
Surgical Theater to Exhibit Precision Virtual Reality Visualization Platform at Becker's Heath IT + Revenue Cycle Conference

Surgical Theater will be exhibiting at the Becker's Health IT + Revenue Cycle Conference in Chicago, IL, from September 19-22. The IT + Revenue Cycle Conference provides Surgical Theater with a great opportunity to highlight the value of patient engagement ...

Wall Street Oasis 9-12-2018
Tesla Motors - Compensation

To gain access to 100% of the company database for 1 month, simple add 1 company compensation data from your own experience. The second option (if you have nothing to add) is to subscribe to gain 100% access for only $29.99/month.

Syfy 9-12-2018
Disney entering the world of virtual reality in new experimental animated short, Cycles

Disney is known for being the global leader in animated films, but the family-friendly company also has a consistent track record of animated shorts that go back to the rubber hose days of Steamboat Willie in 1928. Enjoying a small, yet satisfying cartoon ...

blogs.perficient.com 9-12-2018
How the IoT will Impact Healthcare

Let’s be honest, when it comes to our health we all want prompt and personal care. As a patient, we want the cost to be low, and the feeling of empowerment to be prevalent throughout the experience. Our world is becoming increasingly connected through ...

The North Bay Business Journal 9-12-2018
Malls turn to virtual reality, fitness, other ideas beyond shopping to bring in customers

A row of old kitchen equipment is all that remains of the Red Robin restaurant that left the Irvine Spectrum Center in June. Now, the air conditioning cools powerful computers, high-tech headsets and dozens of high-definition screens. The traditional ...

Scribol 9-12-2018
A Guy Was Flying His Drone Over This Herd, But The Footage Revealed A Cow Was In Grave Danger

As the drone soared above, it revealed a herd of cows enjoying the wonderful day. Except one of them had an unusual feature on its nose. When the device flew closer, the pilot realized that this anomaly was dangerous and launched a rescue effort to save ...

4K 9-12-2018
Samsung Q7FN / Q7F / Q7 4K HDR LCD TV Review (QN55Q7FN QN65Q7FN, QN75Q7FN)

Samsung’s Q7FN is a very good 4K HDR TV that offers all-around solid performance and a host of premium color rendering, display capabilities and other features. It’s also one of Samsung’s ...

Art Fix Daily 9-12-2018
Poignant Anne Frank Exhibition Includes U.S. Debut of A Virtual Reality Tour of Her Secret Annex

Exhibition features the U.S. premiere of a Virtual Reality (VR) component that allows the visitor to virtually tour Anne’s “Secret Annex” The Dallas Holocaust Museum will host the Texas debut of a year-long, newly created special exhibition ...

kt.kz 9-12-2018
Up to 60% of Kazakhstan's websites in trade sphere suffer hacking attacks - expert

In Kazakhstan, websites in the sphere of trade are mostly subject to hacking and fishing sites. It was said by Deputy Director of the National Coordination Information Security Centre Zhanat Zhakupov at the press conference in Almaty. Over the first half ...

PV Tech 9-12-2018
Virtual reality: VPPs in a break with tradition

Cloud-aggregated virtual power plants using residential or C&I battery storage as part of a smart energy management system can benefit the grid, integrate renewables and EVs and hopefully add a powerful long-term value proposition for home storage.

BUILDINGS 9-12-2018
Predictive Maintenance: Top 10 Ways IoT is Changing Elevators

The same Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are enabling more granular lighting and HVAC control are now making predictive maintenance easier, cheaper and less labor-intensive for elevators and escalators. IoT’s technical capabilities let the devices ...

Game Developers Conference 9-12-2018
Learn to design better virtual, augmented, and mixed reality spaces at XRDC!

Learn to design better virtual, augmented, and mixed reality spaces at XRDC!As we gear up for XRDC in San Francisco next month, organizers want to quickly take a moment to talk in detail about some of the exciting and informative design-focused talks ...

Khronos Group 9-12-2018
Forsaken Remastered updated with Vulkan support - Linux and macOS

Forsaken Remastered was just updated with Vulkan support! If you're on Linux, you're probably hitting 60fps with the existing OpenGL renderer, but it's good to be future proof. If you're on a Mac, though, you definitely want to switch. On my MacBook, the ...

blog.plover.com 9-12-2018
Perils of hacking on mature software

Yesterday I wrote up an interesting bug in git-log --follow's handling of empty files. Afterward I thought I'd see if I could fix it. People complain that the trouble of working on mature software like Git is to understand the way the code is structured ...

wdwinfo 9-12-2018
Tag Archives: virtual reality experience

Disney has officially announced that The VOID, in collaboration with ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division, is bringing two new virtual reality experiences to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Both experiences […]

Slashdot News 9-12-2018
Microsoft is Interrupting Chrome and Firefox Installations To Promote Its Edge Browser in the Newest Windows 10 Build

An anonymous reader shares a report: If you open Edge and search for "Chrome" or "Firefox" using Bing, Edge's default search engine, you'll be presented with a massive banner informing you that "Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser on Windows 10 and ...

Espresso 9-12-2018
This drone photographer reveals amazing patterns

If a plane falls in a forest... Dunes with a view Spectacular spiral Hoop dreams Standout photography Home beach home Game on Kowabunga! Up, up, and away 11/21 SLIDES © Demas Rusli Jaws was just a minnow 12/21 SLIDES © Demas Rusli Recreation centre 13/21 ...

Reviews 9-12-2018
AMD is "working with both Sony and Microsoft on consoles" and their "secret sauce"

In a recent interview with CNBC's Jim Cramer, AMD's CEO, Dr Lisa Su, stated that the company is "working with both Sony and Microsoft on consoles" and their "secret sauce", seemingly confirming that they are working on both Sony's PS5 console and Microsoft ...

training.linuxfoundation.org 9-12-2018
Developing Embedded Linux Device Drivers (LFD435)

This course is designed to show experienced programmers how to develop device drivers for embedded Linux systems, and give them a basic understanding and familiarity with the Linux kernel. Developing Embedded Linux Device Drivers is designed to show ...

wheelgun.wordpress.com 9-12-2018
Tesla Motors’ Cars Can Be Hacked?!

Color me shocked. Tesla’s keyless entry vulnerable to spoofing attack, researchers find: Now is a good time to add a PIN code to your Tesla. Last week’s Tesla security update may have been more urgent than the company let on. Researchers at KU Leuven ...

avis.com 9-12-2018
The Top 7 IoT Trends of 2018

IoT will affect every industry, from retail to healthcare. As a marketer, you’ll want to stay informed on the upcoming trends to know which ones can help you achieve sustainable, long-term growth, and which ones are more hype than substance. While there ...

Red Bull 9-12-2018
This drone could transform how we see underwater life

We speak to the makers of Nemo, the underwater drone providing a deeper understanding of the true state of our oceans. The ocean is great, but it'd be better if it weren’t cold and wet and utterly inhospitable for us human folk. Unfortunately there’s ...

PC Tech Magazine 9-12-2018
Samsung Opens its Largest Retail Store Worldwide in India

Less than two months after South Korean-based Electronics firm, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. inaugurated the world’s largest mobile factory in Noida in July 2018, reinforcing the Company’s ...

The Information 9-12-2018
Tesla’s Struggles Loom Over Chinese Electric Car Maker’s IPO

Its IPO comes as Tesla’s stock has struggled recently amid executive departures ... In China’s growing EV market, NIO’s major competitors include Alibaba-backed Xiaopeng Motors and Byton, whose investors include Baidu and state-owned automaker ...

FIWARE 9-12-2018
IoTSWC ’18 – Meet FIWARE at the Leading IoT Industry Event

FIWARE Foundation CEO Ulrich Ahle will be speaking at the event on October 17th, 2018 from 13:20 to 14:05. As a part of the Open Industry thematic block, his presentation will cover ‘Predictive Maintenance across different IoT Platforms using Open Source’.

InformIT 9-12-2018
Linux Command-Line for Beginners

This chapter covers some of the basic commands that you need to know to be productive at the Linux command line. You find out how to get to the command line and discover some of the commands used to navigate the file system and perform basic operations ...

powershell.office.com 9-12-2018
Use a screen reader to create and modify teams in Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams with your keyboard and a screen reader such as JAWS or Narrator, the built-in Windows screen reader, to create a team, edit the team details, and modify the team settings. Microsoft Teams is where all your team conversations, meetings ...

Minnesota Daily 9-12-2018
In real life and in virtual reality, The Better World Museum works to live up to its name

Paige Dansinger, the founding director of Better World Museum in downtown Minneapolis, draws on "Tilt Brush," a program on the Oculus Rift in the virtual reality studio on Tuesday, Sept. 11. The Better World Museum is open to the public, where viewers can ...

blogs.agu.org 9-11-2018
Drone footage of landslides from the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake

Note that pumice appears to outcrop at the crown and on the margins of the landslides, but the exposed shear surface appears to be in weathered materials. I am not quite sure how this fits with the theory that these landslides were the result of collapse ...

erpsoftwareblog.com 9-11-2018
Get an Instant Quote for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to pin down a quote for ERP software? When you buy fruit, the per pound price is stated, and simple math brings you to your total. When you buy a TV, you’ll see the sticker price and any applicable discounts.

GoNintendo 9-11-2018
Nintendo looking to hire Senior Security Software Engineer, must be proficient in hacking and reverse engineering

Nintendo is looking to continue the good fight against hackers who are out to make your gaming unsafe. The company is currently looking to bring on a Senior Security Software Engineer, with the list of their expected duties below. - Research, design and ...

MC Press Online 9-11-2018
IBM Watson IoT Platform, formerly known as IBM IoT Connection Service, offers add-ons for blockchain service and analytics service

Watson IoT Platform, formerly known as IBM IoT Connection Service, connects devices, ingests device data, and transforms that data into meaningful insights. Watson IoT Platform and its additional add-on services enable organizations to capture and explore ...

Searchenginejournal.com 9-11-2018
Facebook Rolls Out New Overlays for Product Ads, Holiday Templates, More

Facebook is assisting advertisers with their holiday marketing strategies by rolling out new ad features well before the season begins. Here is an overview of the brand new enhancements that advertisers can make use of this holiday season. Facebook is ...

blog.talosintelligence.com 9-11-2018
Microsoft Patch Tuesday - September 2018

Microsoft released its monthly set of security updates today for a variety of its products that address a variety of bugs. The latest Patch Tuesday covers 61 vulnerabilities, 17 of which are rated "critical," 43 that are rated "important" and one that is ...

Symantec 9-11-2018
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge CVE-2018-8452 Information Disclosure Vulnerability

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge are prone to an information disclosure vulnerability. Successful exploits will allow attackers to obtain sensitive information that may aid in further attacks.

powerbi.microsoft.com 9-11-2018
Connect with the Microsoft Power BI AI Team at Microsoft Ignite

Are you interested in shaping the future of AI in Power BI? Going to be at Microsoft Ignite in 2 weeks? We invite you to join the Power BI team for a brainstorming session about AI in Power BI. The team is looking to collect feedback on some upcoming AI ...

Supermarket News 9-11-2018
Amazon Go store slated for New York City

Amazon.com Inc. has set its sights on the Big Apple for one of its cashierless Amazon Go stores. On Tuesday, Amazon confirmed plans to open an Amazon Go store in New York City. However, the company gave no timetable or details on the store and its location.

digest.bps.org.uk 9-11-2018
Virtual reality research finds large sex difference in navigational efficiency

After spending a day exploring a new city and it’s time to return to your hotel, do you tend to rely on landmarks and routes that you’ve learned, or do you consult a “mental map” that you’ve created of the area, to try to devise a short-cut back?

newsroom.cisco.com 9-11-2018
Smart speakers in every home? How IoT is taking over

A new report from Adobe says almost half of all consumer homes in the United States will own a smart speaker by the end of 2018. This whopping finding is a part of the company's "State of Voice Assistants" report, which also provides stats like what ...

Samaa 9-11-2018
One billion iPhones vulnerable to hacking, data theft

Data belonging to as many as 1 billion iPhone users remains vulnerable to attempts by hackers to steal personal information by exploiting a security flaw in the Safari browser. Safari is the default internet browser in Apple devices. Pakistani information ...

churchproduction.com 9-11-2018
5 Drone Shots Every Church Filmmaker Should Have in Their Back Pocket

In the past aerial cinematography was only available to productions with budgets large enough to accommodate a helicopter rental and the pilot to go with it. But today, advances in drone and gimbal technologies are allowing independent filmmakers to ...

3D Artist 9-11-2018
Nine movies and virtual reality experiences head to Ottawa International Animation Festival 2018

National Film Board of Canada will arrive in force at the festival with a host of projects, including premieres of Turbine and Caterpillarplasty The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has announced it will showcase no fewer than nine films and virtual ...

unnamed - WP Mayor 9-11-2018
How to AutoPost from WordPress to Facebook in 2018

Earlier this year Facebook introduced some changes to their API which broke autopost features in many plugins include Jetpack. Many users were up in arms against these changes as they could no longer post to their personal Facebook profiles or Facebook ...

Autodesk 9-11-2018
How One Man’s Limited Sight Gives Him Limitless Vision in Virtual Reality Design

Simon Che de Boer possesses just 5 percent of his eyesight, which gives him a unique perspective when designing virtual reality experiences such as ‘Nefertari: Journey to Eternity.’ Courtesy RealityVirtual. To digitally preserve Nefertari’s tomb ...

Swansea University 9-11-2018
Swansea University to host inaugural Virtual Reality teaching conference

The conference – which takes place at the University’s Bay Campus – will feature insight from Danaë Stanton Fraser, Professor in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Bath and Astrid Ensslin, Professor in Digital Humanities and Game ...

Trusted Reviews 9-11-2018
You’ll soon be able to experience Kingdom Hearts in virtual reality

Square Enix has announced a Kingdom Hearts VR experience and it will be coming as a free download to PlayStation VR later this year. Unveiled during the PlayStation LineUp event in Japan this week, it will invite players to explore a brief yet magical ...

War Is Boring 9-11-2018
The U.S. Navy’s New Carrier Drone Borrows 1970s Stealth

The U.S. Navy’s new MQ-25 Stingray aerial-refueling drone bears an uncanny resemblance to an experimental U.S. military plane from the late 1970s. And that similarity could point to the way for the Stingray’s potential evolution from a tanker into a ...

ProPakistani 9-11-2018
Pakistani Researcher Discovers Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability in Safari and Microsoft Edge

This address bar spoof can trick you into supplying your credentials to a hacker, without you even noticing. Some of the most popular web browsers on the planet were recently discovered to have an ...

Post-Bulletin 9-11-2018
VIDEO: 'An Evening With Ken Burns' drone light show

A drone light show put on by Firefly Drone Shows as part of "An Evening With Ken Burns" premiere event for his new documentary "The Mayo Clinic: Faith-Hope-Science" Monday, Sept. 10, 2018, outside the Mayo Civic Center in downtown Rochester.

Ausdroid 9-11-2018
Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a Qualcomm ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor

Technology moves and often moves very quickly. At the start of the year we were amazed with the first concept phones that had an in (or under) display fingerprint sensor. Now it seems commonplace ...

Bristol Press 9-11-2018
Elections may be compromised; Facebook too

Make no mistake: Facebook is feeling the pressure. Scarred by criticism that it enabled Russian meddling during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the social media giant summoned its biggest tech peers to a summit late last month, meeting behind closed ...

Los Angeles Business Journal 9-10-2018
Momentum IoT Lands $3.1 Million

Long Beach-based mixed fleet management software developer Momentum IoT announced Sept. 10 it raised $3.1 million. Led by private investment group Howard Edmund Capital, the round included ...

WBAY 9-10-2018
Local man uses drone to help search for missing woman in Washington state

SUAMICO, Wis. (WBAY) - Drones are being used more often in search and rescue operations. Earlier this month, a drone helped to locate a missing person in Eau Claire County. A local drone expert is helping with the search for a missing woman on the west ...

blog.erratasec.com 9-10-2018
California's bad IoT law

California has passed an IoT security bill, awaiting the government’s signature/veto. It’s a typically bad bill based on a superficial understanding of cybersecurity/hacking that will do little improve security, while doing a lot to impose costs and ...

Brent Ozar 9-10-2018
Thoughts On Microsoft’s Azure Outage Post-Mortem

Last week, Azure suffered a day-long outage. One of the services involved was Visual Studio Team Services (aka Azure DevOps), and that team just published their outage postmortem. The postmortem is FANTASTIC: open, honest (at least it reads that way), and ...

prdaily.com 9-10-2018
Infographic: Which Facebook ad placements are best for your goals?

Where you place your Facebook ad matters. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Audience Network, Instant Articles and Messenger all offer brand managers different advertising options for targeting audiences, but you must first decide what you want your ad to achieve.

House Beautiful 9-10-2018
IKEA’s New Collection Is Inspired By Hacking Their Products

As much of a process as it is to actually build IKEA furniture, the price and versatility of the pieces are oh-so worth the emotional rollercoaster ride. Especially when the company listens to exactly what its loyal customers want. Since almost everyone ...

thenewstack.io 9-10-2018
Microsoft Rebranding Leads to Cloud Native Azure DevOps

In a Monday morning announcement that users of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) may have had reason to suspect was already in the works, Microsoft moved Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) — its developer workflow collaboration engine that ...

CustomerThink 9-10-2018
Compelling ways the C-level is leveraging IoT to enhance CX

Traditionally, a business only hears from a customer when something has broken, or service is required. This can lead to an abrupt interaction between the vendor and the customer. But what if businesses could avoid some of this unnecessary friction by ...

Micron Technology 9-10-2018
Micron Innovation is Fueling the Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly evolving. From its roots as a means of machine-to-machine communication to its growth into a complex network of web-enabled devices, the adoption of IoT systems for businesses continues to rise. Micron is ...

DC Rainmaker 9-10-2018
Giveaway Extravaganza: DJI Spark Drone

While I have a somewhat absurd collection of drones (and growing), it’s actually one of the least expensive and smallest ones that I prefer the most – the tiny spark. It weighs less than a water bottle and I’ve taken it tons of places in my back ...

LaughingPlace 9-10-2018
“Kingdom Hearts” PlayStation Virtual Reality Experience Coming Soon

Kingdom Hearts fans will soon be able to discover a very awesome Virtual Reality (VR) experience as they explore their favorite game. Square Enix and Disney unveiled the first Kingdom Hearts PlayStation VR Experience that will allow fans to tour the world ...

The American Lawyer 9-10-2018
MLB Hits Up Hogan Lovells for Drone Lobbying

Your article was successfully shared with the contacts you provided. A Hogan Lovells partner in Washington who specializes in drones will lobby for Major League Baseball on issues relating to unmanned aircraft, new registration documents show. Lisa Ellman ...

Bdcnetwork.com 9-10-2018
Virtual reality as a design tool: What we've learned and where we're going

HOK employed virtual reality for the modernization and expansion design of the domestic passenger terminal (above) at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. At HOK, we first began experimenting with VR a couple years earlier, testing early ...

medium.freecodecamp.org 9-10-2018
How to measure temperature and send it to AWS IoT using a Raspberry Pi

What if you want to self-correct the temperature in your office? Or what if you are curious to understand your office environment using IoT sensors? If this sounds interesting to you, please read on. To begin with, we need to set up a temperature reading ...

The Stack 9-10-2018
CLS to launch IoT nanosatellites

French IoT and space company Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS) has revealed its expansion plans with the creation of Kineis, a subsidiary program to boost its strategy to launch 20 nanosatellites. Through the use of the nanosatellites, CLS hopes to ...

newsroom.intel.com 9-10-2018
Intel Drone Helping to Preserve Korean Cultural Heritage

An Intel® Falcon™ 8+ drone was used to carry out an aerial inspection and survey of Hwahongmun Gate of Korea’s Suwon Hwaseong fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an important part of Korea’s culture and history. A 3D model of Hwahongmun ...

newsroom.fb.com 9-10-2018
Facebook Community Boost comes to Springfield, MA

It’s great to be in Springfield, Massachusetts this week for our Facebook Community Boost tour. We’re here to collaborate with small businesses, non-profits, community leaders, and job seekers. We’ll offer training and special events at the Naismith ...

The Windows Club 9-10-2018
Generate Direct Download Links for Microsoft Store apps

Microsoft offers an easy method for downloading and installing Windows apps from the Microsoft Store. All you are required to do is simply visit the app’s page, hit ‘Get the app’ button and wait for few seconds. Although fine, this doesn’t always ...

Better Government Association 9-10-2018
Greising: How Amazon Headquarters Hunt Changes as Emanuel Exits

An Amazon delivery van in Chicago. (Interim Archives/Getty Images) BGA President David Greising writes a regular column for Crain's Chicago Business. Chicago's push for Amazon HQ2—it's dead. At least, that's what I thought when the news broke Sept.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy 9-10-2018
Giving Tuesday Appeals Are Attracting Lots of New Donors on Facebook — and Many Contribute Again, Study Finds

Title: "Giving Together: How Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Are Working to Grow the Charitable Giving Pie." Organizations: Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Summary: Some three-quarters of the roughly 473,000 donors who ...

Retailcustomerexperience.com 9-10-2018
How 5G, meshed with IoT, will make mobile carriers the enablers of retail engagement

As the IoT transformation permeates through the U.S. economy, mobile telecom carriers have the opportunity to reshape the hospitality and retail industries through 5G networking combined with mobile video, smartphone payments, tablet-based point-of-sale ...

Smart Cities World 9-10-2018
US state auditor calls for proactive approach to IoT

The Massachusetts state auditor, Suzanne Bump, is calling on the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) to take a proactive and comprehensive approach to support state government agency adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Georgia Tech News Center 9-10-2018
Georgia Tech Internet of Things Center Releases Research Report on IoT Data Standards for the Smart Built Environment

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) has released a research report titled “Foundational Research in Integrated Building - Internet of Things (IoT) Data Standards ...

Mergers 9-10-2018
Linux vs BSD

Linux is a group of free operating systems which are open source and built around Linux Kernel which is like UNIX operating system. Linux was developed by Linux Torvalds and a group of community members. It was written in C programming language. It was ...

Incubators 9-10-2018
Momentum IoT Raises $3.1M

Long Beach-based Momentum IoT, a developer of telematics products for tracking trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and other assets, has raised $3.1M in a funding round, the company said this morning. The funding was led by Howard Edmund Capital, and also ...

Diginomica 9-10-2018
Foyles war against Amazon’s “siren call” bolstered by Waterstones in omni-channel book store sector

The book store industry was the first to feel the impact of Amazon, but there’s a future for independent firms if Waterstones takeover of London’s Foyles is anything to go by. London retail history Fighting back against “Amazon’s siren call”- it ...

hakin9.org 9-10-2018
6 Ways to Prepare for Hacking Attacks

Hackers have broken into billions of accounts throughout the years. It is not altogether unlikely that you have been personally affected by one of these attacks. You don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert to prepare yourself from hackers. It’s much ...

TelecomTiger 9-10-2018
Samsung, Micromax, Oppo, Honor seek extension of mandatory testing deadline

Mobile handset firms including Samsung, Micromax, Oppo, Honor and Karbonn represented by The Mobile Association (TMA) Monday has sought extension of the mandatory device testing deadline, and believe that any hasty implementation would impact sales in ...

Naharnet 9-10-2018
US to Launch Drone Strikes in Niger against IS, al-Qaida

The US CIA is set to launch drone strikes against suspected Libya-based jihadists with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group from a base in northeastern Niger, the New York Times reported. Nigerien and US officials told the newspaper that Central ...

LocalGov 9-10-2018
Council-owned company to bring drone services in-house

Oxford Direct Services is to become the first council-owned organisation to bring drone services in-house to save time and money. ODS, the service delivery and commercial arm of Oxford City Council, is Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensed and approved ...

Street Fight 9-10-2018
Yelp, Google Reviews, and Antitrust

David: Hey, Mike. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. After a terribly hot and smoky August, it was especially nice to enjoy some time outside in the Northwest! Mike: Well, we got at least the “hot” part of that here… with warnings for the next ...

Financial News 9-10-2018
AVSystem recognized as IoT device management vendor

AVSystem has announced that its Coiote IoT product suite was highly ranked in the 2018 IoT Device Management Scorecard recently published by independent analyst firm MachNation, the company said. MachNation´s IoT Device Management ScoreCard rated 17 IoT ...

Information Management 9-10-2018
British Airways hacking leaves airline open to fines under GDPR rules

(Bloomberg) -- British Airways may become the first high-profile company to face Europe’s far-reaching data privacy rules that come with potential fines after a computer hack compromised credit card data from some 380,000 customers. The European Union ...

Design You Trust 9-10-2018
Facebook Reveals Expanded California Campus Designed By Frank Gehry

Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters is a “new kind of architecture”, according to architect Frank Gehry, who has completed a major extension of the social media giant’s campus. Facebook released new photography and a video revealing Gehry’s ...

UCA News 9-10-2018
Burmese ditch Facebook as hatred of Rohingya lingers

Supporters of Myanmar military chief Min Aung Hlaing display his portrait during an anti-Rohingya rally by a Buddhist group outside Yangon's Thilawa port as a Malaysian ship carrying relief aid for the Muslim minority was due to arrive on Feb. 9, 2017.

Electronic Specifier 9-10-2018
5W AC/DC modules for industry 4.0, IoT and smart home

RECOM has expanded its low power AC/DC portfolio with encapsulated 5W power supplies, which operate up to +90°C. They accept input voltage lines of up to 305VAC and offer peak power capability up to 6W. These modules are suitable for Industry 4.0, IoT and ...

Kotaku UK 9-10-2018
Amazon Might Have Leaked Halo 5 for PC Via Box Art Changes

Over this past weekend, a small change was made to the UK and US Amazon store pages for Halo 5, which at first glance looks pretty inconsequential, but might ultimately reveal that the game is soon be ported to PC. When Halo 5 originally released on Xbox ...

DxOMark 9-10-2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: Premium choice

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest iteration of the Korean manufacturer’s stylus-equipped, high-end smartphone. Like many premium smartphone manufacturers, Samsung is concentrating on the Note’s camera features to make it more attractive in this ...

IT Pro 9-10-2018
Virtual and augmented reality expected to be mainstream in businesses by 2021

Capgemini has predicted there will be a big shift in how businesses use augmented and virtual reality in the next three years as they begin to realise the benefits to their business. The firm conducted a survey of more than 700 business executives across ...

broowaha.com 9-10-2018
Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Your Drone

Most come with cameras, but I wanted to be very specific from the outset. First, let's talk about what type of drone you need. Drone's are the craze these days. It seems that almost everyone of my friends have one or at least talk about getting one.

Pollstar 9-10-2018
Open Letter To Google: Viagogo Appearing In Paid-For Search Results ‘Is An Untenable Situation’

The UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ticket Abuse (APPG), FanFair Alliance (FFA) and the Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers (STAR) have published a letter to Google, demanding action is taken about Viagogo’s search advertizing. The letter is ...

GoAuto 9-10-2018
Tesla announces management changes in busy week

TESLA Motors has announced a raft of senior management changes to cap off a tumultuous week that saw the company’s stock price tumble and its CEO Elon Musk raise eyebrows over a podcast appearance. On Tuesday, Mr Musk appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience ...

SpaceNews 9-10-2018
French IoT company plans $139 million smallsat constellation

WASHINGTON — French maritime-tracking company CLS is starting a 120 million euro ($139 million) effort to build, launch and operate a constellation of 20 small satellites for connecting ...

Na’vi 9-10-2018
Golf Course Trials Flytrek Delivery Drone To Delivery Food To 19th Hole

Leave this field empty if you're human: It has been a long while since I hit up the fairways. Apparently, things have changed quite a bit. One of the changes is, golfers can actually order drinks and food as the game proceeds on the fairway. Clearly, it ...

All About Windows Phone 9-10-2018
'A moment of your time' - Microsoft's October event

It's time for one of Microsoft's annual traditions - a hardware launch in October, and in New York again. The invites have been sent out, it's October 2nd, though the odd headline 'A moment of ...

johnpurvis.wordpress.com 9-10-2018
Coffee by Drone?

Coffee – Coffee delivered by drone? Well, why not. I saw the article “IBM Files a Patent for Coffee Delivery Drone Which Knows You Want Your Coffee” recently that describes how an IBM patent would work. A wearable device would determine the customer ...

SiteProNews 9-10-2018
A Look into the Future of IoT

IoT (The Internet of Things) has grown rapidly in the last 5 years and it is continuing to grow in intelligence. The global market value of IoT is expected to reach $7.1 trillion by 2020. This clearly suggests that nearly every industry will be strongly ...

Primer Magazine 9-10-2018
J.Crew Mercantile Is Now Available On Amazon

Amazon continues to dive further into the world of menswear with the announcement this week that America’s second trillion-dollar company will sell a line from J.Crew. J.Crew has always been a model for timeless, affordable menswear. We are constantly ...

researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com 9-10-2018
Multi-exploit IoT/Linux Botnets Mirai and Gafgyt Target Apache Struts, SonicWall

Unit 42 has uncovered new variants of the well-known IoT botnets Mirai and Gafgyt. These are the IoT botnets associated with unprecedented Distributed Denial of Service attacks in November 2016 and since. These variants are notable for two reasons: The new ...

CRN Australia 9-10-2018
Microsoft offers paid security to keep Windows 7 support going

Microsoft will offer a paid security support add-on for Windows 7 after official support ends, as it works to support - while quickly shifting - users to newer versions of the OS. The company said following extended support for Windows 7 ending on January ...

FIPP 9-10-2018
Facebook Watch and the growth of video platforms

A year after its launch Facebook is finally rolling out its new video service, Facebook Watch, across the globe. Yet its expansion arrives at an intriguing time for the video market. There are the first signs that the hegemony enjoyed by YouTube for nigh ...

ABC 9-10-2018
The ABC App Is Now Available to Download on Samsung Tizen Smart TVs

Download the app on a supported device today and start watching! * The ABC TV live stream is available with a participating TV provider in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City ...



thecampingcanuck.com 9-22-2018
Food protein ingredients market will Overtake USD 29 billion by 2024

Food Protein Ingredients Market size is set to surpass USD 29 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Request Sample Copy of This Report @ https://www.gminsights.com/request-sample/detail/2473 In developed ...

Eater 9-21-2018
Six Cookbooks That Will Make You a Better Cook, According to Julia Turshen

one of the most popular recipes (and one of her own favorites) from Small Victories, captures her style of cooking: approachable, homey, and hearty. Now Turshen’s back with Now & Again: Go-To Recipes, Inspired Menus + Endless Ideas for Reinventing ...

The Chalkboard Mag 9-21-2018
A Brunch Recipe That Could Save The World

Here’s a simple guide on how to make a frittata from the revamped classic, How to Cook Without a Book, loaded with recipes and techniques for total culinary freedom. How To Make A Frittata The frittata formula is one of the easiest to follow in this book.

DailyNorthShore 9-20-2018
Cooking Maven Owns Recipe for Vibrant Writing

Mary Jo McMillin knew she wanted to work in a commercial kitchen. She wrote letters to professionals in the industry, hoping the words would sing her passion for cooking and thereby move each reader. The year was 1984. One wrote a letter back to McMillin.

Great British Chefs 9-20-2018
All you need to start cooking Japanese food at home

With the right ingredients at your disposal, cooking authentic, healthy Japanese dishes couldn’t be simpler. From rice and noodles to miso and mirin, get to know the most important facets of Japanese food and create something delicious in minutes.

Simple Bites 9-20-2018
How to Get Organized for Dinner: Batch Cooking

It makes sense to go big. Batch cooking is essentially making multiples of a dish that can be frozen and reheated. It can also mean duplicating recipes of anything from bread to condiments, but for this specific post I’m going to focus on dinners.

MoneyNing 9-20-2018
7 Reasons to Learn to Cook Without a Recipe

Cooking is a skill that everyone, on some level, should master. While it is an admirable trait to be able to follow a gourmet recipe, however, I believe it is much more valuable (and affordable) to be able to whip up a tasty meal sans directions ...

simplecomfortfood.com 9-20-2018
3 Ingredient Everything Bagels

I know it’s weird, trust me. Granted when I am reading through recipes, I get ideas that may snowball into something similar down the road, or I may take an ingredient that sounded great and use that in another recipe, but I rarely sit down and go step ...

Long Island Press 9-20-2018
Siriously Delicious Smashed Chickpea Sandwich Recipe

Serve on toasted bread with toppings of choice! Siri Daly is a Today show tastemaker and author of Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook.

The Inlander 9-20-2018
Spokane chef Becky Wortman creates edible sculptures from an unusual ingredient: buttercream

Since her own fateful creation of the Pietá, Wortman's profile as a food artist — using arguably one of the most unique single ingredients — has skyrocketed, taking her around the country to industry shows, competitions, high-end private events and ...

Michigan State University 9-20-2018
Crock Pot Cooking Class

Learn how to prepare fresh vegetables to make Harvest Chili. Take home a brand new crock-pot, recipes, kitchen knife set, cutting board, peeler and the ingredients to make the recipe at home!

Organic Products 9-20-2018
Top 5 Organic Food Products from Natural Products Expo East 2018

Cultured for easy digestion and with good amounts of protein, Hempe incorporates very clean ingredients and has the potential to be a serious player in the plant-based category. Hempe is available at some Whole Foods stores in the south, all of Mom’s ...

Record Herald 9-19-2018
The Amish Cook: Autumn salad takes the cake

What do our children really need the most?” Okay, now for a good recipe for you to try at your next picnic, or at home in your dining room. https://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2018/09/web1_autumnsalad.jpg Autumn Salad is a refreshing ...

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 9-19-2018
Cooking on deadline: Instant Pot Mediterranean Lamb Stew

This rich meat also takes well to many flavor combos, and in this recipe, some accessible ... yogurt maker and a few other impressive cooking tools. In this case, you will first be using the saute function and then the pressure cooker function to cook ...

randolph.wickedlocal.com 9-19-2018
North Community Church Rib Cook-off a recipe for success

The 10th annual Rib Cook Off in Marshfield had 14 teams participating this year and a dozens of happy eaters enjoying the sun and the food. The cook off began as an effort to support the Marshfield Food Pantry, Marshfield F.A.C.T.S and the North Community ...

The Frugal Girls 9-19-2018
Instant Pot Taco Soup! {Pressure Cooker Dinner Recipe}

This beef taco soup recipe is a no nonsense weeknight dinner that is both easy to make and a serious crowd pleaser. Oh and it’s really fast!! It will take approx. 15 minutes for Instant Pot to reach pressure before your selected cook time begins.

Daily Globe 9-19-2018
Red Wine Garden Tomato Sauce makes good use of abundant ingredient

To create a rich flavor base, I start this sauce by making a soffritto — an Italian word for the classic combination of aromatic ingredients that includes ... sprigs and puree the sauce in a blender or food processor, and then pass it through a fine ...

Elite Daily 9-19-2018
I Tried Chrissy Teigen's 'Cravings 2' Recipes & My Kitchen Will Never Be The Same

We're trying those products as well as celebrities' health and wellness tips, recipes, and life hacks. We'll do the leg work and tell you what living like your fave star is really like. The answer is yes. And her name is Chrissy Teigen, and she cooks up a ...

kannammacooks.com 9-19-2018
Moonu Raja Pongal – Pondicherry Three Kings Pongal Recipe

The aroma is divine!!!! We will be using half a cup of rice today for this recipe. Take a pressure cooker and add in the second pressed + third pressed coconut milk. Add in the rice and the salt. Cover the cooker and cook for 4 whistles on a medium flame.

Food & Beverage News 9-19-2018
ANUTEC Ingredients India to debut at 13th Annapoorna World of Food India

ANUTEC Ingredients India will make its debut alongside PackEx India, Food Logistics India and ANUTEC International FoodTec India, the concurrent events to the 13th essay of Annapoorna World of Food India, which will take place at Bombay Convention and ...

My Recipes 9-18-2018
8 Mushroom Recipes We Love

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to enjoy them at the peak of their deliciousness. Here are eight mushroom recipes we’re exceptionally excited to cook this fall: Four Mushroom Pesto Pizza If you’re not ready to give up your summer basil just yet ...

Dog Food Advisor 9-18-2018
Sport Dog Food Active Series (Dry)

The first ingredient in this dog food is buffalo meal. Buffalo meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh buffalo. The second ingredient is oatmeal, a whole-grain product made from coarsely ground oats.

The Zoe Report 9-18-2018
The Banana Bread Recipe In Chrissy Teigen's Second Cookbook "Launched A Million Tweets"

The release is the model’s second recipe installment and follows the super successful Cravings, which gave foodies a first taste of Teigen’s magical cooking skills. This time around, Teigen is giving readers even more of what they want, comfort food ...

blog.buzzbishop.com 9-18-2018
Cannabis: The Most Disruptive Food Ingredient in 2018

One of the biggest pieces of news in Canada this year – one that was as controversial as a piece of news can be – was the legalization of cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes in the country. This October, anyone of a legal age will ...

Hortidaily 9-18-2018
Benson Hill Biosystems raises $60 million to improve food and ingredients

Benson Hill Biosystems, a crop improvement company unlocking the natural genetic diversity of plants, announced the first close of its $60 million Series C financing. The round is led by GV, with participation from new investors Activant Capital and Tao ...

Windsor Star 9-18-2018
Cook this: Socca – gluten-free flatbread – with caramelized onions from The Chickpea Revolution Cookbook

Over the next four days, we’ll feature recipes from the book and an interview ... pan (a cast-iron skillet is ideal) and add onions. Cook on medium-low for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Just A Pinch Recipes 9-18-2018
Chicken Breast Recipes You Need in Your Menu Rotation

Added bonus, it smells so good while simmering in the slow cooker. If cooking for a family, we would recommend doubling the recipe. People will definitely ask for seconds (maybe thirds!). Sheet pan dinners are all the rage these days. While not all chicken ...

Dog Food Advisor 9-18-2018
Nutrience Infusion Dog Food (Dry)

Nutrience Infusion Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4.5 stars. Nutrience Infusion Healthy Adult, Small Breed Formula was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review. The first ingredient in this dog ...

Olive Oil Times 9-17-2018
Research Examines Functional Ingredients in Olive Pomace

New uses and benefits of olive pomace paste are explored in NUDACE, a Spanish research project that focuses on the obtention of nutraceuticals and functional ingredients from olives ... are substances isolated from foods or herbal products that provide ...

Awesome Gang 9-17-2018
Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking

Just because you are out in the woods on the campground does not mean that you should just eat canned foods. You will be happy to know that you can have a hot tasty meal even in the woods. Did you know that you could actually prepare delicious meals in a foil?

news.rice.edu 9-17-2018
What recipes produce a habitable planet?

As any cook knows, it takes the right recipe and getting the right ingredients to make a tasty dish, and the same principle applies to habitable rocky planets, said Rice Earth and planetary scientist Rajdeep Dasgupta, the principal investigator on NASA ...

Sensi Seeds 9-17-2018
Hemp pasta: How is it made? A simple recipe

It takes about 30 minutes to prep and make, and serves 4. Please note that ‘cook time’ in this recipe does not include the boiling time of the fresh made pasta. Boiling hemp pasta takes about 5 minutes depending on the shape you’ve cut it in.

BabaMail 9-16-2018
5 Quinoa Recipes That the Whole Family Will Love

The basic recipe for cooking Quinoa: Cook quinoa in water, vegetable stock or chicken stock, in a quantity of liquid twice the amount of quinoa. Bring the pot to a boil, cover the pot, lower the flame and cook the quinoa for 15-20 minutes until it softens.

Cleveland Magazine 9-16-2018
Three Sheet Pan Recipes We Love

Different vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and Brussels sprouts may have different cooking times, but that can be used to your advantage when cooking on a sheet pan. “The way I like to eat is to experience more than one texture,” says Johnny ...

Osceola Sun 9-16-2018
Food ingredient I am most thankful for

I get asked the same questions when people find out I write about food. By far the most popular is, “What are you cooking for dinner tonight?” And “What is your favorite food?” Or interesting questions, such as“What is the weirdest food you ...

aishcom 9-16-2018
Recipes Perfect for Sukkot

Maple Mustard Chicken is a year-round recipe that is a favorite because the sauce seasons ... To same pot, reduce heat to medium, add onions, celery, carrots and garlic and cook until softened, about 5 – 7 minutes. Add tomato paste, and stir until ...

iamafoodblog.com 9-16-2018
Easy 15 Minute Garlic Shrimp Scampi Chow Fun Noodles Recipe

I’m thinking I should make some more pretzels this year but then again I’m really looking forward to making a pumpkin-y stuffed shells recipe. But for now ... Some quick tips when cooking with dry wide rice noodles: cook them according to the package ...

HGTV 9-16-2018
3 Fall Recipes for Your Backyard Fire Pit

Similar to a cobbler, a grunt features a sweet fruit filling topped with a biscuit crust. Cooking a grunt in your fire pit is a fun way to use the waning heat of a fall fire and the results are delectable. Toss vegetables with olive oil, lemon juice and ...

Star2 9-15-2018
Cook’s Nook: Amy Beh’s recipes for rice and rice substitutes

Couscous and cauliflower rice are great alternatives to rice. TASTY FRIED BROWN RICE 2 cups cold cooked brown rice 1 tbsp canola oil 1 tbsp sesame oil 6 shelled medium small prawns, diced 1 tbsp diced carrot 2 long beans, cut into small sections 2 tbsp ...

Elliott.org 9-15-2018
This is how to avoid food fights on vacation

Turning food into a theme — and an adventure — makes the vacation ... Well, you know that saying — variety is the spice of life? The secret ingredient is creativity. Here’s where ours landed us: For breakfast, we loved our recent stop at ...

bakingqueen74.co.uk 9-15-2018
Family Slow Cooker Recipes That Kids Love

In this way I don’t need to start the cooking when I’ve just finished work and the children have finished school, everyone is tired and hungry. It is already done! I’ve gathered together my favourite family slow cooker recipes to make a resource to ...

Laboratory Equipment 9-15-2018
Food Security and the Harmful Risk of Fraud

With this convenience has come an increase in food fraud – substitution or dilution with lower quality ingredients to reduce cost, and/or adulter- ation or treatment with banned ingredients. Food fraud is a global problem, affecting some 10% of our food ...

Fox eBook 9-14-2018
The No Time to Cook! Book

No time to cook? No problem! Make weeknight cooking easy with more than 100 foolproof recipes that cover quickie breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and even impressive feasts for guests — all in 30 minutes or less. Created with intuitive graphics ...

Easy Instant Pot Recipes 9-14-2018
Instant Pot Rice Pudding

Note: Instructions for a more precise method here. Add Spice & Pressure Cook Rice: Add 1 cinnamon stick (4g) + ½ teaspoon (2g) nutmeg to the inner pot. Give it a quick mix. Pressure Cook at High Pressure for 5 minutes, then Natural Release for 10 minutes.

Olives for Dinner 9-14-2018
Why I Cook | Interview with Amrita Levan of Crazy Vegan Kitchen

I always knew this was what I was meant to do, in someway or another—whether that be blogging, working in a commercial kitchen or teaching others how to cook/bake. Describe your process of recipe development. How do you come up with fresh and new ideas ...

Chitra's Food Book 9-14-2018
Modak Recipe With Step By Step Pictures - North Indian Ukadiche Modak Recipe

For modak recipe, firstly make the coconut jaggery stuffing part ... After the water starts to roll boil, keep the idli plate with modak. Cook in high flame for 6 to 8 minutes. Switch off the flame and let the modak becomes warm. Then remove in a plate.

Lavender and Lovage 9-14-2018
Comforting Recipes You Have To Try This Autumn

Comforting Recipes You Have To Try This Autumn – from beef stews to ... Place all ingredients into a large stewing pot or slow cooker and cook for 4 hours on medium heat. Stir occasionally and add salt and pepper to taste before serving with your ...

Gimme Some Oven 9-14-2018
How To Cook Steak In The Oven

That said, after cooking steaks on the grill my entire life ... When it comes to steak seasoning, I’m a big fan of the simple garlic powder/salt/pepper mix in the recipe below, which goes with just about any cuisine. (Or I also really love subbing ...

Panlasang Pinoy 9-14-2018
Filipino Style Spaghetti Recipe

I am using Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce for this recipe. It is available anywhere in the Philippines. Most Filipino stores here in the US carry it too. Simply pour the sauce over the meat and stir. It will be ideal to cook the sauce with the meat for at ...

The Maui News 9-14-2018
Healthy Cooking Demo at QKC Friday

encouraging people to be “brave” cooks: take risks, pair unlikely ingredients and make a mess in the kitchen! She will prepare . Free samples and recipe cards will be available while supplies ...

Woman's Day 9-13-2018
20 Juicy Turkey Recipes That Won't Disappoint This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to cook your turkey. Should you go with a fruit-filled gravy or a sweet orange glaze this year? Find the recipe for you within our collection of foolproof ideas.

Style Me Pretty 9-13-2018
Four Cooking Moments Every Couple Should Learn

I use this little collection of recipes every time I get together with new friends because I know they make me look really good... without really trying too hard. And the single best appliance to make this happen? The 6 Quart 3-in-1 Cook Central ...

Outside 9-13-2018
Easy Instant Pot Recipes for Busy People

Chicken cooks quickly and stays moist and tender in a pressure cooker. Cyclocrosser Ellen Noble’s go-to recipe is simple. “I combine a premade tomatillo salsa with a couple slices of avocado (for creaminess), a few chicken breasts, plus whatever ...

blog.williams-sonoma.com 9-13-2018
James Beard-Award Winning Best Chef Christopher Kostow Shares 5 Non-Recipe Recipes You Need to Try Now

Kostow, who specializes in seasonality and harvesting daily from the nearby 3-acre farm in Napa Valley, shares his favorite 5 non-recipe recipes where simple ... Note: Saba is traditionally made from cooking down grape must, but Kostow likes to make ...

cookthestory.com 9-13-2018
Delicious Ways to Cook with Millet

That means it can keep you full all day long so you should check out these recipes if you find yourself hungry often. Another great grain I love to keep on hand is farro and you can check out how to cook it in this post.

The Recipe Rebel 9-13-2018
25+ Pork Tenderloin Recipes

Because of this size difference, it’s not always wise to try to swap one for the other in these recipes. The seasoning blends, sauces and glazes would likely be excellent on either, but the cooking techniques are completely different for each.

Soompi 9-13-2018
The 12 Craziest Korean Face Mask Ingredients You’ll Ever See

Unusual ingredients abound in Korean sheet masks ... Out of all the fruits, vegetables, and herbs out there, broccoli might not top your list of foods you would think to rub on your skin, but even this cruciferous veggie has its benefits.

Better Homes and Gardens 9-12-2018
Guide to Different Methods of Cooking

It can be easy to fall into a recipe rut, especially if you have a couple of cooking methods that are your go-tos. But if you’re a serial slow cooker or stir-fry fanatic, we’ll help you break out of the mold and explore a few new cooking methods.

Your Cup of Cake 9-12-2018
Stupid Good Chili Recipe

I LOVE using a cast iron enamel pot for recipes like these! You won’t understand until you cook with one, but trust me… it’s incredible! I feel like Rachel Ray and start narrating out my cooking ha! Brown the beef in a large pot until cooked.

Gourmandize 9-12-2018
Easy Fall Dinners With 5 Ingredients Or Less

This Insane Card Offers 0% Interest Until Nearly 2020 NextAdvisor Forget Amazon! Here’s a Better Stock to Buy The Motley Fool More From Gourmandize Visit site

Tone It Up 9-12-2018
New In The Kitchen With Tori Vlog ~ Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Recipe

Besides dancing and working out with you in the Studio, one of my passions is whipping up Lean, Clean, ‘N Green recipes. I grew up cooking healthy meals with my mom, and I always knew I wanted to share my love of health and nutrition with others.

Reviewed.com 9-12-2018
12 easy weeknight recipes for fall

This recipe serves up to 6, perfect if you have an unexpected guest over for dinner or if you want a delicious leftover lunch the next day. Not sure what a dutch oven is and how it will forever change how you cook? We tested the best dutch ovens ...

sweetcsdesigns.com 9-12-2018
The Best Easy Irish Brown Soda Bread Recipe

JUST TAKE ME TO THE BEST EASY IRISH BROWN SODA BREAD RECIPE EVER ALREADY! If you’d rather skip my (very helpful, i think) tips and tricks, essential cooking info, and similar recipe ideas – and get straight to this deliciously easy Brown Soda Bread ...

Chelsea Green Publishing 9-12-2018
Recipe: Fall Harvest Garden Fries

Bon appetit! The following recipe is from Cooking Close to Home by Diane Imrie and Richard Jarmusz. It has been adapted for the web. Root vegetables are a staple in the Northeastern winter, and a large component of any winter farm share. This recipe is ...

LDS Living 9-12-2018
9 Tasty Apple Recipes Perfect for Fall

Cook according to waffle iron instructions. Serve warm with Apple Butter Syrup. Makes 4 waffles. 1. In a large, heavy pot (not a regular saucepan) over medium heat, add the apples and oil and sauté until soft, about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Bakery and Snacks 9-11-2018
The secret ingredient that extends the shelf life of beverages naturally

The demand for natural anti-oxidants is increasing globally. However, it affects the organoleptic profile of the end application when used in pre-packaged foods and beverages. Kancor addresses this concern with its innovative award winning product variants ...

The Sunday Post 9-11-2018
Try these recipes inspired by The Great British Bake Off to make your very own bread showstoppers

If you feel inspired to get cracking in the kitchen yourself, here are a few recipes to try, courtesy of Waitrose ... remove from the tin and return to the oven for 5 minutes to cook the bottom. The loaf should sound hollow when tapped.

NJBIZ 9-11-2018
BML expands food and beverage clientele with Sky Valley

“Consumers have never been more educated about the origins and ingredients of their food, which puts Sky Valley Foods and Organicville in a tremendous position for success,” BML President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Lowe said in a release.

makeandtakes.com 9-11-2018
Cook Once, Eat Twice: 9 Chicken Recipe Ideas

We are looking to round up some fantastic ideas and recipes hoping that you’ll find plenty of inspiration on what to cook next. With a little bit of planning and some simple strategies we’ll have you covered in the kitchen and save you some previous time!

No Meat Athlete 9-11-2018
The Most Important Food Lesson I’ve Learned in a Decade of No Meat Athlete

just throwing a few ingredients on a plate because it gets the job done — this is actually the way you should eat, most of the time. Not the opposite. And in 10 years of thinking about healthy food being how I earn a living, my most important lesson is ...

CityBeat 9-11-2018
Recipes for What to Do With End-Of-Summer Produce from Cincinnati Chefs

Cook until onion becomes translucent ... but make sure that the filling isn’t too wet or the crust will become soggy. We make this recipe times four for brunch at The Comet and always run out.” Pastry: In a food processor, blend the butter, cream ...

Finanzen 9-11-2018
Kainos Capital Sells Florida Food Products To Midocean Partners

Headquartered in Eustis, Florida, Florida Food is a formulator and manufacturer of vegetable and fruit based ingredients providing innovative clean label solutions to the food, beverage, and pet nutrition industries. The company was founded by the Brown ...

Cosmetics Design 9-10-2018
Trends Watch: global cosmetics and personal care ingredients

That company’s founder spoke with Cosmetics Design about natural local ingredients, rebranding, and more. 3. Upcycling food Food trends and nutritional benefits influence consumer expectations and lead trends in beauty. So it makes perfect sense ...

WTAQ 9-10-2018
3 Ingredient Football Party Recipes

-Chili flavoring packet from Ramen Noodle, 3 and 1/2 ounces of Cream Cheese and your favorite chip -Chicken, Envelope of Taco Seasoning, and a Jar of Salsa....dump in the crockpot, shred chicken when done and you have instant tacos -Fried Pork Sausage and ...

PureWow 9-10-2018
Here’s What to Cook Every Night This Week (September 10 – 16)

Here’s a Better Stock to Buy The Motley Fool More from Purewow 6 Ways to Connect with Your Kids on Vacation 22 Easy Ketogenic Recipes to Try This Fall 13 Frighteningly Funny (and Seriously Spooky) Halloween Quotes Visit site

mombian.com 9-10-2018
Mombian Cooks: My Best Challah Recipe

If I didn’t have a parenting blog, I’d probably have a food blog. Herewith, my go-to recipe for challah, the Jewish bread that is a staple on many a Shabbat (Sabbath) table and during the High Holy Days, which start this week. It’s also just a darn ...

GLAMOUR UK 9-10-2018
Joe Wicks shares his ultimate health mantras and favourite recipes from his new book

Most people know me for cooking in 15 minutes, but sometimes that’s just not long enough. There’s 100 recipes of meals that are perfect for families and if you’re the sort of person who wants to be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen, then this ...

mightymrs.com 9-10-2018
No-Cook Easy Tailgating Recipes for Football Season

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, Dr Pepper® and Eckrich®. All opinions are mine alone. #MyGiantEagleWin Who’s excited for tailgating season?! Be honest. Are you more excited about football… or the food?

ProBlogger 9-10-2018
260: How One Recipe Blogger Turned Her Blog Around with a Simple Mindshift

This episode of our Blogging Breakthroughs series features eight-year blogger Sarah Cook. Her blog Sustainable Cooks shares recipes, gardening tips, and real food for food people. Sarah describes how a simple and practical mindshift recently ramped up her ...

One Good Thing by Jillee 9-10-2018
This One Added Ingredient Makes The Best Rice Ever

Who doesn’t love rice? Not only is it super simple to make, but it also goes well with just about any food. We eat a lot of rice around here, so I’m no stranger to the various methods for cooking rice. I thought I knew everything there was to know ...